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Yup, I agree with you on Connie being Rope-kun. And since he is on a mission, I feel he is pulling an act when it comes to his behavior. I kind of believe that is the case with Eren, too. To some extent at least. So here’s a question. Assuming that the rest of Levi squad is hiding in the area, how they would disguise themselves?

I guess we’ve never really seen Connie act before, so maybe he has hidden talent XD he was just so casual in mentioning his previous placement, but perhaps his mention of not wanting to talk to Eldians was a little heavy handed and would be in character for Connie. We haven’t really seen Marley soldiers behave like that towards Eldians, especially the ones who work directly with them.

I imagine they’d be all over the place, but maybe in different areas? Like Eren would be the only one in the hospital, Jean would be the only actor (if it is him), Connie would be the only soldier. I’d like to think that, if everyone is there, they’d be careful enough to spread themselves out to avoid discovery. It’d make communication difficult, but I imagine they found workarounds for that. I wonder how many of them disguised themselves as ordinary Eldians. If they are there, the reveals are going to be exciting to see!

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“A Marine machine gun crew from Co. E, 2nd Bn., 5th Marines, is in place on Hill 170 during Operation Essex. They are, left to right: Pfc. J.L. Duckworth, Cpl. H.T. Hudson and Pfc. D.O. McPherson.” 11/20/1967

Series: General Photograph File of the U.S. Marine Corps, 1927 - 1981Record Group 127: Records of the U.S. Marine Corps, 1775 -

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