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TV Show Feels!

I both hate and love when a tv show can elicit a strong emotional response from me because if I’m crying for these characters, you know the writers did something right and I love them, but at the same time, I’m crying over something that was just words on paper at one point and I can’t handle it and am sitting there like a crazy person with tears running down my face so I hate it.. Like I came out here to have a good time and am honestly feeling so attacked right now.

The collector’s edition of the novel. There are 18 volumes and one volume is released every month. Currently there are 10 volumes which cover around chapter 900+ of the web novel. It also comes with a poster and different freebies for each book. 

Volume 1-  Ye Xiu Cover. Comes with Happy web cafe notebook, ‘special’ receipts (lol)

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I loved you in December, then I didn’t. 

Washed my mouth out with dirt and holy wine, abstained, fasted after sundown, ate my mother’s pearls. I licked the conch shell curve of your ear until you blushed, cleansed with salt and bitter root, fell in love with you every time we woke up, even on mornings we didn’t want to. There were mornings we didn’t want to.

I found your mouth like summer fruit, coughed up my heart beneath an almond tree. Tasted you like silver and collapsed in you like gold. Folded my hands between yours like a prayerbook and prayed to you like a god.

And so it goes, amen.


On my redbubble store you can now find the calendar that took me MONTHS to put together! 13 pieces of new, custom art work lovingly created to celebrate 25 years of an amazing show! When you buy it you get heavily detailed pictures like the one above (which is the COVER) and some with MUCH MORE DETAIL. 

Price: 24.20

(I just wish the preview image of the calendar didn’t compress the images so much.. They aren’t pixely I promise)



G-d, you love November so much, let her wear your sweaters and cut your hair, my G-d, you reek with adoration, let it rise from your mouth like smoke. November’s got a neck like oak tree, touches you like autumn, cold feet trapped between your shins. November kisses you like leaf fall, turns warm under your touch, lights fire in the hearth of you. You love her, you love her, you do not own her but you let her claim her side of the bed. You love her, you love her, you do not own her but she lives inside you now.

November wants to come home to you; let her come home.