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Morning Habits Worth Starting (Especially for College)
  1. Give yourself enough time to get ready before you have to leave in the morning. For me this means setting my alarm about an hour before the time that I have to get my foot out the door. Eat a proper breakfast, do a little stretching, figure out your plan for the day. Having a slower paced morning is a lot more relaxing, and you can get your day started correctly.
  2. Drink water first thing. I used to be a pretty heavy coffee drinker in the mornings in high school, but I realized that I could get away with a lot less caffeine if I started my morning off with a nice glass of cold water. You’re probably dehydrated after sleeping and water helps wake you up. 
  3. Make your bed. Making your bed is a visual reminder that sleeping time is over and that it’s time to get up! If I have a messy bed, I want to climb in and snuggle back into my blankets. This is especially true in the winters when it’s cold and dark. The movement also helps you wake up, which brings me to my next point:
  4. Move! Your! Body! You don’t necessarily have to run through an entire yoga routine or go for a run (but hey, props to you if you do), but getting some movement in your mornings will help you wake up. I like to stretch a little bit, warm up my joints, maybe loosen up my limbs. It helps to get your blood flowing. 
  5. Open your curtains. In the winter it might be kind of dark and depressing where you live, so this isn’t always something recommended. I like to open my curtains when it’s sunny out so I can get some natural light, which helps your circadian rhythm so you wake up better - and fall asleep at night better. 
  6. Do something productive before your class begins. If your first class is super early, this might not apply. But I find it tremendously helpful to get something done, whether it be a flash card set, a work out, or a load of laundry, before my first class. It’ll get you into a productive mood for the rest of the day, and even if you aren’t productive for whatever reason, you can go to sleep knowing that at least you got something done that day!
Sometimes you’re 23 and standing in the kitchen of your house making breakfast and brewing coffee and listening to music that for some reason is really getting to your heart. You’re just standing there thinking about going to work and picking up your dry cleaning. And also more exciting things like books you’re reading and trips you plan on taking and relationships that are springing into existence. Or fading from your memory, which is far less exciting. And suddenly you just don’t feel at home in your skin or in your house and you just want home but “Mom’s” probably wouldn’t feel like home anymore either. There used to be the comfort of a number in your phone and ears that listened everyday and arms that were never for anyone else. But just to calm you down when you started feeling trapped in a five-minute period where nostalgia is too much and thoughts of this person you are feel foreign. When you realize that you’ll never be this young again but this is the first time you’ve ever been this old. When you can’t remember how you got from sixteen to here and all the same feel like sixteen is just as much of a stranger to you now. The song is over. The coffee’s done. You’re going to breathe in and out. You’re going to be fine in about five minutes.
—  Kalyn Roseanne Livernois

The series where Harry is mute


Part 1 Part 2

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Y/n went back home for the rest of winter break.

She had nearly a month to be away from it all—the memories and the pain so that she could find it in her heart to move on. It was harder than she thought, though. She didn’t realize how whole Harry made her until she felt empty in a place she once called home. Even with the festive feels still lingering in the air and the occasional company of her childhood friends and family, this wasn’t her home—not anymore.

She had only known Harry for four months but he changed everything she’s ever known. Her entire life had been altered by just one man, and she fell in love all the while.

And she didn’t know just how much she was in love with him until he was gone. She noticed that the first night she spent without him. She felt so cold—so lonely and so heartbroken because it all ended. The restless nights they shared, the love-making the experienced, the laughs and the relentless kissing were all gone.

And she knew from the start she didn’t mean what she said—about hating him. She could never hate him, no matter what he does to her.

But she also knew he didn’t mean what he said, either. Although there was a hint of truth somewhere between his words, she knows him better than she knows herself. He refused to look at her when he said it—kept shutting his eyes and shaking his head—he would have if he meant it.

That’s what makes it worse. She knew he was lying and she still said it. Those horrifying, heartbreaking words that just fell from her mouth because she was angry—angry at the fact he’d even think of saying such things even if they weren’t true. Especially after everything they shared together the night before—everything they gave to each other.

So instead of spending the rest of winter break cooped up in Harry’s apartment—keeping warm under the blankets and whispering sweet nothings in his ear—she spends it alone, spending each passing hour sulking in regret.

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Unicorn Boyfriend

A commission for @theawfuledges​. This was a challenge because I wasn’t sure how to go about a Unicorn monster. But I think I got it! I hope you enjoy.

   The house has been a thunderstorm since the news arrived. Everyone and everything inside had been preparing. Everything you grew up with is now different and new. The furniture, the paint, even some of the paintings that hang on the wall. Usually, this would be something you would welcome. The house needed to be painted, the furniture needed to be refurbished. Your wardrobe had also been completely replaced and your mother insisted you go on a diet and start waist training. Of course, you tried to put your foot down on this. You refused the waist training but your mother still bought your corsets. You ignored the diet but your family tried to play like the food they were receiving wasn’t a change.

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Pairing: Hybrid!Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Summary: You walk into your home one day to find your cat walking on two feet, in a human form.

Originally posted by nochuie

Words: 2.5k

You kicked the door shut after trying your best to get it opened with your unavailable hands that carried the heavy groceries. With a grunt you managed to reach for your cross body and throw it over the couch while making your way to the kitchen to put down and organise all the things you bought.

You had a simple life, a twenty years old girl who’s trying to make a living in this cruel world. Your parents had passed when you were young and ever since then you had to make your own money, be it from taking extra shifts at the cafè you worked in to working at McDonald’s where you used to visit when your parents were alive and wonder why people wanted to work there when most of the customers were absolute garbage and the atmosphere is unforgiving and suffocating. You had come to the realisation that those people didn’t have a choice because after all you had bills and a degree to pay for.

You would describe yourself single, you and your boyfriend broke up about a year ago, you would be really upset and heart broken if he wasn’t a douchebag and a selfish piece of shit or maybe because you only dated for a few months and realised he wasn’t the one for you.

You would say that you’re living in this apartment alone but you had a cat, a male adorable Scottish fold with the fluffiest fur ever. He was the only thing keeping you going through your hard times, he would always come and rub his head onto your feet when you arrive home, he always wanted your attention and would would beg and purr for your pettings just like he is now.

You crouch down to run your fingers through his adorable ears with the biggest smile sprawled onto your face, you can never help it when he looks at you like that. Only if a real man can actually look at you like this.

“Hi Kookie” you said while stretching each syllable out of adornment.

“How have you been? Were you being a good boy?” You said while peppering his fur with kisses near his ear and neck which earned you a lot purr and a lick from him.

Your cat wasn’t the typical cat that scratched at its owners if they touched him or pet him too much, yes he would get fiesty sometimes but most of the time he was peaceful and understanding. When you cry, you would find him at your lap looking as sad as you or dragging a toy in your direction in hopes that if you see him play around attend to your commands that you would feel mused and feeling better. You swore that he’s not a normal cat.

You carried him in your arms after organising everything in place. You headed to your room and put him into your bed where you would walk to your wardrobe to get a change of clothes. You took of your shirt followed by your bra, you didnt need to be suffocated at home wearing these merciless boob imprisonment outside was bad as it is, you put your head and arm through your tank top and changed your jeans into your matching pyjama shorts.

You liked to lay down in bed and pet your cat when you came back from a long day in attempt to gather a bit of energy to get up and try to make dinner. Kookie must be starving yoi thought as you patted at your lap to get your cat to come to you, which he obviously did you could swear that he liked being there maybe a little too much. You didn’t like your cat eating processed smelly canned food that they scam people with at the market, when you first got your cat 7 years ago, you didn’t have much money to get him special cat food and you would feed him whatever you were eating which he actually found much better than canned food that you bought for him when you finally earned money, he refused to eat it and you decided to never feed him it again.

“Sometimes, I wish you can speak to me” you said while rubbing his right ear between your thumb and pointer, he liked it the best when you petted his sweet tiny ears like that.

“I just feel silly when I speak about my day for hours when you probably can’t understand anything I’m saying apart from the word food” you laughed at yourself. Strangely your cat growled and it almost sounded like a scoff, did you just offend your cat?!

“Sorry. But you know im going to talk about my day either way” you shot him a sweet smile. He settled his head between his stretched paws that laid on your stomach.

“I… I think I’m going to quit” you said slowly. You didn’t expect your cat to understand the kind of world you live in. You are a hard working person but you can barely manage doing notes for class when you had two jobs like that, besides neither paid well for the long hours you worked. You though of quitting your job at McDonald’s because it was tough and was a complete crap of a job and the shifts you worked could spare you an entire night that you can use studying or maybe in the future, spare that time to work for someone who pays well.

“I’m just tired you know? I feel like my brain cells are dying when I work there. The people treat you so horribly, when I work late at night and go to clean the dirty tables I get groped and it feels disgusting. The smell is disgusting and I dont even comment on how bad the food  we sell it. I feel so bad for selling people something that will reduce their life span” you sighed.

“I guess I really had enough, huh?” You said while picking up his left ear and massaging his head. The cat infront of you seemed to have understood you and gave you a pity look, which had quickly changed to what you could make out as annoyance and anger. Why are cats so weird yet absolutely beautiful.

“I guess it’s queue for dinner” you cheered,

“Grilled chicken? Or that salmon I just bought from the market baby?” You asked as if your cat would answer. You knew he would probably like salmon better and honestly, you were craving some salmon and a good beetroot salad.

The cat had followed you to the kitchen when the smell of fish showered your entire home. Of course you thought, what a typical cat he is.
You noticed as he gets closer to you as you grill the salmon on the hot surface, he had wrapped your calf with his tail while looking up to you which made you squeal at his cuteness but remembered how dangerous it is for him to be close to an oven.

“I love you Kook but you have to go away, it’s dangerous here” you said before reaching for the fridge and taking out the rest of the ingredients necessary for the dish.

You had spent the rest of the night eating your dinner and watching a movie play on your TV with your beloved cat. You were feeling pretty tired and chose to end your night after emailing your boss at McDonald’s not to expect you at work anymore, you finally chose to quit but you weren’t sure if you were ready for the consequences. It’ll be okay, you whispered to yourself before shutting your eyes and brain to sleep.

The next morning, you woke up before he did like any other normal day. You headed to the bathroom and got ready to get ready for your classes, you would normally make food in the morning and put it down in a bowl so that when your cat is hungry it can eat while your not home, but as you quit your job at McDonald’s, today consisted of going to classes and coming back home early.

You made some coffee and put down a small breakfast for your cat incase it woke up before you got home but you doubted it since you’re going to come back within 3 hours and he’s showing no sign of wanting to get up any time soon. Smiling, you wore your winter coat and wrapped your neck with your favourite soft scarf and headed outside to start your day.

Classes were the same, difficult but manageable with effort anf effecient note taking, which you clearly havent done enough of. You didn’t make friends with the people that are in your course because you simply didnt have enough time to, but they all seemed somewhat nice you guessed.

Once the class was over you had a small break before the other one begins and you headed to the local university cafe for some coffee in attempt to really wake up. You waited in the queue to order your coffee, it was only one man with a slightly grey hair in front of you. You assumed he was one of those obnoxious frat party boys who dyed their hair a different colour every weekend. You rolled your eyes when you heard him ordering the same drink you were going to.

“Hi. Can I get a caramel machiatto please?” You asked of the barista, who nodded and asked for your name and the money, which of course you had given before you proceeded to wait for your drink. You had realised that the man in front of you was gone, that was quick you said before taking the drink that was placed on the table in front of you, that had said caramel machiatto on it.

You had sipped some before the same man reappears infront of you. Why was he here you said before turning away, only to hear your name and the drink you ordered being called out by the barista.


You turned around, and met the man again but this time, he was facing you and dear God, he was gorgeous. So unreal that you’d think he was an anime character. And you might have embarrassed yourself by taking his drink.

“Sorry, i thought you took your drink and left and I didn’t bother to check the name on the cup” you said shyly.

He took the drink placed on the table and turned it around before sipping it.

“No worries. Y/N” he said. He knew you?

“Um… Do I know you” you said confused.

“If that was a pick up line… You could do much better” he chuckled.

“Ahh.. not that. Its just you knew my name and I’m not much of a social person is all” you laughed as crismon stains your cheeks. You weren’t sure if you said that out of confusion or admiration and wanting to keep talking to him.

“The cup says your name” was all he said before giving you a smile.

“Right! Sorry again” you said,

“No problem at all” he said, before you left the cafe and continued to your class.

You were on your way home after that incident and you were smiling like a fool. At least we go to the same university, we’ll probably meet again, you thought. You didn’t know that this was not the only unexpected thing to happen today because as you turned the lock of your home open, you were met with a naked man.

“What the fuck?!” You screamed after taking in the scene right infront of you.

He wasn’t just one naked man, no he had what appears like cat ears and a fluffy long tail that you can mistake as your cat’s. You didn’t dare to look down and met his eyes, he was clearly as freaked out as you are, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. The more you looked into his eyes the more they resembled your cat’s that you stare hours in every night. You can never mistake any detail regarding your cat but this? This is insane!

“What are you doing in my house?!” You tried to be calm, not knowing how to deal with this situation. Was he a pervert with some strange kink, going to peoples homes and freaking them out like that?

“You’re home early” he said with a shrug, his voice sounding like the sweetest melody. When you fathomed what he just said you took a step back in shock. What the hell was that.


“Who are you?!” You tried to stay calm and collected.

“Really Y/N? You can’t tell how your cat looks like?”


“Thank God you found out this way, I was getting tired of having to stay in that stupid cat form and eat out the small bowl you would put my food in” he said annoyed.

This is not your cat. The man in front of you is definetly someone mental.

“If you think I’m gonna believe this then your out of your fucking mind” you retaliated.

He moved forward towards you before he shut the door forcefully and pinning you on it. He smirked before saying

“I can make you believe me”

He took your hand and placed them on the familar ears, they felt and looked just like your cat’s. You couldn’t help but rub them and the man in front of you leant towards your hand and purred.

You couldnt deny the fact that this pretty much is your actual cat in human form. All the memories of appearing naked and changing clothes in front of him rushed in your mind. You smacked your self mentally and stayed away from Jungkook. Yeah that was the name you had given your cat that you’d usually call Kookie.

“Why are you running away from me now?”, he said confused.

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re human” you ignored him.

“Because im not” he said as if it was obvious.

“You know what I mean. You’re a hybrid, same thing” you said sighing.

“Because like you are now, you’ll distance yourself from me” he looked down, all the smug that was on it disappeared. You sighed again, you’d never leave your cat. He was your life and you’ve even wished that he could talk to you. Your wishes had come true.

“Kookie” you said before making your way to him, his ears perked up and so did his head in attempt to look at you.

“I’d never leave you. You know that” you said as you took your fingers to push through his ears like you always do. He purred again and placed his arms around your waist while he rubbed his head into your chest.

“I-I always wanted to do this… have you between my arms instead of the usual way around” he said and you smiled.

“I do feel weird about it, but I could get used to it” you smiled.

A/N: I want to make this into a series but I wasn’t sure how many people would want that. If you do, don’t hesitate to submit a request!


Morning Habits Worth Starting (Especially for College)

  1. Give yourself enough time to get ready before you have to leave in the morning. For me, this means setting my alarm about an hour before the time that I have to get my foot out the door. Eat a proper breakfast, do a little stretching, figure out your plan for the day. Having a slower paced morning is a lot more relaxing, and you can get your day started correctly.
  2. Drink water first thing. I used to be a pretty heavy coffee drinker in the mornings in high school, but I realized that I could get away with a lot less caffeine if I started my morning off with a nice glass of cold water. You’re probably dehydrated after sleeping and water helps wake you up.
  3. Make your bed. Making your bed is a visual reminder that sleeping time is over and that it’s time to get up! If I have a messy bed, I want to climb in and snuggle back into my blankets. This is especially true in the winter when it’s cold and dark. The movement also helps you wake up, which brings me to my next point:
  4. Move! Your! Body! You don’t necessarily have to run through an entire yoga routine or go for a run (but hey, props to you if you do), but getting some movement in your mornings will help you wake up. I like to stretch a little bit, warm up my joints, maybe loosen up my limbs. It helps to get your blood flowing.
  5. Open your curtains. In the winter it might be kind of dark and depressing where you live, so this isn’t always something recommended. I like to open my curtains when it’s sunny out so I can get some natural light, which helps your circadian rhythm so you wake up better - and fall asleep at night better.
  6. Do something productive before your class begins. If your first class is super early, this might not apply. But I find it tremendously helpful to get something done, whether it be a flash card set, a workout, or a load of laundry, before my first class. It’ll get you into a productive mood for the rest of the day, and even if you aren’t productive for whatever reason, you can go to sleep knowing that at least you got something done that day!

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Originally posted by parkers-myth

requested by: @dimplesandcutesmiles

summary: Tom believes in destiny, you do not. But when the two of you keep running into one another too many times to be coincidental, he pursues it–despite your firm anti-fate beliefs. 

pairings: tom holland x reader 

word count: 1.6k

warnings: just an assload of fluff and one swear word

a/n: this is for one of my dearest friends, i hope you love it darling! again, i’m so sorry it took longer than expected, here you go babe!! 

“I’ve got a bagel here for ‘[Y/N]’,” the barista called out, pushing your breakfast across the serving bar where your hungry fingers nearly snatched the bag away.

“Thank you so much!” you said cheerily as you left the coffee shop you went to every morning before class, pulled your scarf tighter around you in the chilly, morning air. As you started walking in the direction of campus, you opened the bag to pull your bagel out.

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Competition | highschool!au

Originally posted by eunwoooo

Jennie x Reader (fem)

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Summary: ‘Jealousy does not become you, Jennie Kim.’

Requested by @jeonmyg

A/N: I apologise in advance because this is all over the place. :/ Hope you guys still enjoy it, though. 

Part I | Part II

Word Count: 6,052

Warnings: Nothing much, a couple of swear words.

“I like you.”

      You’re not actually quite sure what you had expected, but you were pretty sure it wasn’t this. Jennie looks as if she had just stared into Medusa’s eyes and subsequently, had been turned into stone. Her expression is still, too still, her eyes are wide and she is utterly silent.

     You fidget, your fingers intertwining and you bite your lip, a wave of anxiety rushing over you like a waterfall.

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I 100% respect my tcs relationship, as well as his wife, but I can’t help but hate her a little bit. 

She’s gotten to see everything I want to. She’s gotten to see him tired and foggy in the morning. She’s gotten to see him so wrapped up in his thoughts and worries that he can’t sleep at all. She’s gotten to see him passed out on the couch with exams all over the coffee table. 

She’s gotten to see him when he’s so angry he can’t think straight. She’s gotten to see him so excited he looks like he’s ready to explode. 

She’s gotten to see him curled up on the couch with two blankets and a cup of hot chocolate in the winter. She’s gotten to see him undress, peeling off his layers before getting into bed. 

She’s gotten to see his eyes, puffy and swollen after he cried. She’s gotten to see the way his nose crinkles up a little bit when he laughs. 

She’s gotten to see him come home from getting a haircut and be completely pissed because the person that cut his hair did the exact opposite of what he told them he wanted. She’s gotten to see him sneak little looks at himself in the mirror for three days after he finally gets the right haircut. 

She’s gotten to see him do the dishes after they had dinner. 

She’s gotten to see him drunk and giggly. She’s gotten to see him laying in bed the next morning, groaning at the sunlight hitting his perfect face from the window and not wanting to move because the room won’t stop spinning. 

I’m sure she’s a beautiful, wonderful, amazing person and he deserves no less than that, but I can’t help but hate all the ways she’s been able to be with him and all the sides of him she’s seen.

Dating Bucky Headcanons

  • falling asleep on top of him most nights
  • him having to slowly move you off of him because he can’t fucking move
  • only to wrap his arms back around you anyway because he loves the shit out of you
  • sweetly slow dancing out of nowhere
  • this often results in teasing by the rest of the team
  • he’s not fond of PDA because of obvious reasons
  • but when he’s got you alone it’s nearly impossible to keep his hands off you
  • him knowing exactly where the sweet spot on your neck is and using against you like the little shit he is
  • you being the only one who knows how to calm him down in any situation other than Steve
  • not being afraid of him in the slightest way
  • you’d quite literally fight Bucky yourself if it was to protect him from getting hurt
  • him being too big of a softy to actually hit you hard during training
  • only to make up later by kissing you harder
  • you waiting no matter how long for him to get home from a mission
  • and never leaving his side for a week like a long lost puppy afterward
  • he’d often touch you distractedly at random times during the day as if he was reassuring himself you were still there
  • training him thoroughly in the ways of binge-watching
  • thigh biting
  • intense and passionate [often rough] sex
  • not being able to walk the morning after
  • slapping his ass at the most inappropriate times just to make him uncomfortable
  • lying awake in early morning hours talking 
  • kissing the edges of where his metal arm meets his skin
  • getting coffees in the morning to go to the park
  • only to people watch and be the cynical jerks you are
  • you both being extremely possessive over one another
  • having to stop the other from punching someone’s teeth out because of this possessive/jealous rage
  • playing with his hair
  • reading books to him while he lays on top of you with his arms securely around your frame
  • humming his favorite songs to get him to fall asleep 
  • getting into arguments if a mission went wrong and one of you almost got hurt
  • only to have hot angry sex afterward

anonymous asked:

WinterIron "i hope we can get passed it, let bygones be bygones"

“I’m not sure we can,” Tony said when the silence went from uncomfortable to completely unbearable.

Steve, who had guilty conscience written all over his face, flinched at that, but Barnes kept his expression flat. It was eerily reminiscent of the Winter Soldier, but Tony forced himself to shrug the reminder off. It would do nothing to defuse the situation.

Still. Perhaps he was a bit unreasonable. It was half past six in the morning and he hadn’t had his coffee yet, it was possible that he was overreacting.

But more than likely not.

“You!” he pointed at Barnes accusingly. “I’ve put up with the door knobs that just seem to take on the shape of your hand every other day. I’ve sacrificed glasses and a ridiculous amount of forks and even my favourite mug. I’ve watched you explode two bottles of orange juice, three sodas and Clint’s cranberry juice. You ripped apart two of my couch cushions and I didn’t say anything. But this. This.”

Tony couldn’t find the words. There was nothing that would do this justice, nothing that could express what he was feeling. If he didn’t focus on his entirely justified anger he was probably gonna cry.

“I’ve had enough of this shit! This isn’t a minor issue with the pressure sensors. Barnes, get your ass and that fucking arm down to my workshop right now or I swear to god I’m gonna tell Pepper who ruined her favourite coat!”

“Barnes? Really, doll?” Barnes asked with a pathetically wounded look that almost, almost made Tony give in.

Almost. All he did, though, was point wordlessly at the elevator.

Barnes visibly deflated.

“A year ago I was one of the most feared assassins of the century,” he growled–because of course Barnes wouldn’t be caught dead pouting of all things–but Tony was done with the guy’s attitude.

“Yeah, well now you’re the asshole who destroyed your boyfriend’s coffee machine,” he snarled. “Keep walking!”


“no longer feeling affection for someone you once loved”

Genre: Angst (with a smudge of fluff)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 11,670

Request: “Oooh I love Bets and Regrets so much!! I was wondering if you please could write an angsty story about any member of ts where he wants to break up with you because he’s in love with someone else and you ask him to stay with you for a week and he obliges because he feels guilty. You can decide how it ends.” - anonymous

You remember it clearly. The both of you were in High School and it was a cold winter day. You had just walked outside and you were in a big rush because you were running very late to school. You already knew you were going to get a lecture from your Calculus teacher. You were pretty sure she hated you by the looks she throws you You weren’t paying attention and that’s when you ran into him.

Kim Taehyung a charming man. You had accidentally ran into him and spilled your coffee all over him.He took it more calmly then you expected and he would only accept your apology if the two of you went on a coffee date. You exchanged numbers and one coffee date turned into many more and by the fifth date he confessed. You loved him, A lot, But what you didn’t know was he would leave your heart torn.

It was a usual and humid evening. Taehyung was headed over to your house for movie night. The two of you were enjoying the movie, well, at least you were until half-way through it he would not get off his phone. What made it worst was he kept smiling at something you couldn’t exactly pin point so when you asked him it only led to a huge argument.

“All I asked was what you were smiling about..!” You stood up from the couch. You didn’t understand why he was getting hostile.

“And I said it doesn’t matter!” He followed your movement and stood up too. “I’m just texting a friend. Shes back in town.”

“And you couldn’t wait till the movie was over?” You scoffed. You decided to joke around which probably wasn’t the best of ideas. “You’re probably seeing her behind my back.”

When he sucked in a sharp breath and didn’t reply was when your fears kicked in. “You aren’t are you…?” You took a timid step towards him.

“I m sorry..” His head fell and he stared at the ground. You threw a hand over you mouth to muffle a cry. He couldn’t bear to look at you. He wasn’t prepared and all he could do was apologize. At that moment, Is when everything made sense. The once passionate kisses were small pecks. Why he left early on every date you went on, The forced smiles and the strain in his voice when he faked happiness. You were holding him back.

“What.. What did I do wrong…?” You had gotten quieter.

All he did was shake his head. “I.. Simply just fell out of love….”

How could an argument lead to these things, you questioned, but decided not to push the subject and only nodded. “Do me one last favor… that’s all I ask for…” You let a tear slide down you cheek as you grabbed both his hands.

He looked up to you. “Spend one last week with me…” His eyes widened at the request and he shook his head. “(Y/N) I-I can-”

“Please..” You interrupted him and your grip tightened.

He never has seen you so desperate. It hurt him to see you in the position you were in now, The guilt erupted inside him and he found himself not able to say no so he nodded. “Okay…”

You dropped your hands to the side and he took that as his cue to leave. He looked at you one more time over his shoulder before he walked out, and all you did was watch, falling backwards on the couch and letting the tears fall.

7 days till he was done.

Day 1

Tae[5:58PM]: “Meet me at the arcade at 7 pm”

The arcade. The place you went on your first date. You smiled a bit and got ready, At least making yourself look like you hadn’t been up all night crying.

Once arriving, You spotted him waiting in the front. You waved to him and approached him with a small smile.

“You ready?” He opened the door for you. You mumbled a small thanks and headed inside.It was filled with kids laughter and the chattering of the people there. The room was dimly lit and re-arranged from when you were last there, You noted all the new games and then went to get some money out of the ATM.

Taehyung smoothly slid on the wall next to you. “I want to challenge you”

You raised an eyebrow. “Whoever gets the most tickets by… “ He looked at his watch and proceeded to go with his sentence. “… 9 owes the other a favor”

You chuckled. “You’re on Kim Taehyung~”

He grabbed your wrist to drag you to a game but you had other plans. You ran the opposite way of where he was headed and went to a shooting game in which, he had no choice to follow so you smirked. You put the money into the machine and grabbed your gun getting ready.

“I will try to go easy on you~” His eyes were focused on the game as he too, got ready.

You scoffed at him, getting a glimpse of him before they game started and the two of you shot away.

He was disappointed to say, That you had gotten the most points which meant you were getting more tickets then him already.

You were currently doing a little victory dance as you waited for the remainder of your tickets to come out. He laughed at your happiness. The both of you had forgotten that last night even happened and enjoyed yourself.

By the end of the night, you both agreed two more games. He chose a basketball shooting game where-as you chose the claw game.

Going to his first, You went up and did your turn of the game, You didn’t get very much points which you brushed it off with a simple shrug and stepped the side for him. He started shooting away. You looked at his structure smiling, In the moment you both were happy, It was the first time the two of you had been this close in weeks. You took a sip of your drink and finally snapped out of your thoughts when he threw one of the balls and it bounced off the glass protection and came back hitting him in the head. You nearly spit out the contents of your drink and started choking on laughter as the round ended and he shoot the last ball. He took a moment to breathe from throwing the balls. Only for him to freak out when the machine started Round 2.

“Oh..!” He started shooting again. You could tell his arms were aching from shooting the basketballs as fast as he could. He was letting out little cries of pain with each basket that was thrown. You tried holding back your laughter at him. By time he finished he shot his fist up in success and turned to you as you clapped. “Didn’t think you had it in you~”

 He had his signature boxy smile that you always loved and he bowed.

After he collected his tickets, Both of you headed to the claw machine so you could try winning.

You won a small little plushy and held it out to him laughing. “It looks like you~”

He chuckled and took it, Looking over it. “You’re right~”

You smiled. “Keep it as a gift from me”

“Are you sure?”

You simply nodded and turned on your heel saying your goodbyes, then walked away before the pain came back to you

Day 2

The two of you went on a small shopping day at the mall, nothing special really happening.

Day 3

Only got canceled when the girl who replaced you got sick and he had no choice but to cancel with you. So you just stayed in the comfort of your room.

Day 4

Both of you went to the amusements park and were currently standing in like for one of the roller coasters. You giggled at the look on his face every time the roller coaster twirled and went upside down, He looked at you like you were crazy.

“You’re trying to kill me aren’t you…!

You smirked. “Maybe so~”

As soon as the ride stopped and people exited, You skipped onto the ride and got yourself situated in the seat.

“How the hell do you work this contraption?!”

You started laughing when he was trying to get buckled so you helped him out, then the person who helped around came in and made sure you were strapped in safely.

As soon as the ride started, Taehyung had a death grip on your forearm which made you laugh. As the ride progressed he was screaming out in pure fear which only made you laugh and when it ended his hair was everywhere and he just stared out in front of him.

When the two of you walked off you nudged him and snickered a bit. “It wasn’t that bad.. How about we go get cotton candy?”

He smiled and you nodded so that’s exactly what you did before getting on the carousel. You sat across from each other and you stared out the window at the stars.

Taehyung just stared at you, The moonlight radiated off you and for the first time in forever, he got a jittery feeling within his stomach like the first time he had met you

That night he questioned if he made the right choice.

Day 5

Both of you went on a coffee date, Where you ran into an old friend of yours from High School, whom he recognized as Seokjin. He was a couple years older then him.

He joined both of you and sat at the table and chatted away with you. Which made him annoyed. Both of you exchanged numbers and he started questioning things that pissed him off even more. Was he going to be replaced after this? Maybe. Were the two of you too close for his liking? Very much so. So he stood up and gave you a fake smile.

“I think its time to go, Don’t you think?”

You knew that smile, You could easily tell he was irritated so you simply nodded and said your farewells to Seokjin before heading out with Taehyung, who was walking faster then you so he was a bit ahead.

“Taehyung.” You called out to himbut he only ignored you so you called out to him again, getting the same result.

“What the hell is your problem?” You grabbed his wrist and tugged him towards you. He looked pissed off so you let go of him and let him walk away again.

Later that day you realized he was jealous.

He sent a text apologizing for the way he acted and that was the last of your conversation for the night

Day 6

Is when you met her. Taehyung’s new girlfriend and all your insecurities kicked in. She was beautiful. Hazelnut colored hair with golden eyes, A slim body and slender legs. She looked like a model, You tried walking past the two of them without being noticed, but, luck wasn’t on your side and he called out to you, so you turned to him with a smile on your face

“Oh… Taehyung.. Hello”

He headed over to you, The lady following along, She looked annoyed.

“Jiseon..Meet (Y/N)…(Y/N)..Jiseon…” He looked uneasy when introducing her. She shook your hand with a forced smile. “Pleased to meet you, Ive heard alot about you” You nodded slightly “As for you..”

There was an awkward tension in the air until Taehyung spoke up. “Want to join us at the cafe?”

You shook you’re head coming up with a quick excuse. “I actually have errands to run.. I will see you…!”

And you ran off, Before anything to be said going straight home, Where you started to write a note.

Day 7

Taehyung looked forward to seeing you, He waited for a text to be sent to him but nothing had came until lunch.

“Check your door”

He was slightly confused by the message but went to go check it. There was a box sitting on the front step. He picked it up and brought it to his bedroom, lying it on the bed. He opened it only finding all the stuff he left at your house, along with a note and CD lying on top of it all. He picked it up and started reading it.

“You’re probably know what this note is, A goodbye note. I enjoyed the week, and thank you for spending it with me.. It was the best time I have had in forever. If only it could last… But I’m leaving, To get a new start. There’s nothing left for me in Seoul so I’m moving, I won’t say where.You won’t be able to contact me after this. I just want to say, I love you, and I always will. I want nothing but happiness for you so please, continue to live and love her for me, and most importantly stay happy without me.”

 Taehyung didn’t know when he started crying, He found himself trying to call you but it went straight to voicemail and that’s when he realized he made a stupid decision, You were gone and both of you would most likely never cross paths again.

And he had to live with that choice.

The 5 times Bucky Barnes sees you (1/5)

Plot - The first time Bucky Barnes sees you he knows he’s done for. Winter brings you into the cover of the coffee shop he works in and it’s love at first sight.
Prompt 35 - “Here, you can borrow my blanket”
Pairing -
Barista!Bucky X Reader AU
Words - 944
Warnings - FLUUUUFFFF!! So much fluff and shy!bucky! 
A/N - HELLO HELLO! Guess who’s taken part in a writing challenge? ME I HAVE! This is going to be a 5 part mini series to celebrate my wife Sofia’s @nataliarxmanxva Seasons Change Writing Challenge! This series is going to be in Bucky’s POV so strap in! 

Originally posted by winterlightscosynights


The first time he sees you you’re practically diving head first into the small, secluded coffee shop he works in. Fingers yanking open the door with just as much force as the wind howling outside. White speckles dotted in your hair as the snow outside flutters to the floor with more grace than your arrival. The onset of winter bringing more snow than he thought he’d ever seen before, pure white staining the floor and causing chaos with drivers and people who were dashing to get out of the cold.

Your cheeks are flushed from the horrendous weather, cold seeping into your skin and making them take on a red tint. The fluffy coat draped over your shoulders is zipped up right to the top so it settles under your chin, but you’re still shivering.

He watches with a small smile as you kick the snow off your boots at the door, fingers shuffling through your pockets to pull out some crumbled notes. Eyes running over the huge chalk board placed above the counter he’s stood at, displaying all the drinks and prices.

Once you’ve finished mulling over what you want you’re looking over to him and the second your eyes meet the brightest smile he thinks he’s ever seen is on your face. Before he can even control himself, he’s smiling back at you and as a response you’re ducking your head down to hide.

“Hi” You grin sheepishly, tucking a fly away strand of hair behind your ear “Can I have a hot chocolate please” You voice is soft when you speak but when you reach out to pass the notes into his hand your own are still shaking.

“Sure thing sweetheart” He smirks “You want that with cream and sprinkles?” He asks watching with amusement as an incredulous expression overcame your face.

“That’s a stupid question – “ You paused slightly to glance at the name tag pinned on his apron “James. Of course I do” Now it was your turn to smirk at the flustered expression on his face.

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Baby, You’re a Knockout (for @queerevak ♥) (3.6k)
Even has been crushing on the cute boy who comes into the university cafe for weeks, but he never expected a minor head injury to be how their relationship got started

Even had never been as glad to work in the university cafe as he was right then, because there was an honest to god angel sat a few tables away from his till.  He had gone on his break not particularly a religious man and he’d come back only to have his life totally turned inside out and upside down by a beautiful blonde angel.

The boy had the fluffiest looking hair, possibly made fluffier by the red beanie he had discarded onto the table, and his cheeks were flushed adorably pink from the warmth of the café contrasting the brutally cold air outside.  Even had had a quick smoke on his 15 minute break and was still trying to regain the feeling in his fingers, although looking at that breathtaking boy had warmth spreading through his frozen body.

Even wished he could have been out front when the boy came in, and he was surprised by the pang of resentment he felt towards whoever had been blessed enough to take the boy’s order.  Even was sure that the boy was going to have the most beautiful voice, that his words would captivate Even in a way that nothing had in a long time, and he knew that whoever had taken his order hadn’t appreciated his voice like Even would have.

All Even could do was hope the boy was in for the long haul and would order something else so that Even got the chance to actually talk to him rather than stare open-mouthed in awe at him from the door to the break room.

Unfortunately, luck was not on Even’s side that day. Hell, he considered himself lucky enough to have seen that boy; maybe he was being too greedy wanting to talk to him as well.

He watched with  a heavy heart as the boy packed up his spread of books and bundled back up to endure the Norwegian winter barely an hour after Even got back from his break.

Even definitely did not spend the rest of his shift that day moping about not getting to talk to the prettiest boy he ever did see.


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anonymous asked:

NCT 127/U (because TEN) fall aesthetics? Please? The vixx spring aesthetics were so beautiful, I'd love to see how you write this!

Taeyong: heavy rain that blows through your open windows and makes your curtains dance, pulling old hoodies out of the closet, taking someones hands and putting them in your pockets to keep them warm 

Johnny: going on a long drive with your best friends through winding roads canopied by orange and yellow trees, scooting closer to someone to share their warmth, secretly kissing behind scarves. 

Yuta: the sound of fire crackling, watching the sky turn a golden hue as the sun sets and the night begins, still using old halloween costumes to prank someone, loud laughter around the dinner table 

Taeil: curling up in two or more blankets, cups of tea that got cold because you fell asleep at your desk, lazy afternoons where time feels like it passes too slow, feeling someone’s cold fingertips brush warm skin of your cheeks 

Doyoung: making lists of possible christmas gifts, sharing hot coffee in your favorite cafe, pretending to shop when you really just came into the store for their heating, having to tickle fight your significant other for hogging all the blankets 

Jaehyun: jumping into a freshly raked pile of leaves, the taste of warm apple cider, talking about how the year has passed too quickly and winters just around the corner, handing out candy on halloween night in couple costumes

Sicheng: pulling turtlenecks up over your mouth and nose, visting the countryside for apple picking, trying to make at home smores but getting melted chocolate and marshmallow all over each other instead 

Mark: eating anything and everything pumpkin flavored, reminiscing about the summer while drinking hot coco, froth mustaches from whipped cream, blanket forts decorated with lots of pillows and fairy lights, cute pairs of couple socks

Haechan: eating leftover candy from halloween for a month straight, wearing hats and having your ears poke out, stealing someone’s jacket for another layer of warmth, eating cookies shaped like ghosts or reindeer - no inbetween 

Ten: getting leaves tangled in your hair, buying cinnamon spice and pumpkin pie scented candles, that first feeling of warmth when you slip on a sweater, tangling your legs with someone and hitching up their pajamas while you sleep 

Over and Over Again

Anonymous Requested: We broke up but no one makes coffee the way you do and I really need a cup so can I come over? 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff 
Word Count: 3,520


It starts with one hazy winter morning and a single phone call.

You’ve always been a relatively light sleeper, a trait of your life you’ve always secretly hated because it’s always stopped you from getting through the night peacefully, but this time it’s a part of yourself you just want to fling off a cliff and curse to the heavens and back. Who on earth would even bother trying to call you at a time like—!

“What the fuck?” You let out in a groan, voice husky from sleep as your hand blindly reaches across to the nightstand, fingers dragging along the surface to try and feel for your phone. Your head is swimming with the abruptness of early morning, the neurons in your brain going at a rapid pace in hasty attempts to right yourself up for the new day. “What time is it…?”

Somehow, your fingers manage to clasp around the rectangular object that is your phone, and you peel an eye open long enough to catch the bright green numbers on your digital clock. The fact that the sun hasn’t even risen over the horizon should be warning bell number 1 that whoever is calling you definitely doesn’t deserve a reply if they’re going to interrupt what little sleep you already get, but you think you would much rather give this person a piece of your mind as—!

You don’t even bother trying to read the fine print of the caller ID before you tug the phone from the charging unit, rolling onto your stomach and—“What?”

“Oh, sorry, is this a bad time?”

The arm that isn’t propped up to keep the phone to your ear straightens like a board, driving you off the bed, the warmth of the covers long forgotten as your heart immediately sets on going into overdrive as it courses through your body. The feelings are almost vague, foreign, nearly forgotten, yet something so nostalgic that your heart already knows the answer before your mind could conjure up a question.


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  • *Qrow and winter are at a meeting, sitting at a table.*
  • Qrow: *Kicks Winter's leg*
  • Winter: *Silent anger*
  • Qrow: *Kicks some more*
  • Winter: *Looks to see if anyone noticed. No one did. She is alone in this hell*
  • Qrow: *Kicks more*
  • Winter: *Under her breath* Stop that.
  • Ironwood: Did you say something, Winter?
  • Winter: No sir. Please continue.
  • Qrow: *Kicks her a bit more*
  • Winter: *Violently turns towards him and gives him a death glare*
  • Ironwood: ...Is something the matter?
  • Qrow: Yeah you seem a bit agitated. You forget to drink your coffee this morning?
  • Winter: ...nothing is the matter. Please ignore my past transgressions.
  • Ironwood: Very well... *continues on about battleships and what not*
  • Qrow: *Waits a bit before kicking her again*
  • Winter: ............*kicks him back*
  • Qrow: *Kicks her back*
  • *This continues for a while*
  • Winter: *Gets pissed and kicks him so hard the table shakes*
  • Qrow: *Standing up* OW!
  • Ironwood: What is going on over there?!
  • Qrow: Winter kicked me!
  • Ironwood: Winter! Why did you do that?
  • Winter: *Standing up* But sir! He kicked me first!
  • Ironwood: .......
  • Ozpin: ..........
  • GLynda: .........
  • Winter: *realizing she sounds like a 12 year old, she sits back down in silence*
  • Qrow: *Puts his hand on her shoulder* Don't worry, Winter. I forgive you. Growing up's a hard time for every one. Hey, why don't we play together during recess? ;P
  • Winter: *Internal screaming*
  • natgeo Video by @Filipe_DeAndrade @brianmoghari and @mckenziebarney | While they’re excellent natural pollinators and extremely beneficial to their environment, the ruby-throated hummingbird makes it quite a challenge to get a great shot. But it’s a fun challenge. For this adventure we wanted to film them on their migratory path back to Central America for the winter. We knew that at that point on their migration they would be extra aggressive and territorial over food sources since they have to travel over 500 miles without stopping. There was a lot of coffee and a lot of nectar drank on this shoot. Check out the entire sequence in my series #WildUntamed on natgeowild.com/untamed or click the link in my personal bio.
Hidden Voices

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, world renown, critically acclaimed rapper has lost his inspiration. In an attempt to start over and regain his lost inspiration, he made the bold decision to move to New York City. There, he meets a quick witted barista named Alex, who unknowingly becomes the source of Thomas’s knew found inspiration.

Author’s note: Uploaded on mobile (like usual lol)

tag list: @katzun my dude!
Crowds were annoying. If there was one thing that Thomas Jefferson hated, it was crowds. Every time he was in a highly populated area, he was bombarded with selfie, autograph, and hug demands. Mobile phones meant that he was always in the public eye… Always being in the public eye meant that there was no escaping his personal hell - overly pushy fans.

Thomas Jefferson was a rapper who had recently moved to New York City. He used to live in San Francisco, but he found that he was loosing his touch. He was lacking inspiration, so a move to a new place seemed to be the logical step. He had grown up on a farm in Virginia, but he found his creativity really sore in the city. His agent had recommended New York City because he had an office just blocks from Thomas’s lavish, rooftop apartment. It made it easier to get to the studio, but Thomas found it was harder to get away from fans so early in the morning.

You see, Thomas was not a morning person at all. He was a self-diagnosed insomniac, who normally wouldn’t get up until noon. However, he had to run on New York time and kept a nine to five job, just like his agent and the people who worked at the studio. Getting up at seven in the morning didn’t exactly set him up to be the friendliest person. But, he didn’t want to upset his fans either, so Thomas did everything in his power to avoid them all together.

Currently, Thomas was trying to get his coffee maker working, so that he didn’t have to go to a crowded coffee shop where there might be a lot of people. If there was one thing about Thomas that didn’t change over the years, it was his old cheep habits. Thomas had owned that same coffee maker since college, and it seemed today was the day it finally died and gone to coffee heaven. Thomas swore under his breath and hit the coffee maker one last time before gearing up to deal with people.

He threw on a thick coat to combat the harsh New York winter, a pair of brand new pair of sneakers that he had gotten for free to promote, and a flat bill cap that he had bought during college. Now, it was considered vintage and cool. Thomas took a deep breath and opened the door not ready to face the world outside.

As soon as the door opened, Thomas’s eyes stung from the icey wind. It was negative four today with wind chills down to negative seven. Thomas trudged along the sidewalk in search of a coffee place. It was times like this where he really missed the warmer winter weather of San Francisco. But, it was also frigid days like this that kept people inside and out of his face.

Eventually, Thomas found a coffee shop on Broadway (which was a couple blocks from the studio) called, “Cafe 525 ”. The cafe looked ridiculously cheesy. Musical posters hung on the walls and memorabilia covered nearly every other counter, crook, and crevis in the cafe. It was clear that the cafe was musical themed, and being right off of Broadway, Thomas understood why. He was just confused by the name.

Thomas walked inside jumping at the sound of the loud bell that rang when he came in. Instead of the Broadway music he was expecting, soft 90’s rap played throughout the store. Someone in the back of the store swore, and the music quickly switched to some song Thomas didn’t recognize from “Cats”. He frowned and walked up to the counter and rung the bell alerting the staff he needed service.

“Yeah, yeah keep your pants on! I’m comin’” A voice yelled from the back. Thomas blinked. He certainly wasn’t expecting that. No matter, the worker would change his mind after he found out who exactly Thomas was.

After a few moments, a short, black haired man worked out. Thomas nearly smiled at how hot the man was despite being what seemed like five foot tall. He had long black hair tied back into a neat pony tail. Facial hair outlined his mouth and accented his lightly pink lips. Chocolate brown eyes stared back at him in annoyance. It seemed his barista wasn’t a morning person either… Maybe, they had chemistry right off the bat. The man grumbled and took out a black marker from the inside of his purple smock and placed it behind his ear.

“What do ya want?” The man asked.

Thomas chuckled and leaned over the counter flashing the cute man an award winning smile. “Well, good morning to you too darlin’. You don’t sound too happy to be at work. Can I get your name?”

The man rolled his eyes and pounded his number into the POS system. “If you’re just dying to know, I have a name tag. Now, are you gonna order or just waste my time?”

Oh… Thomas forgot about that. His eyes drifted down to the man’s name tag. Alex. It was probably short for Alexander… It was fitting for him. Alex seemed to be quick witted,  and sharped tongue. Thomas liked that in a man. It kept things interesting.

“As much as I love flirting with you, I need coffee for the rest of the day. I’ll have a venti-”

“Let me stop you right there. This isn’t a Starbucks. Small, medium, or large?” Alex asked rolling his eyes… Tourists…

Thomas was quiet for a moment. Did Alex really talk back to him? “Large. I’ll have a large dark roast with a double shot, and a strawberry muffin.”

Alex nodded and entered the order into the computer quickly before looking up at Thomas. “Alright, anything else?”

Thomas smirked and winked. “Your number.”

“You’re funny.” Alex smirked back and took the muffin out of the case, packed it into a bag, and slid it across the counter.  “I’ll get your coffee.”

Thomas took the bag and set it on the nearest table in favor of watching Alexander instead of eating the muffin. “Don’t you need my name?”

“I know who you are.” Alex muttered pressing a button on the espresso machine. “Forgive me for not bowing down or begging to get your signature Mr.Jefferson.” He said sarcastically brewing a fresh pot for Thomas’s coffee.

Thomas grinned and leaned against the counter just looking at Alexander. He had never had someone act like this knowing who he was. It was nice. “And what do you think of my music?” He hummed watching Alex start the second shot of espresso. Alex was clearly a fan of hip hop from what he heard earlier.

“I think it’s terrible.” Alex deadpanned finishing up Thomas’s order and ringing it through the computer. “It lacks feeling and passion. I could write a better rap song than anything you have written.” Alex smirked. “That will be $5.29 by the way.”

Thomas clutched his fists and his jaw clenched. His music lacked feeling?! Thomas put his heart and soul into his work! Most of the songs he had written came from his own experiences! How dare this barista insult him like this?! He was going to- No… He couldn’t let Alex win. He had to turn this around and use it to his advantage.

“If you think it’s terrible surely you wouldn’t mind a little wager?” He purred. Alex looked annoyed and pissed off that Thomas didn’t flip, which is what he was going for. Perfect. “I’ll come back in a week. If I write better lyrics than you, than I get to take you on a date.”

“And what if I win?” Alex asked folding his arms.

“Depends. What do you want?”

“Sign me as your lyricist. I’m tired of you ruining rap for the younger kids. I can fix it.”

Thomas should be offended, but there was no way Alex would actually win. He was just a barista. He shook Alex’s hand and grinned.

“Deal.” He said. With that, he made his way out the door. He needed to go to the studio. There was no way he was going to let Alex have the pleasure of winning. As he walked out daydreaming of the potential date he had with his cute barista, he never once realized that Alex had written his number and the word asshole on Thomas’s cup…

All of This and So Much More: Chapter Three [poly!hamsquad x reader]

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 1.5K (yikes,,)

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Oh look John is back (kinda).  Also you’ll be seeing A LOT of Peggy, be forewarned 

Chapter Two  Chapter Four

Roommate: Peggy Schuyler

Hartley Hall, Room 2A8

“Schuyler ya say?  I know a couple Schuylers up in New York.  Phillip Schuyler maybe?  He’s good people.”  Your grandfather set down his newspaper, folding it neatly on the table beside his plate.  You’d been at breakfast with him when you got the email confirming your housing assignment for the semester.  Because you didn’t know anyone besides John at Columbia and wanted to surprise him, you’d had to go with a random roommate.  

“Just because they have the same last name doesn’t mean they’re related, Papaw. Schuyler may just be a common name.” Instead of eating, you were pushing around your pancakes.  The sense of dread about college had been growing steadily since your outing to the Laurens house.  

Your grandfather watched you for a few moments; his steady gaze fixed on your slouched figure.  You’d given up pushing around the pancakes, opting instead for drawing lazy patterns in the syrup.  

“Honey, what’s got you all bent outta shape lately?  And don’t say nothin’ ‘cause I know you and this ain’t nothin’” It was the same slow voice you’d been listening to all your life. It had dispensed countless bouts of advice.  You propped your head up in your hand.  Looked at him.  Looked away.  Started to open your mouth.  Stopped. Took a sip of your drink. Breathed deep.  Started to talk again.  Stopped again.

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