a chat with troye sivan

*10 minutes ago in my living room*:
  • Me: *reading funny tumblr post to parents*
  • Stepmom: Haha! That's funny, what's it from?
  • Me: Tumblr
  • Dad: Do you know tumblr is one of the worst social media sites?
  • Me: ...
  • Stepmom: What?
  • Me: ... wwhhaatt on earth do you mean father???
  • Dad: tumblr doesn't regulate the stuff that is being posted and there is all kinds of porn...(says more bad things)

Am I troyesivan yet?

Did you ever just

Have you ever thought about how all of us, everyone in the phandom just randomly chose these two big dorks to idolize and use as your inspiration for these /amazing/ stories and Phan fics? How these two nerds inspire us to create things that we probably would have never thought to make without Dan and Phil? It’s amazing. Same with music like Troye Sivan. He inspired so many fics for the phandom as well as Halsey, P!ATD, FOB, frakkin so many things inspired us to create based off these two bigs nerdy birdies otherwise known as Dan and Phil. It’s crazy. Then we watch people like Connor, Tyler, Markiplier maybe, and several other YouTubers and we just devote our time and creativity to them. It amazes me. I’m just saying, the phandom produces the most creative and funniest and most /fantastic/ content I have ever seen. Thank you all for providing me with years and years of entertainment. You all work hard and procrastinate at the same time and are honestly some of the smartest people I have ever come across. I thank Dan and Phil mostly, though. Those two dweebs inspired so many of us to create. It’s…it’s honestly beautiful.

Self Harm And Suicide -- 100% Preventable.

It hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks.
I have a purpose. I have a purpose on this Earth.
You have a purpose on this Earth.
Everyone has a purpose on this Earth.
Whether it is good or bad, you.
Yes, you.
You were made for a reason.

You belong here. You deserve to be alive right now. How is cutting, or burning, or starving yourself helping? It’s causing you physical pain. You think it takes away your mental pain, but hun, it doesn’t.
By physically harming yourself, you are multiplying your pain.

I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like the cut. The urge — you just want to keep continuing, even if you need to stop. I am not going to say “stop cutting” because that obviously is not going to work.

What some of you need, is someone to talk to. Someone you can relate to. My ask is open. There are lifelines. There are websites — chat rooms.

Reach out. You are not alone.

You are a person. You are the same as everyone else.

You have a purpose.

You’re amazing.

And I love you.

Stop thinking those suicidal thoughts. I had those, too. I understand.

The feeling that you are imperfect. That everyone surrounding you is better then you. The feeling that you deserve to die. The feeling that you get when tore depressed.

It feels like a bomb went off in your stomach. Like someone put tons of weight on you.

That weight can be lifted off.

Talk to someone about your depression.

Just remember.

I love you. You’re beautiful and amazing.

My ask is always open. There are suicide hotlines and lifelines. There are websites. There are chat rooms.