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Years 1920-30; my favorite ever, for all the excellences of style and design. The fabulous cars, the home furnishings an ample variety of men accessories and of course unforgettable clothes and shoes. Everything was created to be beautiful, practical and everlasting.
I dedicate this Patina to the true values, to all the excellences created by true craftsmen for true gentlemen.
This pair of Butterfly Loafers is completely hand painted by Alexander Nurulaeff. A pair of shoes that tells you the long and interesting story of the many travels and adventures of their owner.

anonymous asked:

Random(?) but I tend to think of Googs as an introvert, Bim as an extrovert, and Dark and Wilford as ambiverts (balanced intro/extroversion). Google seems quiet, solitary, sociable when necessary but preferring his own company. Bim has such boundless energy around people, but even extroverts need some time alone. And then it's easy for me to see Dark and Wilf somewhere in the middle of the extremes. Thoughts? Any ideas where other Egos might fall on the spectrum?

definitely! that’s why google upgraded to have four of himself, because technically he’s still only talking to himself. but i can see bim as being extroverted, wilford definitely can be too. dark can be sociable, but he’s very calm and collected to keep his gentleman facade in place.

host i see as being introverted and prefers just narrating about what’s going on and not talking with anyone else. dr iplier is in the middle like he can be very sociable but at the same time enjoys alone time. ed is pretty extroverted and loud, like bim. silver shepherd is a bit of both. and king of the squirrels is introverted but is extroverted when he’s by himself or with his squirrels. king prefers the company of animals over the company of people.