a cheese


Today I practiced piano for a bit, only worked on the Chopin ballade. I can get through the exposition hands together up until the really fast part on the page before the arpeggios. Also the second theme is coming along quite well! Now to start on the left hand of the forte…

For viola, I only worked on the Bloch suite because my recital is in 2 days and I’m freaking out. I discovered that it’s very easy to shred the hell out of the cadenza, but it’s also probably not a good idea. Also my practicing was interspersed with an interesting conversation with @itsaviolathing about the national differences of cheese and breadsticks 😂


Not necessarily gourmet food, but a couple of nights ago I got an extreme craving for a chili dog. 

I made some chili and let it simmer on the stove for an hour. The dogs were grilled and the buns were toasted. Some pickled jalapenos (for a few of us) and grated cheese that melted into the whole business finished them off.

It hit the spot.

I just saw on facebook that there’s a “cheese bar” who just open  at London and I immediatly thinking at Plagg !

Imagine Plagg see this when he’s on Adrien’s phone while the night, and he’s awake up Adrien in hit his paws on his cheek/face, just for saying like “Adrien ! Wake up !! There’s a cheese bar who just open at London ! And cheese looks so delicious ! We have to go ! Adrien ! Oï ! ” xD