a career of shouting and yelling

The most dramatic moment during my Camp Counseling career at an all girls camp was when a girl got a letter from a friend saying that Zac Efron had died and one of her bunkmates ran out of the cabin and shouted “ZAC EFRON IS DEAD!!!!!” and the camp immediately fell into chaos girls were crying in the middle of camp and running around spreading the news everyone was yelling and the counselors had to look up wether or not Zac Efron was dead (this is a wireless camp so the girls couldn’t access the internet and check for themselves) and then get out a megaphone and be like “ZAC EFRON IS NOT DEAD PLEASE REMAIN CALM” outside of all the cabins it was insanity. 

BTS reaction to there s/o flinching during an argument

Hey there!~ Thanks for requesting vuv 
I kept it gender neutral just for the sake of everyone but i hope you enjoy~~
This was really heart breaking/hard to write tbh ;u; but a lovely in end hhh i tried my best <3 
- Adminnie

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster
You rarely ever argued with one another, but when you did… Boy did it get bad. You and Joon had been in a shouting match for what felt like hours over something you couldnt even remember at this point- 
Everything you said was making him angry and everything he said in response was simply infuriating, it brought you to the point where you finally yelled a threat to break it off when he stepped closer to you grabbing your shoulder-
Your eyes squeezed shut and you jerked back slightly in response, catching him a bit off guard..

“Y/N-ah I-I Im sorry did i hurt you?”
“No Joon… Just- its nothing”
“You can tell me, im really sorry….”
“Just my past experiences and arguments weren’t the best in the end..”
You stepped back from him, this impulsively made him hug you tightly, stroking your hair….

“I get it youre sorry and i forgive- But dont think you are off the hook mister”
“yeah yeah”

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Kim Seokjin/Jin
Like Namjoon you and Seokjin barely fought, you were both grown enough to have the sense to understand each other. And when it came to you two bickering it was more like an old married couple arguing than a shouting match.
It started when he came home late from the studio, he was sweaty and taired, you noticed he seemed to be a bit upset so you confronted him a bout it. He immediately denied being tired or angry, telling you not to worry or stress- The same old same old, you were tired of him telling you not to worry,

“Jin how am i supposed to not worry, you come home, sleep, go back to work- dont you think you are working a bit too hard?”
He raised his voice in protest, turning swiftly to you.

You wrenched your eyes shut, hands coming up to protect your face-
This sparked confusion in his eyes, “What are you doing?” He would question, walking closer to you, moving your hands.. You would explain to him about your past relationship ad he would feel a bit guilty in the end, proposing he takes the day of tomorrow and you both relax sex it up 

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Min Yoongi/Suga
When you and Yoongs argue, he says few words. He lets you yell out your feelings before saying his peace, trying to keep things as neutral as possible, knowing he has a temper and he needs to control it. In this particular time you had been feeling a bit neglected. Shouting at him about putting his career before your life together-
“At this point its me or the music”

When he looked at you with a certain gaze and pulled you into a hug, your body tensed, shoulders raising, eyes squeezing tightly shut. 

“Y/N are you ok? I-I I’ll try to spend more time with you im sorry”
You shook your head, explaining to him why you seemed to cringe at his touch, he would just hug you for a moment, telling you how he will never treat you like that and he will try his best to spend more time with you. 

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope
Fights with Hobi would be extremely emotional  both of you sobbing intensely as you screamed at him for god knows what. He would be so angry by the time you finally stopped yelling he would turn suddenly-
You would flinch, stumbling backwards at his action.

“What- Are you ok? Why did you flinch? Did i really hurt you” *sniffle sniffle, im sobbing*

As if he wasnt crying enough hes so soft when he questioned why you would be hesitant to tell him and when you finally did you would just cry together for a while, eventually falling asleep where ever you were.

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Park Jimin/Jimin
Fighting? With Jimin? What is this trechery? 
On the 1 and a Million chance that you and Jimin fought, he would be so heartbroken to see you angry at him-
”Im sorry y/n” *sobbing like a 5 year old bc you yelled at him for leaving the milk out and it went bad*
He would lunge to hug you, causing you to whimper and fall back a bit- He would question your actions, taking your hands in his, listening to everything you said extremely carefully.

”Ah- My bad Y/N.. Im sorry i angered you, and im sorry for scarying you- i didnt know”
”Aishhh Its ok you big softie”

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Kim Taehyung/V
You and Taehyung are young, you are bound to fight sometimes- 
Growing together is hard to do at times so when he came home angry you knew at some point you would argue… 

”Christ Y/N can you get off my back for 1 second???”
“I asked what was wrong Taehyung”
“Nothing is wrong!”
‘nOtHinG iS wRoNg’ 

He huffed throwing his bag from practice on the ground, the thud causing you to nearly jump out of your skin, his gaze making you physically cringe, nose wrinkling and eyes squeezing shut as you sunk back into yourself. 
He nearly forgot about your past in this moment, his face dropped to one of guilt, walking over to you to plant a kiss on the top of your head. An apologetic grin sprawled on his face as he brought you to his chest-

”Lets just forget about this, ok? Wanna cuddle or something?”

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Jeon Jeong-guk/Jungkook
Like Taehyung, you and Jungkook are extremely young and equal parts dumb (jk <3)
 Sometimes you two would annoy eachother just make one another mad- This night you were working his last nerve, nitpicking, just egging him on for the hell of it..
He shouted at you, rubbing the bridge of his nose before placing his hands of his face, at his yell you stumbled at bit, and when he stood to look at you, frustration clear on his face you instinctively shook and backed away. 
He cocked an eyebrow at your reaction, his head shaking slightly like he always did when he was unsure.
You let out a long sigh when he questioned you hours later-

“My past is so good Kook- you scared me is all”
“Im sorry Y/N, i wont be so careless next time”
“Its not just your fault- im sorry too i took it too far”
He would hug you tightly, a hum in his throat loving the moment of open emotion.

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Classified 11

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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Just friends ~ Part six

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A/N ~ Ok, so I fought with myself A LOT with this one, on wether or not I should change/sensor what is in it but after a long discussion with a friend I decided to keep the original piece in there. I really hope no one takes offence to this, this is purely fiction but I did want to highlight how easily things can get out of control when not dealt with also. So please if you don’t like it, it is only a small bit of the fic to skim past.

Theme ~ Angst/fluff

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Warning ~ Strong language and a small amount of graphic sexual assault

Series Masterlist

It had been a week and the image of you laying naked and panting beneath him wouldn’t leave Seung hyun’s mind, no matter how much he tried to deny it the reality was he had wanted to see you like that for a long time. He had been constantly fighting himself and his urges, his urges to touch you, to kiss you, to pick you up and carry you to his room. Now that he finally allowed himself to give into his urges, you refused him. He thought you wanted it too but the look on your face and the monotone of your voice told him he was dead wrong, his biggest fear had come true, that every action he had picked up from you that indicated you felt the same was all in his head.

“Hyung….” Taeyang shouted pulling Seung hyun back to reality.

“Huh?” he asked in a dazed state, almost like he had just woken up.

“We’ve been trying to tell you for five minutes that you’re up” Seungri replied with a smirk as he gave him a pat on the shoulder.

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Netflix and Chill - Ethan




I looked angrily at my step mother as I was just about to snap on her ugly ass. “What the fuck do you want me to do! I’m only a fucking kid! You can’t just expect me to quit YouTube and get a career! I’m making god damn money I’m just god damn keeping it from you!” I shouted angrily at her. She just rolled her eyes at me. “Don’t roll you eyes at me. I can’t roll my eyes so now you fucking can’t.” I said rolling my eyes as well.

“Y/n people your age are getting jobs. Don’t be that ugly cast out like always. Get a god damn job.” She said rolling her eyes once again turning around to walk back to the kitchen. “Walking away from you fights isn’t always the answer!” I yelled at her. “Well I shouldn’t have to fight if you’ll just get a job!” She finally yelled at me. “I don’t even know why my dad married you!” I spat at her.

Yes I said it. The one word no girl should ever say to another girl. But I said it. “Y/N! Y/M/N! Y/L/N! I want you the hell out of this house right now!” She yelled at me. I rolled my eyes. “Like I fucking care. Not like I have a loving father here!” I yelled making my way towards the door opening it. “Let the door hit you on the way out!” She yelled. 

She’s acting like a mother fucking child. I made my way over to my car hopping it and starting it. I pulled out of the driveway and drove to the only other place besides Grammy’s place. And that was my boyfriends apartment. I drove there finally but once I parked the car the tears started falling. I got out of my car and up the elevator and over to the door knocking on it.

Grayson answered it and looked at me. “Y/n? Everything okay?” He asked. I just shooked my head. “I just need to see Ethan.” I breathed out looking up at him. He nodded and let me in. “He’s in his room.” Grayson said as I started down the hallway. I made my way to Ethan’s room opening the door without knocking and I heard him groan. “I swear to god Grayson.” He said turning around from his bed. 

His expression softened once he saw me and understood what was happening  and opened his arms. I walked over to him falling onto the bed and into his arms and cried my eyes out. He stayed quiet and let me just cry. He knew what to do at these points. Stay quiet in till I tell him everything. I pulled away and looked at him sadly. He kissed my temple and gave me a smalls smile. 

“What happened?” He asked. I gave him the whole story and he also started to look mad. “Your step-mom is a cunt.” He said rolling his eyes playing with my small hands. “I know right.” I chuckled a bit. He cracked a smile bringing his lips towards mine. “How about we watch Netflix and chill? And just cuddle no sex.” He laughed as he saw my face.

“Please.” I asked. He smiled nodding and put on Fuller House. HE knew everything that made me happy and smile. That’s why I love him.

“Ethan.” I said looking up at him as he started the first episode of it. We’ve watched it about ten times already. “Yeah.” He asked smiling at me. “I love you.” I said scared to what he would say. “I love you too.” I smiled kissing my cheek and wrapped his arm around me and brought me closer to his strong warm body.

I stayed the night there and a a week in till finally going back to my house.

我很丑,可是我很温柔 vocab list

here’s the link to the video i posted

旷野 kuàngyě wilderness

骄傲 jiāo'ào proud, arrogant

巨人 jùrén giant

早晨 zǎochen early morning

浴室 yùshì bathroom (room used for bathing)

镜子 jìngzi mirror

剃刀 tìdāo razor

边缘 biānyuán edge, verge, brink

钢筋水泥 gāngjīn shuǐní reinforced concrete

呼唤 hūhuàn to shout, to call out 

生涯 shēngyá life (way in which sb. lives), career, period of one’s life

现实 xiànshí reality

之间 zhī jiān between, among, inter–

差距 chājù disparity, gap

冷漠 lěngmò cold and detached toward sb., lack of regard

狂热 kuángrè fanatical

卑微 bēiwéi petty and low

懦弱 nuòruò cowardly, weak

退缩 tuìsuō to shrink back, to cower

都市 dūshì city, metropolis

假面 jiǎ miàn mask

嘶吼 sīhǒu to yell, to shout

一望无际 yīwàngwújì as far as the eye can see

舞台 wǔtái stage, arena

了解 liǎojiě to understand, to realize

发射 fāshè to emit, to shoot (a projectile)

尊严 zūnyán dignity, honor

白天 báitiān daytime, during the day

黯淡 àndàn dark, dim (light), dull (color), gloomy

不朽 bùxiǔ immortal, immortality

激昂 jī'áng impassioned

善于 shànyú to be good or adept at (sth)

等候 děnghòu to wait


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20. “It killed me to see you with him.” + 25. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

A fog of tension, so thick you could cut it with a knife, hung over the room you were sitting in. It mingled with the deafening silence and threatened to suffocate you. But you didn’t dare speak a word.

You sat, waiting for her to say something. To say anything. But she was just as determined as you.

Her eyes were unreadable, her jaw set, as her fingers gripped the edge of the table. She needed something to anchor herself on to. She needed something to keep herself grounded.

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EXO react when you catch them crying and they lie about why

 I wrote these in a range of angst, some are slightly crack - I hope that’s okay! 

Sehun: *the two of you were sprawled on the couch, fitting like a jigsaw together and had been binge watching a TV show all day. In the process, Sehun had grown very attached to a certain character but in one episode that character died a very dramatic death. Sehun was extremely quiet after that and when you glanced over at him you saw his eyes glistening and tears threatening to spill. You teased him unrelentingly after that and though he  denied it and made excuse after excuse he realised even he couldn’t sass his way out of this one. His face was priceless, he was wide eyed and shocked when you assured him there’s going to be many more deaths after this if the books were anything to go by*

“This is not the day you saw Oh Sehun crying, this is the day Oh Sehun had something in his eye”

Kai: *a while back when he was in the practise room he fell during a rehearsal and he’d broken his leg and fractured his wrist. Although the injuries would heal, it happened at the worst moment - just before promotional events for the comeback. That meant he couldn’t perform stages and had to hobble around on crutches during interviews. He tried to seem happy and optimistic he felt so guilty since he couldn’t perform with the others; even though it was an accident he blamed himself for it. It had only been a couple of weeks since, but already he was fed up of waiting to heal, he was desperate to dance on stage with the others. When he was alone he couldn’t stop himself from crying, quietly at first until the tears turned into loud sobs. But one time you arrived home earlier than he expected to surprise him, but instead you received the surprise when you saw him crying into the pillow on the bed. When you rushed over to him and comforted him, asking him what was wrong, he played it off that it hurt to move since he didn’t want you to worry about him more than you already were*

Tao: *a little argument had soon turned into a huge one which resulted in you storming out of the house and staying over your friend’s that night. He expected you back after an hour or so though, and when he woke up after a restless sleep and you still weren’t home, he panicked and realised that he must have really upset you. He started thinking you’d broken up when it got to mid-afternoon and he still hadn’t heard from you - no calls, no texts, let alone a reappearance back home. The thought that he could have lost you because of some dumb argument that started from nothing was eating away at his mind, and after he called you for the eight time with no answer he cried, distraught and irrationally convinced he was never going to see you again. You arrived back home soon after this, feeling guilty after ignoring him all day but wanting to make it up with him and when you walked in on him crying you started crying with him! He didn’t provide you with any explanation when you asked he just clung onto you like a koala*

D.O: *it had been a bad day at work, his manager didn’t approve of the two of you dating and it broke his heart to even think about the worst case scenario - a forced breakup. Of course, even if it did come to that he wouldn’t really leave you, he loves you too much. Once he got back to the dorm with the boys and you came round with food for all of them, he kept looking over at you and imagining what it would be like to never see you again he emo like me. He could feel the burning behind his eyes and hurriedly excused himself and shut himself in the bathroom, letting the tears spill over in silent sobs. He heard knocks on the door after a few minutes but despite telling whoever was there to “piss off” the door opened anyway. He felt arms wrap around him from behind and heard your voice whispering in his ear, asking what’s wrong. Taking deep breaths he eventually replied, and he didn’t exactly lie but he didn’t tell the full truth either - not wanting to worry you when it wasn’t necessary*

“It was just…a bad day”

Chanyeol: *was frustrated that all the music he was writing lately seemed to be no good, not even worthy of saving to develop later. It seemed like a stupid reason to cry, he knew that, but he’d also been trying to write something somewhat good for days but nothing had come of it. After the fifth time trying to get the chords right he tossed his laptop to the side and curled up on the bed in a ball. He didn’t properly realise he was crying until he felt your hand on his shoulder and your soft voice asking him what’s wrong. As you pulled him into your arms, the tears were still flowing but the gulping sobs ceased since your sudden appearance had shocked him silent. He didn’t know how to explain his tears, and stuttered his way through the story of the sad K-drama he’d supposedly watched, as he didn’t want you to know the pathetic truth*

Chen: *he regretted yelling at his manager as soon as the words left his mouth, but it was too late to take them back. It had ended with him storming out, shouting about leaving the company in a fit of rage before stalking home. But by the time he got to the front door of the dorm his anger had washed away and he suddenly realised how stupid he had been. He could have jeopardised his career just for the sake of being stubborn and not wanting to admit he was wrong. He slumped onto his bed with his face into the pillow and muffled his tears into the sheets, at a loss of what to do. After a while he heard the front door open and quickly wiped his eyes, and gasped when you walked into his room. As much as he wanted to tell you what was wrong, he wanted to fix his own problems without bothering you, and so instead denied anything was wrong, insisting you were seeing things when you pointed out his red eyes and the damp circle on the pillow*

why is his face orange is he donald trump

Baekhyun: *he arrived back at the dorm after a date with you, in high spirits until he saw the stern look on all the members’ faces. They then all reminded him that he’d missed the second rehearsal that week, the fourth that month, because he’d been with you, and that it would be nice if he would deign to show up to the studio once in a while. Even though he knew he was in the wrong and as guilty as he felt for forgetting again, he was indignant and defensive and eventually he marched off to his room like an angry teenager. Troubled, he called you to see if you could come over even though he’d just seen you, and tears spilled down his face. When you asked if he was crying since his voice sounded funny and strained, he made up a cold he was supposedly catching, knowing you’d most likely be angry if you discovered he’d ditched practise to be with you*

Lay: *with both your busy work schedules, seeing you was becoming more and more difficult over the past few weeks. He’d gotten home after a hectic day, collapsed on the bed and cried into the pillow until he was full-out sobbing. Still whimpering, he eventually sat up and looked along your dresser, picking up things here and there and smiling as he thought of you, until he felt your presence in the doorway. He turned around and, his cheeks hinting red, he played with your makeup brush on his face as if it was perfectly normal to do so when you’re crying. Seeing the wet paths on his face, you dropped your stuff and ran over to him, asking him why he was crying as you took him into your arms. Finally seeing you was overwhelming and the tears threatened to spill again, and he couldn’t explain himself - but silently you felt like you knew why he was crying and felt the same*

Suho: *being on tour meant not seeing you for so long and after over a month of texting and brief phone/Skype calls he’d reached his limit. Backstage after the end of one EXO’s many performances when the rest of the boys were elsewhere he let himself cry and let himself miss you. When he heard a knock at the door he couldn’t stall the visitor long enough to hide his red eyes and instead he stood agape as he saw you open the door smiling. Your smile soon dropped when you saw he’d been crying and you rushed over to him, but all you got out of him was stutters and gibberish as he hugged you back tightly*

“Y/N! I-i..wait what are you…I don’t…w-what are you doing here?”

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*with so many projects he was working on recently, and the release of his new movie Sweet Sixteen, he was crazy busy and rarely at home for long; he could barely remember the last date he’d taken you on. Eventually you’d had enough of barely seeing him, and the two of you argued until he stormed out of the apartment. Barely ten minutes later he was knocking on the door, having forgotten his key in his rage, calling through to you and apologising. You were still upset though, and shouted through to him that perhaps he’d rather be filming anew movie than see you. He sat on the front steps and although he tried desperately not to he couldn’t help but cry, feeling so guilty that he’d been neglecting you for something as mundane as his career. When you came out and sat down next to him on the steps silently, he joked off the tears and acted like nothing was wrong – although it was obvious why he was crying*

Luhan: *when you arrived at the dorm in high spirits you could see he’d had little to no sleep, and his eyes were blotchy and red. He told you probably because he just woke up and it was nothing, but he knew it was far more than that. He knew about the other person he was with every Thursday night, when you thought he was at rehearsal. His conscience finally got through to him and to what he’d done, and he knew that he’d have to confess to you one day - but he couldn’t bring himself to do it today, not when you seemed so happy*

“I just…didn’t sleep well last night, that’s all”

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I’m not saying lu is a cheater okay just go with it for this reaction

Xiumin: *when he got home and heard you crying from the living room he ran in to see you with cuts and bruises on your arms. You told him through short gasps of air that saesang fans had attacked you, and he was angrier than you’d ever seen him. How dare they hurt you? What kind of fans were they? He held you close and buried himself in your hair letting you cry, but when you pulled away you saw his eyes were damp too. You pointed it out but he brushed it off, since it wasn’t his main concern at the moment and all he had on his mind was protecting you from something like this happening again*

Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while, I’m still getting through requests. Also I’m away until Tuesday so I won’t have access to my computer. But since I’ve just broken up from school yesterday and am now on summer break, I’ll be uploading a lot more than I have been in the next few weeks!

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I Love You - Jungkook angst

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This is just. Too much.


You turned your head, irritation clear on your face. A headache was pressing against your temple, exhaustion lining your face and frustration bringing tears to your eyes. You hated university more than anything, especially because your tutors were giving you heavy workloads that couldn’t possibly all be finished by the due date without you not sleeping for half an hour a night. Which is what you were doing.

“What?” you snapped, angrily combing your hands through your hair. You didn’t mean to be so short with him, especially because he had done so much for you and sacrificed a lot to keep you happy. Hell, he had even come all the way across town to see you at ten in the evening and here you were, ignoring him.

You were a shit girlfriend, to be honest, but he never complained. He never asked for more than he go and you decided that he deserved more. He needed more from you.

You closed your eyes. This paper was due tomorrow and it wasn’t even half done. However, if your professors thought that they could treat you like this and not expect a drop in your performance, then they could, for lack of a better expression, get fucked.

Slamming your laptop shut, making him jump, you stood up from your seat and walked over to join him on your bed. Sliding into the middle of the bed and snuggling into his chest, you answered his unasked question by his incredulous look and cautious touch as his arm slid down your arms to wrap around your waist and bring you closer to him.

“I miss you.” you mumbled, nuzzling your face into his neck. He blushed, laughing lightly as he cuddled you tighter.

“God, I love you so much.”


“What?” you breathed, tugging away slightly to stare him in the eyes.

His mouth was hanging open, eyes even wider and glazed over as he stared at you blankly, hardly even comprehending the words that he had just uttered.

“You love me?” you prompted, hands splayed on his firm chest as you balanced yourself. He stared up at you, watching with intrigue as a smile grew on your face and your eyes crinkled at the corners.

“Yeah,” he whispered, watching with wonder as your entire face and body lit up, the twinkle in your eyes returning. “I love you.”

Hardly able to contain yourself from launching yourself at him and burying your face in his chest, you hugged him tightly.

“I love you too.”


“We’re lost?” you screeched, staring at the man you loved in horror. “Lost?!”

“Shh, I’m trying to think. Hyung took me the other day… I just can’t remember how to get there.”

Your eyes almost fell out of your skull.

How old was this man, again?!

“Oh my God…” you mumbled, rubbing your face tiredly. “Why aren’t I used to this yet…”

“I honestly do not know.” he said and the smile in his voice made you turn to him in shock again. There he was, grinning at you happily with his adorable bunny smile that you loved so much.

You weren’t going to lie, the sight of his happiness did bring a small grin to your face.

“Idiot. Get me out of here. You’re paying for ice cream tonight, I hope you know that.”

“I assumed as much.”

He turned the car around, reaching over to grip one of your thighs as he drove back the way we came.

“I love you.”

“I love you too you big idiot.”



“God, how could you be so stupid?!” he screamed, startling you and almost making you drop your papers.

“What? What the hell are you talking about?” you asked, shocked and hurt. Why was he raising his voice at you like this?

“We were photographed at that dumb café you dragged me to yesterday!” he yelled, waving his phone screen in front of your face. He moved too quickly for you to be able to decipher what was on the screen but you guessed he was telling the truth, judging by the concerning shade of red he was gradually turning as he stared at your clueless face.

“W-What? How?” you spluttered. “There was nobody there! I watched out for paparazzi and everything, I even asked the staff to take care of everything!”

“Well that clearly didn’t work because now I’m getting floods of messages and questions wondering who the fuck you are!”

This wasn’t good. Jungkook never, ever, swore. For him to both raise his voice at you and swear was worrying.

“Jungkook, it’s no good shouting at me for something that I can’t control. We’ve been together for almost a year, it was bound to be found out eventually. This is just unfortunate.”

“There you again with your casual attitude!” he yelled, throwing his hands up in derision. “You really don’t care do you? This is my entire career on the line! I’m an idol, Y/N, not just a random guy you find on the streets! There are literal millions of people that are after me, do you even know what will happen to you if they find out I’ve given them all up for you?!”

There was more silence.

“Is that what you think this relationship is? You’ve sacrificed better things for me? I’m something you want to keep hidden until we break up? You’d rather have those millions of people than me?” you asked, tears filling your eyes and clouding your vision. “Am I wasting my time?”

“W-What?” he asked, and just like that, all of the fight seemed to drain out of him.

“Am I wasting my time, Jungkook?” you asked again, wiping a falling tear quickly.

He shook his head furiously, eyes filling up to as he stumbled towards me, gripping onto my hands.

“No. No! No, no, jagi, I love you. I love you so much. I don’t need them, not like I need you.” he begged. As you began to try and pull your hands out of his grasp, he sobbed and held on tighter, dropping to his knees in front of you. “Baby please, I love you more than anything! I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry!”

“Are you?”


You stared down at him, his face bright red and eyes puffy, face streaked with tears. You were sure that you looked exactly the same as him and suddenly, you weren’t angry anymore. You understood where he was coming from. He just said it out of anger.

You exhaled slowly, kneeling down in front of him too and nudging your head against his.

“I love you too.”


“Of course I do.”


“You look so beautiful…” he whispered, arms wound around your waist tightly, forehead resting on yours. The two of you were stood in the middle of the dance floor and whilst all eyes were on you, you felt like you were the only people on the planet. Staring straight into his eyes, you couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face.

“So are you.”

Instead of protesting, he cracked his own grin and leant in slowly, pressing his lips firmly on yours. Kissing him passionately in front of everybody felt so much better with a ring on your finger and his name attached to yours.

“Mrs Jeon Jungkook.” he murmured against your skin when he pulled away from the kiss slightly. You blushed happily, laughing, and his face lit up at the sound.

“Yes, Mr Jeon Jungkook?”

“God, I’m so in love with you.” he said, ducking his head down to kiss you again.

“I’m in love with you too. Hence, me agreeing to marry you.” you commented, giggling as he scowled and nipped at your lips.

“No need for the sass, Mrs Jeon.”

“There is every need for it, Mr Jeon.”


“I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my entire life.” you said, staring at the bundle of joy in your arms in shock and wonder.

How was it that someone like you met someone like him and made something like this? An actual life? That you created? Together? You couldn’t believe it.

“Me neither.” he replied lowly from the side of you and you turned to look at him. Fatigue lined his face - waking him up about thirty-six hours ago, screaming that the baby was coming, wasn’t one of the best things you’d ever done - but there was an undeniable joy shining from every pore.

“I love you.” you said simply, staring at him. He looked away from your daughter for just a moment to meet your gaze, a smile pulling up one side of his mouth.

“Love you more.”

“Do you want to hold your daughter?” you asked, still staring at him. His eyes popped open wider at your question and he nodded eagerly, scrambling to stand up from kneeling position and sliding to sit on the bed next to you.

Carefully, you passed her into his arms and he settled down with her, staring down at her with such a tender and loving expression that you were brought to tears.

“She’s so beautiful.” he whispered, stroking one finger down the side of her little face. “Thank you so much, Y/N.”

“For what?”

“You gave her to me. I’ll never be able to repay you for this.”


“Jungkook…” You muttered desperately but he didn’t even turn in your direction. He just continued to stare at the door. “Please, don’t do this…”

“Just sign the papers, Y/N. Don’t draw this out longer than it has to be.”

“You mean our marriage?” you whispered. “Are you talking about our marriage as if- as if it’s nothing?”

He was silent for a few moments.


The entire house that the two of you had shared for years suddenly froze. It felt like time had stopped completely. Perhaps, if the two of you had listened carefully enough, you could have heard the sound of your heart shattering into a million pieces. However, he wasn’t listening.


“Y/N, sign the fucking papers already. Don’t make me have to get a solicitor involved.”

You stared at the man that you were in love with. The man you were with for eleven years. The man you married. The man you had a child with. Suddenly, he was throwing everything away.

“Why are you doing this?” you whispered, almost fearing the answer.

“I don’t love you anymore, Y/N, I think it’s for the best if we split up.”

“The hell you don’t!” you suddenly yelled, standing up so angrily that the dining chair toppled over behind you. “You love me!”

“No, I don’t.”

“Jungkook, stop lying! I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me - to us!”

“And you stop saying that there’s an ‘us’! There’s nothing here anymore, Y/N, just accept it!” he shouted, standing up too. “Sign the papers! I don’t want to be married to you anymore!”

Tears were streaming down your face and you stared at him through them. Finally, he was looking at you, but you hated what you saw. There was nothing but anger, exhaustion and desperation. The light that was there throughout your entire relationship had gone out and there was nothing left behind.

He was telling you the truth.

He didn’t love you anymore.

When he was standing at the front door, fully-signed divorce papers tucked neatly under his arm, you finally allowed yourself a moment of weakness.

“I love you, Jungkook.”

You prayed he would realise what a terrible mistake he was making. You prayed he would look at you and smile like he always did when you said that you loved him. You prayed he would listen to reason and come back to you.

He didn’t.

Of course he didn’t.

“You’ll get a call in a few days from my solicitor and we’ll discuss custodial rights,” he muttered, finally opening the door. He hesitated and your heart jumped into your mouth as he turned back to look at you.

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

The door slammed shut behind him.

Beenzino - No Secrets, No Lies

Originally posted by beenzin-o

You were caught by surprise when your spotted your ex boyfriend in the crowd. Your body froze for a moment and you just stood there rooted to the ground for several seconds, before you recollected yourself. You blinked and turned around hastily and started walking in the opposite direction with your head down low.

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Crookedly in Love - Chapter Thirty Eight (A Shawn Mendes Fan Fiction)


Chapter Thirty Eight

Shawn left the party in a fury. I chased him out of the apartment building, my heart rushing, my head pounding. I knew he heard everything. He ran out quickly without a word. He had to have heard the worst parts.

Sure, he heard I didn’t know how to be myself with or without him. That I was invested in my career, more so than telling him the truth about my unhappiness. He had a right to be hurt.

But what about me? What about my pain? My feelings were barely spared in all of this, and now I feel like shit because I suppressed my unhappiness. I pretended for a moment.

The cold air overwhelmed me all at once. I was outside, and I saw Shawn’s leather jacket in the streetlight glow.

“Shawn!” I shouted.

He didn’t turn around. I started running towards him.

“Shawn, please, stop,” I begged.

Out of breath, I finally caught up to him. I grabbed onto his jacket, and I forced him to turn around to look at me.

His eyes were wet with tears.  I felt like a huge boulder had come and crushed me right then and there.

“I don’t know what you heard,” I started.

“I heard enough,” he whispered.

“Shawn, I’m sorry,” I said.

“Oh, that’s fucking bullshit,” he said, his voice thick. “You’re not sorry. You’re happy you broke me. You were only in this for you career, in the end.”

“That’s not what I said!”

“It’s what you meant!” he yelled.

“No!” I shouted back. “It’s not what I meant. I love you so goddamn much that I need to be with you. I need you, Shawn. But I hate what you did to me. I hate everything you made me feel! You made me feel small, insignificant. Like I was something to just use and throw away.”

My breath caught.

“And I never wanted to see you ever again. I never wanted to hear from you,” I continued.

“But you kept this up for yourself. You made me think you loved me for no fucking reason but your own selfish gains,” he spat back, wiping his nose.

“No, Shawn, stop,” I said, exasperatedly. Tears were coming now. My eyes stung with a pathetic, self-loathing.

“No, I won’t stop. You did it this time, Julia –”

“Don’t you dare blame this on me –”

“Yes, I will! You were the one who said we were back together. Truly and genuinely back together. You told me you wholeheartedly loved me. You fucking lied.”

I shook my head, infuriated. These were ignorant lies. The words spewing from his mouth didn’t make up even half the truth.

I could barely think straight. He started pacing back and forth, and I just held my head between my hands. I needed to grab my bearings.

“I wasn’t lying,” I said, matter-of-factly.

“Oh God, Julia. Give it up. It’s over,” he yelled. “And this time you were the one who broke it. You really had me. You really got me to believe in us again. And then you fucking broke us.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked up at him with absolute shock. My eyes were wide, fierce and desperately hurt.

“Excuse me?” I shouted. “I broke us? You were the one who started this whole thing! You were the one who forced feelings on us that you didn’t even have to begin with. You were the one who lied about being in love with me. You never even tried to tell me the truth once. You just waited until you got caught.”

He wasn’t even looking at me anymore. He was standing, his back facing me. But I kept ranting. It felt too good to get everything off my chest.

“And when Camila told me, it felt like my heart got ripped out of my chest. Like you just took it and smashed it into a million pieces without a care in the world. And the worst part was I still loved you. I still love you now. I can’t breathe with or without you, Shawn. And now I’m being punished because I can’t help but hate what you did? How fair is that?”

He spun around. “No, I’m furious with you because, despite being unhappy with me, you decided not to say anything because you’re too scared you’ll lose out on this opportunity.”

“Shawn, I’m sorry about that. But, I am not using our relationship for my career! I do love you. I really do.”

“You are using me! Maybe you’ve been using me since the beginning of this whole thing.”

I wanted to shake sense into him, I was so angry. I rushed up to him, enraged.

“I didn’t sign up for this! I didn’t ask for this! You asked me to be on tour with you. You asked me to come to your house to write songs. You asked me to come to that very first record label meeting with you. I didn’t ask for this!”

“Well, I didn’t ask you to get back together with me after you found out! You did it all on your own.”

I stayed quiet.

“And I didn’t ask you to come to that radio interview and break up me and Mel,” he continued.

“Oh, come on.”

“And I didn’t ask you to pull out your guitar when we were twelve and show me a song you wrote!”

I was taken aback. He was basically telling me he didn’t ask me to be in his life. I distanced myself from him.

“I didn’t force myself into your life,” I said, my voice quivering. “And if we’re playing that game, I didn’t ask you to move into the house beside me five years ago!”

He just stared at me. I didn’t know what else there was to say. I couldn’t give in and apologize. I was sick and tired of keeping my head down.

“You know what, Shawn? I know. I shouldn’t have just stayed unhappy in our relationship because I didn’t want to rock the boat and jeopardize my career.”

He furrowed his eyebrows.

“But,” I continued. “I could say the same thing to you. You shouldn’t have created this fake relationship because you didn’t want to jeopardize your career.”  

He didn’t say anything, and I knew I had gotten him there.

“I love you, Jules. I loved you when we were dating the first time, despite what you might think,” he said, softly.

“I know. I know you say that, and I know I should believe you. And I mostly do,” I replied, my throat thick. My faces was laden with tears, and I didn’t know how much longer I could stand here talking.

“Mostly,” He repeated.

“Every time my heart gets close to being happy, it’s like my mind throws up this road block that just refuses to let me be okay. To have peace and quiet for once,” I said, weakly. “This nattering thought always finds it’s way into my brain reminding me of what happened. Telling me the way you feel about me is just a figment of my imagination.”

“Julia,” Shawn said. “I know I broke your heart. I’m so sorry, and I know I get to live with that horrible feeling every single day. Because I know I screwed you up. You can’t let yourself be happy because of me.”

I wanted to hug him and hit him all at once. I couldn’t control the rapid array of emotions I was experiencing.

“But,” he rambled on. “I just wish…I just wish you could see how broken I was too. How in love with you I am and how broken I feel now. Maybe I don’t have the right to be, but I can’t help it. I just feel completely beat up by…everything. This whole thing. This whole night.”

He started pacing back and forth.

“And I wish you didn’t get back together with me, fool me into thinking this was actually it. The real thing. You probably would’ve been coming on tour with me still, but we wouldn’t be caught in this awful limbo. This awful feeling where I feel like I have you – the real you – for a split second, and then the next I feel like I don’t have you at all. This constant feeling of losing you.”

Before I could say anything in retaliation – because I was so infuriated – we were wildly interrupted.

Camera flashes started going off around us, as the paparazzi were closing in.  Shawn grabbed my hand instinctively.

“I have to go home,” he mumbled.

“Shawn, can we please finish this conversation tonight?”

He looked over at me, his facial expression blank.

“I have nothing left to say.”

10 Hour Break-up

Requested: Hello! Could you please do an imagine where you and Shawn get into a huge fight and he over reacts and isn’t thinking straight and breaks up with you. You are still insanely in love with him and he realizes he made a huge mistake that very day and fights for you to get you back


“It feels like you’re asking me to choose.” The words leave Shawn’s mouth with such force, you’re almost caught off guard.

“I’m not asking you to choose, I would never do that.” You reply. This argument is one that you don’t want to have right now. For some reason, you and your boyfriend have been having a hard time getting along lately. Even the smallest things will set one of you off and turn into a big argument.

This morning’s argument stemmed from a comment you made. It was just an offhand comment, Shawn wasn’t supposed to be offended by it and it certainly wasn’t supposed to turn into a yelling match.

“Admit it, you hate my career, you hate having to share me with other girls.” He spits.

“Shawn, I don’t hate your career, I’m proud of you, but yeah, it is hard sometimes.” You admit.

“You don’t trust me!” He shouts.

“I never said that!” You unconsciously match his volume.

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bomsenpai  asked:

mark's angst scenarios when you two got fight and he slapped ur cheeks, please?thankchu!

A.N. I truly believe any member of Got7 would hit another woman in their life. They were raised to be gentlemen to women. Sorry if this isn’t enough angst for you.

You’re furious with Mark, not only did he forget you’re big dinner date for your one year anniversary, he was also photographed with some girl that you didn’t know. Many thoughts were running through your mind, was he cheating? No that couldn’t be it, you and Mark love each other. But maybe he didn’t love you anymore, you just had to wait till he arrived to your apartment to find out how he felt about you.

You went to the dinning room and put away all the food you made for tonight. It had all of Mark’s favorite foods and desserts, and knowing he would be coming home straight after practice you made enough that just in case there was left overs you can give away to other members of the group. You blew out all the candles around the house, you picked everything up, and once you were done you took a long hot shower. You spent nearly an hour crying in the shower and trying to figure out what is about to happen when Mark arrived home. 

After putting on your comfiest clothes that you own, you tried killing time by watching your favorite tv show and after binge watching  an entire season you looked at the time and saw that it was almost midnight. Just before you could grab your phone to call Mark, you hear the front door open; now it’s time for you to get the answers you wanted.

Mark tried to be quiet as possible, he knew that he was probably in deep shit for not messaging you that he’ll be late tonight but Jackson and Bambam kept messing around during practice causing JB to get furious and have the entire group stay longer then usual. Mark didn’t really want to fight with JB to leave practice early because even though everyone knew that today was a special day for you and Mark, no one really get the special treatment no matter whats going on. The group should come first especially with a comeback happening very soon. Walking into the living room Mark saw you staring blankly at the television. 

“Its finally nice for you to show up.” There was no emotion in your voice, you kept staring blankly at the television. You had no strength to get up and see his face just yet.

“Let me explain y/n. We had to stay late as punishment I couldn’t get to my phone to tell you that I was staying late.” He kept inching closer and closer to you.

“Oh really? You stayed late at practice?? I would believe that Mark if there wasn’t any pictures of you with this girl from earlier today. Who is she?” Turning your face to him you showed him how pissed off you. At one glance you know that World War 3 was about to be let loose with this fight.

“What the fuck are you talking about.”

“WHAT am I talking about!? I’m talking about these lovely pictures.” you grabbed the pictures you printed out and threw them to him. “That’s what I’m talking about Mark. So I’m asking again… who is she.?” Anger was growing on the inside of you and you can tell in your voice as well. 

“Serious y/n. Are you kidding me? She’s a new trainee, JYP choose me and Jackson to train her and today was my day to help her out. Do you honestly think I would fucking cheat on you? Are you fucking kidding me.” Mark threw back the pictures to you absolutely disgusted with you assuming that.


“What am I suppose to do about that!? I STILL DO MY BEST TO BE WITH YOU! YOU KNOW MY CAREER HAS TO COME FIRST!” 

As the two of you continued to yell at each other, the more heated and violent things got. You both were throwing things at each other and both of your words hurt. After each throw and each shout, you two were inching closer and closer together until the both of you were face to face. Not you, not mark, not anybody who knew the both of, would have suspected what had happened next. You didn’t feel the slap, you heard it, it was a loud crisp smack, but you didn’t feel it. All sort of emotion escaped you and all you felt was numbness. Mark just stared blankly at you because he couldn’t believe that he did that. He never wanted to harm the ones he loved but he absolutely never wanted to cause any harm to you. 

You both face each other staring at each other not really knowing what to do next. You both sat down on the couch and stared at the television not knowing what to do next.


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So Derek had arrived right on time and as you had expected his eyes zeroed in on the dinner table.

You had made his old favorite, shrimp alfredo, four cheese garlic bread, a toss salad and of course the wine.

‘How the hell are you single?’ is all he said as he walked toward the meal.

‘Wash your hands wolf boy.’ you said firmly.

‘Yes darling.’ Derek teased as he went to the sink.

He seemed so normal and relax, you almost wanted to just not bring up Kate at all, but you had to.

But, not right now, let the guy eat first.

You and Derek talked for a while, him asking about work, you asking about living life on the lamb. He confirms that the Mountain lion attack at the high school was in fact staged to cover up all the alpha kills.

Finally, actually quicker than anyone other than Derek could have managed, all the food was gone.

‘Satisfied?’ you teased.

‘Why? Do you have desert?’ Derek asked seriously.

‘You smiled as you stood up and pulled the cherry pie out of the oven where it was being kept warm.

‘That’s it, I’m gonna buy you a ring and marry you and your cooking. After I have a steamy affair with this pie.’ Derek said excitedly as you sat the pie in front of him.

‘Not the “American Pie” kind of affair I hope.’ you joked as you cut the pie and put a slice on a plate.

‘If we weren’t in your kitchen then maybe.’ Derek joked as well.

You sat down with the single slice and motioned to Derek that the rest was his to have.

You each ate in comfortable silence until finally Derek seemed to at last be full.

‘So I bumped into an old…someone at the store today?’ you said, deciding to get it over with.

‘Really?’ he asked casually.

‘It was Kate, she’s back in town.’

At that his face paled and the mood changed.

‘I know.’

You must have misheard that.

‘You know? The person we both know is responsible for the fire that changed everything is back in town and you just…know?’ you asked.

‘She…came by the old house, looking for information about the alpha.’ Derek responded.

‘She came by the house?! Derek what the fuck?! Why didn’t you tell me, hell why didn’t you tell me she was here in the first place?!’ you yelled angrily.

‘I didn’t want you to worry.’ he said meekly.

‘Didn’t want me to- Derek have you met me?! Worrying is what I do, it’s my thing?! I literally made a career out of it?!’ you shouted.

‘What else aren’t you telling me Derek?’ you asked.

‘… I’ve found the alpha, (Y/N).’ Derek said grimly.

‘What?!’ you shouted at the top of your lungs.

‘It’s Peter, he is the alpha (Y/N). That’s why I didn’t tell you.’

 You could only stare at him wide eyed.

‘Derek, this isn’t the time for one of your bad jokes. Peter is at the Hospital, like he has been for the last near decade.’ you said firmly.

‘Only, during your shifts. He smelled Laura and her alpha and it set him off, he got up, got her alone and…he went feral.’ Derek explained carefully.

‘You know too much for it to be tracking…he told you. Because you’re working with him aren’t you?’ you realized.

‘The killings, they aren’t random (Y/N). The video store worker, those two loafers, and the bus driver…they all helped Kate burn down our house and cover it up.’ Derek said as he stood and moved closer to you.

‘Where is he right now?’ you asked as you began to process all this new information.

‘The old house, we meet there.’

You stood up and grabbed your keys and headed to your car, Derek hot on your trail, just like the old days.

‘(Y/N) what are you gonna do?’ Derek asked.

You didn’t answer,  just sped up.

Once you were at the house you saw the door opened and with a deep breath you entered your old second home.

‘I see you brought a gue-’ Peter started to say but didn’t finish because you had slapped him hard enough to hurt your hand.

‘Hello to you too sugar plum.’ he snarked as he rubbed his quickly healing cheek.

‘Eight years!’ you screamed.

‘For eight years I sat at your bedside, taking photos for you, talking to you! Begging you to wake up and heal! I went to fucking medical school so that it would be my job to watch over you! And you wake up while I’m away and then run literally wild for months without ever coming to me!’ you shouted as tears poured from your eyes.

Peter looked at you with what you thought to be sad eyes.


‘I gave up my life for you Peter, and you do this. For years I wondered what I would do when you woke up, and what would happen between us. Would we just be friends, or maybe we’d realize we were meant to be. And I finally have my answer, we are…nothing.’ you sighed, almost in a delirious bliss.

‘(Y/N), just listen to me! I never wanted to break up, I was forced to! It was the punishment the pack gave me, I wanted to be at your side til the end. I still want that.’ Peter said as he took your hand.


I’ll Be Here (Taeyang ft.G-Drangon)

Originally posted by bingubiigbang

Type: Fluff/Angst

Request: The reader and Jiyong are togheter for about 2 years and she gets pregnant but doesnt tell him , causing a fight and a break up. And taeyang offers to help her trought pregnancy and confess his love for her when the baby girl is born? Thanks if u do!

Note: hope you don’t mind that GD stays in the picture!

Jiyong was breathing heavy after he yelled. You sat there playing with the bottom of your top “why wouldn’t you tell me?” he says in a stern voice. You sat there for a moment thinking it through “I don’t know” you say as let out a shout of frustration “you never think of anyone but yourself you know?” he tells you. “How was I thinking about myself? I was thinking about the baby” you yelled “well you thought really hard about the dad didn’t you? ‘Oh Jiyong doesn’t need to find out about the baby, even after 2 years I still can’t trust him’” he mocks your voice. “I was thinking about your career” you told him truthfully, it wouldn’t look good that he got his girlfriend pregnant. “Yeah well maybe you should have thought about the man behind the career, the man who thought you would love him enough to tell him that you were pregnant with his baby and knew about it for the past two of the three months you’ve been carrying said child. But I guess we all make mistakes” with that he gives you a look as he grabbed his jacket and walks out.

You let him go for a day, he had a right to be mad. You didn’t tell him that you were pregnant, it was something that you guys had talked about even before you were together. He loved children and that’s what he wanted to happen very soon in his life time once he found the one who he wanted to spend his life with. You blamed it on the media multiple times in your head in the beginning which changed to thinking that if he found out he would say that he wasn’t ready or something, and then it just turned into wanting to hide it as long as you could. 

Within a course of a 2 hour fight you managed to break up and you feared raising your child alone but Jiyong had confirmed that he wasn’t letting that happened. He still wanted to be a dad to his child other than that he couldn’t look at you without feeling hurt knowing he had to move past his feelings so the two of you could remain in the same room. Even though you could never be truly alone for the next 6 months, you felt so alone when you had no one to help you though it all emotionally until your doorbell rung one day.

When you opened the door you were greeted by Youngbae who was giving you a smile as he leaned against the door frame. “Hi” you said awkwardly “hey so um I brought you something” he stay holding up a bag of fast food. At first the smell hit you it was pleasant before a strong urge filled to vomit took it’s place as you quickly ran to the bathroom. Youngbae panicked and quickly threw the food on the ground and took off after you. You felt horrible hunched over a toilet throwing up the contents of your stomach as you felt a hand quickly rest on your back in a soothing manner. Once you were done you looked up at him after wiping your mouth “I’m sorry” you told him in a hoarse voice. He gave you a smile as he stroked your teary face “it’s fine, I know you can’t help it” he whispers as he helps you up “come on lets brush your teeth” he says.

It didn’t take long for Youngbae to make an impact in your life, not that he didn’t before hand but now it was something much more meaningful in the long run. He pretty much was protective of you and the baby even if it was his best friends child. Jiyong had let the world know about his future child, to be more exact his future daughter. Making sure that even though the two of you weren’t together that no one talked bad about either of you, you both even began choosing names. Jiyong could stand in a room with you now but he couldn’t see you as anything more than someone who was carrying his baby which hurt you on the inside slightly know how quickly he got over you. But Youngbae made sure you had a shoulder to cry on no matter if it was a real cry or a hormone induced one.

Youngbae had become the one telling Jiyong about the process of his own baby which caused jealousy “Kayo kicked again this morning-” but he was cut off on his telling to the others about the baby by Jiyong “what do you mean again? When did she start kicking?” Jiyong asked. “Oh um I think she started kicking last week. When I was putting together the crib for Kayo she called me in-” “wait you’re building MY daughter crib now as well” Jiyong asked as the all members of BIGBANG could feel the thickness in the air grow.

Youngbae gave him a look of confusion “Jiyong I don’t want you being mad at me. You literally bought a crib that wasn’t built, did you think Y/N would be able to build it in the state she’s in? She’s been having trouble standing up alone-” “how am I supposed to know that when she doesn’t tell me anything? I’ve been finding things out from you and the doctors at appointments” Jiyong almost shouts. Youngbae pats his friends shoulder “I can talk to her then about it. I was going to go finish putting the crib together today” he tell him.

Ever since Youngbae told you about it, Jiyong had been texting you daily about the Kayo and how you were doing with her that day. And as your due date got closer Jiyong had even began setting up things in his own apartment for Kayo making sure she had everything when she came over. But began to panic when he found out he was going to be out of the country when you were about a month away from having her but you promised him that he had nothing to worry about mainly because he wasn’t going to be away for very long. 

Youngbae was more cautious than you though because he had a strange feeling in him to the point that he asked if he could stay over with you for awhile. About two weeks into his staying over his hunch became even more correct as you two were sitting on the couch. He glanced over as you shifted yourself once more on the couch “are you okay?” he asks “Kayo won’t calm down” you say rubbing your stomach. He laid his hand onto your’s as you both stroked your stomach feeling her calm down enough to let you get comfortable.

Only to be jolted by a sudden sensation in your lower region “are you alright?” he asks sitting up quickly. “I don’t know” you say as he helped you off the couch “the couch is wet” he says as his heart rate picked up “I think my water broke” you told him. He quickly looked you in the eyes before pulling out his phone “I’ll call Jiyong and grab the bags okay. You go get in the car” he tells you as you nod slightly as he began running around the apartment for everything.

You stayed pretty calm throughout the day seeing as how fast Youngbae had gotten you there. You experienced small pains during the day but you really began to feel them later on that night. Youngbae had held your hand through most of the day and sure as hell didn’t let it go as you clamped your’s tightly around his. When the doctors finally told you it was time, you glanced over at Youngbae as fear was clear in your eyes “don’t worry I’ll be here for you” he tells you as everything seemed to speed up and slow down all at the same time. 

Youngbae remained as calm as he could as you were busy bringing life to the world. He kept whispering sweet words as you told him you couldn’t do it anymore and just about anything negative that came out of your mouth. Only to give you a big smile when the doctors finally announced that she was finally here. “I told you that you could do it” he whispered as he kissed your now sweaty hair. You gave him a tired smile as he looked you in the eyes “I love you” he spoke “what?” you asked unsure if your ears were tricking you or not. “I love you” he repeated as a nurse came back in carrying a bundled baby. 

You smiled as Kayo was laid into your arms before looking up to Youngbae, you glanced down at Youngbae’s lips as he quickly took the signal and leaned down. It was only brief as your lips touched before he pulled back smiling largely. After a bit of quiet watching of the newborn you finally spoke “would you like to hold her?” you asked him. “I won’t hold her til Jiyong does. Her father should be the first man to hold her” he whispers. 



You made your way up the stairs to Sebastian’s apartment, you two were in a private relationship, due to your large age gap of 13 years. You were 19, he was 32, you both looked past it but the face of society obviously would not, therefore, you two kept your relationship quiet.

When you opened the door of his apartment, you found him in his usual spot on the couch. “Hey.” You said, closing the door. He didn’t respond, only giving you a short smile. You frowned, “What’s wrong?” You asked, walking over to him.

He sighed, wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his head on your stomach. “What’s going on Seb?” You asked in concern, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I don’t know if this is working out (Y/N).” He admitted.

You bit your lip, knowing immediately what he meant. “For what reason?” You asked. He sighed, pulling away, “It’s just… I want to be able to express how I feel towards you without hiding them.” He said. You sat next to him, grabbing his hand, “Sebastian we can’t do that, your career-”

“Who gives a shit about my career (Y/N)?!” He yelled, standing up. “I love you, never mind the age between us, never mind the distance, never mind the people who try to tell us wrong from right!” He shouted. You shook your head, “Tell me you don’t want the same.” He spoke before you could.

You felt your eyes watering, “I do, but, Sebastian I haven’t told anyone about us, none of my friends, I mean my mom’s already got suspicions but I can’t bring myself to tell her.” You explained. “Why are you letting that scare you?” Sebastian asked, his tone softer now.

You looked up at him, “… I don’t know.” You said, barely in a whisper. The hostility left his body as he looked at you, he made his way over to you, pulling you to your feet into a hug. He rested his chin on your head, “If you’re ready to do this, then I am.” You said, looking up at him.

“Are you sure?” He asked, you nodded. “Yeah, in all honesty I probably want this more than you.” You admitted. A smile tugged on his lips as he placed a kiss on your lips, “Then let’s do it.”

Cameron’s Cousin (Shawn Mendes imagine)

Note: I’m going to admit right now that I don’t know much about magcon or the magcon boys. Please don’t be angry with me. I guess this is set like three years ago? The main character is like 15 or 16. I didn’t really know what to do with this imagine. It ended up feeling very high school and cliche so I’m sorry. 

Requested: Can you do one when you are Cameron Dallas cousin and he invited u round and the magcon boys are there including Shawn. You and shawn get along well and u bot go out to target or something to get food and when u head back to the car he kisses u and it gets heated!💗💗



“Get dressed, (y/n), lets go!” Your cousin yells at you from the hallway through your closed door. You’re staying with your cousin Cameron for the weekend in Los Angeles. You love him, but you don’t understand why he always wants to take you with him to hang out with his friends. You’ve met them all before and they seem nice enough, but you’re not really interested in hanging out with a bunch of immature boys who literally do stupid things for their careers.

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          I DID THIS FOR YOU!  ❜  she’s shouting, eyebrows creasing towards each other as she looked over at the older god. ❛  if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have HALF the strength you have now, ty. you would’ve faded a LONG time ago. so a THANK YOU would be so much nicer than you sitting here yelling at me for making sure you stayed alive. she huffed, jaw clinching some as her eyes darted around her office to make sure her door was shut so the workers couldn’t hear them.   you REALLY think your boxing career is whats kept you alive this whole time? that a life here & there was enough to save you from fading away? it doesn’t work that easily, ty. the weapons i gave you in the army had your name on them for a reason, i didn’t just personally brand them for you.  

All Good

Back in Niall’s hometown, omegas weren’t allowed to flirt with other omegas. Omegas weren’t allowed to flirt with anyone for that matter, nor could they pursue overly ambitious careers or get into fights or raise their voices or– pretty much, omegas weren’t allowed to do anything. 

That’s why Niall got kicked out of his house when he applied to the university of London. 

He spent 3 months sleeping on his best friend, Willie’s, couch before leaving for uni and he knew from the moment he stepped on the plane flying from Dublin to London that he wouldn’t be returning.

His father had shouted and yelled himself red as his mother weeped as if Niall had just admitted to treason. After a few minutes of nonstop screaming and fits of rage, Niall’s arse was on the sidewalk outside his home, a bag filled with some clothes, a toothbrush and his guitar scattered around his feet. 

So no, Niall wouldn’t be returning home anytime soon. 

He was alone and scared but he was free, and to the omega, who had never tasted the pungent sting of liberty ever before in his 17-year-old life, that was well worth it. 

London was contemporary, either way. Niall was quite awkward, especially when it came about that his roommate was a beta. He was a good-looking lad by the name of Louis, with crazed blue eyes and a lean stature, but he was a beta. Niall knew a few betas back home, but he had never known one quite so… alpha-like. He was brazen and beautiful and he made Niall extremely uncomfortable with all of the sexual innuendos. Niall spent the first few days in complete silence, simply staring at Louis with big, sad and scared eyes until finally after a few days of coaxing, the blonde began to open up and the two were suddenly inseparable. 

Niall still found it weird though, that Louis was dating an alpha despite his being a beta and he got confused when other omegas flirted with him. Sometimes he even finds himself searching around, scared that the poor omegas may get rebuked until he remembers– it’s okay here

Love is love and it doesn’t matter who wants to flirt with who here because here, it’s safe. 

So he lets them flirt with him, but he usually doesn’t flirt back because it doesn’t quite feel right. Not for Niall. 

Niall doesn’t need an alpha… or anyone for that matter. 

Louis drags him out to parties, encourages Niall to get “as drunk as you fuckin’ can, bitch!” (which, really, if anyone else called him that Niall would probably kill them but, It’s just Louis), but Niall never strays too far. At most, he’ll sit across the room on some ratty couch as Louis and his boyfriend, Liam, grind against one another along to the blaring music. Niall’s just not a party boy. 

Until a few weeks into his second semester in university, he’s definitely not a party boy. 

It was relatively cold outside for march and Niall’s standing alone by a fire pit as some crazy frat party rages behind him. Louis and Liam were out with him just a few minutes ago, but had disappeared off into some undisclosed location that was probably some poor lad’s room. 

“What’s a pretty boy like you doing out here all alone?” A slow, deep voice drawls and Niall jumps, not expecting the hand that touches his shoulder. 

Niall turns quickly, and takes a step away from the boy that had touched him. His hair is long and curly, down to his shoulders and he’s got a bunch of tattoos scattered along his muscled arms. He’s got narrowed, model-like green eyes that accent his deep complexion and a piercing that peeks out through his left eyebrow and Niall’s mouth drops open. Oh.

“Sorry,” The man chuckles, sounding completely not sorry and Niall shakes his head in response. 

“I-it’s alright.” He says meekly, sounding like every bit of the Irish omega he was. Born and raised to be mild-mannered and soft and approachable. 

The man in front of him is obviously an alpha. Niall would’ve been able to guess even if the guy’s intoxicating scent wasn’t all he could smell. Niall feels a spark in his hand before he realizes that the alpha’s holding it. “What’s your name?” He asks and Niall’s caught up in the way his mouth is moving, sharp cupid’s bow curving into a smile and Niall bites his own lip. 

“I’m Niall.” He says, leaning back on his heels and watching as Harry follows, stepping closer so they’re chests are only centimeters apart. 

“Harry.” The boy responds and Niall lets out a shaky sigh. He doesn’t need an alpha. He doesn’t.

But Harry’s dark and tall and he’s attractive and he smells so, so good. Niall’s never felt this way before. “Do you–” Harry’s somewhat slow voice interrupts Niall’s thoughts. “Do you feel this, too?” 

Niall instantly nods, because he does and Harry nods right back.

“Good, that’s good.” Harry says, broad smile stretching across his face. 

And instantly, Harry’s arms are around Niall’s waist and his nose is dug into Niall’s neck and Niall should be really freaked out but he can’t help but feel safe an secure and happy.

They talk all night and Niall learns that Harry was brought up in a small town too, but he was raised by a single omega, who taught him respect and generosity and kindness that Niall had never expected to find in an alpha. 

Their first kiss happens the next time they meet after randomly bumping into each other at a coffee shop. Harry invites Niall on a walk through some park that was just beginning to bloom as spring finally arrived and Harry kissed him next to a little pond that had orange and white fish swimming around in it. It was kind of awkward because Niall had never done it before and he was shaking (only a little) but it was cute and it was easy. They start dating after that and everything falls into place for Niall. 

Harry’s sweet and dangerous and sometimes his green eyes bleed into red when other alphas talk to Niall and sometimes he does stupid things like when he got a tattoo of Niall’s name on his collarbone after only 3 dates or the fact that he knotted Niall by pure accident the first time they ever had sex. 

Things moved quickly for them but for some reason it’s okay and it works for them. 

And every thing is good.

* * * *

Then his parents show up.

Niall didn’t see it coming. They didn’t want anything to do with him. They kicked him out. 

But now they’re back but their eyes are different– angry and distant as if they’re accusing him of something terrible. They’re uncomfortable around him, as he introduces them to his beta roommate, they send him more glares and Louis just seems confused at the hostility. Niall’s cheeks burn as his dad says something about how inappropriate it is for them to be rooming together. He tries to forget how awesome Louis’ parents were when he met them- how his parents took them all out to lunch and called Niall cute and adorable and how Louis’ mother held him tightly to her chest after Louis told her about Niall’s home situation and told him that he was going to their home for Christmas. 

Niall sends Louis a silent apology and then drags his parents out. 

They go to a tiny cafe, away from the university because Niall’s afraid that some of his beta friends or god forbid an alpha friend tries to come say hi. 

Omegas don’t befriend anyone except for other omegas. 

“So, Niall, how is university going?” His mother asks tightly, and Niall’s hands are shaking. 

“It’s good, have good grades n’ all.” He responds lowly and she nods stoically. His father rolls his eyes, not even trying to hide how unimpressed he is. 

“So, Niall, your father was appointed to be the next deacon in church, isn’t that lovely?” His mother says, smiling what Niall guesses to be her best smile. 

“That’s really nic-” Niall starts, but is almost instantly cut off by his father.

“Are you screwing that beta boy?” He spits and Niall’s eyes widen instantly. 

Niall’s fake smile drops and his mother coughs in surprise. “Excuse me?” 

His father’s eyes are dark and narrow as the assess his surprise. “That’s why you came here, right? To get off? Have you gotten your little rebellious fill now?” He asks, voice so filled with malice Niall can’t believe he used to call his man dad. 

“Yes, darling, don’t you think its time for you to drop this whole act and come home?” His mother adds and Niall’s never been so offended in his entire life. 

His jaw is clenched and his voice is hard as he responds. “I’ll have you know that I have a mate.” He says and the two across from him both look genuinely surprised. 

“Oh, do you?” His father asks teasingly, as if he’s playing along with Niall’s joke. 

“I do. In fact, why don’t I ask him to come here, he’d love to meet you.” Niall growls and he knows this is a bad idea. He knows he should just get up and walk away before he gets himself too worked up, before he brings Harry into it but he can’t help but want to prove his parents wrong. Harry loved him and Harry was a big, strong alpha that could easily protect and provide for Niall, not to mention he was pretty scary and intimidating. Niall had told Harry all about his parents and the way they had unceremoniously kicked him out after he simply stated that he wanted to go to college. Yes, indeed, Harry would love to meet Niall’s parents. 

Niall texts Harry simply, “Haz, please come here I need ur help.” He attaches his location and feels his phone buzzing frantically after that, probably his big, strong, over-protective alpha freaking out over his text but he doesn’t look at it. He sits back and looks his parents in the eyes. There’s a long, awkward silence until Harry finally enters the store. 

Niall feels him before he sees him. It’s so amazing, having a mate, because Niall can feel his presence as he runs down the street and practically flies into the little cafe. Niall stands and walks to the door, meeting Harry there and sighing in relief as Harry’s comforting scent overcomes him. Harry pulls him into his arms, sensing his distress and asks quickly, “What’s wrong?” 

“My parents are here. They want to meet you. They’re awful and I’m sorry for this.” Niall answers quickly, taking Harry’s big hand in his own and dragging the suddenly tense alpha over. Niall looks back and yeah, Harry’s “tough” alpha mode is on, shoulder’s broader and jaw more angular as he sits down next to the blonde. 

“Mr and Mrs Horan.” He greets, not bothering to give either a hand to shake. 

Both of Niall’s parents are in complete shock as they stare at the alpha sitting next to Niall. It takes the blonde a moment to realize, in a complete and utter rage that they’re simply surprised that Niall found an alpha that would accept him. Let alone a beautiful and strong one like Harry.

“You are our sons mate?” Niall’s mother asks slowly, like she’s working out an equation. To Harry’s nod, Niall’s father snorts. 

“What kind of alpha allows his mate to be so highly educated?” 

And the storm began.

Harry laughs, humor completely devoid from his tone as he stands from the chair. It’s eerie the way that he does it, like he’s growing even bigger and Niall knows that he’s angry. Angrier than Niall had ever seen him. “What kind of parent discourages their son to be happy? To live his life to the fullest? What kind of parent disowns their child for being ambitious and innovative? Shitty ass parents, that’s who. News flash, Mr and Mrs. Horan, the world has changed. Alphas marry betas and omegas are CEOs and writers, and musicians. Unless he wants to, you won’t be speaking to Niall anymore. You won’t hurt him with your words or your actions anymore because he’s under my protection now. If you even try to get near him without his consent I’ll end you.” Harry growls, taking Niall’s hand and leaving the shop without another word. The alpha stays silent for a long time, almost the entirety of their long walk home is in silence and Niall allows it because he knows that Harry needs to cool down. 

Harry lets out a loud sigh as they near Niall’s dorm building and the blonde relaxes as Harry pulls him in close. “I’m sorry I was so rude back there. They really… I don’t think I like them, Ni.”

Niall giggles into Harry’s shoulder. “Really? Me neither.” He says and Harry chuckles as well.

After their laughs die down Niall exhales deeply. “I’m sorry you had to go through that, though.” 

“Shut up,” Harry says, but there’s no bite to his words, “I’m sorry that you had to deal with that your entire life. You know they’re wrong right? You’re so beautiful, and so smart, and you’re an omega. You’re all of those things and you can be so much more.”

Niall lets a soft smile reach his face. “I love you.” He says simple and Harry grins. 

And everything is good again. 

ugh I’m sorry if that was bad i have 2 AP exams on monday (yes, 2) meaning from 7:45 to 3:15 I’ll be testing and I’ve barely even studied. I’m sorry if this is bad but really I can’t do much better until APs are over :( 

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Jimi Hendrix

Final hours – Last Photos taken:

Late morning and early afternoon: Although the details of Hendrix’s last day and death are unclear and widely disputed, he had spent much of September 17 in London with Monika Dannemann. He awoke late that morning at Dannemann’s apartment in the Samarkand Hotel. By around 2 p.m., he was sitting in a garden area outside the apartment enjoying some tea while she took photographs of him holding his favorite Fender Stratocaster guitar that he called the “black beauty”. In the opinion of author Tony Brown, “Jimi doesn’t look particularly healthy in these photographs: his face seems a little puffy and on only a few of the pictures does he attempt to smile.”
According to Dannemann, by 3 p.m. they had left the apartment to use a bank. They continued on to Kensington Market, where Hendrix signed an autograph for a young boy, purchased a leather jacket, and ordered some shoes. He also briefly spoke with his ex-girlfriend Kathy Etchingham, inviting her to visit him at his hotel that evening at 8 p.m.; she declined the invitation due to prior engagements and later admitted that she had "regretted it ever since”. Hendrix and Dannemann then went to a Chelsea antiques market, where Hendrix purchased more clothing.[24] After another stop to buy writing paper, which he used to compose his final lyrics, Dannemann and Hendrix drove to his suite at the Cumberland Hotel, meeting Devon Wilson as she walked down King’s Road. Hendrix asked Dannemann to stop the car so that he could get out and talk with Wilson, who invited Hendrix to a party that evening. Dannemann became jealous, giving Wilson a cold stare during the brief meeting. Later, Phillip Harvey invited Dannemann and Hendrix to tea; they accepted. Prior to their arrival at Harvey’s, they briefly stopped by the Cumberland.
While at the hotel, Hendrix made several telephone calls. Dannemann said he phoned his lawyer Henry Steingarten, asking him to find a way out of his contract with his manager Mike Jeffery, and producer Eddie Kramer, for whom Hendrix left a voice message. Mitch Mitchell said that he called Hendrix at the Cumberland on September 17, after having been asked to do so by tour manager Gerry Stickells, who had spoken to Hendrix just minutes earlier. Mitchell said that during the phone conversation Hendrix agreed to join him around midnight at the Speakeasy Club for a previously arranged jam session, which included Sly Stone.
Late afternoon and evening: After stopping at the Cumberland, Hendrix and Dannemann accompanied Harvey to his apartment, arriving around 5:30 p.m. Hendrix and Dannemann smoked hashish and drank tea and wine with Harvey and two of his female companions while discussing their individual careers. Sometime around 10 p.m., Dannemann, apparently feeling left out of the conversation and jealous of the attention Hendrix was giving Harvey’s female friends, became visibly upset and stormed out of the flat. Hendrix followed her, and an argument ensued between them during which Dannemann reportedly shouted: “you fucking pig”. Harvey, concerned that their yelling would draw unwanted attention from the police, asked them to quiet down.
Harvey, who had remained silent about the incident out of respect for his English nobleman father, Arthur Vere Harvey, gave an affidavit after his father’s death in 1994. In his statement, he claims to have been mildly concerned for Hendrix’s safety, worried that Dannemann might “resort to serious physical violence”. According to Harvey, Dannemann “verbally assaulted [Hendrix] in the most offensive possible way”. Approximately 30 minutes later, Hendrix re-entered the flat and apologized for the outburst before leaving with Dannemann at 10:40 p.m. Dannemann said she then prepared a meal for them at her apartment around 11 p.m. and shared a bottle of wine with Hendrix. Sometime after returning to the apartment, Hendrix took a bath, then wrote a poem titled “The Story of Life”.

On September 18, 1970, the American musician Jimi Hendrix died in London, aged 27 years. One of the most influential guitarists of the 1960s, he was described by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music.”

On October 1, 1970, Hendrix was interred at Greenwood Cemetery in Renton, Washington. In 1992, his former girlfriend Kathy Etchingham asked British authorities to reopen the investigation into his death. A subsequent inquiry by Scotland Yard proved inconclusive, and in 1993, they decided against proceeding with the investigation.
For more info, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Jimi_Hendrix