a connoisseur of the finer things in life

Salutations, Tumblr. My name is Charles Edward, but you can call me Ched. I am 12 years old but I’m more mature than most adults I know. You won’t find me smoking drugs, at the mall, or partying with the garden variety of unintelligent life forms I call my generation. I am a connoisseur of finer things. I write. I read. I game. I am only myself and I refuse to change. My favorite films were made without CGI imagery and my favorite books have nothing to do with vampires who aren’t named Dracula. My favorite historical figures are ones usually designated as villains, outcasts. Intimidated? Don’t be. In order to make approaching someone of such intense levels of class easier, I’m posting this “selfie” so you can meet the man – and yes, I consider myself one at the tender young age of 12 – behind the proverbial mask. Note my “chill” pose and assured expression. Surely, this is a man who you can engage in intellectual discourse with. Send me an ask or two, if you think you’re on my level. I won’t bite. That is, unless you prove yourself to be part of the unintelligible masses, as so many have. If you do, prepare to be served can of whoopass unlike any you’ve ever tasted. I only use organic ingredients.

PYTHON CONNOISSEUR offers the aesthetic design devotee who likes to enjoy a fine cigar every now and then the opportunity to combine a high tech humidor with the lower body of the PYTHON. A small bar completes the collector’s road to the finer things in life.