a comprehensive russian grammar

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Do you have any links to books/pdfs for Russian? Not like literature but more learning Russian.

I have so many books and links, my friend, that I am not posting most since they are on my laptop and I would have to upload >1 GB of books. But I hope that the following is more than enough.

If you want to know which ones I like, here is a link to it. I can post, if you want, other specific Russian books if I have them, like stories and such, at a later date.

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Hello c: I'm aspiring on learning Russian and I was wondering what you did to learn? There are so many resources out there that I'm not sure where to start. There's a site called "rt" and I hear it's pretty great, but what would you recommend on how to go about starting? Thank you!

Hi there! I learned Russian at my university where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Russian Language and Literature :) Although half my time was spent in labs since I also specialized in chemistry lol.  I’d be happy to try to help you out since I was new to learning languages and used tons of resources while learning the language. If you haven’t already checked, I have a whole post on Russian resources . I spent a lot of time on those posts.

So to start off, the book I recommend is The New Penguin Russian Course. Colloquial Russian is also pretty good. For intermediate grammar, I suggest A Comprehensive Russian Grammar or Schaum’s Outline of Russian Grammar.

For the alphabet, Memrise has a good Russian course for it and these cursive sheets will help you out. 

In addition to the books, my favorite sites for beginner grammar reference are:

Since those sites don’t provide you with adequate audio, I suggest using youtube channels or podcasts as well. They helped me out when I struggled with pronunciation and are fun to do in my free time. Once you start to get the hang of Russian, you can supplement the books with these apps or tools to maximize your learning. I think I’ll leave it at that for now. My main post tends to have all sorts of things for beginner-advanced Russian and I am always happy to try to help you out. I plan on making more printables and stuff as well.