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TV Show Feels!

I both hate and love when a tv show can elicit a strong emotional response from me because if I’m crying for these characters, you know the writers did something right and I love them, but at the same time, I’m crying over something that was just words on paper at one point and I can’t handle it and am sitting there like a crazy person with tears running down my face so I hate it.. Like I came out here to have a good time and am honestly feeling so attacked right now.

The collector’s edition of the novel. There are 18 volumes and one volume is released every month. Currently there are 10 volumes which cover around chapter 900+ of the web novel. It also comes with a poster and different freebies for each book. 

Volume 1-  Ye Xiu Cover. Comes with Happy web cafe notebook, ‘special’ receipts (lol)

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“David and the Ruby Cavalier” - Digital Oil Painting

“Isn’t she sweet? So calm. And I’m not even sneezing!”

For me, there are few things finer than David Tennant in a soft powder blue jumper, holding a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, with that sweet smile on his face.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

PunkPoemProse’s Frozen Fic Masterpost

A little collection of everything I’ve ever written for this fandom (In order by date of publish within each subheading).

Updated as of: 6/12/17


  1. -Stormy Weather
  2. -Secrets Shared
  3. -Hard Work
  4. -Building Snowmen
  5. -The Plan (NSFW)
  6. -Iced Coffee
  7. -New Year’s Kiss
  8. -Tie Me Up (NSFW)
  9. -Dirty Work (NSFW)
  10. -April Showers
  11. -In This Diary [Modern AU]
  12. -Jealousy
  13. -Home (NSFW)
  14. -Is This Seat Taken? [Modern AU]
  15. Childhood Games
  16. Apple Picking
  17. Kiss
  18. Dance With Me [Modern AU]
  19. Sorcery (Part 7/12 In the Kristanna Past Life AU Collab)
  20. Green Card [Modern AU]
  21. Valentine [Modern AU]
  22. Little Bear
  23. A Valiant Effort
  24. The Sash

Answers to Prompts/ Asks

-The Harvest: (Complete)

-Rescue [Modern AU]

-Naked Soul [Stripper AU]

-A Tale As Old As Ice [Beauty and the Beast AU]

-Where We Live [Modern AU] (Complete with occasional additions)

-Rain and Sunshine [Regency/ Pride and Prejudice AU] (Complete)

-Ice and Warmth [Kristoff Weekend 2017]

- Frozen Advent Calendar 2014:
(Series of One-shots)

  1. December 1st- In Sickness
  2. December 2nd- Cave In
  3. December 3rd- Little Kicks
  4. December 4th- Fondue
  5. December 5th- Keys to the Kingdom
  6. December 6th- Home
  7. December 7th- The Master Storyteller
  8. December 8th- Sledding
  9. December 9th- One Year
  10. December 10th- The Ball
  11. December 11th- Surprise
  12. December 12th- Hot Spring (Continuation of Surprise, NSFW)
  13. December 13th- Ice Skating
  14. December 14th- The Past
  15. December 15th- Bracelet
  16. December 16th- Blindfolds
  17. December 17th- Library
  18. December 18th- Silent Summer Night
  19. December 19th- Portrait
  20. December 20th- Fruit Cocktail
  21. December 21st- Melodies
  22. December 22nd- Snowflakes
  23. December 23rd- Rescue
  24. December 24th- Kristoff Claus
  25. December 25th- A Very Merry Arendelle Christmas

- Frozen Advent Calendar 2015:
(Series of One-shots)

  1. December 1st- Dreams
  2. December 2nd- Roller Derby [Modern AU]
  3. December 3rd- Kittens
  4. December 4th- Tarot [Modern AU]
  5. December 5th- Sled
  6. December 6th- Fireman’s Ball [Modern AU]
  7. December 7th- Blooms
  8. December 8th- Rain [Modern AU]
  9. December 9th- Crystal
  10. December 10th- Coaster [Modern AU]
  11. December 11th- Candle Light (Continuation of Sled)
  12. December 12th- Professor (NSFW)
  13. December 13th- Mountain Spirit

- Frozen Advent Calendar 2016:

  1. December 1st- Kissing a Stranger [Modern AU]
  2. December 2nd- Bundled
  3. December 3rd- Sometime Around Midnight [Modern AU]      
  4. December 4th- Clothes          
  5. December 5th- Because The Night   (Part II of Sometime Around Midnight) [Modern AU]
  6. December 6th- Prank War
  7. December 7th- The Librarian [Modern AU]
  8. December 8th- Skiing Lessons
  9. December 9th- Where We Live: 18&21 [Modern AU]
  10. December 10th- Wingman
  11. December 11th- Where We Live: 21&24 [Modern AU]
  12. December 12th- Perfection
  13. December 13th- Where We Live: 24&27 [Modern AU]
  14. December 14th- Music
  15. December 15th- Coffee [Modern AU]
  16. December 16th- Christmas Eve Wedding
  17. December 17th- The Body Guard [Modern Royalty AU]
  18. December 18th- Troll Wedding (Sequel to Christmas Eve Wedding)
  19. December 19th- A [Modern AU]
  20. December 20th- Wedding Night (NSFW WIP)
  21. December 21st- A New Hope [Modern AU/ Star Wars AU]