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Me: I’m so glad Wonho and Changkyun are getting closer. Their friendship is blooming beautifully!

Also me:

They’re dating.


Magnetic Newton’s Cradle 

A small lil friendly reminder if you ever plan to get Chest reconstruction surgery. It’s normal to still feel self conscious to be without a shirt. 

I’ve started swimming lately, and I wear a swimming shirt, despite having a post-op chest. My brother who’s Cisgender ALSO wears a swimming shirt because he’s  also more comfortable that way.

do what makes YOUR body comfortable!!

@queen-mercury-may brought it to my attention that The Cursed Image™ is the first thing that pops up when you google Brian May nowadays and I swear to Freddie Mercury that it hasn’t always been that way

Cause the first time I uncovered this abomination I first had to walk through the plains of Mordor and into the fires of Mount Doom to get a hold of it

and it just makes me laugh that this is one of the first things that is going to greet new queen fans when they google their new idols

Let their eyelids be imprinted with this picture as mine have been, let it stare at them when they close their eyes, let it whisper to them from the shadows


Showing magnetic fields with iron fillings

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Could I get Pixel and Stephanie making Roboticus a haloween costume?

Sooooo this is my 100th prompt? Counting the sequels I have made for other prompts, it’s my 100th. 

Thank you all so much for your ideas and support! None of these good good stories would exist without you! I appreciate every comment, every reblog, every tag. You’re all amazing! :D

Sportacus stared up at the frankly imposing robot. Roboticus stared unblinkingly down at him. On either side of Roboticus stood Pixel and Stephanie, both looking insanely proud of themselves.

“So,” Sportacus began, stepping away from his robot lookalike, “what did you do to him?”

“Well,” said Stephanie, “we were talking to Robbie about all the cool things he’s gotta have in his lair and he mentioned he still had Roboticus.”

Pixel cut in, “And I was talking about improvements that could be made and Stephanie pointed out Halloween was in a few weeks and we could improve Roboticus’ design while ALSO giving him a costume.”

“Only we couldn’t agree on what costume.”

“I said a character from Nebulous 6000 —”

“And I said an astronaut—”

“And I said a Transformer—”

Sportacus interrupted, “And you settled on… this?” He pointed at the robot.

Beaming Stephanie and Pixel both gestured at Roboticus, “A refrigerator!”

Tall as he was, Roboticus did not seem as intimidating as the last time Sportacus had seen him. His metal chest was covered in magnets of all shapes and colors. A few drawings and a fake report card were held up by a few of the magnets. 

“Do you want some water?” Pixel asked with a grin.


Pixel pulled a handle on Roboticus’ torso and half of him swung open. Inside were a few water bottles and some fruit. Pixel tossed Sportacus a bottle. It was ice cold.

Sportacus let his jaw hang open, “This is amazing!”


Marching up to the small group was Robbie. “I said you could dress him up! Not ruin him!” He ran his hands over the robot’s chest, a horrified look on his face. He aimed a piercing glare at Stephanie and Pixel.

“They were just having fun!” Sportacus said, stepping between Robbie and the kids. “It’s just for Halloween, Robbie.”

“They turned a powerful robot that almost outran YOU into a kitchen appliance!”

“Calm down—”

“I will not calm down! Do you know how long this will take to fix?! These brats can’t just—”

Before Robbie could rant any further, Sportacus had handed Stephanie his water and hoisted the other man into the air.


“You two did excellent work,” Sportacus said brightly to the kids, ignoring the squirming Robbie in his arms. The two high fived as Sportacus walked away, Robbie still bellowing insults. Roboticus picked up a magnet Robbie had knocked off and stuck in back onto his chest.