a cloud in the echo

Image of the star V838 Monocerotis reveals dramatic changes in the illumination of surrounding dusty cloud structures. The effect, called a light echo, has been unveiling never-before-seen dust patterns ever since the star suddenly brightened for several weeks.


“It is possible that staring down the monstrous regiment Fräulein Lawrence has freed from the catacombs, your nerves may fail.”

I keep thinking about “Cyber Security” and how I personally feel unarmed against the potential harm that new media/data-mining technologies (phones, “the cloud”, social media), as well as the selective echo chamber (the way we see different things on our feeds due to algorithmic interaction) will inevitably wreak upon us.


It’s kind of insane to think that in the ~200k years that humans have been on planet earth, only in the past 30 years have we industrialized to the point where we’re leaving authentic human experience behind (aka, we live on the internet and within the spectrum of a hyperreal matrix). This is all so, so new, and the technology is accelerating so fast that we haven’t even been able to have a conversation-at-large about how this is going to affect US, the people. We haven’t even been given an opportunity to really dissect what it is that we are consenting to.

Occupied Mind.

Anonymous: spencer x reader where he finds out about the readers anxiety and last of self harm? love your writing!!

Warnings: self harm

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Y/N’s slender fingers grasped the end of her over-sized jumper, stroking the fabric between her trembling fingertips as she stumbled through the BAU’s doors. Her soft curls framed her pale face, bouncing lightly as she quickly made her way to her desk. However, her all too familiar unsettled entrance had drawn the curious attention of Spencer Reid. His deep eyes observed her discomposed form while she attempted to sort through files, fighting against her clouded mind. Suddenly, Aaron’s voice echoes through the bullpen followed by the fast clicking of Garcia’s heels.

“We have a case.” Y/N flinched at the sudden noise, fingers pinching the bridge of her nose. Spencer immediately frowned at her reaction as he stood to hear the case.

While Garcia and Hotch presented the case, Spencer fixated his gaze on Y/N’s shallow breathing and occupied hands as she kept them busy, flicking her pen. Eventually, Garcia handed out paper files to Y/N and Spencer. Y/N reached for her file but quickly retracted her hand as she adjusted her sleeve to cover her hands again, which off course didn’t go missed by the doctor. Team members threw out suggestions regarding the current unsub, quick glances pierced Spencer due to his lack of input but his mind was occupied by the saddened girl sat opposite him.

“Wheels up in thirty.” Hotch’s voice pulled him from his thoughts but as people flooded out of the room, Spencer’s voice cracked through the silence.

“Y/N, can I talk to you?” His gaze flickered towards Hotch who nodded slightly as Y/N looked into Spencer’s concerned eyes. When the two of them were left in the room, Spencer stood up and leant forward to innocently touch Y/N’s arm before he spoke but she instantly flinched away from him.

“S-sorry, just got spooked.” She quickly lied, avoiding Spencer’s stare.

“Y/N, what is it?” He furrowed his eyebrows, concern dominating his voice. Y/N’s knee bounced involuntarily, as her mind cussed her for her obvious behaviour.

“Nothing, just tired.” She whispered, collecting her files to avoid the conversation from advancing.

“So what are you hiding under your sleeves? You keep adjusting your sleeve, flinching at the slightest movement-” Spencer listed, voice stern as he tried to find an answer.

“Stop.” Y/N whispered, nerves bubbling in her throat. Although, the doctors voice still presented his concern to the anxious woman.

“And you haven’t been speaki-”

“Stop Spence,” Y/N rose her voice as her hands flew to her hair but her sleeves fell, revealing few purple scars across her forearm. Spencer’s eyes widened, glued to the broken girl as tears prickled her eyes while she readjusted her sleeves.

“Y/N…” He whispered, voice cracking from the sadness empowering her features. Her glossed eyes met his as her fingers trembled.

“P-please, just don’t.” She mumbled with her eyes closed, tears rolling down her tinted cheeks.

“I had no idea,” Spencer muttered, eyes still wide and full of fear. Without thought he shuffled towards her and laced his arms around her, pulling her close to his chest. In response, Y/N rested her head on his chest, more tears falling as her weakened legs shook beneath her.

“Don’t tell anyone…please.” She begged, pulling away slightly to inspect his eyes.

“I-I won’t.”

Masterlist     PART 2

Galaxies from the Altiplano : The central bulge of our Milky Way Galaxy rises over the northern Chilean Atacama altiplano in this postcard from planet Earth. At an altitude of 4500 meters, the strange beauty of the desolate landscape could almost belong to another world though. Brownish red and yellow tinted sulfuric patches lie along the whitish salt flat beaches of the Salar de Aguas Calientes region. In the distance along the Argentina border is the stratovolcano Lastarria, its peak at 5700 meters . In the clear, dark sky above, stars, nebulae, and cosmic dust clouds in the Milky Way echo the colors of the altiplano at night. Extending the view across extragalactic space, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, shine near the horizon through a faint greenish airglow. via NASA

To get to know your Tarot deck...

Choose your favorite quote. Find the card that resonates most with the quote. Make a cloud of cards around it that echo the idea, even if not as strongly.

Bonus points: find all the cards that contrast the idea of your chosen quote as well!

Rinse and repeat with other quotes (or poetry, or lyrics - on that note, what’s your decks “favorite band” based on lyrics that suit it?)


Storm Clouds and Lake Tahoe by 4 Corners Photo
Via Flickr:
Storm clouds hang above Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada after an overnight snow storm.

Ninjago Draw Yourself Challenge!

I didn’t see many Ninjago drawing challenges, so I made a few!

With this first one, you’ll draw yourself as the various races/character types found on the show!

(They are grouped together by season, starting at the pilots and ending with HoT.)

~ Ninja
~ Skullkin

~ Child form
~ Samurai _____ (Insert your own letter)
~ Nindroid (Julian Built)
~ Hypnobrai
~ Fangpire
~ Venomari
~ Constrictai

~ Nindroid (Borg Built)

~ Elemental Master
~ Kabuki
~ Anacondri Cultist
~ Anacondri

~ Ghost
~ Thief (ala Ronin)
~ Cloud Kingdom Monk

~ Djin
~ Sky Pirate
~ Nindroid (ala Echo)

~ One of Yang’s cursed students

~ Time Sibling

If you do this challenge, tag it as “ninjagomechallenge” so I can see your awesome art!

Jupiter in the 2nd house - Cosmic Closet 

The inner world of Jupiter in the second is an atlas filled with ice cream sundaes, sweet silk, golden philosophy, and sensuality. The individual can undertake tremendous indwelling journeys and experience grand delight in the midst of sensory orchestra. The feeling of soft fabric against her skin, the taste of gourmet, the sweet melody of sound in her ear generates a larger than life, ripe, exuberant feeling. Jupiter in the second is like a dream that has been written in real life. There is a high receptivity to pleasure, and this is a real desire to personally experience all of the luxuries the universe has to offer. She can smell the aroma of the moon and hitch a hammock between two daisies as she floats in the wind. The world is her treasure box.

Worldly sensation is tuned into high volume with Jupiter in the second. The wind echoes, clouds sing, grass squeals under her feet, books call her name, and personal reflection is like walking through a rainbow kingdom. There tends to be a spectacular skill for spotting business opportunities and moments for financial growth. This is a favorable placement for enterprise and entrepreneurship. The individual’s security and material needs can become consuming and impossible to satiate. Surroundings are an extension of her self expression, whether this be closets full of designer clothes or a cozy cottage cluttered with collectibles. The dreams that reside within are like playgrounds she can slide and fly through. Jupiter in the second people typically express a good sense of morality and ethics. Feelings of self grandiosity tend to manifest positively. There could be a natural intimacy with spirituality and earthly law and rhythm. Like the seasons that roll or the flowers that wilt and bloom, Jupiter in the second individuals have a good faith in nature’s cycles. They know if they entrust their hearts to the universe it will take good care of them.

It’s like Jupiter in the second people enjoy playing with the universe by lighting candles, evoking light, colour, and sound, and making magic out of material. Creativity is rich, expansive and stirs from the most lyrical and lovely depths of the spirit. The individual may delight in developing a craft, especially of intellectual kind. The higher mind is decorated in bubblegum icing and rose petals, a true palace of spiritual wisdom and scripture. Adventures can take place internally, while the individual is in reverie, esoteric contemplation, or stimulating learning environments. The individual’s style may reflect many cultural or spiritual expressions, and there is a tremendous delight in movement and exploration. The physical body yearns to spiral through the valleys of the earth and sea. There may be a seductive fascination with exotic cuisine, items of cultural heritage, and spiritual artifacts. Charles Carter suggests that the second house psychologically relates to one’s contentment and ability to enjoy life. With exuberant Jupiter spinning the wheel of fortune, the individual’s inner wealth is threaded with gold and caramel milkshake frosting. Like the stars that sing symphonies for her, every sensory material creates a mesmerizing magic of its own.


[artist: jeanne vadeboncoeur]                                                                                       

Boyfriend part 2 || Dan Howell

A/N : Good to see you ! This is part two of last week’s imagine. You can find the first part here. This is another Dan POV story since you seemed to like the last one. MASTERLIST

“We broke up”

The sentence echoed in my clouded head. My mouth was dry, but as I reached for my pint it was already empty. I was drunk enough anyway. Y/N and her boyfriend had broken up. That explained why I hadn’t seen him all night. That’s why I hadn’t paid with a punch to the stomach for telling her that she’s pretty. Suddenly her flirty behaviour started to make sense…

I felt my body vibrate with excitement and panic at the same time. Her relationship was always like a shield between us. I knew how far I could go. I knew I had no chance at all. Now that invisible barrier was gone and we were both waiting for the next step. Tension was hanging in the air like electricity.

She was still sat in front of me in her beautiful blue dress and pink lipstick. My hands started to sweat. She was taking a small sip from her drink. I couldn’t think straight and I was sure that it wasn’t the alcohol’s fault.

“I never liked him.” I heard myself say.

Y/N looked at me with curiosity in her eyes. 

Why the fuck am I talking about her ex ?  

“That’s interesting. I wish I had noticed that he was an ass sooner.” she stated with bitterness in her voice. Angriness started to take over my body. I could only speculate about why they broke up.

“He was arrogant.” I spat.

She laughed and nodded her head. I confusedly eyed her at the sudden change of atmosphere.

“I’m just.. god I was so blinded by love.” she hiccuped and shook her head in disbelief.

God was she fascinating. I studied her soft face.

“He paid more attention to himself than to you.” I explained further.

“Everybody tells me that now, I wish I had noticed that sooner. Why didn’t you tell me that he’s a prick as soon as you noticed, Dan ?” she asked upset.

I could tell the she was all worked up. I should have never asked her about her boyfriend. By now we could already be on the way to my apartment. Instead the look on her face was a mixture of anger and sadness.

“I never told you because I hated him before I had even seen him. Even if he were the best boyfriend in the entire world I’d still hate him. I started to hate him as soon as I was told that he was your boyfriend. I hated him because he was your boyfriend and not me. I only knew that he didn’t deserve you because nobody will ever deserve you.”

Her eyes grew wide. Her cheeks were now the colour of her lipstick. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe what I had just said. To be honest I was surprised too. Surprised about the fact that I finally managed to tell her the truth.  

“Why do you think that you don’t deserve me ?” she whispered and I couldn’t look directly into her eyes. I swallowed hard. 

What was that supposed to mean ?

“I – I uhm you know..-” I stuttered while nervously playing with my hands.

She didn’t wait for an answer. “I think you are fascinating, Dan.”

It was all too much for me to comprehend. My thoughts were racing. I pinched my thigh to make sure that I wasn’t daydreaming. The short stinging pain proved that this was indeed happening.

DO IT .The voice in my head was shouting at me by now.

“Do you want to dance ?” I asked bravely.

Her whole face lit up as she nodded with a smile. We both rose from our seats. She took my hand in hers. Together we made our way through to the dance floor, pushing through drunk people.

Y/N wrapped her arms around my neck. As we started to sway to the music that was playing she looked up into my face.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

We had danced for hours. Now I could tell why Phil liked coming here. I suddenly didn’t mind the sweaty bodies or the loud music anymore. I had a lot of fun while dancing with her. She had a way of making dirty rooms look clean. Her laugh let every shitty tune become my new favourite song. Y/N could turn boring stories into fairy tales. When we walked back to my apartment at 4 am the air was chilly but her presence made me feel warm inside. We were holding hands and it felt so natural. I still didn’t know how I could have ever been this lucky. When I walked here with Phil earlier today I was prepared for another depressing night. But somehow, she was now walking back home with me. How did I manage to do that ?

“Dan ?” she asked as if she was reading my thoughts.

“Just in case you are questioning this.” she whispered and then she got on her tiptoes to kiss me in the middle of the street. I was completely taken aback. It took me a second before I kissed back. I loved the feeling of her lips against mine. The voice inside my head was shouting in triumph.

“You deserve me, Dan.” she breathed against my mouth.

My rough translation of the MoibusFFxFF7R collab event, Fatal Calling Part 1 (Part 9)

Normal disclaimer  - the translation is not 100% accurate.

Finally done…for now.

Cloud: Are you calling me…?

Wol: What is it?

Echo: You heard Sephiroth’s voice?

Cloud: I just felt that way. I didn’t hear anything.

Cloud: Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Good boy, Cloud. (Note 11)

Sephiroth: You heard my calls.

Cloud: I didn’t hear anything.

Sephiroth: Is that so? From deep within your body, the voice calling out to those the same as you (Note 12) is resonating.

Sephiroth: Remember. The fate that has been entrusted to us.

Sephiroth: Reunion.

Cloud: Re…u…ion? What…?

Cloud: *winces in pain*

Sephiroth: Your comrade? (Referring to Wol) If I kill him, will you despair, Cloud?

Wol: He won’t. We are not that close.

Translator’s Note 11: Okay that just sounds bad. It’s meant to be condescending in Japanese but it sounds even worse in English. Or is it just me.

Translator’s Note 12: Can’t think of an English equivalent to the word Sephiroth used. Sibling is one of the dictionary definition. It’s reunion, you guys know what I mean.

Cloud: Sephiroth!

Cloud: This….

*Sephiroth stabbed Cloud*

Sephiroth: Puppet.

Wol: Cloud!

Sephiroth: I won’t kill you yet. Not until you know the true despair.

Wol: If you want despair, take as much as you wish.

Wol: Palamecia is full of it.

Sephiroth: Aah, this is not a bad planet. But it’s not the promised land I wish for.

Sephiroth: I must return.

Sephiroth: Those who shouldered despair answered the fated calling.

Sephiroth: They carried out the reunion and offered me their power.

Sephiroth: Tell Cloud this. If he wanted to see me, face his past.

Sephiroth: I will wait at the land of memories. Nibelheim, where everything began. 

Cards Against Humanity


Based on a request by @flandusgirl: I would love you forever if you write a fic if Dean finding the reader playing SPN cards against humanity and freaking out, but then he secretly plays behind the readers back

Warnings: some language

Author’s Note: This is my second request. I had a lot of fun writing this. It was very silly and fun! I hope you enjoy it my friends. Please like, reblog, and shoot me a friend request. I always follow back. Also, requests are open, so feel free to send me your ideas! xo kait

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It was a rainy boring Sunday afternoon in the bunker. You had been staying here for over five months now, and you had become almost a little sister to the Winchester duo. Dean was taking a nap in his room, and Sam was off in the library doing some research. You were all alone, the raindrops echoing off the roof of the bunker, clouding your thoughts. You rest your cheek on your fist in boredom. Nothing a little Internet browsing couldn’t fix!

You take your laptop out from its hiding place under the sofa, and boot it up. Dean liked to get his hands on it whenever he could. You hid it here because you knew he’d never think to look under the couch. Busty Asian Beauties really did a number on your laptop last time.

As it’s humming to life, you realize exactly what you’re going to do to pass the time. Cards Against Humanity. It’s one of your favorite games! You log onto Tumblr and check out your Dashboard. You can only do this when Dean isn’t around. He’s constantly asking you questions about social media, as if it were a foreign language he couldn’t quite comprehend.

As you’re scrolling, you notice a link for a Cards Against Humanity Game. The category? Supernatural. You knew that Carver Edlund had written a book series about the boys, but they had never let you get anywhere close to reading it. Sam had Charlie block all of the books from your server. You had to click it. This was your chance at payback, for all the torture and teasing you go through on a daily basis at the hands of the Winchester brothers.

You click on the link for the game, and already seven other people are playing. The chat is filled with people gushing their love for Dean and Sam. You giggle to yourself, knowing that these two gorgeous mean are literally feet away from you.

Then you notice your cards, and you can’t help but laugh out loud.

And that’s just an example! You also notice something about Casa Erotica, Destiel, and Adam being stuck in the cage. Adam? Who the fuck is Adam? If Dean or Sam saw you playing this, they’d have your head on a spike. Your laughing has reached hyena levels now.

“What are you doing, Y/N?” A husky voice makes you jump, and you snap your computer shut. Dean stands in front of you in a button up plaid shirt and jeans, his hair sticking up in spots from sleep. Your heart is pounding in your chest.
“Nothing…” you say, not sounding very convincing. Dean looks at you with his side-eye stare. He knows something is up.

“I highly doubt that. Give me that,” His strength is no match against yours and, even though you struggle to keep the laptop in your grasp, he rips it out of your hands with ease. He opens up your laptop and his eyes grow wide. Dean stares at the computer screen for a minute, his eyes growing wider as his brain processes what he’s seeing. He looks over to you, with his mean face. The face he makes when you know you’re in trouble. When he speaks to you, his voice is low, almost too calm.

“Y/N, what in the hell is this crap?” He scrolls over your cards, making a different disgusted face over every one.  You fiddle with your fingers, still internally laughing, but scared for your life.

“A game, obviously, Dean.” You roll your eyes at him.

Dean makes a low growl in his throat and snaps the laptop shut.

“Yeah, a game about me and SAM, Y/N. A sick, twisted, game. Go get Sam, and right now, before I lose my freakin’ patience!” He runs a hand through his hair, points towards the library, and you get up off the sofa.

“Fine,” you say, huffing towards the library, “But apparently you and Cas are a ‘thing’ in the fandom world. Something called… Destiel?” Dean furrows his brow and emphasizes his finger towards the library. You raise your hands in the air in defeat, and go to find Sam in the library.

Meanwhile, Dean is sitting on the sofa still, your laptop in his lap. He lets the curiosity get the best of him, and opens up your laptop to the game.

“Let’s see what all the fuss is about,” He says, scrolling through your white cards. His eyes land on a set another player has just played.

“Oh isn’t that just fan-friggen-tastic?” Dean says, throwing his hands in the air in frustration, and putting his head in his hands.

You walk back into the living room and see Dean with your laptop open.

“Dean?” You say, knocking on the wall to get his attention.  Dean jumps about a foot in the air, and snaps the laptop shut. You hold your sides from laughing so hard.

“Nothing is funny here, Y/N. Be on your way.” He walks past you with the laptop to the library, so Sam can wipe this from his memory, and yours forever.

“SAM!” He calls, walking swiftly towards the library. “GET THIS FILTH OUT OF MY SIGHT! MY EYEBALLS ARE BURNING IN MY SKULL!”

You wipe your eyes of tears from laughing so hard, and follow him to the library.

“Squirrel, wait up!” You yell after him.

“SHUT YOUR CAKEHOLE, Y/N!” Dean yells in the distance, somewhere in the bunker.

Payback will be sweet for quite some time.

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👀 A sad love story. Cloud wishing he could remember Tifa instead of Sephiroth. Echo saying Tifa was Clouds first love. All the “my childhood friend” pining. Everyone being charmed by beautiful Tifa. Cloud not being “not interested” in Tifa. 👀

I hope it’s just as great as it sounds when we get it in english! This is so exciting! The Tifa/Cloti hyping must be gearing up for SOMETHING~

Found: Bucky Barnes imagine

Part 2 Part 3

Bucky was confused, he was hardly knew who he was. He was on a binge of being the winter soldier and bucky barns. After he got a mission to take out Captain America, everything in his life was flipped upside down. He wasn’t a robot anymore, he started to remember bits and pieces of who he really is.

He ran away, he tried to go figure out who he was. But he only truly started to feel normal again was when he met (Y/n). You were a student at the highly advanced university in the town. But you worked at the local coffee shop to pay for college.

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Mobius FF - FF7R collab Fatal Calling Part 3 Translation (Part One)

Back with more rough translations. No 2x elixirs so I will be a bit slower in terms of playing the game and, by the same token, releasing translations.

Normal disclaimer applies.

Wol: It stopped.

Cloud: Right.

- The spiral of despair, Nibelheim -

Echo: Is Sephiroth here?

Wol: Even I can tell.

Cloud: It’s my fight from now on.

Wol: I won’t get in your way. I don’t want to fight that kind of “hero”.

Echo: Then why did you come?

Wol: Sephiroth said he will return to the “Promised Land”.

Wol: Maybe he knows how to return to his own world.

Wol: If there is a way to escape Palamacia, then I want to know too, just in case.  

Echo: Do you want to run away from this world?

Wol: What if I say, just in case?

Echo: That’s shit reason. Don’t run away!

Cloud: That’s lively.

Wol: It’s annoying.

Cloud: I didn’t say that.

Echo: Hmm…Sephiroth wants to return to a place called the “Promised Land”.

Echo: Do you know what kind of place it is?

Cloud: I have never heard of it.

Wol: Then go tell Sephiroth – I don’t care about the Promised Land. If you want to go back then just go.

Cloud: There is no use taunting Sephiroth.

Wol: Even if it’s no use, saying what you want to say makes you feel better.

Cloud: What if there is something I want to say to you?

Wol: Well, then just say it without reservation. But I will talk back without reservation too.

Cloud: You don’t value your life.

Wol: What does Sephiroth want to do after he returned to the “Promised Land”?

Echo: Well it feels like he was plotting something big.

Echo: There is a possibility that he will forget after he returned too.

Cloud: What do you mean?

Echo: The memories of those who travelled between worlds become shaken.

Echo: When Cloud and Wol came to Palamecia, their memories became lost.

Echo: It seems like when people leave Palamecia, their memories become lost or confused.

Wol: Well, so even if Sephiroth is planning something, when he escaped Palamecia and returned, there is a possibility that he will forget everything.

Wol: …That’s dumb.

Cloud: It will be the same for me.

Echo:  You will surely forget about me.

Cloud: Then I’m saved.  

Echo: No you’re not!

Wol: That’s right, that’s right. Don’t say lonely things.

Echo: Your tone is flat!