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Everything You Need To Know About MLA Format

General Format:

  • 8.5 x 11 inch paper
  • Double spaced
  • Times New Roman font
  • 12 pt font
  • Only one space after each period
  • 1 inch margins on all sides
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph by half an inch
  • Use a header that includes your last name and page number in the top right hand corner

The First Page:

  • In the upper left hand corner:
    • Your Name
    • Your Instructor’s Name
    • The Class Title
    • The Date (Day Month Year)
  • The title of your paper should be one double-space down and should not be bolded, italicized, or underlined
  • The beginning of your paper should start one double-space down from the title with the first line indented by half an inch

What to Italicize and Quote:

  • Book titles are italicized
  • Play titles are italicized
  • Poem titles have quotation marks
  • Article titles have quotation marks
  • Chapter titles have quotation marks

In-Text Citations:

  • When you know the author’s last name
    • (Last Name Page Number) or
    • (Last Name Paragraph or Line Number)
  • When you don’t know the author’s last name
    • (Book Title Page Number)
    • (Article Title Page Number)
    • Remember to italicize the book titles and put the article titles in quotation marks

Works Cited Page:

  • Begin your Works Cited page on a separate page at the end of your research paper. It should have the same one inch margins and header as the rest of your paper
  • Label the page “Works Cited” (do not italicize or put in quotations) on the top of the page and center it
  • Double space all citations but do not skip spaces between entries
  • Indent the second line of a citation by half an inch
  • List sources in alphabetical order
  • If the source has more than one author, the first given name appears in last name, first name format and the following authors appear in last name, first name format separated by commas. The last author’s name should be preceded by an “and”

Citing Print Sources:

Book or Poem:

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book or Poem. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Print.

Magazine or Newspaper Article:

Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Title of Periodical Day Month Year: pages. Print.

Journal Article:

Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal Volume.Issue (Year): pages. Print.

Citing Web Sources:

Whole Website:

Name of Site. Sponsor or Publisher, date of resource creation. Web. Date of access. 

Web Page or Web Article:

Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Name of Site. Sponsor of Publisher, date of resource creation. Web. Date of access.

Online Journal Article:

Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal Volume.Issue (Year): pages. Web. Date of access. 

Note: Don’t forget to indent the second line in the citation. I did not indent the examples because the indents on tumblr mobile and tumblr desktop differ starkly and I figured this was probably the less confusing way to write the information needed for a citation (trust me)

Unknown Information in Citations:

  • If the author is unknown, begin citation with the title
  • If the publisher is unknown, write “n.p.” in its place (no quotation marks)
  • If the publishing date is unknown, write “n.d.” in its place (no quotation marks)

I hope this guide is as useful for me as it it for you!

relistening to the HP audiobooks has raised another Burning Question:

SO the students write a lot of research papers, but iirc JKR never mentions citations. is there a standard wizarding citation style? do they use in-text, footnotes, or endnotes? I’d imagine in-text is most practical given you’re writing on a scroll, but endnotes could work too, I guess. 

(this is an important worldbuilding question that is, in my opinion, absolutely essential to developing any fantasy or scifi universe.)

Lately, I’ve been seeing something slightly bothersome around studyblr, and I just want to say something about it. Basically, there seems to be this attitude cropping up (or at least that I’ve seen/heard about more frequently these days) that your grades reflect your level of effort, or that by simply working hard and putting more effort in, your grades will automatically improve. I disagree.

Yes, there are certainly some cases where you’re already proficient in a class and if you just put in the extra time to study, you’d do better. But there are some classes where grades are not a measure of the level of effort you put in, and therein lies my biggest issue with the grading system and these types of studyblr posts in general. This was certainly the case with me in honors physics (so bear with me, because I have a very large point to make with the following anecdote).

Personally, I’ve always had “easy A” classes where I don’t have to work hard; my brain and academic strengths simply favor me in that particular subject, so with minimal effort I can still be top in the class. And then I see peers who go in for tutoring every day, who spend hours studying and meeting with teachers, who basically invest 100 times the effort I do… and still can’t get above a B or C.

This is not to mention people who take classes that are “reaches” and, accordingly, don’t do so well – even though they work hard – because it’s a challenge. Then there are those who take lower level classes but have capabilities beyond that – and don’t need to put effort in – thus giving them an unfairly easy A. Does their A mean that they work harder? That they’re a better student, studier, scholar, intellectual? Hell to the no.

English is one of those “easy A” classes for me. I’m just innately strong in verbal-linguistic intelligence (going off of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences), so I’ve literally never had to study for English tests or reading comp/writing. But put me in other classes, particularly science classes? Well, that’s something else entirely.

Which brings me to junior year honors physics. 

Guys, I studied my ASS off, for hours at a time. I desperately Skyped people in my class nearly every night to try to understand the homework and spent every lunch block trying to master the material. I met with my physics teacher and tutor all the time and had a dozen anxiety attacks (and I mean actual, diagnosed anxiety attacks) over that one class because I tried harder than I’ve ever tried… and I got a B for the whole year. I was the one who dreaded seeing that red number scrawled on my test, who shoved it into my backpack before others could see and blinked back tears, thinking, But I studied so hard!

Physics was a nightmare I was desperate to forget by the end of junior year. But then a couple things happened that shocked me, and I instantly thought of them when I read some of these posts about good effort = good grades.

Now, my physics teacher, who has a reputation for being on the strict side and being a tough grader, has had four teaching assistants (TAs) in five years of teaching. Most science teachers at my school have as many as five a year. At the end of 11th grade, after I’d scraped by with a B in his class, he asked me if I wanted to be a TA. Out of the entire grade – out of the multitude of students I’d watched parade past with straight A’s and “that test was so easy” and “I barely studied” and “sorry Edye I don’t know how else to explain it to you” – he chose me.

I think I (very graciously) blurted out, “What? Why?” because I was so taken aback. He said that I was hardworking and dedicated – that I’d always gone above and beyond in my studying and meeting with him – and he wanted someone like me to be a TA. I was flattered, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a TA during senior year. (Also, anyone who doesn’t think he’s super nice is incredibly wrong. He’s awesome.)

Two years later, I got to read his college recommendation for me. Bear in mind that I was not, based on my grades, a top student in his class. And this is what he wrote for his opening line:

Honors Physics is a rigorous course that draws from the strongest students in the junior class and Edye proved to be one of those students.

What? He had seen my report card, right? I got worse grades than all of my friends. I got a goddamn 66 on a test in that class, my all time low. He continued:

One of the many examples of Edye’s commitment [is when she] had been ill and missed quite a bit of school and consequently had a lot of school work to make up in all of her classes.  Many students in this situation would take one or more classes pass / fail for the quarter; Edye would not take the pass/fail option and insisted she complete all the work and complete it with the grade she would earn.  She did in fact complete all of the work and with a B-.  A remarkable accomplishment considering she kept current with her studies while making up all of the missed work.

He called a B-minus “a remarkable accomplishment.” Did he say “too bad she didn’t put enough effort in, which was reflected in a B-minus” or “she only got a B-minus, so I guess she didn’t try hard enough”? No, he praised the amount of effort I put in, even though I didn’t even get a “good” grade.

I’m hardly one to knock putting in effort, but what bothers me is that this attitude, that effort = good grades, has the potential to make people feel bad. To feel like if they aren’t acing a class even though they’re studying harder than anybody else, well, they just aren’t trying hard enough. Yes, grades are important. So is effort. But they are not always directly correlated. As is evidenced by my story, sometimes people who get lower grades have worked even harder then those who got high grades. And, if they’re lucky, this will be acknowledged. (I can certainly attest that while I’ve been praised by English teachers for my writing skills and intellect, they’ve never singled me out for putting in an exceptional amount of effort. They know that while I’m proactive and responsible, I don’t try super hard because, well, I don’t really need to in order to get a good grade.)

Encourage other students to put in a reasonable amount of effort; recommend different study methods. But don’t tell them that good effort = good grades. Teach them to measure their success by looking at how productive they’re being, how proactive they are in reaching out for help, how dedicated they are to their education, how resilient they are in the face of obstacles, how committed they are to school. Admire those who refuse to take the easy way out, even if they only get a C. These qualities, which are far more important than a 4.0, just don’t always translate directly into good grades.

I dislike seeing this message all over Tumblr, that to get better grades you just have to try harder – which carries with it the implication that if you don’t get good grades, it’s because you aren’t putting enough effort in – when I know from firsthand experience that this is not always true. I strongly believe in trying to be the best student you can be, rather than trying to be in the top 5%. But in the end, do what works for you. Just take it with a grain of salt.

And to my followers, and anyone reading this… please know that, if you work hard regardless of your grades, you are already a model student, and you are absolutely someone I look up to.

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brutally honest ships: Rebelcaptain (i know what your gonna say but imma ask anyway)

AHAHAHAH. Bless you, anon. Bless you.

Well, to start, I did write this treatise on WHY I SHIP REBELCAPTAIN, but that’s more a technical breakdown than it is brutal honesty.

The brutal honest answer? I haven’t loved a ship like this one in a very long time. I almost never ship characters from a stand alone movie because the tension begins and ends within the span of those two hours. But Jyn and Cassian? They’re a different animal. I went in jokingly wanting to ship them based on the first trailer and general Diego Luna lusting, but on the first viewing, I was like oh ok, I guess I am probably not gonna end up shipping them, and that’s fine, that’s cool, that’s … what the hell is going on in that elevator scene. OH MY GOD BITCH DON’T YOU DARE OH GOD.

But here are some new hot takes I don’t think I’ve put down into words before:

My brain can’t comprehend that there’s another person in the universe that would make sense for the other. Other OTPs, other characters, I could be game with the “they could love someone else–maybe it would be the great love, but it could be love.” With Jyn and Cassian, I feel like they just wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. I think they both would rather be alone than be with someone else just to be with someone else. Cassian’s married to the cause when we met him. Jyn’s just trying to survive. Romance and love aren’t on the agenda. That is, until they meet each other, and like, something snaps into place.

I also believe that if they had survived, they’d be relatively okay mentally and emotionally, relatively speaking. Relatively, because these two have already been massively traumatized by their lives when they meet, and they’re still functioning. I think they are natural survivors and survivors who have learned how to cope. They’ve both learned to compartmentalize  Maybe they have nightmares, they probably have additional layers of PTSD and survivor’s guilt, but I don’t see them in my mind as withdrawing from each other, either? But then I’ve read fics where they’ve done just that, and I love those?

But one thing I do love about this ship is that I find that their dynamic is quite … healing for the other. It’s a pairing of equals, and though on the surface they are somewhat opposites (he’s careful and cool; she’s reckless and hotheaded), they’re also very similar in other ways, which is why I think they get one another, and why I think they work so well. In a span of a week they can communicate almost wordlessly. They trust one another. It’s beautiful and tragic.

Speaking of which. One upside to them being dead is that they can’t be ruined or torn apart. They exist forever in this perfect little bubble of what if and if only. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it (and I don’t want to).

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I just finished writing all your fics and I'm amazed! You're so good!!!! I love the way you write so much!! Do you have any idea when the Vigilante AU will first be posted? I'm sooo hyped about it :))) ily

ALL OF THEM?? Thank you so much!! ^.^ I’m so glad you like my writing!

The Vigilante AU might be a little while, I’m afraid – I’ve got a super busy weekend ahead of me and I need to rewrite most of the first chap D: D: Possibly Tuesday?? Sorry for the delay and I hope you like it!! <3 <3

caught out - miniminter smut

Originally posted by ultsdmn

the winner of the monthly top fan writing comp thing is ;  @lovvelyxdreamer !! congrats x bel

prompt; in which you are friends with JJ and youre from the US. however you and simon are FWB. you stay home on a night out with simon, and things happen. ;)

requested; technically

warnings; smut

pairing; simon x bri

word count; 995 words

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5000 Word Phanfiction Writing Competition

It was a ridiculously close call (there was only a difference of 6 points between the first and third fic) but the results for the 5000 Word Phanfiction Writing Competition are in!

1st… Place The Blame On Fayecastle - greyscalepml

2nd… The Missing Shade of Blue - amusicalgryffinclaw

3rd… Winter Memories- fancy-phan

(Fics will be linked once they are posted)

Thank you so much to all the writers who put in so much hard work to make such brilliant stories and thank you to the all judges for taking the time to read each and every fic. None of this could have been done without all of you.

Hoseok Rapping Compilation [1/2]
Hoseok Rapping Compilation [1/2]

Woah, it’s almost been a year since I made my Hoseok Rapping Appreciation post!!! Also, thank you for following me up until now. My editing has definitely improved since then and Bangtan have released so many more songs this year, I thought I’d make an updated one including his lines from 2 Cool 4 Skool up to WINGS, excluding solos and Japanese songs. Unfortunately, the full file exceeds the upload limit so I had to split it into two parts and upload them separately. Either way, you got 17.5 minutes of Hoseok rapping!!! ♡  Part 2


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   Storms were a frightening affair, especially when one was trapped in the middle of them. While she could only imagine what rain and wind and cold could feel like, but the thought of a computer frying because of the electrical surges had been a terrifying thought to her, more than once.

   Even so, she certainly wasn’t going to let Jyushimatsu weather this storm, alone. Hopefully he’d be able to hear her voice from the phone in his hoodie pocket, so small against the threatening hiss of the downpour.

It’s okay!
It’s okay.
The thunder and lightning can’t harm you.
And the same storms that scare you
replenish the earth, and make things grow big and beautiful and clean!

It’s alright to be afraid,
but I will stay with you until it passes, okay?

of the smiles we left behind

summary: some things change and some things don’t. they go to phil’s school reunion and the ways in which things have remained the same start chiming louder and louder. 

notes: anonymous said: i feel like the highschool reunion + existential crisis the day before might make a good fic. for context, the 29th of august timeline: this tweet, a pic i can’t seem to retrieve of a fan and their mom who met dan and phil at a restaurant where they were with phil’s school friends, this tweet, this one, and these two tweets. 

a semi-fic about how change is as terrifying as the lack of, and about how just because you don’t want to define something within structured lines doesn’t mean it won’t be defined for you. also read on ao3

there is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. (nelson mandela)





The invitation sits in his inbox for three days, four, seventeen. It’s untouched but he marks it with a star so he won’t lose it, even though he tells Dan he doesn’t want to go when Dan asks.

Eighteen, nineteen, thirty-three. On Wednesday he opens the reply and doesn’t thumb through his yearbook to search for the face of the name that signed the email. He types, I’ll be there, doesn’t add a smiley. Dan eats lunch on the sofa and says nothing.

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can we talk about how amazing the detail that matt is bad at writing/spelling/grammar is? blind individuals have much higher rates of illiteracy and stunted reading comp/writing skills, because they spend less time experiencing complete letter by letter text. alternates to full text are Grade 2 (ie contracted) Braille or screen readers or audiobooks, but none of these would frequently expose matt to consistent spelling/grammar. so he struggles and despite his superpowers he is undeniably DISABLED. even hot shot lawyer/vigilante matt murdock experiences an alternate reality due to his visual impairment. ☺️☺️☺️

one thing i like abt emma and i.kki analyzer is the way they have their muses interact like? wow i would probably would not ship ik.kent as much as I do right now if it weren’t for them? theyre such good writers and i love their portrayals but then i see the ken and i.kki threads i s c r eam


Dead giveaways: 

  • Writing that kissing women is “All soft lines and lips” and kissing men “Hard and rough” when in reality nah. Lips are lips. 
  • “Victor-sexual” 
  • When they try to write about gay culture and it’s just…just so cringy. 
  • Really, can straight girls please stop writing about gay bars. 
  • Victor and Yuuri having dated only women ever
  • When they write comp het and it’s…nope 
  • Honestly whenever they write about gay experiences ever. 

Oh and the unnecessary shit like “Victor didn’t do the dishes xD they fight about it and have makeup smex :3c” 

and they never write about making out?? LIke, y’all, couples makeout a lot. It’s fun. Let us gays makeout. 

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Oh my god, idk if it qualifies as spam, I'm sorry I need to say things lmao. Alright, so if you ever really want to write a computer science/programming fic, the friend from the dab incident? Yeah, she's hella good at that - if you're into that stuff, I commend you, me and programming is like CF!Victor and Physics without Yuuri... also, fics for other sciences (cough, cough chem), would be wonderful I love the puns and the metas so much? And can someone appreciate Yuuri's curves? - Dab Anon (DA)

AYYY me and your friend can co-write a comp sci au lmao. LOLOLOLOL for me history is like CF!Victor with physics I literally cannot handle history, unless it’s certain topics. And economics ugh.

A chemistry AU would be incredible!!!! And a geometry AU lololol “Yuuri listen I’m going to need to find the function of your curves real fast come closer”


I am finally returning from the abyss of un-creativity. My comp class is writing papers on fear so I’ve been shooting myself over it for about a month now and I’m finally free. But it got me thinking, what are people really afraid of?

  • Tuskishima- Aquaphobia- the fear of drowning- this boy can’t sinks like a rock and he refuses to get in the water ever
  • Kageyama-  Atelophobia- the fear of not being good enough- he’s always been one of the best, and now that he has people that depend on him, he never wants to let them down.
  • Suga- Athazagoraphobia- the fear of being forgotten or ignored- think about it, he’ll do anything to get on the court even for one second, he doesn’t want to just dissapear into the background
  • Hinata- Arachnaephobia- the fear of spiders- his sister likes to put plastic spiders in his room and he cries everytime
  • Daichi- acraphobia- the fear of heights- cries like a baby on rollercoasters and Suga laughs at him
  • Yamaguchi- Katagelophobia- Fear of ridicule- being bullied was the worst for him, he never wants to experience it again
  • Yachi- Traumataphobia- the fear of injury- not neccisarily her being injured but the people she cares about
  • Tanaka- Monophobia- Fear of solitude or being alone- he needs people around him, he needs to surround himself with life and laughter because when he’s alone he’s suffocating
  • Nishinoya- Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns- screams and runs as far and as fast as possible like a smart person (seriously tho the murder clowns are steadily moving towards my campus and i’m about to buy a thing of mace)
  • Kinoshita-  Ailurophobia- the fear of cats- no they are not cute and cuddly they’re tiny harbringers of death
  • Narita- Pediophobia- Fear of dolls- his grandma collects those creepy glass ones that look like they’re watching you and they’ve started showing up in his dreams
  • Shimizu-  Scotophobia- Fear of darkness- when she was little she got locked in a closet for a while and it was dark and now that’s all she thinks about. (this is what my paper was about)
  • Ennoshita-  Gerascophobia- Fear of growing old- he gets depressing every now and then and thinks about everyone growing up and growing apart and his life just sprialling into nothingness and yeah he’s a hoot at parties
  • Asahi- Philophobia- the fear of falling in love- he has a glass heart, he’s not sure if he can trust someone to take care of it. (Give it to Noya baby)
  • Ukai-  Phasmophobia- Fear of ghosts- watches a shitton of ghost hunting shows and it scares the shit out of him he’s such a baby
  • Takeda- thanatophobia- the fear of death- but for him especially it’s a fear of dying before he’s had a chance to really live

ok so this started out super happy and cute and then it digressed into….. pain and sadness. Sorry. probably not the best intro to my creative posts. Let me know if I should do the other teams.