a celtic dream

Things To Pay Attention To For Dream Analysis ✨🔮

Okay so usually I only interpret dreams but I figured it might help for me to point out certain factors that hold significance.

  • Where are you? This is important because the location will usually hold personal significance to you. If you dream you’re in school, how did/does school make you feel? What does it represent to you.
  • Who are you with? This is very important because this is where archetypes come in. Often when we dream of others, they serve a purpose (unless the dream is stress or emotionally induced). They represent archetypes that we sometimes need to take advice from. E.g - Dream of a grandparent? Time to start exercising wisdom and patience, dream of a crush or partner? Better start loving yourself more. *Its very important to remember that different people hold different significances for all of us*
  • Day or Night? Not something that a lot of people pay attention to but I’ve found it sticks out to me a lot. Pay attention to dreams set in the night and how your dream self feels about the darkness.
  • General vibe? What’s the theme of the dream? Is it positive? Negative? Fearful? Euphoric? All of these things are very important to pay attention to because it’s your brains ways of telling you how your subconscious is dealing.



🥀 Bless your animals

🥀 Garden to keep the earth fertile

🥀 use ruby and moonstone

🥀 work on achieving your dreams

🥀 surround yourself with horse iconography

🥀 go riding

🥀 work on lucid dreaming and keep a dream journal

🥀 set up a cornucopia in your kitchen

🥀 wear a little horse or horseshoe necklace

🥀 practice water healing

🥀 decorate your space with rose garlands

🥀 invite new choices and paths into your life


Polytheist, pagan and witchy asks

1. How long have you been worshiping?
2. Do you have a deity that is particularly close to you?
3. Whats your favorite tale about your Gods?
4. Do you keep an altar?
5. Do you consider yourself an Oracle?
6. What brought you to your current path?
7. Do you believe in past lives?
8. Do you think plants, animals or stones have spirits?
9. What do you think your afterlife will look like?
10.Who’s your favorite divine power couple?
11. Do you listen to devotional music?
12. What are your views on virginity? Is it worth anything spiritually?
13. What deity do you turn to most in times of trouble?
14. What are your views on dreams? Have they anything to do with divinity or the future?
15. Do you prefer to party and celebrate or quietly observe holidays?
16. Which deity do you find has the biggest sense of humor?
17. What made you choose your religion over any others?
18. Do you have any food or drink that is spiritually important?
19. Do you have any numbers that are spiritually important?
20. Do you believe in fairies, nymphs or nature spirits?

Crystal Herbalism: Faerie Realm 

This crystal is a cosmic oasis. A divine creation that is a balanced blend of angelic and faerie energy. 

Faery Tea

  • 1 tsp Chamomile
  • ½ tsp Lavender
  • ½ tsp Rose Petals
  • ½ tsp Peppermint
  • ½ tsp Licorice Root or Local Raw Honey

Tea Attributes: Faerie energy, psychic protection, peace, dream travel, calming, and enlightenment.  


Among the highlands the ocean caresses the shore and the mossy stone mountains engulf castles ruins. 

These stones embody Celtic mysticism:

  • Moonstone: a key to dream travel, opens third eye and crown, provided clarity to visions, and gives you the magick sight to see the unseen.
  • Preseli Bluestone: awakens our past lives, warrior energy, strong protection, and roots you to ancient Celtic magick.
  • Aquamarine: strengthens communication with nature spirits, deepens intuition, keeps spells fluid, and provides ocean energy. 
I’m not a witch with gods...

tl;dr I’m having god-y experiences and I’d like to hear what other people’s god-y experiences have been.

Like it’s really hard for me to get on board with god stuff. The more personified and human-like it is, the less I buy it. I’ve tired to conceptualize gods in a more symbolic way, but I still have a hard time. So, long story short, I’m not dedicated to any gods from any pantheon. I know a lot about Celtic mythology and I know basic stuff about Greek mythology. I don’t find Greek mythology particularly interesting. I do like Persephone’s story but that’s about it.

The past few nights I’ve been having your run of the mill dreams. But somewhere in the middle of the dream content I get the overwhelming feeling of Ares. I sometimes have the thought that “This is Ares” or “Ares is here”.

When I first started learning about Celtic mythology I was hyper-focused on The Morrigan. I had wrapped up a basic ritual in the middle of the night. At the time I had a red taper candle that I used during that ritual. I dreamt that my red taper candle fell off of my table and broke into three even pieces, all connected by the wick that ran through them.

These are the only intuition-y experiences that I’ve had relating to the gods. The candle dream was nearly two years ago. The Ares dreams have been just this past week.

I don’t know what I’m hoping to get out of sharing this publicly. If anyone has any input or experience with god stuff, that’d be cool. I’d like to hear some other people’s experiences with this stuff.