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C: Wait wait wait…. DJ Khaled isn’t black??? Then why does he get away with using the n-word? This is prime example of POC using the n word because they have “black friends.” Then he’s surrounded by black rappers that don’t care if he uses it. It’s getting ridiculous at this point. I never use the n-word but now it seems we’re letting everyone use a word that was used to degrade us. A word we took back and created a new meaning with. OK.

Imagine: Telling Jensen about your kid

Originally posted by littleblondesamoan

Summary: You surprise Jensen with some interesting news at a convention. Luckily he wants to meet your child, and the two of you have a chance to reconnect

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: awkwardness? an illegitimate child? surprise pregnancy

A/N: This is for a request from the lovely @bluebell013. I’m pretty sure I took it in a different direction than you were thinking, but I hope you like it! Sorry if it’s messy. My sick brain did the best it could with editing. Also… this is my first Jensen imagine and I’m kind of nervous about it. Feedback is appreciated!

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Make You Feel My Love

lin manuel miranda x reader 

prompt: you’re the new pianist in the orchestra for hamilton. one day lin hears music long after people have left the theatre and decides to investigate.

a/n: this is physically the most sappy thing i have ever written in my entire life (the song in this fic is make you feel my love by adele but for some reason i kept imagining it when lea michelle sang it on glee whoops)


You have always been the quiet type.

You loved engaging in conversations with people and adored being social, but for some reason, in every unfamiliar or new situation that appeared in your life, you turned into an introverted person, unable to maintain eye contact well with another person.

Especially if that person is Lin Manuel Miranda. 

“Hi, I’m Lin! You must be Y/N, I’ve heard so much about you from Groff.” The brunette exclaimed, his words spewing from his mouth quickly as you sat on the piano bench among the assorted instruments and music stands, your heart racing and your hands fidgeting in your lap.

“Nice to meet you Lin.” You replied softly, standing up to face the exuberant boy.

Lin looked at you with such excitement gleaming in his eyes, an award winning smile painted upon his face.

You were so entranced on the way Lin’s smile effected his whole face. From his dark eyes squinting, his cheeks turning a rosy pink, and his lips curling back into a radiant smile.

You couldn’t help but return the look of completely fondness the composer practically beamed at you.

“Well I’d love to hear you play! It doesn’t have to be from the show, it can be any song, I just want to make sure you’re just as talented as Groff claims you are.” Lin teased you, winking as a smirk formed upon his lips.

Blush spread across your cheeks at the small gesture, your movements sharp and rushed as you settled upon the piano bench once more and let your hands take their place on the keys of the beautiful grand piano.

“Don’t feel nervous, I’m not here to judge you.” Lin attempted reassuring you, his voice soft and delicate.

“Don’t feel nervous,” You scoffed in your head as you took a deep breath and began to play, “Easy for you to say.”

You had been playing piano for many years of your life. You knew the proper techniques and skills needed to play the intricate instrument. You have participated in many competitions and fundraising events that playing just became a natural part of you.

You enjoyed playing piano more than anything in the world so when one of your very close friends, Jonathan Groff, offered you the job as the new pianist for the show he was currently performing in, you knew you couldn’t waste your opportunity.

You continued playing, letting your mind drift into a state of nostalgia as you performed one of the first piano pieces you were taught and performed in front of an audience. Your fingers danced gracefully upon the keys, emphasizing note phrases when needed or ghosting your fingers across the keys when a soft slur was entitled.

You were hypnotized by the music, letting the notes float off the pages and invade your every sense.

After you were finished your piece, Lin clapped excitedly, his ever so contagious smile erupting upon his face.

“That was brilliant! Absolutely beautiful!” He praised you, looking at you as though you were the next best thing to Mozart or Beethoven.

You weren’t able to form words, your mind unable to come up with the right words that would display how thankful you were for Lin to take time out of his insistent schedule just to hear you play some mediocre, classical piece you learned when you were ten.

This man was the same man who wrote a production that was winning award after award for being one of the most brilliant shows ever to grace the theater world. This was the man who was able to pick up a pen and write phrases that could bring tears to anyone’s eyes. This was the man you had looked up to for many years, became one of your biggest music inspirations, and never failed to amaze you with each word that spilled from his mouth. And here he was applauding you, rendering you speechless as he continued to ramble about the cast and orchestra members who you’ll love, according to Lin.

“Hey, are you alright?” Lin suddenly stopped, sliding beside you on the piano bench.

You inhaled sharply at the sudden proximity, the smell of his cologne and hair gel clouding your mind, your only thoughts quickly becoming Lin.

“Y/N?” He snapped you out of your trance once more, concern filling his eyes as you notice his head now turned to face you completely, not much space separating the two of you.

“Yeah,” You breathed out, biting your bottom lip as you stared back into his eyes, “I’m alright.”


You weren’t the only one who felt completely helpless when in each other’s presence.

Lin found himself thinking about you more then he should. He couldn’t get the image of your face concentrated when you were playing, the smile that graced your face when talking, or your laugh, god your laugh, that was stronger then a million symphonies out of his head.

He found you so beautiful and enticing and so unique. He never met a person so passionate about music and the arts as he was. He never expected such a vibrant and alluring person would rise to the surface after the shy, bashful person you were when first meeting soon melted away.

He found excuses to visit you in the orchestra and to talk to you. He treated you like one of the cast members that he’s known as his life. Except he didn’t want to keep finding ridiculous answers to music involved questions he already knew and he didn’t want to treat you like he treated Philippa or Jasmine.

He wanted to be with you as much as he childishly tried to avoid his feelings.

He wanted you to be his.

You were once again clouding the musician’s mind as he continued to gather his things to head home after a late show. You ran miles in his head every day, almost every thing he saw somehow reminding him of you.

“Night Lin!” One of the stagehands shouted in his direction has the brunette turned to smile and wave in the girl’s direction just as enthusiastically

 Lin made sure that he treated every single damn person who worked in the theatre or was part of the cast with such care and high esteem. In the end, everyone was working hard for their love of Hamilton and the theater, and he couldn’t more grateful for that.

As he continued across the stage, climbing down the side steps of the stage, something caught his attention.

Not just something, but the muted sound of flowing notes trailing from somewhere.

Lin’s brows furrowed, confusion taking over his features as he traveled back up the stairs of the stage, curious to find the source of the sound.

“Everyone has gone home, haven’t they?” Lin thought to himself, crossing the stage when suddenly he stopped in his tracks, a smile crawling its way of his face as he soon realized what, or in this moment who, was the cause of the noise. 

Lin made his way over towards the entrance of the pit of the orchestra, cautiously entering the area as his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness.

The only light source was a small lamp placed upon the large grand piano in the corner of the orchestra, the music now flooding his every senses as he watched you play.

He knew you wouldn’t notice him suddenly entering. When you played you tended to let the music consume you, your entire focus on the notes springing from the pages and the keys.

He recognized the song were you playing, one of your favorites from the show he recalled you telling him.

Lin hummed the tune of That Would Be Enough alongside the accompaniment of you playing, his eyes falling shut as he stood there listening to you play. 

Oh Lin!“ You shrieked, the music stopping abruptly as the boy’s eyes flew open, the view of your silhouette now turned to face him in his view.

"That was really beautiful, you should’ve kept going.” Lin complimented you, his words coming out jumbled and faster than usual if that was possible. 

“Why-um-thank you Lin.” You stuttered out, still not used to the compliments given to you by the talented man.

“Can you keep going? You can play something else if you want, it doesn’t have to be from the show.” Lin suggested, walking over to you and sliding beside you on the piano bench.

A smile appeared on your face, Lin slightly confused at your sudden happiness.

“Why are you smiling?” He asked, his eyes widening as he realized how blunt his question came out, “Not that there is anything wrong with you smiling! I was just wondering because-

"You said something like that to me when we first met.” You cut off the boy’s insistent rambling, placing a hand over his. You didn’t know where you new found confidence came from, but you could confirm that you  felt millions of firecrackers setting off as you came in contact with Lin, your whole body trying to stay calm from all of the sudden nerves filling your senses. 

“Oh.” Lin replied softly, his enticing smile appearing as he turned to face you, “You remember that?”

“Of course I do. It was the beginning of our legacy.” You teased, the two of you laughing at your joke.

“Our legacy?” Lin questioned, quirking an eyebrow at you as your eyes widened, examining your sudden choice of words.

“It’s um- not like that um.” You uttered out, Lin deflating as though he were a balloon and you had pricked him with a needle, “I’m just going to play now.”

You placed your hands on the keys, starting to play a song you had recently learned.

Lin could feel heat rising to the surface of his cheeks as he recognized the sappy love song, fantasizes of him serenading you in the heart wrenching song clouding his mind.

When the rain is blowing in your face 

And the whole world is on your case

I could offer you a warm embrace

To make you feel my love 

 Lin sang along to the instrumental, raw emotion pouring into the words, his voice slightly ragged and rough from putting his heart and soul into his performances earlier in the day.

I know you haven’t made your mind up yet

But I would never do you wrong

I’ve known it from the moment that we met

No doubt in my mind where you belong 

To say you were overwhelmed with emotions at the moment was a complete understatement.

You knew your attractions towards Lin were undeniable and you felt it every time he would come to talk to you, sit beside you, or the joy that would rush through you as you heard news about the boy. You could feel it whenever you saw him perform or talking about something he was extremely passionate about.

You knew your feelings were one sided, but you couldn’t help the sudden downpour of emotions you felt sitting beside Lin and hearing him sing one of your favorite ballads so freely and unrehearsed. 

I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue

I’d go crawling down the avenue

No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

To make you feel my love

You suddenly stopped playing, warm tears blurring your vision as you stared down at your hands still placed on the piano keys.

Your shoulders shook and you caved in, the emotions you had kept a secret for the boy for so long crashing over you like a tidal wave, drowning you.

“Y/N, Y/N please don’t cry.” Lin begged, embracing you tightly as you gripped onto his signature gray sweater, unable to form words at the moment.

Lin sat there with you for the next few minutes, confusion and concern filling him as he rocked you back and forth in an attempt to calm you down.

“Hey, it’s okay I’m right here.” Lin reassured you as your breathing began to regulate.

You slowly moved from his embrace, the two of you meeting eyes. 

“I’m here.” Lin whispered, reaching a hand to gingerly cup your cheek and gently brush away the remaining tears spotting your skin. "I’ll always be here.“ 

You swore you were dreaming. You knew that this kind of intimacy between the two of you would never be something of reality, but deep down you could feel Lin’s presence and hear his concern.

You didn’t know how, but this moment was real and it wasn’t some fantasy.

"I promise.” Lin whispered, regaining his voice as he leaned his forehead against yours, your lips brushing against his making you gasp. 

The two of you sat like this motionless for a moment, both of you unsure who was going to make the first move as though you were two children curious of love.

Finally Lin closed the space, your lips pressing against his softly as he snaked his free arm around your back and pulled you closer. 

You and Lin slowly parted, the feeling of his lips pressed upon yours still lingering on your skin. 

No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

To make you feel my love

Imagine: Taking Care of Sick Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: illness I guess if that’s a warning. 

A/N: Bet you can guess where this little idea came from. I could just imagine Dean being so adorably pitiful when he was super sick and totally taking advantage of the snuggles. Sorry if it’s a little rough. Still fighting my own flu.

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