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Sleep: Interrupted - Theo Raeken

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word count: 4627
summary: y/n finds theo sleeping in his truck, and it tugs on her heartstrings in such a way that she offers him a place in her bed.
warnings: gets a lil steamy, swearing, reader was low key abandoned by her parents
a/n: an anon asked for something somewhat like this when i was already writing it so i hope you like it :)
(written in theo’s pov)

I just want sleep.  It’s really all I need, one good night’s sleep.  Just one.  But for some reason, the Beacon Hills Police Department don’t think I deserve such a luxury.

Tonight was the ninth time that I’ve been woken up by one of the deputies.  I didn’t even say anything, just shoved my keys into the ignition and drove off.  I hadn’t slept peacefully for a full night, in over a week.

And to think, every other person my age right now is excitedly looking into colleges, waiting for letters to come, buying supplies for dorms and school.  But not me.  I missed enough school that I wasn’t eligible to graduate.  I’d be stuck in this town forever.

It was almost midnight when I just decided to pull over on the side of the road, and fall asleep there.  If I got interrupted by another cop, then so be it, but it can’t even be safe for me to be driving.  I could very easily fall asleep at the wheel.

I parked my truck and crawled into the backseat, settling on the blanket back there and pulling my hood over my head.  I relaxed and was so close to passing out when I heard a knocking.

“Alright you know what” I grumbled, sitting up.  “I know I’m not allowed to do this but I’ve got nowhere to-” I froze, seeing who was on the other side of the window.  It was y/n.

“Theo?” She called quietly, her brows crinkled together in confusion and what was maybe… worry?

“y/n?” I replied, rolling down the window to speak to her more clearly.  “What are you doing out here?” I asked.

y/n was one of the three humans in the McCall pack, also including Stiles and Mason.  Surprisingly, I knew nothing about her.  While practically every other member of the pack I was very familiar with.  Mostly because of the Dread Doctors thing, but it never concerned y/n, since she was a human.  Sure, I needed to know everything I could about Stiles because he was a threat and had close ties with Scott, and when Mason turned out to be the Beast,, I did my research on him too, but not y/n.  The only thing I’d ever picked up on from her was her shyness, her intelligence, and her kindness.

“I was walking, what are doing out here?” She replied, her hands on her hips as though she were scolding me.

“Well I was sleeping” I stated, and she laughed, rolling her eyes a little.

“I gathered that much, why are you sleeping out here? In your truck?” She asked, her sarcastic tone fading and concern filling it’s place.

“Oh, uh..” I pushed my hood off and rubbed the back of my head.  “Well I- you see after… I just-”

“Do you need a place to stay?” She asked softly, her thumbnail between her teeth as she looked at me nervously.  My brows rose in surprise at her offer.

“You sure about that?” I asked, half expecting her to bust out laughing before telling me to go to hell.

“Well. if you give me a ride home, I’ll let you stay overnight” She said in a voice so sweet that I couldn’t decline her.

“Okay” I said befor I could think about the answer.  y/n smiled, and walked around the truck to get into the passenger’s seat.  I made my way up front, zipping my jacket up further as I realized it was practically open.  I couldn’t tear my eyes off of her as I turned on the truck.

Why would she offer me this? Why would she even talk to me? And how’d she even notice and recognize my truck? What was she doing out here in the first place? Walking at 11:45 at night in Beacon Hills? Did she have a death wish?

“Uh, Theo?” She spoke, jogging me from my thoughts.

“Sorry, yeah?” I asked, blinking and noticing her big y/e/c round eyes were set on mine, a blush on her cheeks.

“You gonna keep staring or are you gonna drive?” She said, her words confident, but her voice soft.  I turned away quickly, pulling back onto the road as she told me where I was driving to.

“Sorry I just… what’re you doing?” y/n rose an eyebrow at me, her lips pursed.

“Could you repeat the question?” She asked in a mocking voice that I couldn’t quite tell what she was mimicking but chuckled anyways.

“Here? What are you doing here?” I restated, casting a quick glance to her, my gaze lingering as the streetlights lit up her features in a beautiful sort of way.  I turned back to face front quickly.

“I’m here so you can give me a ride home” She said, and I gave her a bored look, making her sigh.  “I’m here because you were sleeping in your truck because you’ve got nowhere else to sleep and it’s clearly uncomfortable and no one deserves that” She told me.

“Not even me?” I asked impulsively, and instantly regretted saying it out loud.  But her head turned from where she was looking out the window, her curious eyes set on me again as she spoke.

“And why would you deserve to sleep in the back of a car?” She asked, her voice velvety.  I don’t know how, but it was, and it was a sweet sound to listen to.  But I gave her a puzzled look.

“Do you realize who you’re talking to?” I asked timidly.  “Theo Raeken? I broke up your pack? Ruined, everyone’s, lives?” When she didn’t answer after a few moments, I looked over at her, to see her smiling gently, before looking away and staring out the window.

“Not mine” She said.  “Besides, didn’t you go to hell for that?”

“Yeah but-”

“Then it seems like you’ve already suffered the consequences” She all but whispered out.  I didn’t say anything, but the rest of the ride I kept stealing glances over at her.

How had I never noticed how absolutely breathtaking she was before?

She had me park about a block away from her home, in a parking space at a small bookshop that I assumed was near her neighborhood.  We got out and I began to walk with her when she grabbed my wrist.  I instantly turned to face her, the contact shocking me a little.

“Don’t you want some of your things?” She asked me, her thumb jerking over her shoulder to point to the truck.

“It’s just one night I didn’t-”

“Well maybe, but one night of good sleep in a bed, might as well enjoy it to it’s fullest and wear pajamas” She said in that gentle voice that I couldn’t argue against.  So I just nodded and heading back to collect some clothes.  “Charge your phone too” She piped up.  “Those things always die when we-” She stopped talking when I turned to face her, freezing up upon realizing she had been standing right behind me and was now incredibly close.  “-need them most” She finished shakily, blinking a few times before shaking her head and stepping back.  I slung my backpack over my shoulder.

“That’s everything” I said, closing the car door and locking the truck again before shoving the keys into my pocket.  y/n led the way as we began walking again.

“Sorry you have to park so far, my parents are home and I don’t need them making any… assumptions” I nodded, chuckling a little.

“I’m sure you bring guys home all the time” I said sarcastically, and she turned to me, smirking with a quirked brow as she linked her hands behind her back.  “That was sarcasm” I said quickly, and she was the one to laugh this time.

“And what made you use it?” She asked.  “What makes you think I’m not constantly bringing boys from the side of the road home with me?”

“Doesn’t seem like something you’d do” I replied with a shrug.

“Oh? And you know me so well?” She said pointedly, and again, I shrugged my shoulders.

“No, but from what I’ve seen so far, doesn’t seem like you”

“And what seems like me?” I looked at her, but when I found her eyes already on mine I looked away again, hiking my bag further up on my shoulder as we continued our walk.

“A quiet book girl who got mixed up in the wrong group of friends and was forced to move on from a normal life for something far more thrilling- and not in the good way” I said.  She snorted a laugh, shaking her head.

“You know nothing about me, do you Theo Raeken?”

“Well I wouldn’t exactly call you my best friend” I replied.

“So you’re saying you have friends?” She asked, and I rolled my eyes, giving her a look that only made her smile and shake her head.

“You don’t know me either” I countered.

“Don’t I?” She said, and from her expression I could tell she knew more about me than I knew about me.  “Theo Raeken, chimera, werewolf, werecoyote, a build a bear of a supernatural creature” She said with a small laugh at her own joke.  “Your parents left you and your sister a long time ago, I know the backstory, quite tragic, made me sad to hear what the Doctors made you do” y/n frowned, an expression I didn’t like to see on her pretty face.  “Becoming something far different than Beacon Hills had seen before, the first successful chimera sometime a year and a half ago give or take” She said with a shrug.  It was like she was reciting a speech to me.  “Worth about nine million on the deadpool”

“How’d you-”

“- know that?” She finished, looking over at me, and I nodded in confirmation.  “Because I was on the list sweetheart” y/n told me, and her eyes momentarily flashed a bright green color.

“Green?” I thought aloud.  “I thought you were…”

“Human?” She asked, and I nodded again, at a loss of words for the girl walking next to me.  “Nope, I’m quite like you Raeken” She said, popping her lips a few times.  “In the sense of being something different” She looked down, and I could see her hands wringing together anxiously behind her back.

“And what are you?” I asked her quietly, not wanting to push, but my curiosity getting the better of me.

“A Bisaan” She said, her hands tightening on themselves.  A what? “A spirit really, think of it as a kitsune if that makes it easier”

“Nothing about this town is easy” I told her, making her chuckle bitterly.

“Well I’m possessed by something I barely understand and have been since I was a little girl.  So nothing’s ever been easy” She spoke in a whisper.

“You seem to hold yourself together very well for someone who finds life difficult” I commented.

“Everyone finds life difficult” She said blatantly.  “Everyone’s depressed, anxious, nervous, everyone’s thought about death, not always in a suicidal sort of way, but we’ve all wanted to die at times” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t know what to say, she was completely right.  “Haven’t you? Correct me if I’m wrong”

“I was, well I sort of was” I told her.  “But here I am, I suppose” She watched me intently for a moment.  “My days in hell were limited, but up here I feel even more so”

“You think you’re going to die soon?” I shrugged.

“Seems likely, don’t see anyone ‘round here who wants me staying here” She gave me a soft smile.

“Well I enjoy your company Theo Raeken.  Even if I was going to kill you”

“You were going to kill me?” I asked, giving her a surprised look.  She nodded simply, her smile still present.  “When? I’d ask why but everyone in the McCall pack wanted me dead-”

“Before then” She said softly.  “Junior year, I was going to”

“I wasn’t even going to Beacon Hills High then” I said, and she shook her head.

“No, but you were on the deadpool, and I needed the money” I gestured wildly around her neighborhood, of large houses and green lawns.

“You needed the money?” She giggled, her eyes lighting up with delight that I could see even in the dark.

“My parents’ wealth has nothing to do with me, none of it goes towards me” y/n said.  “No college fund, nothing.  I even do my own grocery shopping” I looked at her with astonishment.  “Before you ask why, they know about me.  Me being a supernatural that is”

“And that has to do with this how?”

“They don’t like it.  But I’m still seventeen so they can’t kick me out” She said with a shrug that made my heart lurch.  I physically felt it slow down in beating.  “You’re sad, don’t be sad” She said quickly, her brows drawn together as she looked at me.

“What? Can you read chemosignals?” She giggled again and shook her head.

“No silly I’m not a were-creature like you” y/n said.  “I see it, in your eyes”


“Well not like, poetically or anything I mean seriously, when I look at them I can see what you’re feeling” She said.  I nodded, licking over my lips, unsure of what to say to that.

“Huh” Was all I could manage.

“You’re surprised?” She asked, and I nodded at her, making her laugh again.

I wish she’d keep laughing.

“Would you have tried to act differently if you knew that?” She pondered, and I gave her a look.

“What do you mean?”

“Hide your emotions like you already try to” She stated bluntly.

“What? I don’t-”

“Liar” She stated again, cutting me off.  I didn’t speak out again.  “I already know everything you’re feeling Raeken, you couldn’t hide it from me if you tried your hardest” She turned down a sidewalk swiftly and I jogged a little to catch up with her.

“I doubt that”

“Oh really?” She smirked a little.  “Let’s see, you’re drowning in your own guilt and regret, but anybody with regular ol’ eyes can see that” She said with a wink that made my mouth go dry.  “You’re sad, the depressed kind, more so than I usually see but it makes sense from all the self pity and guilt that you’re wallowing in.  If you could get drunk, I’d take you right to the bar and buy you a drink” I smiled a little in appreciation of her offer, silently wishing I could drink.

“I don’t think Deaton likes me enough to lend me some wolfsbane to spike my own drinks” I said, and y/n shrugged.  “So I’m sad and guilty all the time, big surprise.  What a superpower you have”

“I didn’t say I was finished” She said, her small laugh returning me and reminding me that I do, in fact, have a heart.

“Then do continue”

“You like me.  Which surprised me a little, but also not I guess.  Probably because I was the first person to help you out… in a while I suppose”

When I didn’t say anything, she turned and looked at me, her eyes rounded as she cocked her head to the side.

“What?” She prompted.

“I don’t- I just met you” She giggled, shaking her head and running a hand through her hair.

“I can see your emotions remember? You adore me” She said cheekily and poked her finger to my cheek.


“Mmhmm” She said, swaying back and forth cutely.  “You liiiike meeee” She sing songed, her expression turning happy and bright, making me involuntarily smile.

“Yeah well,” He rubbed the back of my head.  “I’m a stranger to you and you offered me a bed in your home”

“You weren’t a stranger to me.  I’m the stranger” y/n said, and her small hand latched around my wrist as she pulled me up a driveway.  “This is me, but you gotta go to the backyard and climb to my window, okay?” I nodded, and she want up to her front door before I could ask her anything.

So did she like me back? Is that why she mentioned it? I wasn’t sure.  I tried not to think about it as I made my way to her backyard.  I took a moment to look around, just out of general curiosity.  It definitely made her look loaded.  There was a fucking water fountain with those creepy stone angel babies that spurted the water back into the fountain.  And she got none of the money they made? I mean, her parent’s banking was none of my business, and I am in no position to be giving financial advice..

But that seemed like bullshit.

“Hey!” I jerked my head up when I heard a whisper scream, and saw y/n leaning out of her open window, giving me a perplexed look.  “You want to sleep out there when it’s gonna rain, or in here in a bed with fresh warm sheets?” I rolled my eyes, and jumped up slightly, grabbing the side of the roof and hoisting myself on it.  Then walking awkwardly over to her window.  y/n was just leaning on the sill as I approached it.  “Romeo Romeo” She said in a fake posh accent, causing me to laugh.

“Well, now I know one more thing about you” I told her as she stepped aside so I could climb inside.

“Uh huh, and what’s that?”

“That you, are a huge dork” She giggled, closing the window once I was standing in her room.

It was… bare.  In a word.

The walls were painted grey, nothing hanging on them.  There was a dresser, a bookshelf, a desk, and her bed.  But those were the only pieces of furniture in her large room, but it only made it look bigger because not much occupied it.  I felt like I could run laps in here and still break a sweat.

“What? Why are you looking around like that?” She asked, drawing me back from my thoughts.  All I could think was, you deserve better than this.  “Stop that”

“Stop what?”

“Stop pitying me” She spoke like it was venom in her mouth.

“What I’m not-”

“Emotion reader, remember?” She asked blankly, the light that had previously been in her eyes completely gone, replaced by a vacant stare.

“Sorry” Was all I could think to say.  She walked past me, shrugging her jacket off of her shoulders, and hanging it up in her closet.  I just stood awkwardly in the middle of the room while she walked around, straightening out things that were already perfectly placed.  “y/n?”

“What?” She replied quicker than I thought.

“Do you want me to go?” She looked over at me, silent as her eyes flicked between mine, and a soft smile pulled on her lips.

“No” She spoke softly.  My brows furrowed.

“What was that?”

“What was what?” She questioned, going back to her pointless organizing

“That look you gave me, what was it?” I repeated.  She shrugged her shoulders innocently.

“Nothing.  I just like reading you” My eyes narrowed as my shoulders rose.

“You like reading me?” I asked, and she nodded.

“Uh huh, your feelings are very strong” She said.  “All of them” She added, opening a notebook and flipping through it thoughtfully.

“Um, okay” Was all I said, and I looked around some more, without moving my feet.  It’d feel weird to just start walking around her room.

“Just sit down or something” She said without looking over.

“Do you read minds too?” She chuckled and shook her head, her eyes still on the paper.

“No, it’s just weird with you standing there, stop it”

“You tell me to stop a lot” I mumbled, sitting down hesitantly on the end of her bed.  She turned and looked at me, her same smile on her lips.

“Well, stop doing things that make me want to kill you”

“But you wouldn’t get the money for it anymore” I said, quirking a brow before smirking.

“No, but it’d still pay off wouldn’t it?” I didn’t say anything, just gaped at her a little.  “Though I would miss that adoring stare” My mouth opened a little further, and she giggled, walking over and closing my jaw.  “I happen to like your heart eyes Raeken.  Make me all heart flutter-y” I chuckled at her words and she took her hand away from my face, going back to her closet.

“And do you have heart eyes for me?” I asked, watching as she pulled out shorts and a long sleeved sweatshirt.  She didn’t answer me.

“I’m gonna change, can you uh, turn around?” She asked, her finger making a small twirling motion.  I nodded, going through my own bag to change as well.  “You didn’t answer”

“I didn’t” She said as I turned my back, already pulling my hoodie off and my shirt over my head.

“Are you going to?” I asked again, shuffling out of my jeans and pulling on sweatpants instead, then a tee shirt.  I turned slightly, to see she’d already been facing me.  “Were you-?”

“Why didn’t you call Scott?” y/n asked.

“What? When?”

“For a place to stay, why not call Scott? He wouldn’t even say no to Peter, so why not call him?” My mouth opened but no words came out, it took a few tries.  “You’re nervous, why?”

“Okay, first, stop reading my emotions”

“I can’t help it.  I like it too much” y/n said with a smile.  She crawled onto the bed, sitting on one side with her legs crossed in her lap and curled her hands together in the open space between her bowed legs.

“Second,” I sighed slightly, sitting across from her in a same position.  “I can’t call Scott”

“Why not?” She asked.

“What- why? y/n I can’t just ask Scott to let me stay with him, he’d probably tell Stiles and then that’s just a mess and-”

“Okay, I doubt that, but I see your problem” She said.  “You’re scared”

Scared?” I repeated like she was crazy.  “y/n, I’m not scared”

“You are.  You’re scared you won’t be accepted again” She again, for the third time that night, made my mouth fall open.  “Which is understandable, I get it, and trust me I get it more than you think I do.  But you really shouldn’t be afraid of that” y/n said.

“Okay” I said.  “Okay” She smiled, clapping her hands quietly together, and I think she eve whispered a small ‘yay’.

“You know, I’m pretty glad that I didn’t kill you last year” She said, in a tone too sweet for the words she said.

“Yeah uh, I’m glad you didn’t do that..too?” She nodded, looking down at her lap and fiddling her fingers together.  “Did you know that I was out there? Is that why you were walking so late?” I noticed the way her tongue swiped over her lips, a nervous habit.

“No, no that’s not why I just uh… I like walking”

“In the middle of the night? In Beacon Hills?” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Why not? You worried about me?”

“Well-well I’d be worried about anyone aware of what goes on in this town and still goes out in the middle of the night” I said, and she shrugged again.

“I think I could take care of myself just fine” She said , her eyes flashing to the green tint from before then going back to normal.

“Still I mean-”

“Awe, you’re worried about me.  You really like me don’t you?” She asked, and moved forward just a little bit, sitting more in the middle of the bed while I stayed put on the edge.  Her eyes were staring into mine, and I could tell that she was reading me again.  “You do” She said softly, a small but genuine smile tugging at her lips.  “But you won’t do anything about it” She leaned back again, a cocky sort of smile on her face.  

“I won’t?”

“No.  Cause I make you shy.  Which is ridiculous by the way” She continued before I could say anything.  “Because you seem like a very confident person but for some reason you aren’t with me.  Why?” She asked bluntly, but her expression was inquisitive.

“Because,” I looked down so that I didn’t have to stare at her while I spoke.  “You’re the closest thing to a friend that I have and I don’t want that to get messed up” She was quiet, and after a few moments in silence I looked up to see her gaze set on me already.  Her features as soft as they had been all night.  She moved forward again, and gently slipped her hands into mine, then leaning forward and pressing a small and gentle kiss on my cheek.  She pulled back and smiled at me.

“At this point, there’s nothing you can do to mess it up” She said, her hands squeezing mine a little.  “Right?” I nodded a little, looking away from her eyes so she wouldn’t read me.

“I guess I can’t get any worse than this” I said bitterly, but trying to lighten the thick tension in the room.  She giggled, nodding her head slightly.

“I would guess not” She said, her eyes going up to the ceiling as her lips quirked up as well.  Then it was quiet again, and I just watched her as she watched me probably reading all of my emotions that were currently snowballing into one mess of adoration for this girl in front of me.  “You know what I wish though” She said faintly.

“Hm?” Her hands rose, still intertwined with mine, making hers look so much smaller, her elbows sat on her knees, and I mimicked the position while she stared at our hands.

“I wish I could read people’s thoughts.  Not always, cause it’d get messy, but every once in awhile”

“You want to read my thoughts?” I asked amusedly.  She smiled bashfully, a blush creeping up onto her cheeks as she looked down at the sheets.

“Yeah” y/n whispered out.

“What would you want to know that you don’t already?” I asked, she looked up at me through her lashes, her blush darkening and I could smell the nervousness coming off her her, but it quickly changed, to what I recognized as confidence.  But it was a weak fragrance.

She leaned forward, releasing my hands and setting hers on the mattress, to move forward more.  And in seconds I met her halfway and pressed my lips against hers.  I could feel her melt against me, and I wrapped my arms around her small waist to pull her closer, both of us sitting up on our knees, her arms winding around my neck and I yanked her further, her chest pressed against mine and the quick action earning a soft noise from her mouth.  I chuckled, holding her tighter as her tongue traced over my lips, then snuck into my mouth.  I turned her, lifting her up while I was still set on my knees.  Her legs wrapped around my torso before I pinned her down onto her bed, never once detaching my lips from hers.

What was once a gentle and timid kiss had turned into something much, much more.

Her hands cupped around my face, pulling me back slightly and her bright eyes staring into mine, filled with delight.

“You’re gonna make me fall for you Theo Raeken” She said in a whisper.

“Well then we’d be even, wouldn’t we?”

i like this and i’ve been on a theo kick lately

theo deserves so much better

xoxo ~ jordie

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Hi. When you say it's interesting when SC are more comfort together away ftom Starz, LA etc, MM has still been known to follow them to Scotland for more times when MM is with Sam etc. So if MM is narrative, she csn follow them anywhere.

Yeppers. That’s why I also said in the same post that a jaunt to SA wouldn’t surprise me. Hell, if they time right in April, she can make the nearly 30 hour trip from LAX to Cape Town, shovel in a mouthful of Easter ham (NOT a euphemism, you dirty birdies) and turn right around and make it back to Venice Beach for Monday’s sunset, bust out another knockoff Taylor Swift album cover photoshoot pic and post it next to one of the back of her head in the same geographical spot as Sam’s plank. (Also, I’m not saying there’s a formula to all of this shit, but there’s a formula to all of this shit.)

Nymph Series: The Art of Fellatio

I believe that sucking dick and eating pussy is a form of art, it takes a special kinda of person to do it. It has to come from the heart. You have to love the taste of your partner, the look they have their eyes when up look up at the them. Ladies the way he softly runs his fingers through your hair when he’s ready to fuck your throat. Fellas the way she pushes your head further into her crotch when you keep teasing. I loved giving head, enjoyed more than actually receiving it. My husband made sure that all my needs were always satisfied.

Right now all I could think about was being on my knees, with my husband stroking his long, brown dick. My tongue patiently waiting his thick gooey nut. I slying put my phone under the conference table and sent him a text; “I’ll have a naughty treat for you when you get home 😏😏😏.” I pressed the send button and waiting for hubby to text back. I had completely zoned out of my meeting thinking about how bad i wanted his dick in the back of my throat. I looked down when my phone buzzed and hubby texted; “Dayum! I can’t wait, my dick is hard already 🤤🤤🤤.” I smiled as we continued to text back and forth.

I felt my panties become soaked as our texting became nastier. My swollen clit and panties were rubbing against each other, causing friction. A gasp escaped my mouth. “Is everything okay Mrs. Collins?” My boss asked. “Yes everything is fine,” I said. About five minutes later I asked if I could be excused. I left out of that boring ass meeting and was ready to focus on what was important.

Later that night…

I was standing in my closet, looking at myself in my full length mirror. I was pleased with my look. I already had Tommy blindfold and his wrist and ankles tied to the bedpost. I knew he was impatiently awaiting his surprise. To make sure my baby busted a river load tonight, I started a petty lil argument the beginning of this week. Now I was about to relive him of all the stress I caused him. I picked up my trick of the night of my shelf and seductively walked out of my closet like he could see me. “Are you ready daddy?” I purred. “Hell yeah I been ready. Baby is that a new perfume, because you smell delicious,” he said. I looked down at my hand and smiled. Yeah tonight was going to be magical.

I walked over to our California king sleigh bed and kissed his feet, his legs and thighs. Purposely forgetting about his dick that rested on his thigh. I licked and sucked on his hard stomach, licked and sucked on his nipples, ran my tongue up and down both sides of his neck, then ran my tongue across his thick lips. I slowly pulled on his bottom lip and sucked his tongue. He slid his tongue in my mouth and pulled on my lips. We kissed for about ten more minutes, but now it was time to get this show on the road. I went back down between his legs, arched my back, and spread my legs wide. The smell of my wet pussy wafted around the room, causing my eyes to roll to the back of my head. I lifted his dick up and just admired it.

My man had a beautiful dick, it was all one color a cocoa brown, it was long with a slight curve to it, and it had the prettiest mushroom head, there was this thick vein that ran from his tip down to his base. As he was hardening, I slowly slid the grapefruit down his shaft. “Dayum baby you so wet!” He yelled. I let the grapefruit sit there for a minute as I kissed my way up back to his tip. I sucked on it to taste his sticky precum. I licked up and down his shaft, I let him slid down my gagless throat one time so his pipe was already wet. I wrapped my hand tightly around the grapefruit and slowly started moving it up and down the length of him. “Oh shit baby why it feel like you fucking and sucking me at the same time?” He asked. I ignored him and kept my focus on the task at hand.

I licked, sucked and slurped all of his lenghty dick, which was making my mouth wetter. If I moved my head one way, I made sure to move the grapefruit in the opposite direction. I kept my grip on the fruit and used my other hand to play with and massage his heavy balls. I slowly deep throated him as spit spilled out of both sides of my mouth and down my chin. I wrapped my lips around it and did a bobbing motion with my head. I could tell that Tommy was enjoying this especially being tied and blindfolded. As I continued to use the grapefruit to move up and down, I felt his body jerk serval times trying to break free.

I quit sucking for a moment but continued to jack him off as i popped his swollen nuts in my mouth. I licked and kissed up and down his muscular thighs. Then I kissed his abs and chest again. Slid my tongue in between his lips. “You want me to untie you baby?” I whispered in his ear. “Yes I do Naughtya! You driving me fucking crazy,” he growled. Ignored his plea to be untied and went back to sucking. I extended my tongue all the way out and let him fuck my mouth; rough and hard. Spit was now flowing out of my mouth as he kept hitting the back of my throat.

I closed my mouth around his pipe and began to suck like my favorite lollipop; caramel apple to be exact. I wished Tommy could see my handiwork, but his jerking around and moans and groans let me know I was doing excellent. It was time to focus on the head; I pulled the grapefruit up that way it slowly grazed his tip and swirled my tongue around it like an ice cream cone. I wiggled my tongue into his piss slit. “Ffffuck girl this feels so good! ” he yelled. I went back to bobbing up and down his length. When I suctioned my jaws around his dick, his toes curled and his dick thumped inside of my mouth. “Shit I think I’m about to cum,” he growled.

I wasn’t ready for him to cum just yet, so pressed down on his side vein, that way he could feel my throat with his gooeyness. I sucked on his nuts as I continued to jack him off with the grapefruit. His balls became tighter as I kept working my magic. The fruit and just about run its course. “Baby please c'mon let me bust,” he begged. I let the fruit sit on his pelvis, as I let him in the back of throat, I released his vein. Not long after that he was thrashing against the headboard and releasing all of him down my throat. It was so much of his delicious cream that it overflowed my mouth. I continued to suck to make sure not one drop went to waste.

I pulled the grapefruit from around his shaft and threw it in the trash can. The thick curly patch of hair the surrounded his base was now soaked with spit, cum and fruit juices. My pussy juices had soak our 4500 dollar sheets. I climbed on top of him and sandwiched his semi hard on between my fluffy cheeks. I put my ear to his chest to make sure he was still alive. I untied him and he had this lazy look in his eyes and crooked grin on his face. His cum still clung to my chin. As I leaned down to let him taste the fruits of my labor. “Naughtya baby Imma get you back.” Were his last words before he fell into a coma like sleep.

Good Girl Ch 47: Lets Play A Game

Warning, this does contain a pretty aggressive, almost rapey, scene so you’ve been warned.


Where is Joker? Where the hell am I? My eyes scan around the small cement room. A single light bulb is hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the room enough for me to realize there is no windows, just a bare mattress and a bucket in the corner. There is metal door on the far wall, a dial is in the center of it, guess This going to be harder than me just stealing a key from someone. I wonder how long I’ve been sleeping. Looking down I see that I’m still in my jeans and sweatshirt, no cuts or bruises, my head just kind of hurts. With a deep breath I push up and stubble towards the door, the ground is cold against my bare feet. I pull on the door once but it doesn’t give.

Shit. But what should I expect, that they would just leave it unlocked.

After another tug it opens, but not because of me. One of those fucking masks appears but no one is actually wearing it, just holding it in the small opening for a second. It lowers to reveal a tall pale man with bright purple hair. My alarms are buzzing making me take a step back. The man cocks his head before a small smirk spreads across his face.

“Good morning Kitten,” He purrs in a deep voice. He vaguely reminds me of a young Seunghyun and that only makes me more unnerved. His words take a moment to register.

“Morning? It’s morning already?”

“Already? You’ve been asleep for almost 15 hours. We were starting to worry that we killed you. Can’t be doing that too early, we have so much planned for you.” The grin spread on his face makes my skin crawl.

“What do you want?” I demand.

“Nothing from you Kitten, the twelve men in the tall building on the other hand, we want something from them and doing this is apparently the only way to get it.”

“You aren’t going to hurt them are you? What about Joker, where is my friend?” I step closer to the giant, ignoring my common sense to stand down and cower in the corner.

He chuckles, “What a brave little girl. Your friend is fine, just be a good girl and behave or neither of you will be by the end of this.” I gulp but nod and drop back into the corner on the mattress. “All you need to do to make it threw is not to be brave. Show your fear, cry a lot, be a normal hostage, not this brave faced baby who seems to care more about others than herself. Can you do that? Can you act like a scared child?”

I just nod as I curl into myself.

He snickers, “Good. Now come on, get your ass back up, we’re going to go play.”

“I don’t want to play anything,” I mumble softly but stand back up.

“What? I heard that you were a fan of playing games, roleplaying and even dress up, but we will get the last one later. Now come on,” He grabs my hand and quickly drags me out of the room. I don’t really have a chance to look around the red room beyond the door, my eyes are fixed on the masked man playing the piano. The sound coming from the normally calm instrument sends chill down my spine. Circus music plays loudly as he slams his hands down on the keys even as he glances over his shoulder at me he is able to continue. As the song appears to reach its climax five more men jump out in colorful suits, some from behind the couch, one appears from right behind me. If this man hadn’t been holding my arm I would be on the ground, he laughs at my reaction as I jump back slightly. For a minute I consider hiding behind him but decide against it when he releases my hand to put is mask on partially. I hold my hands to my chest when he tries to reach for me again, taking a few steps back I find myself against the metal door I just emerged from. But at this point I would rather be in there.

“Look who actually listened,” The man snickers, he leans down so his hands are resting on his knees as if he is talking to a child and right now he basically is. My mind set is completely little at the moment, I’m half ready to break down and start crying. My arms are wrapped around my body to try and keep myself form visibly trembling but it’s not working. “No need to be so scared yet Princess, we haven’t even gotten to the scary part.”

“Are we ready to start?” One says, I can hear the smile in his voice, he’s excited. They all are for whatever the hell they have planned for me. He looks over his shoulder to the one still menacingly playing the piano, “Zico, you ready?”

With one last screech from the piano the man turns around and nods before looking directly at me.

“Zico? You’re Block B?” I mumble in surprise.

“So those bastards did warn you. They even told you the bosses name, did you some good just knowing his name,” Another mocks.

“They should have gotten you some better security, it was way too easy to get to you little princess,” Purple teases.

“Security? You still haven’t told me where Joker is, where the hell is he? Is he okay? Did you hurt him?” I try to sound brave but I know how pathetic my voice sounds. The group share a look before busting out laughing, some collapsing on the floor from laughing so hard. “What the hell is so funny about this? Where is he?”

When one of them, the shortest one, finally stops laughing looks to Zico, “Should I tell her?”

Zico nods.

“Your friend bribed his way out. His pockets didn’t seem very deep so he had to leave you behind. But to be fair the price on that pretty little head of yours is impressively high.”

I sink to the floor, a burning feeling of betrayl settles in my chest, but what should I expect? He was a body for hire, the only thing that matter really to him is himself. I should have left him. I should have saved myself. Tears are running down my cheeks as I fully accept the fact that I’ve been abandoned by someone I considered a friend. Joker didn’t seem like the type to just leave though, my alarms never even hummed at the sight of him yet here I am. Maybe they are broken.

“If it makes you feel any better he looked really upset when we kicked him out,” The little one continues.

“For all you know he is going to get you help so don’t look so betrayed,” Another one snaps and gently nudges me with his boot. “Now get up, we’re going to have fun. We’ve been waiting forever for you to wake up.”

Purple pulls me to my feet once again before leading me threw another door way. We step out into an empty warehouse, glancing over my shoulder I see the room we just left had been built into the wall of warehouse. One man beats us across the large room to slide open the heavy door revealing a disturbing sight. Ever since I was a child I disliked the circus and fairs because there was something so haunting about them just the thought of them sends a shiver down my spine. Now standing here with a whole abandoned carnival in front of me and seven masked killers behind me I hate them even more now. The whole park is light up in the early morning darkness. Giving the air around an eerie glow that vaguely reminds me of something off of Scooby doo or something.

Purple pushes me forward out of the door before giving me one more menacing smile, “We will count to thirty, please do your best to hide, it’s no fun when the game ends early. Good luck.” He pulls his mask down and signals the other man to close the door. They all wave teasingly at me as the door closes, Zico even blows me a kiss. When the door is fully closed I don’t waist a second before booking it away from the warehouse and running into the mass of abandoned game booths and rides. I run straight until I see a ten foot tall metal fence, I also see the barb wire on top and the large sign warning about the electric fence. I quickly pick up a rock and throw it at the fence and hear the zap as it comes in contact with the metal. Great.

A second later an intercom buzzes from above, a voice I haven’t heard yet speaks teasingly, “You didn’t get shocked out there did you pumpkin? Probably should have warned you about that.”

I realize that they may have cameras all over this pace already if they have this gate.

He thinks the same as me, “Don’t worry Pumpkin, there are no cameras. That takes away from the fun. We just get notified of when the fence goes off. Now step away from the gate and get to hiding, you only have 10 seconds left.”

10 seconds. I start running along the fence.

Nine. Still running.

Eight. And running.

Seven. Should I hide?

Six. And running.

Five. I don’t know what to do.

Four. And running.

Three. I just want my daddies.

Two. And running.


A siren whales from the speakers and I quickly duck under the striped flaps of a booth. My hand is over my mouth and I’m shaking. I can’t stop the heavy breaths from passing my lips, I haven’t ran like that since my birthday. My mind flashes to my daddies, are they worried right now? Did Joker actually go to them for help or did he just run? Maybe he went to Jiyong. I just hope he went to somebody!

“Oh Pumpkin!” An irritating voice sings.

Another joins in his calls, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” They laugh together as the sound of their heavy boots smacks against the gravel. My whole body is tense as they go by smacking the counter of each booth with something, most likely a bat. I can’t hold in my flinch when they knock on mine, one of my hands grounds into the ground as if I could dig my way down through the gravel, a girl can dream. I’m relieved that not even a whimper is able to escape my lips with my other hand gripping my face so hard there might be a bruise later.

A moment later they are gone. What should I do now though? This isn’t a very good hiding spot. Running around probably wouldn’t be that good of an idea either. All I can do is sit there and wait. They aren’t stupid enough to leave weapons out and I doubt I could take any of them without one. I scoot farther under the counter of the booth, cringing when the gravel beneath me shifts with me. But they shouldn’t be able to hear that, should they?

Of course they fucking can.

“Boo!” One screams as he hangs his head over the booth to peer down at me. I’m frozen in my spot. “You didn’t last very long Pumpkin, you should do better.” His horrifying cackle seems to pull me out of my daze enough to react to his sudden appearance. I panic and quickly punch the man in the face. He jerks up at the contact, cursing out loud, “Fucking bitch!”

“Shit, shit, shit,” I mumble as I scramble out from under the booth and down the pathway. He starts running after me, yelling more and more curses. Great, now I made one mad. I turn a corner but quickly change my mind when two more stop and make eye contact with me. I turn on my heel but stop once again when the other catches up to me.

“You fucked up Pumpkin,” He growls. I realize now he is the little one from before.

“What happened Hyung?” One chuckles, twirling his bat in his hand. “Did the little princes piss you off?”

“Bitch fucking punched me!”

“Ooh,” The third coos, “Kitty’s got claws.”

“So who is going to catch her?”

Shorty huffs, “Me obviously! Give me twenty minutes with this brat and I’ll make sure to rip her off that throne she seems to think she’s on.”

“You better do it quick before the boss shows up,” One snickers, “You know the rules.”

The next thing I know Shorty is right next to me, his hands are in my hair pulling hard. He forces me on my knees and laughs, “You ready for your punishment Pumpkin? Open your mouth wide for me.”

“If you put your dick anywhere near my mouth I’m going to bite it off. Thought I’d let you know, princess,” I mock the short man with a bitter sweet smile.

He scoffs, “You think you have a choice bitch?”

“Guess we’ll find out.”

The other two are on the ground dying in laughter. I can imagine the offense on Shorty’s face. Even his brothers are on my side with this. He growls once more before pushing me down on to the ground. I don’t even have second to think before his boot comes in contact with my stomach, oh god not this again.

“Hyung,” A deep voice growls, it isn’t even directed at me and I’m horrified by that one word. The man above me stops and loudly gulps, he looks to the tall man who made such a noise.

It’s Zico.

“Boss, I know but the bitch punched me. I found her, she’s my prize for a half hour and that means that I can do whatever I want, right?” Shorty quickly tries to defend himself.

But Zico doesn’t answer, Purple speaks for him, “This is a special case and you know that. Follow the rules, Hyung.”

“I already roughed her up a bit, gives me a few more minutes. We are going to have to do it sooner or later.”

Purple looks to Zico who is staring at me. He nods before quickly turning away. He mumbles something to Purple and walks off, leaving me with the six others. “Someone get the camera.”



“I want you to beg,” He growls in my ear.

My lips are sealed, my jaw is set and ready for it. His fist collides with the other side of my jaw. Five, we’re at five. I open my eyes up once again to look at the camera a couple yards away, three masked men are standing there watching with Purple who is looking away. I’ve learned he’ sonly here to wake sure things don’t get too crazy, unlike the others who I can tell are enjoying what they are seeing. I’m tired to a chair, my arms behind my back, Shorty, who name I discovered is Taeil, is hovering over me.

“This is no fun when they don’t beg,” The oldest man whines, looking to his youngers for help.

“Maybe you should hit harder,” One suggests.

“Are you going to explain to the boss why she has a broken jaw?” Purple snaps. “I doubt I’m going to get away with letting Hyung beat her up this bad. How many times have I told you guys don’t damage such nice merchandise?”

“The bruises will heal by the time she gets out of here, if she gets out of here,” Taeil chuckles. I look up at him at that. He raises his brows, “That get your attention Pumpkin? I’m sure you’ve realized that we aren’t really allowed to beat you too badly-“

I cut him off with a scoff, “My ribs and jaw would beg to differ.”

“Such a mouth on her,” Purple purrs.

“Anyway, just because we can’t beat you almost to death doesn’t mean you can’t be punished in different ways. Now to be a good girl, all you need to do is beg, alright? There will be no more hitting or kicking, though I will have to do a few other things but no harm will come to your body. Now look into the camera and fucking beg like the whore I know you are.” He steps behind me and places his hands on my shoulders.

A whimper leaves my lips as his fingers dig into my shoulders. I’m trembling in his grasp as he fingers briefly loosen their grasp to sneak into the collar of my shirt. A half hearted scream is next to fill the empty room followed by the sound of ripping fabric. My shirt is falling off my shoulders and I can no longer get myself to look at the camera. This man’s unfamiliar hands slide down my shoulders to cup my breasts over the bra giving them a rough squeeze. Tears are streaming down my face as I try to hold in more cries as his rough groping continues. He is leaning down so his chin is right near my ear, “What a good girl.” Those words have never sounded so disgusting.

I never thought I would hate those words but maybe it was just the mouths they were coming from. I can’t stand this short man, everything about him makes my blood boil with hatred. He said he wouldn’t hurt me anymore but why do I feel worse then when he was beating me. A question runs threw my mind as I try and distance myself from all of this.

“Why are you doing this?” I choke out.

He chuckles and whispers in my ear, just loud enough for me to hear, “Because those bastards needed a little encouragement. They didn’t even bat an eye when we told them we had you. Maybe playing with their favorite toy might get a little something. So we figured a little video to show them how wonderful your time here is.”

“You’re lying, get your fucking hands off me! I want to go home! Let me go!” I scream at the top of my lungs.

“Good girl, scream for me.”


For Negan Smut Week January 2017!

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: Biker Negan! Plot, SMUT, SMUT and more SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

I could never understand why he was so interested in me. I mean, I wasn’t anyone special.

I was the manager at Torrid, a plus size store in the mall. I worked my hours and would go home and take care of things there.

Wash and repeat.

The man I speak of is Negan Smith, the President of The Saviors MC. Once the best coach at the local high school, he now ran the clubhouse, which was dubbed The Sanctuary.

He had power… he had wealth… the women on his arms and at his beck and call… So what in the hell could he possibly see in me?
Coffee in hand, I walked into Torrid, greeting my coworker, Janet. She looked to her right, quickly waving me over.

Shit. I hadn’t even clocked in and trouble was brewing.

“Yes, Janet?”

“Umm, Negan’s here to see you.” She said, hesitantly.

I sighed, my shoulders dropping.

“Just… I don’t know… make sure the window displays are clean.”

She nodded, scurrying away to do her job.

As I walked to my office, I made the mistake of looking over in Negan’s direction.

He was standing at a rack, looking at some lingerie, his eyebrows raised as he found something interesting.

When he finally looked over in my direction, I tried to make it to the back but he called out to me.


“Goddamnit,” I cursed under my breath, then faced him.

“What Negan?”

“Aww c'mon now Doll. Is that any way to greet your favorite man?” He teased, his smile wide with seduction as he neared me.

I rubbed my forehead, “Negan, I’ve got work to do, so if you don’t mind…”

I turned, going through the small hallway and into the office. I didn’t expect Negan to follow me.

“Come have dinner with me.”

I groaned, putting my coffee down on my desk, “No,”


Jesus, was he trying to piss me off today?

“Because Negan!” I sighed, frustrated.

He sauntered into the office, closing the door behind him.

My behind was propped up on the desk, my feet crossed at the ankles. With my arms folded underneath my generous breasts, I kept a close eye on him.

“Because isn’t an answer, baby doll.”

I could feel my insecurities bubbling over, making me down right ill.

“Why me, Negan? I mean, do you enjoy coming in here and making fun of me?”

At my comment, I could see the anger beneath his suave exterior.

“You think I’m fuckin’ makin’ fun of you?”

I looked at my feet, nodding.

I heard him kiss his teeth, then move closer to me, the heat coming off of him in waves from his leather jacket.

He cupped my chin, raising it so I’d look at him, “Do you think so low of yourself? Can you not see your fuckin’ worth, woman?”

I jerked my chin from his grasp, “I see the women that you are with Negan! Skinny, little bitties that just love to make fun of someone like myself at every chance they get.”

His eyes hardened, but I wasn’t done yet.

“I’m not stupid. I’ve heard their comments as they’ve walked passed me. I’ve always told myself that I wouldn’t be the ass of anyone’s joke and I’m telling you right now, Negan, that I’m not about to start!” My chest heaved as I got off my soap box.

“Are we fuckin’ finished yet, Doll?” He asked, softly.

I clicked my tounge, feeling the tears burn my eyes, “Yeah,”

“Good. I want you to listen,” he pushed me back so that I was sitting on the edge of the desk, “and I want you to listen real fuckin’ good. I’m not one to beg so this will be the final fuckin’ time I bring this up.”

I gripped the edge of the desk, my legs opening as he stood between them.

“Have dinner with me, tonight. If you feel uncomfortable, then I’ll take you home. I don’t force any woman.”

I sniffled, “But you sure are persistent.”

Again he took hold of chin, “When I see a beautiful woman, you’re damn fuckin’ right, baby.”

He was so close to me… just an inch or two more and we would’ve been kissing.

“Now, will you have dinner with me?” He asked, his thumb stroking the corner of my mouth.

I admit that I wanted to give in, to live a little. It would be nice to be cared for even if it was just one night.

I licked my lips, sighing, “Yes,”

Negan smiled slowly, his white teeth gleaming, “That’s it baby… you won’t fuckin’ regret it.”
Negan had left my office shortly after I said yes, surprising me because he didn’t even try to kiss me.

After I had gained my composure, I went out onto the floor to do inventory. Negan was still there however, winking at me when ever we were in each others view.

Once my back was turned, he’d gone to the register, buying whatever for whomever, then leaving without a goodbye.

Later on that day, while I was on lunch, the VP of The Saviors, Simon stopped by along with Prospect Fat Joey.

Simon held a girly, pink bag and I couldn’t just let him get away without picking on him.

“Ya know, that color really brings out your eyes.”

He held the bag up for a second, looked at it, then surprised the hell out of me, “Really? I thought purple was more my color.”

I busted out laughing.

Simon chuckled, placing the bag on my desk, “Prez says to wear this if you want. I’ll be by to pick you up at 8.”

I scratched my head, “I can find The Sanctuary just fine, Simon.”

“Negan’s orders. Just for once, don’t fight him or me on this.” He sighed.

I rolled my eyes, “Fine.”

Simon smiled, leaving with a wave.
I wasn’t one for dresses all that often, but Negan did have some great taste.

He picked out a gorgeous black bodycon dress. It was modest, but showed just the right amount of cleavage to where I wasn’t uncomfortable.

He even had a matching black and blue lace bra and panty set in the bag.

Jesus, I hope Simon didn’t snoop.

After applying my barely there makeup, I had to take a second. I almost didn’t look like me.

Of course I still had the same face, but there was a difference… dare I say a happy gleam in my eyes?

I smiled at my reflection and was blown away by how carefree I looked. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

A knock on the door, brought me back to the here and now. Fat Joey stood there, looking bored as ever eatting a Twinkie.

I grabbed my clutch and over noght bag, locking the door behind me.

Simon sat in the driver seat of an SUV, watching as I approached and got in.

“Smooth sailing from here on out.”

When we pulled up to the clubhouse, I noticed a bunch of bikes lined up and music so loud that it made the vehicle vibrate.

Simon let me out, walking me to the door and opening it.

The smell of cigarette smoke, cheap perfume and alcohol assaulted my nose as I was led through the fog of smoke.

I heard Negan before I had seen him, his laugh booming at some racy joke that one of the guys told him.

“Well if it isn’t my fine fuckin’ ass date!” He cheered, holding his arms out.

The women nearby rolled their eyes, leaning over to whisper to one another.

I wasn’t going to let them get to me. Tonight, no one else existed but Negan and I.

As I approached Negan, he leaned back slightly so he could be face to face with me, “Hey baby.”

Oh God… his voice was so deep, just oozing with lust as he greeted me.

I rubbed my hands on the sides of my thighs out of nervousness, blushing, “Hey Negan.”

He chuckled, licking his lips, “Goin’ to give me a kiss?”

I looked over his shoulder, seeing his buddies and the women, watching us.

Negan moved his head into my view, eyebrows raised.

Giving a short nod, I tipped my head up, my lips barely grazing his. At first taste, I heard Negan growl. Using his chin, he gently jutted it forward, deeping our kiss.

The men clapped and cheered, only to get louder as Negan gripped handfuls of my ass.

“Hmm mmm! Now that is what I’m talkin’ about!” He boasted as he pulled back from the kiss.

Giving my behind a pat, he wrapped an arm around my waist and led me to his group.

I stayed quiet mostly, sipping on his drink when he offered it to me.

Simon came over, whispering something in Negan’s ear. The jovial, lusted look left his eyes briefly, but it returned slightly when he looked at me.

“Need to take care of some shit, baby. Seems like Lucille has a date tonight as well.”

My eyes bugged. Everyone who lived in and around town knew who and what Lucille was. Some serious shit was about to go down.

Negan, although already in my personal space, leaned in even closer, “Keep that fine ass right here, am I clear?”

I swallowed, nervous for the poor bastard that was going to meet Lucille.

“Crystal.” I nodded.

Negan lifted his arm, signaling the others to get a move on.
Most of the party died down considerably, leaving only the women and hang arounds.

It wasn’t long until I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The sounds of cheap high heels clicked and clacked against the concret floor.

I sighed, really not wanting to do this tonight.

“You think you have him hooked, don’t you?”

I cringed at the nasally voice and the multiple gum popping.

“Hey, she’s talkin’ to you, bitch!”

Rolling my eyes, I got off the stool and faced the group.

Four women stood in a semi circle, their arms folded and scowling at me.

I said nothing as I stood there, waiting.

When one reached out and pushed my arm, I smacked it away and growled, “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Another walked forward, “Why? What are you gonna do?”

“Not a damn thing.”

“Stupid bitch thinks she can rub up all on our Negan?”

I heard the men come back in, but they kept quiet, watching the scene unfold.

The same girl that pushed me, reached out to do it again. Before she could get her lick in, I gave her a right hook, sending her down to the ground hard.

A collective gasp came from the girls. One of them growled and charged at me. When she got close enough, I grabbed the back of her neck and slammed her face into the bar.

I could hear the rip of the mesh fabric from my dress and Negan yell, “Enough!”

The girl stopped, her bony fingers letting go of my dress.

“But Negan-”

“But fuckin’ nothin’! I leave for thirty goddamn minutes and this is the shit that I come back to!?”

She trembled in fear, backing away.

“I’m shutting this shit down right now!” Taking Lucille, he pointed at her, “Get your friends here off the floor and out of my fuckin’ clubhouse.”

She stood there, trying to stutter out an excuse.


Scrambling to get their behinds out of Negan’s sight proved to be difficult for them as they tripped over their feet.

Negan put his chin on my shoulder, “I’m about eighty percent more into you now.”

I rolled my eyes, but at least my tone held humor, “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.”

“C'mon, let’s go. I want this shit cleaned up, now!”
With Negan’s hands rarely leaving my body as we went to his loft, which was connected to the clubhouse; I was finding it very difficult to hold up the top of my dress with shaky hands.

“Had your bag brought up to my room. Sorry about your dress, baby. It looked fuckin’ amazing on you.”

“Thank you.” I said, quietly.

Once inside, Negan escorted me to his bedroom. On his bed was my small overnight backpack.

He leaned against the door jam, biting his bottom lip while watching me, “Don’t mind me, Doll.”

“Turn around you perv,” I laughed.

He did so, thankfully and began to hum. I quickly changed into a purple teddy; just a little something extra that I had picked up for him.

“Okay,” Sighing, I waited for his reaction.

Negan turned, looking me up from my bare, freshly shaven legs, to the skimpy teddy and finally meeting my eyes.

Shaking his head, he bit down on the inside of his bottom lip, “Mmm, I like.”

He slowly stalked over to me, rubbing his chin, “Now you see; Here I thought you were just some shy ol’ manager, but holy shit baby! You’re one hell of a minx!”

He walked around me, close enough that I could feel the warm leather caress my skin.

“I really wanna know, Y/N,”

“Know what?” I asked when he paused.

He leaned close to my ear, “Can I open this fuckin’ gorgeous gift?”

Two long fingers pinched the end of the bow that held the front together, ready to pull at any moment.

I gulped, weighing my options; was I really going to sleep with the President of The Saviors? Give myself over to the one man who I knew could break me?

“Just say the word, baby,” Negan whispered, his tounge sneaking out to gently flick my ear lobe.

Yes, yes the fuck I was going to give myself to this son of a bitch.

“Yes,” I moaned, falling back into his arms.

Negan chuckled darkly, the sound making me even wetter.

Without warning, I spun around, and pushed Negan back up against the wall. He grunted, his smile down right carnal.

Looking into his eyes, I undressed him, being mindful of his leather jacket and cut, which I placed neatly on the chair near the dresser.

I took off his shirt, throwing it to the side, running my hands down his hair covered torso.

When he reached out to undress me, I slapped at his hands.

“Hmmmm, that the fuckin’ game we’re playin’ tonight, baby?”

I licked my lips, sinking down to my knees as I finally got his pants undone. His length sprang free, bouncing gently.

Grasping it at the base, I held him steady as I licked the under side of his cock.

Negan hissed, his eyes heavy lidded as he stared down at me.

Slowly, I wrapped my lips around him, taking him as deep as I could without gaging.

I looked up at him through my lashes, happy to see him rendered speechless for once.

Negan’s chest heaved as I hummed softly. His legs began to shake slightly when I twirled my tounge over the sensitive head of his shaft, lapping up the pre-cum.

“Jesus, I knew those fuckin’ lips would be amazing.” He groaned.

I pumped my hand up and down slowly as I smiled up at him, then took the head back in my mouth.

He threw his head back, the cords in his neck standing out as I sucked lightly.

“Goddman,” he moaned, gripping my hair in both hands.

Putting my hands on his thighs, I let him move my head as he slowly fucked my mouth.

“Fuckin’ filthy mouth, but goddamnit it feels fuck awesome,” he spoke, panting.

He pulled back, leaving the helmet of his cock between my lips, “Let me feel that tounge, baby,”

I traced the outline of him, then licked the slit before sucking him more firmly, “Fuck yeah.”

Negan’s dirty talk and the taste of him was becoming too much.

He watched as I slipped my hand into my panties.

Slowly, I ran my fingers in between my wet folds, moaning around the head of his shaft, which in turn had his legs locking up.

“Keep that shit up and I’ll blow my load, baby.”

Cupping my jaw, he pulled his cock from my mouth, it bobbing with a wet plop.

I whined, rubbing my clit.

“Get on that bed,” he demanded gruffly, letting go of my chin and helping me up.

As I turned to walk away, he gripped the hand that I had in between my legs, sucking my fingers into his hot mouth.

“Oh god,” I moaned.

“Hmmm mmm, fuckin’ delicious.”

I walked backwards, pulling him with me.

Negan helped me out of my panties, letting them fall to the floor. He then pulled on the string that held the teddy closed, my breasts finally free from the confinement of the see through lace.

Negan licked his lips, pushing on my shoulders gently, to sit me down, “Lay back for me, Y/N. Need to get the whole view.”

I was self-conscious, but did as he asked.

He hissed, running his hands up my thighs, “Look at that pretty pussy,” his voice was so deep.

“You gonna let me pet it, baby, huh?” He asked, his fingers dangerously close.

“Yes,” I panted.

Negan smiled as he hummed, taking two long fingers and running them on my outter lips, tickling me.

I rolled my hips, needing his touch.

The tips of his fingers gently probed my slit, sinking in at slow pace. He dipped his fingers in my entrance, coating his digits, “Fuckin’ hell. You are absolutely drenched,”

“Negan,” I pouted, propping myself on my elbows so I could watch as he touched me.

“Hmm, you like to look huh? Tell me baby; does it turn you on watching my fingers fuck that pussy?”

Jesus he dirty talk was gonna be the death of me. Well, good sir, two could play that game.


“What baby?” His smile was cocky.

I reached down, pressing his hand more firmly against me, looking him in the eyes, “I want that thick cock inside me,”

His pupils dilated, the smile slipping from his lips.

I pressed on, rolling my hips against his hand, “I want you to fuck me so hard that I forget my own name,”

Bending my legs so that they were spread wide and I was able to sit up slightly, I reached for his length, closing my hand around him, my palm rubbing against the head.

Negan’s panting was damn near uncontrollable at this moment; my own pants matching his as he curled his fingers.

He slipped his fingers from me, pulling me closer to the edge, his shaft touching my mound, “Fuckin’ continue,”

He spread my out lips as I took hold of him, rubbing his pre-cum all over my clit.

“I want this cock to tease me,” I groaned, my head falling back.

“Yeah?” He asked, licking his lips, “You gonna show me where you want my cock?”

Rubbing the helmet up and down, getting him nice and lubricated, I finally placed him at my entrance.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, barely moving his hips as he teased me with the tip.

“How bad do you want it baby?” He pushed in farther, pausing, “Like this?”

I held my torso up, watching as he teased, “Deeper Negan,”

He pulled out, pushing in even slower, “Goddamn this is the best pussy,”

“Deeper,” I mewled.

Again, he pulled back, only leaving the head at my entrance. This time, unable to help himself, he pushed hard, burying himself to the hilt.

“Fuck!” We both shouted.

Negan gripped my hips and began picking up pace, watching my breasts bounce with each thrust.

“Fuck, I gotta get a taste, baby.” He moaned, his hips still jack hammering as he leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth.

I moaned so loud that it echoed in the bedroom, holding his head to my breast, watching as his tounge flicked over my hard nipple.

He bit lightly, pulling at my breast, letting it fall from his mouth, coated in his saliva,

“Harder, fu-fuck me harder!” I begged.

Negan growled as he bit down more firmly on my breast, his hips slapping against me.

“Negan!” I screamed, coming so hard.

He rubbed my clit, prolonging my orgasm, “Fuck, Y/N!”

His thrusts became harder and erratic as he was about to come. Pulling out, he began to stroke himself furiously, but I couldn’t have him take care of himself.

Sitting up all the way, I held my breasts up, letting his slicked cock, slip in between them.

I braced myself, letting  Negan hold my breasts together as he brought himself to completion.

He grunted loudly as the come spurted from his shaft, coating my breasts in a pearly sheen.

He panted, his cock still nestled in between my breasts, “Jesus, fuck, baby…”

Negan could barely form a compete sentence. As his member softened, he stood back, his steps wobbly.

He went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth and coming back out. His steps were more sure as he got his composure back.

I was sitting up in bed, leaning back slightly on my hands.

He paused, looking at the mess that we had made.

“What?” I asked.

He kissed his teeth, “That is one hell of a picture you set, baby.”

I laughed, not believing my eyes as he began to harden again.

“Round two, already?”

He chuckled, coming over and cleaning me up, “Well, my come all over my fuckin’ favorite tits, sure do get me riled, doll.”


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so an i have a bit of a theory after demon dayz - the band members who wrote a song were the ones who appeared in the graphics, so murdoc wrote sex murder party (no surprise tbh) but noodle wrote out of body and busted and blue?? and i think busted and blue might be about her ptsd after going through hell which? makes me sad, please protect my beautiful ravioli

alright but why do you have to break my decaying heart


Okay. OKAY! Yuri on ICE made fucking history and they actually met our expectations. HAND DOWN TO THE PAIR SKATING. I WORSHIP YOU KUBO-SENSEEIII

The whole episode itself was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. The very beginning of the anime, I cried when Viktor cried. We all know that Yuuri’s actions were based on his perspective so we can’t blame him. It was also coming from a long trail of anxiety so joke’s on us. Yes. Yuuri did something incredibly selfish and we know where this is coming from.

He misinterpret Viktor’s actions as ‘I want to go back to the ice’ and that’s it. That’s where things keep going down for Yuuri. When your minds picks up something, it tends to grow bigger and bigger–for better or for worse. That’s over thinking and BAM! “Let’s end this” was born.

Viktor cried and he said he was angry. That is wet anger I am sensing. I cry out of anger when I care a little too much.

^ Viktor’s inspiration is Yuuri. No doubt there. If he goes back to ice and his new found reason of skating isn’t even there, what’s the fucking reason to even enter? He’s angry because the person who he invested for 8 months just suddenly trips a land mine and makes the other snap.

VIktor’s first love is Yuuri fucking Katsuki. Yuuri is retiring so Viktor can get back? BULLSHIT. Viktor ain’t getting any of that. Katsudon has to be there or else it was all for nothing.

I am pretty sure that Viktor can grab that gold medal without even trying.

Now going to the FS. I supported every single fucking one of them. It fills my heart with warmth to see that fictional characters are actually filled with their own quirks and personality.

Originally posted by smol-bon-bon

You see JJ? He was pressured but he knows that ONE DOES NOT HALF-ASS A SKATING PROGRAM. He pushed through and amazingly, he got a place in the podium. Who won’t be amazed by this cringe-y bastard? (Lol. I cringe for him a lot. like A WHOLE LOT. Fuck this but even when I say this, I keep doing the JJ-style pose.)

Originally posted by yuuyaas

How about Phichit? He’s living his dreams to the fullest. He wasn’t even caring about the ‘getting a medal’he was all ‘I WANT TO ENJOY THIS TO THE FULLEST’ He’s so pure. PROTECT HIM. Goddamn it. Him and his hamster fantasies.

Originally posted by rouge-cerise

Then Chris. LET ME TALK ABOUT CHRIS. He clicked his tongue when he saw that the media wasn’t even giving him the attention that he needs. His face tells, “Im skating here and you guys chose to focus on those dorks at the kiss and cry.” then fails one of his jumps but then THESE TO ENGAGED DORKS SHOUTED A ‘GOODLUCK’ over to CHRIS then he was all, “I’m so sorry I even scowled at you guys. You are wonderful”

Originally posted by detectiveoceanwaves

Then OTABEK! God I need an Otabek in my life–I need all of these people in my life–He’s just so wonderful because you see him skating as though he’s on a journey. You can see that he’s full-on pushing his skating career. He’s taking a path of discovery and I think that’s really admiring.

Originally posted by rose-flowers

After that, we get to see baby Plisetsky do his wonder. He’s a fairy no doubt. His performance was powerful and you can see that He’s pissed at Yuuri for thinking that this would be his final season. Well damn, look who set him in place. Baby Plisetsky went as far as to over take Yuuri’s chance just so he can enter again. He’s lowkey supportive because he sees Yuuri in a different light. He admires this guy. He said so himself. He wanted to see Yuuri do a program with no mistake then found out that Katsudon is such a sore loser. It’s really nice how baby Plisetsky makes every effort count.

Originally posted by nikifohov

FINALLY LET’S TAKE ABOUT KATSUDON NIKIFOROV. Yuuri tells Viktor to act like himself. I keep thinking during every episode that the ICE is the switch for Yuuri. When he’s OFF the ice, he becomes a shy mess and he becomes too vague with his words. But when he is ON ice, he speaks his mind.

That’s why when Yuuri told Viktor:

“You said that you want to be true to yourself, right?”

He saw through Viktor and told him what he thinks. Those words of encouragement from Viktor weren’t the words Yuuri wanted to hear and perhaps those were words that Viktor didn’t even want to say.

So when Viktor got busted for being fake to his feelings (again) Of course, he’d be surprised.

“I took a break after becoming the five-time world champion to coach you, so how is it possible that you still haven’t won a single gold medal?”

Viktor just practically told Yuuri,

 “I’m not in the spotlight. I’m sure you can get that gold with me out of the way.”

Because I am hell sure that VIktor would just swipe that gold medal without even trying. So he tells Yuuri that he can do it because he has COMPLETE AND UTTER FAITH for this piggy. His words are always magic to Yuuri before skating. You prolly noticed that before the EROS routine, Yuuri would fucking pull some embarrasing shit to boost himself and before skating the YURI on ICE routine, Viktor would pull some strange suggestive shit as well. Come on. He touched Yuuri’s lips because they were ‘chapped’, he made him cry and made up by kissing him on international television. Okay except when he was ordered to go back to Japan because he can’t possibly deny his significant other But that was significantly sewed back with a hug from the airport. And NOW. He tells Yuuri to go and win this gold.

You can tell that Yuuri got the message across. Crystal clear.

But I have the need to point out.

Viktor is all “BABE YOU ARE MY GOLD <3″

While Yuuri is all, “ Is he going to kiss me? OH. OOOHHH. This is so embarrasing, I expected a kiss.”

ANYWAYS. The commentator said that Yuuri looks like he was about to cry. WELL SORRY TO BREAK TO YOU FAM BUT HE’S CRYING INSIDE.

Yuuri is aware that once this is done–once he gets the gold. Everything is done. No more Viktor. no more one-on-one sessions. No more everything. Kapish.

But that’s all in Yuuri’s head. He doesn’t even know that Viktor’s first love was this baby who dry humped him during that night in the banquet.

And so he skates. He tells in his mind who he is, what he knows, and the age to state how grand his achievements are. He’s amazing. He’s confident but he never had the guts to shout it to the world. He’s FUCKING AMAZING.He keeps telling everyone that he’s shy but his confidence level is over the top and I FUCKING LOVE HIM FOR THAT.

You see, skating requires, pain, skills, ability, motivation and inspiration, and confidence. Viktor is Yuuri’s drive to win and his goal is that frikin gold medal. He can’t skate that spectacularly if he didn’t have the confidence. He’s full of it and he knows where to release it. And that’s in the ice where it should be.

Yuuri does his routine perfectly and perfect Viktor’s signature move. It’s incredibly moving because Yuuri had perfected his FS! He perfected it and the best part was that he knows he skated his best!

He’s scared to meet Viktor. It’s going to end, his mindset says.

Little did he know that Yuri Plisetsky kept him in check by winning by a slight gap.

I can’t help but feel so much love and fall so hard for this anime because all of those relationships are the ones I have longed for. The interactions, the slight quirks of personalities, the subtle hints, the love–Oh God, I’m crying. Everything was perfect and the fact that they dropped a hint that they’ll be back is simply amazing.

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And then that GALA? Don’t get me started because that’d be another hell long post. I’ve been replaying that scene for a lot of times now. A bit let down because the pair skate wasn’t completed but HECK It’s beautiful.

i don’t know about you but I don’t think I can find an anime that can move me to tears as much as this one.

damn. I though this was going to be short.

Bad Girl Ch 27: When You Aren’t Around

I know you guys wanted a sexy scene with GD but for the life of me I could not write a sex scene, I don’t know why it just wasn’t happening so this will have to do. So if you don’t like this…that sucks. Side note! I have gotten two fan arts, one for bad girl of Joo in her wedding dress which is absolutely gorgeous by @chenrise! And another for Two bosses by @oh-beyond who is amazing! I was just wondering if anyone else would be willing to make me more? I love them so much! Pretty please! Not just for this story but any or all of them?

“Where do you think you are going?” Jiyong coos when he comes into the apartment and sees me with my jacket on. I was late kicking Jihyo out ten minutes ago and I can just imagine how anxious my daddies are getting with me still being out.

I raise a brow at his question, “Jiho is taking me back.”

He shakes his head, “Nope.”

“Oppa, we talked about this.”

“I just got back from a meeting with EXO,” He informs me.

I freeze and narrow my eyes on him as he swaggers over to sit down on the couch in front of me. “You did?”

He nods, he calls me over with a single curling finger, I come to stand in between his legs, his face level with my stomach. His hands snake around my waist and pull us closer together. “You are mine for tonight.”

“Why is that?”

“We had a meeting to discuss a better schedule that will work better for all of us.” As he speaks he pulls me down to straddle his lap.

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50 Shades of Fieri: A Guy Fieri/Pepe the Frog Fan Fiction

Pepe slammed the door to his room, and threw his backpack onto the floor. He shuffled over to his bed and collapsed onto it. Today was a long, hard day at school. Kids were teasing him again for the pictures of Guy Fieri on his binder. He told everyone that he just really admired his cooking skills, but that wasn’t the only reason behind it; it was also because he had a secret crush on Guy. He didn’t know if it was the bleached hair or his booming voice, but something about Guy Fieri got Pepe’s blood pumping and green body electrified.

Pepe sighed. If only Guy was here right now. 

That moment, the one and only Guy Fieri busted out of Pepe’s closet. “What the hell?” Pepe exclaimed, jolting up from surprise. Guy glanced around the room until his eyes fell on Pepe, and he smiled.

“Guy Fieri, what were you doing in my closet? How did you even get in here?”

“Shush,” Guy said as he scurried over to Pepe, “none of that matters right now. The important thing is that I’m now out of the closet.”

“B-but how did you even know to come here? How did you know I-I-”

“How did I know you loved me?” Guy finished Pepe’s sentence. Pepe blushed a deep red. He’d never imagined to have this conversation with him.

Guy smirked. “I know a lot of things, Pepe. But I especially know two things in particular: good food, and delicious frogs. And damn, you sure do look…zesty.” Pepe blushed even harder. He felt a rush of emotions trail down to his crotch. “Y-you should go,” Pepe choked out, “my parents could come home any minute.”

“Oh, no,” Guy said as he slowly walked behind Pepe, “I’m not going anywhere until I’ve finished my meal.” Pepe shivered. Guy was now directly behind him. He licked his lips hungrily, preparing to taste Pepe. Guy leaned close into his ear. Pepe could almost feel Guy’s goatee tickle the back of his neck. And in a voice so low, so seductive, Guy whispered, “I’m taking you…to Flavortown.”

Pepe immediately swiveled around and kissed him, working his hands through Guy’s luscious blonde locks. Guy grabbed Pepe’s butt, kneeding it like he kneads dough for a flavorful pizza. Pepe pulled away only for a second, and said, “I like it spicy.”

Pepe pushed Guy down onto the bed, and howled like a wolf. Guy shimmied out of his pants, and struggled to undo the buttons on his button-down flame shirt. Pepe straddled him, sloppily kissing and licking Guy’s neck and chest. “I can’t wait to strip you like a piece of meat on a bone,” Pepe whispered sensually into his ear. Guy felt shivers trail down his back to…down there. Pepe noticed Guy’s increasing breathing and quirked an eyebrow. “Are you ready to get slammed with the heat?” He asked, slowly pulling down the front of his minion-printed boxers and pulling out his enormous, emerald pepper grinder.

Guy’s eyes ignited with anticipation. He flipped over onto his stomach, already aching to feel Pepe pound into him. “Serve me your best,” Guy moaned.

“Wait, Guy,” Pepe hesitated, “I don’t have any lube.”

“Don’t worry,” Guy said, “I came prepared.” He reached over to his pants which were strewn across the edge of the bed, reached into the pocket, and pulled out a bottle of Tabasco sauce. Pepe’s eyes widened in intimidation and…excitement. He grabbed the bottle, tapped some of the liquid into his palm, and began to work it onto his shaft. He hissed, the spiciness causing him to feel a unique mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Spread your cheeks,” Pepe demanded. Guy obeyed, perking up his big ass instantly. Pepe lined himself up with Guy’s entrance, and screeched, “FEEL THE HEAT!”

Pepe slammed into Guy, both screaming out from the sensations. “That’s capital ‘T’ Tender,” Guy said. Pepe thrusted in and out, starting to create a steady, quick rhythm. The sounds of both Guy’s and Pepe’s groans filled the room. A few minutes later, Guy warned Pepe, “I’m going to cum.”

“So am I,” Pepe forced out. “On the count of 3. 1…2…3…”

They came together, spitting out a slur of cuss words and names of different spices. Pepe pulled out of Guy, and flopped next to him on the bed. Guy kissed his cheek, pulled his clothes on, and climbed out of the window. “Pepe?” Guy said, with one leg out the window. Pepe raised his head in response. “That was some super duper weenie,” Guy said, before climbing the rest of the way out and disappearing down the street. Pepe never saw him again after that afternoon, but will always remember the finger-lickin’ good time they’ve had. 

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may i request karasuno reacting to their partner saying their first name for the first time? thank you c:

Daichi,” you called from the other room, “What kind of pizza do you want?”
Daichi jumped a little, his first instinct thinking his parents had appeared in the house and called for him, but he instantly disregarded the thought.
“Uh, I’m fine with whatever you want?” He was still a little startled you’d decided to use his first name after all this time.

“What do you think, Koushi?” You’d been waiting patiently as he looked over your presentation, clicking through each slide wordlessly.
Suga smiled, pushing away from the computer and putting his hands on his knees, “I think you’re gonna do great, ____!”

“I believe in you, Asahi!” Your hands were wrapped around the ace’s, holding tightly onto them. Even if it was a practice match, you wanted to give your boyfriend as much encouragement as possible.
Asahi’s cheeks burned bright red at hearing his first name roll off your tongue, his heart picking up speed, “Th-thank you!”

Ryu, you wanna go out later?” You couldn’t see what the big deal about saying his first name (actually, a nickname), was. But Tanaka couldn’t help but let out a big shout of excitement and rush over to you, grabbing onto your shoulders and exclaiming, “Hell yeah I do!”

“Well, Yuu are the cutest.” It was the perfect opportunity for a pun, and you absolutely had to take it. Noya’s eyes widened in surprise before he busted out in laughter, and his grin was contagious as you sported one yourself.
“Looks, humor, you’ve sure got everything, ____!”

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typingtess replied to your post:Taking first-sentence prompts for the next… 20…

Any pairing you want - “And how was that a good idea?”

Diggle stood by in the entry of Felicity’s living room, thick arms folded over broad chest, and shook his head at Oliver, who shot him a glare the might have been worth a damn if he weren’t developing two black eyes. The swelling across his nose and the blood smeared across his cheek didn’t much help his case.

Felicity, seated on the coffee table and trying to get around Oliver’s swatting hands with a wet rag and a dish towel full of ice, jutted her chin out angrily and demanded, “You answer the man right now, Oliver Queen. What the hell possessed you to come sneaking through my upstairs window in the middle of the night?” Oliver sighed, shoulders sagging at being ganged up on, and Felicity took advantage to dab at the blood on his face none-too-gently with her rag. “I mean it, I’m not sorry enough for the busted nose to not be pissed at you.”

Scowling sourly, Oliver snatched the rag from Felicity’s hand and wiped it over his face, dabbing it under his nose as he scooted sullenly back into the couch cushions. Voice muffled and nasally, he grumbled, “I was trying to surprise you.”

John’s brows popped high and he barked a short laugh, tossing his hands in the air and landing them on his hips. “Well you fucking succeeded, Queen. You surprised the hell out of her, and nearly gave me a goddamn heart attack.” Oliver glanced up at him guiltily. “Do you have any idea how many of my nightmares start with Felicity calling after midnight, terrified because she thinks someone is in the house?” Felicity was nodding along, and Oliver’s jaw worked in embarrassment. “Do you have any idea how close you came to Lyla calling down an ARGUS op team here? And they wouldn’t just break your nose, they’d perforate you.”

Felicity blinked at him. “Seriously? Lyla almost called in an ARGUS goon squad for me?” Digg gave her a “duh” face, and she pinkened, lips curving in a small smile. “That’s oddly touching.” Her head came back up, smile gone as she swooped a pointed finger between Oliver and Diggle. “Not that I needed it, mind you.” Her hand swept towards Oliver’s face, Vanna White showcasing his busted nose. “I am clearly not helpless, and backup was totally on speed dial, thank you, Digg.”

Oliver rolled his eyes, then sat up, eyes narrowing at Felicity. “Hey, how come Digg was your first call when you thought you were in danger? Why not me?”

Felicity and John scorched him with nearly identical scathing looks.

You were supposed to be out of town, Oliver!”

He tossed his head. “Which is why I was gonna surprise you, I got home early–shit.” Blood spilled down his upper lip again, and he lifted the rag quickly to catch it. From behind the damp cotton, he grudgingly mumbled, “At least Digg’s lessons are paying off. You hit hard.”

Felicity’s back straightened with pride, but Digg’s eyebrows were on a slow climb of revelation.

“Hold up.” His partners both turned their attention to him, and John pointed accusingly at Oliver. “You got back in town half a day early, and your first stop in the middle of the damn night is B&E through Felicity’s guest bedroom window?”

Felicity’s eyes widened and the tips of Oliver’s ears went red, both of them staring at Diggle like rabbits at a wolf.

Digg’s mouth dropped open. “How long?”

“Um,” Felicity fidgeted with her industrial piercing, eyes skating all around the room.

Oliver slowly lowered the rag from his face, grimacing. “We can explain–”

“I don’t give a damn,” Digg interrupted, arms crossing again. “How long have you two been sleeping together?”

Felicity mumbled something and, glancing at her from the corner of his eyes, Oliver cleared his throat and reluctantly answered, “A… few weeks?”

Digg shook his head over and over. “I can’t believe I didn’t see this shit happening. I mean, I’m too not surprised you idiots decided to sneak around to be offended you didn’t tell me, but how the hell did I not see through you?” He sighed, turning away and dragging his hands down his face. “God damn it. I owe Lyla fifty bucks and a spa day.”

Blazing Temptation~ Derek Luh Imagine pt.9

Chapter 9: Karma is a Bitch

Slowy I walked up towards Derek and sensually ran my hand down his chest.

“Babygirl, I don’t think you’re ready for this.” He whispered while looking directly into my eyes.

“Oh Baby, you don’t know a lot of things about me.” I responded in a hushed tone and brought my lips close to his. When his lips were just a breath away I enclosed the space between us and rubbed my hand over his hard-on. The taste of his sinful lips was amazing, if only I were able to keep him to myself forever.

Derek then eagerly pushed me against him, grinded himself against my hand, and moaned into my mouth. I pulled him closer to me, if it was possible, and ran my hands through his luscious brown locks. I never wanted this moment to stop but this little asshole is going to get what he deserves trying to give me a ‘punishment’.

Roughly I pulled away trying to catch my breath and looked at him cynically, “Now it looks like you have to relieve yourself too.”

A look of surprise went across his face but then he became irritated.

“I was just trying to give you a punishment.”

“By getting me horny?” I laughed out.

“Yes, I was thinking of busting a 50 Shades of Grey move.” He chuckled while smirking at me.

“Well it seems like you failed babyboy.”


“Yeah, I want to give you nickname too.” I looked at him with a genuine smile.

He smiled back and was about to say something but was suddenly cut off with the sound of my phone. I reached in my pocket to retrieve my phone and became surprised when I saw it was my dad to who was calling me.

“Hey Dad, what’s up?”

“Where the hell are you?!” He yelled and getting straight to the point.

“I’m at… I’m at Ash’s house.” I nervously let out.

You see my dad was the one who was extremely strict on me and telling him I’m at a boy’s would probably get my ass beat. At this moment, I was hoping he bought it and didn’t question me further.

“Evelyn I know you’re lying to me, so where are you?” He said in a harsh tone.

Well shit, I guess he didn’t buy it.

“I’m at a friend’s house working on a… project.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah totally.”

I looked at Derek panicking, thinking my dad was somehow going to find out where I was. My dad suddenly let out a deep sigh and said, “Evelyn I’m deeply disappointed in you, now come to the front door.”

“The front door?” I asked confused.

“Yes, now hurry up.” He responded annoyed and hung up on me.

I looked at my phone in confusion and then back up to Derek.

“Fuck, I think my dad’s here.”

Insteading of answering me Derek just stared at me and then bursted out laughing.

“Fuck, we are definitely screwed. Especially when you have me all aroused.” He said laughing and wiping a few stray tears rolling down his cheeks.

We then both walked to the front door and cautiously opened it.

“Oh my lord, finally you’re her-”My dad was saying but then stopped when he saw Derek. Fury erupted in his eyes when he kept glancing between Derek and I.

“Hey Dad…” I trailed off slowly.

“A boy? You’re with a boy?”

“Let me explai-”

“What are thinking?! Guys only want one thing and that ain’t cuddling? You’re too young to get pregnant, you have to think about all the consequences. I mean I get you’re mom and I had you young but it doesn’t mean you have to follow in our footsteps and-”

“Dad! Calm down, we were working on our project! He’s my chemistry partner.”

“Chemistry partner my ass.” He screamed and pushed me out of the way and punched Derek.

“Derek!” I yelled out trying to see if he was okay but my dad grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me to the car.

“Dam, it’s not fun getting punched in the face twice in one day.” I heard Derek groan out loud before I was fully in the car.



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This is my first imagine, so please be kind. It’s possible that the grammar isn’t 100% correct. That’s because I’m from the Netherlands and not from a country where they talk English


If I have to describe my feelings right now, it would be terrible. Horrible, depressed. Why? I moved to Beacon hills a while ago. My mom found work here, at the hospital. I got to meet the whole pack. I am een senior, like Scott, Kira, Malia and Lydia. Ofcourse, I also met Mason and Liam. Well  this is the whole problem, the first time I met Liam. When I met Liam, I instantly felt my heart skipping beats. You can drown in his ocean blue eyes. I loved his messy hair, he smells amazing, his smile is beyond beautiful. Plus, he was super sweet and so respectful. I am not een supernatural creature, and because of that, Liam always wanted to make sure I was save. 

I used to be a very shy, insecure girl. But when Liam was around, I’d come out of my shell. I felt like I could be 100% myself when he was around. I didn’t do anything about him. I never want to tell him I am completely in love with him. And that was just the thing. The others knew, and they don’t like it. Stiles, Lydia and Malia came to my house one night. I was surprised to see them. They told me it had to stop. I thought the age difference wouldn’t be a problem, but they did. Lydia asked me, how I want to make things work out when I’m going to college, and Liam is still on high school. What would happen if I fall in love with another guy at college? Liam would be heartbroken they said. I never looked at it that way. So they told me it had to stop. And so it did.

Right now we where at Scott’s house for a pack meeting. Everyone was there, also Liam. I couldn’t focus at all. I felt the pain in my chest, the tears behing my eyes that wanted to come out. ‘’Are you okay?’’ I heard a soft voice whispering next to me. I looked in his ocean blue eyes. ‘’Yes, why?’’ I tried to hide it. I can see in his eyes that he doesn’t believe me. ‘’I can sense it. You’re sad.’’ I tried to smile. ‘’I’m fine.’’ Liam sighed. ‘’No, you’re not.’’ I knew he wasn’t mad at me, but he raised his voice out of frustration. Everyone looked at us with wide eyes. ‘’Liam, I-’’ He wouldn’t let me finish. ‘’drop the act (y/n), I can sense your sadness. All week I could smell it and it came out of nowhere and I don’t understand why you don’t want to talk it. We always tell each other everything!’’ Scott put his hand on Liam’s shoulder. ‘’Take it easy Liam.’’ He said. I could see how his eyes turned yellow and my eyes were filled with tears. He had never, ever yelled at me. ‘’I.. I’m going home.’’ I walked towards the frontdoor. ‘’(y/n)!’’ Lydia called my name, but I kept walking.


Two days later, Liam was still mad at me. He avoided me at school or looked me dead in the eye. So my sadness became even more. I never wanted to make him mad or lose him as a friend. A very good one. ‘’(y/n)?’’ I looked up in Stiles’ eyes. ‘’Yes?’’ We were having lunch. I was sitting at one side of the table and Liam was sitting at the other side. ‘’Is there something wrong?’’ I could feel Liam’s eyes. He looked at us and listened to our conversation. ‘’No.’’ Stiles looked at Lydia, like they were having a conversation without words. ‘’I have to go.’’ I stood up and walked out of the cafetaria. I didn’t had to go, but I couldn’t handle the staring eyes anymore. 

I went home immediatly after school. Scott asked me if I wanted to hang out with them after school, but I didn’t. I told him I didn’t feel well and that I was going home. Right now it was almost midnight and I was still up. My parents weren’t home for a week and I couldn’t sleep. Not because they were gone, but because my thoughts were with Liam. 

Someone knocked on my window. I wasn’t scared, there was only one person I knew who would do that. I opened my curtains and looked in the ocean blue eyes, the eyes I loved the most. I opened my window so he could enter. I sat on my bed again and looked at him. ‘’I’m sorry.’’ I said. He looked at me with a weird look on his face. ‘’What?’’ He said. I sighed and looked away. ‘’I never wanted to make you mad.’’ Liam walked over to me, sat on my bed en took my hands in his. ‘’I’m not mad at you, I never was.’’ A feeling of relieve went through my body. ‘’But you avoided and ignored me.’’ I whispered, but I knew he could hear every word I said. ‘’Yes, I was frustrated, I really wanted to know why you were so sad, when I ignored you I sensed that you were even getting more sad then you already was.’’ 

‘’It’s fine.’’ He was still holding my hands. ‘’I don’t want you to be sad.’’ I smiled softly. ‘’I’m not sad anymore.’’ Liam smiled too. ‘’Scott and Stiles told me what happened and why you were being so sad all the time.’’ I looked him in the eye, got my hands out of his and stood up from my bed. ‘’They did what?!’’ My hands were in my hair and I felt very, very busted. ‘’It’s okay,’’ Liam was standing in front of me. ‘’No, it’s not. I’m sorry, I don’t want to ruin our friendship.’’ My heart was racing like hell. ‘’You’re not ruining anything (y/n).’’ He stayed very calm, which surprised me. ‘’No, Scott and Stiles did. Oh my god. I really don’t understand why they told you. I trusted them. I told them not to tell you!’’ Liam started smiling. ‘’Why are you smiling?!’’ What the hell? Out of nowhere, Liam walked towards me, he took my face in his hands and placed his soft lips on mine. I was surprised. Really, really surprised. But after that, I kissed him back. I was the first one to pull away from him. ‘’What?..’’ That was the only thing I was able to say. He gave me his most beautiful smile.

‘’Scott and Stiles told me that you are in love with me, because they know about my feelings as well. I am in love with you too. I’m in love with your sweet giggles, your big green eyes, your long blonde hair, your smile, that can light up a whole town. I love your sense of humor, how good you are at keeping secrets, I love that you are always able to listen when I don’t feel good. I don’t care about the age difference. I love you too, very much.’’ Tears of happines filled my eyes. ‘’But what when I graduate and leaving for college?’’ He cupped my cheek very carefully. ‘’You think you are going to fall in love with someone else there?’’ I loved the feeling of his warm hand on my cheek. ‘’No.’’ He placed a soft kiss on my nose. ‘’Then, I trust you.’’ ‘’But what about the others? They dissaproved my feelings for you.’’ Liam smiled again. ‘’They told me because they could see what happened after they talked to you. They could also see how bad I felt because you were feeling so bad and you didn’t wanted to talk to me about it. They know we always talk about everyting. Besides, I don’t even care about the age difference.’’ 

I got a big smile on my face and so did Liam. ‘’Liam Dunbar, I am so deeply in love with you.’’ He laughed softly. ‘’(y/n) (y/l/n), I love you too. I love you more than anything.’’