a ca awkward

Cas watching a bunch of romantic comedy movies, spending an entire day on Netflix just binging his way through them. Dean coming back to find him practically square-eyed, lost in a world of I do’s and I will’s and I always have’s.

“Why are you watching this crap,” Dean says, amused and folding his arms, as Sandra Bullock dances onscreen. Cas shrugs slightly, awkward. He turns the volume down.

“It’s fun,” he says, a note of caution in his voice. “To watch. I never realised… how easy it could be.”

“Easy?” Dean shifts his weight, a slight frown appearing.

“Yes. I didn’t realise that… things… could be so simple. The movies are less than two hours long. The people say how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking… I didn’t realise it could be like that. I thought it was always…”

A silence rings. Dean’s cheeks are slightly pink. Cas is watching the screen determinedly.

“They’ve got a script,” Dean says. He clears his throat. “We’re better at ripping those up than reading from ‘em.”

“We are,” Cas agrees. Sandra Bullock had stopped dancing.

“Still,” Dean says. “You’d look good dancing like that.” Cas shoots him a soft glare.

“You’d be the one dancing,” he says. “Obviously.”

Dean grins, and rolls his eyes. “Yeah,” he says. “Sure.”

The next time Cas walks past the kitchen, he sees Dean with his headphones in, shaking his hips, whirling a dishcloth around with one hand, dancing a little dirty to a beat that Cas can’t hear. He considers pretending not to have seen, and then takes a step inside.

“Told you,” he says, as Dean comes to a sudden stop. “You look good when you do that.”

Saying what you’re thinking isn’t so hard, Cas thinks as he walks away, leaving Dean bright pink and happily flustered. He’s going to try it again soon.

Ok but can someone please write a smut about this gif? Like hot damn, I need an angry sex smut written from this 😍😍😍

This. I was just watching Supernatural, and then I see this. Dean and Cas are literally lost in each other’s eyes. They look like they’re standing at an alter about to get married. And Sam’s just back there as a third wheel, and you can just tell that he feels awkward. He can see something’s going on. That’s even better because the title of the episode is “The Third Man”. Sam is literally the third man. He looks so unamoosed. It looks like he’s just thinking, “Oh my gosh, guys. You’re making the moose uncomfortable. Just kiss already, but not in front of moose. Moose would feel awkward.” Too perfect

Dean loves a lot of things about being with Castiel.
He never thought he’d admit that. Figured they’d dance around each in that idiotic way they had for fucking years. But after the soul bomb and Mary, after almost losing Sam and almost losing each other–why. Why fucking do this to each other?
How they got together wasn’t the point. It was just the inevitable, a messy kiss, a wide eyed stare and a stumbling confession. It was just Sam’s smug smile and Mary’s confused, I thought they were together and Cas’s small pleased smile when Dean rolled his eyes but tugged the rumpled angel closer.
No, how it happened wasn’t the point and that it happened wasn’t the point. The point was it did happen and he loved it. He loved the way Cas was there, so goddamn present it made his chest ache in the best way. He loved the way Cas–Cas, who looks awkward and unnatural in every fucking place–looks adorable and right when he’s in Dean’s bed. He loves the way Cas has no fucking filter and will ask, his voice a calm rumble, for a blow job in the library, while Sam is trying to read lore.
He especially loves the baffled look Castiel gives him, when Sam storms away, protesting, Sam knows we’re intimate! And a grumpy, I didn’t mean right now that fades into incoherent moans when Dean goes to his knees, Cas pushed back against the bookshelves.
He loves that Cas cuddles, is fucking starved for it, so Dean doesn’t even need to ask, because Dean might be fucking the angel, might be in love with the angel, might be ok with Cas shuffling up to press kisses to his neck while Dean hands him coffee, he might be in a relationship but he’s not a fucking cuddler, and he’s not going to beg for that, even if he wants it so damn bad it hurts.
He loves the way Cas anticipates what he needs, in bed and on a hunt and in the diners and while they drive. He loves that nothing about them has changed, and everything about them has changed.
But what he loves the most? What drives him completely crazy, every fucking time, is Castiel falling apart.
Since the day they met, Cas has always been calm. Unaffected. The quiet calm center that Dean could rely on, when the rest of the world inevitably fell to shit.
But it changes, when Dean has the angel sprawled out, miles of naked skin and want. Cas unravels so damn quick, his eyes wide and wild, his voice wrecked and desperate as Dean takes his time with the angel, trailing wet open mouthed kisses over his chest and that fucking tattoo, biting just enough to raise a mark, and feel Cas writhe against him. He loves the way Cas can’t keep still, the low rough begging as Dean takes his time. He loves the noise Cas makes, when he finally takes his cock, the hot weight of it so fucking perfect in his mouth he has to take a second to get control of himself, and Cas is whining, this hitching noise that is almost a sob and so broken it couldn’t possibly be coming from his angel.
He loved the way Cas makes a choked scream, when Dean fingers him open, brushing light and deliberate against that spot, and he’s begging, his hips rolling up to fucking into Dean’s mouth before thrusting back down on those damn clever fingers, please, please, fuck, dean, yes, please, god, more.
And he gives it. He gives the angel everything. His mouth to fuck, his fingers to ride, his cock when the angel sobs, he gives it all up and never thinks twice because every fucking piece he offers up shatters Castiel a little more, until he’s clinging to the hunter, these broken little moans sliding free every time Dean thrusts into him, and his eyes are shining but it’s not grace it’s just Dean and all the love he’s got for the man, and when Castiel comes, it’s untouched and he whispers, clear and unmistakable, I love you and Dean groans, his whole body shaking as he comes in Cas, buried deep and feeling the angel twitch.
It’s the thing he loves most.
Not the sex, which is amazing. It’s that every time, every. Fucking. Time. He takes the angel apart. He loves that Castiel allows it, is helpless to stop it.
He loved that Castiel trusts him to put the angel back together. He needs Cas to be as shattered as he is.
He loves that they are broken and whole, together.

12X07 "Rock Never Dies" SPOILERS

Dean using the word Twerking

Cas will never be spelled “Cass” I don’t care if it’s canon its Cas.

Cas’ awkward smile while on the phone with his boyfriend

Agent Beyoncé and Jay Z back at it

The dad from K.C Undercover is working for Crowley? …ok cool


Dean holding a whole convo with Sam wearing headphones and lying about listening to Ladyheart and calling it research and getting embarrassed and defensive about it

Reference to Season 2 scary movie episode in LA

“Is Vince Bae, Nae, or Daddy?” im screECHING OH MY GOD THEY KNOW WHAT WE DO


Crowley calling Cas “Feathers”

Crowley’s sunglasses indoors


Crazy fan girl

“Yay.” -The Most Done Angel in the Garrison

Scary Crowley *swoon*

“I’m on keys!” -Cute lil Sammy

Sam and Dean in leather hOLY



While answering his phone Misha had a cut on his hand. UM I WANT ANSWERS? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY??

Cas thinking Luci is his responsibility makes me sad

Poor Tommy never wanted this

Crowley: The Little Rascal

Sam and Dean are probably the tallest people in this whole crowd

“Step off Dad” -Punk kid to Dean

Jurassic Park reference




Crowley looking a lil bit like Glenn from the Walking Dead

Not the Winchesters, the Slowlylosingchesters

Poor Sammy one of his favorite bands are dead

**Promo Bonus**

The midsession finale is next week already?!


Jay Z and Beyoncé working the case at the coroners office WITH Sam and Dean


fingers crossed we get to use the grenade launcher next week

Some Assembly Required
DCBB 2016

story by narrow-staircases || art by hellosaidthemoonisafangirl

It’s September of 2005, and Dean Winchester, in an attempt to outrun old mistakes and painful memories, finds himself in southern Kentucky on a wild goose chase. He’s completely certain this weird religious movement he’s “investigating” is a hoax, despite the miraculous healings people report, and he’ll be back on the road in a day or two. Things are looking up when he meets Cas, an awkward (and gorgeous) graduate student who’s actually doing honest-to-god research into the local tent revival meetings. When that research takes a weird and personal turn, Dean’s left to face two very serious realities: one, this may be a real case after all, and two, he’s fallen way harder for Cas than he should ever have let himself.

47k words; rated mature; warnings for language, sexual content, and brief mentions of homophobia

Read it on ao3!

Drabble Games #46 and #49: “Hey, have you seen the-” and “Well, this is awkward.” (Cas x reader)

Requested by sm00thles. I hope you like it! XOXO

You peeled off your shirt and stood in front of the bathroom mirror to assess the injury. The cut across your collar bone was long and deep, but it wasn’t the worst injury you’d had since you became a hunter.
You carefully removed your bra, making sure the strap didn’t further aggravate the wound. After turning on the sink to let the water heat up, you reached for a clean towel. Hopefully, you would get all the excess blood washed off and see that the wound didn’t need stitches.
“Hey.” The deep voice echoed off the bathroom walls. “Have you seen the-”
You whirled around to find Cas, staring at your bare chest with wide eyes. You quickly covered your chest with your hands.
“Cas! You can’t just pop in wherever you want! This is a bathroom. Where people expect privacy!” Your words would have carried more dignity if you hadn’t been half naked and holding your own breasts.
“Well…this is awkward. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you would be undressed. I just needed…wait. You’re hurt.” Cas narrowed his eyes at your shoulder.
“I’m fine. Now please wait for me somewhere else, and I’ll be out in a few minutes, okay?”
“I can heal you.” Cas moved toward you with an extended hand.
“No!” You nearly shouted the word at him. “I’m sorry, Cas, I really appreciate the offer. It’s just…It just feels strange when you do that. This cut is not a big deal, so let’s save the miraculous healing for mortal wounds only, okay?”
Cas nodded. “Can I at least help you clean it?”
You held out the washcloth to Cas and sat down on the edge of the tub as Cas held it under the hot water. You were exhausted, and it would be nice to have someone take care of you. You pulled your t-shirt off the floor and wrapped it around you, a makeshift tube top to keep you covered while Cas worked.
Cas’ hands were warm and gentle as he cleaned the blood off. You watched his serious face as he concentrated, noticing how his blue eyes darkened.
“You really should be more careful, Y/N.” He looked up at you. There was so much concern in his face, and…was that fear, too? Any embarrassment or irritation at Cas was gone, and you reached out to hold his face in both hands.
“I’m fine, Cas. Really. Thank you.” You kissed him on the cheek, holding your lips to his skin just a second longer than you should.
Cas simply smiled at you, put the washcloth back on the counter, and then he was gone.
You kept your t-shirt wrapped around you as you walked down the hallway to your room. You were surprised to find Dean standing at your door.
“Did Cas find what he needed?” Dean grinned.
You smacked his shoulder. “It was you? You sent him in there?”
“Just trying to help, sweetheart.”
“Don’t ‘sweetheart me.”  You slammed your door shut and listened to Dean’s chuckle fade as he left you alone.
You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t stop the smile that followed.

DESTIEL BECOMES CANON at the end of an episode like dean and cas kiss and the screen cuts to black executive producers jeremu carvman stay tuned for scenes from next week’s sooperbloop

THE NEXT EPISODE starts with a shot of dean walking into the bunker’s kitchen and he’s wiping sleep from his eyes and maybe wearing his robe and when he gets to the coffee pot cas is already there in nothin but his disheveled dress shirt and boxers and so dean props his chin on cas’ shoulder and squeezes his hip and knocks his forehead against cas’ cheek and is like “hey”

and sam comes in and is like “did i miss something”

and dean and cas jump apart all awkward and dean scratches his head while cas just squints and dean’s like “we, uh, this is uh–it’s kind of uhhh”

and sam shakes his head and waves them off like “don’t hurt yourself. so there’s this case…”