a chain of backhugs

Dating Poly! Jihan would include

I was told to smack my “binu anon” in the feels so here you are kitten


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- like dear lord, save your soul

-you’re trying to kill me aren’t you

-Jeonghan would pamper the shit out of the both of you

-he would come home from grocery shopping with 87 stuffed animals because he thought they were cute ‘just like my prince and princess’

-let’s be real, he would give you guys matching nicknames

-prince and princess, beautiful and handsome, babyboy and babygirl, damsel and peasant if he’s feeling sassy

-he loves you both so much

-he probably started the relationship with you but felt like something was missing

-when you confessed to having liked Joshua as well, he got the bright idea to ask him into the relationship

-Jisoo was probably really apprehensive because he treasured both of you, as his best friend and his best friend’s significant other

-but he said he was really down to try if you both were serious

-Jeonghan kissed him

-and said something snarky probably

-like “I wouldn’t have asked if we weren’t pabo”

-Jeonghan would love cuddling with you guys

-even though he’s not big on skinship and pda, in the comfort of your own home, his hands are probably all over you

-take that how you may

-Joshua probably loves teaching you guys how to play the guitar

-he loves teaching the people he loves something he loves

-wowow so much love to be loved

-he probably cooks on days you feel bad

-he’ll cook and sing and you and Jeonghan would just be sitting behind him with so much love on your faces

-he loves playing with your fingers absentmindedly

-because both of your hands are so different

-like Jeonghan has long, slender fingers that are probably rough and calloused

-my mind is in an impure place kill me

-and your fingers are probably much shorter and chubbier

-mine are so that’s what I’m running off of oops

-fights are rare

-really rare

-but both you and Jeonghan are stubborn so Jisoo usually has to be the mediator

-fights don’t last that long either

-cuddles happen every night

-on the couch in the bed



-Jisoo would back hug you and Jeonghan would back hug Jisoo

-it would be like a backhug chain aw.

-sex would be great let’s be real

-have you seen them dance? Enough said.

-I’m unholy sorry

-poly! Jihan would be so precious I’m in love save me