a cheerful one for my birthday tomorrow!!!!

Writ on the Eve of My 32nd Birthday

I am 32 years old
and finally I look my age, if not more.

Is it a good face what’s no more a boy’s face?  
It seems fatter. And my hair,
it’s stopped being curly. Is my nose big?  
The lips are the same.
And the eyes, ah the eyes get better all the time.  
32 and no wife, no baby; no baby hurts,  
        but there’s lots of time.
I don’t act silly any more.
And because of it I have to hear from so-called friends:  
“You’ve changed. You used to be so crazy so great.”  
They are not comfortable with me when I’m serious.  
Let them go to the Radio City Music Hall.  
32; saw all of Europe, met millions of people;
        was great for some, terrible for others.  
I remember my 31st year when I cried:
“To think I may have to go another 31 years!”  
I don’t feel that way this birthday.
I feel I want to be wise with white hair in a tall library  
        in a deep chair by a fireplace.
Another year in which I stole nothing.  
8 years now and haven’t stole a thing!  
I stopped stealing!
But I still lie at times,
and still am shameless yet ashamed when it comes  
        to asking for money.
32 years old and four hard real funny sad bad wonderful  
        books of poetry
—the world owes me a million dollars.
I think I had a pretty weird 32 years.  
And it weren’t up to me, none of it.  
No choice of two roads; if there were,
        I don’t doubt I’d have chosen both.  
I like to think chance had it I play the bell.
The clue, perhaps, is in my unabashed declaration:  
“I’m good example there’s such a thing as called soul.”  
I love poetry because it makes me love
        and presents me life.
And of all the fires that die in me,
there’s one burns like the sun;
it might not make day my personal life,  
        my association with people,
        or my behavior toward society,  
but it does tell me my soul has a shadow.

Gregory Corso, from Long Live Man, 1962



OML I can’t believe it’s been a full year since the last time I drew you one?? Gosh dude you’ve been such an incredible and close friend to me all this time! You’re always so friggin supportive and there to have my back!! You’re so nice and sweet and talented and I am so grateful you are my best friend!!

You’ve done so so much to make people happy and to cheer others up, you deserve so much more than just this drawing! (Making another smol one tomorrow ;3) So from the bottom of my heart, I truly truly hope you have an incredible birthday!!! I hope you get all the love and support you deserve today as well as anything you want!! Thank you for always being there for everyone, you’re amazing and I’m so glad you’re my best friend!!

Happy Birthday @alexandr–ite !! I hope you enjoy!! 💞💞✨

((also yes- it is 2:40 a.m., but that tECHNICALLY makes it her birthday so hUE

this has been a weird year so far

literal and metaphorical death, for one

and all I can look forward to is the personal transformation I’m making within myself

and, my birthday is tomorrow so that’s a good place to start

cheers, y'all 🍻

Jumin MC week. Day 7- Birthday!

I’m sorry this took so long T^T.  I know I said I would update it the other day but I was just too busy and hadn’t have time until now T^T. Still, I wanted to finish the prompts, so here it is.

You can also read it on AO3

I really hope you like it.

Thanks once again to @juminmcweek for organising this wonderful event.

Thank you for reading <3

How to surprise Jumin Han? You’ve been all week wondering how to prepare the most perfectest of birthdays for your beloved, but you still have no idea of how to do it. How can you get to surprise or impress the person who can get anything with just a call? So you decide you’re going to do what you do best and gives worst results! You’re going to figure it out as the days goes by!

You decide you’re going to surprise him going to his office to pick him up with a bouquet of roses and chocolates, but you definitely were not expecting what happens. Once you arrive to the C&R building, you have to pass through a bunch of controls where you are made to put the gifts in a metal detector machine. The flowers lose a couple of petals, but the chocolates are still intact, so you don’t give in! You enter his office after greeting Jaehee with a big smile only to find Jumin putting on his coat.

“Just on time, darling,” he greets you, giving you a peck on the lips. “We have exactly one hour and a half to go lunch.”

Stunned, you look at him for some seconds.

“Wait, you knew?” you point dramatically at him.

“Of course. Assistant Kang, put the roses on water and keep the chocolates for later.”

“As you wish, Mr Han.”

You hold back a pout as you give your precious gifts to Jaehee and Jumin takes your hand to take you to the restaurant he himself has booked.

“Father is waiting for us there,” he says. “I’m sorry we couldn’t go on our own, but it’s the only moment I have to celebrate my birthday.”

“Jumin, happy…”

“Driver Kim, take us to…” he interrupts you, telling Driver Kim the name of the restaurant.

You three spend a nice meal together, but you cannot help but feeling somehow disencouraged at your failure surprising him. Then, you realise. You have to do something more eccentric! After leaving Jumin at the office again, you path around, thinking about something original to do. You discard a couple of options, like playing music at the window of his office, for it is at the last floor of a skyscraper and he wouldn’t hear it, or surprising him going out from inside a cake, though you almost go for this one, and decide to ask for help for the RFA members Nevertheless, they come out with even worse ideas than you.

But still, it is his birthday and you want to make it special no matter what, so you decide you’re going to visit him at the office again. You know for sure he’s not leaving it today, so you rush there with your best set of lingerie and a ribbon (to say you’re his present) and enter it. You get startled when you don’t see Jaehee at her usual desk, but that only make things more comfortable to the three of you. With a smirk, you knock the door, expecting to hear your boyfriend’s low voice inviting you in, but you hear… nothing.

“Jumin?” you call him, opening the door and finding his office empty.

Your phone rings, as if he knows what you’re doing, and you take it, pouting.

“MC? Can you hear me properly? I’m calling you just to let you know that I will be out until late. I was unexpectedly asked to go to the neighbouring city to solve some problems with one of our partners. MC?”

“It’s alright,” you whine. “Have a nice journey.”

“Thank you, my love. See you tomorrow.”

“Happy birthday,” you make sure to say, but he has already hung up.

You go home, a pouting and sobbing mess, and let yourself fall on the sofa, Elizabeth 3rd trying to cheer you up with her tiny, elegant paw.

“Elizabeth, what can we do?” you pout, looking at her, and she meows. “You’re right!” you exclaim taken her with a smile of resolution. “We cannot give in.”

Jumin has had the most tiring day and the only thing he can think about is lying next to you on the bed. He gets home, trying not to be too noisy since it’s late in the night and you must be sleeping, but gets startled at a small noise in the living room and a low light that seems to be coming from there. He enters it and a look of surprise draws in his features when he sees you holding a cake for him and whisper.

“Happy birthday, Jumin.”

You had gone to the nearest supermarket to buy candles and ingredients to make what you thought had turned out as the crappiest cake in the world. It’s shape was terrible, it’s colour… intriguing and the flavour… unique. But you didn’t mind by then and had taken Jumin’s favourite wine and Elizabeth and waited for him on the couch. When you had heard his keys on the door, you had rushed to light the candles, cleaned the line of drool than went down your mouth –you had inevitably fallen asleep on the couch –and presented him the cake, and there you are now, wishing him happy birthday, your heart beating like crazy in your chest, hoping he would at least appreciate the effort you had put in making him this surprise.

How to surprise Jumin Han? You had wondered. Well, Jumin is, indeed, surprised. He clears his throat and speaks up, trying to remain calm.

“Have you stayed up to congratulate me on my birthday?” he asks and you nod. “Have you taken all this trouble just to celebrate it with me?”

“This is nothing,” you say, still embarrassed of your cake. “I just wanted you to have the birthday you deserve. Well, it’s already past twelve in the morning,” you apprehensively say, looking at the clock, but I hope it still counts?” you try to smile.

Jumin takes the cake from your hands, his expression unreadable, and leaves it on the table, making you startle.

“You didn’t li…?”

He interrupts your question taking you into his arms, his face dug on your neck, taking in your scent, which he has missed so much throughout the day. You return the embrace, chuckling lightly at his reaction, glad that he seems to like it.

“This is the best birthday I’ve ever had,” he whispers in your ear, making you tighten your embrace, moved.

“It’s not such a big deal, but I wanted to make it special for you.”

“It is special because of the feelings you put into it. Thank you, MC. You’re the only one who could have made me feel so loved and happy.”

“That’s because I love you a lot. Happy birthday, Jumin,” you hold back a sob.

He moves back to face you and rubs his thumb against your cheek.

“I love you too.”

You take his hand and lead him to the bedroom, to eagerly show him how much you love him, the cake completely forgotten on the table, the day of his birthday passed, but everything feeling just right, on its place. Just full of love.

anonymous asked:

Today was my birthday and it generally was lonely and a bit sad. For lunch, I went to the library to study since no one wants me sitting with them and for dinner, I ate a lean cuisine alone while watching YouTube because my parents are at a Christmas party. It’s kike they didn’t even remember today was anything special, which it probably wasn’t to them. Just me as usual -💭

Happy birthday!! I’m really sorry about that. Maybe you can do one of your favorite activities to cheer you up? Or if the day is over for you then maybe tomorrow you can wake up, make a nice breakfast before school or work, do something nice for yourself and that you enjoy. It doesn’t even have to be special it can just be something you like. That’s awful your parents forgot, awful. I hope maybe you can find something for yourself you like to do if you want to come hang out here you are always welcomed✨💞💓🥺🥰