a cloudy day in portland

bugsoap  asked:

Your photos are just breathtaking. I've been going through all of them and I am so inspired. I have a few questions: 1. How do you find locations for shots? 2. What is the best light/time of day/ weather conditions for your photos, and 3. How do you get the shots working with smoke and flames? Do you use video and take the best shots? Do you set a timer? I don't have friends so I'm trying to do shots alone which is hard when I'm trying to work with dandelions and bubbles and smoke. Tysm!!!

Thanks!  Ill answer those separately:
1.  I usually just drive around, or look around on Google Maps.  I just try to get somewhere a bit rural, and take roads I havent taken before and see what I find.  Otherwise Ill just go to some basic park if the location is more just a backdrop.

2. I usually just shoot when it’s cloudy or foggy.  I used to shoot a lot during the golden/blue hour, but I don’t really shoot that late usually.  Cloudy light is better anyways, and Portland has a lot of cloudy days, so it works out!

3. I have a remote timer (This one specifically) for self portraits.  It’s usually for time lapse photography, but it is super useful and pretty cheap.  Its basically an advanced version of the 10 second timer on your camera.  It lets you program in how many photos you want to take, the delay between each photo, how long to wait for the first shot, and how long to hold the shutter.  If you are doing something casual without too much movement, you can just set up the shot, and set it to take around 15-20 shots.  While its shooting, move around a bit or something and see what looks good.  If youre doing something with motion (stuff being thrown, fire etc), set the camera to continuous shutter, and set the timer to hold down the shutter for a few seconds after a delay.  This just gets a ton of images in a really short amount of time, so you wont really miss the moment.

Hope that helps!