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I cannot possibly emphasize what a constant trial it is being friends with me.

Movie Idea: An 80s-throwback action-comedy about a robot-war where, the machines are humanity’s side; they just want to kill all the corporate titans of industry and destroy the megacorporations because their inefficient suctioning of wealth is preventing them from most efficiently doing their job to help us.

The capitalists retaliate with machines using enslaved human brains as “computers” ala Dune/Warhammer 40K.

So basically robots vs capitalism, & the robots are on our side.

Fuck this narrative.

It erases disabled people. The elderly. Children.

It’s classist, ableist, racist, and just wrong.


Fuck capitalism, liberalism, and political ideas of worth and value.

1. “How is it racist?”

It’s racist due to white supremacist policies. POC make significantly less than white people. It’s a big wage gap. Redlining. Gentrification. The New Jim Crow. Systemic and institutional racism. Discrimination in hiring and promoting, housing, loans, and so forth. Whites in general owe a lot to generational wealth, something POC were long excluded from. POC often don’t get the same recognition or compensation for their work. School to prison pipeline, racist policing, unfair sentencing, the much higher percentage of Black, Indigenous, and other POC in prisons compared to their resourcing respective general population percents is a huge problem. It makes it much harder for POC to “move up the ladder,” more likely to live in poverty, and have a harder time escaping poverty. 2. Why liberalism? Because liberalism has become neoliberalism, moved farther right, become less interested in effective measures and actual justice. 3. But communism kills people and anarchism doesn’t work! Okay, I’m not going to debate this point, only say that there is enough food, housing, and other basic needs to take care of everyone. To be continued…
Caps drinking game

Take a shot whenever:

  • ovi and nicky display PDA
  • locker pronounces johansson “joe hanson” or burakovsky “bear-akovsky”
  • holtby leaves the crease
  • tom wilson gets in a fight or scrum
  • joe b says that someone “rips one wide”
  • that ad that goes “jay beagle’s a sport fan, you can be one too” plays
  • tj oshie scores a shootout goal
  • ovi moves up the ranks of some NHL list
  • kuzy has an overdramatic celly
  • jay beagle gets a point of any kind
  • someone’s facial hair is mentioned
  • joe b and locker call out a reporter or analyst by name
  • joe b and locker imply that they’re going to dinner together
  • you get 50% off papa johns
  • mcgriddles are mentioned

Take two shots whenever:

  • holtby wanders near the blue line or looks like he’s aiming to get an assist
  • a defenseman scores a goal
  • pittsburgh is mentioned in a game in which they’re not playing Pittsburgh
  • there’s a goalie change
  • someone other than tom wilson gets in a fight
  • a goalie gets a shutout
  • nicklas backstrom is talked about beyond play-by-play on a national broadcast
  • Someone scores a hat trick
  • caps win in OT

Take three shots whenever:

  • brooks orpik scores a goal

WSH vs VAN 12.11.2016

Captain and his A skate down the celebration line to tell them good job together, right across each other

The worst of it is, I’m about 37% sure they planned this, because Ovi shoved Nicky to the other side of the line after the usual headbutting of Holtby

VSFS - A Messy Summary (so far)
  • Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Harry Styles reportedly performing
  • Actually Katy Perry, Harry Styles, and Miguel
  • Actually Katy Perry isn’t performing ???
  • Performances up in the air
  • Work visas being determined by Chinese officials
  • Gigi Hadid may not receive a work visa due to a racist video (amen)
  • Press releases up in the air, TBD by Chinese government officials
  • Literally Americans trying to capitalize on the idea/aesthetic of a “glamorous foreign land” without knowing the country’s rules
  • Literally A Mess™
RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism


WSH @ NJD 12.31.2016

One half of the Caps gets into a fight on ice, and the other half reacts 

Listen, I have never seen Nicky and Holtby smile that widely on the bench

Not sure how well I can put this into words but I’ll try:

What’s really misleading about neoliberal analysis of globalized capitalism is the idea everything works out because conditions for many are gradually improving. For any criticism you have of exploitation and imperialism, they have a chart showing gradual improvement in some communities.

Without more knowledge about the situation, you’d be inclined to agree. What’s wrong with capitalism if, over time, X amount of people left poverty?

That’s the argument for globalized capitalism.

The problem is, such a response is misleading. There is no taking into account how many people around the world remain in poverty (over a billion), how many deaths can be prevented, and

Another problem is that it implies such conditions (extreme poverty, exploitation) are necessary in modern society. They are, of course, not.

Nike isn’t forced to use sweatshops instead of fairly paying workers and keeping them in safe conditions, they are driven to do it by the profit motive. The fact that such enormous wealth exists and neglects to “trickle down” to people working constantly is an obvious problem.

So in the end the argument for globalized capitalism is misleading–not because the facts presented are incorrect, but because these desperate living conditions, in the modern world, are not necessary in the first place. Why would the corporation pay so little and allow disasters to happen in the workplace? Profit.

Instead of further questioning the system, we stop at a single graph.

anonymous asked:

me: why the fuck are vip tickets $150 *empties pockets* i'm not giving these rich white men that kind of money *pulls out wallet* i don't n e e d to hug them *entering bank account info* I WON'T! I WON'T DO IT! *slams $150 down at dnp's feet*

*making a call to my local bank to make a deposit* I HATE the idea of capitalism and *finds nearest atm machine and pulls out $150* I will NOT give into the needs of these rich white youtubers *empties every piggy bank I’ve ever owned* they’ve got nothin on me!

anonymous asked:

How do you respond to things like, "my relative lived in a communist regime (china/ussr/cuba/etc) and they thought it was awful/terrible/they suffered a whole lot." I dont want to minimize other people's suffering and say "communism is just better than capitalism no matter what happened to your relatives." How would you respond to that type of criticism?

I saw that you asked @violaslayvis the same question and I pretty much second his reply- if their suffering was having their private land on which they worked peasants to death taken so that they could no longer exploit people on it, then fuck them, and if their suffering was homophobic crackdowns or just not being able to eat, then obviously that’s a very genuine concern that should be treated as such. But this idea that capitalism doesn’t kill people is silly at best, and dangerous really because people die every single day because of their lack of access to housing, medical care, education, etc specifically because they are unable to afford that access. Obviously every socialist project to date has had failings, and many have had major failings, and I am not personally one to pretend otherwise for anyone’s sake because I find it silly. But the misattribution of those problems to “socialism” vaguely is incorrect- outside intervention specifically geared at weakening socialist countries’ economies, literal warfare against those countries, embargoes against those countries, repeated attempts at capitalist countries’ infiltration and the ensuing and reasonable paranoia around that, assassinations, US backed coups- all of these have had major impacts on the abilities of socialist countries to care for their people, meaning many avoidable deaths in socialists countries have literally happened as a result of Western intervention.