a childs closet

Imagine that, when you were little, Loki used to visit you. He came out of your closet almost every night. He used to find peace in the company of a child, someone who wouldn’t judge him and treat him like an outcast the way people did in Asgard. He read you bedtime stories or entertained you with his magic, when you couldn’t sleep.
But at one point he stopped coming and as time passed, you forgot about him. Until he comes back years later, when you have grown into a beautiful young woman.

Coming out x2
  • *Report from Amsterdam Pride on TV news*
  • Son: What's that, mom?
  • Me: That's the Pride parade, honey
  • Son: What is that?
  • Me: Those are girls who fall in love with girls, and boys who fall in love with boys, and people who don't really feel like a boy or a girl, or who feel like they're a little bit of both, who come together and have a party in the streets.
  • Son: Why?
  • Me: You know, because, some time ago, boys weren't allowed to fall in love with each other, and girls couldn't marry eahcother, and you had to hide it if you felt like a boy but looked like a girl, but nowadays they can and that's what they are celebrating. That they are all a little bit different, and that they are sticking together and helping each other, and just to show how happy and proud they are to be who they are.
  • Son: Do they have a pride parade here?
  • Me: I'm afraid we don't have one, son, but there's one in Antwerp, and one in Brussels.
  • Son: Can we go to one?
  • Me: Yes of course
  • Son: Because sometimes I feel like a boy and sometimes I feel more like a girl so I want to go
  • Me: Well and I have been in love with girls as well as boys so I want to go too, so let's do that!
  • Son: Yess! So, can we watch football again?

So there have been a couple of posts about Sportacus’s book… closet (that is not a shelf) and a few of them have some decent resolution and I just have to say that Sportacus’s reading selection is… pretty specific? We’re talking like picaresque novels, bildungsromans, themes about murder, revolution, revenge, and redemption, heroes fighting against insurmountable forces, disadvantaged young/youthful heroes being shunned by society and striving to get any kind of tiny moral victory, children being the center focus of very dark situations… Kudos to the people who put that kind of thought into what he’s reading but now I can’t ever look at Sport the same way. I don’t want to make too specific a statement about his reading list because I haven’t identified most of the books and read even fewer, but. Dude. DARK.

edit- I forgot a major theme to many of these books: SLAVERY. He even has a book (The Weeping Wood) about the history of rubber production and the exploited Indian slaves!

I’m forcing my brother to read Harry Potter for the first time because he’s 20 and it’s about damn time. These are some of his initial thoughts:

-”What the fuck is wrong with Dumbledore?? Why would you leave a baby outside on the porch like that??”


-”We would’ve gotten our asses beat if we cried over getting 37 presents.”

-”What the hell is a cupboard? Why do they have a child sleeping in a closet?”

-”These are some negligent motherfuckers…”


“…What if you’re a murderer?”

The moment I saw this character I wanted to cosplay him, so here’s a few test photos! (and for the love of god I want to know his name)


Acapella AU

They are WAA
Wright Anything Acapella! Lol named by Mr. Wright.

Athena- came up with the idea for this little group but she won’t be in all the shows she only helps with their singing and the show choreography. Dating Juniper Woods. Majoring in psychology.

Apollo- refused to be in the group, but his friends insisted, especially his foster father’s, Phoenix and Miles wright-edgeworth. Although he still keeps his father’s last name, he loves his dad’s. He has stage fright from a traumatic incident from he was a child. Closet gay with a crush on Klavier Gavin. Booming high voice. He never takes off his mother’s bracelet. Majoring in Law. A treble.

Klavier- was German exchange student but liked the Americas so much he decided to follow his brother there as well. He loves music and was ecstatic to join them. He often flirts with Apollo; only to get rejected multiple times. He knows about Apollo’s crush so he won’t stop. Majoring in Law. Tenor.

Simon- joined because of Athena. He’s a good beat boxer and can hit the lowest notes. Dating Nahyuta Sahdmahdi Majoring in psychology. Bass

Nahyuta- a monk visiting the Americas for school. He has a soulful voice. Joined because of Apollo and Simon. Even though he and Apollo no longer live together in the same house he still wants to be a big brother figure time. Dating Simon Blackquill.

Phoenix and Miles- foster dads of Apollo. They also take care of his half sister Trucy. They help with shows and encourage their dreams. Also never give up. Phoenix named the group cause he funds some of their things

“Even when the stage is falling apart, flash your biggest smile!” -Phoenix Wright-Edgeworth

Creepypasta #1194: Nightly Chats

Length: Short

I know I’m a “big kid” now, and Dad says I shouldn’t be afraid of monsters anymore. But he doesn’t hear them. The things they say. Not to me, but to each other. Nasty-sounding things.

“About time that stupid old man left,” says The Monster Under the Bed.

“Too true. I hate having to wait for our talks because he can’t hurry the hell up and go,” says the Closet Monster.

I can’t see them. I don’t know what they look like, but I’m certain that they’re a lot worse than I imagine them, since they can make themselves sound so much like people.

“Now then, where were we?” Bed Monster says.

“I believe we were talking about the others.” Closet Monster replies.

“Ah, yes. Now, and this may be none of my business, but isn’t Basement Monster losing his touch?”

Another thing I find odd. They use their human-given titles instead of whatever names a monster might have.

“True. Not as ruthless as before, and he always lets his victims get away with nothing more than a little scare. Honestly, how pathetic.”

“Um,” I ask. “Don’t you and Bed Monster do that all the time? After all, you haven’t eaten me yet.”

“There is a difference, child,” Closet Monster snaps. “We are on hiatus, thus, we won’t bother with you until you are much fatter. Now shut up and let the monsters speak.”

“Too true,” Bed Monster mutters. “By the way, isn’t it appalling how Pantry Monster believes he can hold the rest of us in such disdain? I mean, no one’s heard of a Pantry Monster.” He asks, “Have you?” I don’t answer.

“As I thought.”

“The others couldn’t possibly compare to us.” Closet Monster chuckles. “I don’t know why they bother.”

“True, but I’m worse than you are, Closet.”

“You wish, Bed.”

“You hide among clothes.”

“And you hide among the trash.”

“I could kill the child any time I wanted.”

“And you think I couldn’t?

“Um, me again,” I whisper. “But it seems to me that since you’re the only monsters I’ve heard of, that you’re both the scariest?”


“You believe we’re the scariest?” Bed.


“Honestly and truthfully?” Closet.


“The most powerful and cunning?”


“The most deadly?”


“Oh, my. It seems you’re mistaken child. Ceiling Monster is the one you have to look out for.”

Credits to: TeamShadowWind (story)

How detention becomes awesome

A little bit of Scorbus fluff to (hopefully) brighten up your day :)

Summary: Albus is in a shitty mood since they’ve been sentenced to detention at Hogwarts for their entire summer vacation. If only Scorpius could figure out a way to cheer him up…

Rating: G

2.2k words

Part of my “summer at Hogwarts” series.

(P.S.: I’m working on more fics as part of this series. Stay tuned! :))

“This whole place is rubbish!” Albus complained for the nth time in two days.

It had been two days since all the other students had boarded the Hogwarts express and had left the castle for the summer. Albus and Scorpius, however, had to stay back to serve the full year of detention they had been sentenced to after pulling their almost-world-destroying time-travelling stunt last fall. Scorpius envied his classmates who were probably enjoying their holidays with their families about now. He pushed away thoughts of his dad walking alone in the empty halls of Malfoy Manor.

“This sucks! I can’t believe we’re stuck here all summer! UGH!

Scorpius looked over at his best friend who was sulking in a corner of their dorm, staring at the wall as if he could blow a hole through the stones if he concentrated hard enough. Scorpius sighed. He didn’t think spending the summer in a (mostly) empty castle with an enormous library full of amazing books and his best friend to keep him company would be so bad. However, Albus’s moodiness seriously dampened any optimism he felt. What’s more, everything he said to cheer up Albus only seemed to make his friend angrier about the whole situation.

So Scorpius listened quietly to the complaints while he got dressed for the day. They were due to meet McGonagall in 15 minutes in her office where she’d assign their chores of the day.

“Albus, you’d better get ready or we’re gonna be late.”

“We have the whole summer to do her bloody chores, who cares if we’re late,” Albus snapped back.

Scorpius curbed the urge to send an overdramatic eye roll Albus’s way, opting not to risk upsetting him even more. Instead he gave Albus a half-hearted smile and affectionately said, “come on grumpy, it’s just going to be worse if we make Her Highness wait”.

Albus almost chuckled before finally getting up. “Fine.”

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I don't mean you, I mean the other kind of autistic.

I see that a lot here in tumblr-land whenever someone says, “hey, I’m autistic and I am not like that / don’t like that / take offense to that” in response to a post about “suffering from autism”, poster then turns around and says “I don’t mean you …”

Then they go on to describe ME as “that other kind of autistic”.

“the low-functioning kind, that can’t talk and have meltdowns and suffer so much” (well, I don’t suffer, but they speak as if I do)

You know, the ones that it is safe to insult or ignore because we act really strange so we aren’t really people and our opinions don’t matter (they don’t have to consider our feelings because well duh we can’t have any cause we’re not really people). You know - the “low functioning” kind that can never live alone so are a burden and it’s such a shame that people have to deal with us.
And it’s always backed up by “I have a relative that is one of those and no matter what his parents try they can’t make him be normal so he is really suffering”, or “I teach/take care of that kind and no matter how many times I abuse them they still won’t act how I expect them to”. Of course they don’t call it abuse - to them taking away communication devices, toys, food, and rewards is how you get ‘them’ to do as you say; it’s not abuse, it’s “training”. Except it is abuse to the autistic. That’s why they scream and yell and stamp their feet and do all the other meltdown things. They are trying to tell you that they are being tortured, from their point of view.

You see, most of the “low functioning” autistics they are talking about are not suffering from autism, they are suffering from torture and abuse by parents, teachers, and caregivers. It’s often legal torture and abuse, but it has the same effect as if it weren’t.

The people who say these things are usually the worst abusers. Teachers and parents and relatives that see nothing wrong with locking a child in a closet to teach them how to behave, even though being locked in a closet scares the shit out of the kid so they can’t think and therefore cannot learn anything from the experience.
They see nothing wrong with tying the kid’s hands down so they don’t flap and “look like a retard and embarrass me”, even though that flapping is what is keeping the kid from exploding because they have been thrust into a fast food place during rush hour and all the noise is overwhelming them.
They think nothing is wrong with forcing the kid to be fully dressed at all times even though the touch of cloth is overwhelming the kid’s sensory processing disorder, because “they have to learn to live with it like everyone else”.

Denying Baby a candy that she can see, with no other reason than “it’s almost dinner time”, would be abuse. She has no sense of time, candy is for eating, and things that are in front of her are for her. She will not learn to wait, she can’t because it requires a sense of time to understand. So we don’t put the candy in front of her. The parents/teachers I’m discussing here are the ones that would put the candy out, slap her hand for trying to take a piece, then complain about how much she is suffering from autism when she has a meltdown because they tortured her. Usually they would add how rough life is for them having to deal with it.

Taking me to the mall is abuse. These same parents/teachers are the ones that say “they need social exposure” and force the autistic into social situations in spite of the autistic’s reaction. I cannot and never will be able to handle more than a few people at a time. When I was a little more capable I could go grocery shopping - in the middle of the day in an area where no one else would be shopping at that time. Put me in a place where people are close enough to touch and I will be jumping up and down squealing and waving my arms around as if trying to fly. And no amount of “desensitization” will change that. And it won’t change it for that five year old that the mother is dragging on a leash while he kicks and punches the floor, yelling. You don’t do that. It’s abuse, not “training”.

Anyway, enough ranting for now.

Next time you’re tempted to say “I mean the other, low functioning, kind that suffer from autism” just stop and admit you don’t know what you are talking about.

mewmedic  asked:

A dress I want is available on both Wunderwelt and Closet Child. Which should I, an American, buy from?

Both are great options but I think I would personally buy from Wunderwelt just because they’re a little bit newer and I really want to support them. If you’re wondering about which might be better as far as shipping costs I’m not sure which is the best option. Can anyone else help with that?


Tokyo Thrift Haul ♡ Kawaii ♡ Fairy Kei ♡ Larme Kei ♡

sometimes when i look in the mirror i don’t recognize myself. sometimes i forget that i’m not still that scared child, locked in the closet gasping for air through the crack under the door. don’t get me wrong, she still resides within me. i have grown and matured both mentally and physically but she is still very alive within my heart.