a cat named puppy


Grumpy cat has nothing on her. A fluffy lady, so very angry

(yes i stopped petting her very quickly)


anonymous asked:

Do you have any pets? What kind and what names if you do?


I have two dogs: a 10 year old golden retriever named Max and a little mixed breed puppy named Milo

I have two cats, Ellie and Nampton. Who knows what kind they are, they are fuzzy and warm and like to take naps. 

And we have a chameleon named Mogz. :)

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

Wanna One Mom Series [SPECIAL] : Pets
  • jisung: a cat named jinwoo and a cat named taewoong, a puppy named park woojin
  • sungwoon: a puppy named taehyun, a chick named guanlin
  • minhyun: a tall dog named hyunbin, dogs dongho and jonghyun (he shares with everyone), a puppy named minki (also shares with everyone)
  • seongwoo: a cat named daniel
  • daniel: a kitten named lee woojin (shares with everyone) and a cat named jaehan
  • jaehwan: a fish named sewoon, another named gwanghyun
  • jihoon: a puppy named baejin
  • woojin: a cat named kenta, two puppies, one donghyun, the other youngmin (shares with daehwi)
  • jinyoung: a puppy named jeojjang, another named winkeu
  • daehwi: a puppy named samuel, refer back to woojin and his puppies
  • guanlin: a baby chick named seonho, a dog named sangbin

Stan generally calls his cat “Little Bud” as its name, but has been known to call it any range of others such as “Fluffers”, “Toe Bean Buddy”, “Little Guy”, “Mystery Mew”, and “Stripes”. 

BNHA pet headcanons

Okay but what if people were allowed to bring pets into the dorms? Little fluffy comfort buddies!!

  • Kirishima has a huge tortoise that he’s had since he was a baby. His mother bought it for him after his accident with his eye so he could have a friend that’s as tough as he is. He loves him so much and makes sure that he’s always in tip top condition. His favourite thing is feeding it brocolli after he’s given it a long soak.
  • Everyone thought Bakugou would rock up with a terrifying Rottweiler that bites on command but nope, a tubby little Dachshund named TNT. She’s barely older than a puppy so everyone has to live with the knowledge that a 14 year old Bakugou decided TNT is a good name for a puppy.  
  • Kaminari has his two cats, Pirate and Riceball, and it doesn’t take Aizawa very long to bring them kitty treats and turn them into little purring balls of fluff. Kaminari stands in the background with a  single tear rolling down his cheek, why don’t they love him like that?
  • Momo is very distressed that she wasn’t allowed to bring her pony. Sure they don’t have the stables for her but she still feels sad that she can’t have her Daisy nearby. 
  • It wouldn’t surprise me if Todoroki pulled a Daenerys and had a couple of dragon eggs incubating in his room. But no, his father never allowed animals in their house because he thought they were unsanitary distractions. Todo used to have a little ginger kitten but when his mother was taken away the kitten went with her. He’s so happy to have so many animals to play with now but his noises of excitement just come out as one long gasp as he can’t decide who to go pet first.
  • Uraraka has a little rosy boa. She knows a lot of people don’t care for snakes and that it doesn’t particularly care to be around a lot of people so she only lets one person see it at a time. Aizawa is supposed to do room inspections but he won’t take a step into hers because “the scaled demon” lurks in there. 
  • He won’t go near Mina and her bearded dragon either. Not today Satan he says and he quickly moves onto the next room, trusting that these strange reptile loving people are taking care of their rooms properly. 
  • Tokoyami doesn’t have a pet but he did manage to make a bond with the local pack of crows. He loves having them come tapping at his window because they remember he is the one that feeds them. Plus it feels kinda cool to be able to say he is part of a murder of crows.
  • Deku has a pet rock.
Two Huge Nerds

Chatya/Alyadrien for  thefandomcinnamonroll for the Rare Pair Exchange. Ao3 link here.

Alya interviews Chat Noir for the Ladyblog and discovers that they have a lot in common.

“Ladybug!” Alya called out. “Do you have time for an interview? It’s Alya Césaire, from the Ladyblog.” She knew Ladybug knew who she was. After two years and numerous interviews, they were on good terms. But that was how serious reporter did things and Alya was a serious reporter.

Ladybug looked apologetic, as she edged away. “I’m so sorry, Alya. I really have to go. Next time, I promise.” There was loud beep and she touched her earring worriedly. “Stay safe!” She called as she jumped away.

Alya sighed. Getting an interview with Ladybug was really hard sometimes. She had been watching the superheroes long enough to understand the connection between the use of Lucky Charm and the beeping and she had a pretty good idea of what it meant. So she understood why Ladybug often had to rush off after an attack. But it was still frustrating how difficult it was to get ahold of her sometimes.

“I’m free for an interview.” A voice from behind her spoke. “If you are interested.”

Chat Noir grinned at her, leaning casually against the wall.

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everyone is making cat OCs, here are mine:

the first one Justice simply calls “feline” he is delighted by his little feline, and its grabby little hands that can hold things. Its very small and friendly and makes the most delightful squeaking sounds. Anders takes to calling it disgusting little man. Justice doesnt understand why anders is terrified of it. he loved ser pounce a lot, why doesnt he love this feline?

The second one Anders calls trash baby, Justice thinks it is accurate, since he found it digging through the trash. Anders doesnt seem to like trash baby much more than their other feline. trash baby doesnt move very much, and Anders often trips over it in the middle of the night, trash baby doesnt really respond to that, it just goes :V

Anders goes completely pale when he sees Justice’s third cat. No. He says. We’re not keeping it, give it to Hawke. By this time Anders has grown attached to feline and trash baby, he still calls feline “disgusting little man” and complains about them both, but Justice can feel the warm affection he has for them both. He also lets them on the bed without complaint. Why is Anders rejecting this third cat so soundly? It is small, smaller even than feline, and it makes pathetic whimpering sounds. It needs them. Anders eventual gives in, as he always does. He refers to this cat as “filthy mutt”, while gently cradling it, and feeding it through a syringe.

Pliroy ~ Domestic Headcanons

•There is always music in their apartment. It ranges from classical music, JJ’s band, a small selection of canadian singers and russian bands.

•Yuri makes JJ comb his hair and undo the few knots he gets after showering.

•"But if you tug too hard, I swear Leroy…“

•JJ is ALWAYS excited to practice, to Yuri’s dismay

•They do this cheesy, "goals” couple excercise routines you see in social media

•JJ makes the best pancakes, waffles, cookies and cakes. But at everything else, he can burn water.

•So Yuri’s cooking skills go uphill.

•(Couldn’t help but include this) They have two babies. Yuri’s cat and a Golden Retriever puppy. JJ let Yuri name him, therefore his name is Prints (Prince in Russian)

•One day JJ realizes there are no more hoodies in his side of the wardrobe. (They all went to Yuri’s side.)

•To practice their side talents, JJ plays the piano and Yuri dances ballet to it.

•JJ finds inspiration for writing music cuddling with Yuri