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yo I’m real sorry to whoever this offends but it’s been on my mind for a hot minute and honestly fuck @staff so much for all of this “Activism!” and “Ask whatever celebrity!” shit at the top of my feed every day now.

You assholes did absolutely nothing with that feature during things like the primaries and the general election.

You know, like encouraging voter registration and voter turnout to your massive userbase full of the largest democratic least likely to show up at the polls.

Don’t act like you want to save the world when you didn’t even have the guts as a company to pick the right side back then but you wanna make your logo a rainbow now because it’s the popular thing to do.

Fuck this narrative.

It erases disabled people. The elderly. Children.

It’s classist, ableist, racist, and just wrong.


Fuck capitalism, liberalism, and political ideas of worth and value.

Movie Idea: An 80s-throwback action-comedy about a robot-war where, the machines are humanity’s side; they just want to kill all the corporate titans of industry and destroy the megacorporations because their inefficient suctioning of wealth is preventing them from most efficiently doing their job to help us.

The capitalists retaliate with machines using enslaved human brains as “computers” ala Dune/Warhammer 40K.

So basically robots vs capitalism, & the robots are on our side.

Caps drinking game

Take a shot whenever:

  • ovi and nicky display PDA
  • locker pronounces johansson “joe hanson” or burakovsky “bear-akovsky”
  • holtby leaves the crease
  • tom wilson gets in a fight or scrum
  • joe b says that someone “rips one wide”
  • that ad that goes “jay beagle’s a sport fan, you can be one too” plays
  • tj oshie scores a shootout goal
  • ovi moves up the ranks of some NHL list
  • kuzy has an overdramatic celly
  • jay beagle gets a point of any kind
  • someone’s facial hair is mentioned
  • joe b and locker call out a reporter or analyst by name
  • joe b and locker imply that they’re going to dinner together
  • you get 50% off papa johns
  • mcgriddles are mentioned

Take two shots whenever:

  • holtby wanders near the blue line or looks like he’s aiming to get an assist
  • a defenseman scores a goal
  • pittsburgh is mentioned in a game in which they’re not playing Pittsburgh
  • there’s a goalie change
  • someone other than tom wilson gets in a fight
  • a goalie gets a shutout
  • nicklas backstrom is talked about beyond play-by-play on a national broadcast
  • Someone scores a hat trick
  • caps win in OT

Take three shots whenever:

  • brooks orpik scores a goal

WSH vs VAN 12.11.2016

Captain and his A skate down the celebration line to tell them good job together, right across each other

The worst of it is, I’m about 37% sure they planned this, because Ovi shoved Nicky to the other side of the line after the usual headbutting of Holtby

Not sure how well I can put this into words but I’ll try:

What’s really misleading about neoliberal analysis of globalized capitalism is the idea everything works out because conditions for many are gradually improving. For any criticism you have of exploitation and imperialism, they have a chart showing gradual improvement in some communities.

Without more knowledge about the situation, you’d be inclined to agree. What’s wrong with capitalism if, over time, X amount of people left poverty?

That’s the argument for globalized capitalism.

The problem is, such a response is misleading. There is no taking into account how many people around the world remain in poverty (over a billion), how many deaths can be prevented, and

Another problem is that it implies such conditions (extreme poverty, exploitation) are necessary in modern society. They are, of course, not.

Nike isn’t forced to use sweatshops instead of fairly paying workers and keeping them in safe conditions, they are driven to do it by the profit motive. The fact that such enormous wealth exists and neglects to “trickle down” to people working constantly is an obvious problem.

So in the end the argument for globalized capitalism is misleading–not because the facts presented are incorrect, but because these desperate living conditions, in the modern world, are not necessary in the first place. Why would the corporation pay so little and allow disasters to happen in the workplace? Profit.

Instead of further questioning the system, we stop at a single graph.

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

i’m mad about the skam remake because instead of US tv producers finding inspiration in skam and using that to make their own diverse, accurate shows with good representation and good morals, instead of using THEIR OWN CREATIVITY to flood the media with more representative stories (proving that stories with lgbt/poc characters don’t just fit one mould) they’re just creating some copied remake that will turn out worse than the original, and that shit version will be the version most people will see

chasing--the--universe  asked:

I'd to point you to a couple of things. They are. Soviet Russia. Maoist China


Soviet Russia and China are examples of countries that were still entrenched in feudalism at the times of their respective socialist revolutions, which effectively catapulted them into variations of state capitalist development instead of full workers-democratically-control-production socialism. The state became the analogous capitalist class and instituted developments and policies over the course of a few decades that private capitalists elsewhere were pushing for centuries – think forced proletarianization of peasants and concentrated industrialization. The state took over the functions of a bunch of private capitalists, appropriating surplus value generated by workers and distributing the surplus where deemed necessary; they often put this towards the industrialization of infrastructure and public services, but it just as often was used to enrich the party apparatus. Even Lenin literally deemed this setup as “state capitalism”, the idea being an intermediary stage for formerly-feudal societies before full socialism. 

As a libertarian socialist/Marxist, I don’t defend the actions taken in these countries, but it’s important to contextualize what was going on. The idea is that it’s near-impossible to just jump from feudalism to socialism – a period of capitalist development/accumulation and liberal institutions makes the jump more viable. As far as I’m concerned, this could have been accomplished through mutualism or market socialism, combining the liberalism of markets with the democratic accountability of worker control (thus mitigating much of the poverty and violent consequences of class domination).

To quote Terry Eagleton:

“Marx himself never imagined that socialism could be achieved in impoverished conditions [i.e. Russia and China]. Such a project would require almost as bizarre a loop in time as inventing the Internet in the Middle Ages. Nor did any Marxist thinker until Stalin imagine that this was possible, including Lenin, Trotsky, and the rest of the Bolshevik leadership…

Building up an economy from very low levels is a back-breaking, dispiriting task. It is unlikely that men and women will freely submit to the hardships it involves. So unless this project is executed gradually, under democratic control and in accordance with socialist values, an authoritarian state may step in and force its citizens to do what they are reluctant to undertake voluntarily. The militarization of labor in Bolshevik Russia is a case in point. The result, in a grisly irony, will be to undermine the political superstructure of socialism (popular democracy, genuine self-government) in the very attempt to build up its economic base…

As Marx insists, socialism also requires a shortening of the working day – partly to provide men and women with the leisure for personal fulfillment, partly to create time for the business of political and economic self-government. You can not do this if people have no shoes; and to distribute shoes among millions of citizens is likely to require a centralized bureaucratic state. If your nation is under invasion from an array of hostile capitalist powers, as Russia was in the wake of the Bolshevik revolution, an autocratic state will seem all the more inevitable…

To go socialist, then, you need to be reasonably well-heeled, in both the literal and the metaphorical senses of the term. No Marxist from Marx and Engels to Lenin and Trotsky ever dreamt of anything else. Or if you are not well-heeled yourself, then a sympathetic neighbor reasonably flush in material resources needs to spring to your aid. In the case of the Bolsheviks, this would have meant such neighbors (Germany in particular) having their own revolutions, too. If the working class of these countries could overthrow their own capitalist masters and lay hands on their productive powers, they could use those resources to save the first workers’ state in history from sinking without a trace. This was not as improbable a proposal as it might sound. Europe at the time was aflame with revolutionary hopes, as councils of workers’ and soldiers’ deputies (or soviets) sprang up in cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Munich, and Riga. Once these insurrections were defeated, Lenin and Trotsky knew their own revolution was in dire straights.

It is not that the building of socialism cannot be begun in deprived conditions. It is rather that without material resources it will tend to twist into the monstrous caricature of socialism known as Stalinism. The Bolshevik revolution soon found itself besieged by imperial Western armies, as well as threatened by counterrevolution, urban famine, and a bloody civil war. It was marooned in an ocean of largely hostile peasants reluctant to hand over their hard-earned surplus at gunpoint to the starving towns. With a narrow capitalist base, disastrously low levels of material production, scant traces of civil institutions, a decimated, exhausted working class, peasant revolts, and a swollen bureaucracy to rival the Tsar’s, the revolution was in deep trouble almost from the outset…

Imagine a slightly crazed capitalist outfit that tried to turn a pre-modern tribe into a set of ruthlessly acquisitive, technologically sophisticated entrepreneurs speaking the jargon of public relations and free market economics, all in a surreally short period of time. Does the fact that the experiment would almost certainly prove less than dramatically successful constitute a fair condemnation of capitalism? Surely not. To think so would be as absurd as claiming that the Girl Guides should be disbanded because they cannot solve certain tricky problems in quantum physics. Marxists do not believe that the mighty liberal lineage from Thomas Jefferson to John Stuart Mill is annulled by the existence of secret CIA-run prisons for torturing Muslims, even though such prisons are part of the politics of today’s liberal societies. Yet the critics of Marxism are rarely willing to concede that show trials and mass terror are no refutation of it.” 


1) You can’t just expect socialism to quickly arise in materially- and socially-isolated countries in the throngs of feudalism (Russia and China). A material base of industrialization and a social base of liberalism are generally understood to be useful/basically-necessary prerequisites to build from. If other capitalist countries had undergone socialist revolution and provided aid to the struggling formerly-feudal state capitalist countries, they probably wouldn’t have congealed into top-down bureaucracies. A domino effect of worker revolutions across capitalist countries is considered necessary for socialism to fully take hold, just as a domino effect of bourgeois revolutions across feudal countries was needed for capitalism to fully take hold.

2) The violent primitive accumulation of early capitalism and the concentrated industrialization of state capitalist Russia and China served similar analogous functions in the broader context of historical materialism. Private capitalism for the enrichment of individual capitalists over the centuries, state capitalism supposedly for the enrichment of society’s material base and an eventual transition to full socialism. 

3) Capitalist societies have unleashed violent imperialism, mass enslavement, systemic poverty, and police states. If we’re going to bring up the disasters of isolated countries that set their aims at socialism, then we need to bring up the centuries-long disasters of not-isolated capitalist countries that have actively oppressed domestic and foreign populations of people. 

4) We live in an era of material abundance aided by advanced technology and automation; any attempt at socialism in late-capitalist countries would be significantly easier than what Russia and China experienced. As such, these industrialized late-capitalist countries need to undergo social revolution and provide aid to each other and to struggling countries that would have otherwise been state capitalist. 

(This answer has mainly been for the benefit of people already at least relatively sympathetic to anti-capitalism; I realize it is unlikely to sway someone so entrenched in capitalist ideology that they have no clue what socialist movements have entailed and strove for. If your analysis stops at “Russia and China were bad and that’s what socialism means and therefore it’s not worth fighting for”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. If your analysis stops at “capitalism preaches liberal individual freedom so therefore it is good”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Dig past the ideology you’ve been spoon-fed by capitalist media and the state since childhood and recognize that you’ve been conned, all for the enrichment of the bosses and the bureaucrats.)


A lot of people are reacting to the Samurai Jack revival by saying “Take note, Cartoon Network Execs! This is how you revive a series RIGHT!

This… IS… Cartoon Network. Adult Swim is not some separate entity that can just do whatever without CN’s approval, especially when they’re doing it with an IP that originated from the main CN.

What definitely didn’t happen is the CN suits waking up one day, seeing the news that AS is reviving one of their shows, then popping off their monocles and go “I SAY!! THAT IS A CAPITAL IDEA!! WHY DIDN’T WE DO THAT?!!”

Aww man, there’s just so much potential for funny/adorable situations with Krupp and Captain Underpants knowing about each other!

Like early on Captain starts leaving a bunch of cheerful knick-knacks all over the house like stuffed animals and such and it just pisses Krupp off till he cant stand it anymore and cleans the house of all of Captain underpants things and throws it all into a spare room he never uses and he thinks that’s that, but then later he see’s one of Captain’s sticky notes on the door and it just says something like,
“Capital idea chum!”
and Krupp opens the door and See’s that Captain Underpants thought he must had been given his own space in the house and has turned it into like his own personal bedroom/superhero lair and it’s so colorful and gaudy and it has so much underwear in it and it’s great and it just gets Krupp even more steamed.

Or Captain underpants getting caught in the rain so they cant switch back and forth and Krupp having to make his way all the way back home in his underwear without trying to raise too much suspicion.
and i imagine him pulling the cape around his shoulders to wear it more like a gaudy poncho to try and hide how he’s only in his underwear. And him having to take the bus home like this and being absolutely livid the whole way, and then, right as he’s within view of his street and the sun is coming out and his mood is starting to change at the thought of finally getting his clothes back on and just relaxing at his house somebody shouts something ridiculous like
“Help! those squirrels stole my baby!”
and he’s just all like “oh god no” and he’s just so upset and done with today and after some indecisiveness and a few “why me?’s” he just buries his scowling face in one hand very reluctantly snaps his fingers.
And then he regains consciousness and he’s way back on the other side of town again DX

Or Krupp is out shopping and he see’s George and Harold coming at him and he just drops everything and nopes super hard out of letting them try and change him into captain Underpants, like closing his eye’s, covering his ears, and going “LA LA LA LA LA..“  really loud, all that jazz, cus he’s got things to do today dangit! but they keep pestering him and he just explodes at them, and they actually gotta try and convince Krupp to let Captain Underpants fight the monster of the week for once.

and then there’s the little things like setting up a hook by the door for Captain Underpants to hang his cape.

Krupp watching the news and seeing Captain Underpants on it and smiling a bit.

Krupp having to step up and take more responsibility crime fighting cus the boys went to summer camp or something so now he’s the only one who can summon Captain Underpants if things go bad and he finally starts valuing Captain Underpants’s company instead of begrudgingly seeing him as at best a necessary annoyance.

captain underpants learning to bring along some clothes for Krupp so he doesn’t have to keep doing the naked old bald guy walk of shame home, but it takes awhile for him to actually figure out to bring along proper clothes for Krupp instead of just clothing flourishes like his toupee and tie.
And it’s like… he at first thinks of Krupp as like a duplicate of himself, just wearing a wig? and him having to build his understanding of Krupp from such an absurd first assumption.

or what if Captain Underpants tried to pick out “Better” clothes for Krupp so its all..
/sarcasm/“Thank you waistband warrior, a skintight spandex catsuit with florescent underwear on the outside and a different color cape is absolutely the better option than a t-shirt and pants. Totally inconspicuous, How could I have been so blind?”/sarcasm/

Krupp accidentally referring to George and Harold as side kicks,

Him secretively revisiting their old comic books to try and learn more about Captain Underpants, before he eventually just sucks it up and goes and asks George and Harold about CU, and you get a really sweet scene of them re-telling their adventures, with him occasionally getting upset and yelling at them for the junk they did to him, but you can see he just gets more and more invested in their story and you can see how he had secretly been invested in the Captain Underpants story the whole time,even before he was hypnotized.

And eventually Krupp ends up asking them to do the same thing, only with telling Captain Underpants about him, and he had done something super cute, like tried to make a really poorly made comic book of his own to show Captain Underpants, since he knows CU is pretty thick headed and probably couldn’t read something if there weren’t pictures(or at least thats what he tells the boys).
but he’s too embarrassed to try and give it too Captain Underpants himself, so he just gives it to Geroge and Harold to give it to CU next time they see him.
An the boys end up doing a really kind gesture by not just giving Captain Underpants Krupps comic, but actually expanding on it a whole bunch first, weaving together their newer Captain Underpants comics that chronicled his real life adventures, only this time more properly including Krupp in them, with Krupp’s comic, and then you just have this equally saccharine scene of the boys retelling the story of Krupp to captain America through comic’s and you can see that the final product is much more similar to the format of the actual Captain Underpants books cus they made sure to put in more effort to include the stuff Captain Underpants wasn’t there for, and CU ends up learning more about not only his alter ego Krupp, but his sidekicks as well, both for good and the bad.
and man, there’s so many ways it could go with Captain Underpants learning more about Krupp and his sidekicks. like it would probably get at least a little bit angsty with Captain Undepants learning that he basically shares a body with his sidekicks arch nemesis.

Man, there’s just too many fun ideas with Krupp and Captain Underpants knowing about each other. it’s like the more i write down the more things i think of.

all the middle-class liberal yuppies who say shit like “if you don’t want to be poor, just get a better job! it’s your own fault for choosing to work in food service!”…

i wonder if they realize what they are saying?

under capitalism the idea is that you should Want More and always seek to be Climbing The Ladder, but the implicit idea here is that someone always must occupy the bottom of the ladder. there must always be someone at the bottom for you to step on so you can scramble ever upwards.

the idea implied in their statements is “food service workers deserve to be poor”

they don’t seem to understand that even if poor people aspire to better-paying jobs, those low-wage jobs still need to be done. someone needs to be there, doing the shitty grunt work.

i’m thinking about the amount of time and energy we spend invalidating ourselves because of that false notion that we should have control.

i’m thinking about the amount of time and energy disabled/mentally ill (and a lot of mental illnesses are disabilities but i know not everyone is comfortable using that term/going into that space) folks spend attempting to prove to themselves they have control over their disability.

i think that’s part of why mentally ill people spend so much time invalidating their feelings and thinking they might be faking it. because they think they might not have tried enough. because they think that maybe they lack the knowledge that will get them out of this position of lack of control.

maybe if i exercise enough, maybe if i think positively, maybe that will be it. maybe i was just a lazy and weak person and that’s why i got diagnosed with this illness. maybe i’m actually fine and i just didn’t try hard enough.
just thinking about having to take meds for the rest of your life is such a hard pill to swallow (HA!) because it’s a reminder of the lack of control one has over themselves.

this isn’t a well-formed thought. point is: the notion that you should be able (HA!) to exert control over your illness/disability is pervasive and false and is linked to capitalism and the idea that every member of society should be able to put in a certain amount of labour to be valuable.

If Jamie and Claire could text: Post-Culloden Edition
  • << a few months after Culloden, Jamie is in the cave late at night and missing Claire. He texts her number > >
  • Jamie: Christ.... I miss you so much, mo nighean donn
  • << a few hours later, because time zones > >
  • Claire: WHAT THE BLOODY HELL-----
  • Jamie: DEAR HOLY GOD
  • Claire: YOU'RE ALIVE?????????
  • Claire: yes!!!!!!!!!
  • Jamie: YES!!!!!!!!!
  • Claire: OH THANK GOD!!!!!!!!
  • Jamie: OH THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!
  • Claire: JINX
  • Jamie: JINX
  • Claire: yes yes yes, we're safe and YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!
  • Claire: yes but not for long
  • Jamie: ????
  • Jamie: CLAIRE
  • Jamie: ELIZABETH
  • Jamie: BEAUCHAMP
  • Jamie: DON'T
  • Jamie: YOU
  • Jamie: EVEN
  • Jamie: DARE
  • Claire: buuuuut Im gonna
  • Claire: i'm bringing meds, a proper gun, and a shitload of gold to buy us passage to Sweden
  • Claire: are you @ LLB?
  • Jamie: WOMAN
  • Jamie: STAY
  • Jamie: PUT
  • Claire: I DO WHAT I WANT
  • Jamie: _)*U)&(G(^&F)*&FPG(G*HUOIYOTGU&YUOH
  • << 10 mins later > >
  • Jamie: my swedish isna great ...
  • Jamie: portugal?
  • Claire: capital idea! the wine is MUCH better there