a cloud in the echo


Скорбные крики птиц - ласточки хоронят еще один день. 
Погребальный костер обгладывает рыхлое облачное тело, оставляя сизый пепел и эхо печальных песен.

Mournful cries of birds - swallows bury another day.
Funeral pyre devoured the friable cloud’s body, leaving bluish ashes and echoes of sad songs.

Image of the star V838 Monocerotis reveals dramatic changes in the illumination of surrounding dusty cloud structures. The effect, called a light echo, has been unveiling never-before-seen dust patterns ever since the star suddenly brightened for several weeks.


Pairing: Jasper Cullen x Reader

Characters: Jasper, the Cullens

Warnings: Angst, May Trigger Unwanted Depressed Thoughts!

Word Count: 690

Note: I hope this requested one-shot/imagine is as lovely and beautiful as the person who asked for it. And let’s be honest everyone, Jasper would have been the ideal boyfriend/mate had he been real.

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The very moment I had collapsed upon Alice’s Chesterfield sofa, all I had done  was stare out at the autumn sky as it seemed quite dark and vengeful while angry clouds coiled within as they race across the grey heavens. The winds picked up in a frenzy and the thunder echoed while clouds began to collide with one another. And not too soon, the harmonic thrumming of the sudden raindrops fill my ears.

The sky seemed as depressed as I had been today, it seemed to be my only companion, who weeped as I began to do so. It was difficult to specifically pinpoint as to what had caused me to feel this way. Continuously, I had searched my heart and asked myself what or how I had began to feel this way. Frantically, after thinking about the numerous, unsatisfying possibilities, I grew irritated with myself as I run my fingers through my hair. 

My body betrayed me as my palms began to get clammy yet I felt as if I was bathing in ice cold water. Every cell in my body was tingling in pain while my heart beat so hard within my chest, it almost felt like painful waves thrashing up against the walls of my ribcage. 

These dreaded feelings I had never wished for were like a vicious, exhausting cycle of burning hell, especially when I couldn’t control the overwhelming, sickening anxieties. All this crying, overthinking, the constant feeling of being pulled into a dark abyss, the suicidal thoughts - it was a draining feeling that makes me wonder if this life I was living is worth living at all.

All the sudden, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket as it startles me. I wipe the fresh tears away with the back of my hand and reach for my phone. Instantly, I roll my eyes as I see that the new text message had been sent from my mom asking me where I was…

I didn’t bother replying, in fact I hadn’t even returned home from school today and now, it had been late in the afternoon. The reason for that was not because I didn’t want to be with my family but because I needed to be alone, at peace, where there wouldn’t be vexing comments about my facial appearance, like, ‘Turn that frown upside down, (Y/N), even Mona Lisa looks happier than you do.’

In all sincerity, by now, this monstrous episode of depression would have since faded. But I felt as if my torn soul echoed with powerful melancholies. And so, everything around me only continued to become blurry as an annoying, low buzzing rang in my ears. 

The uncontrollable noise only made me want to yell in frustration as I sink into my feet and slowly crawl over to my school bag. With trembling hands and tearful eyes, I reach for the inner pocket to pull out the pills that had been prescribed for my anxiety. 

The doctor had advised that I not take anymore than one pill as the drug was quite strong and overdosing would pronounce serious, long-term issues. As of this moment, it seemed to be the only way for me as I forced the cap to open and poured the pills on my palm, ready to swallow them.

Suddenly, the pills were knocked out of my hands as they scattered across the floor of the bedroom. And before I could reach for them and yell at the person, two cool yet soothing hands rest upon my cheeks. “(Y/N),” Jasper’s velvety voice whispered as I gasp when I look to him. 

A sudden wave of calm slowly washes over me and my heartbeat gradually returns to normal as I stare at Jasper’s serene, golden eyes. As he pulls me to his chest, instinctively, I wrap my arms around him, breathing in his hypnotizing scent.

As we remain in this comfortable position, Jasper lulls me with his sweet words, “Listen to me, doll. None of this is your fault and no matter what happens, I will keep you safe. I will always make sure of it, sugar.”

Galaxies from the Altiplano : The central bulge of our Milky Way Galaxy rises over the northern Chilean Atacama altiplano in this postcard from planet Earth. At an altitude of 4500 meters, the strange beauty of the desolate landscape could almost belong to another world though. Brownish red and yellow tinted sulfuric patches lie along the whitish salt flat beaches of the Salar de Aguas Calientes region. In the distance along the Argentina border is the stratovolcano Lastarria, its peak at 5700 meters . In the clear, dark sky above, stars, nebulae, and cosmic dust clouds in the Milky Way echo the colors of the altiplano at night. Extending the view across extragalactic space, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, shine near the horizon through a faint greenish airglow. via NASA

Pacific Northwestern Gothic

• yesterday, this lake trail was your favorite place to jog. today, the narrow beach between you and the gray water is strewn with hundreds of dead salmon. you thought spawning season wasn’t for two more months. they stare, stinking and bloated, at nothing, their grotesquely long, red jaws making you unsure they’re really salmon at all.

• you’re standing out in the woods. quiet, like you’re hiding from something you can’t name. the ground feels uneven, spongy and rocky all at once, under your feet. you’d like to stay here forever and melt into legend, but something tells you this would be a grave mistake

• you forgot to bring your canvas tote to the farmer’s market so instead you bundle your vegetables up in the Portland hoodie you had in your trunk. on the way back, you clutch them to your chest like a secret, like a fugitive infant.

• is it raining? you can hear heavy drops falling from the trees into the deep nest of moss and conifer needles on the ground, but you’re still not sure

• your friends want to go clamming Friday morning. you tell them you have to work, but really you’re remembering when you were young and your father pulled something bulbous, fleshy, and struggling out of the dark hole he made in the gray sand. it wasn’t a clam. it couldn’t have been. clams don’t make noises like that.

• you’ve never seen Bigfoot but you staunchly insist he’s real. there’s something in the woods and God willing, it’s nothing worse

• someone mentions to you that one of the Southern Resident orcas has died. you keep your relief to yourself. finally you understand the long, muted keening you keep hearing wash over you from the direction of the Sound, echoing back from the thick layer of clouds

• you want to visit Seattle. you don’t know what you’ll do there; you only know with total surety that you’ve been away too long. the distance gnaws at your insides.

• nothing was wrong with the berries you forage from the same thicket every summer. nothing was wrong with the homemade jam you gave your family. and nothing is wrong with your family. everyone is fine, everything is normal. you tell yourself this even as you throw out the jar you kept for yourself.

• outside your back door, there is a bear. you stare at him and he stares at you and you both know he could crash through the glass door and dirty screen like nothing. after a while—ten seconds? five minutes?—he slowly turns and ambles into the trees.

• you don’t bother latching the door as night falls. it won’t save you if he comes back for you. it won’t save you if anything comes for you.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Characters: CastielXPregnant!Reader, ft. Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1135

A/N: Drabble request from anonymous – “Could you please do an imagine where the reader is pregnant with twins (boy and girl) and Castiel is happy yet worried cause the babies are Nephilim.” Well, this one went in a bit of an interesting direction. Fluff, descriptions of child birth (nothing super intense), perhaps ever-so-slightly angsty in the middle, and then even more fluff, cause fluff.

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“She’s an angel.” Castiel stared awestruck at the sticky squirming pink newborn held in his trembling arms.

“Yeah man, she’s beautiful,” Dean agreed, squeezing his friend on the shoulder before aiding in the angel’s awkward attempt to swaddle his infant daughter. Dean grimaced at the total ineptitude of Cas’ swaddling ability, gently prying the baby out of his fumbling arms to wrap her securely, “No offense, but she’s lucky she got her mother’s looks.”

“No Dean,” Cas corrected, shaking his head, tone disbelieving, “I mean she’s an actual angel.”

“You mean?” Dean’s jaw slackened askance.

“She’s not a Nephilim.” The wash of joy and relief flooding Cas’ expression was short-lived, drowned out by your renewed screams in the adjoining room.

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Sirius Black Imagine: “Comfort”

May I have a sirius black imagine where the gryffindor reader is a bit broken cuz she just broke up with a slytherin and sirius comforts her and some fluff, cuddling or even a kiss maybe? Thnx y write amazing💗💗

Ok so the plot is Sirius x reader where the reader has sort of depression and sirius finds her in the bathroom alone crying and comforts her. You know hugs kisses and all that fluffy cute stuff thats it😂❤

Requested by anon

Notes: I chose not to make the reader gryffindor so that it would fit better the two requests at the same time.

Warnings: angst

Your ex-boyfriend was a dick. There was no other way to describe him. He had slept with other people behind your back and you hadn’t caught him until today. You felt stupid: stupid for thinking he would ever be faithful to you; stupid for believing he had feelings for you; but mostly, stupid for loving him. The slytherin student tried to apologize, but you didn’t grant him time to do that. You ran towards the bathroom, shoving the people who stumbled over you without even apologizing. You had no time for that. You needed to escape. You needed to be alone. Your vision was clouded from the tears and your lips quivered. Sobs echoed across the bathroom, no matter how hard you tried to conceal them.

All of a sudden, you felt somebody squeezing your shoulder. You squealed and jumped, startled.

“Hey, [y/n]. It’s just me, Sirius. Don’t be afraid,” he said in a soothing voice.

Sirius had always been your best friend. It was strange to cry in front of him, when you always laughed with him instead. 

“Whose arse do I have to kick?” he asked, dead serious.

Your lips twitched in an attempt at smiling, although the grin looked fake. You threw yourself at him violently, desperately seeking comfort, and that’s what he gave to you. His arms enfolded you tenderly and made you feel like home. His smell invaded your senses and appeased your soul. You were aware that his shirt was getting wet from your tears, but he didn’t complain, and you couldn’t feel more thankful for that. When your cries subsided, Sirius kissed the top of your head fondly and put some distance between you two, just enough to see your face.

“What happened?” he wondered softly, his fingers grazing your cheek and drying the last traces of tears.

You hesitated a few moments, but when you spoke up to explain to him everything, you found it difficult to recognize your own voice. It sounded way too weak, and you hated that. Sirius noted it, and he tightened his grip on your waist to make you feel stronger.

“That bloody slytherin is a downright arsehole, [y/n]. You are better off without him. You deserve somebody who makes you laugh, not somebody who makes you cry,” he mumbled when your speech finished.

You fell silent. His words were replaying in your mind non-stop. There was only one person who always made you laugh, instead of crying, and you were staring right at him. You had never thought of Black as in something more than a friend, but now that you did, perhaps it wasn’t such an atrocious idea. Your ex-boyfriend had never made you feel as safe and calm as Sirius did. Your ex-boyfriend had lied to you. Sirius never did. You needed time to heal first, but you weren’t opposed to the idea of finding out what it felt like to be kissed on the lips by him.

“Thank you,” you whispered wholeheartedly.

“Whatever for?”

“For being the best friend I could have ever asked for,” you revealed with a small grin.

This time, the smile reached your beautiful [y/e/c] eyes. Sirius smiled back and kissed your cheek, nearly touching the corner of your mouth. It wasn’t a proper kiss on the lips, but it was enough for the time being. 

“Anytime, [y/n]. Now, why don’t we plan the greatest prank of Hogwarts?” he asked with a mischievous twinkle on his grey eyes.

“Who do you want to prank?”

“Why? That idiot that has made you cry, of course. Who else?” he said with a smirk on his handsome face.

Your only thought in your mind was that the snake had it coming.

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Something Better (Newt x Reader)

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For the lovely @tangle-of-ivy who requested: I’ve always been obsessed with soulmate AU’s and I’d love one with the Reader and Newt.However, I’m always disappointed when in most Soulmate AU’s the story ends right after they discover each other. I’d like to see one where we get at least one big scene after the initial meeting

Soulmate AU in which you can see all colors except that of your soulmate’s eyes. When you meet for the first time and look into their eyes, you’ll see this color for the first time and know you’ve found one another. <3

Words: ~3000

Rating: Soulmate fluff that will make your heart burst if you’re not careful! <3 

Hope you enjoy!

You always preferred to leave the window open while you worked at your desk. You found the busy sounds of New York streets below comforting, the fresh air that drifted in would assist in concentration as you wrote or sketched, and the sunlight that dripped through always brought a smile to your face.

Though likely odd to some, you saved your biggest smiles for heavy rainstorms. You often recalled the day you were caught in a thunderstorm, walking down the pier with the intentions of getting home to a warm cup of hot chocolate and a good book. You had spared a glance to the ocean behind you, skidding to a halt with wide eyes at the sight of a sea drained of any color, replaced with dull shades of gray. Though you laughed at it now, you were terrified when you asked a passerby if the ocean was indeed gray, and had received the oddest look in response. Even to this day you found you could barely breathe at the realization you had found the color–or rather, the absent color–your soulmate must have possessed in their mysterious eyes. Ever since that fateful day you had made it mandatory to visit the beach when it stormed, hope swelling in your chest when clouds coated the normally blue skies.

Pausing in your current writing, you glanced up to the darkening sky with baited breath, a grin already tugging at your lips.  You stared at the ashen clouds above, skin prickling with goosebumps at the unmistakable sensation of a spring breeze wafting through the window and blowing your H/C locks from your face. E/C eyes wide and unblinking, you waited in anticipation for a sign of rain. When the clouds continued to drift peacefully, you slouched in your chair and rested your head in your hands in defeat. A sudden flash of lightning streaked across the clouds, sending shockwaves of hope through your heart as a familiar rumbling echoed in the sky. Your desk shuddered as if in fear, the vibrations titillating your skin and prickling at your nerves as the clouds growled with thunder.

Practically jumping from your seat, you didn’t bother to grab a jacket with the excitement surging through your veins and fueling your determination, not giving any care to the puzzled looks you received as you dashed through the rain to the beach, a smile on your face the entire way.

You had never met them, yet you knew they were out there.

This fact both excited and worried you, the possibilities eating away at your thoughts as you sat atop your favorite rock that rested a safe distance from the powerful waves. You ran a hand through your damp H/C hair, thankful the heavy rain had slowed to a light sprinkling. The storm itself remained, creating a static, dry atmosphere that seemed to charge the air with energy.

As you stared, you pondered the possibility that your soulmate was just beyond the gray waters along the horizon. If you managed to cross them, perhaps they would be there, waiting on a distant shore for you to emerge from the waves like a goddess of the sea.

You did your best to imagine a stranger’s eyes that would somehow look familiar, a new color pooling into the sea and enhancing your vision along with filling the empty piece in your puzzle of a heart. Only one specific shade of color was missing from your life, and though you could see all others, the thought of your soulmate’s color being absent forever was acidic, simmering in the back of your mind and gnawing away at your skull, allowing thoughts to spill from your mind and seep into the sand below. You were meant for someone, and you and that someone were meant for something better. Though you had no idea what that was, you craved it endlessly.

Normally, during a clear day, the ocean boasted a deep blue that resembled melted sapphires, deep and profound. During a turbulent storm, high winds and heavy rain, the water instead shimmered a dull gray that tugged at your curiosity and dampened your soul with unfulfillment.

How tragic it was to you to see such a marvelous being deprived of color. The waves churned with passion and power before softly stroking at the sands, subtle in the grand scheme of a dangerous rainstorm, chaotic yet comforting. You liked to think your soulmate resembled such a hauntingly beautiful sight, pulling at your imagination to concoct a color to resemble a mix of passion and softness. In some storms, when the waves licked at the sandy shore hungrily, you felt similar yearning, and found it pleasant to think perhaps the longing waves resembled your soulmate who felt the same way. Though bittersweet, you never missed a storm on the shores, to remind yourself your one and only was indeed out there, and possessed eyes of the hauntingly beautiful waves you deeply desired to see.

In the midst of your thoughts, you detected a flicker of movement out of the corner of your vision, smooth and gliding just out of your sight and into the rumbling clouds.

Your curiosity got the better of you, your H/C gaze searching the sky for a glimpse of what you swore was a tail of some sort as you walked down the beach.

It didn’t take long to spot the shimmering, stark white against the ashen clouds, though you almost couldn’t believe your eyes at the sight before you. Billowing with glistening feathers of deep amber, you watched in wonderment as the enormous bird seemingly stared back at you with golden eyes, screeching over the thunder as it circled the clouds. You didn’t dare blink, in case you should lose sight of the magnificent creature, though you tore your gaze when you heard a recognizably British voice yell from a few yards down the shore.

“Now Frank, I do believe it would be best to come back now.”  the voice belonged to a navy coat-clad man with a mop of honey hair that ruffled in the winds, and as you approached, you couldn’t resist admiring the layers of freckles you spotted dotting his cheeks and hands as he nodded to gesture to the open suitcase in his hands. “In you go, please.”  

The enormous creature gave a squawk of resistance, to which you couldn’t stifle a giggle at the stranger’s adorable pout in response. At your laugh, he turned to you with surprise, opening his mouth to say something, though he was cut off as the golden bird dove to the beach, landing in the sand between the two of you with a thud. The beast towered over you as you stared with wide eyes and trembling knees.

“That’s just Frank! Thunderbird’s look quite intimidating at first, I’m sure,” the stranger licked his lips apprehensively as he observed Frank crane his neck toward your stiffened form. “He won’t hurt you I promise, he’s just curious…” he trailed off, watching in wonderment as Frank lowered his head and nudged against your open hand.

“H-hi there…” you greeted breathlessly, cautiously raising your hand and accepting the Thunderbird’s invitation to stroke its massive head. Newt carefully approached from behind with the case, setting it down in the sand and watching in fascination as Frank practically cooed at your touch. “I think it’s time for you to go home now.” you suggested, feeling the air rush from your lungs in awe as the bird met your eyes once more, sharp and intelligent as he nudged your hand gently off of his skull. You opened your mouth to speak again, but instead gave a light squeak of surprise as the Thunderbird gave a loud screech and leaped into the air, his powerful wings creating gusts of wind that knocked you off your feet. The beast hovered for a moment before soaring into a circle and diving into the open case in a matter of seconds.

Your chest heaved in shock, mind racing as you processed the events that just transpired, though feeling exhilarated as you clenched fistfulls of sand tightly to be sure you weren’t dreaming.  Meanwhile, the handsome stranger quickly shut the lid to the case, snapping the locks and puffing out his cheeks in relief before hastily rushing to your side.

“Newt Scamander, at your service, though I suppose you were at mine today.” he gave a brief grin that scrunched up his now visible freckles as he shyly offered a hand. “And whom do I have the pleasure of thanking?”

The wind continued to billow at your skirts and ruffle at Newt’s honey-curls that you realized you already found endearing as you gratefully took his hand and allowed him to help you up. “Y/n L/n, a pleasure to…to…” you trailed off, swallowing thickly as you met Newt’s eyes that widened at the sight of yours. You felt your hand shake in his as you observed his eyes, a deep gray as your stormy ocean, suddenly flood with vibrant color, of that you had never seen before, though it sparked a flame of possibility in your mind as you turned to the shore with eagerness.

The water no longer reflected a murky, drained, tired gray, but a shimmering green unlike any you had ever seen before. Paler, like watered down emeralds that stewed in salty pastel blue, concocting a gentle, almost tender green so soft it made the waves appear to caress the shore rather than crash upon it. The color sent shivers down your spine in fascination, your surroundings all the brighter with its involvement.

Realization washed over you, your breath catching in your throat in marvel as you quickly turned back to the man whose eyes mirrored that of the water. You sighed in wonderment, practically intoxicated with the seafoam green, saturated and deep like the ocean itself.

“That’s you,” the words began spilling from your mouth before you could even think to compose yourself and speak reasonably. “I came out–I always come out here when it storms, I come sit on the docks, or the–the beach, and I watch…”

Newt’s brow furrowed in perplexity as he followed your gaze out into the watery horizon, staring at the waves that licked at the sand, leaving bubbling foam in their wake. Looking to your E/C gaze that were glossed over with unshed tears, he felt his heart skip a beat at such a shade of E/C he had never had the pleasure of knowing. Newt released a breath he hadn’t noticed he had been holding at the realization that you too, had discovered a new color, and thus meant…

“I come out and watch, and I just wait for…for…” you trailed off, looking again to the ocean in disbelief.

“For me.” Newt finished breathlessly as you faced him once more, his voice airy yet composed, like the fluttering of butterfly wings.   

“For you,” you echoed, cautiously bringing your hand to cup his cheek in wonderment as your thumb traced his freckles, already memorizing their compelling constellations. “Newt Scamander.”

The way you said his name, soft like a breath of spring, drove him deliciously mad, as it was the sweetest sound Newt swore he ever heard. His heart thundered in his ribcage as he mirrored your actions and caressed your jawline with a trembling freckled hand. “Words cannot fully express…what a joy it is to meet you,” he sighed, giving you a watery smile as he blinked back tears that formed at the mere sight of your elated expression.

In a state of awe, you felt your thoughts float away in the wind, forgetting whatever you had planned to say since the day the sea became colorless to you. Instead you felt an intense allure to the wizard before you, instincts taking over rational thought as you inched closer. You tugged at the lapels of Newt’s navy coat, pulling him tantalizingly close, his lips barely hovering above yours as you brushed your nose against his freckled one lovingly, the contact causing his cheeks to flush a slight pink, though you noticed his shy smile tugging at his lips.

A salty mist swept up in the wind from the waves, tickling at your exposed skin, the chilling stimulation combined with the breathtaking sight of Newt’s eyes that frothed with just as much passion as the waves sent shudders of haunted delight through your form. Your shivers quickly dissipated, however, with the pleasing sensation of Newt’s arms snaking around your waist and neck, pulling you into a heated kiss that took your breath away with it’s combined fervor and delicateness.

You practically melted into his embrace, his lips melding perfectly against yours with a subtle hint of spiced vanilla as his freckled fingers trailed up your spine and tangled in your H/C locks. He then pressed a trail of soft kisses along your cheek as he gingerly kissed up to the shell of your ear with a soft purr, “I don’t deserve such perfection…”

The compassion behind the intimate contact and confession poured into your core, sparking an inextinguishable blaze in your chest that warmed your entire being with rich warmth and fed the flames of devotion to the man who so naturally filled the space in your heart. You turned your head ever-so-slightly to nuzzle into Newt’s exposed neck, appreciating the scent of damp wood, fresh rainwater and a smidge of citrus that somehow smelled like home.    

So timid yet passionate, tender yet potent with eyes of raging waters that ran deep, he was a perfect storm. Your perfect storm.

The two of you fit snugly together in one another’s embrace, your relief and contentment manifesting in deep exhales. A soft breeze swirled around you, brief and light, as if the universe sighed in unison, satisfied with the fated outcome on the ocean shore.

Your chest blossomed with bliss when Newt clasped your hand as you walked down the streets, his seafoam eyes casting shy glances at you when he thought you wouldn’t notice, a constant shy smile plastered on his face as he led you to your destination. He became very animated when discussing his friends, whom he claimed would simply adore you the moment you walked in the door.

Though encouraging, Newt’s words couldn’t sedate the rising apprehension as you stood outside the door to the apartment, gnawing at your lower lip when he knocked.

Newt instantly took notice of your nervous state, squeezing your hand comfortingly and leaning over to place a light kiss on the crown of your head, murmuring lovingly, “They’ll love you,” you felt him smile against your H/C locks, “Almost as much as I do.”

His words sparked fireworks in your stomach, your anxiety dissipating as the door opened to reveal whom you assumed was Tina, based on the description Newt had given you. “You’re late for dinner Newt,” She wore an expression of playful annoyance that quickly turned to one of curiosity and excitement when she saw you, noticing the lovestruck look Newt wore when he looked to you. Tina’s eyes widened hopefully.

“Is…is she…?” she trailed off, raising a brow and biting at her bottom lip to suppress a hopeful grin as her gaze darted between the two of you.

Newt gave a genuine smile as he nodded excitedly, “This is Y/n L/n, and she has the most ravishing E/C eyes, doesn’t she?”

You blushed at Newt’s words, practically beaming as Tina gave a small cry of joy, shouting into the apartment behind her shoulder, “Pull up another chair to the table!”

Tina dragged the two of you into the apartment, cozily lit by candlelight with a crackling fire in the living room. The man you noticed in the kitchen paused in his baking task to flash the two of you a warm smile. “What’s with the grin there Mister English?” he chuckled, looking to you with a welcoming nod. It only took a small glance at Newt’s enamored expression for him to put the pieces together, though Tina made sure to make it clear as she gestured to you mouthing “Soulmate!”

“Ooh!” he chuckled happily, removing his oven gloves to properly shake your hand as he introduced himself, “Jacob Kowalski, nice to meet ya miss…?”

“L/n, Y/n L/n.” You bit back a grin as Jacob sent Newt a knowing look.

“She’s adorable, I’d keep her around Newt.” he winked.

“That is indeed the plan,” Newt replied with a shy smile, pride swelling in his chest at his friend’s approval.

Jacob chuckled at the wizard’s smitten appearance, opening his arms and shrugging at you, “I’m more of a hugger anyway,” he admitted, and you couldn’t help but laugh jubilantly as you reciprocated Jacob’s hug, already feeling a part of a family you just met.

Over Jacob’s shoulder, you noticed the the strawberry-blonde Goldstein sister rush into the room with a charming smile that grew into a grin as she looked to you and Newt, undoubtedly reading your thoughts with excitement. Jacob stepped to the side and gestured to you with a smile. “Hey hun, this is Y/n,” he introduced, smirking as Queenie gave a small jump of joy.

“Oh honey, you found her!” Queenie squealed, looking to Newt excitedly before turning to you and taking your hands in hers gleefully. “She found you! Oh sweetie, it’s wonderful to meet you!”

“The pleasure’s mine,” you grinned back, unable to suppress a giggle as Queenie bubbled with genuine laughter of delight. Her smile reminded you of how grateful you were to have such an opportunity to meet such lovely individuals, let alone your soulmate whom you already wanted to give the whole world to.

Queenie’s expression melted into one of admiration at your thoughts as she gave you a motherly peck on the cheek, turning to Newt with praise dripping from her voice. “Oh Newt, honey, she’s just perf–”

“Perfect.” Newt finished with her, his voice barely above a whisper of enchantment, though audible to you all the same, making your heart flutter in response as he looked at you with complete adoration under his cinnamon-dusted curls.

After dinner, the rest of evening consisted of lovely conversation and the sharing of personal stories. You all played few card games, during which you found yourself bursting into laughter when Tina would playfully scold her sister for reading her mind to see what cards she held.

You all had retired to the living room, enjoying the warmth of company as well as the fireplace that crackled and popped in the quiet of night. Jacob had fallen asleep in the midst of a card game with Queenie, which she whispered was the “cutest thing”, though it didn’t take long for her to follow when she relaxed next to him and drifted off herself.

Tina was currently nose-deep in a book, glancing up from time to time with a smile as she observed you and Newt cuddled on the sofa, transfixed by the dancing flames as well as the mere presence of one another. You nuzzled into Newt’s chest, the rhythm of his heartbeat soothing as your eyes fluttered closed.

As you allowed yourself give in to the pull of sleep, you felt Newt press his lips to your temple lovingly, murmuring sweet nothings that lulled you a blissful slumber in the arms of your one and only.

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Anonymous: I just want some angsty lams and some John brushing Alex’s hair comfortingly pretty please? I don’t care what kind of angst at all, but I really want hair brushing and you write lams so well. Please and thank you! You are awesome! Love ya! ❤ 

You got it, bby! ;) I hope you and the rest of the kiddos enjoy this fic! Thank you to my wonderful friend Binna @ciceroniantrash for angsting with me as I wrote this! (Also, pssst @chickensauras! This is the fic I’d started last night! ^.^) <333

“Alexaaaander?” John singsonged as he walked into their dorm room. He looked over at Alex’s bed and smiled at the lump huddled up under the covers.

John walked over to Alex and gently tapped him where he thought his shoulder was. “Hey, babe, I’m back. Wanna get sushi?”

The lump did not move. John tapped Alex again. Still no response.

“Alex?” he said slowly, as if not wanting to startle his boyfriend.


“I’m pulling the blanket back now,” John said. He took the cover in his hands and cautiously pulled it back.

Alex was curled up in a tiny ball under it, eyes open, staring at the wall, though John could tell Alex couldn’t really see anything.

“Oh, babe,” John said softly.

As he studied his boyfriend more and more, he realized that Alex was in a fresh shirt, but still had his pajama bottoms on, likely meaning he’d tried to get dressed and go to class before crawling back in bed. John’s heart sunk at the thought. Alex’s class started at 9:30. It was past 12:30 now. He absolutely hated the thought of his boyfriend being alone and in pain for that long.

He climbed up onto the bed with Alex and moved the boy’s head into his lap. He ran his fingers through Alexander’s dark locks, hoping the gentle touch would slowly bring him back from wherever he’d gone.

Alexander slowly tilted his head up toward John and blinked his eyes a few times. John smiled down at him, trying his best to hide the worry he knew was written all across his freckled face.

“Hey,” John said softly. “You okay?”

Alex stared at him for a moment longer before shaking his head no. John felt his heart leap into his throat.

Alex is never this forward. He tried to see the positive side, that at least Alex was being honest with him, but he had a feeling it was more like Alex is tired of hiding how he really feels from him.

“That’s okay,” John said soothingly. “That’s completely fine. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Alex stared up at him, expression unchanging, as if the words were taking longer than usual to make sense to him. John recalled Alex explaining how it felt sometimes, a few months ago, around three am during finals week, when he’d been awake for two days straight and drank more coffee than should be legal.

“It’s like… like a huge cloud,” he’d said, spreading his arms as far as they’d go. “And, and it just descends upon me and stuffs itself into my head, which I know is big, but it’s not that big.” He winked at John. “And it makes it hard to think, because imagine having a cloud in your head, John. Imagine.”

“Um, yeah…” John had said, not wanting to reveal how uncertain, how confused, he was in the moment.

“I can use another metaphor. I can make literally a million, probably.”

“That’s okay, babe, the cloud is good,” John assured him. “So it’s hard to think?”

“Oh, yeah, hella. Thankfully it doesn’t get too extreme very often, but when it does…” Alex raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend.

“What happens?” John asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer, but knowing he needed to because what if if happened again and Alex needed him.

“When it gets really bad, which has happened…” Alex paused and looked up at the ceiling as if it held the answer he was searching for. “It’s happened twice. Once when my mother died, but I guess I had to snap out of it pretty quick because I got put into the system and all that.”

John wanted to tell Alex that depression wasn’t something he could just snap out of, but he also didn’t want to interrupt Alexander. He filed it away to bring up later, maybe after Alex got some sleep and drank a normal (for him) amount of coffee.

“And the second time was during our senior year of high school.”

John felt his heart drop. Senior year. They’d been best friends for two years by that point. Why hadn’t he known?

“It was… remember when I was out sick for a week? With the flu?”

John thought for a moment, then recalled Lafayette lugging home Alex’s books and assignments, asking John and Herc and Eliza for homework from classes they had with Alex.

“Yeah,” John said slowly, not sure he liked the direction this was going in.

“Well, it, uh, wasn’t the flu.”

John felt like someone had slapped him. He’d failed at being there for Alex. He’d completely and utterly failed.

Alex must have been able to sense how John was feeling because he quickly tried to reassure him. “John, babe, oh my god. Please don’t feel bad? Even Laf didn’t fully know what was going on. I wouldn’t let him near me for very long, and with all the tissues strewn across the bed, well, he thought it was the flu, too, until a few weeks later I told him.”

“I… I just feel horrible that I didn’t notice.”

“But I hid it. On purpose,” Alex stressed. “I was, well, kinda ashamed? I don’t know, I just didn’t want you to think that I was weak or weird.”

“I would never,” John said quickly.

“I know, but I was… it was an irrational fear,” Alex said. “And obviously I got over it.”

John had to smile at that. Yes, John thought. Clearly he has.

But now John was sitting with Alex on his dorm bed, trying to keep himself from panicking because his boyfriend is not okay, very not okay, and he doesn’t know what to do.

He tried to recall what Alex said about the cloud, about what helped, but it’d been like he himself didn’t really know what would be helpful, since it had happened so few times.

Think, think, John commanded himself. What helps Alex normally?

John quickly went through the list of things that typically comforted his boyfriend when he was depressed. There was peppermint tea, funny YouTube videos, and fuzzy blankets. Seeing as Alex was pretty unresponsive at the moment, John doubted that he could get him to drink tea, and felt that Alex wouldn’t be able to watch a video, but the blankets were doable.

“Babe, I’ll be right back,” he said, hoping Alex heard him. He gently shifted his boyfriend off of his lap and walked across the small room to his bed, where there were two folded blankets, then he opened up Alex’s closet, where they kept an especially fuzzy blanket that Martha had sent to him earlier that year when he had a bad cold.

John tossed the blankets on the bed and then grabbed his two pillows and stuffed turtle and threw them into the pile. He set about making a cozy, comfy nest of pillows, shifting Alex into the center with blankets draped around him.

John was about to climb onto the bed when he noticed Alex’s hair brush was near the foot of his bed, teetering, about to tumble to the floor. He must have meant to brush his hair, John thought.

Hair! John thought excitedly. He loves to have his hair played with.

He grabbed the brush and climbed back onto the bed, positioning himself behind Alex, who had kind of slumped over in John’s absence.

“Hey, babe,” John said softly as he sat his boyfriend back up, the unseeing look still in his eyes.

The cloud descends upon me. Alex’s voice echoed in John’s mind.

“I’m gonna brush your hair now. Does that sound good?” He didn’t expect Alex to reply, so when he didn’t, he wasn’t shocked.

He simply took Alex’s curls, which he hadn’t even bothered to put into his signature ponytail, and first ran a gentle hand through them. Then he began to brush his boyfriend’s hair, starting at the bottom, recalling his sister, Mary Eleanor, instructing him to do so when he’d used to help her brush her hair before school.

He paid each section of Alex’s hair special attention, humming a French song he knew Alex loved as he did so. Slowly, he felt Alex sitting up more on his own. He felt his head resist the tug of the brush when John accidentally hit a snarl.

John tried not to get too excited or too hopeful, but he couldn’t help the miniscule smile that found its way onto his face.

He simply kept brushing Alex’s hair, the only sounds in the room his humming and the brush smoothing out Alex’s black locks.

When he finished, Alex’s hair was a bit frizzy, but incredibly soft. John recalled Alex telling him once that he loved to have his hair braided, especially in two braids. He may have been slightly drunk at the time, but John knew Alex just opened up more when he was drunk; he never lied.

John pulled his own hair out of the bun he’d haphazardly thrown it into that morning before class and grabbed his boyfriend’s wrist, where he knew another hair tie would be waiting. He gently pulled it off, then braided Alex’s hair.

When he was done, he ran his hand over both of Alex’s braids. “So pretty,” John whispered.

He wrapped his arms around Alex from behind, pulling him close. He nearly gasped when Alex’s hands reached up and wiggled their way into his own.

“Thank you,” Alex hoarsely whispered.

“Anything for you,” John said, trying his best not to let the tears of relief that had gathered in his eyes fall.

Alex settled back against him, his head on John’s shoulders. He shut his eyes, and John tugged the blankets up over them more, then leaned back into the nest of pillows.

He kissed Alex on the crown of his head. “Anything for you,” he whispered. “Anything.”

But tonight, tonight I can simply hold a fist up between the sun and the horizon
and count on each finger a quarter hour until the sun disappears. I can dream
of standing beside you as the shadows of trees drink from the water below us.
Tonight, despite all the splinters of these words, despite the way our lives float off
with milkweed seeds, despite the clouds that prowl the skies of history behind us,

despite their lightning that echoed before any beginning, now, while the past sleeps
in the trees, I will begin with the moment before the otter slips into the water,
the moment before the owl chooses a branch for its nest, forgetting no prophecy
or darkness, no death or extinction, no torture that shackles the heart, but simply
to begin again, to begin by thinking of a love that has survived all this time, just as
this poem has been thinking about you since its beginnings, remembering what
endures, like this river flowing always through our own hands, or like Rodin’s
lovers, held in their desperate embrace by the black, enormous hand of God.

Richard Jackson, from “Desperate Beginnings,” Resonance (Ashland Poetry Press, 2010)

Fanfiction: The Little Mermaid

Link, the youngest son of the mighty Queen Urbosa, longs for nothing more than seeing the world above the ocean’s surface. After he had rescued the Prince of Lanayru, Sidon and felt head over heels for him, he makes a dangerous deal with a mysterious sea witch.

Sidon was inspired by @cuteouji  ‘s fantastic artwork, and the story was beta-read by @mewringo13

The sea was a wondrous place to be. He had known that since the day he first had taken a look out of the window. The white crests of the big waves crashed against the wooden bug of the ship and above it, on the clouded sky, seagulls drew their circles. The singing of the sailors echoed over the boat deck and he would have lied if he had said he would not have like it.

I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue

And it’s hey to the starboard, heave ho

Look out, lad, a mermaid be waitin’ for you

In mysterious fathoms below.

“Ah, Mahigan isn’t this wonderful?! The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face… Could there be something better? ”, the young prince said to his loyal dog, his voice full of excitement. The black and white husky had laid his paws on the rail like the man next to him and they both stood at the end of the ship, watching the agitated ocean in front of them.

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