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Aw man I know you said you're only working with canon characters for Voltron Corps but the idea for Ryou(Shiro's twin from GoLion, not [yet?] canon in Legendary Defender) I was having was that Ryou was also a Green Lantern but he becomes a Red Lantern over the loss of Shiro just like Keith(fun fact! Only a Blue Lantern can cleanse a Red Lantern's soul to safely remove the ring without killing the wearer) and holy fuck he's scary because he's so pissed he's SILENT, PRACTICALLY CALM AND STRONG AF.

Long lost brother in the au does sound interesting but I prefer to stick to characters that are currently canon in the VLD universe! Also did not know that Blue/Red Lantern bit but that just leads to next anons question

Will you be drawing more Klance GL!AU but with fluff?

YE HECK YE. Green Lanterns Klance are all fluff but Red/Blue Lanterns Klance are pure angst my dude

  • Armin: Eren might be a little bit fragile after the trial, so let's try to be sensitive.
  • Jean: Oh believe me, I'm going to be nothing but nice to Eren from now on. If he snaps and goes on a rampage, who do you think he's coming for first?
  • Armin: He's not going on a rampage.
  • Mikasa: I bet he'd let me live. He likes me.
  • Connie: I'm just going to say it: I never trusted him.
  • Armin: Everyone, just be normal. We're going to treat him exactly the way we usually do–
  • Eren: [walks in holding a slice of bread]
  • Armin: There he is!
  • Everyone: Hi Eren!
  • Jean: Hey handsome guy!
  • Armin: How'd you sleep?
  • Eren: Fine.
  • Jean: Your hair looks super soft, Eren. And is that a great new shirt? Love.
  • Eren: Armin, can you hand me the butter knife?
  • Everyone: NO!