a caveman

Me at the hot boys: Hmmm, good, adequate. *sips my tea, flips through the selection like a magazine*

Me at One hot girl: *caveman grunts*

like when i was a kid i thought it was so funny to see things where people yelled at telemarketers but now it’s like… those people are just doing their damn jobs, you can just hang up or say “no thank you” and hang up, you shouldn’t yell at them like you’re some sort of caveman

steve’s middle name is spelled G-R-A-N-T but it’s pronounced ‘trouble’
Ok, so, the caveman frozen in ice has been brought back to a water-themed amusement park, which *also* somehow has the best scientists to study it.

I guess we really shouldn’t question these things.

All’s fine and good… there’s a random space heater inside the temperature-regulated room, and pointed at the once-in-a-lifetime scientific discovery… what could go wrong?

Oh noes! A mysterious hand has turned it on!

…and magically changed the table from white to green in the process!

The heat emanates all over the caveman, covering his entire back and radiating w–

*show cuts to closeup*


Aaaaand the table and heater have disappeared by magic, because reasons.