a coffee for getting over winter

Sometimes you’re 23 and standing in the kitchen of your house making breakfast and brewing coffee and listening to music that for some reason is really getting to your heart. You’re just standing there thinking about going to work and picking up your dry cleaning. And also more exciting things like books you’re reading and trips you plan on taking and relationships that are springing into existence. Or fading from your memory, which is far less exciting. And suddenly you just don’t feel at home in your skin or in your house and you just want home but “Mom’s” probably wouldn’t feel like home anymore either. There used to be the comfort of a number in your phone and ears that listened everyday and arms that were never for anyone else. But just to calm you down when you started feeling trapped in a five-minute period where nostalgia is too much and thoughts of this person you are feel foreign. When you realize that you’ll never be this young again but this is the first time you’ve ever been this old. When you can’t remember how you got from sixteen to here and all the same feel like sixteen is just as much of a stranger to you now. The song is over. The coffee’s done. You’re going to breathe in and out. You’re going to be fine in about five minutes.
—  Kalyn Roseanne Livernois
  • natgeo Video by @Filipe_DeAndrade @brianmoghari and @mckenziebarney | While they’re excellent natural pollinators and extremely beneficial to their environment, the ruby-throated hummingbird makes it quite a challenge to get a great shot. But it’s a fun challenge. For this adventure we wanted to film them on their migratory path back to Central America for the winter. We knew that at that point on their migration they would be extra aggressive and territorial over food sources since they have to travel over 500 miles without stopping. There was a lot of coffee and a lot of nectar drank on this shoot. Check out the entire sequence in my series #WildUntamed on natgeowild.com/untamed or click the link in my personal bio.
Not a Damsel in Distress (Bucky x Reader)

Okay guys, this is the fic I am going to start trying to rebuild my blog with. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve written so far, and there was an anon on @bovaria s blog who wanted this fic. So here it is. There are two parts, and I backed both up to my Google Docs account, which is how I still have them.

Regardless, I hope you like it. 

Without further ado, Happy Reading!

Words: 3320 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: None

Excerpt:  You understood: she broke him.  But you now saw it as your personal mission to put him back together.  To make Bucky Barnes whole again.  He brought you lunch; that was more than any of your exes had done for you this early in the relationship.  Or ever.  

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Bucky knew that few things in life were truly dependable.  It took him a long time to find people he was comfortable enough around to be himself, but he wouldn’t call what they had “trust”.  No, he’d call it companionship.  People deciding to hang out together so they wouldn’t have to be alone.  

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Spilling Coffee

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You are getting coffee before a long day of work and you spill your hot caffeine all over a handsome stranger!

Warnings: None!

A/N: I’m back in that fic game, y’all! I’m taking requests and feeling specifically into Marvel lately (especiallly Bucky <33333) Gif not mine

The day never truly felt like it had started until you got your first hot coffee. You were usually almost always too busy to brew a cup at home in the morning but fortunately there was a coffee shop just on your way to work that you stopped in every day. By now, the baristas knew your name and order by heart.

“The usual, Y/N?” The cashier greeted you with a smile. 

“You know it,” you reply handing the cashier a five dollar bill that you always tipped whatever was left over. You stepped away from the register and then waited for your coffee at the opposite end of the counter. When you got it, you mixed in your sugar and just as you were putting the lid back on you turned around only to collide into some poor stranger’s left arm and effectively spilling your coffee all over them.

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Over and Over Again

Anonymous Requested: We broke up but no one makes coffee the way you do and I really need a cup so can I come over? 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff 
Word Count: 3,520


It starts with one hazy winter morning and a single phone call.

You’ve always been a relatively light sleeper, a trait of your life you’ve always secretly hated because it’s always stopped you from getting through the night peacefully, but this time it’s a part of yourself you just want to fling off a cliff and curse to the heavens and back. Who on earth would even bother trying to call you at a time like—!

“What the fuck?” You let out in a groan, voice husky from sleep as your hand blindly reaches across to the nightstand, fingers dragging along the surface to try and feel for your phone. Your head is swimming with the abruptness of early morning, the neurons in your brain going at a rapid pace in hasty attempts to right yourself up for the new day. “What time is it…?”

Somehow, your fingers manage to clasp around the rectangular object that is your phone, and you peel an eye open long enough to catch the bright green numbers on your digital clock. The fact that the sun hasn’t even risen over the horizon should be warning bell number 1 that whoever is calling you definitely doesn’t deserve a reply if they’re going to interrupt what little sleep you already get, but you think you would much rather give this person a piece of your mind as—!

You don’t even bother trying to read the fine print of the caller ID before you tug the phone from the charging unit, rolling onto your stomach and—“What?”

“Oh, sorry, is this a bad time?”

The arm that isn’t propped up to keep the phone to your ear straightens like a board, driving you off the bed, the warmth of the covers long forgotten as your heart immediately sets on going into overdrive as it courses through your body. The feelings are almost vague, foreign, nearly forgotten, yet something so nostalgic that your heart already knows the answer before your mind could conjure up a question.


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Daveed Diggs X Reader: Romeo

Word count: 986

Request: @hardrock-lafayette Maybe a Daveed x Reader with she/her pronouns and they’re at Lin’s party to celebrate his success with Moana and Daveed’s never seen her in a dress before, and when he sees her, his eyes go wide and he decides to ask her to dance and it ends with kissing and fluff! Thank you and the imagine you guys wrote that was a Lin imagine was amazing!

Pronouns Used: She/Her

Writer’s Note: I like using cute affectionate words and phrases. I chose to call Daveed “Romeo” because I thought it was cute. If you don’t like this, please tell me and I’ll stop. 

Daveed knocks on your door, checking the time on his phone. 5:16. You scramble to open the door for Daveed, not realizing the time.

“Hey! I’m so sorry, I completely lost track of time and I’m really not ready!” You begin to ramble. “Do you mind waiting a few more minutes so I can get into my dress?”

“Of course! You don’t need to apologize, we’re still quite a bit early!” He responds to you, a smile on his face.

“Well, you can come in. I’ll only be a few minutes,” you explain to him.

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  • *Qrow and winter are at a meeting, sitting at a table.*
  • Qrow: *Kicks Winter's leg*
  • Winter: *Silent anger*
  • Qrow: *Kicks some more*
  • Winter: *Looks to see if anyone noticed. No one did. She is alone in this hell*
  • Qrow: *Kicks more*
  • Winter: *Under her breath* Stop that.
  • Ironwood: Did you say something, Winter?
  • Winter: No sir. Please continue.
  • Qrow: *Kicks her a bit more*
  • Winter: *Violently turns towards him and gives him a death glare*
  • Ironwood: ...Is something the matter?
  • Qrow: Yeah you seem a bit agitated. You forget to drink your coffee this morning?
  • Winter: ...nothing is the matter. Please ignore my past transgressions.
  • Ironwood: Very well... *continues on about battleships and what not*
  • Qrow: *Waits a bit before kicking her again*
  • Winter: ............*kicks him back*
  • Qrow: *Kicks her back*
  • *This continues for a while*
  • Winter: *Gets pissed and kicks him so hard the table shakes*
  • Qrow: *Standing up* OW!
  • Ironwood: What is going on over there?!
  • Qrow: Winter kicked me!
  • Ironwood: Winter! Why did you do that?
  • Winter: *Standing up* But sir! He kicked me first!
  • Ironwood: .......
  • Ozpin: ..........
  • GLynda: .........
  • Winter: *realizing she sounds like a 12 year old, she sits back down in silence*
  • Qrow: *Puts his hand on her shoulder* Don't worry, Winter. I forgive you. Growing up's a hard time for every one. Hey, why don't we play together during recess? ;P
  • Winter: *Internal screaming*

Imagine waking up with your husband, Sebastian, before he goes to work. It’s his first day at his new job, and you can tell he’s nervous. You go to the kitchen to make him a cup of coffee and a bagel for breakfast. When you get back upstairs, he’s pulling his favorite tee shirt over his head. When he sees you’ve made him breakfast he stops to smile, and tells you how lucky he is to have a wife like you.

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Suspect: Part 9

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.9K
Warnings: Angst (bc it’s me), a lil’ fluff (shrouded in angst)


Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

The sun was fading fast, and you and Bucky had almost finished looking at all the files Riley had managed to get. Silence had hung over the two of you all day, as Bucky intently stared at the screen, taking in all the information in the files and reports. Every so often he had to take a break, slowly standing and pacing around your apartment for a few minutes. There were empty junk food packets and beer bottles smothering your coffee table, and you were glancing back and forth between Bucky’s reactions and the files.

Early on, he’d had trouble using your computer, so you were helping him scroll through the reports and opening new files. You close a file about The Winter Soldier killing Anthony Stark and his wife, to obtain the super soldier serum, and making it look like an accident. The next one you open is filled with medical mumbo jumbo, and you notice a mention of the drugs that Hydra gave Bucky any time he came out of cryo, was wiped, or after missions.

“So that’s it,” you whisper to yourself, breaking the silence. Bucky looks at you questioning, “The ah… The drugs they gave you, it explains why you were vomiting this morning. You’re having withdrawal from them,” you notice that Bucky is burning up again from the close proximity, “You’ve got a fever again. Are you feeling okay?”

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This one’s for @satsuci​ who’s been under a lot of stress lately! Hope you get better hun. We really care about you!

Anyway! Here we are with our dear ladies, having a walk during lovely, snowy, wintery evening, sipping on coffee/hot chocolate. As you can see I experimented with my style again, but just LOOK AT THIS UNDYNE.

Anyway! Hope you’re pleased with the result! If you want, please check it out on my twitter, which is over here! Thank you all and take care Mado! ^^ Have a wonderful and peaceful holiday everyone!

Stopping Time

A/N: Exc i te dh u mm i ng. Basically, they’re ridiculously close friends and Astrid’s been stressin’ but it’s okay because there’s cute conversations and jokes. I love ‘em to pieces. Modern AU. :) 

Hiccup loved Friday nights, because Friday nights were his Astrid Nights. Basically, after winter break drew to a close, they quickly became the only time of the week where Hiccup could actually spend time with his (human) best friend.

But hey, he was willing to take what he could get.

They alternated both their location and their activities weekly–some evenings were movie marathons in his living room, and others were game night at her house, but they’ve recently consisted of Astrid being too exhausted to do anything other than curl up on his bed and half-consciously mumble everything else it was that she had to do during the weekend, all with Toothless curled up at her feet as he kneaded at her legs.

And, really–with three AP classes on her plate, alongside various other extra curricular activities weighing her down, Hiccup couldn’t blame her for needing the occasional night dedicated solely to catching up on sleep that he knows she skips out on from time to time. Plus, what kind of person wasn’t there for their best friend when said friend was prone to suffering from sleep deprivation-induced hysteria? He was certainly no superhero, but that was a task even he could accomplish.

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Crawl and beg

Helloooo people! This was not proof read but I do hope you like it. Feel free to drop me an ask if you do. Thank you for reading! xx


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This is about promises and interruptions.


It was just like any other morning. Warm covers tangled between them, the room light with the new day, the cold winter air surrounding them and encouraging both to just burrow further into the covers and get closer to each other. 

She could feel Harry’s warmth seeping from him and into her, his chest pressed tightly against her back, one of his legs between hers and his arms wrapped around her, pulling her in like he wanted them to melt into each other. The thought of having to get up and go on with their day was weighing at her, causing a whine to emerge from her throat as she scooted backwards, pressing herself even tighter against him.

“Wha’ is it, love?” Harry asked, his voice more like a gravel, heavy with sleep. Her tummy stirred with want and the butterflies inside her made a party, her heartbeat quickening in her chest. Even in her state of slumber, the tiredness of the a thousand hours of studying weighing heavily upon her body, Harry managed to stir something inside her that made her whole body tingle with excitement. There was nothing she loved more than to hear Harry’s sleep filled voice, drawling pet names and sweet words in the morning.

“I don’t want to get up.” She mumbled after a few minutes of silence, turning around and disturbing the peaceful slumber Harry had managed to get himself back into. She pushed herself against him, wrapping a leg around his hips and her arms against his neck, face buried deep into the crook of his neck as she smelled the bath he had before getting into bed the night before.

“Don’t have to.” He mumbled back, still not opening his eyes but wrapping his arms back around her. “We’re on break, remember?” His words felt like a glass of cold water on a hot summer day, relief washing all over her body as she pressed a quick kiss to his neck and tangled her hands in the long curls, the smell of apples swarming her senses and making her relax into him.

Sleep pulled them under for hours after that, not even the weight of half her body on top of him managed to wake him up. It was almost 11 am when she opened her eyes again and found nothing but empty sheets on their bed, Harry’s warmth long gone. Frowning and pouting a bit (she hated waking up without him), she got up and wrapped the fluffy white robe she had gotten a few weeks ago, when winter started to get too chilly in the mornings and headed to their kitchen, the smell of coffee seducing her and making her forget all about the messy bed she was supposed to be fixing it up.

As she rounded the corner and emerged in to the open space of their flat, the first thing her eyes locked onto was him. Harry stood in the kitchen, a warm grey hoodie pulled over his usually naked chest, curls up in a bun and legs clad with unusually loose sweatpants, feet bare as he stirred a cup of coffee.

“You left me all alone.” She accused, making Harry jump and turn back to her, his warm smile making her pout. He knew she didn’t like waking up alone, it made her antsy. 

“Was just making you a cup of coffee, m'love.” He told her, the good mood for not having to wake up so early clear in his voice and in the brightness of his green eyes. He walked to her, her favorite mug on his hand filled with coffee, the smell making her stomach grumble. “Two sugars, no cream.” He recited and leaned down, planting a quick kiss to the corner of her mouth before giving her her beloved drink.

“I’ll forgive you, then.” She mumbled, wrapping an arm around his middle and leaning her head against his chest, taking a small sip of her drink without pulling away from him.

She had missed him dearly, the stress and busyness of final exams preventing them from spending any time together other than bed time, when they were too exhausted to even talk or think, falling asleep even before their heads hit their pillows. 

“Niall wants us to go out tonight.” Harry said, lips pressed against her hair as he waited patiently for her to finish her drink. She mumbled, encouraging him to continue talking and closed her eyes, enjoying the burning hot coffee, the perfect balance between sweet and  bitter, just the way she liked it. “He wants to celebrate the end of the semester with a night out at the pub. I think Ed has a gig there.” Harry explained, hands tight around her waist. “Would you like to go? Or you’d rather stay home?" 

"Dunno, can’t we decide this later?” She asked, resting her empty mug on the kitchen counter and turning back to him, arms wrapping around his neck as she smiled up at him. “I missed you.” She said, licking her lips before raising up on her tiptoes to plant a quick kiss on his full lips. Harry’s smile and the sweetness of his eyes were enough to make her swoon, as he leaned down to her, a hand on her face as the other tangled in her bed hair.

“Missed you too, kitten.” He whispered against her lips, green eyes closing before he pulled her closer, giving her a deep sweet kiss, the butterflies in her tummy fluttering away as she felt his tongue dip tentatively into her mouth.

She breathed out a content sigh, hands going under his hoodie to find his warm soft skin.

“Let’s take a shower, huh?” He asked and she nodded, allowing him to pull her towards their bedroom.

They were naked and under the warm spray a few minutes later. Harry was lathering himself up as she watched, bottom lip between her teeth as she tried to reign in the thoughts she was having and the feeling stirring in her tummy. 

The final of the semester had been stressful, to say the least. A thousand papers to deliver on top of all their other responsibilities had turned them into two anxious and exhausted students with no time left for romance, let alone sex. If she was to guess, they hadn’t had sex or done anything sexual in over a month. It wasn’t like they didn’t want to, because they did. Sometimes, they’d get home a bit earlier than usual and be all over each other on the couch, hot kisses and messy make out sessions leading to literally nowhere. They were always too tired, too sleepy to even have the guts to take each other’s clothes off and go through with it. So that’s how they ended up here, finally, with enough time on their hands and with the built up need of all that time without being together.

The water was running hot down her back and she smiled lazily and leaned her head back and allowed the strong stream to wash over her hair. The glass doors of the shower were foggy and the walls were glistening while little droplets slid down the tiles. She felt like she could be there forever.

A satisfied sigh left her lips and erupted in the air as it slowly became a giggle. She could feel the warmth of Harry’s body as he leaned over her while she remained with her eyes closed, wanting to magnify the feeling of his lips ghosting over the milky skin of her neck. The pressure of his lips grew and soon, she was humming as he pressed tiny kisses on the curve of her neck, while his fingers dug on the meaty part of her bum.

As always, Harry’s touch ignited something in her, the familiar fire that swirled in her tummy and burned down her body making her feel dizzy and needy. She could feel it already, creeping up low in her belly as every inch of her body became aware of Harry’s fingers trailing up her spine and wrapping around the nape of her neck to make her look at him.

He was so pretty. He was so pretty she was sure more than one song could be about him, the green of his eyes and the sweetness of his mouth fit perfectly in every melody and every word that tried to describe love.

“Can I wash you up, kitten?” As if he needed to ask.

Her eyes opened when he pressed himself to her, a surely unnecessary step closer, that made her skin rise with goosebumps, a little smirk clear on his lips as he noticed her reactions to him.

Reaching for the rose scented body wash, he squeezed a generous amount into his big hands before rubbing them together and starting to lather her up in the product. First her arms, then her stomach. Her back was right after with the added pressure of his fingers against her shoulders, as he massaged her gently, making a breathy moan leave her lips before sliding down her skin and to her sides, following the gentle curve of her waist and her hips, giving them a squeeze.

“S’soft fo’ me…” He mumbled, lips pressing hotly against her ear as he continued his taunting touches, hands running up her stomach to cup her breasts. He did it gently, almost as if she was going to break, but the roughness of his musician hands against her sensitive nipples was enough to have them pebbled, pressing almost painfully against his palms. The fact that her mind was reeling with thoughts of him sliding into her wasn’t helping either, her breathing picking up pace as he continued his exploration.

With a wet kiss to her neck, his hand followed south, cupping her heat and putting a bit of pressure, fingers sliding between her folds as if his intention was cleaning her up. His façade was quickly dropped when his middle finger pressed to her clit, circling once before tapping lightly, earning a sharp intake of breath from her.

“We were supposed to be showering…” She breathed out, hand reaching up to tangle into his damp hair.

“I much prefer getting you dirty, love.” Harry whispered, lips catching a patch of skin on the side of her throat and sucking harshly, sure to leave a mark. His fingers kept a steady pace, almost lazy but still maddening, the kind of pressure that made her thighs shake and a moan get stuck on her throat. “C’mon, open up fo’ me, kitten.”

Her legs widened immediately, giving him enough space to slide his fingers to her entrance, teasing the sensitive spot before pushing him. He didn’t need to work her up that much, her mind and his body had her wet even before he got the idea of touching her. Feeling his digits slide in with no resistance, her wetness nearly too much, she could hear the low grunt from him, his immediate reaction to sink his teeth on her shoulder.

“So wet, so good fo’ me.” His accent was thick with desire, his words getting to her core as much as the work of his fingers. She could feel him pumping in and out at a lazy pace, the heel of his palm rubbing her clit just right, back and forth. Her eyes rolled back, the smell of him making her dizzy and the heat of his body against her making it hard to hold back the coil in her belly.

Sex with Harry was always good, never mind the type. Slow and lazy in the morning, just like they were doing it now or rough and hard, after a night of teasing and pushing boundaries. It was a full body and soul experience, every touch making them closer, to their orgasm and to each other. It was maddening as well as enlightening, a new discovery every time he explored her body, a new sensation every time he entered her. He was the only one that knew how to work her body as well as her mind and heart.

She was brought back to reality when Harry introduced a second finger, pressing to the spongy spot inside her, her legs bucking and her hand shooting up to the wall, as an attempt to steady herself. Pumping harder, her head leaned forward, as she lost the strength to keep herself upright, Harry’s free arm wrapping around her middle and pulling her tight against him. Her eyes darted to the place where his hand disappeared, the veins on his arm making her mouth water, the quick pace of his fingers inside her making that tight coil in her tummy even tighter, her vision blurry. She could feel his breath and lips on her neck, the strength of his arm holding her up, the hardness of his cock against her ass and the pressure against her gspot as well as her clit, as his heel pressed against the sensitive bundle of nerves and his fingers moved harder against her. It was all too much. Too much of him, too much pleasure, too many sensations all at once, her orgasm rippling through her like lightning, her nails digging into Harry’s hand and her stomach quivering as she took in a sharp breath, her vision an explosion of white.

She felt boneless as she turned around, arm tight around Harry’s neck and mouth needy as she reached for him, her tongue tangling with his and her shaky breaths making him smile.

“Good?” He asked and she grunted, her hands antsy and shaky, the need to touch him almost too much. “Always love to see you cum…” He whispered and planted a soft kiss to her bottom lip, pulling away and going under the warm spray himself. He was acting like nothing happened and it was infuriating. Harry had the bad habit of not caring for his pleasure. He was a giver, after all, always telling her that “making her cum made him happy”. That didn’t mean she was happy with that. She knew he took pride on how he played her body and how responsive she was to him, but she also loved to see him lose it. She loved being the reason for his grunting moans, the pleasure shouts when she did something he wasn’t expecting, the way his face would scrunch up in pleasure when she rolled her hips against him, the lazy smile on his face when he’d fill her mouth with his cum. Damn him if he thought he was the only one that got pleasure out of making the other happy.

“Love, d'ya want to wash m'hair?” He asked, looking down at her, water batting down on his broad shoulders, tattoos on full display and black against his creamy skin, his hair cascading down his back. He looked like the picture of sin and she could feel the effect of the image on her body, her center hot and wet, gnawing on her bottom lip to the point of drawing blood. 

“Yeah, if you want.” She breathed out, praying that the shower sound masked the shaky tone to her voice. 

He smiled, looking unfazed by the frown on her face and the fidgety way her hands reached for the shampoo. He leaned his head back for her as she went up on her tiptoes, lathering the apple scented shampoo on his dark curls and massaging his scalp lightly, the purring noise he made making her shift on her toes uncomfortably. He had worked her up considerably and the wetness between her legs was there to prove it, not even the intense orgasm he’d given her enough to bring her back to earth and to settle the fire that rolled inside her. The sight of his broad shoulders flexing, his strong neck taut and stretched as he leaned back for her to reach him, his pert little bum and strong thighs were taunting her and making her whine under her breath. After she finished, he went under the warm spray, the water splattering and hitting her too and after all the suds were gone, she couldn’t help but latch on to him, bodies lined up perfectly and soft skin against hard muscles, her breasts tight against his back.

“You’re needy today.” He noted, arm stretching to rub at her thigh while the other tangled with her hand that rested in his stomach.

“I just-” She started but huffed, annoyed at herself. “Just miss you a lot, is that a crime? To miss my boyfriend?” She asked, breathing in and leaving a peck right at the top of his spine. Harry turned, hands sliding down her arms before wrapping around her waist. 

“No crime, m'love.” He smiled. “I actually like it when you’re like this.” He mumbled and pulled her closer. Her eyes, unable to control itself, roamed down his body before they were flushed together and he didn’t miss the way her eyes fixed on his cock, her lip between her teeth again before she looked back up at him. “What is it? What’s that look fo’?” His accent was thick on her ears and she blushed, shaking her head.

“S’ nothing. Just, it’s just hard not to look.” She mumbled and he laughed, the cackling noise that made her heart squeeze with fondness over him. 

“It’s hard indeed, kitten.” Harry whispered, a smirk on his face as he pulled her closer, wrapping her arms around his neck. Harry’s hands traveled down her back, squeezing on her waist before going lower, his big hands cupping her bum to pull her hips closer to him. She could feel him, hot on her thigh, heavy and hard and her breath hitched in her throat, desire burning deep in her belly and hot on her center. She rose up, lips almost on a pout to capture his on a kiss. His tongue was languid against hers and she could feel her need tingling in the tips of her fingers as she slid her hands down his never ending torso, nail marks being left on her wake as she scratched on his love handles and tilted her head to the side, opening her mouth a bit more so the kiss would be deeper. Her hands slid even further, wrapping around his cock and she pumped once, a gasp leaving Harry’s lips and making her bite on his lower lip, plump and red from their kissing. She just wanted him, all over her. His hands squeezed on her bum before going lower and sliding between her legs from behind, the touch making her moan lowly on her throat and raise one of her legs around his hips.

“Is this what you want, kitten? Want t’give me another one?” He asked, fingers sliding swiftly between her legs, feeling the wetness of her folds as he pressed lightly against her center. She mewled, a tiny purring sound emerging from her throat as he put a bit of pressure on her clit, still sensitive from her previous orgasm. Her legs gave out a bit, her breathing picking up pace, but before he could do anything else, she was pushing his hand away, kneeling down, nails raking down his strong stomach, the red scratches leaving a trail on top of his ferns tattoos. She leaned forward, lips leaving a tender kiss under his belly button, then another one a bit lower, a smile tearing through her lips when she saw the muscles on his stomach clench.  She took a hold of his love handles, always adoring the little bit of pudge on his hips before pecking a kiss to each of his ferns and going lower, using one hand to bring his cock to her mouth.

Her pink bubblegum tongue darted out, circling the pink head of his cock, before she closed her lips around it and sucked lightly, a grunt burning up Harry’s throat as he tangled his fingers in her hair.

“Didn’t know you wanted m'cock that much, baby girl.” He rasped out, voice thick with desire and lust burning in his eyes, the green turned almost black. 

She always thought Harry had a beautiful cock. Now, cocks aren’t supposed to be beautiful and she didn’t know if she was too in love with him or not, but his was perfect on her eyes. Big and thick, his head pink and taunting, the little veins running up his shaft making it even more appealing. He didn’t taste bad either. With his healthy lifestyle and fruit smoothies all year around, he was right on the verge, sweet but not overly so and a tinge of bitterness making it even better. Her mouth watered just thinking about it and she closed her eyes, letting her head drop lower and his cock get further down her throat as she hollowed her cheeks before sucking.

“Look up fo’ me, love. Wanna see you while you suck m’cock.” He moaned, words running together in his haste to have her looking at him and the sensations of her mouth on him. She looked up, all the while leaving sloppy kisses up and down his shaft, tongue darting out in teasing strokes against his hardness, her eyes locking up with his. She wasn’t one to dirty talk, she was more of a “moan or scream” kind of girl, never using words to taunt him but she had to admit she loved it when he talked.

Harry had always been good with words, being an aspiring musician, he was forced to. He was always writing poems and lyrics, papers scattered around their flat with love songs. When it came to the bedroom, he used that gift to tease her. He realized she took a liking to his dirty talk right at the start of their relationship. Even before they got sexual, she was always enjoying listening to him talk and when he used a curse word here and there, he’d notice the bright light in her eyes turn to a darker shade, tainted with lust. Her arms would prickle with goosebumps and she’s cross her legs tightly, trying to reign herself in. That’s how he’d broken her, that’s how he’d gotten her in bed in one of their late night movie dates and it had never stopped working since then. 

“Good girl, c’mon, take me deeper, love.” He whispered, her thighs closing together as she relaxed her jaw, tongue flat against his underside as she swallowed around him, pushing further. He was big and she couldn’t fit him all in at once, so she used a hand to pump what she couldn’t fit, in time with the bobbing of her head. His fingers were wrapped tightly in her hair as she pulled back, one hand tight around his shaft and the other reaching for his balls, putting a bit of pressure on them as she kitten licked the head of him. It was red, as red as her lips and she loved the taste of the pre-come that was oozing from his tip, her tongue darting to the little slit and collecting the little drops and closing her lips around him again.

“F-fuck” He grunted, eyes rolling back and hips snapping forward, startling her. “I’m sorry”, he breathed out but she shook her head, encouraging him to thrust forward. His eyes were a burning green, set ablaze like fire and he looked down at her like she was the only thing that mattered to him. Snapping his hips forward again, she moaned around him, swallowing once, twice around him, cheeks hollowing again. “Fuck, you’re doing so good fo’ me, kitten. Such a good kitten for me.”

She pulled back, hand still pumping the length of him before her lips closed around his tip again, her free hand cupping his balls before she massaged them gently, the grunt that rolled up from his chest enough to make her shudder. His tip was leaking, stomach taut and tight, his berry lips open as he looked down at her. With the tip of her tongue she teased the little slit on his head, bubblegum lips wrapping around it and sucking with reverence before she pushed forward and let him hit the back of her throat.

She enjoyed the way he pulled on her hair and the fullness of him on his mouth, her eyes closing around the feeling of him twitching against her warm tongue. It wasn’t long before he was cumming, no warning words but the catching of his breath, hot streams of his cum filling her mouth to the brim, his taste invading her taste buds and making her moan around him, taking it all. When she opened her eyes again, he was looking at her with a dumbfounded expression, almost adoration, hand reaching for her chin, caressing her skin with tenderness. She licked his tip, taking the last bit of him and he winced, sensitive, his toned stomach clenching before he pulled her up against him.

Harry’s lips were hot on hers, their tastes mixed together in a slow kiss, her hands tangled in his hair and she smiled, happy to know she was the reason for his shaky breaths and needy kisses.

“Such a fookin’ good girl.”


They were about to get into bed again, after their shower, hands roaming wildly through each other’s bodies, mouths pressed together in feverish kisses and moans being let out freely when his phone started ringing.

They didn’t pay attention to it at first, the loud obnoxious sound being drowned by her begging and his dirty words, but by the third time his phone was shrieking against the bedside table, Harry was ready to kill whoever was bothering them.

“Just pick up, jus- just answer it.” She breathed out, breathing hard and body shaking, while Harry’s lips never left her body.

“No.” He said, the aggression in his tone clear to her. She knew he was annoyed and knew he wanted nothing more than to just ignore it but the responsible part of her kept telling him to just pick up the damn phone. His lips were wrapped around her nipple, fingers sliding up her thigh when she reached for the device, looking up at the screen. More than 5 missed calls meant something was terribly wrong and she didn’t want to be annoying but…

“Baby, it’s Niall. You’ve got five missed calls and I think it’s-“ She started but was stopped when he dipped a finger between her folds, circling her clit all the while he bit on her sensitive nipple. “Fuck me.” She breathed out, hand scrunching against the sheets. “Harry, it could be serious and-“ It seemed like the damn marimba ringtone had been made to haunt and frustrate them as it apparently ringed louder with every new call.

“Fucking hell!” Harry exclaimed, hand reaching for the phone in her hand and accepting the call. “You’re going to see me in 5 fucking hours why can’t you wait and let me spend time with my bloody girlfriend?!” Harry answered, breathless and annoyed, the blush creeping up his neck with the effort of speaking. He was kneeling up, thighs astride her hips, tattoos still glistening with the water from their shower, cock hard against his stomach. She rolled her hips up unintentionally, as his eyes bored down at her with a warning. She wanted to touch him, to suck him back into her mouth like she had just done in the shower and make him come again down her throat but she knew not to test him while he was talking to someone.

She couldn’t hear what was said on the other side of the line, but she could see Harry’s breathing coming back to normal little by little as whatever it was explained to him made a frown set on his forehead. She was calming down from her hazy and horny state of mind and she turned over, rolling away from under him and reaching for the old sweater he had left on the armchair beside their bed the night before, covering her nakedness with it before looking for some panties. When she looked back at him, he had just turned off the phone, muttering a goodbye and sighing.

“Niall just injured his knee, again, playing football. I’m gonna go get him.” He explained and she nodded, a worried expression on her face as she came closer to him. Harry was always the one to save his friends from trouble, even when they got into it themselves. It was one of the things she admired in him most.

She was at the foot of the bed, with him still kneeling on the edge, her fingers caressing his ears lovingly, in a way of bringing him back down to earth, before she cupped his strong jaw and planted a sweet kiss to his lips.

“You’re a great friend.” She told and he rolled his eyes, pulling her closer by her hips and catching her lips in a needy kiss.

“I wish I wasn’t, sometimes.” He mumbled, nose skimming down her neck before he planted a kiss to it. “You smell s’good… and I miss your taste.” He whispered, voice rough with need and hands roaming her body, making her stomach twist with his words. “I just want to fuck you s’bad… s’ so bad.”

“You can do it later…” She told him, fingers tangled in his unruly curls and mouth open in a noiseless moan while he nipped the skin of her neck and her earlobe.

“I wanna do it now.” He stated, big hands gripping her ass tightly. “I wanna feel your nails digging on my back as I pound into that tight pussy o’yours… I wanna feel you squeezing around me, I wanna feel how wet y’are fo’ me, wanna feel you biting on m’neck cause it feels too good…” His words were running together and jumbled with arousal, the thickness of his accent just making it more deep and scratchy and her thighs were shaking as she pulled him closer.

“I’ll scratch and-“ She started, breathless, eyes drooping when he bit on her bottom lip, a little moan slipping from her lips. “I’ll scratch and bite la-later.” She told him, trying to push him away, voice shaking. In the far back of her mind, where she still held some sort of sanity, she knew poor Niall was in pain and needed help. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that but she was losing grasp to it with every word that left his lips and every touch that ignited the fire in her bones.

“You’ll crawl and beg too.” As soon as the words left his mouth, she was in shambles.


It was almost 7pm when Harry got back, coming in through the door of their flat looking disgruntled and slightly tired. She had been tidying the flat all day and making them something sweet so they could eat later. She took a shower, a real one, later in the day, putting his warm sweater back on, some silk panties and thigh highs so she could revel in the smell of him while she didn’t have him back.

You’ll crawl and beg too.

His words had haunted her all the day, the promise he’d made against her skin like a broken record, playing over and over again in her head. She was anxious, a different kind of excitement burning in her insides. Subconsciously, she had been on her tiptoes, waiting until Harry was back home so he could deliver on his promise. Her mood plummeted down when she saw the deep frown on his forehead as he sat on their sofa, legs spread out widely and hands dropped on his sides, a heavy sigh leaving his lips.

She creeped over quietly, observing his profile, the long line of his neck, his adam’s apple straining against his creamy skin, the classy curve of his nose and the plumpness of his lips, his dark lashes casting a shadow on his face. She reached him, hand resting on his shoulder and making him open his eyes, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Hi.” Harry whispered, hands reaching for her and making her drop to his lap, sitting sideways, with her legs draped over his thighs.

“Hi, mister. You ok?” She asked, dropping a kiss to the little mark close to his mouth. He looked incredibly good for her own sanity, long legs clad on grey skinny jeans, an unusual choice for him but looked amazing anyway, old Rolling Stones t-shirt hanging loosely around his torso and curls messily sitting atop of his head. She leaned her head on his shoulders, face hiding in the crook of his neck and breathed him in. He smelled just like the sweater she had been wearing all day, a mix of perfume and Harry, that distinct smell of him that made her tummy flutter.

“I’m ok. Ni ‘s not so well, tho. He’ll have to get surgery, his knee is all fucked up.” He told, big hand resting firmly against her back while the other rubbed different patterns in the naked skin of her thighs. She had been craving his attention all day, yearning for the taste of his lips and the warmth of his body against her and now that she got him there, every bit of her body was painfully aware of his presence.

“Hope he feels better soon.” She mumbled, adjusting herself against his lap, legs astride one of his thighs as she turned to him. “I missed you.” The whispered words were enough to bring him into alert, the reminder of the promise he’d made before he left.

“Missed you too, kitten.” Harry whispered, pulling her closer by her hips. It was an unspoken agreement, the affirmation she needed that yes, they’d get back to what they started in the morning. She fixed herself up, perching up on his lap, her hair cascading around them like a curtain as she leaned forward, sponging kisses up his neck. He leaned against the back of the sofa, neck taut and stretched back to give her space, her warm lips pressing tiny kisses and suckling on his skin, leaving a red mark right on the sharp curve of his jaw. Harry’s hands were resting on her thighs, not moving, letting her do as she pleased with him. This was not exactly what she wanted but it was good, for now.

The smell of his skin was clouding her senses, while her hands travelled up his arms before she reached his mouth and took his parted lips in a languid kiss. Her tongue dipped into his mouth, tasting the mint of his gum and the taste of him before she sucked on his bottom lip, her hips rolling forward and she took a sharp intake of breath, the pressure and friction of her barely covered center against the roughness of his jeans making her squirm on his lap. She did it again, never leaving his mouth, her kisses turning greedy and enthusiastic, the need for him clear in her actions.

“Are you rubbing on m’thigh, kitten? Does tha’ feel good?” Harry asked, a hand reaching up and tangling itself on her hair while the other pulled her hips down harder. She kept going, already feeling her center hot and wet, the friction too good for her mind to function properly. Could he blame her? She had been waiting for him all day, the ideas of what he’d do to her tantalizing and electrifying, making her desire stir deep in her tummy. “Answer me.” His tone was demanding and the pull on her hair enough to tell her she didn’t want to risk not answering.

“Feels s’good.” Her bliss clear in her breathy voice.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day long…” His words were grunted against the skin of her neck before he was getting up, a squeal leaving her lips as he wrapped her legs around his hips and marched towards their bedroom. The door made a loud noise as it hit the frame when he closed it behind them, walking to their bed and letting her fall down from him. He looked down at her, the perfect image of sin in front of him. Legs spread wide open, sweater ridden up her stomach letting a piece of tempting skin out, a blush on her cheeks and the light in her eyes as she looked up at him, the cheeky and sensual glint on her orbs making him stiffen in his pants. “Look at you, fuckin’ beautiful.” He whispered, hands reaching for her ankles as he pulled her to the foot of the bed, her squeal and giggles sounding loud in the silent flat.

Harry’s hands were spreading her thighs again in no time, arms wrapping around her legs to keep her open before he left scorching kisses up her inner thigh, reaching the fabric of her panties and turning his head again, kissing back down her thigh. Her breathing was rough, like she’d just run a marathon. The anticipation was like torture, her sex pulsing even before he touched her. Without warning, Harry planted a kiss to her clothed center, right where her clit was supposed to be under the fabric and she shivered, hands flying down to grip the shirt that still covered his shoulders.

“C’mon now, kitten. Take a deep breath.” He told her, all the while licking a stripe up her slit and smirking when he saw her thighs clenching. His fingers wrapped around the flimsy fabric, pulling it down her legs before he settled down again, her glistening center free of any cover.

She could feel how wet she was, the clenching of her walls being a torment while he looked at her, bottom lip between his teeth and hunger in the fiery green of his eyes. She looked down, bracing herself for the moment he’d touch her but nothing would prepare her for the sensation. Harry dropped a kiss to her hipbone, another under her belly button and one where her thigh met her center before licking a thick stripe up her center. She moaned out, his name slipping in a breathy sigh as she relaxed into the sheets. He kissed her again, spongy presses of his berry lips against her before using the tip of his tongue to dip between her lips and lick against her entrance.

With two fingers, he spread her open, tongue licking up and around her clit, his lips closing around the bundle of nerves and sucking hard, making her shudder and pull on his hair, nails raking his scalp and making him moan around her, the vibrations sending shivers up her spine.

“S’ wet fo’ me, kitten. You’re soaking.” His voice held wonder to it, before he got back to licking her. Their noises filled the room, Harry’s grunts enough to shower her that he was enjoying this just as much as she was. Two of his fingers slid inside her at once while he circled her clit with the firm tip of his tongue, the pumping against her inner walls feeling twice as good. “C’mon baby girl, open up for me.” He told her, pushing her legs even further apart with his free hand. She’s slick and slippery wet and warm against his tongue, her taste filling his taste buds and her smell clouding his mind as he licks her with hunger, feeling her thighs shake against his sides. Her fingers are pulling on his hair and her voice is getting louder, her hips rolling up from the bed to meet his skillful tongue.

“Ha- Harry, please.” She begs, one hand shooting up to her own mouth to cover it when he finds her gspot and presses against the spongy spot, suckling harshly on her clit. “Harry, Harry, Harry, Ha- FUCK!” Her disgruntled and tortured moan is loud enough to raise the hairs on the back of his neck and it’s like a string is pulling her body up, leaving her taut and stretched like a bow that’s about to shoot an arrow. Her orgasm comes rippling through her with blinding force, while Harry pumps his fingers and laves her up. She’s soaking through his fingers, his lips and his chin as he cleans her up and she pulls back, trying to get away from him. Her walls are thrumming and clenching tight as she looks up at him, his fingers tucked into his mouth as he licks her from his fingers. She shudders, the image too much but her need too maddening to be ignored. She’s crawling towards him in a rush, pulling him by his ruined tattered shirt and kissing his lips, tasting the mix of her and him on his mouth. Her hand reached down, fumbling with the button and zipper of his jeans before reaching for his hard cock, wrapping her shaky hand around him. Her thighs were still shaking, her body still in a blissful haze but she needed him more than ever.

“You taste so fookin’ good.” Harry grunted, voice thick with want, eyes wild. He looked at her, her fingers wrapped tightly against his shaft as she pumped before he decided enough was enough. He reached for the back of his shirt hastily, taking it off and throwing the fabric away like it was on fire, hands pushing his jeans and boxers down in a haste before her had her pinned to the bed, body firm and heavy on top of her.

He could feel her nipple hard against his chest, the wetness of her folds slick against his hard cock when she wrapped a leg around his hips, the buck of her hips as a way of asking him to please, please, just fuck her.

“Feel that, love?” He asked, hips rocking against her center, his cock gliding between her folds and bumping her clit. “Feel how hard I am fo’ you? How fucking hard you’ve got me?” He questions, mouth leaving languid kisses down her neck and collarbones before wrapping around a perky nipple. Her hair is sprawled like a halo around her head when he leans up and looks down at her, but she looks nothing like an angel. Her eyes are glassy with lust and lips are glistening and red and swollen from their kisses, a blush creeping up her neck.

“Harry, fuck me.” She asked, pulling him down to her and wrapping her legs tightly around him, trying to lock him in.

“What’s that, love? Didn’t hear ye’.” He taunts, breathless as he pushes himself up on his arms to look at her.

“Fuck, please.” She whines, a cry springing up from her throat. “Fuck me, please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” She exclaims, bucking up and scratching on his skin.

“Fuckin’ desperate fo’ my cock.” He grunts, untangling himself from her before turning her over, making her kneel down on the bed and spread her legs. He takes a hold of his cock, teasing her slit with the red head of him before sliding inside her entrance and pulling back right after. She grunts and punches the bed, bawling the sheets in her hands and reeling back, ass perched up high on the air as she pressed against his hardness. “Ask for it.”

“Fuck me.” She repeats and he laughs, an actual giggle, hand smacking down on her backside and startling her as she lunged forward, a surprised sound leaving her lips.

“That’s not what I want to hear, kitten.” He tells her, hands rubbing the red marks of his fingers before baring down again in a stinging slap. She moaned louder and he looked down between her legs, the pink flesh of her center glistening even more if it was possible. He swiped his fingers up and she looked back at him, tears in her eyes and desire burning deep in her belly. “C’mon baby girl, ask nicely.” He said, words running in his accent and hands smacking down in quick successions.

“Please, please, please, fuck my pussy, Harry, please, fuck me.” She begged and pleaded, reaching for his hand that caressed the reddening skin of her ass and pulling it to her front, pressing his fingers to her center. She was desperate, the spanking, the teasing words and demanding tone being too much for her to handle.

“That’s my good girl.” He granted, cock pressing to her entrance and sliding in a quick and sharp thrust, angling in a way to hit her sweet spot at once. Her shout was enough to have him reeling into his mind, his hips snapping in unforgivable thrusts before he pressed deep and grinded against her, hand reaching for her hair and pulling her up straight. Her back was pressed to his front, his mouth hot on her neck, leaving purple marks to go along with the red of his fingers on her ass. She thrusted shallowly, fingers playing her clit before he pushed in deep, all the way to hilt, her walls clenching and quivering around every delicious inch of him as he pressed deep inside her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He mumbled, slowing his frantic rhythm and slowing down to a torturous deep grind, two fingers tapping her swollen clit. She shivered, hand reaching for his already unruly and messed up curls behind her and taking a deep breath. “So fuckin’ tight for me, s’good for me.” Her mouth was open around soundless moans, a tear running down her cheeky and losing itself into her hair. “I can feel how close you are, c’mon baby girl, cum for me.” He goaded her own, picking up rhythm again and thrusting with strong, sharp movements. It was like fireworks, her scream rippling through the air as she leaned back, sitting down on him and burying him deep inside her as she came, taking in air like bullets while she clenched tight against him. Her body was shaking uncontrollably and he could feel her exploding around him while he fucked her through it, circles around her clit to get every bit of her orgasm. She pulled him closer by his thigh and clenched, turning her head to capture his lips in a breathless kiss.

“Cum for me, please. I wanna feel you deep, baby, please.” She begged, still shaking and pushing his hand away from her, her thighs quivering with after shocks. Harry shook his head, hand pulling her thighs open again and finding her sensitive clit, pressing down and never stopping the grinding of his hips.

“I want one more.” He told her and she shook her head, already feeling overwhelmed by the circles against her clit. He sped up his pace, arm locked around her middle and not letting her get away from him, as he tapped her clit and pumped her against his twitching cock. “One more, now, I can feel you’re ready to burst, c’mon baby.”

“I can’t, I ca-“ She choked around her denials, body wrecking when he sped up again and another blinding and quick orgasm rippled through her. “Fuck, FUCK! Your cock feels so good…”

That was his undoing, her choked pleads and gasping his name around her pleasure, clenching and scorching hot walls quivering around his cock before he came inside her, hot streams painting her inside as he let out a hoarse shout.

They were both trembling, lying limp against each other on their crumpled sheets, a sweaty and breathless mess, the smell of sex filling the room. She turned over, eyes hazy and cheeks blushed, her body feeling like jelly when he pulled her over on top of him.

“Fuckin’ missed you.” He whispered, fingers tangling in her sweaty hair as he pulled her in for a sweet and lingering kiss. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” She mumbled, dropping a kiss to each of the swallows on his chest and one to the butterfly in the middle of his torso, before curling up beside him and laying her head on his heart.

They were silent, getting back down to earth slowly when he started laughing startling her from her almost state of slumber. He looked thrilled, fucked out and completely spent, but the happiness in his eyes was endearing and overwhelming, her heart swelling with love for him.

“What is it, you goof?” She asked, fingers tracing the ferns on his hips.

“Told you’d beg…” He let out, between giggles and she rolled her eyes, pinching the pudge in his hip and biting his nipple, making him wince. “Ouch, don’t be mean.”

“Don’t be an arse.” She laughed and he cuddled her closer.

It’s several kisses later and the reminiscing of their nights before they fall asleep, naked limbs tangled and satisfied smiles on their faces, Harry’s phone long forgotten on top of the couch, not even the marimba ringtone dixturbing their peaceful slumber.


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Zach Werenski - Battle of the Sexes

Originally posted by goldanklebonecups

I had a little fun with this one since there weren’t too many restrictions on it! I really hope you love it, it’s my first Werenski!

Request from @brooke5bb​ :  Can you do a cute zach werenski one where you play hockey too?

You pulled your hair back into a tight ponytail just as Zach finished taping his stick. The two of you had been doing a lot of smack talking on who was the better hockey player since the two of you started dating six months ago. So today, while both of you had the day free, you decided to find out. It’s wasn’t like either of you had been avoiding it it’s just that while he’s playing for Columbus you’ve been at UConn taking classes and playing for their women’s team. Neither of your schedules really allowed for much down time and when you did have some the last thing either of you wanted was to think about hockey. But since the Blue Jackets had gotten knocked out early and you had finished your finals early you both figured it was about time to settle this once and for all.

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Request: Bucky x reader request please? Bucky is at a bar taking a break after a mission. He notices the reader at the other end of the bar getting sluggish after one drink. He also notices the group of guys watching her. Two go to take her but Bucky stops them. And still being in his gear they backed off. He brings her to his place till the drugs wear off and they end up getting along so well he asks her out.

Warnings: Woman being drugged, protective Bucky, language.

A/N: I love me some protective Bucky!

Originally posted by annandalegirl99

It had been a long 2 weeks for Bucky. SHIELD had gotten a hit on a Hydra base, and of course Bucky being their past little puppet, he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder with them, so he takes it into his own hands, and feels it’s his responsibility to put an end to them.

The mission had gone off without a hitch, it almost always does when Bucky takes control.

He’s tired, but has some steam to blow before he goes home.

He see’s a bar on the corner that doesn’t seem too lively, but enough people around, so he pulls over and goes in for a drink.

When he goes in there’s not many people around, so he takes a seat at the bar.

“You look like you’ve been through hell.” The bartender makes himself known. Bucky looks up in his direction and just nods.

“You have no idea.” he didn’t mean for it to come off rude, but then again he hadn’t used his voice much the past 2 weeks, so his voice is a little raspy.

“What can I get you?”

“Just a beer.” The man nods and grabs a beer from the fridge and pops the top for him, sliding it down the table.

Bucky brings the cold beverage to his lips, and tips it back.

It is then that he notices a young woman at the end of the bar.

She’s alone, but she doesn’t look sad. No man has done her wrong, from what he can tell.

She’s small, can’t be more than 5'2’’, a few freckles on her face, and a small button nose, complemented by (E/C) eyes.

He also notices, at the table behind you, 3 men. Staring at you. Bucky senses something is off. He was about to leave, but decides he better stay. He decides to listen in.

One of the men come up to you, resting his hand on your lower back. You flinch, obviously uncomfortable with his touch.

“Hey baby, how are you this evening?” He asks with a yellow toothed grin.

You grimace, wishing you would have brought someone with you, no doubt.

“I’m fine thanks.”

The man keeps your attention, while his buddy comes up, on the other side of you. If Bucky wasn’t paying as close attention as he was, he would have missed the man slipping something in your drink.

He tenses, sitting up in his chair, knowing whats about to happen, he’s ready to spring.

The men don’t seem to notice he’s watching, if Bucky weren’t a master of shadowing himself, he’d stick out like a sore thumb, considering he’s still in his uniform.

You grab your drink, not assuming anything, as the guy who slipped it in your drink had gone back to their table, leaving you none the wiser.

“You wanna get outta here, babe?” You choke on your drink.

“Um, no thank you, I have work tomorrow anyway, I should probably be heading home.” You take one more sip, and stand up. Suddenly wishing you would have slowly stood up, as you feel woozy.

‘O-oh no..’ You think to yourself, you’ve been drugged. You can feel yourself slipping.

The man puts his arm around your waist, and leads you towards the door.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you some safe…” He grins a sickening grin.

Bucky knows he has no intention of taking you back to your house, he decides he better interfear now.

He stands up quickly, walking over to them somewhat fast, before they can leave the bar with you.

He grabs the guys shoulder, affectively getting his attention. He turns, thinking it’s one of his goons.

“Hey man what do you think of tonights catc–” He stops mid sentence, noticing that is man was most definitely NOT his friend.

“I think you need to let her go, before you find yourself in more trouble.” He glares at him, straightening his back, as if he needed to appear more intimidating.

Bucky can tell the man wanted to act tough, as he straightened himself out too…until he made eye contact with the metal arm, still exposed.

“Y-you’re the winter soldier…” The man releases you, and shoves you into Bucky’s arms.

“H-here, you can keep here, we didn’t want her anyway!” He runs out of the bar, leaving his friends behind.

Bucky turns and glares at the remaining 2 men, and they bolt out of the door as well.

Bucky looks down at you, you’re awake, but obviously incapacitated  

“Ma'am, I’m gonna get you somewhere safe, okay?” You nod, you’ve heard of the winter soldier and his now involvement with the Avengers and you know you can trust him.

He picks you up under your legs and your back, carrying you bridal style.

He puts you in his car and drives to his apartment.

He could have stayed at the tower, but he figured too much going on wouldn’t be great for him, plus, Tony still isn’t his best friend. So Steve helped him get his own apartment in the city.

He gets out of the car and goes to your side, and picks you up, taking you into his cozy home.

It’s not much, Bucky knows, but it’s enough for what he needs.

He sets you down on the couch and hands you a blanket.

“I’ll go get you a glass of water, and then I’m going to go change, alright?” You just nod, snuggling into the blanket.

He brings you your water and disappears into his bedroom. You take this time to look around. Pictures align the walls, memories of his childhood. Him and Steve, his parents and his sisters. Images of better times. Your heart aches for him.

He comes back, dressed in sweatpants and a tank top, with his hair in a bun. This is a good look on him, you notice.

“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N)” You manage to speak, it’s easier to talk now, you’re just a little nervous.

“(Y/N), huh? That’s beautiful.” You blush and look towards your lap.

“Thank you…”

He looks into your eyes.

“You don’t have to thank me. I knew what their intentions were, I wasn’t going to let them hurt you.”

You grin at him.

“What were you doing at a bar alone so late at night? It’s not safe, which I’m sure you noticed.”

You chuckle.

“I-I was..I was just having a bad day, is all I guess..and I don’t know anyone that would go with me so late. I guess I just figured I could take a chance. I learned my lesson…” You sigh.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about such things…”

“I know…but unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.” You reach out, wanting to touch his arm, as it’s fascinating to you. But you pull away quickly, realizing you didn’t even ask him.

'What is wrong with me? I would never just reach towards someone…must be the drugs. Fuck my life.’

He smirks.

“You can touch it if you want.” You blush and look towards his tan carpets.

Reaching out with shaking hands, you run your fingers over the metal. You’ve never met him before, but you notice the red star on his shoulder is gone. Everyone knew the winter soldier had a star on his shoulder.

“The star…it’s gone.” He sighs.

“I bet you’re relieved.”

“Yes. It’s the one thing I couldn’t get away from. You can stay here for the night, I’ll take you home in the morning…unless, you’d maybe like to go for coffee with me?” You can see an inkling of a blush on his cheeks. And holy shit if it isn’t fucking adorable.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Mr. Barnes?”

He chuckles.

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Id love to.”

“Great. You can take my bed tonight, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

You think about arguing, but you know he probably won’t give up. So you agree.

“Alright, I’ll see you in the morning, James.”

“Good night, (Y/N).”

Snow White and The Four Turtles

Originally posted by baraturtles

Turtles (2014/16) x Sibling!Reader

Notes: THIS IS SUCH A COOL REQUEST, ily nonnie tnx for requesting <3 xx I was listening to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day whilst writing this so feel free to listen to it too.

Prompt: “Can I request a 2014/16 turtles one where they stop some foot thugs from kidnapping a teenage girl? They find out it’s because she’s Eric Sacks daughter who ran away when she found out about his cruel experiments. They let her hide out with them and treat her like a little sister.”

Word count: 752

Warnings: Swearing, kidnap

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Run, [Y/N]. Run and don’t look back. He’s not your father anymore. He’ll no longer hurt you.

You told this to yourself. Eric Sack’s was evil. He was the reason your mother died, and the reason that you spent your entire childhood isolated from other people.

Project Renaissance fell years ago, but he continued his testing on animals, and some times even humans.

You were completely clueless for years, until one day you worked into your darling father injecting an innocent girl in the neck with a pink solution. She died instantly. You listened to the screams. You watched the flat line. You saw the color drain from her face.

If you had to be homeless to escape the torture your father was doing to those innocent people and animals, so be it. You’d choose homelessness over inhumanity any day.

You were wondering the lonely streets by yourself, with little money and a lot less time on your hands. You needed to get to a group shelter or something; fast. The cold, New York winter was starting to get to your head.

That was the plan, but you ended up sitting outside a bar with an old coffee cup in front of you. If you had nuts, they would’ve been frozen off. It was close to 3AM, and sleep was overcoming you, but as soon as your head fell back to the wall, you heard skateboards and your bag was gone. You darted up, yelling at them before they were gone down the block. Helpless, alone and nothing to your name.

What were you going to do? You coiled in the corner of an alley, your head to your knees before you heard a gust of wind of your head. Shuddering, you looked up as a dark figure jumped down from the roof above, coming closer and closer. Then the one figure turned into two, and two turned into three. There had to be 7 in the end. You edged towards the wall, closer and closer as if it were going to help you.

“What’ve we got ‘ere then boys?” one of the men grinned. You assumed he was the ringleader. You moved you arms, brushing you fingers over the ground to find something, anything to help you. Glass? No. Plastic bag? No. Pipe? Perfect.

They edged closer to you, sneering and grumbling to themselves about how they could make good money out of you. Not today.

Standing, you narrowed your eyes at them. You looked like a deer in the headlights and they fed off it. They pounced at their prey, but you were faster and swung, hitting one of them in the side of the head whilst the others grabbed you. You screamed, struggling against them all.

No one could hear you, or that’s what you thought until you were tossed aside and the men were thrown around like trash.

That’s when you saw them; tall, strong and badass.

“Leo! Dinner!” you yelled from the kitchen, swirling around Mikey and setting the pot of spaghetti on the table. Since they found you, they took you in, instantly pitying you. But you thanked them for their generosity and kindness by making them dinner every night (other than take out pizza), and pretty much taking care of them. They helped you out a lot as well, but you needed things to do, so you took the opportunity to have a home.

It was like Snow White, except in this fairytale, you didn’t get your prince. You got a family. 

“I’m here, thanks [Y/N]!” grinning, the blue clad turtle sat next to Mikey, Raph already scoffing down a plate of the delicious spaghetti. Master Splinter was ever so grateful that you were helping with his sons, and the boys were just happy that they had a baby sister they could look after.

Domestic Gradence

- Credence was so used to waking up early when he was living under Mary Lou’s roof that he still wakes up at least an hour before Percival each morning.

- He uses this time to get up, make tea for himself and coffee for Percival.

- When Percival does wake up Credence greats him with coffee and soft kisses on his cheek before getting back into bed.

- During days off Credence is often found learning magic or baking.

- Baking often ends with more batter over the counter then in the bowl but he doesn’t care all that much, he’s too engrossed in adding pretty decorations to buns and cakes.

- Percival will try to keep the kitchen clean but eventually gives up and adds to the mess.

- On cold winter evenings they sit with each other on the plush sofa, Percival reading aloud and Credence listening to the way his husband’s voice changes in tone at certain passages.

- The soft sound of music lulling them both to sleep, wrapped in each others arms as they enjoy being close to one another.

Ghost Story [Pt 1]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death and experimentation, panic, a bit of language.

Word Count: 1220

A/N: I’ve never written anything like this before… it’s kinda mysterious and kinda trippy, plus it’s my first series. I’m really pleased with where it’s going though. As always, feedback is much appreciated! This will eventually be Bucky x reader, but it’s going to be a really slow burn. I’ll try to post a new part every other week (it takes me a while to write things I’m satisfied with it, so I apologise).

Series Masterlist // Part 1 // Part 2

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November 11, 1995. The day of your birth. The day of your death. Funny how life seemed to always come full circle like that.

You were 6 when you first asked the question. “Where’s mummy and daddy?”

“They had somewhere important to go. I’m sorry sweetie, they can’t be with you anymore.”

“But why didn’t they take me with them? I’m important too.”

“You are important to them. You’re important to us, too.”

“Will they come back for me?”

“No. But you’re here now. We’ll take care of you.”

They didn’t tell you they were dead. They didn’t tell you they killed them. They didn’t tell you that your new caregivers were Hydra. They did tell you the date.

November 11, 1995.

“Don’t worry sweetie, this is a new start to the rest of your life.”

If only you knew what your new life would become.

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Crash//Josh Dun

I was listening to a Spotify playlist I made, and Crash by Sum 41 came on and I got sort of emotional and motivated so here ye go.

Note: There’s mention of death in this, read at your own discretion please!


               It all happened so fast, one moment the two of you were giggling; smiles spreading right across your faces. You two were running through the crisp Ohio air; running around the snow covered park. Josh was chasing you, as you weaved through trees, and benches.

               “Stop!” You giggled, turning your head to see him catching up to you. His face red from the cold air hitting it, hair held down underneath a beanie you convinced him to put on.

               “Never!” Was the last thing you heard, minus the warning you heard seconds too late. You weren’t paying attention to where you were going, you ended up running on the lake. The ice was thin in some points; thin enough for your weight to break it—causing you to become submerged in the cold water.

               Your heart slammed inside your chest as adrenaline pumped, you were flailing your limbs; trying to stay afloat. Except ice surrounded your only exit—you were caught underneath. It was so cold, your limbs were screaming in pain as you continued flailing, trying to find the spot where you fell in from. You let out a terrified scream—you couldn’t tell if you were trying to scream for help or for Josh, but you screamed. Water filled your mouth; finding its way down your lungs. They were already burning from the lack of oxygen—you felt your body slowly giving up, no. This isn’t what was supposed to happen. You were supposed to live a full, happy life with Josh. Why did this have to happen? You were seconds from blacking out from the lack of oxygen, and the cold surrounding your body—your last thoughts were Josh, the way he smiled at you the first time the two of you met, the way he would always try to impress you while on stage, the cute little surprises he would leave for you.


               After what felt like an eternity of blackness you felt yourself coughing, it hurt—a pressure laid upon your chest like bricks. Your eyes were watering, tears burning your cold cheeks. You desperately looked around, unable to feel your body. It was all numb, all blurry except for a familiar yellow tuft.

               “Y/N.” He sobbed, pulling you into his chest, he wasn’t wearing a coat, or any of this winter gear for that matter. You soon realized it was all surrounding you. “It’s okay, help is coming, just keep breathing please.” He sobbed harder, pressing his face into your neck. Holding you so tightly it was almost hard to breath. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. We were supposed to get married one day, hell I was going to propose today. At the cute little coffee shop we met at. When you spilled your drink all over both of us—and you were so red. It was adorable.” He whimpered, pressing a soft kiss to your head. “Don’t worry, I’m not letting go. You’re going to be okay, you have to be.” His voice was barely over a whisper—pain ridden, heartbroken.

               A patch of thin ice took two lives that day.


               “Hey, I know you probably won’t answer, but you know I’m here for you man. I always will be—if you need anything. Absolutely anything, just let me know.” Tyler’s voice rung out through the room—he was leaving near constant voicemails. He was worried about Josh, since Y/N had passed that day on the ice he had hid himself in his room—refusing to turn on the lights, open the curtains. It took both his parents, brother, Tyler and Mark to get him to start eating again. They were lucky if they could get him to eat a plateful every other day. But Josh refused, he felt like he had nothing to live for anymore—Y/N was gone, the sun to his planets. The center of his universe was gone, ripped away from him just like that.

               He couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve happened had he not started chasing her that day, if he just held her close. God he wished he held her more often, hugged her everyday like there was no tomorrow, told her how much he loved her, how absolutely wonderful she was each and every minute of the day. She deserved it, she was all he could ever ask for. She kept him rooted to the ground, helped him grow—almost like a tree.


               It took a lot for Josh to get out of his room, everyone would be asking how he was doing, if he was okay. All the stupid shit people ask when someone dies. Josh simply wanted to scream—tell them he would never be okay again because his one and only was harshly ripped away from him. His one and only wouldn’t be gone if he hadn’t recommended going to the park that day.

               With her ring hanging around his neck, resting just a little right of his heart—he walked. Through the colder Ohio air, reminding him Christmas was just around the corner—his first Christmas without her. Biting back the sobs and tears, Josh walked until he found a small tattoo shop down the road from his apartment. The bells chimed when he walked in, a sound he hadn’t heard in ages. A month of being locked up in your room really screws with a person.

               “Hi, how can I help you?” A girl sat at the counter, a small smile spread over her lips as she listened to Josh’s idea, nodding and writing every idea. “Yeah, that’ll work perfectly. I’m just going to draw it up real quick, okay?”


               “I’m really happy you could join us dude.” Tyler smiled, a hint of sadness lining his mouth as he held the door open for his friend. It was Christmas eve, and Tyler refused to let Josh spend the night alone (considering he would be hanging out with his family the next day). “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” Tyler laughed, receiving a small laugh from Josh in response.

               “Forever isn’t that long.” Josh smiled, sincerely. Since the day at the tattoo shop he felt a weight lifted off his chest. A sorrow taken away from his heart. “I’ve been accepting it a little more I guess. I’m talking to her mom, see if I can plant a tree in the backyard, with her ashes. It’s cheesy I know but. She was always the one keeping me rooted to the ground while I grew as a person—with my head in the clouds.” The thought of Y/N put a sorrow-filled smile on Josh’s face. He missed her, and nothing was going to change that—but he loved her too much to hold back from living. She always joked that she would haunt him in the old-folks home if he were laying depressed all day long because she died. Maybe that’s why his apartment felt so eerie.

               “That’s not cheesy at all, it’s sweet actually.” Jenna walked in, holding a coffee mug full of tea. “I know she would have loved it.” Josh smiled back, slipping his jacket down his arms—receiving a small gasp from the two in response. “That’s beautiful Josh.” Jenna smiled, taking a seat next to Tyler who was trying to comprehend what he saw.

               Going all down his arm was a tree, accompanied by swirls of colour, it was symbolic; and there forever. The long-forever. With it, she would be with him forever—her colourful personality, smile that could light up a room, and her ability to keep him grounded, no matter how high his head found its way into the clouds.

I’m slowing down and I don’t think that I can fight
I know somehow, you’ll find a way to live your life
Remember just to live everyday like it’s your last
And hold me now, ‘cause I think it’s time for me to pass

I don’t want to die, I don’t know why
This kind of fate was meant for me
You got to be strong, got to move on
It’s not the way it was supposed to be
What do I say? It was never supposed to end up this way

indie’s Steggy fic master post

Since several people have asked, it seems appropriate to categorize it by Steggy’s reproductive status. ;P

Please note that some stories fall into multiple categories:

Steggy stories where there are no Steggy babies*:

Faith  - Mature, WIP currently 7,500 words.  Peggy Carter/ Skinny!Steve

Certain Dark Things  - Mature, ficlet, 1,800 words.  Vampire AU.

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men  - Mature, 21K words.  Peggy was taken by Hydra shortly after Bucky.  They were known as the Winter Soldier, and the Winter Witch.  Set during CA:tWS.  Steve is married with a kid.

You Only Live Twice  - Mature, 21K words.  Set around the CA:CW timeline.  Steve is pulled in at the last minute to replace Barton on one of Fury’s super secret ops.  He has to pretend to be the lover of high ranking Hydra operative - Peggy Carter.

Ghosts of Future Past  - Mature, WIP currently 24K words.  Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes all grew up together in Brooklyn.  Flashbacks to their lives together growing up and during the war.  Main story is set around Avengers: AoU timeline.  Peggy Carter is Captain America.  Steve Rogers was Captain America, but now he’s the Winter Soldier.

Mind the Gap  - Mature, 27K words.  Steve Rogers is defrosted in the 1970s.  Turns out the significant age difference can’t keep him and Peggy apart.  (Peggy has adult children from her marriage.)

Where Angels Fear to Tread - Gen, 1,100 words.  Peggy Carter falls asleep and Phillips and the Fedora squad are afraid to wake her.  They have to call in backup.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas If Only In My Dreams  - Mature, 4,200 words.  Peggy’s first Christmas after Steve went down with the Valkyrie. Written for the Steggy secret santa exchange on Tumblr.

First Thanks Giving In The New World  - Teen, 4,700 words.  Steve never made it onto the Valkyrie.  Peggy thinks it’s a relief he won’t remember how badly they lost.

You Won’t Be Alone  - Mature, WIP currently at 4,800 words.  Set during CATFA.  Peggy goes to Steve after they bring Zola in.

Midnight Oil, Weaponized Aphrodisiacs, and Other Ignoramus Inventions  - Mature, 8,500 words.  General McGuinness stole Midnight Oil. Now the toxic compound is on the loose and America’s golden boy has been exposed. Agent Carter to the rescue.

Haunted  - Teen, 2,100 words.  Set during Agent Carter, season 1.  Angie drags Peggy to a Halloween party.

On Top of It - Gen, 1,400 words.  Set during the Agent Carter episode “The Iron Ceiling”. The mixed SSR and 107th team gets stuck having to spend the night in a very tiny room together.

Coffee Talk - Gen, 1,400 words.  Set during Season 1 of Agent Carter.  Jack Thompson is sick of Peggy Carter thinking she can do whatever she wants.

Another Year Over and a New One Just Begun - Teen, 6K words.  Written for the 2016 Steggy Secret Santa.  Steve and Peggy get snowed in during a mission.

Between the Shadow and the Soul  - Gen, 1500 words.  Written as a pinch hit for the 2016 Steggy Secret Santa.  Post CA:CW, Steve and Peggy are reunited.

Winter’s Discontent  - Teen (so far), WIP 2K words.  Winter Soldier Steve, based on a gifset by Justine.

Steggy stories that deal with pregnancy loss/child loss:

A Fixed Point  - Mature, 39K words, pregnancy loss mentioned.  Pacific Rim fusion story.

Choice  - part of the TDU series. - Mature for content, not porn, 2K words.  Set after the main TDU story, and an optional read for that series.

Wasted Hearts  - Mature, 21K words, child loss (though it’s not quite what it seems).  Very AU set in a somewhat Victorian alternate 1940s.  

The Life and Times of Agent Carter  - Teen, 19K words, loss of a child.  Set during an alternate version of Agent Carter: Season 1, where Steve didn’t die.

Dark Ways - Mature, 11K words, pregnancy loss.  Erskine was wrong.  The serum twisted Steve as much as it twisted Schmidt.  Modern setting.

All These Years - Explicit, 15K words.  Steve and Peggy have been married for nearly twenty years and it’s about to come to an end.  (Warnings for cheating, substance abuse, loss of a child.)

Steggy stories with pregnancies/babies/children (sometimes adult children, and sometimes only in the epilogue):

Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered  - Mature, 103K.  Set post Avengers: AoU.  Steve Rogers is reunited with an un-aging Peggy Carter.

Proofing Water  - Mature, 16K words, set vaguely in the post CATFA timeline, but some random MCU characters make appearances.  Three years after Peggy Carter walked out of Steve Rogers’ life forever, she walks back in.

Through A Glass Darkly   - Mature, 38K words, set post Avengers: AoU.  Steve is pulled into an alternate timeline where Peggy Carter was Captain America and no one knows Steve Rogers.

Dark Ways - Mature, 11K words.  Erskine was wrong.  The serum twisted Steve as much as it twisted Schmidt.  Modern setting.

I Hate You: a Love Story (in three parts) - Teen, 4400 words.  A continuation of Dark Ways.

Mending the Empty Bones  - Mature, 35K words.  Ladyhawke inspired AU set in medieval Italy.

An Ordinary Life  - Teen, 10K words.  AU set around the CA:tWS timeline.  Steve Rogers was the Winter Soldier.  Bucky Barnes is doing everything he can to prevent Rogers from harming Peggy Carter or her sons.

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me  - Mature, 53K words.  Very, very AU, inspired heavily by Firefly and Star Wars EU.  Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers both work on a ship for Nick Fury, but forced into close quarters, they soon learn they have more in common than they ever imagined.

No Trace - Teen, ficlet 1,200 words.  Peggy Carter is married to Jack Thompson, but after the birth of her son, she is visited by her son’s father - Steve Rogers.

Wasted Hearts - Mature, 21K words, child loss (though it’s not quite what it seems) and pregnancy.  Very AU set in a somewhat Victorian alternate 1940s.  

Distant Shores  - Mature, 21K.  Our Avengers are assisted by Evvie Carter from an alternate dimension.  Steve and Natasha are accidentally pulled into her world and get a look at Evvie’s world, where everyone is either dominant or submissive.

Time Heals All Wounds  - Mature, 16K words.  AU that spans the entire MCU timeline, but it set mostly during Peggy Carter’s years with the SSR office.

Duty Bound -  Mature,  46K words.  AU space opera.  Peggy’s a disgraced rebel leader, Steve is the imperial poster boy.  They’re forced into a marriage neither of them want.

Unmade - Mature for themes, not explicit sexual content, 16K words.  AU.  Steve and Peggy both received the serum and were on the Valkyrie when it went down.  Steve was under Loki’s thrall during the Avengers, and both he and Peggy have to deal with the fallout from his actions.  Warnings for PTSD, pregnancy as a result of rape.


anonymous asked:

Could you do a scenario where Winter introduces her shy s/o to her family? And maybe include Winter defending her s/o when her father disapproves of them and says things to lower their self-confidence? (Let's face it, Jacques is a jerk and would not approve of his eldest daughter dating someone who is too shy to make direct eye contact with him.)

“Winter, I- i’m not really sure about this…”You gripped her hand tighter as she led you up the stairs to her house’s door. What a house it was, mansion was a more fitting term, a borderline palace. The sheer fanciness of it wasn’t calming your nerves one bit.

 Winter sighed “(Y/n), it’ll be alright.” She pauses on the step to turn back and look at you. “I know you’re nervous, and even I wish we didn’t have to do this, but unfortunately we can’t avoid this meeting forever. We’ve been dating for months now, father insists on meeting you.”

 “Right, your father is what i’m really worried about. From what you’ve told me-” The door opened, interrupting your worrying.

 A short, pleasant looking man opened the door. “Ms. Schnee, it’s so good to finally see you again.”

 Winter turns to him with a smile “Klein, it’s been a while.” She clasps a hand on his shoulder before gesturing to you. “This is my partner, (s/o).”

He smiles at you, and it could just be a trick of the light, but it seems his eyes soften to the point of actually becoming a lighter shade. “Ah, yes, we’ve been expecting you. You have no idea how happy I am that ms. Schnee has found someone special to her.”

You blush and duck your chin a little. “N-nice to meet you.”

There’s a hint of pity on his face, seeing you so nervous to meet your girlfriend’s family. He honestly doesn’t blame you. “Right this way.”

He leads both of you through the house, good gods, the décor of this place, until you reach the door of some kind of study.  Klein bows slightly “Your parents and siblings are in here, waiting for you. Are you ready to see them?”

Winter nods, her lips pursed. She looks to you, Klein’s question repeated on her face. You take a breath. Better to just get this over with. Her sister shouldn’t be too much of a problem, the brother’s a bit iffy, her mother would likely be more interested in her drink than the dinner according to Winter, but her father, the mister Schnee, would be the biggest issue. You haven’t heard very many good things about him from either the papers or Winter.

Another breath. You can get through this with Winter next to you.

You nod. Klein bows again and opens the door.

There, seated all on different chairs surrounding a gorgeous coffee table, is one of Atlas’s most influential families. With their pale hair, the same shade as Winter’s, in their light, elegant clothing, illuminated by the delicate light of the chandeliers amidst the lavish setting of the sitting room, they look like a gathering of snow faeries. A gathering of royal doves waiting for their missing member.

If you were to take a picture of this scene and show it to someone, it would look like the perfect family at the height of elegance. Yet actually stepping into the room, there is an unmistakable tense energy in the air. As if everyone in this room wished they had more space away from the others than their chairs could provide. They all look up as you in Winter enter, in a slow manner as if your entrance is no more interesting than two flies stumbling in.

Winter closes her eyes and nods in her family’s direction. “Greeting, father, mother.” Her eyes open and flick to her younger siblings “Weiss, Whitley.”

Weiss’s eyes shine as she looks at her sister, but it’s as if she puts a muzzle on her excitement. She gives a hesitant smile “Winter, I’ve missed you.”

The young boy, Whitley, straightens from where he lounged in his chair “Yes, I’m glad to see our darling sister around the house again. I hope the driver didn’t get you stuck in traffic or anything, it feels as though we’ve been waiting so long.”

There’s a flash of ire in Winter’s eyes, but she’s always been an expert at controlling her emotions “I apologize for our tardiness.”

“Well, when we’ve been waiting months to meet this apparent partner of yours, what’s a few more minutes.” Jacque Schnee radiates an aura of power, something that makes you cringe and feel so small compared to the ice king, no more like ice dictator, sitting before you. “Klein, dinner must be almost ready, yes?”

Klein dips his head low when talking to mister Schnee “It shouldn’t be more than a few minutes, sir.”

Jacque nods “Good. What perfect timing you two have.” HE waves a hand and Klein backs out of the room, likely to see to the dinner preparations. Once the butler is gone, the eyes of the patriarch of the Schnee family meet yours. Despite your best efforts, you find yourself shrinking back even more.

There’s a slight shift in his demeanor, and suddenly he seems more like a business man than before. He smiles, but there’s a slight tense feeling behind it. “You must be (Y/n).”

You nod your head “Ye-yes . It’s a p-pleasure to meet you, sir.”

He narrows his eyes, scrutinizing you. Is wife sits in the chair beside him, looking bored.  Jacque leanes back and folds his hands “I wish I could say we’ve heard so much about you, but I’m afraid my dear Winter hasn’t been telling so many stories about you. Why, I was shocked to even learn of your existence hardly a month ago. You must have busy as we never received a visit from you since then, or in the months prior where you decided it was proper to date my daughter.”

Your face heats up and you look down at your hands “M-m-my apologies, sir.”

This night is going to be hell.

Thankfully, the actual dinner started rather soon after the initial introductions. It was probably the best food you’d ever tasted, but you were so anxious you couldn’t bring yourself to enjoy it.

Weiss and Whitley offered a few points of conversation, Whitley more smoothly than his sister, who seemed a tad stand-offish but mainly reserved, as though she felt she had to be careful of everything she said. Mrs. Schnee hardly supplied her own thoughts on whatever was being discussed, and Winter had no trouble keeping up with the polite conversation. You, though, felt such a terrible nervousness constrict your chest. The air in this place was so cold, so polite to the point it was clear it was all a façade, it was unbearable.  Mr. Schnee seemed to see right through you, he had a cool, business persona wrapped around him and he constantly directed the conversation toward you. Earlier, you had feared he would largely ignore you for not coming from a rich background, but this probing and toying with your clear uncomfortableness was so much worse. He acted so polite the whole time, the perfect business man, but there was a malice under that persona.

Winter noticed how uncomfortable you were and reached over to squeeze and hold your hand under the table. You give her a grateful smile.

You flinch as Jacque clears his throat. “(Y/n), it would benefit you to pay attention when your host askes you a question, don’t you think?”

You avert your eyes and stutter an apology. You hear him sigh. “Honestly, Winter, how could you think someone like this was suited to being with someone with the name ‘Schnee’?”

There’s a new kind of tension on Winter’s shoulders, and it leaks off into the air. Weiss shrinks in her chair slightly, Whitley looks on in amusement, Mrs. Schnee takes a drink. “What was that, Father?”

Mr. Schnee leans forward in his chair and looks between the two of you. “You may have turned your back on this family and your title as heiress, but you still have a duty to your name. From what I’ve seen, this stuttering child is not fit for someone of your station. They can’t even look a potential father in law in the eyes as they speak. I don’t care if you keep going with this military nonsense, just don’t let this person embarrass our family name.”

Your grip on Winter’s hand goes slack and you feel tears burn your eyes. This was so much worse than you imagined it’d be. Of course he wouldn’t approve, how in his right mind could he let his daughter date someone so stupid, shy, and… and…

“The only people I take orders from nowadays are my commanding officers.” Winter tightens her hold on your hand as you’re about to pull away.

You blink in surprise, as does Jacque. “Excuse me?” He says.

“I thought I made this clear, I am no longer a child under your roof, I am an Atlas military special operative. I will not take any orders on how to live my life, not from you. I only brought (Y/n) here as a courtesy, but I see that was foolish of me. I’ve made my dearest uncomfortable unnecessarily.” She looks over at you. “I’m sorry.”

You can’t even find the words to say it’s okay. Her father is fuming, his eyes cold and glaring at you and Winter.

“How dare you say this to me in my own house. I won’t have this!” Jacques rage is so hot, it begins to melt his composed exterior.

“That’s understandable. I believe it’s about time for us to be leaving, anyway. Right, (Y/n)?” Winter stands, pulling you up with her.

“uh, ye-yeah. Thanks for the meal…” You manage to force out.

Winter looks at each of her family members in turn “Mother, Whitley, good bye. Weiss, I wish you luck in your training. Father,” She looks him in the eye. “Take care.”

Before you exit the dining room, Winter stops to look back at her father one last time “You know, the name Schnee has always sounded too harsh to me. I think (Y/l/n) has a lovely ring to it, all warm and pretty, perhaps I’ll take that someday. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about me tarnishing your pristine name.”

She leads you out of the manor, past Klein who holds the door open and gives you a warm, reassuring smile.

You mutely follow behind Winter to the car, trying to process what just happened. What Winter just did, what she said…

You barely register her say “I’m sorry for that.” She’s stopped, a hand on the car door. “I never should have brought you here.”

“N-no! It’s alright, really. I- I just, what you said…”

Winter laughs “If that bridge wasn’t burned already.” She looks at you “I don’t regret that part. I won’t let any one look down on you the way he was. He’s an idiot for not being able to see your worth.”

You blush and duck your chin. Winter laughs again, warmer this time, and places a hand on the back of your head to pull you closer and plant a soft kiss on your hair. She tilts your chin up to kiss you a second time on the lips “Come on, let’s go. It’s far too cold out tonight.”