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VIXX are coming back in May. STARLIGHTs, show your support and vote for VIXX as the comeback you look most forward to. If you have got the Idol Champ app on your phone, navigate to the hand icon and look for this poll:

  • Click on the oval button pictured in white here.
  • Scroll down and look for “빅스”.
  • Click on the hand icon to vote.

Vote once per day per device (phone, laptop, PC, tablet) per account until May 11th! If you need help with getting the Show Champ app, write us a DM here.


We are so excited to share with you that you we’ve been nominated for the Shorty Award for Tumblr of the Year! Now, this is a pretty huge deal; the Shorty Awards are the highest social media awards around (click here to read about them).  



  • Voting opens: Jan. 17, 2017
  • Voting closes: Feb. 16 11:59 pm EST., 2017
  • Awards ceremony: April 2017 in New York City and live-streamed on the web.


  • You can vote once per day per influencer by clicking “Vote” on the Shorty Awards website. Users also share their vote on Twitter and Facebook through the Shorty Awards website for an additional one vote per social network, per day, per influencer. Each person may only create one user account on ShortyAwards.com for purposes of voting.
  • Once voting has closed, the finalists and winners will be determined by an algorithm that ranks nominees based on combination of number of votes from the public and scores from the Real Time Academy. The top six ranking nominees will go on to become finalists. The finalist with the highest ranking will be the winner in their category.


  • Tumblr reblogs do not count! (Reblogging is nice, but you have to actually leave Tumblr AND VOTE!)
  • You have to register to vote. They don’t ask for a lot of information and it won’t take long. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, registering will be faster! 
  • You can vote once a day, but if you share for votes on Twitter and Facebook, the vote goes up by 3! (You don’t have to be public for either one!)
  • You must only make ONE account (multiple accounts for one user is a no-no!)

We are really excited. Over the last two years we have changed Tumblr for the better and would be honored to receive this award. 


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I'm sorry if this breaks any rules: The TFP bots' reaction to their s/o pinching their butt

Get the booty, Anon. Get all the booty.

Optimus is barely even functioning he’s so embarrassed. It’s not like nobody’s copped a feel before (everyone wants a piece of dat aft) but that was when he was Orion, and it was usually in a playful manner. Now you’re watching the Prime-in-charge-of-all-autobots with a lustful expression and he’s… kind of at a loss. He asks you to please not do that in public, but when you’re alone he’ll build up the confidence to carefully poke your butt back. Oh, it’s so soft :3c

Ratchet jerks and sputters, then tells you to quit that. He’s working with very sensitive material! When you pinch him again his cooling fans start whirring. He warns you that you’re playing a very dangerous game. Third time’s the charm, and his engines rev angrily and he picks you up and carries you to his quarters, claiming that he’s gonna teach you a lesson. 

Arcee smirks at you. She pinches you back later, and then keeps doing it every so often. It becomes a game. You start counting who can get in more pinches per day. 

Bumblebee’s fans click on and he’s a poor flustered babe. He beep-giggles nervously and gingerly pokes your booty. Good job, baby, you’re learning. He ends up really liking it when you pinch his butt- it kind of tickles. 

Bulkhead laughs and asks you what you’re doing back there. He thinks you’re adorable and picks you up to smooch you. Later, when you’re alone, he pokes your booty and says “boop!” but since his digits are so big he knocks you over on accident. He apologizes profusely and gives you lots of kisses.

Wheeljack chuckles and tells you he barely even felt that, try again. You do, and he finally just picks you up and laughs once you’re fingers are sore. You pout and he kisses you, telling you that it’s fine. He’ll just show you how it’s done tonight ;)

Ultra Magnus freezes. Then he tells you “that was highly inappropriate and please not do it again”. He goes back to his work for a moment and then  pauses again. “Outside of our quarters,” he adds.

Smokescreen goes “eep!” and his cooling fans kick on. His doorwings flutter nervously and he has no clue what to do or say. He ends up awkwardly thanking you. Then he suddenly has to leave right now immediately. Not without you, you tell him.

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(I'm sorry if this is in the FAQ. I'm on mobile.) So I have a journal that is currently just me writing down thoughts. However I like the idea of using my journal for productivity and meal planning. Do you have any advice on how to set that up without doing a page-per-day kinda thing?

I actually do not have daily spreads on my FAQ, so no worries!

I tried my best to come up with something that you could easily modify to fit your needs while keeping it relatively simple.

I would also recommend just looking up weekly spreads and enlarging each day to do a page-per-day spread. If you click [here], I already looked some up for you! 

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Help! When I go to vote on that show champion thing (the one with the 3 and 5 in the title) I can't find where to actually vote. Is it the one with the 4 and 1 in the title now? Cause I was able to vote through there.

yes!! the banner picture says “show champion” and it has a 4 and 1 in the title, remember you can click on beautiful 3 times and get 3 votes per day!!! thank you for voting 💓💗

Accidental Voicemail-Bucky imagine.

Ok so after getting the Voicemail imagine dare. Here it is!

Originally posted by ohhnoleo

A bright light coming through a crack in your curtains disturbs you from your sleep. When you sit up and check the clock, it’s just past 10am and your head is spinning. The guys went out so you, Nat and Wanda decided to have a “quiet night in”, which ended with tequila and beer, obviously. You roll over letting out a groan; this was going to be a hangover from hell. You grab your phone from the bedside table. 2 messages from Nat asking if you’re alive and a voicemail, from Bucky? You reply to Nat and tell her you don’t think you’ll survive the day, dramatic as per usual, and then click on the voicemail, smiling when you hear Bucky’s slurred voice.
“Hello? Hellooooo? (Y/N). HELLO. Steve she’s not there, how do I turn this thing off?”
You laugh to yourself and then hear Steve in the background.
“Bucky just click the red button how many times have I told you this?” Steve sounds just as drunk as Bucky, Thor had obviously been dishing out his Asgardian liquor again. They’re both terrible with technology, it’s like talking your grandparents through wifi. You realise he hasn’t managed to end the call, the voicemail continues.

“Why won’t she answer me Steve, I just wanna talk to her.”
“She’s probably asleep, it is 3am.” Steve laughs at his friend.
“Yeah I guess.” Bucky sounds disappointed, your eyebrows furrow, curious as to where this conversation is going.
“Why don’t you just talk to her and tell you like her Buck, I’ve seen the way you two are together!”
“Noooo way Stevie, she’s way too good for me. She so pretty and so precious. You know I don’t get like this over any girl. I wanna take her out Steve I do, I’m just terrified.”

You can just about hear Bucky’s muffled words through what you’re guessing is a pocket. Your mouth drops open. Bucky likes you?! You’ve had a crush on him for months now, you’d never in a million years guess he’d have felt the same! You miss the majority of the rest of the conversation as you sit in shock.
You hear Steve ask to borrow Bucky’s phone to call Tony, they must’ve lost him.

“Uhm Buck, you didn’t end the call, it’s probably gone to voicemail.” Steve starts howling with laughter as Bucky curses and then the voicemail is over.
You have no idea what to do with yourself as you take in what you’ve just heard. That conversation definitely wasn’t meant for your ears but the idiot had left it on voicemail. You get out of bed, head spinning and pull on a long t shirt and slippers, deciding to head to the kitchen when your stomach rumbles. Should you mention this to anyone, especially Bucky, or just let it slide? He probably wouldn’t remember it today anyway. But hell, how could you forget it now.

When you get to the kitchen you grab a bowl of cereal and curl up on the sofa in a blanket. After a few minutes you hear feet down the hall, and turn your head to see Steve and Bucky walking towards the kitchen. Your eyes go wide and your heart starts pounding, thinking ‘oh shit, this is gonna be awkward.’
Steve smiles at you when they enter the kitchen.
“Hey (Y/N) Did you have a good night?” He asks.
“Yeah from what I can remember. You guys look rough” You tease, your eyes on Bucky as he gets himself a glass of water.
Steve laughs and then says he’s going for a run. You shake your head at him, the thought of going for a run right now was making you want to throw up. Steve heads out the door, leaving you and Bucky alone.
“You not joining him?” You ask, making conversation. He shakes his head and exhales deeply as he flops down on the sofa next to you.
“I don’t want to move today” He groans.
“I didn’t think super soldiers could get hangovers” You giggle, shifting round to face him, he smiles at you. He may be hungover but he still looked so handsome. You spend a few moments just looking at him, biting your lip and wandering whether to bring the message up, when he asks you if you’re alright. You hum and nod your head, and then just blurt it out.

“Do you remember leaving me an accidental voicemail last night?” You purse your lips together, half nervous, half fighting back a smile. Bucky looks confused for a minute and then his eyes good wide.
“Oh jesus.” He whispers, putting his head in his hands. “Did you hear anything, I mean I can vaguely remember the conversation..”
“Uhm, yeah…you said you liked me?” You play with your fingers nervously.
“Oh god. Im so sorry I didn’t know how to end the call, stupid phones and I was just drunk talking rambling on about you I-“
You breathe heavily when he says it was just drunk talking.
“Just drunk talk?” You ask, he looks at you and sees the disappointment on your face and his eye brows knit together.
“I don’t mean like that, I was drunk yes but I did mean it- I just didn’t want to ruin anyth-“
You cut him off mid-sentence and shuffle closer to him.
“I like you too Bucky, have done for months now, I just didn’t want to scare you off.” You smile shyly at him and he grins back at you, eyes gleaming.
Bucky drapes his right arm around you and runs his fingers through your hair.
“You seriously like me?” He asks, sounding shocked. You look at him and nod, and you both start laughing at yourselves for being so stupid and not coming out with it sooner.
“Ok well, now that’s settled, how about we just lie here all day and watch movies? My head is pounding.” You agree and get up and put (Y/F/F) on, jumping back on the sofa, this time cuddling up to Bucky’s warm body.
“You really think I’m pretty and precious.” You smile to yourself, teasing him. He throws his head back and laughs.
“Uhm, yeah I do doll.” He plants a kiss on your forehead and wraps his arms around you, settling down to watch the movie in each others embrace.

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Baker Street Letters’ Follower Appreciation Giveaway

Hey everyone!  As a wedding celebration (!) and a totally awesome follower milestone for the blog, we’d like to give you guys a chance to win some cool stuff as a way to say thank you!

There will be three prize sets, as follows:

Set 1:

  • Official BBC Deerstalker Hat and Satchel
  • Sherlock S3 Fog Poster
  • Sherlock Pattern Mug
  • Elementary, My Dear Watson book
  • Set of Sherlock & John chibis and Baker Street Stickers

Set 2

  • Sherlock “Violinist” Pouch
  • The Detective and the Doctor Tote
  • Sherlock “Smirk” Print
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Set 3

  • Sherlock “Wallpaper” Pouch
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  • You must be following the blog, BakerStreetLetters
  • Current mailing list subscribers get 2 extra entries
  • Joining the mailing list will earn you an extra entry (link in the sidebar or click here)
  • Reblog this post for entry (once per day, please don’t spam your followers)
  • No giveaway blogs, please (we will check)
  • You’ll need to be okay with giving us your mailing address if you win
  • We will contact you via askbox, so please make sure it is open
  • Winners will be chosen by random number generator - there will be three winners (first place gets first choice of prize set and so on)
  • Giveaway ends Sunday, June 21st at 11:59 pm (EST)
  • Good luck and thank you so much!


Ray (SH) and Mixy (JW)

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Hey can you raise awareness and tell people to vote for yuri on ice for the japanese anime award festival; here is a link vote(.)animefestival(.)jp/ and you can only vote once per day. It's in japanese but just click the pink box next to Yuri On Ice (it's the first one rn) and it'll ask you to post on your twitter, and you can click pink again to vote! Thanks!

ooo thanks for sending this :)) y’all can help vote for yuri!!! on ice in the tokyo anime award festival through this link!

1,000 Follower Milestone!!!   ~~~BINGE WEEK~~~

HOLY CRAP THERE ARE A THOUSAND OF YOU NOW!!!!  I am so excited, SO SO SO Excited!  Thank you for the follows, and likes, and reblogs, you have all been so amazing and I wish I could give each of you a big hug!!! :D  You have all been so sweet and kind, you have no idea how happy it makes me to have people to share my stories with!!! ***Special shout out to @percywinchester27, @chelsea072498, and @agthoven for letting me bounce ideas off them and keeping the exciting plans on the Down Low! :D 

FIRST: To Celebrate, I am doing another Binge Week!  This will be like last time, but with some changes! :D  Last time, you all voted for what you wanted to binge, but this time, I’m going to choose! [insert evil laughter]  See below for details!!! ^^ 

Second:  To celebrate, I will officially becoming a Multi-Fandom blog, as I will now be posting Supernatural AND Hobbit Fan Fiction! :D 


I have some things already ready to go, some I still have to write up…so here is what I am planning for this week.  This will start this Sunday (January 22) and continue to next Sunday (January 29), which means that I will post anywhere from 2-5 Fan Fics A DAY!  For 8 days! :D 

Here is what you can expect/what I have planned for Binge week (assuming I can finish everything before my fingers fall off XD): 

***Completed items are for sure going to happen, in progress means I still need to type them up, so not all my plans may come to fruition… 

  • “Burnt Brownies” (Completed)
    • Every day there will be a new chapter of “Burnt Brownies” posted!  And there are only 8 chapters left, so it will complete the series.  Click here if you want to check out the series!! 
  • Hobbit One Shots (Completed)
    • Every day there will be a new fan fiction that is Hobbit based, whether it is for a certain character or for the whole company, you will just have to wait and see ;p 
  • “A Second Chance” Bonus Chapters (Completed)
    • Every day, I hope to have a new bonus chapter for “A Second Chance”, this was my first completed multi-chapter story and it has been getting a lot of love lately, so I wanted to expand on it.  Click here if you want to check out the series!!! 
  • “Daughter of Gabriel” (In Progress)
    • Every day, I hope to have a new chapter of “Daughter of Gabriel” up.  This is a drabble-like series where I will write what ideas/requests come my way.  I do have 8 chapters planned, so that would be one per day! ^^  Click here if you want to check out the series!! 
  • Supernatural One Shots (Completed)
    • Every day, I hope to have a new Supernatural One Shots.  These will be original ideas, not requests, that I have had sitting in the back of my brain lately ^^ 

So, as you can see…I have a LOT of writing to do over the next couple days XD  Burnt Brownies and The Hobbit One Shots will be posted FOR SURE!!!  I have faith I can at least get one if not two of the ones marked in progress done over the weekend…but we shall see ;p I hope you all are excited for this, I know I am.  I have been wanting to do another binge week (it got such great reviews last time) and it has been killing me to have these Hobbit ideas just sitting on my computer!!!  XD 

So thank you again for following, for reading, and for just being great friends!  <3 <3 <3 

***If you want tagged in anything, please send me a message or an ask! There are notes about tagging below the “keep reading” line

***If you were tagged in this, it is because you are on one of my tag lists already, please see below! ^^ 


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