a career of shouting and yelling

The most dramatic moment during my Camp Counseling career at an all girls camp was when a girl got a letter from a friend saying that Zac Efron had died and one of her bunkmates ran out of the cabin and shouted “ZAC EFRON IS DEAD!!!!!” and the camp immediately fell into chaos girls were crying in the middle of camp and running around spreading the news everyone was yelling and the counselors had to look up wether or not Zac Efron was dead (this is a wireless camp so the girls couldn’t access the internet and check for themselves) and then get out a megaphone and be like “ZAC EFRON IS NOT DEAD PLEASE REMAIN CALM” outside of all the cabins it was insanity. 

Netflix and Chill - Ethan




I looked angrily at my step mother as I was just about to snap on her ugly ass. “What the fuck do you want me to do! I’m only a fucking kid! You can’t just expect me to quit YouTube and get a career! I’m making god damn money I’m just god damn keeping it from you!” I shouted angrily at her. She just rolled her eyes at me. “Don’t roll you eyes at me. I can’t roll my eyes so now you fucking can’t.” I said rolling my eyes as well.

“Y/n people your age are getting jobs. Don’t be that ugly cast out like always. Get a god damn job.” She said rolling her eyes once again turning around to walk back to the kitchen. “Walking away from you fights isn’t always the answer!” I yelled at her. “Well I shouldn’t have to fight if you’ll just get a job!” She finally yelled at me. “I don’t even know why my dad married you!” I spat at her.

Yes I said it. The one word no girl should ever say to another girl. But I said it. “Y/N! Y/M/N! Y/L/N! I want you the hell out of this house right now!” She yelled at me. I rolled my eyes. “Like I fucking care. Not like I have a loving father here!” I yelled making my way towards the door opening it. “Let the door hit you on the way out!” She yelled. 

She’s acting like a mother fucking child. I made my way over to my car hopping it and starting it. I pulled out of the driveway and drove to the only other place besides Grammy’s place. And that was my boyfriends apartment. I drove there finally but once I parked the car the tears started falling. I got out of my car and up the elevator and over to the door knocking on it.

Grayson answered it and looked at me. “Y/n? Everything okay?” He asked. I just shooked my head. “I just need to see Ethan.” I breathed out looking up at him. He nodded and let me in. “He’s in his room.” Grayson said as I started down the hallway. I made my way to Ethan’s room opening the door without knocking and I heard him groan. “I swear to god Grayson.” He said turning around from his bed. 

His expression softened once he saw me and understood what was happening  and opened his arms. I walked over to him falling onto the bed and into his arms and cried my eyes out. He stayed quiet and let me just cry. He knew what to do at these points. Stay quiet in till I tell him everything. I pulled away and looked at him sadly. He kissed my temple and gave me a smalls smile. 

“What happened?” He asked. I gave him the whole story and he also started to look mad. “Your step-mom is a cunt.” He said rolling his eyes playing with my small hands. “I know right.” I chuckled a bit. He cracked a smile bringing his lips towards mine. “How about we watch Netflix and chill? And just cuddle no sex.” He laughed as he saw my face.

“Please.” I asked. He smiled nodding and put on Fuller House. HE knew everything that made me happy and smile. That’s why I love him.

“Ethan.” I said looking up at him as he started the first episode of it. We’ve watched it about ten times already. “Yeah.” He asked smiling at me. “I love you.” I said scared to what he would say. “I love you too.” I smiled kissing my cheek and wrapped his arm around me and brought me closer to his strong warm body.

I stayed the night there and a a week in till finally going back to my house.

marcus flint x oliver wood

@flintwoods bingo challenge: (1/?) - first fight 

  • all oliver could focus on was the white wall in front of him.
  • it had been an hour since marcus had left, and he still felt numb inside.
  • he could not even remember the words that were exchanged; all he could remember was the sensation his body felt as marcus shouted at him. 
  • he did not even know what the fight was about anymore, and he doubted marcus did either.
  • they were both stressed; their careers were starting to take off.
  • but that was when they needed each other more than ever, so why were they pulling apart from each other now?
  • many thoughts ran through oliver’s head.
  • was it over? what did this mean? why did marcus react this way? if anyone ever yelled during arguments, it was him, not marcus. that’s how he knew this time was different.
  • he took a deep breath and leaned his head against the side of his bed.
  • he felt a tear roll down his cheek and wondered if marcus was crying, too.
  • maybe hours passed, but he did not know. he did not care. not really.
  • he was awoken by footsteps outside their bedroom door, and instead of coming into the room, marcus slipped a note under through the crack.
  • oliver braced himself for the worst. 
  • this was it. this was the end.
  • he took a shaky breath as he unfolded the note and instantly caught sight of marcus’s lazy scrawl.
  • oliver, it read, i’m sorry for raising my voice. i know i never do. i don’t think i have since i told my mother i was gay and i saw her face. and to be honest, i have no idea what even started our argument. even though i can’t face you yet, just know this. i’m a coward, i always have been. you are brave, oliver, so brave. you always have been, and that’s why you can handle this better than me. i know you are worried about us after tonight, but you’re strong. stronger than me, and i know in your heart that you know we will get through this. i know we will, too. but i feel as though i will worry more. you are probably scoffing at that statement right now since others have always described you as the neurotic one, but know this, under my facade i show the world, i’m terrified. i’m not as calm as i look, and i feel like by now, you do know this. maybe that’s why you scare me more. maybe that’s why i actually raised my voice tonight. but please understand one thing: i might not be facing you now, but i’m still completely in love with you. i don’t want to raise my voice again in the future, but i know i will. that’s how much you mean to me. it’s all about trust. i trust you, and i need you. but i also need space. i hope you understand that, love. i will see you in the morning. please try and sleep tonight. yours, marcus
  • he took a deep breath as he folded the note back up and traced the creases.
  • oliver was crying again, but not from sadness or fear.
  • he was crying from relief. 
  • they would get through this; they always did.
  • they were fighters in their own way, and together, they were stronger. 
All Good

Back in Niall’s hometown, omegas weren’t allowed to flirt with other omegas. Omegas weren’t allowed to flirt with anyone for that matter, nor could they pursue overly ambitious careers or get into fights or raise their voices or– pretty much, omegas weren’t allowed to do anything. 

That’s why Niall got kicked out of his house when he applied to the university of London. 

He spent 3 months sleeping on his best friend, Willie’s, couch before leaving for uni and he knew from the moment he stepped on the plane flying from Dublin to London that he wouldn’t be returning.

His father had shouted and yelled himself red as his mother weeped as if Niall had just admitted to treason. After a few minutes of nonstop screaming and fits of rage, Niall’s arse was on the sidewalk outside his home, a bag filled with some clothes, a toothbrush and his guitar scattered around his feet. 

So no, Niall wouldn’t be returning home anytime soon. 

He was alone and scared but he was free, and to the omega, who had never tasted the pungent sting of liberty ever before in his 17-year-old life, that was well worth it. 

London was contemporary, either way. Niall was quite awkward, especially when it came about that his roommate was a beta. He was a good-looking lad by the name of Louis, with crazed blue eyes and a lean stature, but he was a beta. Niall knew a few betas back home, but he had never known one quite so… alpha-like. He was brazen and beautiful and he made Niall extremely uncomfortable with all of the sexual innuendos. Niall spent the first few days in complete silence, simply staring at Louis with big, sad and scared eyes until finally after a few days of coaxing, the blonde began to open up and the two were suddenly inseparable. 

Niall still found it weird though, that Louis was dating an alpha despite his being a beta and he got confused when other omegas flirted with him. Sometimes he even finds himself searching around, scared that the poor omegas may get rebuked until he remembers– it’s okay here

Love is love and it doesn’t matter who wants to flirt with who here because here, it’s safe. 

So he lets them flirt with him, but he usually doesn’t flirt back because it doesn’t quite feel right. Not for Niall. 

Niall doesn’t need an alpha… or anyone for that matter. 

Louis drags him out to parties, encourages Niall to get “as drunk as you fuckin’ can, bitch!” (which, really, if anyone else called him that Niall would probably kill them but, It’s just Louis), but Niall never strays too far. At most, he’ll sit across the room on some ratty couch as Louis and his boyfriend, Liam, grind against one another along to the blaring music. Niall’s just not a party boy. 

Until a few weeks into his second semester in university, he’s definitely not a party boy. 

It was relatively cold outside for march and Niall’s standing alone by a fire pit as some crazy frat party rages behind him. Louis and Liam were out with him just a few minutes ago, but had disappeared off into some undisclosed location that was probably some poor lad’s room. 

“What’s a pretty boy like you doing out here all alone?” A slow, deep voice drawls and Niall jumps, not expecting the hand that touches his shoulder. 

Niall turns quickly, and takes a step away from the boy that had touched him. His hair is long and curly, down to his shoulders and he’s got a bunch of tattoos scattered along his muscled arms. He’s got narrowed, model-like green eyes that accent his deep complexion and a piercing that peeks out through his left eyebrow and Niall’s mouth drops open. Oh.

“Sorry,” The man chuckles, sounding completely not sorry and Niall shakes his head in response. 

“I-it’s alright.” He says meekly, sounding like every bit of the Irish omega he was. Born and raised to be mild-mannered and soft and approachable. 

The man in front of him is obviously an alpha. Niall would’ve been able to guess even if the guy’s intoxicating scent wasn’t all he could smell. Niall feels a spark in his hand before he realizes that the alpha’s holding it. “What’s your name?” He asks and Niall’s caught up in the way his mouth is moving, sharp cupid’s bow curving into a smile and Niall bites his own lip. 

“I’m Niall.” He says, leaning back on his heels and watching as Harry follows, stepping closer so they’re chests are only centimeters apart. 

“Harry.” The boy responds and Niall lets out a shaky sigh. He doesn’t need an alpha. He doesn’t.

But Harry’s dark and tall and he’s attractive and he smells so, so good. Niall’s never felt this way before. “Do you–” Harry’s somewhat slow voice interrupts Niall’s thoughts. “Do you feel this, too?” 

Niall instantly nods, because he does and Harry nods right back.

“Good, that’s good.” Harry says, broad smile stretching across his face. 

And instantly, Harry’s arms are around Niall’s waist and his nose is dug into Niall’s neck and Niall should be really freaked out but he can’t help but feel safe an secure and happy.

They talk all night and Niall learns that Harry was brought up in a small town too, but he was raised by a single omega, who taught him respect and generosity and kindness that Niall had never expected to find in an alpha. 

Their first kiss happens the next time they meet after randomly bumping into each other at a coffee shop. Harry invites Niall on a walk through some park that was just beginning to bloom as spring finally arrived and Harry kissed him next to a little pond that had orange and white fish swimming around in it. It was kind of awkward because Niall had never done it before and he was shaking (only a little) but it was cute and it was easy. They start dating after that and everything falls into place for Niall. 

Harry’s sweet and dangerous and sometimes his green eyes bleed into red when other alphas talk to Niall and sometimes he does stupid things like when he got a tattoo of Niall’s name on his collarbone after only 3 dates or the fact that he knotted Niall by pure accident the first time they ever had sex. 

Things moved quickly for them but for some reason it’s okay and it works for them. 

And every thing is good.

* * * *

Then his parents show up.

Niall didn’t see it coming. They didn’t want anything to do with him. They kicked him out. 

But now they’re back but their eyes are different– angry and distant as if they’re accusing him of something terrible. They’re uncomfortable around him, as he introduces them to his beta roommate, they send him more glares and Louis just seems confused at the hostility. Niall’s cheeks burn as his dad says something about how inappropriate it is for them to be rooming together. He tries to forget how awesome Louis’ parents were when he met them- how his parents took them all out to lunch and called Niall cute and adorable and how Louis’ mother held him tightly to her chest after Louis told her about Niall’s home situation and told him that he was going to their home for Christmas. 

Niall sends Louis a silent apology and then drags his parents out. 

They go to a tiny cafe, away from the university because Niall’s afraid that some of his beta friends or god forbid an alpha friend tries to come say hi. 

Omegas don’t befriend anyone except for other omegas. 

“So, Niall, how is university going?” His mother asks tightly, and Niall’s hands are shaking. 

“It’s good, have good grades n’ all.” He responds lowly and she nods stoically. His father rolls his eyes, not even trying to hide how unimpressed he is. 

“So, Niall, your father was appointed to be the next deacon in church, isn’t that lovely?” His mother says, smiling what Niall guesses to be her best smile. 

“That’s really nic-” Niall starts, but is almost instantly cut off by his father.

“Are you screwing that beta boy?” He spits and Niall’s eyes widen instantly. 

Niall’s fake smile drops and his mother coughs in surprise. “Excuse me?” 

His father’s eyes are dark and narrow as the assess his surprise. “That’s why you came here, right? To get off? Have you gotten your little rebellious fill now?” He asks, voice so filled with malice Niall can’t believe he used to call his man dad. 

“Yes, darling, don’t you think its time for you to drop this whole act and come home?” His mother adds and Niall’s never been so offended in his entire life. 

His jaw is clenched and his voice is hard as he responds. “I’ll have you know that I have a mate.” He says and the two across from him both look genuinely surprised. 

“Oh, do you?” His father asks teasingly, as if he’s playing along with Niall’s joke. 

“I do. In fact, why don’t I ask him to come here, he’d love to meet you.” Niall growls and he knows this is a bad idea. He knows he should just get up and walk away before he gets himself too worked up, before he brings Harry into it but he can’t help but want to prove his parents wrong. Harry loved him and Harry was a big, strong alpha that could easily protect and provide for Niall, not to mention he was pretty scary and intimidating. Niall had told Harry all about his parents and the way they had unceremoniously kicked him out after he simply stated that he wanted to go to college. Yes, indeed, Harry would love to meet Niall’s parents. 

Niall texts Harry simply, “Haz, please come here I need ur help.” He attaches his location and feels his phone buzzing frantically after that, probably his big, strong, over-protective alpha freaking out over his text but he doesn’t look at it. He sits back and looks his parents in the eyes. There’s a long, awkward silence until Harry finally enters the store. 

Niall feels him before he sees him. It’s so amazing, having a mate, because Niall can feel his presence as he runs down the street and practically flies into the little cafe. Niall stands and walks to the door, meeting Harry there and sighing in relief as Harry’s comforting scent overcomes him. Harry pulls him into his arms, sensing his distress and asks quickly, “What’s wrong?” 

“My parents are here. They want to meet you. They’re awful and I’m sorry for this.” Niall answers quickly, taking Harry’s big hand in his own and dragging the suddenly tense alpha over. Niall looks back and yeah, Harry’s “tough” alpha mode is on, shoulder’s broader and jaw more angular as he sits down next to the blonde. 

“Mr and Mrs Horan.” He greets, not bothering to give either a hand to shake. 

Both of Niall’s parents are in complete shock as they stare at the alpha sitting next to Niall. It takes the blonde a moment to realize, in a complete and utter rage that they’re simply surprised that Niall found an alpha that would accept him. Let alone a beautiful and strong one like Harry.

“You are our sons mate?” Niall’s mother asks slowly, like she’s working out an equation. To Harry’s nod, Niall’s father snorts. 

“What kind of alpha allows his mate to be so highly educated?” 

And the storm began.

Harry laughs, humor completely devoid from his tone as he stands from the chair. It’s eerie the way that he does it, like he’s growing even bigger and Niall knows that he’s angry. Angrier than Niall had ever seen him. “What kind of parent discourages their son to be happy? To live his life to the fullest? What kind of parent disowns their child for being ambitious and innovative? Shitty ass parents, that’s who. News flash, Mr and Mrs. Horan, the world has changed. Alphas marry betas and omegas are CEOs and writers, and musicians. Unless he wants to, you won’t be speaking to Niall anymore. You won’t hurt him with your words or your actions anymore because he’s under my protection now. If you even try to get near him without his consent I’ll end you.” Harry growls, taking Niall’s hand and leaving the shop without another word. The alpha stays silent for a long time, almost the entirety of their long walk home is in silence and Niall allows it because he knows that Harry needs to cool down. 

Harry lets out a loud sigh as they near Niall’s dorm building and the blonde relaxes as Harry pulls him in close. “I’m sorry I was so rude back there. They really… I don’t think I like them, Ni.”

Niall giggles into Harry’s shoulder. “Really? Me neither.” He says and Harry chuckles as well.

After their laughs die down Niall exhales deeply. “I’m sorry you had to go through that, though.” 

“Shut up,” Harry says, but there’s no bite to his words, “I’m sorry that you had to deal with that your entire life. You know they’re wrong right? You’re so beautiful, and so smart, and you’re an omega. You’re all of those things and you can be so much more.”

Niall lets a soft smile reach his face. “I love you.” He says simple and Harry grins. 

And everything is good again. 

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