a calendar series

“David and the Ruby Cavalier” - Digital Oil Painting

“Isn’t she sweet? So calm. And I’m not even sneezing!”

For me, there are few things finer than David Tennant in a soft powder blue jumper, holding a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, with that sweet smile on his face.

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The signs as popular Christmas songs

Aries: Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee)

Taurus: Santa Baby (Kylie Minogue)

Gemini: Have yourself a merry little Christmas (Michael Buble)

Cancer: Last Christmas (Wham!)

Leo: I wish it could be Christmas everyday (Wizzard)

Virgo: Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! (Dean Martin)

Libra: Jingle Bell Rock (Bobby Helms)

Scorpio: Merry Xmas Everybody (Slade)

Sagittarius: Fairytale of New York (The Pogues)

Capricorn: Happy Christmas /war is over/ (John Lennon)

Aquarius: Do they know it’s Christmas? (Band Aid 20)

Pisces: All I want for Christmas is you (Mariah Carey)

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bbcdoctorwho“I have the feeling we’re going to be very busy…” #DoctorWho returns on Saturday 15 April…
That’s one month today! 🙌😁

฀฀ #TimeForHeroes

Decided to go digital because ctrl+z.

For those who haven’t been around my blog for long (I recommend checking out my tags #the Herd and #dinosaur headworld for more info), I’ve been planning an art project, possibly a series of calendars, or an art book or something along those lines for a few years now. The idea is to follow the lives of a tribe of anthropomorphized troodons (as in sentient dinosaurs, not human-dinosaur hybrids) and their herd of domesticated einiosaurus cows. To explore their culture and everyday life as well as provide me an excuse to geek out over getting to draw dinosaurs.

I decided long ago to avoid using scientific species names in the dinosaur project thingy for immersion’s sake, as I’m considering having the little narration to be from the point of view of the dinosaurs themselves. The troodons call themselves “the singing people”. (And I totally drew them too big compared to that einio, dangit.)

Paper’s Map of (current) Headworlds

Oh gosh I have so many… In order of priority:

High priority worlds:


Number one top dog actually in the process of being made for realsies, maybe about 1/3 on its way to being honest to goodness finished.  #wurr

The Herd

Dinahsawwrrssss! More art book-y stuff, less plot heavy. Originally planned as a series of calendars, but we’ll see how it goes. Following the life of the feathered shepherds (< still want to use that title somewhere in this project).  #The Herd

Simon’s zoo

Also art book, possibly in the form of year in the life of the zoo from the point of view of a human (Pony’s girlfriend most likely).  #Simon’s zoo

Lower priority worlds (that I still want to do someday, but less immediate):

That One Fantasy Setting I Still Don’t Have A Name For
- I love these characters to bits, and would absolutely love to write stories of them
- Kind of… light on the plot side ATM.
#I STILL don’t have proper tag for this setting

Troll thing
- TROLLS! I friggin’ love trolls
- Art book-y thing again, so relatively easygoing project
- Trolls
- Vikingey setting: love the visuals, love the feeling, love everything
- Trolls
- Probably the easiest marketable thing I have
- Have I mentioned how I love drawing trolls?
- I stole Hulga and Tekla of the Murderburd setting from THIS setting, because I thought I could never get this setting done. I have since worked out the problems that prevented me from making this setting. So I’d need Hulga and Tekla back, except that their life would be different and Murderburd and Winny are banned from this setting. Bummer.
- Seriously the Murderburd thing is the only thing keeping this one from being lifted to the high priority headworld classification. Maybe after I get the dinosaur thing bumped off to “done”?

Triaformica setting
- TRIAFORMICA! Gosh I still love those things
- Also excuse to have scifi elements (read: let’s have MORE fun playing with biology and anatomy!)
- Plot, what plot?

- Fantasy setting with flying dragon ships and sky pirates and magic and winged humanoids and stuff
- Actually has some plot stuffs to back it up
- This is my oldest still surviving headworld. It’s old. I made it up when I was still a teenager. Ohgosh I can still feel my teenager brain just oozing all over it…

A Fantasy Story Based On Vaguely Ancient Egypt-y Setting
- Like the characters
- Like the setting
- Actually has story too!
- Has no visual style. At all. What are the protagonists? Are they human? Elves? Some weird anthropomorphic animal thingies? Nobody knows.

Extraneous things (nice waste of time that’s just fun to draw but can’t ever be used to real storystuffs/making a living because not my intellectual property):

Murderburd setting
Draco stryx ARPG. This would be the most fun thing ever, if it didn’t conflict with the troll setting. It did teach me how to watercolors, though, and I’ll forever be grateful for that.  #murderburding

The Fluffmuppet saga
Kukuri ARPG. These things are just RIDICULOUSLY APPEALING for me to draw. Seriously, did somebody dig around in my brain to find all the most fun visuals to make me tick or something? #the fluffmuppet saga

Three different things with Pokémon in them
- The “nuzlocke” (please stop asking about it, I don’t know if I continue it or not, but smothering my interest with constant passive aggressive demands isn’t making me want to)
- The Bugcatcher Jim thing. I want to restart it and make it better.  #adventures of bugcatcher Jim
- ????? (the likelyhood of me ever getting to make this are currently so low that I rather not advertise it)

Also other world scraps here and there, though nothing major. There was a dragon setting, but I don’t see that becoming too high priority anytime soon.

“Spin the Bottle” Fanfic ideas

I loooved seeing Teen!Liam meet Teen! Cordelia, and Teen! Wes meet Teen! Fred, but it makes me wonder…what would it be like if that happened to my other Buffy-verse OTPs? I bet Cheerleader! Buffy and Mopey Poet! William would be all over each other, Swedish! Aud and Season 1! Xander having no idea what to make of each other, and shy Teen! Willow and Teen! Tara being the most adorable stutterers around each other. And maybe Ripper meeting Janna the Gypsy girl, and Teen! Faith meeting Cheer squad Buffy…The possibilities are endless, people!