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I’m doing Garnet +4 other gems, she’s the most done so far! : ]

Miss Peru Contestants Startle Peruvians By Sharing Stats On Gender Violence

On Sunday, October 29, viewers of the Miss Peru pageant were startled when the 23 contestants strutted on stage in sequined gold minidresses, introduced themselves, said “My measurements are…” — and then stated facts such as these: more than 70 percent of all women suffer street harassment; 13,000 girls are victims of sexual abuse in Peru; more than 25 percent of Peruvian girls and teenagers are abused in their schools.

Pageants typically give out a different sort of statistics — about the measurements of the contestants. And so a hashtag was born: #MisMedidasSon (My measurements are)

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Photo: Alvaro Ugaz- Latina


Hey guys!!!! In honor of #ReputationReleaseWeek I’m going to do a giveaway!!!!!! I’ve been receiving a lot of nice comments and feedback about some drawings of Taylor’s lyrics I’ve been doing (examples below) so for every like and reblog this post gets you’ll be entered to have your very own lyric set drawn by me!


1.) Must be following me so I️ can PM the winner

2.) 1 like = 1 entry, 1 reblog = 1 entry. The more you share the better your chances!!!!!

3.) A winner will be chosen at Midnight on Sunday, November 12th so that we can all process and figure out our favorite lyrics from REP if that’s what you end up choosing ;)

4.) There will be a total of FIVE winners!!!!!!!

5.) And that’s it!! I’ll send you a digital copy of your drawing as well as the physical copies (I️ draw them all by hand on card stock) if you’d like me to as well :)


Inktober has been wiping me out. so I’m just gonna finish the drawings when I finish them. In the meanwhile, I took some time to make something for the BATIM chapter 4 fan art contest! I plan on making more entries down the line but for now, I’m content with how this turned out.

This poster is a reference to two real-life animation shorts. It was initially inspired by the Disney short “Magician Mickey” and its poster, but the title more references the Looney Tunes short “Showbiz Bugs”. (Which while it isn’t about a magic show per se, does feature Bugs sawing Daffy in half.)



There won’t be as many winners this time around because we don’t have to populate a whole school! Just one class! And we plan on featuring them in the next arc!

SEPTEMBER 19th 2017

We will not be posting the submissions (because we don’t wanna spam y’all). So submit your kiddo to us and we’ll put them in a secret folder somewhere to be screened by our illustrious panel of expert judges.


*Between the ages of 5 and 12.

*These kids are all from the same school but can be from different grades. They represent all of the children from that school who were able to get their parents to sign permission slips saying “Yes I am fine with my child going on a field trip where they will be going near monsters for educational purposes” …Either that or the child was somehow able to forge their way in, which would have proved difficult as the school REALLY doesn’t want to be sued.

*No  Wizards please.  We do not need wizard children at this time. Wizards are rare anyway.

*It is assumed that all the children live in Canada somewhere near Monster Town.

*These kids are NOT from the school that Frisk attended so it would not make sense for them to know Frisk personally.

Here is the blank sheet.  Fill it out and send us the filled out version. Remember to include pictures in the blank squares.


What we are looking for is a varied and interesting group of children with memorable personalities and designs.

Here is an example of a filled out form.


Good luck and stay determined!


miku39k!❤  <- my entry for miku’s official english twitter banner contest! 

Talk about otterly adorable! 

Second place in the “Sanctuary Life” category of our Get Into Your Sanctuary photo contest goes to Eric Palmer with this photograph of a mother sea otter grooming her pup. Eric spotted these two in @montereybayaquarium’s Great Tidepool at Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. 

(Photo: Eric Palmer)