a conversation on cool

ENTP Uni Professor
  • ENTP: Did any of you run in the marathon last week?
  • Class: *silence*
  • ENTP: Yeah, I was thinking about not participating either.
  • ENTP: See, I hadn't trained AT ALL.
  • ENTP: So, of course, I thought "I'm gonna die".
  • ENTP: ...
  • ENTP: ...
  • ENTP: ...but then I thought...
  • ENTP: "Who cares?"
  • ENTP: So I did it.
  • ENTP: Best experience of my life!
  • ENTP: ...
  • ENTP: ...
  • ENTP: ...and now I can't walk.
  • ENTP: Ha.
  • ENTP: Haha.
  • ENTP: Now you know.
  • ENTP: Now you know my shame.
  • ENTP: *slowly wobbles over to the computer with a genuinely delighted laugh*

Converse High

  • Thrawn dumping a six hour energy into his coffee: You disapprove of my breakfast choice, Commander Vanto?
  • Eli: *internal screaming*

NCT asking you out for Valentines♥ : have a drink, a sweet romantic date or a cute date at the amusement park?

In case you were wondering, here’s my vintage, one of a kind copy of FWN. Complete with sticky goo on the cover. Yes, everyone this is what we did in the early 00s. We made cds for each other, decorated them and gave them out as presents. Totally a lost art today. I recommend it.

“I really want McDonald’s, but my parents are sleeping.”

“I want McDonald’s too, but nothing is real and I exist in a vacuum of my own thoughts and trite, meaningless emotions.”

“Wow. Um, how do you feel about ordering pizza then?”

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So I just watched the “Moo Moo” episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine and like…

the scene where Cagney and Lacey ask “Is being black bad” just hit me right in the heart

I remember asking my parents that same question as a kid, under different circumstances, and they didn’t have an answer for me. They didn’t explain “No, just some people out there do bad things and will treat you poorly, but that’s on them and it’s not bad to be black”. I’m SO glad that Jake and Amy, however awkwardly, finally explained the situation to Cagney and Lacey. It’s not like kids will be watching B99, but hopefully some parents will see it and handle that question properly and not avoid it, like Amy and Jake tried to do in the first place

“You sound like I did when I was in middle school, back when I was full of self loathing and treated my friends like dirt.”
“Everyone kinda sucks when they’re in middle school.”