a coffee truck

why does everyone say ‘I want to drink coffee somewhere in a French cafe outside Paris,’ like, I want to drink coffee inside a Nevada truck stop wondering why the guy in the bathroom over is yelling out some ‘Tucker’s’ name like his life depends on it

I want to drink coffee at a Japanese Denny’s at 4 in the morning while I watch a woman leave her husband

I want to drink coffee naked inside a deserted Turkish bath house while I try to figure out how I got there in the first place

I want that

Can I eat you out...Take you out! (Jason Todd x Reader) Part I

Fluff Jason with some flirty jokes.

This part 1 of 2. This turned out longer than I expected so I had to spilt it up.

Consider this a introduction-The best stuff will be in part 2!

She pronouns used.

-“Anything looking good on the menu?” The waitress asked clicking her pen while pulling out a notepad.

-“I don’t see your name on the menu, but I think that’s what I want.” Roy replied with a smug grin.

The waitress merely cocked an eyebrow and gave a surprised smile.

-“We don’t serve human, but I think our hamburger can fill your particular… cravings.”


He met many women who were different, but you truly were different. Odd might even be a better word. It all started when he and Roy decided to stop by this diner. Upon entering it seemed like two separate diners. One side was fully compromised of only middle aged men who dressed like they were going to star in the next James Bond movie. They all had fresh haircuts and a pocket mirror in their jacket. Looks were obviously the main goal on the right side.

However, on the left was filled with the exact opposite. Ancient men were huddled around the back tables laughing to stories with a cup of steaming coffee. Tired truck drivers with unshaved faces resided to the tables near the door eating a large amount of food before their next trip. And surprisingly young students with thick textbooks stuffed with lined papers sat on the stools nearest to waitress.

The waitress wasn’t much to look at compared to the other dazzling blonde on the right. But Roy was fed up with dazzling blonds due to his most recent one night stand. He slumped to a booth on the left side and opened the menu.

-“Anything look good on the menu?” The waitress asked clicking her pen while pulling out a notepad.

-“I don’t see your name on the menu, but I think that’s what I want.” Roy replied with a smug grin.

Jason gave a slight huff. I guess Roy was willing to flirt with anyone right now.

But the waitress merely cocked an eyebrow and gave a surprised smile.

-“We don’t serve human, but I think our hamburger can fill your particular… cravings.”

This comment made Jason laugh and Roy looked at you with his mouth agape. He never got that reply before… there wasn’t even a tint of blush on your cheeks. You were unaffected.

This got Jason curious. He watched the waitress walk to the kitchen with their order in her hand. She talked to the dazzling blonde who was constantly giving glances to them.

20 minutes later the waitress slid their order onto the table.

-“Hamburger for the human lover and pancakes for the ‘cute’ one.”

-“He gets a compliment, but not me?”

-“I’m just repeating what my co worker thinks of him. You’re the sexy one.”

Roy swerved his head to the dazzling blonde who gave him a flirty wink.

-“Oh my, Well enjoy gentlemen. If you need anything else I’m sure she will be very happy to help you.”

The waitress began to turn around but Jason blurted out.

-“Your name?”

She turned around with a tilt of the head.

-“Y/N. May I ask yours?”

-“Jason.. uhm. Jason Todd.”

-“Jason uhm Todd, enjoy your meal… you too human lover.” Y/N gave them an amused grin and walked over to chat with the ancient men in the corner.

You were a mystery. A big one. You even deflected Roy’s famous attempts of bad pick up lines to get a hook up. Heck, you didn’t even pause as you gave him that witty reply.

He had to know more.

The next morning he arrived to the diner and sat on the left side of the diner.

-“Boy you’re on the wrong side of the diner if you’re trying to get blondie over there.” A old man called out to Jason.

-“Maybe he’s trying to get me.” Y/N called out sarcastically with that same amused smile.

-“Jason uhm Todd. Nice to see you again.”

-“Never going to let that go huh?”

-“Nope. Human lover is not with you today?”

-“He’s kind of sore from…” Jason began.

-“My co worker, I know. Boy was she stoked when he gave her his number yesterday.”

Jason shifted in his seat to get a better look of you. In the moment you seemed way more attractive than the dazzling blonde across the diner. You were calm, but a thousand things were probably going through your head.

-“Jason uhm Todd you there?” You slightly poked him with your pen.

He seemed to be in a daze.

-“You broke him Y/N, he’s has something for you!” A truck driver yelled from the left with a booming laugh.

Jason suddenly snapped back to reality and whipped his head to the man. For once he was embarrassed and these old men and truck drivers weren’t making things better. He was making a fool of himself.

-“Don’t tease him, for once I get a attractive guy on my side of the diner and you’re all ruining my chances of a date?”

-“A date?” Jason piped in, obviously interesting into where this conversation might be going to.

-“They constantly tell me I need to get a date.” You sighed gesturing to the back of the diner.

-“But you’re way out of my league Jason uhm Todd. Way too attractive, I bet you have a girl at home?”

-“No! I-I’m not with anyone right now.”

Jason swears he saw you pause as you jotted down his order.

 Were you interested in him? He was getting mixed signals and it was killing him.

-“Don’t tell my co workers that. They think that’s the only reason why you’re sitting on my side of the diner.”

Tearing the paper out of the note pad you gave Jason a hurried smile and walked to the kitchen.

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Personal Assistant Part6


Gifs Included

Previously: Part5

“I love you Y/N and I want you to be my girlfriend” He asked nuzzling his head into your neck.

“I love you too, and of course I’ll be your girlfriend” You giggled

“Best sex ever!” He shouted. You slapped him playfully and told him to quieten down.

Dusk had begun and the tiredness from your bed activities had worn you out, both you and Chris fell asleep till morning

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Personal Assistant Part4

Previously: Part3

Seb slammed the door shut and screamed in anger, he punched the wall, making a hole and dropped to the floor sobbing an angry mess. He was angry with himself for not telling you any sooner and he was angry at Chris for liking you and angry at the woman he fucked.

“I gotta fix this”

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