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I'm desperately in love with Nephrite (isn't he the most gorgeous of the Shitennou?!) Top 10 of his (stupidly handsome) facial expressions please!











I’m just jealous of his hair. 

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How do you color?

very very simply!

on firealpaca:

1. make a new layer for your lineart.

2. make a new layer UNDER that layer for your color. pick a color and just color with your pen!!


instead of coloring by hand, you can fill in gaps in your lineart with spots of color like this

then bucket fill!

then you can manually fill in the rest! (if you don’t close the gaps with color or edit your lineart to close them then your bucket tool will just spill out and color the entire background)

go over the eyes and mouth and nose to make sure everything is colored underneath those lines because firealpaca will not color underneath them. if you took the lines away without filling in yourself after the bucket it would look like this

which isn’t a huge deal, but it helps to have it all filled in if you need to make edits to your lineart later!

also: regarding the bucket tool. without editing the settings, your bucket will not properly fill in lines and will leave a ring between the color and the lines. to fix this i go up to the top of the screen and “expand” the pixels from 0 to 2. this makes it so whatever you’re filling in with the bucket will do exactly what it says–expand by 2! so now that ring will be gone. (it’s not an exact thing here, i’ve just found that 2 looks pretty good)

now after you’ve finished the base color, check “protect alpha” in your layers menu.

now when you color on that layer you can only color what you’ve already done! so you can’t go outside the lines while you’re adding patterns like spots or whatever.

finish off that dog

3. if you want to do fun fancy stuff then add another layer BETWEEN your lines and color layer. check the “clipping” box. this is just like “protect alpha” except it will work on the layer below it! (there’s a little arrow there telling you what it’s affecting!) this is good so that if you end up hating it you can just turn the layer off or delete it and never have to see it again and your base colors will be untouched!

from here you can mess with any of the settings to do cool stuff with shading or lighting. lots of times i actually do my shading by picking colors myself and drawing them right onto the color layer, but other times i might use this extra layer, set it to “multiply,” pick a color, then shade! you can pick any of the options and see what they do, or change the opacity and see if you like the look of that!

i’ll pick a grayish pink here to use!

and here’s what it looks like when you use it on your multiply layer!!

so ya!! that’s basically how i color! for my dog sets i actually don’t shade at all and just stick to my lines and color layers. for other things i’ll shade on my own, for others i’ll shade with the multiply layer, other times i’ll just experiment and do a whole mess of things! so just test things out and see what you get!!

this is a very simple guide here but i hope this could help those who are learning some basics! :)


“I think I’m ready for the ring.. Or maybe not?”

….yeah, i can’t believe i get paid for this either.

we’re gearing up for our next recording session - and in the meantime, the third and most recent episode of @iriscasefiles​ is available now on all platforms! hope you all like it <3

Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Hello all!

About a week ago, I won the collector’s edition of Resident Evil 7 by correctly answering a trivia question during one of Capcom’s twitch streams. (Aside: Definitely check out their twitch channel. I really enjoyed watching them show off the new Banned Footage modes for the game.) The collector’s edition arrived today so I thought I would thank Capcom again for such a cool prize and share some unboxing photos, as well as a short video clip of the music box. :)



First, we have the VHS tape replica, the game disc for Xbox One, and the steelbook on the side.

The tape is the Derelict House tape from June 1st - featured in both Beginning Hour and the final game as the night when the Sewer Gators first visited the Baker Estate. Opening the tape reveals…

The warning message, from how it looks after completing the tape in game. “I will dash them YOU against the stones.” It also includes the dummy finger.

Surprise! It’s also a USB flash drive. To the side we have the steelbook, which has a nice minimalist design on the outside, and the estate artwork in the inside.

Next we have a black letter with the games logo embossed. The envelope contains a lithograph of the Baker family enjoying an…interesting…dinner.

Last but not least, we have the replica of the Baker house. This thing is impressively detailed.

If you remove the chimney, you’ll find a crank that activates a particularly dark version of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” - the same one that plays in the menu opening cut scene.

That’s all folks! Thanks again Capcom for the awesome prize, and hope you all have a wonderful day :)

So today I went into work, took a delivery through freezing rain (as soon as i got there) and then got sent home because my shoes and socks were wet. Anyway I passed out in my work clothes for 5hrs and now im up. @the-happy-high @the-hippyhippie @black-stoners @stoned-pokemon-trainer yall tagged me to take a hit so heres a lil clip wakey bakey. @i-dont-really-mind-im-a-victim @whospilledthebongwater @plainmaryjane @heinousfagotry @sunflowerjawn @badasscannabitch tag you’re it, take a hit!

Who Knows?

My first imagine…here goes nothing….

Y/B/S=  Your Birthstone


I was just helping him pack his things. I didn’t expect to take an unwanted trip down memory lane in the process.

“So where are you moving to, again?”

“Downtown Toronto,”


Interaction was so weird to me, but also assuring. Maybe our break up two months ago wasn’t totally on bad terms.

“Sorry my closet’s such a mess,” he chuckled lightly,, shuffling through a show box that was hidden under his bed. He looked up at me only for a second, seeing that I was beginning to take out his shirts. They were either halfway on a hanger or not on one at all, laying in a heap at the floor of his closet.

“No problem. Not like mine is any better,” I joked in a soft voice.

“Yeah, I remember,” he said. I wasn’t looking at him as I held onto one of his sweatshirts. I knew he was smiling at me.

For a few seconds, we were silent. The only sound was the soft singing of John Mayer emitting from Shawn’s record player. It was from his vinyl edition of ‘Continuum’ that I had bought for him for no particular occasion. I just knew that he would like it.

“What’s in the box?” I asked, shifting my attention away from his closet after I had folded most of his shirts and placed them in one of his suitcases. I may or may not have counted the amount of sweatshirts that used to be at my house.


It took Shawn a while to answer my question, maybe because he heard me, but was so occupied by the things in front of him. I didn’t mind, though. His concentration was one of my favorite things about him.

“Its just a bunch of old stuff. Newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, receipts,” he shrugged. He closed the box and shoved it under his bed again. He then got off his knees and began to strip the beige sheets from his bed.

I just nodded. I wasn’t going to pry; I felt like I had lost all privilege to enter deep conversations with him. Clearly, that box held more things that he said- the look on his face was a clear giveaway. I guess I’d never really know.

“How’s Oxford?” he asked.

“Good. Pre-Law is kicking my ass, but I’ll survive,” I answered, stifling a small giggle. I felt slightly suffocated, and in such an empty room, too. Maybe it was the tension in here. It balanced off of good and bad.

“I’m happy for you. It’s just a shame you’re so far from your family and friends,”

“I could say the same for you,”

“I always find my way back, Y/N,” he told me pointedly. He balled the sheets up and tossed them on the ground.

So many things happened on those sheets…

He took a seat on the naked bed. The room was almost completely bare; the walls empty as well as the flat surfaces such as his desk and dresser. Packing away the things that were once displayed in this room was like packing away memories that the two of us stupidly let slip through the cracks.

I had been going to Oxford for a year at that point, but I was never able to fully shake the feeling that something was missing from my life. But what? I was attending my dream school, studying for my dream job, and living in my dream country. What more could I have wanted?

I knew fully fucking well. I was just too much of a coward to admit it.

“I know you do, Shawn. But I just….feel like England is where I belong, now, you know? I’m better off there,” I mumbled, running a finger along his desk, a thin coat of dust transferring onto my skin, tickling it ever so slightly. I wiped it off on the soft fabric of my shorts.

Shawn grabbed the collar of his speckled black button up in both hands and pulled it in opposing directions, giving me a better view of his pale chest- which I had been exposed to many times prior. Clearly feeling hot, he stood up and turned the ceiling fan on, stretching his long, muscular arm up to tug on the chord.

“How’s touring?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood. Talking about University or London with Shawn never ended well. I ceased that part of our conversation before I could take a turn for the worse.

He smiled, shoving his hands into his pockets as we stood opposite each other. “Amazing. There’s just something about getting up on stage every night and showcasing my creations and fulfilling my passion that makes it the best damn job in the world,” he mused.

If there was one thing that Shawn knew how to do, it was describe his profession in the only way he deemed worthy- with pride and endearment.

He spoke about me like that once.

“Well I’m glad to hear that,” I smiled.

“I wish you could’ve come to the London show,” he said.

You didn’t ask me. “I had-”

“To study. I know, I know,”

“Not necessarily, Shawn,” I sighed.

“Well, that seemed to be the main reason anytime I would ask you to come out on tour for a day or two,” he retorted.

I was suddenly angry. “I can’t drop everything to be with you,” I hissed. He knew that. We talked about it a few days before I  left for London. He was so childish when it came to this.

“I’m not asking you to, Y/N. You’re a busy person, I get that. But when we were together, it just hurt me a lot that our relationship came to an undecided halt when you left,”

I opened my mouth to oppose, but felt it just hang there. A shallow breath escaped as I realized he was right. We never officially broke up. Our relationship just dissolved into nothing. Late night calls became nonexistent, and we never even texted when we realized how long it had been since we interacted. I felt that we were both to blame- we never acted on this. Was it because we knew efforts would be futile?

“Why’d you call me?” I asked seriously. I was back home for two days for my brother’s birthday weekend. Shawn had called me after saying he saw me at Tim’s.

“Hey, can you come over? There’s something I need your help with,” he told me, hesitance in his voice. I could imagine him fiddling with his fingers- a nervous habit.

I sucked in a breath. “Okay? What is it?” I asked. I would’ve decline yet.

“I need to pack my things. I’m moving out,”

I didn’t question why he didn’t request help from Brian or Ian or Matt. Maybe he had called already and just needed another set of hands? “Alright, yeah,” I said without thinking. “See you in a few,”

“Thanks,” the line went dead not even a second later.

Ten minutes later, I arrived to an empty house, just Shawn and I. Aaliyah was at hockey practice, and Manny and Karen were at the supermarket.

An hour later, no one else showed. It was still just Shawn and I, few words exchanged as he packed things into cardboard boxes. Occasionally he would hum along to a song, or curse lightly when he knocked into something.

“Didn’t we specify this over the phone? I needed your help to-”

“So Brian, Ian and Matt were unavailable?”

“Yes, actually. Can we continue this later? I’m going to get more boxes,” he said hastily, striding out of the room.

“There’s nothing left to-” I started to protest, but he was already out the door.

I exhaled harshly, pressing a palm on my forehead. Our communication skills had become pure nothingness. How sad, that we when from not being able to keep from telling each other everything, to struggled words and tight lipped smiles. I knew that neither of us would be able to really understand what had happened between us.

Here’s what I thought: He was doing his own thing, I was doing mine. Maybe, silently, we realized we couldn’t do that and be in love at the same time. Which was bullshit, because I regretted everything we didn’t say, 100%. If we had just talked to each other, we wouldn’t be in this borderline monsoon of awkwardness.

I saw down on his bed, shoving hair out of my face. I felt like I was going insane, the way these observations and truths were flooding my mind. I swung my legs back and forth, but felt my heel come in contact with something. I then remembered- the shoe box.

Quickly, I bent over and retrieved it from below the bed. I held it in my hands, running my thumb pads over the lid. The box was old, with rips and wrinkles in the cardboard. I couldn’t tell what brand it was from.

I looked up at Shawn’s door- but then realized he wasn’t coming back anytime soon. He wasn’t collecting boxes- he was collecting himself. That usually took a while, so I had enough time to rummage through this mystery box.

I knew I said I wouldn’t pry, but the box was here, at the tip of my fingers, and this was entirely on my own accord, not because Shawn told me I could or could not.

Slowly, I removed the lid and placed it off to side. Shawn wasn’t lying, there was really nothing much in side of the box. Magazine clippings, ticket stubs and receipts, just like he had said.

I picked up one of the receipts and say that it was one for a White Chocolate MooLatte from Dairy Queen. I smiled slightly- Shawn had bought so many of those for me whether I asked for them or not. He just always had a way of knowing when I was craving one. MooLattes were, after all, one of my favorite things on this planet.

I placed the slip of paper back and looked through the other ones. I took out a ticket stub that was stapled to a magazine clipping. I drew my brows together. Why would he attatch them?

I read the ticket stub, and again, I smiled, wider this time. It was from the time he took me to see Cinderella, the 2015 remake. I was so taken with him and him alone I didn’t pay attention to anyone else around me. Call me cliché, but it really felt like were were the only two people in the theater.

I flipped the stub upward to read the glossy piece of paper below it, an I almost laughed. There was a picture of the two of us standing in line for tickets, Shawn standing behind me, his large arms wrapped around me shoulders as I cuddled into his embrace. Looking at the photo made me almost feel his hold again like it was happening at that very moment. The caption of the snap was ‘Shawn Mendes cozies up to Y/F/N during movie date!’

It was the first time, if I recalled correctly, that we had been spotted properly in public. Neither of us were in the mood to hide that night. It people saw us, so be it. We were in a relationship and there was no harm in letting people know that.

I put the ticket and cut out back in the box and rummaged through it a bit more. The rest was just more receipts for MooLattes or Chipotle, ticket stubs from the movies or concerts, and magazine articles from out sightings together.

I was about to close the box again, but my eyes caught sight of something peeking out below the paper that had shfited. I placed my hand inside again, only for my fingers to come in contact with a velvet texture. My eyes widened. Did I dare to pull this out?

Ignoring my conscience, I pulled the item out, only to discover that it was a box- black, velvet just like I felt, and rectangle shaped. My heart sped up as I slowly opened it, and when I did, I gasped.

Inside, looking untouched and glimmering in the dim light, was a beautiful silver necklace, bind by tiny links, accentuated by a Y/B/S charm as the ‘crowning glory’.

I hovered an index finger over the small rock, afraid to touch it. This must have cost a fortune- the company written in cursive on the inner lid wasn’t exactly known for being cheap. Who was it for?

“You like it?”

My head snapped up as I slammed the box shut, wincing at the sound it made. I hastily placed it back inside the shoe box and closed that too, placing it on the bed and standing up.

“I-I’m sorry, Shawn. I didn’t mean to invade your privacy. I was just-”

“Its okay, Y/N,” Shawn held his hands up, and I stopped rambling. My tense shoulders relaxed as he walked towards me and picked up the box.

I looked at his hand movements. He removed the lip and took the velvet box out once more. Placing the show box on his desk, he looked at me, his caramel gaze, glassy and serious.


“I bought this a month ago,” he started, and I remained quiet. I would let him talk. I had become guilty of not letting him do that.

“I was planning on visiting you on campus. I wanted to surprise you. When I had my London show, I was going to come before it started. I was going to invite you to come to show and see me perform. I was going to give you this, Y/N,” he opened the box and showed me the necklace again. It took my breath away once more. It was a stunning piece of jewelry. Did I deserve to adorn something that seemed so precious?

I was never a fan or expensive gifts, and Shawn knew that. What was his reasoning for buying me this gift?

But we never had reasons for buying each things other than the fact that we loved each other, even if true love wasn’t measured by material possessions. The reactions we would give when we presented each other with out bought items would always brighten everything in that one moment, no matter the circumstances. Maybe that’s why we did it so much.

However, they were never, ever this lavish.

“I decided against it. I thought you didn’t want to see me. I thought you were ignoring me because you were fed up with me. You were fed up with me being gone,” he choked up, the lump in his throat affecting his speech.

I grabbed his wrists. “Shawn, I was gone too-”

“I was gone more, Y/N. I felt horrible. I didn’t know how to make it up to you. Until one day in Paris I was at this mall and I was passing at jewelry store. I saw this exact necklace in the display, only with a diamond. I knew you loved white gold. I had to get it for you. I had them change the diamond to your birthstone,” he explained.

I looked down at it. “The Y/B/S,” I said.

“Uh huh,” he nodded, smiling down at me, baring his teeth.

“Its beautiful Shawn,” I said.

“Its yours,” he said, taking it out of the box.

I shook my head immediately. “I can’t-”

He pressed a finger to my lips, his face only an inch away from mine. I was silenced as he turned around gently until my back was facing him. I held my breath as he placed the necklace around my neck. The cold material tingled against my skin, which already sported raised pores. He connected the two ends of the piece of jewelry and turned me back around.

His eyes were on the necklace, and my eyes were on him.

“So what now?” I asked.

Wordless, he drew me closer my the forearms and pressed his lips to my forehead. The kiss he gave me was warm and sent a wave of heat throughout my body.

He ran his thumbs along my cheekbones as his kiss drew down to my lips. Our first kiss after those dreadful months. The feeling had become so forgotten, but, now that it was happening again, it all came back to me, how much I loved it when he kissed me. How his soft lips would part, then come upon mine, softly, slowly, then escalating into the most amazing feeling ever. I literally felt sparks fly every time, no matter how much I’d get used to it.

After a few blissful secons of his plush, pink lips upon mine, he broke the kiss softly. He pulled me into his embrace, his strong arms wrapped around me in a hold that seemed invulverable, yet comforting and reassuring. For a while, we stayed like that, just enjoying the feeling of each other’s embrace. If possible, his arms got even tighter, and that only urged me to do the same. I buried my head in his neck, not wanting to move any time soon. He smelt like axe body spray and chcocoalte muffins- the scent I’d come to love.

He buried his nose into my hair, tangled his long fingers into the strands. He breathed out his next words, and I had never felt more  at ease with any answer in my life.

“Who knows?”


Hope y’all liked this! Sorry if the ending seemed a bit abrupt  🙊 ❤️


Mle 1886 ‘Lebel’ Rifle - “Fusil de 8mm Modèle 1886″

Designed in 1886, produced from 1887 to 1920 by MAC, MAT and MAS.
8x50mmR Lebel, 8+1+1 rounds.

Read below for everything you wanted to know about this rifle, and then more, and then even more, Jippers you didn’t need to know all that, what the fuck it’s still going, why did they keep it for this long, just let the fucking thing die already.

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