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This is the final Part of my EXCLUSIVE 3-part Interview with Majesty, President of Lowlife Entertainment, with commentary from the CEO of Lowlife himself, Mr. Finesseem

Muse: Welcome, Brandon, Carmen. To the final part of this exclusive 3 part interview. I would like to start off by thanking you for your time Brandon, and thanking you, Carmen, for sitting for these interviews and being so open.
Majesty: Thank you.
FINESSEEM: thank you for having me
Muse: Brandon, as CEO of Lowlife Entertainment, I assume you were privy to the harassment of women in the industry before and after your company members were victims of it. What can you tell me about the history of this dynamic?
FINESSEEM: well there has unfortunately always been a track record of women being disrespected in this industry that has gone on for so long its kind of become a part of the industry sadly
FINESSEEM: When i first exprienced it, it was one of my own models who came to me about it
FINESSEEM: the more shocking part to me was it was kind of lke everyone was like…“its just the industry, relax man”
Muse: Why do you think that harassment and cyberbullying has been so easily overlooked under the guidance of the AEC. { For my readers, the AEC stands for Adult Entertainment Council, a board of CEOs meant to overlook the goings-on in imvu’s porn community. }
FINESSEEM: well its simple precedent …many of the leaders of the AEC feel the same way about the issue…and when you have that many people who feel that way its hard to change that mindset
Muse: Do you think the current AEC as it stands is a failure?
Muse: That question is for both of you ^
Majesty: I think that both Brandon and I are disappointed in the lack of unity that we’ve seen. The intentions behind the formation of the AEC, which existed before I joined the industry, started off good but unfortunately it takes more than good intentions to create positive change.
Muse: Were there ever rules that were set in the current AEC? Rules that were meant to be followed by each company in the industry?
FINESSEEM: not that i can remember …we were to meet once a month to discuss upcoming projects from all companies
FINESSEEM: but those meetings started becoming less frequent and when they did take place it was more of a high schol gossip type feel than a actual meeting
Muse: Can you tell me more about that? 
FINESSEEM: well it became more of a “they said this about me so lets all not work with them” kind of thing
Muse: For the sake of those reading this, please list the names of the companies involved in the AEC as it currently stands.
FINESSEEM: Lowlife Entertainment, Imperial Exxxtasy, Diamond Ent, MomoS3cretz Ent, Savage Hustlers Ent, Legendary Productions, Lyons Empire, House of Cards Ent, and McNasti productions
Muse: As someone who was introduced into the industry recently and was promoted fairly quickly, can you tell me what your first impressions of the AEC were, Carmen?

Majesty: Well, initially I was excited to join an industry that was so well established and when Brandon promoted me to company President, i was more than eager to learn more about the entire system of how the industry worked. My first impression of the AEC was that it was supposed to be there to sort of serve as a…guide I guess…to what would be and would not be acceptable in the industry. I also thought it would serve as a jury to determine who the "stars” were and how they would be rewarded.

Muse: Did you ever attend one of the monthly AEC meetings that Brandon referred to earlier?
Majesty: No. My absence in those meetings at first were due to a busy schedule in real life…but after hearing how the meetings were going…and the lack of organization and, quite frankly, the lack of maturity…I decided as President that if certain behaviors continued, Lowlife should rethink our membership in the organization.
Muse: Brandon, were you in agreement with your President on that?
FINESSEEM: Completely…I wanted Lowlife to join the AEC because as a young company I wanted to learn everything they had to offer me…slowly I realized though that wasn’t the case
Muse: You just said something that I was going to bring up later about being a young company who somehow made it into the AEC
Muse: That’s quite the accomplishment.
Muse: How did that come about? There are many young companies who are not in your list.
FINESSEEM: I think it was just me staying true to who I was…when i first started out I met some amazing people like Carmen here who showed me what it meant to be a leader
FINESSEEM: they all pushed and inspired me to do more..be better
FINESSEEM: so i always say I didn’t do anything..WE DID
Muse: When was the last time a member from Lowlife Entertainment made an appearance at an AEC meeting?
FINESSEEM: That would have to be the last meeting back in March I believe
Muse: Do you remember what was discussed?
FINESSEEM: well the biggest topic was what to do about Joseei and his continuous harrassment
Muse : That was a conversation that occurred even before the harassment of Lowlife’s President?
FINESSEEM: oh yes..he has a very long track record of that type of behavior
FINESSEEM: so bad it was actually agreed upon that all companies in the AEC would stop workng with him
FINESSEEM: but as you can see it didn’t happen
Muse: Ok so let’s slow down for a moment because I think my readers deserve to have this made clear…
Muse: A meeting happened in March, two months before Carmen’s harassment began, in which repercussions for Joseei’s actions were discussed.
Muse: Were representatives of Diamond Enterprise present during this conversation? If so, did they have anything to say about the actions of a member of their subsidiary company?
FINESSEEM: yes..one member of diamond was present. Jess the Chairwoman was present and she seemed rather quiet on the issue as I remember
Muse: But she did agree to the policy of blacklisting him?
FINESSEEM: no…you see it was a majority vote to blacklist Joseei..she was on the side who voted to not do it
Muse:  So in the AEC the voting system is a “majority rules” type of deal?
Muse: And just to be clear, did Ms. Jessica offer a reason behind her vote?
FINESSEEM: no…simply a no to blacklisting him
Muse: Hm…the only reason I can see why a CEO would vote no to the industry blacklisting one of their members for allegations of harrassment would be because there was a lack of evidence. So I do have to ask, was evidence presented at this meeting?
FINESSEEM: No evidence such as screenshots were produced but there were many stories from owners and CEO’s about their members being harassed
Muse: So, one last question about the meeting.
Muse : You mentioned he had already harassed multiple women at this time. 
Muse: Do you think Jessica, Chairwoman of Diamond Enterprise was wrong for voting no at the time, considering that, at the time, she was presented with hearsay?
FINESSEEM: I think she was wrong…I completely understand protecting your members ..I would do almost anything for mine..but u also have a responsibility to uphold respect between companies
FINESSEEM: and to risk that for one man is beyond me
Muse: So, bringing it back to current events. I think I can safely say that
proof of this guy’s actions has been well documented.
Muse:  Here is just one example from one of the women, this was originally made public by MzKoko, of New Era Entertainment:

Muse: And the tangible evidence of harassment has just mounted over time. But with all of that being said, I know you wanted to make an announcement publically regarding news from Lowlife Entertainment, but before you do that I have to address something as we get ready to close the interview. I want to make a correction from Part 2 of this interview where I’d asked you, Majesty, a question about how you felt about Jess from Diamond stepping down. It has come to my attention that she has not stepped down. She remains head of Diamond Enterprise. After seeing some of Diamond’s employees be promoted to positions such as CEO and head of adult entertainment, I was led to believe that the entire company had gone to new leadership, but no readers, Jess is still at place in Diamond.

Muse: With that being said, I do have to acknowledge Jess’s response to the first and/or second part of this interview and I’d like you to respond.

Majesty: Sure.

Muse: Jess posted this, which I have already corrected:

Muse: and Majesty, if I could, I’d like to get your response to the following excerpt: 

Majesty: Ok. So I have 2 points to make. #1 is that: 

 I don’t have an issue with Jess. But what I’m not going to do is be called a liar. Now I initially began to message her either on my old tumblr account or on imvu immediately after the harassment first started-

Muse: -When Joseei went off on you for not reblogging a picture-

Majesty: -Exactly. So that was the first time I let her know that one of her members was harassing me. After blocking Joseei, and being harassed by Nikki on his behalf, I sent Jess another message asking her to handle her people. She responded. It kept happening. I let Jess know that it was still going on and that if I received another message from the girl, Lowlife Ent would be parting ways with Diamond. That would be message #3. So I literally just listed 3 separate times I messaged her about it. But don’t take my word for it. Here are her responses:

Majesty: Now, as you can see, those are a lot of responses to just one message about harassment. She also says that she woke up to read more messages from me….which would be more than one message, correct?

Muse: Correct

Majesty: Thank you. So that’s all I’m saying. Now, to her credit, she responded as timely as she could to me and she was quite professional as your readers can see. I do however believe that she wasn’t as forceful as she could have been at the start of it all. When I tell my employees at Lowlife Entertainment to not do something, I don’t have to repeat it. I don’t have to remind them. A perfect example is when a certain person in this industry made a post that defended Joseei and almost every business in the industry commented on it. Except for Lowlife Entertainment’s members. 

Muse: I know exactly what you’re referring to, and you’re right, Lowlife Entertainment was not involved in that dialogue nor have I ever seen your company involved in a back n forth argument on a public forum. Just to be clear, I want to clarify the two points you just made: #1 you did in fact send Jess multiple messages about being harassed. and #2 You do not have an issue with her.

Majesty: Exactly. I haven’t said anything derogatory about her ever. I have simply told the truth. And one more thing about Jess: she says in her post apparently that she’s never “lost it” except with two people and that she, I guess, was “polite” when she told Joseei and Nikki to stop harassing me because quote “i try to be polite in all that do”….

 How nice.

… With all due respect to Jessica, I have to point out that while she was politely telling them to leave me alone, Nikki was filling up my inbox with insults almost as if what Jess had told her didn’t even matter. Being polite is nice and all. And nobody is saying that you have to be a bitch in order to be a boss. You don’t. But what I will say is that while she was busy being polite to Joseei and Nikki. I was busy dealing with the hurt, shock, and stress of being insulted, disrespected, and lied on the whole time. 

Muse: Later in Jess’s post she says that after the whole thing with Nikki harassing u, 10 days later, you sent her this: 

Majesty: Ok, so as you can see at the top of this screenshot, a message is cut off. I have that message. It was a message from her asking me if I still had the screenshots from Nikki harassing me. She reached out to me over a week after the fact. I had completely moved on by then and she messaged me out of the blue one day and asked me if I had still the screenshots. I did, but I was busy at the time and was too lazy to be messaging back and forth so I asked her to invite me to a pc which stands for private chat, alone, because I didn’t want to be showing these screenshots to just anybody. I was trying to be classy and not be showing everyone that her members had been harassing me. So she invited me and I showed her the screenshots, but before I get ahead of myself here are the messages from her, that she so kindly neglected to leave out:

Majesty: Now, remember, this according to Jessica, is 10 days later after Lowlife had already parted ways with Diamond and moved on. I was minding my own business when she asked me this out of the blue. I was wondering why, after a week or two of not having spoken to her or Joseei or anyone at Diamond, my name was still in their mouths. But anyway, I responded that I did in fact still have the screenshots. She then responded with this:

Majesty: Now, I hate using IMVU Next. So that’s why I asked her to invite me to a pc alone so I could just copy and paste the links to the screenshots she wanted to see. She invited me, I showed her those screenshots, I assured her that I was not mad at her at all and that I appreciated her professionalism. and I left the pc. So days passed…and, as I already showed in Part 2, Joseei had his friend send me messages about how he was gonna kill himself if I didn’t unblock him, so when I finally unblocked him and he apologized, he asked me to message Jess and let her know that we had made up. So I did. I messaged Jess, as u can see from her post and told her. That truce didn’t last long as you know if you’ve read Part 2 of this interview but yes. 

Muse: Do you think Jessica values your friendship?

Majesty: No comment.

Muse: Do you think Jessica maliciously left out information to mislead her group members?

Majesty: No comment.

Muse: Moving on from that, can you tell my readers the reason why you felt it was finally necessary to do this interview? I mean honestly Carmen, Lowlife Entertainment is never the type to speak publicly so for you to let me interview you is such a huge deal and I’m sure your fans and the fans of your company would like to know what made you want to come forward now?

Majesty: Well. Lowlife Entertainment has an announcement to make. And we’ve been thinking and talking about it as a company for a long time. While many other companies have been going at each other’s throats, Lowlife has been putting out consistent erotic art, sexy porn scenes, and growing our base beyond tumblr as well as just watching the industry. And we knew that once all of these women got the courage to come forward, it was time for us to do so as well. It’s time for us to make some changes. Some of them have already taken place.

Muse: Speaking of changes what is the most important change that you think would benefit the industry?

Majesty: The system of how this industry works needs to be innovated & completely reconstructed. Every industry needs an agreed upon set of expectations that its participants are required to meet. There currently is no such set of expectations. That probably explains why harassment has continued in this industry with little to no consequences. 

FINESSEEM: At this point in time we at Lowlife feel it is time to branch out and develop our own guidelines that we feel embody who we are.
FINESSEEM: In essence I am saying that Lowlife Entertainment will no longer be a part of the AEC 

(Adult Entertainment Council)

Majesty: We will also be collaborating only with companies who agree with us on a zero tolerance policy of harassment and whose members have not taken part in it. In order for people to understand why Lowlife Entertainment may or may not be as open to general collabs as once were, we had to open up about our own experiences with harassment as well as to use the opportunity to extend our friendship and support to companies who wants to get back to doing what I think we all started to do, to set out and make the sexiest erotic virtual content that we can, and to do it with style and seduction.

Muse: So as we close the interview, is there anything you would like to say to the core group of fans that you personally have, and that the company as a whole has?

FINESSEEM: We at Lowlife greatly appreciate your love and support..we ask you to keep watching as we continue to take this thing to another level.

Muse: Annnnnd that’s a wrap! Thank you both, and I wish you the best on all your future endeavors!

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