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09/05/2017: Ivanteevka, Moscow oblast. A ninth-grader, fan of Columbine - Mikhail Pivnev came to a class with a gun and smoke bombs. After a monologue about the desire to die, he shot a teacher. Schoolkids started jumping from the second floor to safe their life. Four persons were injured. No one died.
During the year Mikhail attended a psychiatrist because of suicidal thoughts. Probably he was victim of bullying classmates and teachers. Mikhail was using last name Klebold online on his social media page (vk.com), re/posting info, gifs and memes about shooters. Also he warmly condoned all shootings, action of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

His post on April 20, 2017:
On April 20, 1999, the Columbine school was attacked.
If it does not go into details, then as a result, 13 pupils are dead, 23 were injured and two are alive in my heart. Here and again the same day. It is a pity that not a year for sometimes I think. No matter what happens around me, how they treat me, I wonder if I’m needed here … life is beautiful friends, but sometimes death is better. And it could be better if I was in the place of Eric and Dylan …
And now forget everything that is written here and live on. Not everyone loves suicidal thoughts, right?
- 18_12: 01.- HDTL. E&D.FSBS. CGMD. CHS. Never Be Forget.-

Atteched pics - video and photo from his online page.

Truths of the Types: In Class

ESTJ - is probably scolding people who cheat in class but does the exact same thing and thinks no one knows even if they all do

ENTJ - is probably debating with another person in class for no reason and feels superior even if the topic they’re debating about is not really impressive or worth debating about tbh

ENFJ - is probably hugging every one of their classmates & smiling at their profs and acting like they love them but actually talks about them behind their backs with their real friends

ESFJ - is probably asking the professor questions they already know the answer to, just to make a scene while being flirty to make sure they receive a high grade from them

ENTP - is probably pretending to be interested but fails and uses phone instead to take pics of their professor & classmates for future memes to post online

ISFJ - is probably pretending to pay attention to the professor while they use their phone which is hidden by their book, tweeting about how boring the professor is, as well as stalking and judging their facebook profile

ISTJ - is probably listening intently and smiling, but is actually judging the professor and fighting the urge to raise their hand and say that the way they teach is wrong

INTP - is probably sleeping in the corner with their hoodie over their head with earphones on, which the professor obviously doesn’t have control over anymore

INTJ - is probably sitting in the front of the classroom and isn’t making eye contact with anyone, even the professor, but is actually getting extremely energized by the topic (but doesn’t show it ‘cause they don’t feel)

INFJ - is probably making eye contact with their professor and nodding their heads but is actually overthinking about what their friends truly think about them even if they’re sitting right next to each other

INFP - is probably biting their nails or putting googly eyes on random inanimate objects to amuse and entertain themselves so they won’t fall asleep in class

ENFP - is probably shouting out comments for every line the professor says to make the lecture not so boring, but gets shushed by ESTJ

ESFP - is probably whispering something to their seatmate but since they don’t know how to whisper, they end up getting shushed by ISFJ

ESTP - is probably competing with ENFP, as they shout out comments & ask questions to the prof, who everyone feels sorry for, 'cause they’re having a difficult time answering their smartass questions

ISTP - is probably wondering why the hell the professor is even a professor

ISFP - is probably not paying attention to the professor and is flirting with their crush through text/chat using too much heart emojis

You see this shit. Disgusting. These are signs I had to hold when I was younger. My adoptive parents used me as a prolife prop. They still do. When I was younger all I remember is screaming and shouting. Being told to be thankful my birth mom chose life and not abortion. Being brought to pregnant women considering abortion to choose life and adoption. Disgusting. Now that I’m older I look back at these pictures and feel sad. These pictures are out there for all to see. Me with a sign saying I was almost aborted. Me with a sign saying to choose adoption. My story being read by others. Even my friends and classmates came across pics of me online. Some snicker and make rude comments. Others tell me I was unwanted and my birthmom almost killed me. I hate seeing this. I am not a poster child for abortion or adoption. My parents had no right to use me like this. They have no right to use me now. This is why I’m depressed. Other people know more about my story than I do. STOP USING ADOPTEES! You are telling me that I must thankful. Yet I see nobody else grateful they weren’t aborted.

Adoptive parents, what’s the point of you using your adopted child in the prolife movement? Do you use your own biological kids? Do you use yourself? You could’ve been aborted too. How come you’re not thankful for life? Do you realize you’re messing your adopted child up? Pregnant women have no obligation to provide you anything. Thank you for choosing life. This is not something we tell all pregnant women, so why is it such a popular thing to tell a birth mother? Do we thank women who keep their babies and parent them? No. So stop using shitty phrases. Stop using our name and picture. If you really loved your child you wouldn’t do this.

To the march for life movement. We adoptees aren’t your prolife props. Pregnant women have choices just like you do. Adoption isn’t a choice for every woman. Carrying a pregnancy isn’t a choice for every woman. If you’re so concerned with life, why not help families in need? Why not help foster kids? Why not help women with kids who don’t have resources? Or are you too selfish to see this?

Opportunities to Meet People In College

Before Move-In

Admitted Students Days.
Your school/uni may have these under a different name, but days where you can go to get to know more about the academic programs and campus activities.

New Student Send-Offs. 
Casual gatherings hosted by alumni of your school/uni who live in your region.

People From Your High School. 
Maybe you know people from your high school who got into the same college as you. Knowing some familiar faces can make adjusting to a new environment easier.

Class of 202_ Facebook Groups.
Student-moderated Facebook groups for prospective students. Be sure to look for the one that is moderated by current students at your school/uni. There are some that are affiliated with businesses and posts a lot of advertisements. Once you join, make a brief post introducing yourself. You’ll get better responses if you’re specific about your interests (talk about your favorite TV shows/movies/books, your major, what you’re looking forward to doing in college, etc).

Contacting your Roommate(s).
You’ll need to contact them anyway to make sure you guys know what you’re bringing for your dorm. Eventually, you can talk to them to get to know them better. Ask about their interest, but also ask about anything you should be aware of (e.g. allergies, sleeping/studying habits, etc).

During/After Move-In

Helping Others Move In.
Maybe someone's struggling to move a heavy box or needs some tape to hang their photos on their wall.

Keeping Your Door Open the First Couple Days.
Maybe one of your floormates will notice your cool collection of band posters and you two can bond over your similar music taste!

Orientations/Welcome Week.
Meeting people through activities or department-specific informational sessions the first couple days after move-in.

Joining Clubs, Sports, Fraternities/Sororities.
This one speaks for itself.

Creating/Joining Study Groups.
On the first week of class, ask your classmates if they’d be interested in creating an online study group, a place where you can share notes, ask for help, or get information about the classes you’ve missed. You can make a GroupMe (recommended for smaller classes) or a Facebook Group (recommended for bigger classes) or any other social media you see fit.

Good luck next year! Remember that it’s okay to be nervous. There will be lots of people adjusting to a new environment just like you!


My graduation film is finally online! :^)))

You can see the amazing films my classmates did here : https://vimeo.com/album/4670627

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Navani is an Engineer?

I’ve been a part of the fandom for about three years. (I know I haven’t produced much content, but I’ve been around.) I first read the Way of Kings and Words of Radiance in the summer of 2014, and with the hype for Oathbringer, I recently realized that Navani is an engineer.

Um… Hello, were you not paying attention while reading the books?

Of course I was. But Navani is an engineer.

Yeah, she’s an engineer.

No. She’s an engineer. I cannot explain the emotion I felt when I realized Navani is an engineer.

Ok. But any woman can be a scientist or Engineer on Roshar.

On Rosahr.

While I can momentarily visit Roshar when I read the books, or other non-canon  works, ultimately I live on earth. You may or may not have known this, but only about 20% of the the engineering workforce in America is made up of women. The physical sciences do better, with about 30%, and computer science does worse, with only 15% of the workforce made of women.

Maybe it’s just that women are more interested in other things.

While that is true, it is only half of the truth.  Science and Math (Which are both integral parts of engineering) are socially not considered ‘for girls’. Society does not encourage girls to pursue physical sciences or engineering. As a little kid, plastic tea sets, princess costumes, makeup, and the occasional veterinarian play set were marketed towards me. They marketed Legos and mini build your own trebuchets towards my brother. However, it is important to get kids interested in science and engineering while they’re young, because when they’re older, they already have a set mindset that isn’t likely to change. 

You can see the results of this clearly in the classroom. In my high school calculus class, out of the seven of us, I was one of two women in the class, and in my computer science class, out of the six of us, I was the only one who was a woman.

In addition, girls also are more likely to believe that they are not good at math, and can’t be good at math. During my capstone project, I spoke with one of my friends about this topic, and she said she didn’t have anyone there to help her and encourage her to study math harder. Because of that, she was led to believe that she just wasn’t good at math. From what I’ve read online, and what I’ve heard from my classmates, my friend’s experience is fairly common among women. I was lucky enough that I did have someone there to help and push me to do well in math.

Lastly, there simply aren’t many role models for girls in science and engineering. In fact, when most people think of a scientist or engineer, they think of a man. Sure, there have been plenty of women scientists and engineers, but they aren’t talked about as much as their male counterparts. If you don’t believe me, then lets do a quick test. Take a minute, and list all the famous engineers and scientists you can think of without using google. How many of them are women? Doing a quick search on google for ‘famous scientists and engineers’, out of roughly fifty results, only three of them are women. If you’re lucky, you might know about Marie Curie, and thanks to the movie Hidden Figures, the name Katherine Johnson might come to mind. But not that many others are talked about. (For anyone who wants more, Ada Lovelace pioneered computer science in the late 1800′s, and Sandra Cauffman is a NASA engineer who worked on the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission.)

Now imagine being a girl who has always loved math, science, and engineering,  and picking up The Way of Kings. 

Imagine being introduced to Navani, and realizing Almighty’s tenth name, Navani Kholiln is an engineer.

Not only is Navani an engineer, but she’s a world famous engineer, probably the most highly regarded engineer in the world. If you’re reading one of Navani’s works, then you know that this is quality research. If Navani’s name is on a research paper, it carries weight.

Imagine realizing that on Roshar, engineering and science are for girls.

Imagine a high school kid, (like I was when I first read WOK) and thinking I want to be an engineer, like Navani. Because who wouldn’t want to be like Navani?

We all agree that Sanderson is an amazing author, and Navani is one more reason to add to the very long reasons of why I love his books. I cannot express my gratitude for Navani as a character. With the release of Oathbringer in the fall, among the many other things, hope we’ll see  more from Roshar’s greatest engineer.

If you read to the end of this, thank you for putting up with my somewhat cheesy, definitely way to long post.

I was talking last night with @mujakinamamade about harutaka gaming AU with considerable less angst than canon kagepro and this happened: love square AU- heavily inspired on ML but without miraculous or powers at all.

So pretty much Takane is in love with her classmate and friend Haruka, but he’s in love with his online friend who goes by the name Ene even if he hasn’t met her in real life. Takane’s character in the game is Ene and Haruka’s is Konoha, and of course they don’t know they’re the same person- shenanigans ensue~

Unmotivated Talent

Originally posted by aoexdaily

A/N: I gotta say my experience on writing hackers limits itself on watching Mr Robot and Who Am I and a very lacking research on what type of hackers exist, so please tell me if you’re satisfied with this. Also, this has the potential of being a series, so tell me if that’s something you want, too.

Title: Unmotivated Talent
Summary: A simple hack at the True Cross Academy results in you meeting the Principal, Johann Faust V, and he offers you something that you can only agree to. He allows you to get away from your abusive home but at what cost?
Section: Part One
Pairing: Mephisto Pheles x Female Reader
Words: 514

All your life your mother had either told or shown you that you were weird. Though, in her case being weird meant using your brain cells instead of drinking them away to get laid by the next best fuckboy.

It was no wonder that you two had close to nothing in common.

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reasons peridot is Relatable
  • short
  • kind of an asshole
  • acts like she’s smarter than everyone
  • doesn’t understand things like 50% of the time
  • what?
  • lil shit
  • makes weird noises all the time
  • neeeeeeerrd
  • annoying
  • gets frustrated over other people’s stupidity
  • doesn’t like to admit that she’s wrong
  • insults people a lot
  • “what is that?
  • high-pitched voice
  • a disaster

[VRAINS] More Preliminary Information 

Including the names of Aoi and Go’s online alteregos!

Zaizen Aoi has been confirmed to be Yusaku’s classmate. And that online, she’s known as the highly popular Charisma Duelist known as ブルーエンジェル (Blue Angel).

Onizuka Go is known online as Go鬼塚 (Go Onizuka) (as opposed 鬼塚豪, as Onizuka Go). A way of explaining it to English speakers is he’s written his name in a way that say, someone named “Jean” would write his online alias as “Gene”. It’s a Homonym name change.

Go serves as Yusaku’s rival.

HeRe’S WhY tHe BeT aWaRdS iS tRaSh!

         I’ve been watching the “prestigious” award event for several years now. Why? Idk. I just don’t have anything better to do, I guess. But I already know what to expect. The groan-worthy “chocolate” or “fine light skin” jokes. Black elite people in gowns trying hard to imitate the style of a white awards show. And I’m not talking about simply how they dress or talk. I am talking about the jokes, exploitation of African-American youth culture, and using black women only when they need views. They’ve done that consistently with Beyonce G. Knowles-Carter for years. They have also done that with Nicki. They’ve kissed the ass of Nicki’s fat ass for seven years, and now when they get tired of her, they toss her aside foe a less talented woman who had to slander another woman for the entirety of 7 minutes just to get the recognition she been waiting for since I was a fifth grader on my elementary school’s step team. I say step-team because we most certainly did get down to “Lean Back,” but the childhood memories reside with Fat Joe, not Remy Ma.

               So why do I think the EB—I mean, BET Awards is trash? Simple. Because it’s a show that consists of misogynoir, colorism, and lame references as their comedy style! I am so sick and tired of someone forcibly saying, “I need me a brotha” or “Ooh, he got pretty eyes!” That shit’s tired, and they need to hang up the 2005 jokes! No shade to Leslie Jones, but she could have kept it at less being more. Even when people were performing, Leslie was still trying to interrupt and talk! And her monologue took too damn long for me to care. As well as that, I had to sit through a whole 5 minutes of woman-beating, Chris Brown dancing his way back to the hearts of naïve black people again! How you gonna have Karreuche up there to promote her show, Claws, only to shout out her abuser like we’re supposed to like him? Tyrese was also there, and you can enjoy the babymaking songs from the late 90’s to early ‘00’s all you want, but that man is a jerk! But if I had to choose between R. Kelly, Chris Brown, or Tyrese, I’d choose Tyrese because at least he’s not an abominable piece of shit like the other two.

               Now let’s get to the “Black Girl Magic” and “Black Is Beautiful” promotion I kept seeing all throughout the event. We get it. You think black women are beautiful! That does not mean you have to shout us out for a nod just to leave us out of dialogues of police brutality once again! You say “Black Girl Magic” just to once again pretend we’re not being killed at alarming rates just as much, if not more, as black men. Sandra Bland was mentioned. Whatever. A black mother was killed last week, but I guess she’s not a father, so you didn’t mention her. That’s why I will say this: I don’t care how beautiful or “magic” you think I or another black woman is! If you are not speaking to and about us with nuances and understanding we ARE mortal and are the MOST targeted in the U.S. (and world), you can shut the fuck up with your “Black Girl Magic” shoutouts. Black Girl Magic has become a brand and something I don’t fit into because I’m not “pandering” to black men enough, so I stepped away from that label. It’s trash now. We all saw it last night, and I am only confirming what I’ve already been known.

               Lastly: Remy Ma. Cardi B. Bullshit. I have talked a lot of shit about Cardi B. because of her colorism towards random girls’ online and a classmate on Love & Hip-Hop, who she did apologize to. I said I don’t think she deserved to get this much hype over a rap career I find lukewarm at this point in time. I have never been a Cardi B. “hater.” I was one of the first people to promote her music and created her page on Last.fm. I wrote the biography and everything. I didn’t think she was that great of a rapper at the time, but I was a fan of Stripper Hoe and Gangsta Bitch Vol. 1. I liked it for what it was. Good, turn up music. However, once I saw how Cardi treated female fans in particular, I was turned off from her the same way I was turned off from Tyrese’s misogynoir. I can’t support someone who doesn’t seem to know when to shut up and just think before they speak. The things they’ve said about black women were hurtful, and I couldn’t bring myself to support them while calling myself a “womanist” who cares for black women. The least you can do is acknowledge these people have been trash instead of brushing over it because you don’t want to admit you too will associate with trash if they’re entertaining enough. Only a few “woke” people aren’t as authentic and “politically aware” as they claim to be in their threads. But hey, aside from my qualms with Cardi B., I didn’t hate Nicki enough to not think Cardi wouldn’t have been a better upset than Remy “The Fraudulent” Ma. I was petty when I said I would rather BET be petty and have Remy win than a colorist, but I also did not think they’d be that stupid enough to think Remy was talented and impactful enough to win either. Cardi had impact. Young M.A. had impact. Not Remy Ma who’s only hit and “good” song is a 7 minute diss trash to the current Queen of Rap. But Remy got her award unfair and square, so her and the stans are happy.

               All in all, BET is trash because they can never get shit right. They never give black women and the artists justice. They snubbed Tinashe two years ago for a white man, so maybe that’s what Tinashe was talking about when she said she felt she was not accepted by black people. I see how y’all would champion non-black Bruno Mars over actual black Latino Miguel. Y’all go hard for white and non-black artists with some “soul” to their voice than actual biracial people. So why should I take a space that claims to be for black people “seriously” if they can’t even respect black excellence? They treat us like we’re circus entertainment. As if we’re expected to be good, and our talent only gets the dues when it’s in a white or brown voice. The BET Awards is anti-black, problematic, and I would not be surprised if Nicky Minaj never shows up to that messy place again!

ENFJ gothic

Someone across the room has an emotion. Suddenly, you feel the emotion as if it was your own. It is your emotion now. Was there ever a time when it wasn’t?

Everyone calls you “mom,” even your own mom. You are a mom because all ENFJs are moms. Even your ENFJ friend who is a 17-year-old boy. He too is a mom.

A classmate is online. You are gripped with the urge to ask them about their problems. You can tell they have problems. Everyone has problems. “Do you want to talk about it?” you ask. It’s 12:07 a.m. You haven’t slept in months.

You sit down and realize that the girl sitting in front of you thinks she is your best friend. So does the boy to your right. Everyone in this class thinks they are your best friend. You have no best friend. What is a best friend? You can’t remember.

You can’t comprehend why people get annoyed when you meddle in their lives. Can’t they see how much of a better job you would do?

You sit in silence, streams of tears running down your face. “What’s wrong with them?” someone whispers behind you. “Nothing,” someone else replies. “They’re an ENFJ. ENFJs are never sad.” You are never sad. These are tears of joy.

Someone asks if you can volunteer at the animal shelter. You’re allergic to all animals, and you open your mouth to say “no,” but no sound comes out. The word “no” no longer exists in your vocabulary. You scream. No one can hear you. “Of course,” you say.

You bring cupcakes to church every Sunday. You are an atheist, but it doesn’t matter.

You can only process the world through emotions because you are incapable of logical thought. Everything is an emotion now. You look down at your math homework; it too, has transformed into emotions. You begin to laugh hysterically. You are so happy.

Everyone you know is an INFP. You see someone on the street who you remember is an ESTP. “Thank God,” you say. “I haven’t talked to a non-INFP in ages.” He looks at you blankly and explains he is an INFP. He has always been an INFP. You know him, therefore he is INFP.

You can never be alone. Everything you know about yourself is derived from other people. While you’re in the bathroom by yourself, you forget your name. Who are you, again? You look in the mirror and see the reflection of everyone you’ve ever known, and you smile in relief. There you are.


I have an updated Ways to Make Money post, please check it out HERE 

as a student, I know how stressful it can be to juggle school, hobbies, sports, etc. and try to keep your bank account somewhat plentiful. I spent a lot of time looking on Pinterest for ideas and have included some of my own tips to make this master list.


  1. tutoring! not just for high school students, but also consider tutoring elementary and middle school students. Math is the most needed area. You can also tutor before/after school, during lunch, etc… you don’t necessarily have to make house calls.
  2. be a note-taker/study guide maker. a lot of people would rather buy study guides and notes off of people than get tutoring because it’s cheaper and it might be more beneficial for them. You can also do this online. steer as clear from PLAGIARISM as you can on this one. NEVER sell homework assignments or projects.
  3. consider getting a “seasonal” part time job. an example of this is working at a golf course, because the peak season for golfing is in the spring and summer, which means you’ll work the most during these months and much less in the fall and winter when very few people are golfing (note that this also depends on where you live and what the weather is like year round, but this is just one example).
  4. sell your old clothes to friends/classmates or online (their are many apps that allow you to sell your clothes, such as vinted)
  5. if you don’t know what clothes to sell, hang all of your clothes in your closet the same direction for a month. every time you wear something, put the hanger in the opposite way. at the end of the month, go through all of your hangers; the hangers that were never flipped in that month show you don’t really wear them and therefore, you can sell them and make some extra money.


  1. learn how to make homemade versions of your favourite starbucks drinks. that $5 tea or coffee you have every morning adds up. instead, make your own and invest in a thermos if you don’t already have one.
  2. don’t bring money to school unless you aren’t easily tempted to buy unhealthy snacks.
  3. try and only shop/eat out at places that have reward systems.
  4. pack LOTS of snacks if you’re known to get hungry a lot while studying.
  5. make a habit of prepping your lunches and breakfast every night for the next morning.
  6. go on “saving sprees” and treat yourself in small ways.
  7. potatoes are almost always cheaper than ramen, and they’re healthier for you!
  8. borrow and download free ebooks and audiobooks as much as possible… especially if you’re a book hoarder like me.
  9. instead of spending money on pricey cleaning products, baking soda can be used to clean just about everything including bathrooms, dishes, countertops, stains, etc.
  10. bring reusable bags when shopping at stores that charge for plastic bags.
  11. costco refills most ink cartridges for only $10.


  1. “know your poison”… does cash burn a hole in your pocket or are you more tempted to swipe your debit card? figure it out and stay away from it.
  2. print things at the library/school as much as possible.
  3. dedicate time to scholarship hunting, even if you’re in university.
  4. put your talents to use and see how you can save and make money from them.
  5. keep track of your saving and spending… whether it’s on your phone or on paper, keep a record.
  6. if you save $1 everyday that $365 in a year saved for extra uses.
  7. $2 everyday is $730.
  8. collect coupons… yes, become a couponer, your grandma/mom doesn’t do it for nothing.
  9. a 2 litre pop bottle filled with dimes equals about $500.
  10. borrow clothes/ask for hand-me downs when you need certain clothing for an event, presentation, etc. instead of buying something.
School Info from Kay

Okay so since I’m a senior now i feel like i should give some words of wisdom to the upcoming freshmen on how to “survive” high school and general stuff that comes with it!


  • Make friends. easiest way to do this is by talking to people in class or by joining clubs. I promise you there are people out there who share interests with you, you just gotta find em
  • Don’t go to big parties. I’ve been to a few and honestly they’re really boring and everyone is drunk/high and the cops might show up which just makes you anxious. Freshman year, don’t go to big parties. Instead, go chill with some friends and raid a CVS for soda and chips at 2AM. Way more fun, way less stressful. Better memories too.
  • Hang out with people on weekends! People can generally give/get rides, and chilling out on weekends while studying is a really fun thing to do. Skype is also a great way to do this if rides aren’t available.
  • No one notices if you are alone at lunch/in the hallway, so dont feel worried. If your friends have a different lunch than you, try to make some friends in the same lunch, or pretend youre studying if you feel awkward about sitting alone.
  • Dont. Date. Upperclassmen. Its not that you’re immature or not, but its freaking creepy if an upperclassman wants to date you. There is something wrong with them if they want to date you. Especially seniors - they’re almost adults and they’re going after someone just out of middle school? thats fucked up. Just dont do it. Even if they’re cute and on the tennis team or something, don’t do it. 
  • Don’t have sex/send nudes “just because” Not to be proverbial, but if your friends jumped off a cliff would you? no. I know that you may feel ready, but I can promise you that it just feels bad afterward if you really arent ready. I’m a sex-positive person, but freshman year is too young to put yourself in that emotional position. It’s very stressful, and for myself personally as well as friends of mine it caused us all more anxiety than we would have gotten otherwise.
  • Don’t overstuff your schedule with clubs. I tried this last year, and it was just way too stressful. Instead, focus on one or two clubs that interest you. Leave time for yourself.


  • Be up front with teachers about mental health. Teachers will try to help you. They will work with you on that stuff. I can only speak from my experiences, but finding professional help for my mental illnesses actually helped me in school. 
  • Don’t procrastinate forever. If you have tests, prepare for them ahead of time. If you have projects, start doing research or plan. If you have a paper due, start writing before the last day. Even if it’s possible to do something the last second, the stress isnt worth 
  • Take time for yourself. buy that bath bomb and chill out to the sounds of metallica if you want to, binge watch voltron one weekend if you want to. Take a nap if you want to. Play some video games if you want to. Just, don’t fill your time with school. You will wear yourself out so fast. 
  • Talk to your friends. If you had shit friends in middle school, get new ones who listen to and respect you. Friends are there to be friendly. For those of you who have parents you trust, talk to them.
  • Be super fucking gay. This obviously applies to location, but most schools now have some variation of a gsa/saga. Join them. If you’re closeted, just say you’re looking into it for a research paper or something, or that youre an ally. i can promise you there are more gay people in your school than you expect. Be gay in front of your teachers, in front of your friends, your principal, idgaf, just don’t feel obligated to be a super closeted person in high school. (disclaimer: if you are in an unsafe area do what makes you feel safest. There are tons of online forums for other info - GLSEN is great for school related saga stuff.)
  • Don’t worry about dating. This can fit into the first category, and a lot of overlaps happen like that, but honestly if you cant find a boy/girl/date-friend its okay! I didn’t have a steady relationship until my junior year and no one cared at all. have fun meeting people, and dont pressure yourself into something. If you don’t like someone and they ask you out, don’t say yes just because you want to date someone. Its not worth it.
  • During Summer, don’t completely slack off. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but don’t just log out of life during summer. Take extra time for yourself, and have fun, but summer is a great time to deal with mental health problems due to increased flexibility. Ex. if you want to start seeing a psychologist/therapist, summer is a great time to start. If you think you need to take medication, summer is a great time to find out.
  • Take Mental Health sick days. Its a legal thing you can do. it counts as a normal sick day. Relax, drink some tea, watch a movie, take a nap. 
  • But if you cant take a day off… talk to your friends, don’t stress yourself with work at school. Explain to your teachers that you dont feel well, just don’t overwork!

School Stuff

  • Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway. Upperclassmen do this too, and if they do it just shove through them. But seriously, its the worst thing to have someone or a group of people standing in the middle of the hall/doorway. If you are walking slowly, stay to the right of traffic.
  • Being late to class sucks, but it’s not everything. no one really cares other than the teacher, but it’s not very fun to miss out on warmup time. Also, you can get in trouble which is crummy.
  • If you are absent, talk to your teacher/classmates. Many schools have an online thing you can check for assignments, but also email your teacher if you are sick. If you know ahead of time that you’ll be out, talk to them about it. And, if possible, work on those assignments/lessons while you’re out to avoid falling behind. 
  • Study. Like, seriously. Even if you never had to study a day in your life before, do it. And take notes. Take notes over and over. Quizlet is great for studying, and there are a ton of studyblrs that can give you tips. 
  • Make your notes readable. I’ve literally had times where i couldn’t read anything ive written. It sucks, but just make sure you take your time. 
  • Listen to teachers rather than writing everything from the slide. Teachers usually tell you whats most important on the slide anyway. Write down what they say. And make funny notes about it - it helps you remember! There was a funny picture in the textbook? Draw it into your notes, or write about it somewhere. Teacher made a joke about the plot of a book? Write that down! Stuff like that will save you on test day!
  • Don’t worry if you’re late on the first day your teachers super duper understand. This also applies if you go to the wrong class or something. No one cares.
  • Have a visible copy of your schedule for at least the first 2 days. You will forget where your rooms are. You will be asked your teacher’s name. You will need to know this stuff. Take a picture on your phone or print out one and put it in your agenda, whatever suits you! Don’t put this away either - keep it out while you’re going to each class. 
  • Don’t stress about knowing the building. I just discovered a new wing of my school last year, so its no big deal if you don’t know every nook and cranny. Ask a teacher/janitor/whoever if you cant find your class. An upperclassman may also know!
  • Don’t act like a dick. You may assume this is common knowledge, but ive met so many kids who act like they’re hot shit on the first day. Seriously, shut up, I just have to go to class and I dont need you acting personally offended when i accidentally push you. Also, if you seriously body slam someone, apologize however quickly, but also don’t be afraid to squeeze through groups of people taking up the hallway (they’re the ones being dicks, not you)
  • Make room for disabled students. Whether this be students with physical or mental handicaps, giving a bit of extra room is really nice. As someone who’s been on crutches at school, being in the middle of a crowd with no room sucks. Mentally disabled students are really chill, but their teachers may want to keep an eye on them so they don’t accidentally get hurt. Be curteous.
  • Get an agenda. Seriously, don’t just use your phone to write everything down. Even if your agenda is a $1 walmart version, its really useful (I got calendar sheets from target for about $1 and a binder for them for $2.) Copying down your assignments physically helps put them in your mind.
  • Write. Your. Notes. Physically. As stated above, writing physically helps you remember things. A tip for those who are willing - write your notes in class messy and then rewrite them more nicely in a binder at home with just the key info. It’s another copy-to-remember session and helps you find key points. Bonus if you put those notes online for your friends to look at too.
  • Don’t go to things you don’t want to. I went to my freshman homecoming dance and it sucked because I didn’t really want to be there/didn’t know a lot of people. I went to prom last year and it was awesome only because I wanted to be there. I’ve never gone to a sports game because I’m not interested. Don’t go just because all of your friends are saying “only losers don’t go” (which is a total lie). Use your parents as an excuse, or say you got sick, or whatever if you don’t want to tell them straight out you aren’t feeling it.
  • Don’t feel obligated to keep up with your blog. My followers probably can tell when school starts for me because im on 10x less than usual. Its okay to use tumblr as a fun time to relax, but don’t spend more than 2 hours on it a day. 
  • Even if homework isnt assigned, do homework. This means studying, reading up on the next chapter, doing makeup work, working on a project/paper, etc. Do something school related for whatever subject doesn’t have homework.
  • DO YOUR WORK ON FRIDAY. Please, take this one to heart. Having a less-awesome friday because you chose to do your homework means you have a less-guilty saturday and sunday (which helps you relax and prepare for the next week of school!) Alternative: do half on friday, half on saturday morning.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time. This includes if you have homework left and its midnight. Get to sleep, your paper is gunna suck even if you finish it past midnight. I know waking up sucks (im a night owl myself) but seriously, wake up an hour early, take a shower, get a coffee, and plunk yourself in front of that project. in additon, get to bed at a fairly regular time. If you go to bed at 11 every night, thats better than going to sleep at 9, then 7, then 3:30 AM. Regular sleep is key to good sleep. #ap psych taught me that.
  • Don’t stay up chatting with friends. Seriously, if your friends are still awake at 4 AM tell them to get to bed! You won’t miss out on anything if you go to bed early, and even if you do, im sure it wont be so important that it couldnt wait.
  • Don’t be a jerk to teachers! especially your first period jesus. Imagine how tired you are - then multiply it by 100. My mom was a teacher and she always stayed up later than me grading work and planning lessons. Teachers, even if they suck and are assholes, don’t deserve you being a jerk to them. Sure, rant about  them to your friends, but don’t cause problems in their class. Youre not cool, youre just annoying if you do. 

There’s so much more I could put in here, but I really feel like a lot of it just comes naturally. Everyone is different, so pay attention to your own body and needs, but don’t overwork or overstress yourself! High school should be a fun time getting to know your interests, so don’t put pressure on yourself to be the perfect straight A student! if you do, you might realize you missed out on a lot of fun!

These tips should help you out with any kind of exams tbh.

Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs, are the ones that have 4 or more possible answers and you have to choose one. Below are my tips for attempting these questions/papers:

Preparing for Exams: Solving Past Papers

  1. Find out the pattern of previous papers.
  2. Solve them in exact time like conditions. It is a redundant advice but most of us need a reminder now and then to go back to the basics: practice, practice, practice.
  3. After you have solved the paper, before looking at the answers, put up a symbol next to every answer denoting your level of confidence in that answer.
    e.g. you could use the following system:
    ****  absolutely sure
    ***    almost sure/confused between two answers
    **      not so sure but the answer seems most likely
    *        blind guessing

  4. Check the answers. Did the answers you were confident in correct?
  5. Don’t worry if you get much less than you expected. It was a practice session for a reason.
  6. The reason is that now you can improve.
  7. Start with the ones you were confident in (**** and *** category). Find out why you didn’t get the right answer.
  8. It could be
    a) you made a silly mistake, or
    b) you read the question wrong, or
    c) you misunderstood the concept/formula/theory but you know it now, or
    d) you still think your answer is correct.
  9. If it is (d), you have to take immediate action. Look for detailed solution if you can find it or ask your teacher/TA/classmates. If it is a textbook question, look for errata online. Most of the standard textbooks have a list of errata on their publisher’s website where all the published and reported mistakes are listed.
  10. Maybe there is a simple explanation for why your answer was not the correct one or maybe you have not understood the theory/concept/law yet. If that is the case, go back and try to understand step by step with writing down each step.
  11. Keep a record of the misconceptions/errors you made in the paper. You don’t need to include the ones you guessed blindly/were not sure but make sure to list the ones you were confident in and got wrong. You can dedicate a small notebook to it if you want.
  12. Make flash cards out of that record of wrong answers. Put the question/concept/term/formula on one side and explanation/example/definition on the other side. These may turn out to be the most beneficial resource for your studies in the future.
  13. Revise from the notebook/flash cards regularly.
  14. Don’t do more than one paper a day. It just burns you out. You might be underprepared and taking two or more in a single day will give you a wrong judgement of your level. It won’t help “speed up” your preparation, trust me.

During Exam: My strategy

  1. Start by reviewing each question quickly (20 seconds per question max.) to identify the ones that you feel you are most confident in. Don’t try to solve them right now, just read and identify if it is easy, intermediate, difficult or seems in an alien language. 
  2. If the answer is jumping at you and you are sure, mark it. Otherwise write a difficulty level next to it and move on.I use the following system:
    **** no idea how to solve/seems too much time consuming/
    ***   can be solved but will take some time/I can’t remember the exact thing
    **     can be solved in 3-6 steps/I just need to think a bit harder to recall/two of the answers appeal to me
    *       I know the answer/can get the answer by a simple 1-2 step calculation
  3. Start by * and ** marked.
  4. Go with your gut/first guess if you’re confused between two answers.
  5. If there is no penalty/negative marking, solve ALL the questions.
  6. If you can’t solve a ** marked question within 3-5 minutes, move on.
  7. DO NOT spend much time on questions that are challenging but demand multi-step calculation which could go wrong at so many levels. Leave them for last.
  8. Once you’ve done a first round of solving, start from the end again. This time include *** and the ** ones that you left. If you can’t solve a ** marked question even by allotting 2-3 more minutes, leave it. It is not worth it.
  9. In the second round, you should aim for attempting all the questions except **** marked ones. You should aim for getting answers for at least half of these.
  10. Once you are done with second round, go back to the beginning and check every question. Don’t solve them again, just look at the answer and if you think you are right, put the final answer in the OMR sheet/answer sheet (if you haven’t already). Make sure all of the solved questions are marked/ticked/written in the answer sheet.
  11. Once you’ve done all the ticking/marking for the answers you feel confident in, start solving unanswered ones, attempt them one by one. DO NOT start this third round without putting/ticking answered questions.
  12. Again, don’t spend too much time on a question that seems “just out of reach” and you think you can get the answer by a little more effort. If you have already spent 7-10 minutes on it, move on.
  13. Tick the final answers as you go. You can’t take the risk of running out of time at the end and losing marks just because you couldn’t put/mark the final answer on the answer sheet/OMR/paper.
  14. Once you are done with the third round, you should have attempted all the questions(not necessarily answered). Now all your easy and intermediate questions are done and final answers marked. Now is the time to catch the confusing/detailed/multi-step questions or the ones that you couldn’t solve at the first or second attempt.
  15. If the question demands some extra data, look for the attached sheets. Most of the question papers in Science are provided with list of fundamental constants, periodic table of elements etc.Make intelligent guesses. e.g. if the question wants to calculate weight of a person, it should lie somewhere between 30-200 kg. If it asks you for energy input for a chemical reaction, the answer can’t be in MegaJoules or something!
  16. Give yourself a minute or two to relax. Close your eyes(don’t sleep!) and focus on something else, like trees outside for example. A change of focus will help your brain connect the information better. Take deep breaths and repeat to yourself-“RELAX”.
  17. See if you can make out the answer from other questions. Sometimes the answer to one question is hidden somewhere in the question paper itself. It is not intentional, just a matter of coincidence.
  18. When you’ve got 10-15 minutes left, wrap up. Make sure all calculated answers are written/marked as final. Correct any mistakes that you find.
  19. Go with your first answer(if you end up doing the question again and get a different answer). Change your answer if and only if you can convince yourself why the second answer is the correct one.
  20. Pat yourself in the back. You did your best.

After the exam

  1. Relax. Hang out with your friends(don’t discuss the paper). Go watch a movie or something.
  2. Don’t analyze the paper at least until you get the answer key. If you got the answer key right away, don’t analyze it the same day.
  3. Once the time comes to analyze, make sure you’ve got your notes, textbook, question paper and the answer key. It is time to repeat what you did before: checking your answers in a way that tells you what you need to work upon.
  4. Check the questions in one go as right or wrong. Don’t start analyzing till you checked all questions.
  5. Start with the ones you kind of know why you did wrong. Maybe it was a confusing concept or maybe you were stuck with two answers but ended up selecting the wrong one? Maybe it was a silly calculation mistake.
  6. Again, take out the notebook you used to note down concepts while doing practice questions. Repeat what you did: make a record of the “concepts” you got wrong. Make sure to understand them well this time. 
  7. Go through them one by one and try to guess how the right answer was achieved.
  8. Leave out the ones you didn’t have much clue about for the last. You need to study them first before analyzing what went wrong.
  9. Once you are done analyzing, make a list of topics you need to study in detail/study again.
  10. Make a study schedule and try to stick to it.
  11. Take all the help you can get: study guides, textbooks, practice sheets/questions, help from teachers/TAs, online resources/videos/websites etc.

Make sure you taking a good care of yourself. You need the sleep and nutrition to perform at your best level. Eat well, laugh a lot and take it easy. You’ve got this!

I hope these strategies/tips help you perform better in your exam. Good Luck! 

You Deserve It (Christian Pulisic)

You wanted to say that you had a long, hard day but that would be the understatement of the year. It all began that morning when your hair dryer broke so you had to throw the frizzy, knotty mess into an up-do or you’d be late for work. Ironically, you ended up being late anyways because there was a four car pileup on your usual route.

The day just kept going downhill.

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