a child called 'it'

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BTS reaction to S/O teasing them in public

BTS reaction to S/O having a miscarriage

BTS reaction to S/O top coming off in pool

BTS reaction to S/O gamer videos

BTS reaction to S/O unable to swim

BTS reaction to S/O accidentally showing cleavage

BTS reaction to child calling cops on them

BTS reaction to walking in on you dancing and singing

BTS reaction to S/O having a mommy kink

BTS reaction to getting a new pet

BTS reaction to S/O can’t feel pain

BTS reaction to one night stand

BTS reaction to S/O hugging them from behind

BTS reaction to S/O having a daddy kink


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Innocence (M) COMING SOON

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So some people know that I have two younger sisters, one of them who I dub as ‘mini cam’ in my tags is three years old and people probably think I’m like a good sister and she’s an angel cause she’s 3 years old but listen. Mini cam is a literal demon child who laughs demonically when she buries me with pillows and blankets and I just let her ride a freaking skateboard that the other sister took from my brother because I was reading a book (and boi was is it good) and then when I tried it because she wanted me to try it she laughed when I fell over like 5 times in the living room. Long story short, I’m not a good sister and mini cam is not some angel XD

Wynonna Earp: Purgatory Case Files Theory

Ok so I’ve been going over the case files again and in the letters between Wyatt and Roosevelt it says that Roosevelt’s wife was called Alice. Docs Mother was also called alice.

Could Doc be Roosevelt’s child?

I don’t know, I could be talking trash. Let me know what you think.

P.S Happy Earp Day Earpers!!

Earper out 🔫

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Misconception: Cursed Child :I

i have never read tcc, i will never read tcc, and yet i am haunted by tcc in a way that makes me thirst for its destruction. i’m going to protest outside the theater in new york on opening night. 

not only is tcc some kind of weird my immortal hybrid, but taking harry ( a child abuse survivor ) and making him into the kind of father who would ever make his child feel unwanted? telling his son, after enduring the dursleys calling him worthless the entire time he lived with them, that he didn’t want him. Fuck That Noise 

tcc is trash, it’s garbage, and it is the grossest misconception 

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The dayshift at Freddy's game? There is a Purple guy called "Dave" who call the player "Old Sport" xD he liderally call the player his own child if the playwr choose his side

Game??? oooh dear, no I haven’t.


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe

someone on the TAZ tag wanted to see Taako cooking with his aunt, so here it is

Young Taako and his aunt whom I called Jeremiah in my head though I don’t know why

Nothing fucks me up more than Anderson calling Shepard “child” because everybody in the entire galaxy sees her as a legend and depends on her to save them but then here comes Anderson who sees her as a person and probably one who’s scared and stressed and terribly fiercely HUMAN and he’s watched her grow so much and he’s so proud of her and I just. I fucking love Shepard and I’m so proud of her too Anderson so like honestly BIG FUCKING MOOD

mcg/enj/i: makes more sense, at least they canonly know each other, go way back, objectively better

my mchanzo ass: McCree and Genji? 😂😂😂 McCree’s love for Hanzo 🏹🏹🏹 Never stops 😤😤 Only room for One 1️⃣ Shimada in Jesse’s cowboy Texan🐎🐎 beating heart💕💕 Matt Mercer 4:20🙏🙏🙏