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Aaron taking his husband to the beach so he can be part of his childhood best day ever. With added champagne, and patterned shorts so he can stare at Robert’s tanned freckled skin.

Liv finding Robert fossils and shells, because she knows how much Chas loves the two Aaron gave her. 

Chas spending the whole time looking for a decent fish and chip shop, to feed her sons. 

And Robert just being incredulous and giddy that people even remembered his birthday. 


[#아스트로] 잠시 후 3시 45분부터 아스트로 #차은우 가 출연하는 MBC #섹션TV연예통신 이 방송됩니다!💕 은우와 함께 즐거운 일요일 오후 되세요🌸


[#Astro] Shortly at 3.45 there will be a broadcast of ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo in MBC #SectionTVentertainment!💕 Let’s have an enjoyable sunday together with Eunwoo🌸

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FanCam - April 21, 2017  LeeJongSuk at  Gong Cha Fansign 

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First Date

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Request: @kiddiekyla : hey! im sorry if im filling your inbox im back so soon but could you do a fluffy boyfriend scenario with eunwoo from astro? ITS OKAY IF YOU DONT WANT TO THOUGH THATS OKAY
Member: Eunwoo [Astro]
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1013
A/N: WENDY! I’m sorry this took forever, I had everything set out but I hadn’t sat down to write in awhile SORRY IF IM RUSTY BUT I HOPE THIS CAN PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE ♥ -Admin Sierra

Your hands clenched the edges of your sleeves in nervousness, anticipation shuddering through your body. Thoughts of Eunwoo were flying through your mind as you hurried down the street towards where you were going to your first date. Not only was it your first date with Eunwoo, but it was your first date ever. Just thinking about it made your cheeks heat up in excitement. Burying your face deeper into your scarf, your feet moved quicker as you skipped your way down the sidewalk. Other people were giving you slight looks of curiosity, wondering how anyone could possibly be so happy while the dreadful weather of winter was around. To them, the large piles of snow on their lawns were a burden and being outside was much too cold. But to you, the small snowflakes dancing down from the sky were beautiful, the clouds that covered the sky were the perfect mix of gray and the cool temperature was refreshing. Winter truly was an amazing time, but it seemed like only you thought so. Quickly checking your phone for any messages, your eyes wandered up to look around the street in hopes of catching sight of your boyfriend, however to your disappointment, he was nowhere to be seen. Smiling to yourself, you only casted your eyes back down to your phone and eventually came to a stop outside the small cafe you were supposed to meet up at. It was one of your favourite places to go, of course along with Eunwoo and both your friends back before you were dating. Your eyes were still glued to your phone as you watched the time, but deep inside you were actually waiting for a notification from a certain someone.

“Have you been waiting long?” Arms wrapped around your shoulders as you nearly collapsed from surprise, but you couldn’t supress the smile that lit up your face when you recognized the voice, “You know you could just wait inside where it’s warm.”

“It hasn’t been long! It’s not that cold either!!” After quickly slipping your phone into your pocket, you tried your best to reassure him. Wiggling around in his arms to face him, your face lit up as his eyes met with yours.

“Ah but your red nose tells another story,” Playfully tapping your nose, his hand wrapped securely around yours as he urged you inside the store, and you could feel your cheeks heating up immensely, despite the chilly weather, and your head ducked down in embarrassment. The warmth of his hand around yours could still be felt even after entering the small cozy cafe, and your excitement was soaring through the roof.

“Eunwoo! Y/N! Welcome!” Scrambling out from behind the counter, the owner quickly ran to greet you two at the door, and to your disappointment, Eunwoo’s hand released yours as he reached out in caution to help the owner. However the smile didn’t fade from your face as you trailed behind Eunwoo like a puppy as you were lead to a table at the far back of the cafe.

“It’s just the two of you today?” After leading you two in your seats, the owner turned back and smiled at you both, waiting for you to get settled.

“Yes! It’s just us,” Eunwoo smiled at you softly and your heart melted at the sight, and the owner didn’t miss this. While Eunwoo was looking at you, she sent you a knowing wink, leaving you flustered as you clamped your hands together under the table.

“The usual for you both?” Your head nodded up and down extremely fast in response and without your notice, Eunwoo hadn’t taken his eyes off you as his face lit up with a smile.

“I’ll take the same as her,” Eunwoo spoke up in a small voice and tore his eyes away from you, reluctantly at that.

“I’ll leave you two then,” Sending you both a motherly smile, her figure retreated quickly only leaving you flustered as it finally settled in. You and Eunwoo were utterly alone. Your eyes wandered up to look at him only to widen temporarily as you found him staring straight at you. Your heartbeat became irregular and your eyes quickly wandered away from his face in embarrassment. Noticing your actions, which he found extremely cute, Eunwoo smiled slightly to himself and quietly reached under the table, easily claiming your hands that were rested on your lap.

“Eunwoo!” You squeaked in surprise but he smiled at you immediately, feigning innocence as he swung your arms a bit under the table.

“I hope I’m not interrupting something, am I?” The owner had silently made her way over to the table after getting both of your drinks, and looked for an opening to walk over. Only after she spoke up, she had realized how horrible her timing was, but both of you looked up at her with innocent eyes and nodded as she placed them down.

“Don’t worry about paying before going, it’s a free treat for the lovebirds,” Your face turned beet red and with wide eyes you tried to say something in argument, but she quickly shushed you before hurrying away.

“Did you hear? It’s for the lovebirds~” Squeezing your hands lightly under the table, it warmed Eunwoo’s heart as he saw you grow even more flustered, your mouth popping open in surprise at his flirty choice of words. Of course it only brought him more joy to see your cute little reaction, giving him some sort of peace inside knowing that his feelings weren’t one sided.

“I love you Y/N,” Eunwoo’s face lit up in a smile that you couldn’t help but mimic almost immediately, your heart fluttering at his words. You had a lot of expectations today, but what you hadn’t thought was that those expectations would be exceeded.

“I..I love you too..” With blush colouring your cheeks, you couldn’t stop your heart from beating out of control as you finally found the words to speak up yourself. Today was your perfect first date, and it had barely begun.

hello my loves !! i’m lizzy ( 18, she/her, est ), alli’s messy co-admin and local china line enthusiast. right here is my lil bab ace !!  i’ve been playing him for quite some time now, but i’m always in the mood for developing him even further !! if you’d like to give him a chance and plot, give this a like or feel free to hit me up on dis*ord @ #8932 !!


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The plan is as soon as it hits 7pm you can drop a photo, drawing, or text of the thing you’re bringing to Robert Sugden’s wonderful birthday bash!

I absolutely adore this fandom and how creative and suppritive y’all are. Robert Sugden deserves our love though! This is an updated list of what everybody is bringing. I want your followers to be so curious about why you just dropped a random picture of a pineapple, that they want to know who the great Robert Sugden is.  I want my dash to go crazy!

I’ll reblog everything on my page with the hashtag #Sugdens Stupendous Soiree

Party List

@nooneelsecomesclose17 Americanos for everyone

@aviewfromtheclouds25 Crazy Christmas decorations (just like their wedding) you are now the resident Faith Dingle, which means you get to perv on Rob.

@beautifulhigh bring a picnic blanket just in case its wet

@robronforever a Game of Thrones fancy ass drink (we’ll entertain you from the window babe)

@likethemtrashy new anime dvds, that he can force Aaron to watch.

@broodingdane a pair of sexy overalls with dirty little grease monkey embroidered on the chest, with an Aaron inside going commando.

@minglewithadingle loads and loads of puppies

@iwillsendapostcard a book of fairytales to read from, because I doubt his parents did. 

@dasoni a cute new toast patterned shirt that Aaron enjoys munching on

@scrapyardboyfriends plotdale script at hand because we need to prove to him we love him, and care about him, even though he doesnt think so in your script.

@rocketdocket Something that’ll remind him of Mum

@smuttyrobron live up to your name and bring some ummmm adult themed toys for later.

@sapphicsugden bring your beautiful fic and teach him how to love himself.

@charitydinglc bring your blonde son Noah

@twatcitytrick put that blasted whiskey away!  he can have the black champagne bottle which he can sexily chug.

@escapingreality51 here just to watch Rob drink the champagne

@smittenwithsugden Some motherly affection. lots of hugs and flowers

@bluewinseverytime the compulsory absurd amount of bread, loaves, baguettes, toast, the lot

@klainedestinedji  cute cupcakes with mini scrapyard boys on it like Vic’s wedding one.

@sugglesmiles a nice big hamper with his fancy shower gels (specifically Hermes Epice Marine scent because this lass does her research) and maybe some naughty stuff for later.

@trashmouthsugden something kinky for a birthday treat.

@realityisonlythebeginning pineapples for the picnic

@victoriasugden make him a towering purple cake like Vic would

@isabellaofparma birthday text message from Andy commissioned.

@luststricken some dorky nerdy stuff like Death Note since its your forte

@bitinglip4robert get that big basket sorted, you promised no cucumber sandwiches

@vckaarobb the lube is a necessity, bottom Rob suffered in that cricket pavilion

@memorieswarm a luxury Americano maker for Aaron to give him breakfast in bed. (but then we’ll get no Rob/ Bob interactions so we need to invite Bob to man the machine).

@f4llen87 the Vegas sunglasses that we never got to see Rob in better come out, they;re in Mauritius after all

@gemmalou-x- the last rolo

¡Más y más referencias! 

Por la mano santa de la Mod. Eliana les traemos la interpretación de como lucía LaughDrew Films en el exterior. De igual manera les adjuntamos imágenes de referencia para que no crean nos aventuramos a hacerlo sin estar informadas. 

El diseño puede variar de acuerdo al avance del videojuego. 

What is this? More references? You bet’cha! 

Once again Mod. Eliana brings to you an amazing interpretation of how LaughDrew Films looked like on the outside. We attached pictures as references to show you we are doing this with real information and not going just because we think it looks cute. 

The design can change with the process of the videogame. 


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O my glob O my glob!!! *unhealthy screaming* Your shipped with Venus! Wow you can get shipped from uni!tale

What cha gonna do ‘bout it punk~? Venus’s moine~~ >:)

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   I will bet approximately $4 that this starts a Discourse    

uh oh.

no but, um, property law discourse is the worst discourse. everyone knows Frodo totally should have given Sauron his ring back! go ask simaethae! *cha-cha-chas out of these dangerous waters*

Eunkwang: What is our N-ssi’s beauty concern?

Hakyeon: Actually, in the past I felt that my dark skintone can made me look dull and that was my worry. But nowadays I’m more concerned about matching makeup products to my skintone. I’m starting to think dark complexion is more charming now instead.

Eunkwang: Ahh that is great! Actually a lot of people go for tanning nowadays. There are people who want to have tanned skin but don’t possess it.

Hakyeon: That’s why I’m really happy now

Eukwang: That’s nice!

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