a candle for the devil

A clearer photo of my pocket altar.
I added some more to it and I am fairly confident that it’s finished.
My pocket altar includes:
- jar of protection salt
- jar of dried lavender
- jar of Flying Devil oil
- tealight candle
- white sage incense cone
- matches wrapped in enough hemp twine for knot magic
- match striker
- clear quartz point
- small piece of black tourmaline
- sprig of wormwood
- wooden yes/no coin
- banishment talisman/sigil to banish negative spirits ward off black magic
I am hoping I can get or make a little altar cloth to put in there too, which will double as a bit of padding for the contents so no damage comes to the little glass jars.

“Tell That Devil” Curse

A revenge spell for someone who hurt you to the point of breaking your soul and draining your light. Inspired by the song “Tell That Devil” by the Nashville Cast/Jill Andrews. This was designed with a specific person in mind, change it however you see fit.

Items needed:

  • 3 black candles
  • 1 lighter/matches
  • A pinch of pepper seeds (hot peppers preferably)
  • A piece of a fallen hornet’s nest (can usually be found on the ground in autumn)
  • 1 rusty nail
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 writing utensil
  • 1 small vial
  • Something to place burning paper safely
  • A spot of ground that the sunlight doesn’t touch


1. Write the victim’s name on the piece of paper. Place the seeds and hornet’s nest on the paper and fold it up as best you can. Light the three candles.

2. Begin reciting the incantation:

“You broke my soul, you poisoned my light, you blackened my heart. Now you will pay. [Victim’s name], I curse you and send you back to hell. I ask of the devil that he receive you. Feel the pain you have forced upon me tenfold. You will suffer for your evil-doings…”

3. Thrust the rusty nail into the folded paper as many times as you like, just make sure nothing falls out.

“… Feel the coffin nails pierce you…”

4. Light the folded paper on fire with the flames of the candles.

“… Feel the hellfire on your skin…”

5. Place the burning paper in the holder and wait until it is ash. Collect the ashes into the vial. Seal the vial and bury it in the spot of ground you’ve chosen that is never touched by sunlight.

“… And now I bury you in the ground, see you in hell.”

Signs as lyrics I saved in my notes

Aries: “Our mistakes; they were bound to be made.” (I’ll Keep You Safe - Sleeping At Last)
Taurus: “I don’t know what I’m suppose to do.” (The Night We Met - Lord Huron)
Gemini: “‘Cause I can sometimes treat the people that I love like jewelry.” (Sorry - Halsey)
Cancer: “A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved.” (Supermarket Flowers - Ed Sheeran
Leo: “You are more than the photos on the wall.” (Keys - With Confidence)
Virgo: “You said I shine too bright. I burnt the candle.” (The Devil In Me - Halsey)
Libra: “Spoke a lot of words, I don’t know if I spoke the truth.” (Trouble - Cage the Elephant)
Scorpio: “That’s the beauty of a secret. You know you’re supposed to keep it.” (Strange Love - Halsey)
Sagittarius: “Seen so much, you could get the blues.” (Love - Lana Del Rey)
Capricorn: “Life is a maze and love is a riddle.” (The Show - Lenka)
Aquarius: “She’s made of outerspace.” (Arabella - Arctic Monkeys)
Pisces: “You are an artist and your heart is your masterpiece.” (I’ll Keep You Safe - Sleeping At Last)

  • “i cant believe you got us kicked out of another coven, dude, you gotta quit stepping on peoples familiars”
  • “you know, when i signed up for this expedition to finish this spell you didnt say we’d be trecking through the bitter wilderness with candles and creatures chasing us, what the fuck, dude”
  • “im a newbie witch and this is my first ritual and i was all excited to see herbs and salts and boiling cauldrons not tHIS JESUS CHRIST—THATS ALOT OF BLOOD
  • “for the last time, you cant have a tiger as your familiar” 
  • “look theres a reason why we do our rituals in private, things can get out of hand and sometimes we spit up blood, its not like we mean to do it. knock next time.”
  • “and, when that happens dont go around scaring the living shit out of people, jesus stacy, this is why people think we’re satanic”
  • “okay look, im as commitied to this lifestyle as anyone else but do you not see how expensive this shit is? and where the hell am i going to find a sabertooth fang? what, do i have to rob a museum??”
  • “we’re gonna rob a museum. c’mon it’ll be easy, we have our spellbook. we won’t get caught”
  • “so you’re saying you broke into the museum to steal a sabertooth fang and a thigh bone from an extinct bird…for a luck spell?/ yes, officer.”
  • “you hexed me because i made fun of the way you eat so now my tastebuds hate everything i put in my mouth and so I’m either gonna starve or eat this shit you call chocolate, i hate you so much”
  • “youre this sweet looking cutie that i always see walking through the outdoor department looking for flowers, and you always ask if you can check everything out here, which happens to be a lot of bloody meat and candles and knives and….you know my mother always told me the devil would look like an angel”
  • “you convinced me that our last apartment was haunted by throwing drawers open and breaking glasses whenever i came home, but it turns out you just didnt like the neighbors and wanted an excuse to move”
  • “you stumbled across my alter and before i could scare the everliving shit out of you to keep your mouth shut, you turned around, scoffed, and bragged that yours looked so much better”
  • “cmon babe you know i hate it when you tell the future, you stop breathing and you freeze up and your eyes literally roll to the back—STOP IT EW I HATE U SO MUCH––UGH QUIT LAUGHING YOU SHIT”
  • “my dreams…when i see people, it says who they truly are
    • and what does it say about me
      • it says youre a lying bitch for stealing my sandalwood incense from Nepal, stacy, my tarantula saw you come in my room—give it back”

halsey sentence meme.
from hopeless fountain kingdom.
part two.              (   part one.   )


  • breakfast is cold, as cold as our bed.
  • i’m watching you choke down the words that you said.
  • i watch you devour, mistake me for bread.
  • well boy, is you fed? or are you misled?
  • i gave you the messiest head.
  • you give me the messiest head.
  • you turnin’ red.
  • you wish i was dead.
  • see you ‘bouta break a sweat.
  • i won’t let us finish yet.
  • please don’t take this as a threat.
  • if you don’t love me no more, then lie.
  • i heard what you said.
  • i know that it’s fire flame.
  • your mouth make a hurricane.
  • you notice that we in love.
  • there’s something we cannot change.
  • it’s the plans we should arrange.
  • treat her right and she won’t complain.
  • bring back the title.
  • got no one to lie to.
  • there’s no need to lie no more.
  • bring me a trial.
  • every move’s vital.
  • what you gon’ die for, when everyday you told lies.

walls could talk.

  • been about three days, and i’m comin’ back.
  • i’m about four days from a heart attack.
  • i think you make me a maniac. 
  • we’ve both been seventeen.
  • fist fight in a limousine. 
  • but they don’t know.
  • we both hope there’s something.
  • we both keep fronting.
  • it’s a closed discussion.
  • i’m thinking, ’ damn, if these walls could talk. ’
  • shit is crazy, right?
  • i ain’t your baby no more.
  • been about two weeks since you went away.
  • i’m about half way through a cabernet. 
  • i’m wasting a saturday.
  • you’re so damn good with a bobby pin.
  • now you’re gonna play me like a violin.

bad at love.

  • it tastes like jack when i’m kissing him.
  • so i told him i never really liked his friends.
  • now he’s gone and he’s calling me a bitch again.
  • he told me we don’t make it ‘til we graduate.
  • i told him the music would be worth the wait.
  • he wants me in the kitchen with a dinner plate.
  • i believe that we’re meant to be.
  • jealousy gets the best of me.
  • i don’t mean to frustrate.
  • i always make the same mistakes.
  • i’m bad at love.
  • i’m bad at love, but you can’t blame me for trying.
  • you can’t blame me for trying.
  • you know i’d be lying saying you were the one that could finally fix me.
  • looking at my history, i’m bad at love.
  • i thought that she could really be the one this time.
  • i never got the chance to make her mine.
  • she fell in love with little thin white lines.
  • we never told no one but we look so cute.
  • i always think about it when i’m riding through.
  • i know you’re afraid i’m gonna walk away.
  • each time the feeling fades.

don’t play.

  • lookin’ as fine as a damn monet.
  • everybody thirsty, drinks on me.
  • tryna take back what you say to me.
  • i don’t give a damn what you say to me.
  • there ain’t no time for games and me.
  • i’m moving on.
  • i’m getting paid.
  • i’m on my own.
  • i had some space to deal with it.
  • it’s getting late.
  • go and grab someone and find a place to deal with it.
  • motherfucker, don’t play with me.
  • i am not the type to be out past dawn.
  • i am not the type to admit i’m on.
  • women don’t play no games.


  • she doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore.
  • it’s more intimate than she thinks we should get.
  • she doesn’t look me in the eyes anymore.
  • too scared of what she’ll see, somebody holding me.
  • when i wake up all alone, and i’m thinking of your skin, i remember what you told me.
  • we’re not lovers, we’re not strangers.
  • we’re just strangers with the same damn hunger to be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all.
  • she doesn’t call me on the phone anymore.
  • she’s never listening.
  • she says it’s innocent.
  • i must’ve crossed a line.
  • i must’ve lost my mind.
  • i miss the mornings with you laying in my bed.
  • i miss the memories replaying in my head.
  • i miss the thought of a forever, you and me.
  • all you’re missing is my body.
  • you lost it.

angel on fire.

  • i woke up to another mess in the living room.
  • they came again in the night under crescent moon, didn’t wake me in my sleep.
  • they talk and drink and laugh ‘bout things and fall in love in my backyard.  
  • i hide and cower in the corner.
  • conversation’s getting hard.
  • nobody seems to ask about me anymore.
  • nobody seems to care about anything i think.
  • nobody seems to recognize me in the crowd in the background screaming,  ‘ everybody, look at me. ’
  • i’m faded away.
  • you know, i used to be on fire.
  • i’m standing on the ashes of who i used to be.
  • i used to be a darling starlet like a centerpiece, had the whole world wrapped around my ring.
  • i flew too closely to the sun that’s setting in the east and now I’m melting from my wings.
  • i’d talk and drink and laugh 'bout things and fall in love in my backyard.
  • now it’s my own anxiety that makes the conversation hard.

devil in me.

  • you said i would’ve hit the ceiling.
  • you said i should eat my feelings, head held high.
  • i won’t take anyone down if I cry tonight.
  • i still let everyone down when i change in size.
  • i went tumbling down trying to reach your high.
  • i scream too loud if I speak my mind.
  • i don’t wanna wake it up, the devil in me.
  • gotta wake up.
  • come back to life.
  • you said i’m too much to handle.
  • you said i shine too bright.
  • i burnt the candle, flew too high.
  • now i gotta wake it up, the devil in me.


  • you make it look so easy.
  • promise that I’m gonna call you back in five.
  • sorry baby girl, but I can’t tonight.
  • you make it look so simple.
  • i’ve known that girl for like my whole life.
  • back in my hotel and I’m alone inside.
  • the truth hurts, but secrets kill.
  • can’t help but thinking that i love it still.
  • there must be something real.
  • the good die young, but so did this.
  • it must be better than i think it is.
  • gimmie those eyes.
  • it’s easy to forgive.
  • you and all your friends all hate me.
  • you think i’m better when i’m not around.
  • hear me on the radio and turn it down.
  • i can’t help the way you made me.
  • hope that she believin’ in the truth you found.
  • i can’t find out.
  • i hope hopeless changes over time.

movies that the signs need to see sometime in their life.

of course everyone has different tastes, but this is my personal opinion (basically, a guessing game) involving a mix of genres on what you could possibly like. being a film student, I vaguely know what I’m talking about.

AIR SIGNS (GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS: The Butterfly Effect; Begin Again; Almost Famous; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World; Thanks For Sharing; Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls; Stardust; Beetlejuice; Charlie Bartlett; Sin City; Along Came Polly; Practical Magic; Pulp Fiction; Big Fish; Donnie Darko; Avatar; The Emperor’s New Groove; Napoleon Dynamite; Zathura; Pan’s Labyrinth; Home Alone; How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days; School of Rock; Psycho; Howl’s Moving Castle; Little Miss Sunshine; About Time; Bridesmaids; The Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit movies; Love & Other Drugs; Wayne’s World; The Little Mermaid; Cry-Baby; Monsters, Inc.; Blue Is The Warmest Color; Walk The Line; The Blind Side; E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial; Pretty Woman; The Shawshank Redemption; The Wedding Singer; The Goonies, (500) Days of Summer

EARTH SIGNS (TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN): The Art Of Getting By; It’s Kind of a Funny Story; The Godfather triology; Jobs; Fight Club; Amelie; Back to The Future series; The Wolf of Wall Street; Beastly; Philomena; 10 Things I Hate About You; Juno; Populaire; The Lion King; Grease; The Heat; Edward Scissorhands; Pet Sematary; The Amazing Spider-Man; Sleeping Beauty; Titanic; Crazy, Stupid, Love; 50/50; The Covenant; Love, Actually; Beastly; My Neighbor Totoro; The Outsiders; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; The Lost Boys; A Clockwork Orange; Fired Up!; Beauty and The Beast; Gandhi; Pleasantville; The Princess Diaries; Slumdog Millionaire; X-Men film series; The Vow; Jurassic Park; The Princess and The Frog; Into The Wild; Savages; American Gangster; The Sixth Sense; 27 Dresses; Ratatouille; The Truman Show; Blue Valentine; Submarine

WATER SIGNS (CANCER, PISCES, SCORPIO): The Way, Way Back; Heathers; 50 First Dates; Clueless; Stuck In Love; Girl Most Likely; The Pursuit of Happiness; Memoirs of a Geisha; 12 Years a Slave; The Breakfast Club; Suckerpunch; In Between The Pines; WALL-E; Finding Neverland; Ponyo; Gimme Shelter; Bridge to Tarabithia; Her; Scarface; Forrest Gump; Rosemary’s Baby; American Beauty; LOL; Life Is Beautiful; Sleepy Hollow; Aladdin; Step Brothers; Vertigo; What’s Eating Gilbert Grape; The King’s Speech; Sixteen Candles; The Devil Wears Prada; The LEGO Movie; Mary and Max; American Werewolf In London; The Giver; Poltergeist; Bruce Almighty; Anchorman; Dallas Buyers Club; Alice in Wonderland; Inception; 13 Going On 30; Finding Nemo; Say Anything…; The Great Gatsby; Life of Pi

FIRE SIGNS (ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS): We Are The Best!; Horns; Silver Linings Playbook; The Kids Are All Right; The Spectacular Now; Mr. and Mrs. Smith; Mulan; The Blair Witch Project; Hercules; American Hustle; Jaws; The Princess Bride; Spirited Away, Kill Bill; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; Drive; Pochahontas; Friends With Benefits; Charlie’s Angels; The Hunger Games; Girl, Interrupted; The Shining; Adventureland; The Dark Knight trilogy; The Last Song; Casablanca; Harry Potter series; The Proposal; Maleficent; The Ring; Brave; The Avengers; Breakfast At Tiffany’s; Whip It; Precious; Divergent; There’s Something About Mary; Scream; Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind; Carrie; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Romeo + Juliet

two-candles-for-the-devil  asked:

friki doctor just said that dany is going to see jon's scars but she thinks they are just wounds, that she asks jon about it right after the jon/drogon scene and jon says that davos has too much imagination, and dany believes it, :( i really wanted dany to know what happened to jon.

Hi my dear :D Don’t worry! Here are a few reasons why I am not concerned about this little revelation. 

1. Friki has lost a lot of credibility lately. He has gone back and changed things that he himself said about the episodes, and most of his videos only tell us things we already know from the leaks. That’s it. They don’t tell us really new information. In fact, the new information he gave us in his episode 7 video is the same information he is now taking back (Tyrion witnessing boatsex initiation, Tyrion and Dany discussing her infertility, etc) Friki had legitimate leaks last season but he was caught so many people on Freefolk doubt that he has access to content again this year. 

2. When would Dany see his wounds in episode 5? I am sorry guys but I can’t see a scenario where Dany sees him without his shirt tonight????

3. Jon is lying because it makes him uncomfortable. Dany will almost certainly see him shirtless after the wight hunt at which point this issue will come up again and considering everything they have been through together, Jon will probably tell her the truth. I don’t think they would bring up his resurrection 3 times before episode 6 only for it never to be discussed.

I hope this makes you feel a little better. I also want them to talk about it truthfully! Hope you love the episode tonight xoxoxo

anonymous asked:

do you know any other witchy movies that have some relatable elements/scenes for witches?

It really depends on the witch. Modern witches enjoy and relate to shows that I feel are rather tasteless, childish, or completely unrealistic. 

For traditional witches, finding shows that you can relate to is extremely difficult. Not many shows decide to delve into the lore of witches (most likely because the public thinks it’s just what ‘evil Christians made up about witches’). There are some surprising sources, though, from both television and movies. 

Salem season 1 is a big one. Huge. It has so many layers of folklore that it’s ridiculous. 
Penny Dreadful season 2 is also a great one that involves more folkloric and historic witchery than what first meets the eye. Season 3 involved some as well, but not as much. 
The VVitch is a movie that has earned praise and adoration from tons of traditional witches. It’s really an incredible film. 
Believe it or not, Hocus Pocus has witches that are pretty goals for traditional witches. A book given by the Devil and a candle made from the fat of a hanged man? That’s some sweet folkloric witchery. 
The Bell Book and Candle is a personal favorite. It’s a surprisingly sophisticated and folklore accurate witch movie for coming from the 1950′s. 
Nanny McPhee is a surprising one, but yes, there is witch lore there. And it’s awesome.

Master Post of curses and hexes


3 Nights of Hell

My Pain to Yours

Stop manipulative parents

Seven Devils

Banishing curse

Lucifer’s Touch


Thorn in Side

Your Heart in My Hand


All eyes on you

Joy to misery

Curse Jar

Drown in your curse

Forget me not

Shut the Fuck Up Curse

Jar Curse for Emotional Abusers

To Ribbons curse

Fuck You Curse Jar

Curse Jar

Get Fuckin Rekt Jar


Bread Poppet

Meat Poppet


Darkness Hex

Discord and Darkness

Bring the Darkness


Fuck off oil

Dragon’s Bite

Pestilence Powder

Adrianna’s Banishing Curse

Small Curse Powder


Burn their wishes

Hell in High Heels

Drown in your tears

Curses for Empathy

Apple Curse Box

Revenge Spell

Cherry Pit Curse

Make them Choke

Curse Reflection Spell

A bellyfull of Stones

Easiest Curse Ever

Lorem Ipsum

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Quick Balloon Curse

Virgil’s You Hurt Me I Hurt You

Low Budget Curse

I”m Rubber You’re Glue

Crimson Arrow

Red in Your Ledger

Fade Away

Cerberus Curse

Pop-cultured based:

Lollipop Curse

Avada Kedavra

Sailor Moon Themed

Series of Unfortunate Events

Hamilton inspired for an ex

Spacial Rend

Voice theft

Breezeblock curse

World shaking curse

Curtain of Twilight

Shooting Star Hex

Deep Submerge

Trapped by the Earth

Neopets Curse

The Enchantress’ Curse

Pumpkin Head Curse

You Oughta Know

Curse of Jack Frost

Five nights at Freddies


Turn their friendships sour

Poison Dagger

Sigil Dump

They will suffer

They are weak

Bad Moon Rising


Block and move on

Fuckboi emoji curse

Ex Emoji Curse

Words Only:

4 elements binding curse

Inconvenient curses 

Kitchen Witch Curses

General curses for assholes

Grimoire Protection/Curse

Honesty Chant/ Curse

Mistress Mary

Queen Maria Satanica || Mary of the Black Cathedral/Mass || “Bloody Mary”

Patroness of:  

Sin – most any traditional form of sin, though she’s particular fond of the “unforgivable” ones, Strife, Discord, Necromancy/Nigromancy – and the Dead and Damned, in general, the Dark Arts, Revenge, Sorcery, Divination, Domination – of men, in particular, War – for it is she who is the Great, Marciless Warrioress, Malediction, Sickness/Illness – mental illness and insanity are her specialty, Cannibalism, Poison, Transformation/Shapeshifting, Sex – loves a good orgy, Sacrifice, Entheogens and Poisons, Demons/Shades, Most any diabolic works or motivations ;; She is power – the embodiment of primal, female energy – and hellfire runs through her veins, flows through fingers, and burns behind her eyes. She is Queen of Hell, Consort (and Mother) to the Devil (as Lucifer, the Destroyer) – the diabolic equal of Mother Mary, the Virgin: there must forever be balance.

Call upon her for works of

Power, Sexual Wiles, Temptation, Lust, Dominion, Knowledge of all things Diabolical/Nigromantic/Malicious, Raising the Dead, the Evocation/Invocation/Conjuration of Demons/Shades, any works call for Lucifer, the Destroyer – their powers are strongest when combined, Curing (or inflicting) Disease/Illness, Lessons in working Herbs, Roots, Poisons – as well as Astral Projection and Trance work, though Possession will most assuredly be required.


The Slain Dove, Jimsonweed Flowers the Devil’s Fork


  • Maria Satanica, Queen of Hell: the most powerful and volatile manifestation, it is she who Destroys, whose force and will is unmatched, she who hold the Fork of the Devil, and impales all those who dare cross her or her attendants. For works involving demons or shades of all types, it is she who presides above all.
  • Queen of the Dead: the aspect most knowledgeable in regards to necromancy, she who works in the Graveyard, with the Dead and the spirits, shades and demons therein. She is also the one most suited to heal or inflict illness – the one who imparts medicine and poison.
  • Queen of the Night: The most sexually charged and alluring aspect, that of the Whore – who is blatant in her indecency, who revels in her lechery – but she is also the most human and understanding of the aspects, the one who is forgiving, the one who does not judge, but offers comfort instead
  • Queen of the Crossroads: The Witch – the one who houses endless knowledge of the Black Arts – her justice is swift. It is she who keeps the recipes and rituals, who knows the arcane ways. She is the Sorceress, the Witch, the Priestess – she is the one who reads the bones and walks the planes, who takes the guise of any creature on which she has lain her eyes. It is she who keeps the sold souls, bartered at the Crossroads, forever bound to do her bidding.

Ideal locations for Worship and Workings

Always worked at Night; Crossroads – “X” and “T”, places of Death, Disease and Despair – Battlefields, Hospitals, places of Massacre, Murder, etc., Caves/Tunnels, Graveyards/Sepulchres/Mausoleums – especially Catholic cemeteries which feature Mary statues at the foot of the crucified Jesus, Thick Woodlands/Wetlands, Brothels, Crematoriums, Deserted Roads or Building – especially desolate, nature-reclaimed Churches, any Subterranean place – including basements/cellars.

Offerings, including but not limited to

Animals Sacrifices (or blood of) – lamb/goat, black hen, dove*, snake; Poisonous flowers – Jimsonweed, in particular, rotted/spoiled meat, bladed weapons – though tridents, lances and spears are also accepted, hot-pepper infused rum, red wine mixed with vinegar, thorny brambles or red roses, Sinner’s Dirt/Dirt of the Damned – the grave dust from the grave a particularly nasty person (murderers, rapists, etc.), statues of Mother Mary that have been defiled with blood, graveyard dirt and brimstone.

Takes black or red candles


Maria Satanica – Queen of Hell:
Purveyor of Damnation,
Consort of The Devil,
Mistress of the Diabolica;
She who drove the spear –
Into the Heart of God,
Who lapped at the blood
Of Christ – upon his Cross,
And smiled;
Who rules the infernal nethers,
And who creeps – like the serpent –
Up the spine and into the mind;
Mistress Mary – Queen of the Dead,
Harlot of the Boneyard,
Who digs a hand into the grave,
And raises the bones of the Forgotten;

Mistress Mary – Queen of the Crossroads,
Who knows the ancients ways – 
Who barters yet – for stolen souls
And bestows to (wo)man,
Her mysteries,

Mistress Mary – Queen of Night,
Whose kiss is that of poison,
Rise from the depths – and settle,
Now, upon the Mortal Plane;
The flesh is yours,
The blood is yours,
The choice is yours.


Seal of Maria Satanicaused to evoke her presence; offerings should be left on the seal

Fork/Tridents of Mistress Maryused for invocations when marked upon the body; can also be used to incorporate her energy into works or as a way of solidifying the evocation of like-entities (i.e.  Lucifer, the Destroyer or some manifestations of The Devil)

Playlist (as an added bonus!): Mistress Mary – The Black Cathedral