a concussion

William Nylander - Part 4


Four days pass. I don’t text Will. Rian hounds me about it every day. She says that I’m being a bitch. I don’t think I’m being too irrational, he mangled my damn face. The swelling as gone down completely and I’m able to cover the stitches with a bandage, even looking in the mirror now the black and purple has turned into yellow.

               I’m able to cover the remaining bruises with makeup and balance out my face somewhat decently. Nathan said that he would take my stitches out in a few days for me. He’s still been mother hen over me, checking every day that there are no signs of a concussion. I had to make Rian promise not to tell him or Jake about Nylander giving me his number. At first she had pouted, but she understood. What I wanted more than anything was to not hurt Nathan’s feelings.

               I let him take me out yesterday, mostly because I was tired of him asking. I was pleasantly surprised at what he had planned for us. No fancy dinner or movie, just a walk through downtown Toronto. Our coats pulled tight around us and our hoods up, but our fingers entwined through thick gloves. Ice cream may sound crazy for a Canada winter, but we couldn’t help ourselves and the parlor had been warmer than outside.

               We had finished the night at the front door of my apartment, he didn’t ask to come in and I didn’t offer. Instead he had kissed me for the first time. A feather light brush at first, then a little firmer. It had felt nice, a pleasant warmth had flowed through my veins and I kissed him back. Nathan had smiled at me when he pulled away, the faint tingle from his lips remaining on my own. We said goodnight to each other and he waited until I closed the door and peeked through the peep hole to walk back down the hall to the elevator.

               Now my phone buzzed on the countertop, interrupting my dancing and singing as I do my hair.

               I had fun last night. Hopefully you let me take you out again tomorrow?

               Against my better judgement, I smile down at the screen. I do care about Nathan, but now I’m even more confused about what I’m doing. We have a beautiful friendship, my only constant companion since I was six years old and I accidently broke his nose with a basketball. Do I want to ruin that? I hesitate before I reply back.

               I heard the theater is having a play

               You wanna go?


               Play it is

               I should smile, I get to go watch Shakespeare. Instead my stomach sinks, an uncomfortable feeling taking place instead. What am I doing?

               I take a deep breath and return my attention to my hair, straightening every tendril meticulously. I need a distraction. After a few minutes of pondering, I walk back into my office and see the stack of manuscripts has been depleted, and I’m still waiting on a few more to come in, so I have a free day.

               Grabbing my purse, I head out of my apartment and to my car waiting in the adjourning parking lot. Dusting the snow and ice off, I hop in and head towards the mall. Being a Sunday, the place is a madhouse. After hunting down a parking spot and I pull my hood up and trudge through the freshly plowed parking lot. Getting inside, I hit my usual targets. After a trip back to my car to dump off the heavy bags that had laden my hands, I go back inside for the place that takes me the longest.

               I step inside the shop and inhale, the smell of new books is intoxicating. I float down the long aisle, wondering where I should start first. Mystery? Sports? Drama? Young adult? I quickly skip over the romance. That’s not my forte.

               I decide on the sports section first, seeing what’s new and what I haven’t already got on my bookshelf at home. I dodge between people without seeing faces, my eyes only for the covers and words before me. Unfortunately, I don’t find any that I don’t already have or that interests me. Instead I make my way down to the young adult section, being twenty I still think I qualify.

               My hands flirt over each cover, grabbing at random and ignoring covers, reading the words inside the flap first. I take my time, picking up several and putting them back. The hairs on the back of my neck prickle and I stiffen, I glance around and don’t see another person for the first time I’ve walked into this store. But I can feel someone.

               I narrow my eyes and stalk slowly down the aisle, peeking around the corner and again see no one. Confused, I turn back to where I had been standing in time to see the tail of a coat disappear behind the next aisle. Rolling my eyes, I make my way back to where I had left off and continue my search. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement to my right, but I ignore it.

               Only when I round the corner to go into the next aisle of YA shelves do I catch a whiff of something familiar. I’m brought back to the ACC, into the small room where my face had gotten stitches and where Mr. Blue Eyes had held my hand. I chew on the inside of my cheek for a moment and plot an idea. I can still feel him in the general area, my senses hyper aware in the impossibly quiet store. But I guess books will do that to people, it feels like a library so why wouldn’t people speak in soft tones.

               I circle around a few aisles and pick a book up at random and lean against the end cap, flipping open the front cover and reading the synopsis. He appears before me, looking the opposite way, not seeing me until I speak.

               “You know, growing up with two younger brothers I learned how to play a lot of games,” I say nonchalantly, slapping the book closed and looking up at Will. “And I learned how to play them very well. You play hide and seek long enough, they always come to you.”

               He eyes me for a moment, not a trace of embarrassment crossing his face, only amusement.

               “Two younger brothers you say? Try having two little sisters,” he says after a beat, putting his hands in his pockets and smiling softly at me.

               “I have one. You reduced her to a puddle the other day at the pizza place,” I reply, moving back down the aisle to return the book to its rightful place.

               “That was your sister? I don’t see a resemblance,” he says, following after me and watching my hand flicker book to book.

               “You’re right, she could pass as your sister more so than mine,” I say not looking back at him.

               “How old are you brothers?” He asks to my surprise.

               “Twins, twelve year old crazy boys,” I say, a smile finding its way onto my face. “Lucky they have hockey to get their energy out, otherwise I think my parents would both have gray hair by now. Rian as well for that matter.”

               Will eyes me, a smile on his face. “So you’re the oldest?”


               “I could tell.”

               My eyes flash to his and I frown. “How?”

               “The way you talk about them,” is his reply, brushing past to me to stand on my other side and I turn my head to keep him in my sights.

               “How do I talk about them? I barely said anything,” I question and he laughs.

               “I could just tell. Something tells me you’ve never missed your brother’s games, or Rian’s for that matter if she indeed plays anything,” he picks a book at random and opens the front cover like he’s been watching me do.

               I pause for a moment before reaching out and taking the book from him. It’s the one I had been looking for. I tap the cover and show him it’s the third book of a series and he gives me a goofy smile that causes my cheeks to heat for some reason.

               “You can’t tell all that from just a few words,” I eye him before moving farther down the aisle, forcing him to back up a few steps. “By the way, the whole stalking thing?” I raise my eyebrows at him and he has the decency to blush.

               “First time I’ll admit, I went there to see you. Here was purely coincidence, I swear,” Will says and I laugh and immediately his face lights up.  

               “Don’t worry, I’m into it,” I tease and wink at him before walking behind him and make my way to the register.

               I think I catch him off guard, which was what I wanted. Though he catches up to me quickly, he’s a few inches taller than me and his legs are longer.

               “Glad it didn’t make you run away screaming,” he says, a grin on his face and I have to smile back.

               “Who says that’s not what I’m doing right now, just acting calm so I don’t tip you off and give you time to run away?” I ask, my tone serious but he just rolls his eyes at me.

               “You would have done that five minutes ago,” he replies and I roll my eyes.

               “Maybe I wanted you to admit that you were stalking me.”

               “I didn’t, I told you it was chance that I saw you here. I walk in through this store because it’s usually not as busy as the rest of the mall, easier to go unnoticed,” he says and I notice the hat on his head is pulled down and the way he’s been staring at the floor pretty much the entire time we’ve been walking.

               I nod slowly and get in line for the register, to my surprise Will stays with me. I eye him questionably and he knows what I’m asking.

               “You never texted me,” he says simply and I again nod.

               “I didn’t.”

               “Why not?”

               I shrug my shoulders and lower my gaze. “I didn’t think there was anything for you to make up for.”

               Will stands in silence until it’s my turn to pay. He hovers at my elbow, keeping his head down, focused on me.

               When we get to the exit that leads back out into the mall he catches my elbow in his hand. I stop walking and stare at him.

               “Get a coffee with me at least?” He asks, his blue eyes searching mine as he waits for my answer.

               “Why?” I ask.

               “Because I like talking to you and would like to do it some more,” he replies without hesitation and I again blink at how forward he is.

               “You know, it’s weird having someone give answers to everything you ask,” I say slowly and nudge him in the direction of the food court.

               “I don’t see a point in avoiding questions. It only creates more,” Will says and I nod thoughtfully. “Speaking of which, I had a question to ask you.”

               Immediately I get that apprehensive feeling in my stomach that I get whenever says those words.

               “Okay, what is it?” I ask, keeping my eyes down by my feet and relying on Will to steer me in the right direction.

               “That guy that was holding the towel to your face at the game, is he your uh…” Will asks slowly and for the first time I hear uncertainty in his tone.

               I have to laugh when I reply. “Boyfriend?”

               Will just nods and avoids my eyes. I think for a moment, pondering his question and thinking back to last night.

               Eventually I shake my head slowly. “No, Will. Nathan is not my boyfriend.”

               He viably relaxes next to me and I laugh again.

               “Why were you so tense?” I ask him, looking up to see him staring at me again.

               “Didn’t know if I was possibly stepping on someone’s toes,” he answers, another smile on his face.

               “Why? It’s only coffee,” I tilt my head at him and give him a grin.

               This time he rolls his eyes at me. “I probably should have mentioned that coffee to me means a date.” He teases back, or is he teasing?

               I press my lips together for a moment, thinking and he glances back down at me. Clearly pleased with himself because of the stupid grin still on his pretty boy face.

               “Wow so needy. Don’t text a boy back and he comes and finds me,” I say eventually, nudging him with my elbow.

               “What can I say? My dad always told me if you find something you want, do whatever it takes to get it. No matter how low you have to stoop,” he says and I give him a skeptical look. “I don’t kid about my dad, Y/N.” Will tries to say with a straight face but when I burst out giggling he can’t help but laugh too.

               We get in line for our coffee and I stand closer to him than I really need to but he doesn’t seem to mind. He nods me ahead of him when it’s our turn and produces his wallet before I can protest.

               “Thank you,” I say begrudgingly when we step to the side to wait for our order to come out.

               “Least I can do,” he replies. His eyes slowly moving across my face to my eye that I’m sure he can tell is still a different color than the rest of my face. I freeze when he raises his hand slowly runs his thumb across the band aide and then just under my eye. My lips part not because of any pain, but because of the sharp flash of heat and tingles that rampage through my body.

               His eyes flash down to my parted lips and slowly lowers his hand back down to his side, his own lips forming into a smile. Will brings his eyes up to mine and reaches to the side to retrieve both our coffees from the barista that I hadn’t even heard speak.

               He leads me over to secluded table and takes the seat facing away from the majority of people. I sit across him and pull my coffee to me, pressing both my hands around the cup and sigh at the warmth. Will watches me silently, leaning back in his seat comfortably and stretching one leg out so it’s nearly touching me.

               “Sure you don’t want a smaller table?” I ask sarcastically, referring to the table that’s less than two feet across.

               Will grins at that. “Intimate,” is all he says and my cheeks heat again, my eyes dropping back down to my coffee. I can feel his eyes on my and press my lips together.

               “Why don’t you take a picture,” I snap at him without looking up.

               He chuckles and brings his cup to his lips and I fight the urge to watch him.

               “You’re a funny girl, Y/N,’ he says, placing his cup back down on the table and pushing it back and forth between his hands.

               “What do you mean?” I ask him, glancing up, grateful that his eyes are still on his cup.

               “You seem like you don’t want to be here with me, yet here you are,” he says quietly.

               I bite my lip before answering. “I just wasn’t sure if I should be here or not,” I reply just as quietly and his eyes meet mine once again.


               I shrug. “I just kind of feel like you’re trying to make up something to me that I don’t need,” I say slowly, knowing my words probably don’t make sense but then again my brain scatters every time he looks at me.

               He nods slowly, raising his cup again to take a drink and I know it’s only so he can think before he speaks.

               “I’m not trying to make anything up to you, Y/N. Do I feel bad about your face? Yes. But you weren’t seriously hurt and it was an accident. Me giving you my number and saying that apparently wasn’t my best idea. I wanted to you to text or call me. And that was the only way I could think of doing it without you completely discarding it,” he explains, keeping his eyes on his hands the whole time.

               “You could have just given it to me, I probably would have done exactly what you wanted,” I say after a moment, a smile on my face. Will looks up at me in surprise.


               “I only didn’t text you because I thought you felt guilty,” I say and take a drink of my own coffee.

               He eyes me a moment, a slow smile crossing his face as I watch.

               “So, you do want to be here…” Will says slowly and I laugh.

               “I wouldn’t still be sitting here if I didn’t,” I bite my lip and tilt my head.

               His eyes flash to my mouth and back again.

               “Thank god,” he says and downs the last of his coffee.


There was a parade of awkward shuffling as three people negotiated a space designed for one. Bodhi folded himself in the space between the cot and the doorway; as Jyn attempted to step around him, her foot caught on the corner of the wardrobe, and she stumbled, hands shooting out to catch herself against Cassian’s chest. He staggered back, hissing in pain as the two of them crashed against the wall.

“I’m sorry – shit, I’m so sorry –” she managed, and struggled to extricate herself, her cheeks stained crimson. It took him a concussed moment to realize he’d grabbed her waist to steady her, and he released his hold before the sensation could register. But it was too late, he had been too slow to withdraw: her hands were warm, her waist soft yet somehow solid with muscle won from a hard life, and her eyes – green flecked with light, deep enough to drown in. She was too close, yet still not close enough, and shorter than she seemed from a distance; enough that he could rest his chin on top of her head if he wanted, if she’d allow it. He wasn’t sure of either.  

“You’re fine,” he said, breathless. “It’s fine.”


I feel like I’ve changed so much in the past…month? It’s been really good. I’m looking to change up my job and to start thinking seriously about grad school, I’m learning a lot about how I need to change and mature and what to disclose and what not to disclose…I feel like soon I’ll be making some art! I also got a concussion for a while. It’s really beautiful in Buffalo today, kind of damp and rainy. I keep using this blog’s archive so it seemed silly to abandon it altogether & moreover I think switching my url back was the right choice (at the very least so old links to posts work properly.) Hope everyone’s doing well. 

Kissing Booth Ch. 2

Summary: “I paid and now I think I deserve my kiss. I’m the one who is following the rules. It is you who has to meet the end of the bargain.” He said, his warm breath fanning over her face as he spoke, thumbs rubbing circles on the exposed skin that made Lucy suck in her breath. “I am going to kiss you now.” He announced, brushing his lips temptingly over Lucy’s.
Rating: T
Note: I didn’t think it’d be a year since I last updated. I had been going through a lot of crap. I’m sorry. Also I am writing this while I have a concussion. Rip. I read this over so many times, but I feel like I missed something. Sorry if this chapter was so horrible. ):

“Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me quick.”
Kissing Booth
Chapter Two: Annoyance

“You kissed Natsu Dragneel.”

“Stop reminding me.”

“You, kissed Natsu Dragneel.”

“Please say it again, I didn’t hear you after the seventh time.”

“You kissed Natsu Dragneel.”

“I didn’t actually mean for you to say it again.”

“You kissed Natsu Drag—”

“WOULD YOU SHUT UP ABOUT ME KISSING DRAGNEEL?” Lucy snapped—developing a pink tinge in the face from either embarrassment or shame. She didn’t know, maybe both. Mira had immediately put up the ‘On Break’ sign for the kissing booth and dragged Lucy to one of the nearest tables to spill everything.

“Who’s kissing who now?” A smooth, deep voice piped in. Lucy saw disheveled onyx-coloured hair out of the corner of her eye. She instantly knew who it was. Gray Fullbuster. One of her best friends, no matter how annoying he could be with his…exhibitionist problem.

Lucy grumbled, “No one.” The blonde narrowed her eyes as he took a seat at their table.
“Hello to you too.” He replied back.

“Hey, Gray!” Mira giggled, maybe she wouldn’t tell him. Lucy was wrong for Mira’s creepy smile took place on her face once again. “And she kissed Natsu!” She exclaimed excitedly, waving her arms.

Ultramarine coloured eyes widened in disbelief. He bounced his attention back and forth between Mira and Lucy. “W-wait…what?” Gray locked onto Lucy. The blonde flinched under his gaze, refusing to look into his eyes. “You kissed Natsu?! As in Natsu Dragneel!”

Thanks, Mira.
Lucy thought bitterly. “It’s not like it’s a big deal or anything.” she barked. Except for the fact that he stole your first kiss.

“Not a big deal?” Gray repeated, knitting his brows together. “Lucy, you gave your first kiss to some guy. Natsu to be exact! The guy who can barely even tie his own shoes!” He cried.

Lucy rolled her eyes. “It was one time, and it’s not going to happen again. Ever.” She would make sure of it. “Anyway,” Lucy continued, “It’s Mira’s fault. She’s the one who forced me to help with that damn booth. I really wanted to help with the dunk tanks.”

Gray shot the white-haired girl a look, “Dammit, Mira! You told me that Gramps decided to change her job!”

“I did!” Mira fired back, “But that may have been a white lie.” She grinned sheepishly.

“White lie my ass!”

“I was only trying to help Lucy have fun and be social!”

“Because kissing random strangers is fun!”

Lucy decided this was a perfect opportunity to escape. Quietly, she slipped away while her two friends continued to shout at each other. Honestly, those two could be a handful. With Mira’s forceful matchmaking and Gray’s overprotectiveness, it was just too much at times.

She wanted to find a nice and quiet place to read—but she forgot her book back at the booth, so she settled for just exploring the entire fair. There was a bigger turn out to this year’s fair than all the other years Lucy had been a part of helping. This year, the Rainbow Cherry Tree would finally be on display. Fairytail really outdid it this year.

Lucy hummed a tune softly to herself as she walked towards the magic shop. The sign in front of the tent’s entrance read, “Do you believe Fairies have tails?” Magic was a weird concept to her and yet, she believed it. Lucy went inside the shop to see beautiful jewelry.

“Hello, beautiful young lady!” A short old man cried from behind the counter. “I am so glad you decided to grace my dear shop with your presence.”

Lucy felt a bit uncomfortable. “Uh, hello.” And then a beautiful gold key caught her attention. She walked closer to it, a glass barrier keeping her from holding the beauty. It was pure gold with the zodiac symbol of Leo the Lion emblazed on the heart shape top. It reminded her so much of—


It reminded her of the keys her mother used to collect.

“I see this specific key caught you attention!” The old man said, big nose nearly poking her eye out as he stood on his stool, leaning in close to her. “I tell you something about these keys.” He looked around the tent to see if there was anyone around. “They’re magical.”

Lucy bit the inside of her cheek.

“These keys are a sign of good luck. Each zodiac will protect you, but only if you have their key.”

“So they’re like guardian angels or something?” Lucy questioned.

The old man smiled, “Something like that. Most people don’t believe in the magic, but—”



Lucy flinched, hearing the voices of Gray and Mira. “Uh, I have to go.” Lucy rushed out of the shop. Why was she running from them again? She didn’t know, she just didn’t want to be harassed about the kiss anymore. Lucy went back down the path she came from, but paused when she saw Mira’s white hair and Gray’s concerning blue eyes.

Ultramarine blue locked onto caramel brown.

Lucy cursed under her breath as Gray got Mira’s attention—both walking towards her. Lucy flung herself into the crowd, hoping to blend in. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t like she was the only brown-eyed blonde in all of Magnolia. Lucy lost her attention on where she was going, instead she rammed hard into something.
Lucy stumbled back, and if it wasn’t for a strong arm that wrapped around her waist, she would have fell flat on her ass. She opened her eyes about to say thank you, but her breath stopped, and she could only mutter out. “Y-you.”

Natsu grinned, pulling her a bit closer. “Hey, Luigi.” He whispered. She had to admit, he was pretty attractive, now that she got a close look at him. Cheeks chiseled, tall, tan and muscular, and suddenly pink looked good on him. His deep green eyes looked at her with an amused glint. “Are you checking me—”

“Dammit, I just saw her.”
Lucy pulled herself out of her trance, grabbing his wrist to yank him, “Shit, come on.” Lucy pulled him behind one of the big booths, and pressed against it. Only poking just her head out to see if they had left.

“Ya know, about that kiss—” Natsu began.

“Shh!” Lucy snapped at him, watching her friends’ movements closely. Soon they had turned and gone in the other direction. Lucy sighed loudly, pressing her back against one of the poles. “Sorry about that.” She murmured, eyes looking everywhere but his. She went to push off the pole but Natsu had stopped her.
“What?” She asked innocently.

“As I was sayin'—” Natsu trapped her with his body. One hand above her head and the other gripping her waist, strongly.

His lips barely grazed hers as he grinned playfully, “We got interrupted before.” He pressed his lips firmly against hers. His other hand coming down to grab the other side of her waist.

“Allow me to make it up to you…Luigi.” He murmured on her lips.

And once again.

She found herself being kissed by Natsu Dragneel.

Note 1: Once again I am so sorry for updating after a year. So I’m sorry if this chapter sucked.
Note 2: I am working on the next chapter as you are (probably) reading this.
Note 3: Other stories will be updated (hopefully) shortly.
Note 4: I did say I was inconsistent, lol.
Note 5: It would mean so much to me if you left a review. How much did you miss this story?
Note 6: See ya my dudes, and remember: You are loved!

First Chapter: 1

Hangover (FF XIII x FF VII Snippet)

Lightning groaned and sat up. “My head…” She blinked. “Where…?” 

The last thing she could remember was dropping by Tifa’s bar after closing time. She’d had a really stressful week, and she’d been hoping to grab a drink or two with her favourite bartender…

There was quick knock on the door before Tifa walked in with a cup of coffee.

“So… do you have brain damage?” Tifa drawled. “Because Aerith bopped you over the head pretty hard with her staff.”

“Huh?” Lightning groaned and clutched at her head. “Aerith?”

“Oh, boy.” Tifa sat down on the edge of the bed before leaning closer to look into Lightning’s eyes. “Hmm… you don’t seem to have any signs of concussion, and I’m pretty sure that your head is harder than solid rock. It must just be the booze.” Tifa grinned. “You came by late last night.”

“I remember that much…”

“And you got really drunk.”

“I figured that.”

“And then you tried to make out with me.”

“…” Lightning blushed. “I… I don’t remember that.”

“And then Aerith bashed you over the head because, honestly, that’s kind of how she is.” Tifa chuckled softly. “So… have a cup of coffee, make sure you’re not actually hurt too much, and then head down for breakfast, okay?” She nodded at the corner of the room. “And bring your gun blade. I think Aerith wants to fight you.”

Lightning made a face. “I could take her any day of the week.”

“Normally, yeah, but now? I’m not sure.” Tifa gave Lightning a quick kiss on the cheek. “And it’d be a shame if she actually managed to hurt you for real. Next time you want to make out with me, just ask.”

anonymous asked:

I currently have a concussion and sprained ankle due to being a klutz but I like to pretend I got hurt being a badass spy on a mission and Bucky has decided to nurse be back to health with soup, cuddles, and kisses☺️

“I’m never letting you go on a mission alone again. Oh and I’m going to find him and kill him” he says with a kiss to your hand.

Fluffy Friday™

Ice Queen

Welps yes day 5 is here, at least this one is

Prompt:“i love rollerskating so i figured that i’d try ice skating and it’s really easy but you suck at it and ended up crashing into me and i got a concussion”

Ámbar loves skating and she excels at it, just like at everything she does, and her boyfriend is not far behind from her talent on wheels, that’s why she thought than an ice skating date would be a cute and good idea and, okay, maybe it isn’t as cute as she thought it would be but it still was a good idea with an unexpected hilarious outcome.

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I was going to ride cypress out to the pasture, I hopped on him and he couldn’t see his friends so he took off running through the barn and I was on him bareback no he bucked and I came off in the barn, hit my head on the concrete and was out cold.

1 mri later and I have a concussion.

wear your helmets, kids.

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💘- A memory that gets their heart pounding

A behemoth.

There is a behemoth in the training room.

Prompto is no stranger to Verstael’s tests. The boy has grown up on a steady diet of chemicals and fear, he knows that when he leaves the safety of the Izunia manor he may not return. He has come through those doors again with everything from a concussion to a crushed spine, but that had been with equipment. Against things that were human or at least had once been.

But this…

This is something else.

He’s seven and scarcely bigger than one of the monster’s claws, armed only with a gun and clothed in only basic armor. The others around him - other MTs, actual MTs, empty-eyed and reeking faintly of death - are unbothered. They feel no fear, yet he –

He can’t breathe.

Verstael’s voice is shouting in his ears, his name but not his name. A string of letters and numbers, a demand to preform the way he’s expected to. His hands shake as he tries to aim the gun in his hands, I’m doing my best but his best is never good enough. The monster whirls, the girl next to him is knocked clear across the room and the monster pursues her lifeless body. The others open fire but he can’t make himself do anything but watch as her body completes the graceful arc just as the beast snaps her up in its jaws.

He does not find the courage to shoot.

When it dies, he had no hand in it. 

He just watched.

Only Ardyn can coax him out of where he hid himself. Wedged in a vent well out of the range of the scientists reach, trembling all over and unable to verbalize what it was he had just witnessed. Verstael mutters unkind words under his breath, the contempt out in full force, and he allows himself to feel the full weight of it.

He’s seven and he has just grasped the concept of his own obsolescent. And as Verstael grumbles and turns his attention to another pod, a pod holding the sleeping form of a girl identical to the one he’d just watched die, he understands that he is just as replaceable. 

I say this with all of the love in my heart,

Please take care of yourself during season.
Obviously take care of yourself outside of season too but please
Remember to bring water to practice and to stay hydrated outside of practices
Remember to eat *at least* two good sized meals a day and a snack before practice if its late (mine are 6:45pm-9:10pm)
If you injure yourself dont put off seeing a medical professional if it needs attention
And remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.
Your team may need you, but you come first.
Please listen to yourself and your body, your health is whats important.