a childhood filled with magic

  • what if draco moved out the mansion after the war
  • i mean he’s got a child now would you want your son to grow up in such a haunted place i don’t think so
  • maybe he gets a nice house in a peaceful neighbourhood
  • perhaps even a muggle neighbourhood
  • draco doesn’t have to live being reminded of the terrible things that took place in his childhood home
  • scorpius gets to grow up in a safe enviroment with no marks of war
  • astoria makes sure everything is bright and light and there are no dark corners with bad memories to distress her boys
  • scorpius childhood is filled with magical stuff and muggle stuff draco doesn’t fully understand but hey his kid is happy
  • they’ve even got some wizard neighbours
  • of course their few wizard neighbours are the potters and some weasleys though
  • of course
  • their children grow up together
  • albus potter is the president of the scorpius protection squad at the playground
  • astoria and ginny have tea together during playdates and complain about their husbands
  • draco and harry have a very awkward kind of but not quite friendship going on since their boys are joined at the hip
  • albus and scorpius go to hogwarts
  • james will beat the crap out of you if you mess with his little brother and his best friend so back off
  • they’re weird yes but it’s none of your business get the hell out and leave them alone
  • they spend pretty much every holiday together be it at the school or at home
  • but then scorpius goes to france to visit his grandmother in fifth year
  • and he comes back like a fricking super model
  • suddenly everyone fancies malfoy
  • albus is pissed
  • scorpius just laughs it off
  • they date
  • “potter can you keep your son inside your house for merlin’s sake you live across the street why is this child here all the time does he not have a bed i swear to god if he comes through the window one more time i’m calling the police albus just use the goddamn door”
  • this got so long i’m so sorry but i just think about the malfoy and the potters being neighbours all the time

because some of y'all ugly snape/snily stans are really getting on my nerves, here are some gentle reminders about the overly pompous arse: james potter— boy extraordinaire

• james grows up in a happy family. his childhood is filled with first magic celebrations and awkward tumbles from quidditch practices and it’s an overall, nice kind of picturesque apple pie life

• so when james goes to hogwarts and boards the train it’s not— it’s not anything new. at least not yet.

• it’s not until he finds himself at odds in finding a seat that it really strikes him as a whole new world compared to something that always seemed given to him

• so robes and wand in hand, he swerves past bustling students (damn him and his athletic abilities) and peers into a nearly full compartment

• he knocks lightly (okay, loudly, alright? when has james ever done anything without a thundering finesse) and a boy with straw hair and sullen eyes slides the door open and offers a silent sweep of his hand to an empty space next to a boy with dark grey eyes and a contorted expression of a scowl and a grin. he’s a black: james has seen him in passing when the rare invitation for galas or balls somehow finds its way into the potter house; sirius was his name. sirius orion. james remembers laughing when he first heard about him.

• when their robes are changed and a mousy kid named peter starts talking with more excitement, sirius cracks open a smile and remus chews on a chocolate bar and james realizes that magic isn’t something you take, but something to be given.

• he meets lily

• and it’s like—

• it’s like the world tilts on a dangerous axis and starts spinning off course

• it’s like she’s the centre of everything, and the very thought of her sends him in orbit with brand new fervour

• lily’s the exact moment that james realizes that magic isn’t something to abuse, but something to cherish and hold, and break into parts until it fits into the heart of someone else

but the thing is.

the thing is is that she hates him

• so naturally, he hates snape

• and it’s childish and crude, and if anyone asks him in later years, he would say that snape deserved every bit of it

• but in truth, he would recall the quiet and warm voice of remus, snuggled in a fetal position on the gryffindor common room couch, mumbling in the wee hours of dawn

• ‘lily isn't— lily isn’t something you own, you know? she’s like the muse of every artist, but she isn’t some untouchable painting, prongs. she's— she’s human. nothing less, and nothing more. you shouldn’t immortalize her, that’s the same thing as snape’s twisted fantasy of his minuscule chance with her.’

• and james had blinked over the glaring light of his horrid glasses and paused into nothingness— too quiet, that remus had lifted his head to check if he was still breathing

• and then he had laughed and said, ‘do you have a crush on her or something? is she you’re mate? is that even a thing??’

• the ‘fuck off, prongs.’ wasn’t missed to james’ ears

• skip through time a little and he stops obsessing. he doesn’t steal obscene plants from the greenhouse to present to her, and he stops paying the ghosts to sing renditions of elvis songs in the middle of the great hall

• and it’s not until sixth year that lily starts to notice

• so the first date goes along smoothly, and the first hand hold is without any sweaty palms, and the first hug is comfortable enough

• but the first kiss is absolutely awful

• there’s fumbling and teeth against teeth and it’s all very trial and error

• and then lily tilts her head back; all soft eyes, and bright hair, and golden mind, and james can see the glow of fire around her in the setting sun

• 'it’s okay, james.’ she says. 'we’re okay.’ and she slowly leans in again, and meets her mouth against his and she tastes like home. warm, and pliant, and pure happiness.

• when they go into hiding years later, james still visibly sags with relief every time he hears the familiar coo of harry’s giggle, and the everlasting wonder of lily’s sighs of content

• and when voldemort leaves his body cold and empty, he remembers the taste of her lips against his.

• home and magic and everything good in between.


Scott Scamander

Birthday: 10th January 1949.
Parentage: Pureblood.
Heritage: British.


  • Thomas Sangster.
  • Chris Pratt.


  • Newt Scamander (Father).
  • Pompertine Scamander (Mother).
  • Rolph Scamander (Son).

Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Ships: Scott/Anyone.
Anti-ships: Scott/Forced.


Scott was born on the 10th January 1949. His childhood was filled with the world of magical creatures and he spent an awful lot of his spare time with his father. Scott idolised Newt and wanted to be just like his father when he grew up. His mother was an aurora who was very protective over her son, which sometimes meant restraining him from Newts adventures. For a lot of his childhood he was home alone with his mother. When she managed to distract him from sulking over his father’s absence they spent the days playing board games and making adventures of their own. He soon developed an interest for story writing. Music was also a big part of his childhood. He found it was a enjoyable past time as well as a coping mechanism when needed.

During his time at Hogwarts he discovered himself to in the position of popularity which he quickly found uncomfortable. He found it difficult to comprehend his every day family life could be talk of gossip amongst his classmates. Scott therefore distanced himself from his classmates which gave the impression of him being pompous and living off his father’s fame which it was far from. In his first few years he began to grow a distaste for Newt due to the false reputation his classmates formed of him and would often snap at Newt over little things to vent his anger.  It wasn’t until his fourth year that he finally made amends with Newt and their relationship began to repair itself.

After school, Scott re-joined his father on his quest for magical creatures. He realised his true passion, very similar to fathers was that of protection and healing of creatures. He soon set up a Magizoo sanctuary where he spent most of his adult life working. He made it adamant to his father that he was doing this for himself and not to carry Newts legacy. It was due to his father’s knowledge and books that he was able to help heal the creatures so well and pursued a veterinary-like career. Unlike his father’s quest to study and document these beasts, he was more focused on helping them and then releasing them back into the wild where possible.

Scott’s characteristics are that he is a generally polite young man as his mother drilled manners into him from an early age. He finds animals much more fascinating than humans and has a general dislike towards conflict which he associates with humans. He has picked up his aunts charm in the respect that he is confident and flirty to anyone who approaches him and is quite a jokester who loves to laugh. Scott inherited his mother’s temper when it comes to defending passionate subjects and his father’s compassion and understanding of those who need help.


  • His father’s book and line of work fuelled his interest into magical creatures. When he was young he was rather fearful of the animals and most bugs but slowly overcame that fear with the encouragement of his father. However, no matter how hard Newt tried, he could never help his son overcome his fear of spiders. Scott still swears that they are the only creature that must have been a mistake when being created.
  • He often asked his father if he could accompany him on his adventures overseas much to his mother’s disapproval. He understood his mother’s worries but wanted to impress his father.
  • When Newt couldn’t find Pickett he’d always find him with his son, usually up to no good in the garden. Scott would have a lot to do with his father’s creatures and was often fighting over his father’s pocket watch with Niffler.
  • Scott has a particular interest in broomsticks and the ability to fly although he’s never actually been quite good at it so rather collects them than use them.
  • His mother calls him ‘pumpkin’ when she’s in a good mood with him. As much as he complains about it he quite likes the relationship he has with her. He feels very open with his parents and that he can talk to her.


  • Glass collector at local pub until he turned 18.
  • Magizoologist.

Alliance: Neutral.
Wand: 12” Holly, Dragon heart-string.
Patronus: Raccoon.
Boggart: Spider.

  • Hogwarts (from September 1960 until June 1967).

House: Hufflepuff.


  • Transfiguration.
  • Gobstones.

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anonymous asked:

Any good wolfstar fanfiction you recommend? (Lots of fluff preferably) ^-^

Man, looking for these fics has made me realized how many really angst and sad fics I read. But here you go anon! I hope you enjoy these fics as much as I did.

Within White Space by mustntgetmy (PG, 9k)

Non-magic AU. Remus spends his all his lunch breaks the same way: he sits at the university cafe, orders the cheapest thing on the menu, and stares at Sirius. Getting a good long, look at Sirius (and fantasizing about said look) is all Remus expects from Sirius. But Sirius has never been one for fulfilling expectations.

da mi basia mille by scioscribe (T, 2k)

“There’s a Roman bloke, Catullus, who wrote about snogging a lesbian, or something like that, and anyway, he said da mi basia mille, give me a thousand kisses, and I spelled it. Ensorceled it. Made it into a thingy.” He pushed the envelope up towards Remus’s mouth. “Say the Latin part and kiss it.” (it’s angsty, but really sweet)

if you’re gonna be the death of me that’s how i wanna go by accioromulus (E, 1k)

Seventeen year-old boys do not fall in-love, especially with one another.

Entwined Fingers and a Kiss by notsoinnocentfangirl (T, 2k)

Becaue ever relationship has to progress sometime, going from shyly entwined fingers to the very first press of lips against lips. Here’s Sirius’ and Remus’ first kiss.

ocean sound by lupinely (M, 3k)

A cottage by the sea, and the turning of a year.

Night: Shadows from Five Billion Trees by Amuly (E, 4k)

Every childhood is filled with magic – school of witchcraft and wizardry or no. 

Vigil Strange I Kept by whitmans_kiss (M, 11k)

Remus’ lycanthropy has caused his body to seriously deteriorate over the years due to the constant stress of the transformations, and by his fifty-sixth birthday, it’s certain that he won’t live to finish out the year. However, a cure has recently been discovered - but what if the cure is just as bad as the disease? (this one’s angsty too)

Lost And Found by rosie_writes (T, 14k)

Imagine a universe in which Remus never went to Hogwarts. The Marauders never became Animagi, and so Peter had nowhere to run when Sirius cornered him after the Potters’ deaths. Peter was the one who ended up in Azkaban, whilst Sirius was granted custody of Harry.

And A Star To Steer Her By by  ceredwensirius (E, 21k)

In which James and Sirius are pirates, Lily runs a brothel, Peter is a sailor, and Remus is a lot of things.

A Second Chance by moonypads (T, 62k)

After dying some wizards are given the option to be reincarnated.  They get to live out their lives without their memories until their 12th birthday, at which time all of the memories of their past life and who they are return.  The problem is that when you are offered the choice you say “yes” or you say “no” and you don’t get find out what any of your friends have answered…

The doc is the courtesy of remussiriusetc because the original posting is no longer available (or just doesn’t work for me?)

When the Wolf Comes Home by QueenyMidas (T, 4k)

Remus Lupin has just died on the battlefield, survived by a son that isn’t even biologically his. When he reaches the afterlife, it becomes apparent that even though his time on earth his done his story is certainly not over. Compliant with all Deathly Hallows canon.

  • JK Rowling 1997-2007: Here, I give you your childhood. It is precious and magical, filled with witches and wizards, loyal friendships, and brave adventures. In this childhood, you will witness friendships grow and romances develop. Believe in these characters, children. Believe in their love, because love is real and powerful and magical.
  • JK Rowling 2014: JK everything you believed was a lie I made up, and now I don't even believe in it anymore. LOL BYE