a contract with death

Trivia from the Kuroshitsuji character book

Since the guidebook apparently wasn’t licensed in English and a few people were interested by trivia bits, here we go :)
It’s really nothing important, just small things here and there that I found worth mentioning or just nice/funny to know. 

Oh and it stops at the circus arc. 

About Sebastian:

  • What he apparently fears the most is a breach of the contract as well as Ciel’s death. 
  • Humans don’t matter to him more than mere insects: he feels fondness and contempt for them because they suffer due to being weak.
  • When he first arrived to the manor, he used to have terrible tastes in tableware. Then he studied.
  • He was initially supposed to have a dog called “Cerberos” but Sensei made him prefer cats over dogs afterwards. 
  • He loves cats because they’re capricious and unexpected.
  • What he appreciates more in cats is the quality of their fur.
  • Even demons are fascinated by what is beautiful”.

About Ciel:

  • Sensei says that, under her pen, Ciel is a very masculine character, and that deep down she thinks he’s the same as Sebastian. 
  • Apparently, he masters a lot of disciplines: it goes from languages to management and history, but also violin and painting. 
  • He’s particularly good at French.
  • Ciel is keeping the Phantomhive ring as a reminder of what happened to his parents and the shame he experienced during that one month. 
  • The guidebook confirms Ciel was sad to lose Madam Red. 
  • Ciel actually tells himself at least once a day that he wants to kill Sebastian because of things his butler says or does. (lmao)
  • When it comes to sports, Ciel is only good at horse riding.
  • The existence of a family controlling the underworld is some kind of an urban legend some people don’t believe in.”

About the servants:

  • Yana-sensei confirms she intends to show readers how all the servants came to work for Ciel. We already know about Finny and Snake, but that means we should get to know about Bard’s and Mey Rin’s pasts at some point. 
  • 80% of what Bard cooks is burnt to ashes while the remaining 20% are toxic. 
  • Initially Mey Rin was written to be Chinese (and you could say it was confirmed she is, thanks to ch120). 
  • Mey Rin is actually only clumsy when they have guests at the manor, because she shows too much zeal. Otherwise she works properly.
  • Finny loves fried food.
  • Tanaka’s position as  servant is higher than Sebastian’s; he’s the intendant.
  • Tanaka is the perfect model of an English butler, despite him being Japanese ^^
  • Bard is the one who gets up the most early because he’s the cook, then Mey Rin and Finny get up approximately at the same time. 

About Elizabeth and Frances:

  • “Elizabeth’s excessive behavior also comes from the fact that, despite being young, she worries about Ciel.” 
  • Elizabeth finds her mother to be strict but also gentle and having allure. She admires her and wishes to become like her: Frances is to her an ideal mother.
  • Frances is one of the few humans capable of giving Sebastian cold sweat.
  • Frances is referred as “England’s strongest aristocrat” in the guidebook. Her “superhuman strength” is also mentioned in another paragraph, as well as the fact her strength of character is why Sebastian chose her as a role model Ciel should follow.
  • It’s explicitly said twice in the manga already but the guidebook mentions that Frances is Vincent’s younger sister.

About Angelina and Grell:

  • Grell’s interview
  • Apparently Grell started to work for Madam Red because the wish to have children is something they have in common. 
  • Will is Grell’s favorite.
  • Angelina’s issues started mainly because she was overwhelmed by jealousy, on top of all that she went through (losing her husband, her baby and Vincent and Rachel’s death).
  • It’s mentioned 3 times that Sensei sees Madam Red also as a masculine character (she fits the Anego type -> a way to call the wife of a Yakuza leader or a woman being the head of her own gang).

About Lau and Ran-Mao:

  • Lau’s charm is all thanks to his indolence. Sensei added a note in the guidebook saying “maybe he’s the strongest character of the manga (laugh)”, because of scenes like the one with Sebastian and the magic trick (during the Jack the Ripper arc).
  • Lau’s character also takes the cake for most unexpected change between the very beginning of the story and the moment the guidebook was written and it’s all thanks to how the actor Yusa Koji voiced him. Yana took inspiration from how his voice actor played carefree!Lau.
  • The fact Lau introduces Ran Mao as his sister when they’re not blood related asks for a big “who is she really?” in the guidebook. 
  • From the way Ran Mao punished Harold West Jobbs and Mina, it’s easy to guess that she has a huge strength. 
  • On the original sketches, Ran Mao was written to be 17 years old. 

About Soma and Agni:

  • It’s because Soma is Agni’s God that he can enter “samadhi” and use a superhuman strength”.
  • Cooking is Agni’s hobby, though he also likes calm, reading, meditation and praying.
  • Soma’s charm is mostly due to his spontaneity. 
  • In case you hadn’t noticed, since the curry arc, Soma is scared of Sebastian lol.
  • Fun fact: while Ciel doesn’t really care about choosing his clothes and leaves it to Sebastian, Soma chooses by himself what he wears every day. 
  • Initially Soma’s mother was supposed to be English, then Yana-sensei decided she would be Indian. 

About other characters: 

  • About Rachel
  • Vincent is described as a loving husband, who really cherished his family.
  • On the original sketches, Rachel was said to be 18 years old while Vincent was 25 years old.
  • The fact John Brown wears the same sunglasses as the Queen did is proof that she really trusts him.

More general trivia:

  • Demons don’t need to sleep or eat however Shinigamis do.
  • Shinigamis are in between Gods and humans, so they have a lot of common points with humans (thanks to ch105 we know why).
  • All Shinigamis are short sighted “maybe to compensate the fact they see things invisible to the human eye”.

About Yana-sensei:

  • Her birthday is January 24th, her bloodtype is O and she’s originally from Saitama. 
  • She draws almost all the clothes of her characters, except for Soma because she lacks time and has an assistant who loves exotic outfits.
  • She always loves drawing Ciel’s clothes and she also really enjoys drawing Elizabeth’s dresses. 
  • She’d love to wear the dress Ciel was wearing on the cover of chapter 8. 
  • Mr. K said that Yana could be compared to Ciel’s character because they share the same realistic side. Mr. K is then compared to Soma xD

There you go, nothing really new or interesting on Will, UT and Druitt unfortunately :/ Hope you enjoyed ;)

A Flicker A Flare (1/2)

6x13 reaction fic. Rachel gives birth, at home.

He gets the first text at lunchtime, snatches his phone of the desk, drops it, then nearly chokes to death on his salad.

Mild contractions since this am. Getting stronger!

He’s at home, in their home office and alone, luckily, for all the wheezing and flailing he’s doing, finally managing to breathe normally and pick his phone up from the ground. He calls Blaine, heart in his throat.

“Did you get a text, too?”

“Yep!” Blaine’s voice on the other line is calm, yet high pitched enough that Kurt can hear the excitement. “You sound winded, are you okay?”

Kurt drops back in his desk chair, sparing his lunch a dirty look. “I was eating salad when I got the message and may have gasped at the exact wrong time.”

Blaine clicks his tongue. “I’ve told you before to destem the Swiss chard. I know you like the aesthetics but that stuff is really fibrous.”

“Honey, Rachel is in labor with our child, is now really the time for the Swiss chard lecture?”

The noise on Blaine’s phone increases, car horns and people talking, bangs and clatters and sirens. “No, sorry. Oh my god, Kurt!”

Kurt grins and bounces in his chair. “I know! Hurry up and get here!”

“Heading down to the subway now. I love you.”

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Poison Profile

Name: Strychnine tree (Strychnos nux-vomica)

Also Known As: Poison nut, Quaker buttons

Found in: Southeast Asia and India

Toxin: Strychnine

This neurotoxin makes muscles contract – too much can cause seizures, convulsions, and death as your muscles rigidly clench.

Poison Plus: Strychnine is found in certain pesticides. Curare, a plant-based toxin that causes the muscles to relax, can serve as an antidote to strychnine.

Learn more in The Power of Poison.


hold me hostage 

“Your daft , you need to also open your eyes the world is much more than the people we arrest Liam . The world is filled with laughter and love and ohh my friend the beauty of love"
And When Liam was little he knew that he wanted to be just like his father , being the hero for those less fortunate . He loved helping it was in his blood , it was a promise to his father even as he lay in his death bed ,Liam made a secure contract that he would be the best detective he could, stepping in his father’s shoes and taking his place.

(or ziam 1930 au where liam is in love with his job as a detective until he meets destructive and beautiful zayn who has an interesting love subject of his own)

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With the reveal of the swirls on coatls being small bony growths, my wife and I looked back across all the things on the site’s lore that’s decidedly pretty weird and good god this isn’t a dragon breeding game it’s an eldritch horror encyclopedia in disguise. We have a species that communicates so differently that they look as if they show no emotion at all to others. A species that can sense emotions and feelings in others. A species that carries around a shiny ball of solidified saliva embedded with memories, with a regurgitated egg center. A species that has the potential to turn into a body-horror abomination upon their “death”. A gene that’s actually a disease contracted from a cobra’s venom. An elemental being called “the shade” that tried to overwhelm and encompass everything for its own means which has lead to headcanons of dragons possessed or influenced by said Shade. And that’s just the canonical stuff off the top of our heads! God I love this site keep up the weird canon eldritch horror you guys have going on.

As the story goes, Miley refused the sexual advances of Disney executives and asked to be let out of her contract. They allegedly obliged by beating her to death and dumping her body in the desert east of Los Angeles.

The theory also claims that L.A. radio station KCAL reported that the body of Miley Cyrus was found and continued to report on it for an entire day, before retracting the story the next day and apologizing for spreading blatantly false information. Unfortunately, any video or audio of these reports has since been scrubbed from existence by those same villainous Disney executives.

So how do they explain the fact that Miley Cyrus is still very obviously making music? Simple: After her death she was replaced by another actress who sort of looks like her. A few plastic surgery appointments later, the plan was complete.

The 5 Best Conspiracy Theories About Celebrity Impostors


The Chinese contract Canadian Inglis Mark I Hi-Power,

The Browning Hi-Power pistol is perhaps one of the most famous semi-automatic pistols of the 20th century, which is still in common use with many military’s today.  It is especially unique in the fact that during World War II, both Allied and Axis powers used the pistol extensively.  

In Toronto, Canada the John Inglis Company manufactured a copy of of the Browning Hi-Power called the Mark I for Allied forces.  Two models were produced.  One was a standard pistol with fixed sights made for British and Canadian paratroopers, however another model was made under contract by the Chinese government.  At the time the Republic of China was in desperate need of arms due to its life and death struggle with Japan.  The Chinese contract Mark I was unique in that it came with a detachable buttstock (which also doubled as a holster), turning the pistol into a handy carbine or personal defense weapon.  Unlike other Hi-Powers, the Chinese contract had an adjustable rear sight which could be adjusted to a maximum distance of 500 meters.  Like other Browning Hi-Powers, it used a detachable magazine which held 13 rounds, and was chambered for 9mm Para.  All markings were in Chinese rather than English Roman alphabet.  They were produced between fall of 1944 up to the end of World War II.


Toxic Halitosis Protects Tobacco-Eating Caterpillar

Way before people started inhaling nicotine in cigarette smoke, plants were using the chemical to defend themselves from animals.  Nicotine is a poison, and an exceptionally deadly one. It targets proteins that tell our muscles to fire when they receive signals from our nerves. At high enough doses of nicotine, these proteins force muscles to constantly contract, leading to paralysis and death. And since the same proteins are found in every animal with muscles, nicotine can kill cows and caterpillars alike.

The tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta) is an exception. As a caterpillar, this moth specializes in eating tobacco leaves, because it can cope with doses of nicotine that would kill other species. It gets rid of most of the poison in its waste but, adding insult to injury, it also co-opts a small fraction for its own protection.

Pavan Kumar and colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Germany have shown that it exhales the poison through pores in its skin, creating a toxic miasma that deters hungry spiders. They call it a “defensive halitosis”.

In 2010, Kumar’s  team, led by Ian Baldwin, raised tobacco hornworm caterpillars on genetically modified tobacco that doesn’t make much nicotine. They found that a gene called CYP6B46 was less active than usual in the guts of these insects, suggesting that it’s usually involved in resisting the effects of nicotine.

To test this idea, the team engineered tobacco plants that could deactivate the gene in any caterpillars that fed upon them, and planted them at a private ranch in Utah’s Great Basin Desert. They waited, and watched.

Soon, they noticed that hornworm caterpillars were more likely to die during the night if they ate the modified plants. A few nocturnal surveys revealed the cause of their deaths—wolf spiders. These powerful, fast-running hunters usually pose no threat to hornworms that eat nicotine-rich meals. However, they readily killed any caterpillars that ate the modified tobacco and had inactivated CYP6B46 genes. Why?

The answer seemed obvious at first. CYP6B46 is part of a large family of metabolic genes, which animals frequently use to detoxify the chemicals in the plants they eat. The team assumed that CYP6B46 was neutralising nicotine by breaking it down into safer substances. But, to their surprise, they couldn’t find any traces of these by-products in the caterpillars’ bodies or faeces.

Instead, they showed that CYP6B46 redirects a tiny amount of nicotine from the caterpillars’ guts to their haemolymph—the liquid that fills their bodies and acts as their bloodstream. From there, the caterpillars can vent the nicotine into the outside world by opening their spiracles—small breathing holes in their flanks, which allow air to enter and leave their bodies.

The caterpillars send just 0.65 percent of the nicotine they eat into their haemolymph. But even this tiny amount is enough to quadruple the concentration of nicotine in the air around them, creating an effective anti-spider spray.

When a wolf spider attacks, it first inspects its prey with chemically sensitive appendages. Here’s what happens when it approaches a caterpillar with a nicotine cloud.

The hornworm’s nicotine cloud probably works against other predators too. In earlier studies, when caterpillars are reared on tobacco, ants are less likely to attack them. Parasitic wasp larvae are also less likely to survive inside the caterpillars’ bodies, presumably because they are directly poisoned by the nicotine in their haemolymph. But the defence isn’t fool-proof. Kumar’s team showed that two predators—big-eyed bugs and antlions—will kill hornworms despite their halitosis. No one knows why.

Chemical theft is fairly common in the animal world, and many caterpillars store defensive poisons from the plants they eat. For example, the eastern tent caterpillar munches on plants that are loaded with hydrogen cyanide, which it then vomits onto marauding ants. But nicotine is too deadly to store. Instead, the tobacco hornworm has evolved a way of getting rid of it, which also doubles as a potent defence. 



Sculptor Niccolò dell'Arca died on this day in 1494 in Bologna. Possibly born in Bari, Niccolò derived his name from his work on the tomb, or arca, of St. Dominic at his eponymous church in Bologna. Niccolò made additions for the magnificent canopied tomb from 1469 until his death in 1494. His contract stipulated that he was to decorate the tomb’s lid with figures depicting God the Father, angels, the Evangelists, and a pietà as well as various saints. The lid was completed in 1473 but the project remained unfinished at Niccolò’s death. Michelangelo famously supplied the figure of St. Proculus for the marble ensemble in 1494.

Dell'Arca also worked in terra-cotta, producing dramatic figure groups like his Lamentation for the Bolognese church of Santa Maria della Vita (1463) and a group of Mary and Saints (1478) that were installed over the door to the public palace in Bologna.

Reference: Steven Bule. “Niccolò dell’Arca.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. <http://www.oxfordartonline.com/subscriber/article/grove/art/T062298>.

Mourning of the Marys over the Dead Christ, 1462-63, terracotta with traces of polychromy, Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna

Tomb of St Dominic: Angel Holding a Candle, 1473-94, marble, San Domenico, Bologna

Madonna di Piazza, 1478, terracotta, Palazzo del Comune, Bologna

St Dominic, 1474, terracotta, San Domenico, Bologna 

Ebola virus

The Ebola virus is a string-like virus typically 800 nanometers long, roughly the same thickness as a human red blood cell. Currently in its largest outbreak, Ebola has resulted in over 14,000 reported cases and 5,400 deaths. When the virus infects the lining of blood vessels, vascular integrity is lost and excessive bleeding can occur, leading to decreased blood volume and death. There is no risk of contracting Ebola unless you come into direct contact with bodily fluids from a symptomatic patient, which occurs up to 21 days after virus exposure. Recent research has demonstrated a single-dose, needle-free Ebola vaccine can protect monkeys from infection for at least 21 weeks.

Image by Heinz Feldmann, Peter Jahrling, Elizabeth Fischer, and Anita Mora, National Institutes of Health.

[NEWS] TOP will act with Cecilia Cheung and Al Pacino. The movie ‘Out of control’ is by joint production between Germany and China.

TOP also takes a role of Interpol in the movie 'Out of control’. Actors are all in Germany for shooting now.

The movie “Out of control” is directed by Axel Sand who also directed “Fast track : No limits” and “Final contract : Death on Delivery”.

Source: Naver : Newsen : Star Seoul TV : Translated by: CHOIDOT


Big Bang’s T.O.P will be continuing his acting career overseas through upcoming Chinese movie 'Out of Control’!

T.O.P will be starring alongside top Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung (Cheung Pak Chi) in the new action-packed film.

About T.O.P’s return to the big-screen, YG Entertainment relayed, “We’ve received countless movie and drama offers from not just Korea, but from China and Japan. 'Out of Control’ was the character that spoke to T.O.P the most.”

Credit: Allkpop

This graphic marks the birthday of Thomas Midgley, who was born in 1889. He didn’t have much luck with the whole chemical applications thing. His first major invention was coming up with the idea of using tetraethyl lead in petrol to stop engine knocking. Though it worked very well, it also released lead fumes from car engines. It caused lead toxicity in the workers creating the tetraethyl lead, elevated lead levels in the blood of the modern population compared to people in the 1800s, and has even been linked with an increase in violent crime levels. Midgley was aware of this toxicity (he suffered a bout of lead poisoning himself due to his work with tetraethyl lead) but denied any potential ill effects.

Midgley was also involved in the invention of Freon, the chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant gas which was later linked to depleting the ozone layer. His poor record with inventions continued until his death – he contracted polio in his 50s, which left him severely disabled. He died when a rope and pulley contraption he’d assembled to help himself out of bed tangled around and strangled him.

As a result, he didn’t live to see tetraethyl lead’s phaseout, which began in the 1970s and was completed by 2000. Petrol that doesn’t contain it is still referred to as unleaded petrol, however.

There’s much more about Midgley & tetraethyl lead here: http://wp.me/s4aPLT-petrol

Ruth Ellington Boatwright was Duke Ellington’s only sibling. “The Duke” made his baby sister president of his publishing company, Tempo Music, in 1941. As stated in her obituary in the New York Times, “she oversaw all his copyrights, contracts, and other business matters” even after his death in 1974. Ms. Boatwright passed away on March 6, 2004.

You can learn more about Ruth Ellington Boatwright’s life and career in the New York Times’ detailed obituary here.


what would Apple be without Foxconn … in China where hundreds of thousands assemble iPads. ..After the eleventh worker had jumped to his death, the company [is] compelling workers to sign contracts promising not to kill themselves. ..No wonder Terry Gou, the chairman of Hon Hai [the parent company of Foxconn was] complaining that “to manage one million animals gives me a headache.” ..Gou added that he wanted to learn from … the director of the Taipei Zoo, exactly how animals should be “managed,” and invited the zoo director to speak at Hon Hai’s annual review meeting, urging his general managers to listen carefully.

- Slavoj Zizek

friendly reminder that a reaper contracts the thorns of death when a soul they’re supposed to reap lashes out at them (◡‿◡✿)

friendly reminder that thomas wallis’ soul lashed out at william (✿◡‿◡)

friendly reminder that grell saved him from the thorns of death (◕‿◕✿)

Fuck, she’s like a cigarette. I know she’s bad for me, I know she’ll make me ill and I just couldn’t care less. I’m too far gone. I’m addicted to her nicotine laced voice and eyes that drip toxic chemicals with every blink. I’m dizzy from her sweet tar dipped lips and I’ve already signed a death contract with her. It’s inevitable - she’s fucked me up.
—  Oko ninjah (addicted pt. 2)
character attrition

I’ve seen multiple people making lists about character deaths and character survivals, but please also keep this list in mind:

  • Colton Haynes (Jackson) – Quit the show for Arrow after the filming of 2x12, leaving the awkward situation of his character being alive without him available to film more footage
  • Gage Golightly (Erica) – Quit the show to pursue prospects in film, made the time to come back and film her character’s death
  • Sinqua Walls (Boyd) – Agent refused to commit to more episodes due to promising look of one of his pilots at plot-critical time, death written into last contracted episode. Pilot failed to be picked up.
    (aka the storm of rage where Jeff /delete’d his tumblr because a policy of transparency does not mean you won’t get it day and night)
  • Adrienne Kane (Cora) – Pilot for Reign picked up, Kane cast as lead; see: Reign.
  • Crystal Reed (Allison)Approached Jeff about leaving the show and pursuing other characters and opportunities. Jeff consented to write her out.

So the attrition, while sensational when you make the right columns, has not necessarily been from the writer’s department or the show running. 

I don’t want to comment on other charged issues in this post. Rather, please keep this in mind when meta-interpreting the show.