a corporation is a person


Runner AU

I’m so excited to finally get to share this AU with you guys!!

This au all happens in a world where the governtment is super corrupted. Everything is controlled by the most powerful corporations and the richest of people. Got money, then you have the power. 

Technology is rather advanced and nearly all info is stored as data. However, it’s nearly impossible for rebels to hack into the systems and gather information and proof to fight the system. That’s why there is runners. Runners use parkour to get all over the city, fast and unnoticed, and break into corporations to personally get to the data and information that can help the rebellion. 

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somehow thinking about mystery trio 2.0 turned into “what if all the kids grew up and became shadowrunners in the cyberpunk near-future?”

  • mabel is a boar shaman channeling the spirit of waddles
  • dipper is a rigger/jack of all trades with lots of camera drones for his surveillance work
  • candy is a decker and ex-employee of mcgucket megacorp who collects cyberware like… well, candy
  • grenda is a badass street samurai for hire
  • pacifica is the respectable face who keeps tabs on corporate politics
  • gideon is a mage/crime boss with his own personality cult

gravity falls/shadowrun is not that far-fetched a crossover actually - i guess oregon is full of elves now though?

Tumblr hates fascists
  • Tumblr: *posts Brad Pitt memes about killing Nazis* The only good fascist is a dead fascist! I can't wait to smash'em!
  • Tumblr: *posts maudlin photosets of Obama's last days in the White House* Sniff... I miss how he strengthened the surveillance state, and expanded oversightless and illegal military action across the world, and how he protected rich oligarchs at the expense of the poor, used his bully pulpit to shame activists, imprisoned journalists and whistleblowers, and mandated that all Americans had to buy insurance from specific private corporations. He had US citizens murdered without trial based on his personal judgment too. He was so fucking classy! Where will we find a president like that again?!

It really, REALLY bothers me when I hear people frame climate change and other environmental crises as something that everyday, average-ass people are responsible for, and not corporations and entire governments. 

Like literally, how can a regular-ass person ~opt out~ of all damaging behaviors while still being able to function in society? 

You literally can’t. 

The future of our planet is not down to whether or not someone recycles their water bottle. 

It’s down to whether or not governments and corporations decide to quit sucking up all our resources and poisoning the earth with reckless abandon. 

I mean obviously people should still live as cleanly and as sustainably as they can manage where they are and with what they have, but like. THAT isn’t the major issue. 

One of my favorite things about Bellamy Blake is that he’s a complete drama ho. He’s the type of person that says dramatic shiz like “there’s a storm coming,” and “screw protocol,” with wind sweeping through his hair all Byronic (even the weather corporates when he wants to be extra). He’s the type of the person that will say they’re “fine” all gruff and angsty, and I relate SO HARD. Like my precious fellow drama ho, I too hate caring as much as I do. Like wouldn’t the world be so much easier if we drama hoes gave no fucks but instead we give ALL THE FUCKS. LIKE WHY WERE WE DEALT THIS HAND IN LIFE?????

Headcanon that Zarya and Katya Volskaya are/were lovers.

This is 60% based on the new short, but it has also to do with one of Zarya’s voicelines on the Volskaya map. She says something to the effect of that Katya’s work saved Russia and she will not let her achievements fall into enemy hands. What’s interesting is that Zarya uses Katya. Not her last name and not her full name (which would be Yekaterina) either, but a diminutive form of it.
That implies a personal connection.

And then we have Katya being blackmailed by Sombra, for trying to keep her country safe. No one can know. Her new mechs would be dismantled immediately, her corporation run into the ground, she would face harsh personal punishments. All her efforts would be for nothing.
So who does she call on for help?
Who, by the short conversation they have, already believes she knows why Katya would ask her to meet? 

Zarya is implied to be the only person Katya can trust with this secret, who may even have known all along.
They’re not just two Russian patriots fighting for their country. They are acquainted, intimately so.

Today I chaired my first working group on my own. For the last one my boss came in to let everyone she was putting me in charge but stayed for the rest of the meeting, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. So I was in a room with 5 men twice my age telling them my plans on what I want them to do. People that have been working for the company for +10 years. Honestly I was expecting the worst scenario ever. I was expecting them to undermine my authority because of my age, my gender, my short time in the company… But it went surprisingly well! They took my ideas on board and agreed on my plans for the next year, how exciting is that?! Honestly moving to the corporate world has been one of the most intense experiences ever. The pace at how things go and the sheer volume of money being discussed hurts my brain sometimes, but I’m glad I’m stepping out of my comfort zone! On track to becoming a real adult!

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Anti, after taking over Jack's body, quickly learned how to blend in. But now that's he's gaining more power and growing more comfortable in a corporeal body, some of his personality is bleeding through the Jack facade; leading to moments like the one in the Clone Drone vid. We'll soon see Anti "move out" completely of the glitches once he gets enough power/wants to. Only then will we see Jackaboy in the glitches. Right now, he's kept prisoner inside his own head.

This is so cool, what if this actually turned out to be cannon?

Sometimes to make my job more entertaining I pretend the corporation I’m researching is the baddie on Leverage. 

This firm is a “management consulting firm and corporate service provider” which frankly sounds like they used to employ Eliot to murder people on behalf of corporate interests. 

The last person I researched is CEO of an insurance corporation but also on the side owns a random parking lot and is on the board of a boat-sharing business. I’m guessing the latter two are some kind of intricate drug smuggling operation. (The boat-sharing business has an initiation fee, which is normal for upper class clubs but nevertheless always sounds super sinister.)

so i’ve made a couple of honeybot advancements: i made some new ones that tweet boring stuff between other tweets to make them look more “real”, and i realized there is another kind of person who annoyingly responds to search tweets: corporations.

here’s how i found out:

and here’s sprint trying REPEATEDLY to talk to one of the honeybots:

sometimes verizon tries to poach them:

people also try to sell her cars:

that’s just a sample. the majority of her messages come from sprint, which has got to be mostly bot-run.


“[corporate appropriation of music] is invading someone’s personal space in one way or another. and now it’s got to the level where no one even notices anymore, and i think that’s really terrifying, and I really have a problem with it. […] i’m sure you’ll cut this at some point to some horrendous ‘lifestyle’ fucking shot of two people dancing with their mobile phones being ‘inspired’…playing some goofy tune or whatever.  and that has somehow become acceptable, it’s alright. i guess it’s always there, but it’s seems to have got to the point where it’s invading *like this*,  it’s not out ‘there’ somewhere, it’s everywhere, and there doesn’t seem to be a way of vocalizing how one feels about it.” [x]

I work at a craft store. Two of the silliest questions I’ve ever been asked:

1) Can I use wood glue on a pinecone?

2) What color should I paint the sky?

(I actually got coached by the district manager bc I honestly didn’t know what to say to the sky person. I ended up telling them, “Whatever you like!” since there are so many variables and I guess he wasn’t happy with that bc he called corporate oops)

Honorable mention: the person who returned alcohol based ink markers because “they bled through the paper”.