a christmas in wales

“So, just to recap,” Gwaine says. “You’re going to a ball—”

“A Christmas ball,” Elena interjects helpfully.

“—with the Prince of Wales?”

“As his plus one?”

Merlin looks from one to the other warily and finally ventures, “Yes?”

“Elena,” Gwaine drawls in that dangerous tone of his that Merlin has been conditioned to fear. “Sweetheart, go get us some crazy glue while I dismantle the lamp from the sitting room. Merlin will be needing some crystal slippers.”


‘A Christmas Star…’ - Penmon, Anglesey by Kris Williams
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Went out for some fresh air and star-gazing this evening while it was still clear enough before Storm Barbara heads our way tomorrow, and managed to catch this meteor not long before I packed up, although I didn’t even spot it until I played my time-lapse back afterwards. Its not an Ursid meteor which are peaking around this time, so just a random sporadic I think. 8:44pm if anyone else was out and about and wants to check their shots. Best wishes for a very merry Christmas to all :-)

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hey fran! my favourite Harry Potter experience was actually when I was very young. It was Christmas so me and my mum had gone down to Wales to see my nana and we watched Philosophers Stone as a family. At the part where Harry sees Fluffy my nan began frantically yelling "DON'T GO IN THERE HARRY" and when he did; "I told him not to." I don't know why but the memory makes me laugh still. Could I have both blograte formats? *bats lashes*

cameo! that sounds so nice!! i love doing things w my family it just makes it 10x more fun. of course you can! anything for you my dear xoxo

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a post Tennessee Teacakes drabble in which Santa and his little elves get food poisoning and Mum thinks it’s all her fault


december 24, 2024

It’s a record breaking blizzard this Christmas Eve. With airports closed from Boston to Charlotte, thousands of travelers are stranded for the holiday. The question on every child’s mind? Can Santa’s sleigh brave the snow? Meteorologists say it’ll be a Christmas miracle! I’m Cesar Ramirez with 7 News. Claudia, back to you.

Grace sighs and looks away from her computer and back to her mixer, the brown sugar and butter creaming together nicely. She tries not to let the winter storm hitting the east coast get her down, but all the closings and delays meant her family wouldn’t be making their annual Christmas trek across the pond. With Anne and Robin in Wales with Gemma’s boyfriend’s family, this holiday is shaping up to be a quiet one in the Styles house.

(As quiet as it could be with three little boys running around.)

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Gareth Bale and his girlfriend Emma Rhys Jones surprised Jayden and Cian, who are fighting with cancer in University Hospital of Wales!

Jayden Ashford, from Newton Abbot, was taken ill on Christmas Eve after visiting his aunt in Wales, and rushed into hospital by his mum Lucy Griffiths. At the same day Gareth and Emma were visiting sick children in hospital and saw Jayden. As a mother of Jayden says : "Gareth arrived unexpectedly, even nurses didn’t know about it. He signed a photograph and posed for photos and gave my son not one but two presents out of all the gifts he brought in for the poorly children. He was very nice and wished my son a speedy recovery.”

Mother of Jayden also underlines amazing atmosphere and great gesture of Gareth Bale : “He had done it all off his own back and was not asked or paid to do this. His generosity was such a lovely thing for the children who were unwell.” Whats more little Jayden made a full recovery and rejoined his family for Christmas Day.

Gareth and Emma visited also little Cian (4), who is suffering from brain tumours and cancerous spinal since first months of his life. As father of Cian says visit of Gareth was a huge suprise and nobody expected it : ,,Most of the VIP visits to the ward over Christmas were pre-planned and we were aware of who would be arriving at any given point; but Gareth turning up on Christmas Eve was a total shock. I was in my scruffs as we were just preparing to bath Cian ready to get him into his new PJ’s and the arrival of Santa. If I had known of Gareth’s visit I would have at least been wearing my Wales shirt, which I’d only changed a half hour earlier.”

Gareth and Emma arrived with no company of press so you could tell it was a gesture that he wanted to perform rather than feeling obliged to."Gareth was genuinely interested in Cian and his condition and gave him a Spiderman present for Christmas. He was also happy to pose for a photo with the family which his lovely, pregnant girlfriend volunteered to take.”  Following Bale’s visit, Cian’s family, consisting of mum Lorraine, dad Richard, sister Bethany and brother Dylan, were all allowed to stay in Cian’s hospital room on Christmas Eve night so they could all wake up together on Christmas morning.

It was an amazing gesture from Gareth, he gave thoose children happiness and smile at Christmas. For sure, most of them will never forget it. We should be proud that there are footballers as Gareth, who doesn’t care about the publicity and is ready to do something just to receive one baby’s smile. 

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… And Grasp The World

Summary: Uther calls Merlin to demand that Merlin marries Uther’s son Arthur, whose virginity he claims that Merlin has taken. That’s only the beginning of a series of strange events.

Force of Habit

Summary: Merlin enjoys small, dark spaces to crawl under when needing to be alone and think. Arthur always has to ruin it.

It Takes A Long Time To Understand Nothing

Summary: Uther Pendragon is not a stupid man, nor an uninformed one. The prophecy of the Once and Future King and Emrys, of Arthur and Merlin, is not unknown to him.

Maybe We Were Coming All Along

Summary: In retrospect, the “Prince on the Lam in Wales” Christmas headline was not what Arthur had intended.

You Bring Music To My Silent World

Summary: Arthur and Merlin are thrown together as children when Merlin’s mother moves into the Pendragon Manor as the new housekeeper, bringing her deaf son Merlin with her. Arthur is a loud and obnoxious child, whereas Merlin is quiet but not as shy as everyone thinks. The two children become fast friends, but as they grow up together things begin to change, due to the pressure of wanting to be normal, and the growing lack of communication between the pair. Growing up is never easy and the graceful friendship they had as children gets lost as they reach their teenage years, but through their difficulties they develop a deeper, stronger relationship, one far more permanent.