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Hi! I love you and your blog so much!!! The fics you share even the sad ones bring me joy! I literally wouldn't be able to survive the hiatus without you! What are you fave enemies to lovers fics?

@shady-swan-jones​: your favourites enemies to lovers fics please?



Misc AU

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For @anhartcuteneon…reader is royalty as requested. Enjoy! (this kinda hurt because I love both Loki and Fandral)

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Prince Prompts:

(See also here for more knights and princes falling in love or check out my royalty prompts/royalty au tag)

Anonymous said:Do you have any prompts for an arrogant bastard prince trying to woo a feisty (and sarcastic) knight? Thank you

Anonymous said:Hi!! First of all, I love your blog! Secondly, do you have any prompts for a still-in-closet gay prince falling in love with another boy?

Anonymous said:Hi, love your blog! Do you have any prompts for a prince falling in love with a knight who’s less than interested? Thank you! 

nikkigrowl said:Hi I really liked your prince x female knight prompts. Got anymore? Thanks :)

1) “Look. I know I’m the prince, so I know I must seem very intimidating to you, but I was wondering if we could have dinner?” 
“Oh,” the knight said, not looking up. “I’m not sure I’d dare have dinner with you, sire. I might swoon.” 
The prince hadn’t meant it to come out like that! They did their best to cover their agony. “Come to my chambers at seven.” They tried their best, most charming smile that always seemed to work on everyone else too. “I promise I’ll catch you if you swoon.” 

2) “Have I done something to offend you, sire?” 
“Offend me?” The prince determinedly didn’t look at the man standing in their doorway, not sure they could do so without giving something away. Their heart would pound so hard they could hear it a kingdom over, or they might flush, or forget the entire alphabet with the look on that face. “Of course not.”
He could feel the weight of the man’s eyes on him, tracking his movements, studying what it could of his expression.
 “It’s just that I…cannot bear the thought of having troubled you, my lord,” the man continued. He took a step closer into the prince’s chambers. “I know you are very busy with your duties and the kingdom but-” but you’ve been avoiding me. It was true. Even if it wasn’t the type of accusation tossed at one’s prince. 
The prince released a breath. Forced themselves to look up and felt their stomach bottom out with a treacherous heat. “I assure you, you could not offend me if you tried.” It came out far too soft, damn it all.

3) The prince had the awful feeling that the knight was only there because they were the prince. Because they felt they couldn’t say no to him over anything. No, it wasn’t a feeling - he knew it. Anyone in the kingdom would give him anything if he wanted, if he asked. It would be so easy to ask. To kiss, to touch, to-they swallowed. “You’re dismissed. Thank you for the report.” 
This was torment. But they would not force themselves knowingly on an unwilling partner, that was not the kind of rule they wished to uphold.

4) “Get out of here.” The knight pushed the prince back, snapping her visor up. “It’s you they’re after, you are helping no one by lingering.” 
“I would not abandon my troops!”
“You would see your knights killed for their loyalty to a dead prince?” 
He hesitated for a moment longer - the thoughts rushing through his head. What if he never saw her again? How could he in good faith and conscious let his knights die for him? And yet, she was right. 
“You better come back. I still need to discipline you for daring give your prince orders.”
“Oh, well, I wouldn’t dare disobey such an order as my prince commands it,” she returned. “Go.”
He ran. 

So I got around to watching the new trailer and all that stuff - and every bit of it was WONDERFUL. One bit I’m weak for is when you see Ansem and Xemnas later on.

But then … I noticed something odd. So I decide to take a closer look.

This Zipper looks familiar

(at the very least they look very similar. Since, Xemnas zipper looks REALLY different from how the zippers looked in KH2. Which has me curious now as to whether this means anything.)

Being a maid from another kingdom and visiting Narnia would include


Originally posted by aslansblessings

  • the royal family of your kingdom going to Narnia hoping to marry the princess with one of their kings
  • king Edmund, to be more specific
  • you’d be one of the princess’ maid who had been brought along
  • your kingdom having extremely severe laws
  • no sense in your opinion, but you had to follow them anyway
  • and you didn’t expect to have any contact with the Narnia royal family at first
  • until the princess asked all her maids to go look for the king so they could go out for a walk and get to know each other better
  • luckily you were the one who managed to find him first
  • “Pardon me, Your Majesty.” you called him shyly into the library, causing him to raise his dark eyes from his book to you. “The princess is requiring your company for a walk.”
    The king let out a tired sigh when he heard the word ‘princess’, which made you want to laugh but hid it in a smile. He didn’t seem to have taken a liking to the royalty of your kingdom. The smile, however, vanished from your face as you suppressed your lips when saw the cover of the book the king was reading a few seconds ago.
    “It seems like a good book.” you murmured, catching Edmund’s attention as he stood up from his chair. “The image on the cover makes it look like it’s a mystery book.”
    The king looked between the woman and the book, a small smile appearing on his lips. “What’s your name?”
    “(Y/N), Your Majesty.” you made a brief courtesy. “One of the princess’ maid, Your Majesty.”
    “You do not need to call me that, you can call me-”
    “Do you prefer King Edmund? I would call you ‘My King’, but technically you are not my king, not yet at least.” you started rambling. “I have heard that you are called 'King Edmund the Just’, so if you prefer-”
    “Just Edmund is fine.” he said interrupting you, the smile still on his face, making you nod quickly. “Do you like to read mystery books, (Y/N)?”
    You shook your head slowly. “I do not know how.”
    “How what?”
    “I am very lucky to have been accepted into the castle, King Edmund.” you said. “With me working there, I guarantee food for my family, and education too, thing I never had.” you lowered your head slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I never learned to read, King Edmund.”
    He thought of correcting her again to call him just Edmund, but decided against it. Instead he suggested something that made your eyes widen before nodding quickly with a wide smile on your lips. “I can teach you how to read, if you want.”
  • from that day, when you weren’t needed, you’d meet Edmund and then he would teach you how to read/write
  • and when he thought you had learned enough for one day you would do something else together
  • usually you’d just talk in the library
  • some other days he would read some of his favorite books to you or encourage you to read to him
  • but sometimes Edmund would convince you to get out of the library with him, often so you could pull pranks on other people
  • including your princess
  • and even if you were too scared to get caught, you’d have a great time doing that
  • you starting to get fond of each other
  • you meeting secretly at night just to talk
  • you both sneaking into the kitchen and you making some traditional sweets from your kingdom for Edmund
  • “They may not be so good, after all, there’s a reason I work in the princess’s bedroom, not the kitchen”
  • but he did like them anyway (although you don’t know if he really liked it or if he was just trying to be nice)
  • he always going to you to complain about your princess
  • and even though you didn’t like her so much, you’d never say anything against her, just let him talk
  • but you’d sometimes feel the urge to complain about some things that bothered you in your life and he’d be glad to listen
  • Edmund loving to hear stories about you in your kingdom (especially if they include your siblings)
  • him borrowing a horse for you and suggesting taking you for a ride during the night
  • and then you’d tell him that you had never ridden a horse
  • and he wouldn’t hesitate to teach you
  • surprisingly you’d get the hang of it quickly
  • after that, sometimes, you both would go out to ride the night
  • some days the princess would go and see him dueling
  • and Edmund would try harder these days than he normally would
  • not because the princess would be there, but because she always brought her maids with her, you included
  • and he’d want to impress you
  • now that you were getting better at writing, Edmund would insist that you should write letters to him once you returned to your kingdom
  • you starting to develop feelings for the king, but denying having them as much as you could
  • little did you know that Edmund was starting to have feelings for you too
  • and he, unlike you, didn’t try too much to deny them
  • he’d even tell Lucy about it
  • and you’d notice that the valient queen had started to send knowing glances to you
  • you and Edmund smiling discreetly at each other when you were in the presence of other people
  • Edmund giving you hints that he was liking you, but you not getting any of them
  • until one day
  • you were once again training your handwriting as
  • he read a book beside you
  • well, he tried to, but he was too distracted thinking about you
  • you were trying not to be distracted by the man next to you, trying hard to focus on the shaky words you wrote
  • but you couldn’t help but let your thoughts focus on him
  • thinking about him, especially about his lips
  • You looked at the king, your eyes slightly wide, your cheeks heating. “I’m going crazy.” you murmured more to yourself than to him, feeling a sense of guilt going through you. “I’m so sorry, Ed.”
    That made Edmund take his eyes off the book he wasn’t reading, raising one eyebrow at the woman. “Why are you saying that?”
    “I’m having these thoughts lately, thoughts that could cost my head if you were from my kingdom.” you felt your cheeks heat up even more, making you look away from him to your lap. “Improper thoughts for a maid to have about a king.”
    You refused to look at him, feeling the embarrassment take over you. You didn’t want to see his reaction at all. The only thing you hoped for was that he wouldn’t tell anyone about that or you could already consider yourself dead.
    Your gaze only met Edmund’s again when he placed his hand on your chin, making you look at him, which made you realize that his face was much closer to yours than it was a few seconds ago.
    “In your kingdom, what would happen if your king had improper thoughts about a maid?” he asked in a slightly hoarse voice as his eyes alternated his gaze between your eyes and lips.
    “She dies.” you answered in a low voice, feeling your heart beating faster the more Edmund got closer to you.
    “So I’m glad I’m not your king yet.” he murmured before finally pressing his lips against yours in a long, sweet peck.
    You felt yourself smiling as you pulled away, watching Edmund smile too. But your smile soon disappeared from your face when reality hit you again. Enough is enough.
    You quickly stood up from the chair you were sitting in, seeming to scare the king with your sudden movement. You tried to look as serious as you could.
    “It was very kind of you to teach me how to read, Your Majesty, and to write and ride a horse, but our time seems to have come to an end, since you will soon be my princess’ husband, and, apart from that, if everything happens as planned, I’ll be back home in a few days.” you started and Edmund seemed to be about to cut you off, but you continued. “If I get caught with the king, Your Majesty, I’m not even sure what would happen to me and… And my family would live in misery again.” you took a deep breath, walking toward the door. “And I will not let them suffer just because I have feelings for the wrong man.”
  • after that you would start to avoid him at all costs (especially when the princess brought you to his duels, where he’d try to contact you in some way)
  • and Lucy, too, after she’d started trying to talk to you about it too
  • and you’d be praying that the day you’d go back home would arrive soon
  • until one day you were walking through the grounds of Cair Paravel with another maid and you’d ended up hearing an argument about your princess between Peter and Edmund
  • you quickly get out of there, pulling the other maid along with you (although she wanted to stay to hear everything)
  • “It seems the king is not very pleased with the princess, is he?” she said suppressing a laugh.
  • you trying to avoid thinking that it was because of you, trying to convince yourself that even if Edmund hadn’t met you he would still complain about the princess to his brother
  • but you couldn’t avoid the truth anymore when he finally convinced you to talk to him
  • him telling you that he had managed to convince his brother that there would be no marriage between him and the princess
  • Your mouth was slightly open with surprise. You knew Edmund had complained about the princess, but he didn’t expect him to cancel the marriage.
    You looked at him, not believing what was happening. A small involuntary smile appeared on your face as you shook your head. Unbelievable. That couldn’t be happening.
    “It seems like the women
     from my kingdom do not please you.” you murmured in a low voice, the smile still on your face as Edmund got even closer to you.
    “Not that one.” he chuckled, a smile on his face as he placed his hand on your cheek. “But you, you’re one of the most interesting woman I’ve ever met.”
    And those were his last words before he collided his lips with yours, this time in a kiss a little rougher than the first. You didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, moving your lips against his cheerfully.
    “I’m still leaving Narnia.” it was the first thing you said to him when the kiss ended, pressing your foreheads against each other. “I’m going back to my kingdom as soon as the princess is ready to go.” you pulled away from him to look into his dark eyes. “I’m still just her maid.”
    Edmund placed a strand of your hair behind your ear, smiling softly at you. “Not if you marry me.”


On Kairi’s Characterization and “The Fairy Gay Mother”

You know, I get a lot of comments on how my Kairi is so different from a lot of other kingdom hearts, (especially soriku and other m/m ships) fics. I haven’t seen a whole lot of Kairi portrayal outside being at her worst, a ms. mary-sue gets-in-the-way-a-lot, and at her best, a sweetie mom friend who is “highly perceptive,” knew Sora and Riku were in love long before they knew it, and is usually a confidant to one of the boys and gives excellent advice. With nothing at all going on in her life outside of that.

I want to explain why I write Kairi so differently, and why others should too. The majority of her characterization is built off fannon characterizations from a fandom that’s been around a long ass time, starting in the dark age of the internet back when the majority of m/m shipping was bad yaoi tropes and full of only annoying idiot or perfect nice princess females. She’s like a game of telephone, being based off someone’s interpretation of the source material, then someone’s interpretation of that interpretation, and so on and so forth until we forgot what the source material even is.

And as a note, this can be applied to MANY fandoms and their ladies and different third wheels to m/m ships, but I’m mostly focusing on Kairi and her role in Soriku fanfiction, because I’ve been reading soriku fanfiction since I was about 10 and cringing at her portrayal for 8 years now. But, my end game in here can be used for all fandoms, and I encourage people to think about this in terms of that. 

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In My End Is My Beginning - A Frary Fanfiction

Summary: What really happened when Mary woke up next to Francis after the ending of the last episode.

Notes: This is my first Frary fanfiction and possibly my last. I grew up with this show and I couldn’t be sadder that it ended, but since a lot of you wanted me to write something about the couple of all couples, I decided to oblige. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to tell me your thoughts on it!

On AO3

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Prompts for Princes Charming and Fairest (+1)

Anonymous said:The prompts about the human prince and the fairy prince were SO GOOD!!! Please write more about those two, be it where the fairy wants to kill them or they’re the one that suggested the betrothal. (I wish you wrote and published books lmao you’d be out of stock and I’d be broke in 5 minutes)

Anonymous said:Oh my god you just literally created the best combination ever. Human princes and fairy princes are now my absolute obsession. (/0n0)/

Anonymous said:Hmm, I wonder if the human prince would have anything to say about the fairies tendency to take humans as prizes/pets?

See here for reference as to the prompts these are based on. My “fey prompts” tag in general probably also provides context to newcomers.

1) “Oh,” the fey prince looked at the human prince in a new light. “You like them.”
“You do,” the fey crooned. “Oh, it must torment you to go through this. So honour-bound in duty for your kingdom.” They glided closer to their fiance, well aware of the other sneaking shattered glances. “Maybe you are a little fey, I think we just broke their pathetic little human heart.”

2) “You didn’t know,” the fey prince watched them. “Your father didn’t tell you?”
“My father?” the human prince repeated, numbly. “But he wouldn’t - he’d never-” The King would never have sacrificed his people like that. 
“Your country is bountiful, your woodlands the envy of all other kingdoms. You imagine you simply got lucky?” The fey’s head tilted. “Oh, you poor, beautiful fool.” 

3) Considering the diplomacy delicacy of the situation, the prince rather agonized on the polite way of asking ‘how can I be yours, we’ve never even met’. 
“I’ve unnerved you,” the fey prince realized it for him. “Please, will you walk with me?” The fey prince seemed to like it outside best, among the royal gardens, hidden among the roses and the neatly manicured and ordered hedgerows. The fey prince looked about to link their arms as if it were nothing, before catching themselves and settling a hand on the small of the prince’s back. Silent for a moment, biting down on their lip, only stopping once they’d lost themselves as much as possible in the grounds he knew every inch of. 
““Have we met before?” It finally burst out of the human.
“Oh, once upon a dream I would imagine.”
The fey grinned, and touched their cheek. “I apologise.” They didn’t look sorry, eyes twinkling in the moonlight. “I couldn’t resist, but I do in fact mean it literally. It’s where our worlds connect, in fantasy, in twilight. In dreams.”
“I never remember my dreams.” 
“Then, perhaps, I will take great pleasure in reminding you of them. If you would allow me.” 

4) “How does it feel,” the prince panted. “To have your elf arse handed to you by someone you view so utterly beneath you. Again. You never quite could bear it, could you?” They pressed the tip of their blade to the fey prince’s throat, tempted to drive it all the way through. “All those pets, all that compensation, just because you could never have me.”
“I’m not an elf.” They cursed something foul in their mother tongue. 
All sweet and poisonous pretenses at camaraderie between them had splintered. 

+1 Summer Hearts Verse.

“I can’t marry someone who treats my people as little more than toys.” 
“I have never taken a pet.” They caught their fiance’s hands. “I swear.” 
“But your silence allows it to happen.” They looked over at their fiance, eyes blazing. “You could have spoke up, acted as a sovereign should. You just chose not to look.” They slipped their hand free. “God forbid the party end, right? You’d rather run and play the human, play the fool. God forbid it get too real.” 

About the KH3 Trailer

I was talking with friends about the trailer, and especially about what Xehanort says.
Let’s take a closer look:

“One heart’s shadows fill the emptiness of another. See how they bring him to life?”

Who’s born from the shadows of another heart? A creature of pure darkness?
Vanitas. He’s made of Ventus’ darkness, leaving him pure light in BbS (even if they reunited at the end of the game). To quote Master Xehanort : “Empty creature from Ventus riven. To you, the name Vanitas shall be given.”
I’d like to emphasize on the “HIM” in the trailer too, as it can be misunderstood in other languages as French.

“Like Heartless and Nobodies, they fit together"

Look at that. Nobodies and Heartless. Two creatures formed after the death of one person who had a strong will. In other words two creatures that, when reunited, form a whole being. As well, we go back to Ventus and Vanitas.

I’m 100% sure Xehanort is here talking about Vanitas. Let’s remind that he’s the one to tell Sora his heart is a prison.

And to this, I’d like to add something Nomura himself declared during his interview about KH3 :
“It’s not in the trailer, but there are times where Rex mistakes Sora for a toy of a game character that’s up for sale in the Toy Story world.“
Oh, look, a character that looks like Sora! Why would Nomura talk about this if this wasn’t one more clue?

Vanitas will be back in this world or so, guys!


Square Enix Products Kingdom Hearts 3 Bring Arts Sora.
I brought Sora to work with me today. I am so impressed with this little figure. I was scared it would just be a shrunk down Play Arts Kai figure, and bring with it all the troubles that PAK figures have, but it’s actually much closer to a Figuarts style figure!

After seeing the Toy Story trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 I have so many fun ideas for this figure! The Toy Sora from the trailer looked pretty cool too but wouldn’t it have been an awesome way to promote a figure like this to make him look like this in the game too?

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RFA boys with saeran and v reaction to seeing MC after they broke up ( because the cheated ) with bmp princes ^^

OK I actually really liked this request so I’m doing it now! Love Mystic Messenger and I love Be My Princess :D perfect combo :D thanks for this lovely, it sparked inspiration! Again, I won’t be writing Jaehee, I just don’t feel comfortable writing her, some people have already noticed how weak I am at writing her so I don’t because she deserves justice, so I apologise.


It had been around six months since we broke up. Not that I blamed her, I had cheated on her on a drunken cast night out. Stupid mistake, but my fault nonetheless, I couldn’t stop her from leaving, even after hours of begging. In the end I had to let her go, I had to be punished for what I had done. I deserved it. But if I told myself what I would see months later, I wouldn’t have believed myself.

There she was, the love I had lost walking hand in hand with, none other than, Prince Edward from the Kingdom of Charles. I had no idea how they had met or even managed to get together, but it still stung when I saw just how happy she was, how he was looking at her. I gave her that gaze every day, and I threw it away, and to who? Probably the most romantic person known to man. Not only was he known as romantic, he was kind, extremely generous and one of the most eligible bachelors. Being beaten by a prince was hard to take, but I knew if I went over to say hello, I’d just make it worse on myself. I’d hurt her, badly, for someone who had cheated to suddenly turn up out of the blue to say hi? No. Watching them go by with the butler close behind them, I turned away and let her have what she truly deserved. A man who wouldn’t so much as look at another woman, would never throw away what he has, someone to truly devote to.


Was that? No. It couldn’t have been. And yet as they moved closer I couldn’t deny it. The only woman I loved so deeply walking casually hand in hand down the street with a prince! And with Prince Roberto! I’d heard so many things about him, how playful he was but so loving to his kingdom and people, something I couldn’t even do to the woman I loved. Seeing how happy they were together…I felt as if my heart was being squeezed by a vice. It was my fault. Of course it was, I was the one who cheated and I had no excuse. I had felt down, unsure about how I felt about her, doubted my feelings until I woke up in someone else’s bed. I was certain of my feelings then, doubt, hatred to name a couple. I couldn’t hide what I had done and thought that maybe, just maybe, we could have gotten past it. No. She broke up with me and I didn’t blame her.

She was happy. I could see with the smile on her face, the way their hands swayed between them, them giggling at each other, yeah, it was the right decision for her. She had someone she deserved. Even when they seemed to be running away from someone, who I guessed was Prince Roberto’s butler, she looked like she was having the time of her life. Something I couldn’t give.


When I had heard from Assistant Kang that a Prince was visiting my company, I never would have guessed to see her by his side. Of course I kept my composure, I had to be professional, however the way she looked down at the ground at my shock hurt me deeply. I still loved her, I never stopped loving her, even when I stupidly agreed to sleeping with someone for a business deal. She wasn’t supposed to find out, but when it came out that it was all a scam…I knew I had messed up badly. She was right to leave. She was right to find someone else. She was right to move on from me.

The Prince stood proudly with her by his side, not holding hands, but you could see how much admired her. When we discussed how the company ran and how we were going to work with a company back in his own country, he kept glancing at her as if for confirmation. He wanted her opinion, valued it immensely. The Prince was professional, strict in his emotions, even his butler behind him had the same vibe, and yet he was constantly making sure my love was alright. My heart hurt and the whole meeting was torture. It was no surprise that once they left I cancelled everything for the rest of the day to coop myself up in my penthouse to recover.


Why? I thought the pain was finally receding, but seeing her in the café with another man, a prince no less, just brought all of it back. My chest tightened and my heart felt heavy once again, I almost collapsed to the ground. Instead of going inside, I watched from a distance, maybe knowing she was happy with this man would be enough to help me move on. Their hands brushed several times, Prince Keith even kissed her hand every now and then. A gentleman, no, a prince being a prince. The café was empty, both of them being waited on I guessed was his butler. Yeah, 5 star service and no less. She smiled, laughing, kissed his hand in return. This wasn’t helping me at all. He was giving her something I was not able to.

To this day I still don’t know why I did what I did. I say it was because I was undercover, I had to do it, I had to. And yet, I knew I didn’t. I could have said no, walked away, gone back to her and none of this would have happened. We would be at home now, cuddled up together under a blanket with chips and pop. But no. She had moved on, was with a prince, the right person to be with.

I couldn’t cope anymore, I had to get out, to stop this pain.


Anger was all I felt. Towards her with Prince Joshua? No. Only to myself. The happiness I could have had right in front of me. I didn’t even know there was a small parade of the prince’s arrival here, and yet, I guessed this was my punishment for cheating on her. I knew why I had done it. We’d had a fight, a big one, and I needed to take my anger out on something, and it ended up being another woman. I didn’t forgive myself, I never could. Instead of fighting for her to stay, I let her go, almost pushing her away. She didn’t deserve me, not by a long shot.

The prince smiled at her, kissed her head too as they went past where I was stood. The rage in myself grew to something I knew I couldn’t control. I deserved this. I deserved this. I. Deserved. This. This pain I felt in my chest, in my heart, in my soul. It kept repeating as I watched them go into the distance, starting their new life together, a happy life. Whereas I still struggled to continue day after day with the guilt.

It had to stop. But did it? No. Yes. I screamed as I ran home. I had to do something.


Was it bad that all I felt was…acceptance? Prince Yakov had announced his engagement that day but I didn’t realise it was to her. To the woman who helped me get past Rika, past…well my past. She had done so much for me and I had hurt her as a return. Of course it hurt, but it was my own stupid fault that we weren’t together anymore. Nothing I said or did would have fixed the situation. She had moved on to find someone who was more then capable of looking after her, loving her, caring for her, without having the thought of another woman.

Me? I had learned another hard lesson. I shunned myself away from love from then on, I knew I didn’t deserve it anymore. My wish of finding someone after Rika had been granted and I pushed it away. No. Being on my own was the only answer, and alone I would stay, watching her from a distance, hoping, praying, that she would live a long and happy life as a princess by his side.

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As much as I miss old 2D animated movie sometimes, I have to admit that the new 3D animated movies are PERFECT for Kingdom Heart. I mean, just seeing how good Toy Story is looking, bc it was MEANT to be computer made, Rapunzel is probably going to be just as gorgeous. Quick question though!! Which one of Sora's outfit was your favourite in the games?

I think it’s also because for KH3, Disney seems to be working with Squeenix a lot closer on getting the look and feel of the Disney aspects accurate! Like a lot of the composition and cuts in those Toy Story scenes were much more reminiscent of the actual Pixar movie than normal video game cutscenes, too. But yeah, it all looks really good…I’m looking forward to seeing some footage from BH6 world, too!

Ahh sheesh that is tough to say! If talking just outfits, I really like both Antiform and Final Form from KH2… 

dragoniangirl  asked:

Not hugging them but at least like... take a closer look? This is a whole new world you guys are in. What if those are just how the locals look? Surely you've seen some strange characters in the other worlds you've visited.

I mean, yeah, we’ll keep an eye out for locals and stuff, but if it attacks like heartless, isn’t physical like heartless, and dies like heartless–

then we can’t afford to hold back

Kingdom Hearts Sentence Starters

“Looks like my summer vacation is… over.”
“Power sleeps within..”
“I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately…”
“The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes”
“I’d nap six times a day if they’d let me.”
“Deep down there’s a light that never goes out.”
“Is any of this for real or not?”
“It’s weird. I feel like I’m forgetting something really important.”
“Maybe… waiting isn’t good enough.”
“Different name, same fate.”
“I’ve been to see him. He looks a lot like you.”
“Go on, you just keep running. But I’ll always be there to bring you back!”
“What about you? Do you remember your true name?”
“Don’t ever forget: wherever you go, I’m always with you.”
“Giving up already?”
“You get on their bad side and they’ll destroy you!”
“No one would miss me.”
“This world has been connected.”
“Another dream about him..”
“Got it memorized?”
“If you believe, you can do anything, right?”
“Dance water dance!”
“One who knows nothing can understand nothing.”
“If you have a dream don’t wait, act.”
“We will meet again!”
“My heart belongs to me!”
“A good friend will see you for who you are, no matter what face you wear.”

Solace In Nihility

Kingdom Hearts Axel/Reader

Word count: 33,370

Rating: Explicit (NSFW)

Summary: When a new Nobody shows up in The City That Never Was, Axel teaches her that her new situation isn’t all bad.

(Originally posted on Archive of Our Own.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any related characters, nor do I own you. No money is made from the writing of this story.

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Special thanks to @rodatherootless who came up with this amazing idea in April. I instantly fell in love but had to wait this long to actually try it myself…. for reasons I don’t remember. Anyway, I present Kylo’s Moving Castle…. I started reading the book a few days ago, so don’t expect me to have a deep understanding of the universe.

Kylo is insecure with his looks so he uses magic stuff to cover his moles, ears, nose and whatever parts of his body he believes to be “not right.” So the magician that people know of looks like a different person - closer to an ideal image of dashing prince charming. Once Hux moves into the moving castle, Hux accidentally mixes up the stuff when cleaning Kylo’s messy hideout, so Kylo’s true self is revealed, which he has been hiding since he left home. His mother is a general of the kingdom and keeps trying to reach him, but Kylo is an expert in running away from her and life’s responsibilities - the moving castle itself is his way of fleeing 24/7. He yearns for recognition and love from someone, anyone. Yet, without a beating heart in him, once the feeling becomes reciprocal, he does not know how to deal with it and just runs away.

Hux is from a politically powerful family from a neighboring country in tensions with Kylo’s home country. He was born as a bastard and unloved. While he has proven his intelligence and capability as a leader, he secretly despises the life he cannot get away from. So when the Wizard of the West comes - *coughs* Snoke *coughs* - and puts a spell on him, he rather gladly leaves the place he called home and all the obligations that have strangled him his entire life. In the wilderness, he comes across Kylo’s moving castle.

Saber - a fire demon. Young Ben saved him from dying and made a contract with him. In exchange for getting the physical hold of Kylo’s heart, Saber has become a resident demon of the castle and acts as a power core that makes the castle run. If he dies, Kylo dies too. Saber is supposed to listen to Kylo’s orders only, but to everyone’s surprise, Hux easily overpowers him and orders him around.

Howl’s moving castle AU

Meet Me Under the Moonlight

*First Imagine* *Not a request*

“Y/N!” I heard from the distance.”Y/N!!!!” It was my sister Merida calling for me from the surface. I looked up at her as she swam across the lagoon. “Peter’s coming! Y/N come on!” I rolled my eyes. Pan. Every one of my sisters are obsessed with him. Pan and I are getting married they would say. Isn’t he handsome. It makes me sick. I do not understand their fascination with him! He’s just a boy. Granted I have never met Pan before. “Y/N, there you are. Come on Peter is coming,” She smiled moving her hands through her hair.

“Merida I have told you and the others many of times, I do not wish to meet Peter Pan!” Her smile fell. 

“But y/n I know you’ll just love him!” She said moving closer to me. I rolled my eyes,” Please just this one time,” I looked her in the eye,”for me.”

I laughed and smiled. “No.” I swam away from her as fast as I could. I made my way to the shore, the place I always wonder off to when Pan visits. I moved onto the dry sand, and within seconds, my tail turned into legs. I pulled at the dress that always appears when I have legs. 

I walked along the shore to a specific rock where my friend sat awaiting my arrival. He turned towards my direction and smiled. I waved at him smiling back. He moved over on the rock and patted the seat next to him. I ran towards him and sat down. “Pan again?” He asked as I sat down. 

“Yeah, Merida really wanted to me to meet him this time.” I said laying down on the rock. “What’s so special about him anyway?” 

He looked down at me and raised his eyebrow.” Well maybe he is the king of Neverland. You know the place that we are in. Right now?” He said as he began to lie next to me. 

“I know, but he seems arrogant. He seems like he is a pretty boy and knows he is. I mean why would he even come to the Lagoon anyway.” I looked over at him.

“He probably needs to go to the Lagoon to talk to the mermaids, or get water, or make sure to warn them to stay away from the falls when the lost boys bathe and play.” He smirked.

“Or he’s there to get admired by my sisters,” I laughed at the thought of them swooning over Pan.

“I think Pan doesn’t care about the mermaids. Like that anyway,” he paused,” Plus how do you know if you have never even met the guy?”

“It’s just a hunch,” I said looking up at the moon. “The moon is very beautiful tonight.” I looked over at him. 

“Yeah very clear sky.” He stood up.”You want to go see it closer?” He asked me. I looked over at him raising my eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean fly. Haven’t you ever wanted to touch the sky?” His eyes widened.

“You can fly?” I asked. He just looked at me and smiled.

“All you have to do is believe.” He stretched out his hand for me to grab.

I slowly grabbed his hand and with the slight touch of our palms we were off. Flying high into the sky. I screamed and held onto him tightly.

“It’s weird being above the land instead of under it for a change.” He laughed as he held onto me.

“It’s beautiful, but I believe I have a slight fear of heights.” I said realizing how high we were. I clinched onto him as he brought us both back down to the lagoon. 

“Don’t worry y/n, I got you.” He said as we touched the ground. But then it clicked. How did he know my name?

I pulled away. “How…How did you know my name, I’ve never told you my name?” He smirked.

“I know the names of all the creatures in my kingdom.” He said moving closer to me.

“Your kingdom?” I questioned.

“Peter! Peter! Girls Girls Peter is back!!” I heard one of my sisters calling. Peter? 

He smiled at me and with the snap of his fingers his clothes changed. Standing more confident than he has ever. Peter?

“Ah y/n, get away from him! You don’t even like him! This is not fair!” Another one of my sisters called. PETER?

“Wait you’re…” I paused. He moved closer to me.

“I’m Peter,” He moved within inches from my face,”Peter Pan.”

My heart fluttered and dropped at the same time. I looked up at him. He kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand.” I hope I proved you wrong.”

Ok this is my first imagine. I hope you enjoy and hit me up if you would like more (-:

-[ @valorhearted from Here ]-

❯As the small king fought his way through the Heartless, he spotted something familiar. He fought to get a closer look, and once he had reached the figure, it turned out to be Sora- seeming to be hurt. He quickly tossed one of his two Potions towards the young boy. ❝Sora- You’re not alone.❞

❯Mickey ran to Sora’s side as Sora looked over and addressed him. ❝We can get through this if we stick together.❞

Protector | Part 3

Pairing: VIXX Leo x Reader

Genre: Royal!AU

Summary: A threat is closing in on the Kingdom. How can the Princess protect her Kingdom when she’s causing trouble all on her own? The Kingdom needs him. The Princess needs her Protector. 

Read Previous:  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

It had been a few weeks since Taekwoon had been your bodyguard. To say you didn’t get along was an understatement. You constantly bickered with each other. One just as stubborn as the other.

But, you did have to admit, he was good.

You had attempted four escapes so far, and yet, he had always been a step ahead of you. He’d return you to your quarters, bow, then close the door.

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