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Hey I'm too shy to say this off anon, but thanks for being so awesome. I'm still relatively new to the world of ball pythons and I learned so much from your blog. I mostly studied books and forum groups but from you I'm so relieved that you've been encouraging snake enrichment with the facts to back it up! Most places I've been to always have the rack system and small space/they don't climb mentality and I was getting uncomfortable with it. Thank you for giving me hope. You are snake mama!

HNNNGGGG thank you so much for saying so!!!!!!!! i want to print this out and hang it one my wall. thank you!!!!

a hylian girl looks out her back window. the hero of time is out there, behind the shed, screaming and hitting a box with a dismembered skeleton arm. the box shatters, and he scrambles to gather all the scattered apples into his bag. then he takes down his manbun to tie a bandana around his head, and takes a flying leap at a flat and featureless cliff. he climbs. fifty feet up, he stops and shoves a fish into his mouth. “there he goes,” her mother says. “he’s going to save us all.”

why do i keep seeing posts about Pidge struggling to reach things on high shelves… have you never met a short person… we’re masters at climbing up things and coming up with inventive ways to reach high shelves like are you kidding me with this


‘i think i just need to touch it’