a contest!


MYAY RAFFLE TIME!!!!!AND OH GOSH 800+ FOLLOWERS?! Im just gonna go cry in a corner now ;w;


-ocs(keep in mind i do have a limit of what kind of oc)

-overly complicated characters aka armor wearing characters or the like(That doesnt mean i cant do simple armor tho)
-Any sensitive subjects (i can draw your char crying tho?XD)


-must be following me!(new followers welcome!!!Dont follow and unfollow if you dont win. Thats just rude and you will be banned from future raffles)
-reblog to enter, you get to reblog TWICE tho for better chances(if you reblog more than that, your out of the raffle)


April 15th 5pm central time is when it ends!!!

Art Contest!

AY! It’s my boi Fain’s birthday on April 13th!

I’m holding a little fanart contest for him because he doesn’t get a lot of love and I’m a selfish woman.

-Deadline is the 13th of April
-He doesn’t have a cutie mark at the moment so don’t draw him with one if you’re looking at other references
-He HAS to wear at least a neck accessory, but he’s known to wear full Victorian ensembles. (See Alois and Ciel from Black Butler for examples)
-DO NOT draw him smiling

There will be three winners! The three winners will get an outfit personally designed for their oc and showing them wearing it! Like the example belooww!

A bit about Fain:
-He IS a crystal pony! (he’s just unhappy so he doesn’t sparkle much)
-Young and very intelligent
-Loves tea, reading, and classical music
-Plays the harp, piano, and violin
-A sad smol boy (short and malnourished)
-He’s tired :’) (dark circles under eyes)
-He’s rich as heck
-Kinda pretty tho

Have fun with my pretty boy! I hope people will consider joining ;w; <3

Morning Games II (Previous)

Gisha: Wh- Hey!

Rai: “What was it you said? No food would sate your hunger? You would ravish me?

Gisha: “It’s not fair! You’re too heavy!”

Rai: “One must exploit every advantage love…”

Gisha: “Wicked swordsman!”

Rai: “Perhaps I should enjoy my prize.”

Gisha: “Breakfast won’t prepare itself!”

Rai: “Oh now you want breakfast?”


alright everyone i wanna conduct a poll:

if your favorite of kapustin’s 24 preludes op. 53 is

  • no. 1 in C major, LIKE this post
  • no. 2 in a minor, REBLOG this post
  • no. 3 in G major, REPLY to this post
  • no. 4 in e minor, MESSAGE ME this post
  • no. 5 in D major, EMAIL ME this post
  • no. 6 in b minor, SHARE this post to facebook
  • no. 7 in A major, SEND ME A MESSENGER PIGEON with this post
  • no. 8 in f# m

LIBYA. Sirte. December 1, 2016. We Are Not Taking Any Prisoners. A woman and child, allegedly family of IS members, seen after GNA-affiliated fighters had evacuated them from the conflict area in Al Jiza neighbourhood.

General News, Third Prize, Stories at the World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Alessio Romenzi

okay so because situation with russia has been getting more frustrating over the last few days here’s a list of reasons why i love eurovision:

  • being introduced to some awesome artists you would never have heard of if it weren’t for the contest/national selections!
  • honestly the music is just so good????
  • yes i know it’s cheesy as hell but that’s why i love it
  • songs!!! in!!! other!!! languages!!! (this is especially fantastic for me cos i’m a brit and we barely get shown any non-english songs)
  • the songs that are true club bangers and you just need to dance to
  • while there is an overwhelming genre used in the contest there are songs of so many different genres!!
  • a lot of the artists over the years just seem so nice and so excited to be representing their country, even if they don’t do well they’re still happy to have taken part
  • the emotionally powerful ballads that just… really get the tears flowing (especially if it’s in a language you don’t speak)
  • the way the staging can just elevate a song
  • the feeling when your faves get through to the final!!
  • when the winner is announced and the artist(s) is so happy and/or overwhelmed with emotions!!!!!
  • the hosts/presenters!!
  • the shenanigans that sometimes occurs during the voting
  • hearing an incredible eurovision song for the first time!!!
  • the buzz of watching the live performances of your fave songs and it goes well!!!!
  • the postcards!!
  • songs that are not only good but also loads of fun!
  • the hilarious sketches (especially if it’s done by sweden)
  • breathtaking interval acts!!!
  • just………… i love eurovision

WELL HERE IT IS!! My piece for a contest hosted by Latin-American CN. I’m really happy with the result :D
(Anytime soon i’ll get a link for you guys to vote if you want to, it would really help me)