a constellation for two

i romanticized us so much
that even when you made me cry
i thought of my tears as stars spilling from the sky
coming together to create constellations
of two lovers dancing through space together.
—  but we were a supernova at best; together, we burned so brightly that the universe couldn’t handle us
(cc, 2017)

The Helix Nebula in Infrared : What makes this cosmic eye look so red? Dust. The featured image from the robotic Spitzer Space Telescope shows infrared light from the well-studied Helix Nebula a mere 700 light-years away in the constellation of the Water Carrier Aquarius. The two light-year diameter shroud of dust and gas around a central white dwarf has long been considered an excellent example of a planetary nebula, representing the final stages in the evolution of a Sun-like star. But the Spitzer data show the nebulas central star itself is immersed in a surprisingly bright infrared glow. Models suggest the glow is produced by a dust debris disk. Even though the nebular material was ejected from the star many thousands of years ago, the close-in dust could have been generated by collisions in a reservoir of objects analogous to our own solar systems Kuiper Belt or cometary Oort cloud. Had the comet-like bodies formed in the distant planetary system, they would have survived even the dramatic late stages of the stars evolution. via NASA

Constellation: Part Two

Requested by the wonderful @tizniz / @thatcherjoesuggimagines :) This is the second and final part. This is all in Joe’s POV. I dove well into the backstory and lore with this, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think. I hope you guys like it. And have a MERRY CHRISTMAS <3

Part One

There was one thing Joe had always found odd about himself: he had never been in love. Now, to be fair, it wasn’t from a lack of trying. Quite to the contrary. He had partaken in many relations with a multitude of people. But, in the end, that’s where it stayed. Relations. Never anything more.

In his younger years, this didn’t bother him much. However, after he crossed the 25-year threshold, he began to wonder if something was wrong with him…

I’m a quarter of a century old. Surely, I would have run into my soulmate by now?

A strangely romantic thing for him to worry about it, but in the world he lived in, it was the norm. Nearly all his mates from back home had found their people already. And they were younger than he was!

The soulmate phenomenon had been around for as long as he could remember. Different cultures had different names for it, but in the village where he grew up, they called it The Spark.

Over the years, scientists had come up with thousands of technical theories for how it happened. The most likely was that it was linked to when the universe was created, energies from stars splitting in half and dispersing.

The process of spoken words appearing like tattoos on the skin of the affected could never be explained though. However, the final element of the process supported the scientists’ theory. When soulmates accepted each other, their worded tattoos would transform into mirror images of star constellations in the sky.

But everything else in between was essentially accepted as magic, fate and mumbo-jumbo.

Joe never cared so much about the how, but more about the why. When he was a kid, he always liked to think it was when kindred spirits found each other after looking for an eternity, and that it was named The Spark because the two parts were fused together again into one whole.  

His sister and he had always been fascinated by the massive events and celebrations thrown by families and neighbors whenever someone close had found their soulmate. The parties were grand and rowdy, and the atmosphere was always warm. Zoe was drawn more to the romance and wonder of it all, where Joe had always loved a good party. And, if finding his future wife meant this much fun, he was so ready.

But, his later teenage years did good work at soiling that dream.

From what he could tell, his parents had a solid relationship after their Spark. They talked, they laughed, and they loved him and Zoe to death. Sure, they’d argue, but all adults argued. He never saw a real problem. Though, he did always wonder why his dad had a word tattoo on his arm, and his mum didn’t. When questioned, they would just say her tattoo was somewhere else on her body. And, being the short attention spanned kids that they were, they never questioned it.

Though, there was no denying it the day he got back home from his lad’s holiday in Zante.

“Just tell me who it is.”

His dad’s tone made Joe’s muscles immediately lock up as soon as he walked in the front door. His mum was on the loveseat, head in her hands. Zoe sat on the steps, hand covering her mouth. His dad stood in the middle of the room, mouth in a hard line, fists clenched tight.

“What’s going on?” Joe breathed, his eyes darting between his family.

His mother looked up at him, eyes glossy, “Oh, darling.” She wiped her face gingerly. “Welcome home.”

“Don’t ignore me.”

“Please, Graham, not now. Joe just got home.”

“Just tell me!”

“Can’t this wait until lat-“

Tell me!”

“It’s Robert!” She cried out, her hand covering her forearm, tears streaming down her cheeks. “It’s him.”

His father was still as a statue. The silence was so thick. Time almost felt like it had stopped. And, then without warning, Joe’s dad left the room, door slamming behind him.

The rest of the day was a blur in his memory, but he remembered that night clearly. To distance themselves from the arguing and heart wrenching sobs coming from their parents’ room, Zoe and Joe grabbed their sleeping bags and slept out in the garden under the stars, like they used to do when they were younger.

The stars twinkled while the harsh, muffled tones from inside carried out into the night air. The irony was not lost on them.

His mother had never meant to hurt the family. It wasn’t her fault that their dad had sparked with her and she hadn’t back. There was no need to explain to anyone that it was one-sided. They loved each other regardless. But, the shock of her finding her actual soulmate was too much for their dad to bear. Shortly after, the divorce was filed.

Ever since that moment, Joe was terrified of the day when words from his soulmate’s mouth would magically appear on his skin. He avoided sentimentality at all costs, unless it was with family and close friends. He rarely left himself open to the possibility of love.

Because, what if he was just like his father? What if the exact same thing happened to him?

And, as time moved on, he worried that it would never happen at all.

Then, he saw her.

“Her name’s Y/N,” Jack’s excitement rolled over him. “I’m taking her out to dinner tonight.”

Joe couldn’t pull himself to respond properly as he stared at the tinder profile picture on Jack’s phone screen. Her eyes were mesmerizing.

“She’s well fit.” Oli’s comment knocked Joe out of his reverie.

“Yeah, mate,” Joe recovered. “Good luck with that though. She looks way too pretty for you.”

Jack just laughed, “Sounds like you’re a bit jealous.”

Shut up. “Not at all,” Joe chuckled, walking over to fill up his drink. “Just don’t want you to get your hopes up is all.” Dick.

Jack just smiled knowingly at him and continued to get ready for his date.

Funnily enough, the date was a train wreck. The food and service were awful, and Jack had somehow managed to spill half his glass of wine on Y/N’s shirt. This was why Joe was floored by shock when Jack said that she had agreed to go out with him again. Jack was ecstatic. Joe, not so much.

Why was he so jealous? He literally hadn’t even met her before.

Though after a week, it seemed like the universe was on his side. The second date was better, but at the end, the couple had agreed that it was better if they remained friends. Jack ended up inviting Y/N to one of Joe’s house parties. However, he chose not to tell him that she was coming over until he was already 6 drinks deep.

By the time Y/N arrived, Joe was beyond sloshed and quite preoccupied. The morning after wasn’t much better as he reintroduced himself with a pounding hangover and sore from his nightly shenanigans.

Regardless of his less-than-killer first impression, hers was top-notch. Looking back, she didn’t even really do anything. Not more than a hello and thank you for inviting me. But every, single, minute detail he remembered crystal clear.

The cock of her head in his direction when he walked down the stairs Her fingers brushing her hair behind her ear. A small, disdainful smile gracing her lips. Her bright eyes shining as she stared boldly back at him.

She had not been impressed, and every moment after, she remained that way.

So, as it turned out, fate was most definitely not on his side.

Joe had never been in love before, so of course, it was just his luck that the one woman that he fell head over heels for couldn’t stand him.


Though, as much as she hated his guts, it seemed like the universe played a personal part in ensuring they were always in close proximity.

He knew Y/N’s dislike for him, so he tried his best to avoid her so he wouldn’t irritate her. Which was hard, because she spent most of her time with the Maynards. But the more the coincidences piled in, he said fuck it and milked it to the fullest.

He’d tease her. He’d berate her. He even went to the extent of pranking her whenever he needed new content for his channel. Occasionally, he’d let up to see if the water had warmed any. But as soon he caught that side glare from her, he turned the heat back. He was relentless and annoying and he knew it.

But he couldn’t bring himself to stop. He loved it.

No matter what he said, Y/N always jabbed back with her sharp wit. She was stubborn and feisty. If anyone could be sassed to death, he would have been in the ground a long time ago. Every time he managed to get under her skin, her cheeks would flush, her jaw clenched and her eyes blazed with color.

He genuinely couldn’t get enough of her.

Joe was jealous of the relationship she had with the other boys though. It was so calm, and amicable and… normal. He wished it could be that casual between the two of them. But, he knew it was his own fault.

The boys always accused him of being childish and compared him to a school boy pulling on a girl’s pony tail when he liked them. Joe told them to piss off, but he knew they were right. It was immature as shit. Adults didn’t do that.

So, he toned it down. He tried his damnedest to not provoke her… as much. Joe slipped up occasionally, but for the most part, he did well. At first, he didn’t notice any difference, other than Y/N constantly looking to him, waiting for him to have something smart to say. But, when the expected reaction didn’t come, her expression turned to confusion and she left it.

But as time went on, he noticed Y/N getting irritated with him all over again. Only this time, he had no idea why. Joe felt as though he couldn’t do a single thing right.

The reality was he simply wasn’t trying hard enough, or even attempting to let her know his true feelings for her.

The truth was he didn’t plan on ever telling her. Because, admitting that he was in love with her only made him open to rejection, humiliation and the like. And that was on top of his original insecurities surrounding the whole love thing, so why even bother?

Those were the thoughts that plagued his mind as he sat in Drama. The bass, and chatter of the different club goers pounded around him as he swirled his jack & coke. He looked up. Y/N was dancing with some bloke a few feet away. A toothy grin on her face and her arms wrapped around the lucky guy’s neck. Her hips swaying to the beat.

Jesus, she looked good.

He hadn’t been keeping track of how many drinks he’d had, but he knew that he should probably stop now. The room was swaying and he could hear his own, increasing heartbeat as he watched as Y/N twirled. That didn’t stop him from pounding back another. And another. And another.

Before he knew it, they were back in his flat, his arm hanging heavily on Jack’s shoulders.

“Fuck, man,” Jack groaned, setting Joe down on the bar stool. “How much did you drink, you knob?”

“Dunno,” Joe drawled, head lolling backwards as he giggled to himself.

“Too damn much, if you ask me,” Y/N said, throwing her jacket on to the work top in front of him.

Joe groaned, “What the bloody hell are you doing here?”

Y/N almost jumped at the fierceness in his slur, “Excuse me?”

“Mate, she helped me get you in the car. She’s the one that said that we needed to get you home,” Jack frowned.

Joe’s eyebrows shot up, “Well, how about tha-“ His elbow slipped from under him, his small frame tumbling toward the floor. Something warm and solid stopped him from crashing. He looked up. Y/N’s face was so close. He still felt like he was falling. Odd. “Hullo.”

She rolled her eyes, “Come on. Sit up straight. Have you eaten anything tonight?”

“I had eggs today.”

“Just,” She blinked. “Just eggs?”

Joe nodded slowly, swaying in his seat, “I was busy.”

He heard Jack chuckle behind him.

Y/N headed to the fridge, pulling out different ingredients for a sandwich.

“Oi, no mustard,” Joe slurred, a goofy smirk on his lips. It drooped when she shot him with a sharp glare. She was slightly scary as is, but now that there was two of her swishing in his vision… “Please?”

Y/N sighed, long and deep, scooting the mustard jar away from her. “You’re killing me, Smalls.”

Suddenly, he felt like his belly had fell through to his feet and his vision went white. As if through a filter, he heard Jack yell, “He’s gonna chunder!”

Drunken reality slid back and he realized he was on his feet, pushing the door of the bathroom open, launching himself to the floor. Once he had a grip on the toilet bowl, he emptied his guts. The minutes felt like hours as he continued to dry heave, his whole body trembling from the exertion.

Abrupt warmth against his forehead caused Joe to jump, his elbow smacking the side of his bathtub. He groaned in pain.

“Jesus, kid,” Y/N breathed, a small frown on her lips as she pulled back her hand from his face. “It’s only me. I was just checking if you had a temperature. Here’s some water.”

He took the glass gingerly, continuing to look at her eyes. She was so gorgeous. How did anyone manage to look that perfect? She stared back at him, confusion etched into her brows. Christ, he was drunk.

“Thank you,” he finally answered.

“No problem.” Y/N cocked her head to the side. God, he loved when she did that. “Did you hurt your arm?”

“Ah, on the tub? Yeah, I hit my elbow.”

“No, I mean your other arm.”

Joe looked down. He hadn’t realized his right hand had been squeezing his left forearm so tight that his knuckles were white.


“I can look at it for-“

“No,” he almost barked.

Joe’s face softened when he saw Y/N flinch at his tone.

“No, I’m fine,” he recovered. “Thank you though.”

She nodded sharply, “I’ll be in the other room then.” And with that, she was gone.

Joe let out a long exhale, his hand finally loosening its grip on his arm. Slowly, he lifted his palm, knowing exactly what he would see. And dreading it.

In fine, dark, script font etched into his skin read:

You’re Killing Me, Smalls

It had finally happened. He was just like his dad, but worse. His soulmate didn’t even like him.

He flinched when a drop of wet smacked against his wrist. It took a few seconds to comprehend that he was crying.

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” he roughly wiped at his cheeks, taking in a deep breath. “Don’t be more pathetic than you already are, Joseph.”

After some time, he came out and ate his sandwich. He said goodbye to Jack and Y/N. The rest of the night was a blur. The rest of the week was a blur. Almost the whole month following was a blur.

The one thing that he had been so scared of for all his adult life happened and he didn’t know how to function.

He tried his best to be happy. To smile. To put everyone in good spirits. But he knew he wasn’t in a good way.

But then it happened. They Sparked.

Her tattoo appeared. She was confused, but she smiled. He remembered walking away from her, from his denial, his shame. Yet Y/N followed. She pursued him. She always was one who liked to have her own way.

His stubborn, feisty girl.

And when they finally kissed… it was the most fulfilling moment of his life. Y/N accepted him. He finally belonged.

He still remembered the light searing within him as their marks transformed into constellations, and looking into her eyes. They had never looked so bright.

Now he looked into her eyes again. The skin around them were slightly wrinkled from time slowly taking its toll on their youth. Their hands were linked together. Bright grins on both their faces.

She’s still as beautiful as the day I first saw her.

They both gazed down at their matching tattoos and smiled. The marks were stark white and the skin was raised, outlining a perfect star constellation, with one, dark dot in the middle.

“This is us,” Y/N’s soft voice carried over him.

Joe nodded, thumb caressing her palm. He leaned down, placing a kiss on her lips.

“Yeah, it is.” He brushed his lips against her temple. “We’re from the same stars.”

“No.” She looked up at him, her eyes glittered as she smiled. She gripped his forearm. “We are two halves of the same star.

And, finally, we’re whole.”

I used to spend my days dreaming all day and night. I would gaze at the classroom ceiling in class using the patterned tiles to feed my yearning ambiguous imagination. I dreamt that all the holes in the ceiling were little stars in a far far away galaxy. A beautiful galaxy filled with people of many different kinds. I dreamt about swashbuckling pirates sailing the seven deadly seas and stealing away boxes of gold after gold and spending their nights sealed away in a cavern. Or beautiful mermaids spending their days lounging around with friendly dolphins who would use their immense amounts of energy to play all day and swim endlessly all night. Every night finding the most gorgeous and vibrant coral reefs. And find the most extraordinary creatures of the sea. Some big, some small, some pink, some blue, some with tails, and some with fins. But then I met you and then those patterns on the ceiling tiles started to turn into constellations on your face. One dot turned into two and two turned into three until all the dots came to form your handsome face. Your small round nose that always seems to crinkle up when you smiled too big or laughed too hard. The kind of nose that belongs with your smile. It completes the handsome painting that is your smile. Your big adventurous eyes that reel me in. Your warm brown eyes that leave me on a cliffhanger.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1192

Four billion years from now, our galaxy, the Milky Way, will collide with our large neighbor, Andromeda. The galaxies as we know them will not survive.

Currently, Andromeda and the Milky Way are about 2.5 million light-years apart. Fueled by gravity, the two galaxies are hurtling toward one another at 402,000 kilometers per hour. But even at that speed, they won’t meet for another four billion years. Then, the two galaxies will collide head-on and fly through one another. For eons, the pair will continue to come together and fly apart, scrambling stars and redrawing constellations until eventually, after a billion or so years have passed, the two galaxies will merge.

Then, the solar system will have a new cosmic address, with newly formed stars, planets, and solar system’s, all within a giant elliptical galaxy, formed by the collision and merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda, and life will begin again.

Some time ago I drew Charlie Weasley for the HP Zodiac Project, organised by the excellent @bloodyhellharry and @artofpan​. I’m actually a Cancerian, but there aren’t too many confirmed Cancer characters (check out what an awesome job @sarahcosico did with them!! <3 ), so I leapt on the chance to draw the two oldest Weasley bros, plus dragons (Bill Weasley posted here). Thanks again for such a fun idea! 

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the “hp zodiac” tag for more works of art ✨ 

The zodiac was divided into twelve sections, each being sixteen degrees in width and thirty degrees in length. These divisions were called the Houses of the Zodiac. The sun during its annual pilgrimage passed through each of these in turn, Imaginary creatures were traced in the Star groups bounded by these rectangles; and because most of them were animal–or part animal–in form, they later became known as the Constellations, or Signs, of the #Zodiac.
There are two distinct systems of astrological philosophy. One of them, the Ptolemaic, is geocentric: the earth is considered the center of the solar system, around which the sun, moon, and planets revolve. Astronomically, the geocentric system is incorrect; but for thousands of years it has proved its accuracy when applied to the material nature of earthly things. A careful consideration of the writings of the great occultists and a study of their diagrams reveal the fact that many of them were acquainted with another method of arranging the heavenly bodies.
The other system of astrological philosophy is called the heliocentric. This posits the sun in the center of the solar system, where it naturally belongs, with the planets and their moons revolving about it. The great difficulty, however, with the heliocentric system is that, being comparatively new, there has not been sufficient time to experiment successfully and catalogue the effects of its various aspects and relationships. Geocentric astrology, as its name implies, is confined to the earthy side of nature, while heliocentric astrology may be used to analyze the higher intellectual and spiritual faculties of man. Continued in comments…

Each year the sun passes entirely around the zodiac and returns to the point from which it started–the vernal equinox–and each year it falls just a little short of making the complete circle of the heavens in the allotted period of time. As a result, it crosses the equator just a little behind the spot in the zodiacal sign where it crossed the previous year.
Each sign of the zodiac consists of thirty degrees, and as the sun loses about one degree every seventy two years, it regresses through one entire constellation (or sign) in approximately 2,160 years, and through the entire zodiac in about 25,920 years. This retrograde motion is called the precession of the equinoxes. This means that in the course of about 25,920 years, which constitute one Great Solar or Platonic Year, each one of the twelve constellations occupies a position at the vernal equinox for nearly 2,160 years, then gives place to the previous sign.”ㅤ
– #ManlyPHall

Transiting Sun enters Pisces

February 18 - March 20, 2017

“The best way to view the transits of the Sun is to think of them as a big, celestial searchlight. It plays a hyperintense beam of self-awareness over us, cutting through the overlapping webs of planetary trigger points spread throughout the chart. Whatever part of the mind it hits is temporarily centralized in the ego, occupying our attention and centralizing its needs. With solar transits, ego plays its hand, for better or worse.” – The Changing Sky, Steven Forrest

Through the filter of Pisces, the solar searchlight is a little hazy and out of focus. With little effort, our imaginations run wild, creating this or that scenario which may or may not have anything to do with reality.

I really like this representation of the constellation Pisces:

You can see easily that the two fish, though tied together by their tails, are headed in different directions - not opposites. One fish remains more or less aligned on the “path” made by the Zodiac, while the other is trying to leap free of the whole thing. That’s our first clue about any Pisces transit: there are things you can see easily, on the surface; and there are things you’ll discover only when you look beyond that surface.

Pisceans are notorious for their tendency to drift through life; a better way to channel that wafting energy is to put a little more conscious awareness into going with the flow. We’re very sensitive to all the different currents and undercurrents - and sometimes that’s too much to cope with, too overwhelming. Another less happy Piscean trait is escapism, be it via pharmaceuticals, the idiot box, or your poison of choice.

With practice and with faith, though, we can eventually become experts at navigation. We can anticipate not only problems, but possibilities. It isn’t yet time to act on these problems and possibilities - that’s Aries’ department - so use this month to prepare for that burst of energy next March.

Celebrities with Sun in Pisces
Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Alan Rickman, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Levine, George Harrison, Brian Jones, Drew Barrymore, Edgar Cayce, Daniel Craig, Nicolaus Copernicus, Oscar Isaac, Frederic Chopin, Johnny Cash, Kesha, Michelangelo, George Washington, Emily Blunt, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Isabelle Huppert, Erykah Badu, Nina Simone, Queen Latifah, Galileo Gallilei, Bobby Fischer

NB: for the time period February 20-25, the Sun/Pisces will be annoying the Cardinal Grand Cross. Please see this blog post for more information.

Tuesday, February 21, North Node/Virgo opposite Sun/Pisces, South Node/Pisces conjunct Sun/Pisces, 3:28

If the North Node symbolizes our path for growth, then the Sun conjunct the South Node is literally the furthest away from the path that is possible. As it’s the first major aspect the Sun makes, it sets the tone for the entire Sun-through-Pisces. Rather than giving up just as we’re getting started, we need to keep our ultimate North Node goals in mind (becoming more effective and sustainable) and commit to working toward them.

Planets/Points affected lie between 2:28 and 4:28 of the signs Taurus, Gemini*, Cancer, Virgo*, Scorpio, Sagittarius*, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Wednesday, February 23, Ceres/Taurus sextile Sun/Pisces, 5:50
Thursday, February 24, Juno/Capricorn sextile Sun/Pisces, 6:19

Quite down-to-earth, practical, and indeed a natural reaction to the previous aspect. We find it very easy to establish basic domestic routines which are healthy and emotionally supportive. Keeping life as simple and realistic as we can manage will have a tremendously stabilizing influence - sorely needed.

Planets/Points affected lie between 4:50 and 7:19 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Wednesday, March 1, Neptune/Pisces conjunct Sun/Pisces, 11:42

This can be confusing, delusionary, inspirational, otherworldly, impressionable, and psychic - all at once. It will be almost impossible to avoid, or evade, the overall Pisces vibe of the day; if you have anything important within range, and especially in the mutable signs, you may not like this. Or be particularly susceptible to it. Or both. Basically, it’s a great day to be a space cadet!

Planets/Points affected lie between 10:42 and 12:42 of the signs Taurus, Gemini*, Cancer, Virgo*, Scorpio, Sagittarius*, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Monday, March 6, Mercury/Pisces conjunct Sun/Pisces, 16:37

This is the “superior conjunction” of the Sun and Mercury. The little planet is at its top apparent speed, and is on the other side of the Sun from the Earth - in other words, it’s a “Full Mercury” time. We struggle to keep our minds as objective as possible, while reflecting (“Full Mercury”) on what has happened to us. In Pisces this could be difficult because of the innate Piscean being diffusive, nebulous, and vacillating. It may be time to let the right brain take over the mental processing, today.

Planets/Points affected lie between 15:37 and 17:37 of the signs Taurus, Gemini*, Cancer, Virgo*, Scorpio, Sagittarius*, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Thursday, March 9, Pluto/Capricorn sextile Sun/Pisces, 18:57

Pluto loves to plot, and Capricorn gives it an appreciation of structure and of the long-term. This sextile will bring opportunities to reach your “effective sustainability” goals, or whatever goals you have in mind. There’s real staying power. What the Sun in Pisces brings is a certain flexibility and fluidity - if/when we encounter roadblocks, we’re able to sail right around/through them.

Planets/Points affected lie between 17:57 and 19:56 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Friday, March 10, Vesta/Cancer trine Sun/Pisces, 20:09

This can be a very beautiful aspect of self-integration and self-identification. In water signs, however - well, remember that water has no shape of its own, but rather takes the shape of its container. We may be coming up with an “identity” that allows us to function in the world, with our real selves camouflaged, or sunk into deeper waters. We may be more concerned with “tribal” identity (Cancer) as a way to cope with the larger world (Pisces).

Planets/Points affected lie between 19:09 and 21:09 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Tuesday, March 14, Pallas/Pisces conjunct Sun/Pisces, 24:41;
Chiron/Pisces conjunct Sun/Pisces, 24:42

This is an impressive triple conjunction. The two mentioned above are exact within 11 minutes of each other, and the third one (Pallas conjunct Chiron) occurs less than half an hour later. In “The Mountain Astrologer,” Leah Whitehorse comments that this “spotlights (Sun) bridge-building (Chiron) and negotiation (Pallas) to transcend our differences and help us adapt to change. Healing becomes a creative process of self-illumination.” I would like to substitute “immanence” for “transcendence,” as you well know - it isn’t just healing (Chiron), but a genius idea (Pallas), to find everything we have in common with one another.

Planets/Points affected lie between 23:41and 25:42 of the signs Taurus, Gemini*, Cancer, Virgo*, Scorpio, Sagittarius*, Capricorn, and Pisces; and between 8:41 and 10:42 of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Friday, March 17, Saturn/Sagittarius square Sun/Pisces, 27:29

Here is the day that the idealistic plans you’ve made are challenged by “reality.” It’s a test of faith, primarily, but also of our flexibility and our compassion. Can we live up to our own hype? How do we work with/around “unreasonable” authority? There’s a chance that we meet the enemy at last, and he is us - how do we respond to that realization? It’s impractical to ignore reality, but it’s stupid to let reality excuse us from showing imagination and mercy.

Planets/Points affected lie between 26:29 and 28:29 of the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces; and between 11:29 and 13:29 of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

the brightest star!! 🌟 constellation rin is simply gorgeous… she’s my dream UR since two years ago, and i managed to finally idolize her! i decided it’s about time i put serious effort in drawing rin, but… i can’t believe i went all out painting on such a tiny canvas… lmao anyway she’s very small but there she be :’^) -blessed-  🙏 🙏 🙏

The Antennae Galaxies (also known as NGC 4038 and 4039) are a pair of distorted colliding spiral galaxies about 70 million light-years away, in the constellation of Corvus (The Crow). This view combines ALMA observations, made in two different wavelength ranges during the observatory’s early testing phase, with visible-light observations from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO). Visible light image: the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

strawhat-titan  asked:

Hey Hajimama what is the rooming like, which characters are roommates and do the veterans have there own rooms?

Higher ups have their own rooms, the others share rooms in two to four people constellations. At least in the HQ. As for the roommates, it always depends where they are and what the rooming is like in general.

At one point after they got together Combeferre asks Courfeyrac when he realized that he was in love with him and Courfeyrac smiles and is like, ‘You remember that time it was like 2am and you wanted to go stargazing and we got drunk and then you started pointing out constellations of my freckles?’

And then two seconds later, ‘No, wait, it was earlier, Gavroche’s, what was it, nineth birthday? When he scraped his knee and you only had those patches with the dinosaurs on them and started explaining the magical power of dinosaurs until he stopped crying and told you that was total bulshit.’

And ‘Oh no, wait, it was before, when we graduated and you did the speech and were like, we’re going to start our life now, and looked at me and I thought yes, OUR life…’

‘No, shit, remember in eighth grade…’

‘Wait, when did you get your glasses?’

And after half an hour of rambling he just realizes that he doesn’t remember exactly when he fell in love Combeferre because maybe, probably, he totally has always been in love with him.  

And Combeferre just takes his hand and smiles because, ‘Well, we did get married in kindergarden, didn’t we?’

The Zodiac of Dendera decorated the ceiling of a chapel in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, where the mysteries of the resurrection of the god Osiris were celebrated.

The vault of heaven is represented by a disc, held up by four women assisted by falcon-headed spirits. Thirty-six spirits or “decans" around the circumference symbolize the 360 days of the Egyptian year.

The constellations shown inside the circle include the signs of the zodiac, most of which are represented almost as they are today. Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn, for example, are easily recognizable, whereas others correspond to a more Egyptian iconography: Aquarius is represented as Hapy, the god of the Nile flood, pouring water from two vases.

The constellations of the northern sky, featured in the center, include the Great Bear (Ursa Major) in the form of a bull’s foreleg. A hippopotamus goddess, opposite Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, represents the constellation of the Dragon.

  • Kuroo : Look what you did bro, my ice cream fell! Take responsibility and make up for it!
  • Bokuto : *hugs*
  • Kuroo : How is this even making up! I want you to get me something I can put in my mout- Oh wait, that sounded soooo out of place!
  • Bokuto : Bro.
  • Kuroo : Bro.
  • *awkward silence ensues*