a capital idea

Caps drinking game

Take a shot whenever:

  • ovi and nicky display PDA
  • locker pronounces johansson “joe hanson” or burakovsky “bear-akovsky”
  • holtby leaves the crease
  • tom wilson gets in a fight or scrum
  • joe b says that someone “rips one wide”
  • that ad that goes “jay beagle’s a sport fan, you can be one too” plays
  • tj oshie scores a shootout goal
  • ovi moves up the ranks of some NHL list
  • kuzy has an overdramatic celly
  • jay beagle gets a point of any kind
  • someone’s facial hair is mentioned
  • joe b and locker call out a reporter or analyst by name
  • joe b and locker imply that they’re going to dinner together
  • you get 50% off papa johns
  • mcgriddles are mentioned

Take two shots whenever:

  • holtby wanders near the blue line or looks like he’s aiming to get an assist
  • a defenseman scores a goal
  • pittsburgh is mentioned in a game in which they’re not playing Pittsburgh
  • there’s a goalie change
  • someone other than tom wilson gets in a fight
  • a goalie gets a shutout
  • nicklas backstrom is talked about beyond play-by-play on a national broadcast
  • Someone scores a hat trick
  • caps win in OT

Take three shots whenever:

  • brooks orpik scores a goal

WSH vs VAN 12.11.2016

Captain and his A skate down the celebration line to tell them good job together, right across each other

The worst of it is, I’m about 37% sure they planned this, because Ovi shoved Nicky to the other side of the line after the usual headbutting of Holtby

The idea that minimum wage doesn’t need to be a living wage because there needs to be room for growth and it’s mostly for kids or people wanting spare cash is nonsense. 

The majority of people that would be helped by an increase in the minimum wage are people well into their thirties. Raising the minimum wage doesn’t just help the disproportionately young people making the minimum wage, or in many cases below it, it also raises the income of everyone that is immediately above the proposed wage as well by also raising their income. 

It’s really common to toss around the fact that 45% of minimum wage workers are between 16 and 24, but the reality is the numbers skew older for the next income brackets above that. There are A LOT of people who have been in the labor market for years that are just above the minimum wage, work full-time and are disproportionately women, particularly women that are mothers. There is nothing for these millions of people to work up to. 

Women are disproportionately not promoted, and most of these low-wage people are working in retail and the service industry, which is notorious for not having an up for people to work up to.

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

The most ridiculous idea that capitalism sells us is that everyone except for us would be entirely lazy, to the point of allowing society to entirely collapse, if they weren’t forced to work by threat of starvation. Do you think if we were all given enough money to take care of basic needs (food, shelter, non-designer clothes, etc.), nobody would try to do anything else to earn money to travel or buy video games or buy nicer sneakers or get a nicer car or go out to nicer bars, clubs, restaurants? Nobody would buy a new skateboard or remodel their house or go to Disney World? As bored and anxious and petty and competitive as people are, there’s no way in hell a universal basic income (or even out-and-out socialism/communism) would mean everyone half- or quarter-asses life. 

The family, in the form in which it has existed since the triumph of industrial capitalism, is based on the isolation and confinement of married women to the home. The condition of the housewife is one of the most alienated in bourgeois society. The separation of women in the home makes it difficult for them to organise and act collectively. One of the most important developments of capitalism this century has been the way in which it has drawn women into the workforce, so that two workers in every five in Britain today are women, and most working class women spend a considerable portion of their lives at work. In the workplace women can acquire the collective organisation and power to liberate themselves, in conjunction with the men with whom they work, who are subject, like them, to capitalist exploitation.
—  The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

Caps Roomies Valentines feat. a special Brobean edition

What do you call Keith Kogane: an analysis

keith: pure, must be protected at all costs, likes headcanons, probably mum/dad friend

keef: meme-loving shits, have the best rec lists, will send you out of context voltron screenshots captioned ‘me’ at 3am

mullet/mullet son: fanartists and/or fanfic authors, ALL TAGS FOR POSTS ARE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, no idea what sleep is, nor do they care about it

The idea of the people I love, or just anyone who I’m any sort of internet presence for, feeling helpless and alone terrifies me more than my own fear. I really want to turn this into something that finally pushes me to have strength to heal myself, and to help carry others through it.

If I am anything to you, even if that’s just “a guy on the internet who makes me smile sometimes”, I’m here for you. If you have no one or if you feel like you don’t have enough strength, you have me. I’m writing this for my followers and for my friends so that you know you can count on me.

You’re stronger than you think you are, and even if it takes a long time for you to see that for yourself, I know you’ll get there, and I’m here to help.

Draw strength from the little things, from what no one can take away from you. Your favorite books, movies, shows, games. Your friends, your pets, your family (whatever that word may encompass for you), your goals, your sense of hope. Keep creating, keep supporting, keep loving. Don’t let go of any of that if you don’t have to.

Be there for who you love but never at the expense of your own safety and well being. We’re still hurting but we’re also healing and growing. You don’t have to give up, and you’re not alone. Reach out if you need to, I’ll listen.


summary: an ace and aroflux!phan fic in which they are both writers and the lines of their relationship blur but they’re always happy with how they are.

aroflux: someone who’s romantic orientation fluctuates (so one day they might be aro, the next demiro, and so on).

warnings: very brief mention of alcohol and i think nothing else?

an: i just wanted to write something one night and this is basically a list of fluffy headcanons  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ reblogs and feedback are always appreciated!! <3 (also ty to larkspurlester who read this over for me!! ily)


They come together in the spring of their twenty third years, young and vulnerable but alone no longer. A college friend tells Dan about this writer guy, eccentric and dedicated to his writing but working in a small newspaper company. Dan’s not the most keen, but Fabian won’t relent, insists that they meet. They say, “Literally, all I ever hear from both of you is something about writing, and it’s getting old and I can’t appreciate it as much as I’d like,” and Dan huffs, rude, but relents and agrees to coffee. 

As it happens, Fabian has to leave the second he turns up. Considering this was the only factor persuading Dan to go, he deliberates leaving, ditching and apologising later. But Fabian pushes him through the door before they leave with a yell of, “Phil!” and Dan’s helpless, floundering in an awkward sea because of them - not the most articulate thing he’s said, but he’s kind of stuck here. Damn you. The first thing Phil says is an absent apology for stealing his napkin to write down an idea. Dan forgets about hating Fabian and their predicament-inducing qualities.

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Names I have Given My Cheap Foriegn Eevee that I Plan To Flood The Domestic Wondertrade Market With

Brexit                     NO SURVIVORS       It’s Ya Boy

Napoleon               Fresh Egg                2Easy 2Wear

Mr. Briteside          Key Witness            😊 Popularity😊

Thing o Evil           Pro Bono                   Exploitation

Takee on Mee       CAPITAL IDEA          Schrodinger

CSI Alola                Foe Paws                Taako Taako

Eeveengelion        Hematoma                Gluten Free

Onion Breath         Furryosa                 Atomic Colon 

Computerface       Thesis Dfenz          Good Thought

i think we need to talk about this more?

for those of you who haven’t seen The Golden Girls:

(the one on the right is Rose btw)

like wow Crowley is such a nerd i cannot actually cope with this could he be any less suave?

also, much as i adore fics about Crowley watching James Bond i reckon fic writers also need to remember Crowley’s taste for old lady sitcoms.

(btw if when they move in together Crowley is totally embarrassed and keeps trying to watch it in secret or manufacture ways that they end up being forced to watch it and when Aziraphale finds out he brings it up whenever Crowley calls him frumpy but they totally fall asleep watching it together)