a concussion

anyway here’s the clip, slowed down, and slowed down more. yeah i’m pretty sure that’s leaving a bruise near the eye and could warrant a concussion. imagine running as fast as you can into a fucking elbow with your face. 

but go off about him getting in a fight without a credible source i guess.

Responsible for my Death - Zach Werenski #14

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about/request: Reader is minority injured and player freaks the fuck out and tries to baby them but is put in their place by reader AND hiii. sorry if you got like three of these because my internet is messed, but can you do a zach werenski imagine where French is your first language? You can do whatever you with the idea!

warnings: my awful take on french and a concussion and some bilingual cursing

authors note: i know someone will give me shit for the french im sorry in advance, hope you like it!!

word count: 1122

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day 1: kc + "we're both in the hospital wing with your bed next to mine, and wait are you actually hitting on me or is that your concussion talking? Hogwarts AU

Happy AU Week guys! It’s my first Klaroline HPverse drabble, so I’m a bit nervous (not to mention hella rusty) but I hope you guys like it! :)


Concussions & Confessions

She was going to kill Kol.

Caroline glared up at the man she was currently murdering in her hand as he stood at the foot of her bed in the hospital wing giving her a sheepish grin. Her arm throbbed with pain from the Bludger that he accidentally sent her way during the Quidditch match. It shattered her wrist instantly, sending her flying straight into his brother, Klaus, where they knocked heads and fell to the ground. Thank God they were only about six feet from the ground or she’d currently be haunting the hell out of Kol for the rest of his life.

Klaus was in a hospital bed next to her, rubbing his head angrily as he glared at his brother. He smacked his head pretty hard on the ground, leaving a nasty cut that made Caroline wince every time she saw it.

“I’m going to kill you,” Caroline stated, going to cross her arms over her chest.

She winced, inhaling sharply when she moved her wrist. Klaus’ eyes snapped to her quickly at her cry of pain and then winced from the quick movement of his neck. Kol snorted at the comedic timing, placing a hand over his mouth as he tried to hide his amusement.

“Shut up, Kol. I’m going to pull out your brains through your nose since you obviously weren’t using them,” she continued through clenched teeth.

“And after I’m done holding you down for her, she’s going to hold you down for me while I tear out your liver,” Klaus chimed in, leveling a stare at his brother.

“It was an accident, I swear,” Kol pleaded, smoothing down his green Slytherin playing robes. “I was distracted.”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “You were distracted because Bonnie flew up to you and started flirting with you in the middle of the match. She does it every time we play Gryffindor to keep your attention off her Chasers and the Bludgers.”

“You would think after the past two years you would finally start to realize their tactics,” Klaus muttered. “Bloody idiot.”

“Yeah, I hate to agree with Klaus-” Caroline started, lip curling up in disdain as she shot Klaus a look, “-but he’s right.”

“Would you look at that?” Kol grinned, ignoring her chastisement. “My mistakes are finally getting you two to agree on something.”   

“It’s the pain in my wrist,” Caroline gritted out. “It makes me delirious.”

Klaus snorted, rolling his eyes.

There was no lost love between Caroline and him. Their numerous disagreements dated all the way back to their first year meeting in the Slytherin common room. Neither one of them can recall exactly what the fight was about, but a poorly timed jelly-legs jinx and a levitating spell retaliation left them both humiliated and at each other’s throats. They left the common room that night with detention and a thirst for fighting each other.

Since then, they fought on everything, which left behind an amused Klaus and completely frustrated in many ways, Caroline.

Damn teenage hormones.

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Bedside Manner

I really thought I wouldn’t, I thought I couldn’t, but I did because I’m weak for Hanzo (that and my job hunt is going very well, so I’m more relaxed).

You curled your arms and ankles around your Staff of Asclepius, leaning your forehead against the cool metal, exhaling a shaky breath. Your muscles quivered, weary from being so tense. It’s been a tough day–a tough mission that nearly saw the end of your team which you haven’t seen since you’ve all been separated.

You cast a sidelong glance at Hanzo who laid beside you covered by your jacket, unconscious. The archer was awake until recently, also exhausted from his contributions to the mission as well as emergency treatment from you for a minor concussion caused by the explosion that scattered the team. It was only sheer luck that you were not heavily injured, and that you were not alone. There was only so much you could do by yourself–you’re not even sure if there were still any Talon agents roaming around, waiting to pick you all off one by one.

You shuddered to think of the possibility, especially with the creeping darkness and cold.

Sounds of stirring did not let you dwell for long. Quiet sounds of struggle drew you right to Hanzo’s side, dropping the staff on the ground, forgotten. You immediately looped an arm around his shoulders, supporting his slightly trembling frame.

“Oh geez, don’t get up so fast! Easy, now.”

He did not seem to mind your fussing; he was too engrossed in scrutinizing the long jacket you had used as a makeshift blanket. The air was cold, much colder than this morning, but it did not particularly bother him. He ran warm, always did, but the thoughtfulness you showed him at the expense of your own comfort was more than enough to keep him heated. It was a sweet gesture, kinder than any he’s ever had the pleasure of experiencing in most of his years.

Maybe it was the injuries he has sustained, or maybe it was the sleepy haze that was too slow to leave his mind, but his tongue was loose enough for him to utter: “Your concern…touches me.”

The unexpected admission froze time for a moment before a hot, giddy fire crackled in your gut. It rushed through your fingers, left them shaking, and your face swollen with embarrassment. Thoughts raced at a blinding speed that your mouth could not form.

“No–no, problem. No problem.”

Hanzo hummed shortly in acknowledgement, twisting around to throw the jacket back over your shoulders. Your breath hitched.

“Thank you.”

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NHL spotters are great... they had Fleury finish the game, despite being concussed.

Eh, normally I’m not really going to come down on the spotters. It’s a really freaking difficult call, it’s so hard to look at an impact with your eyeballs and know what happened inside someone’s skull and if a guy says he’s fine and passes the protocol at the time like Flower did… it’s all best guess.

Plus - while I’m not saying this is a good thing - it’s probably a bit different when we’re talking about pulling out a goalie than like a winger, you know? If you’re talking the “independent” spotters then there’s always going to be concerns about whether they really are being independent when taking out such a crucial and irreplaceable member of the team.

But idk, my instant, visceral reaction was a hard HE IS HURT. After years of watching him play I’ve seen him react to getting run over a dozen times in a dozen different ways and there are times where he gets up and pokes guys with his stick in irritation or curses and skates it off a little - and then there are times he is hurt…. and that was clearly he was hurt. Absolutely. But these guys probably haven’t spent years watching him. How would they know better enough to argue with what he himself is saying?

Between the coaches and everyone probably feeling (as they said the next game before his start) Malcolm maybe wasn’t really ready to be thrown in the deep end with this team he’s just joined… and the perfect record-making mojo of the team winning (they had the lead still at that point iirc)…. and probably a good portion of Flower in his head going NO NOT AGAIN I CAN’T LOSE MY SPOT FOR THIS AGAIN… everyone collectively just… didn’t pull him / he didn’t let himself be pulled.

Obviously I’d rather he be safe but I’m a big fan of bodily autonomy and I don’t like laying blame wherever there isn’t malice or gross negligence and it’s fundamentally a judgment call that wasn’t up to any of us so. It is what it is.

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What's a memory you have that isn't particularly exciting but is very important to you?

I remember one cold, icy morning I had solo and ensemble contests in another city. My dad was waking down the driveway and slipped and fell. He hit his head. I was freaking out but he still drove and took me to my music contest. Later he found out that he had a minor concussion from the fall. I scored a I on my piece (the highest mark), and all he cared about was getting his daughter to her contest and seeing her shine. He was beaming, despite being in pain.

My dad has always bent over backwards to support me in any way he can. He missed only one concert I had in my years and years of performances (even into college). His love language is quality time, and it shows. He’s always loved and supported me, and I couldn’t ask for a better dad in the world.

I’m sure someone else has said this but I’m gonna reiterate it.  The whole concussion situation with Fleury is beyond messed up.  He 100% didn’t look right after taking that knee to the head. Like I’m pretty sure anyone who has seen Flower play in at least one game could tell that he was extremely off after the hit. I wasn’t expecting him to return to the game after the intermission, especially given his concussion history but surprise he was right back between the pipes.  I was expecting them to pull him once the goals started piling up but nope they left him in the full game.  And to me that demonstrates one of a few things:

A> Their coaching staff didn’t trust their backup goalie to play in the game at all
B> They elected to put their record over the health of their goaltender. 

Both of which look pretty shitty. Sure he could have said: “No, I’m fine to finish the game.”  But it’s ultimately the coach who decides whether or not to keep their goalie in net.  Had I been the coach after the third or fourth goal after the hit I would have pulled Flower and told him: “You don’t have to go with the trainers if you don’t want to, but you don’t look well out there. I think it would be best if you sat the rest of this game out, just in case.”  Because honestly, you can’t tell me that Vegas’s head coach DIDN’T notice a significant change in how Fleury was playing after that. He went from stopping just about everything to giving up just about everything.  I mean if you’re a hockey coach at any level, and you don’t notice that drastic of a change in how your goaltender is playing (regardless of how long you’ve been that goalie’s coach), you probably shouldn’t be coaching.  

The league as a whole needs to pay more attention to head injuries but it needs to start at the team level.  It needs to start with the coaches paying attention to how their players perform after taking a hit to the head and saying something along the lines of: “Hey you haven’t looked well after that hit you took, I think you should sit the rest of the game out, just to be safe.” If they feel like a player might be trying to play through a concussion. 

I’m no longer just concerned about Sidney Crosby as a hockey player at this stage, and him missing time playing. I’m genuinely, terrifyingly concerned about what’s going to happen once he retires. What’s going to happen once ten years of severe concussions, rushing recoveries and getting repeatedly thrown headfirst into the boards is going to do to his brain and his quality of life. No hockey series, no cup, no game, is worth endangering the future life of a person. I wouldn’t have cared if he didn’t play another game this series, or this season. Letting hockey players play through head injuries is fucking ridiculous, because they exist in a culture where Peverley literally had his heart stop on the bench and wanted to keep playing in the game. I don’t want to see someone who changed the face of the NHL getting CTE because concussions are so poorly managed within this league.