a camelot flashback this is everything i wanted

Kay but I really need Regina kissing Emma to break the curse. You know the whole ‘true loves kiss’ stuff and it doesn’t have to be romantical or anything.

Just like give me everything falling apart in storybrooke and Emma is being all evil and Regina finally catches her and they have one of their beautiful heart felt moments where (after we are revealed what happened in Camelot via flashbacks) Emma ends up yelling at Regina about how she failed her and a piece falls into place for Regina and she realised some of what happened and her face just falls cause Regina thinks she failed everyone but she didn’t want to fail Emma. And Regina will grab her hand and just gently press her lips to it after she whispers an I’m sorry Emma. And suddenly the curse is broken and everyone remembers what happened in Camelot and both Regina and Emma are in shock cause they know what’s just happened.

And it could be so romantical and beautiful but chances are the writers won’t go for that, so give me some ‘not all love is romantic’ and show me how deeply Regina and Emma love each other after all this time even if it is platonic.

I just need Regina to kiss Emma ok? Is that too much to ask?