a burnt ship


Hey I’m backkkkkk.  I haven’t drawn a comic in ages but here we are.  Haha remember this? The ol’ “undertale Sans and underfell Grillby should be a thing and also Underfell Sans can come hang out too” wellllllllllll here we are. 

this is part 1.  when it turns into sansby kissing stuff i’ll lose my nerve and stop posting it but you’ll at LEAST get a few more updates before then.  um.  i’m sorry.  in advance.  for everything that i have become.

it continues … [ part 2 ] >>

I’ve had to start learning Latin for my course and it turns out that learning an ancient language is pretty different to learning a modern one.

When I started Spanish I started off with colours and stuff.

In Latin we’ve gone straight into this


I can’t tell you my name in Latin but I can explain murder very well

In celebration of Halloween, I’ve compiled a list of horror films from several different sub-genres along with links to their respective IMDB pages. Please note that the films listed below may contain scenes that some find triggering, disturbing, or upsetting; if you have any concerns over a film’s content, I highly encourage you to research it prior to watching in order to make as informed a choice as possible. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR: films that inspire fear and tension by creating an unsettling atmosphere.

FEMALE-CENTRIC FILMS: horror movies featuring women in starring roles outside of the “final girl” trope.

GRAPHIC HORROR: films containing depictions of extreme acts, like heavy violence, body horror, and gore. Not recommended for those offended or disturbed by explicit, potentially-upsetting media.

HORROR ANTHOLOGIES: also known as “portmanteau films”, these movies contain multiple short segments that are sometimes connected by a main plot.

THRILLERS: scary stories with a suspenseful plot.

MOVIE MONSTERS: horror films starring a variety of creatures, from vampires and werewolves to Lovecraft monsters and evil clowns.

HORROR CLASSICS: definitive movies from the pre-1970’s horror era.

SUPERNATURAL HORROR: all things paranormal, ghosts and ghouls.

OCCULT AND POSSESSION: movies with rituals, demons, and possessed souls.

ZOMBIES: a category encompassing everything from Romero’s undead to the living infected.

FOUND FOOTAGE: movies comprised of camera footage filmed by hapless characters.


Seventeen flotsam tales

1. This is a bottle, of what I could not tell you.

2. This is a twig from the tree not far behind you, though processed though the sea’s salt-sand alembic. It has something of a bone about it now.

3. This is a chip from the bow of a dead ship.

4. This is a claw, shed from something old and stirring in the ocean’s messy blankets, in the tangled-up warm depths where sailors sleep.

5. This is a fragment. A gaudy, sun-bleached fragment, from a toy long-lost and buried in a castle on the tideline. And its swimming days are over, when it frolicked with the fishes never heeding all the searching and the calling on the shore: come at last to almost dust, as forever plastic must.

6. This is a cuttlefish’s pockmarked shell.

7. This is a strand from a net that came unravelled, in its smoothness quite recalling all the creatures that slipped free. There were things that looked like mermaids but they weren’t.

8. A sliver from a smokestack of a ship that burnt at sea.

9. This is a widget from the bridge of a tanker last seen listing round the cape. It has traced a mazy path of ocean currents to this place.

10. This is a feather. Look further, there’s another. A trail of scrappy feathers curving through the lapping tide. At the end there is a bird that is building and discarding of itself a fishy finshape for the sea.

11. This is a coin worn smooth and faceless.

12. This was a letter from a lover lost at sea, telling softly of forevers to the elvers in the rivers and the plovers on the flats of the distant longed-for shore: but its letter days are over, gone to pulp and shattered bottle, washed of meaning, ‘til the only thing remaining is a silver seaglass stone, rolling lonely and alone.

13. This is a fragment from a crate, but the crate was always empty.

14. This is a knot. The things it tied are not, and will never be again, but the knot itself remains.

15. These are the pebbles that were thrown at a battle at the dawning of the world, and the pebbles now are older, gone to sand and salt and shingle, but they still retain a shadow of that morning’s golden light.

16. This is a shell from a fish that lived its whole life on the shell of a bigger fish, which did not venture far.

17. This is a cinder lately fallen from a star.

moanastudies  asked:

I love your blog. I'm a student studying Hamlet and Faustus and I was wondering what you thought about Christopher Marlowe and his influences on Shakespeare.

Thank you very much! I’m glad you like the blog; much obliged.

Marlowe’s influence on Shakespeare is a pretty broad question, so I don’t have any particular thought on the subject as a whole. I mean, it’s clear that Shakespeare was influenced by Marlowe, especially given that he quotes him at times. The two most often noted are Evans’ song in Act 3, scene 1 of The Merry Wives of Windsor, which is a quotation of Marlowe’s The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, and Phoebe’s ‘Dead shepherd, now I find thy saw of might: / Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?’ (3.5.82-83) in As You Like It is an acknowledged quotation from Hero and Leander (‘dead shepherd’ referring, of course, to Marlowe). I also think that Richard II’s ‘Is this the face which faced so many follies / That was at last outfaced by Bolingbroke?’ (4.1.285-86; the 4th Quarto has ‘Was’ instead of ‘Is’) might be a reference to Marlowe’s ‘Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships, / And burnt the topless towers of Illium?’ (Dr Faustus, B-text, 5.1.93-94).

But even though we know that Marlowe must have influenced Shakespeare, the extent of this influence is extremely difficult to determine. No doubt Shakespeare borrowed or was inspired by his contemporary playwrights’ poetic elements, storytelling methods, characterisation and so on, but how does one judge? And is Marlowe’s influence limited to the time they were both actively writing for the London stages, or does it continue after he dies? In the case of this latter question, it seems to me (judging by themes and quotations) that Marlowe’s influence is stronger on Shakespeare’s earlier plays, but do continue in some ways to his later plays.

But I suppose that you’re more particularly interested in the connection between Dr Faustus and Hamlet. Well, if you look at the two plays in isolation, there are a lot of elements that chime with one another: there’s the intelligent protagonist that feels trapped in his world, there are the religious themes of the Reformation and the afterlife, the idea of sexual attraction and making a change in the world and so on. But when you look at all of these themes with a wider view of early modern culture you get the sense that Hamlet isn’t so much a direct response to Dr Faustus as that the two plays are both responding to similar issues and belong to a similar tradition, even though both plays happen to be particularly outstanding in the way they use and transform these elements. And while it’s possible to surmise that Shakespeare may have been partly inspired to write this kind of play based on his experience of Marlowe’s box office hit, there are many more plays in the revenge tragedy genre before and after Marlowe’s play that deal with similar questions, so it’s impossible to attribute it to Marlowe alone. Take for instance the figure of the disenchanted intellectual – the character was so common in early modern writing that it even has a name, the malcontent.

What’s most important, I think, is that Marlowe and Shakespeare were living, experiencing, and responding to the time in which they lived in similar ways, both thematically and poetically. They’re both interested in questions of politics and authority, in cruelty and bloodshed, and in questions of faith, human freedom and individuality (among other issues), and both of them deal with these questions similarly at times, distinctly at others. Sometimes they diverge. For instance, Shakespeare is more interested in capitalism than Marlowe, and Marlowe is more interested in atheism than Shakespeare. They’re also writing in the golden age of British playwriting, and are, along with several others, creating and transforming the very field of dramatic writing as they write. So they’re not only influencing one another but working at the same time on similar materials for similar audiences, creating the very categories by which they would come to be judged in the future.

  • Badd Mann: so you want the body of your former lover
  • Zeref: no no, fairy heart is magic not a person
  • Zeref: but i want the booty too
  • Zeref: i mean the crystal
  • Zeref: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

im probs the only one who ships Muffet and Grillby but w/e


- Muffet being an total sweetheart and making little pastries for Grillby when he’s upset or in the mood for some nums
- Grillby making Muffet ~*extra special*~ milkshakes when she comes to his restaurant for lunch
- Muffet and Grillby having goofy bake/cook offs on weekends they dont work
- Muffet putting little hearts on Grillby’s cupcakes
- Grillby puts ketchup hearts on her burgers and fries
- Muffet using him as an oven for baking
- Grillby lets Muffet help out at the restaurant and she makes special goodies for the costumers
- cold spider get warm hug from flamey bf
-Bippity boppity boop right in between her five eyes, just to see her go cross eyed
- Grillby teaching Muffet how to make burgers and use the deep fryers
- Muffet teaching Grillby how to bake and he ends up catching the kitchen on fire because baking is hard and noone understands
- Muffet’s underground famous, six armed hugs

Jeez, i have so many more, but im on mobile so,,,

It all ends in flames

Maedhros during the burning of the swan ships in Beleriand. Its Pre-Thangarodrim so no scars and short hair but lots of blood and dramatic hair flying around. Poor Maedhros is really regretting following his father and also does anyone see the symmetry; the mess he’s stuck in only sunk in when Feanor burnt the ships and his demise ended in a burning chasm I miss doing english literature T T

5 hour speed paint and it shows but I was good I actually took time to work on my law assignment! T T

「Friendship Overload/Overlord」lyrics & translation

誰ひとり敵わない 勝利への執着心 クールな反面の裏に隠している優しさ
実力驕らない 屈託ない笑顔で また少しずつ強くなっていく
Your aspiration for victory is unrivaled by anyone else, behind your cool appearance, kindness is hidden
without boasting your real strength, with that carefree smile, little by little you’re getting stronger

何度も前向く あのカードのようにさ進めそうだよ お前となら
If I’m with you, I feel like we can face forward and continue like that card

忘れずにいよう ここに集まって 戦った過去(こと)を
Because the future we’ve always imagine is getting closer
even if we’re to walk different path one day
Let’s not forget the gathered memories of fight we have been through together
ぶつかりあった日も 共に見ていた目標(ゴール)
偶然だと言える 出会いじゃないさ
世界中で一番の最高の分身(エース バンガード)
The days when we’re against each other, the goal we saw together
Our meeting is not something we can call ‘coincidence’
my best avatar (ace vanguard) in the whole world

ホントの楽しさを伝えたいって想い 示す形はきっと 二人違うけれど
いつでも変わらない 情熱に押されて ただ精一杯駆け抜けた日々に
I’m sure the shape of our feeling of wanting to convey happiness to each other differs
but you do not change, always so passionate, always doing your best everyday

迫る選択 心揺さぶられては 自分の弱さ 思い知った
I realized as the time to choose come closer, what shook my heart was my own weakness

苦しい気持秘め 歩けなかった日も
孤独じゃない いつも リアサイドには
俺以上に俺を 信じてあるお前 呆れるほどに*
Days of hiding our pain, days of not able walking forward
But I’m never alone, in my rear side
you, who believe in me more than I believe in myself, are always here, always that I can’t get it*
いつまでも色褪せない 永遠の一瞬(メモリアル ターン)
The dream (vision) you’re chasing after is not for yourself
because it’s for your friends, you caused miracle
An unfading, eternal moment (memorial turn)

言わなくても分かっているだろ たぶんね
Even if I don’t say, you probably have already understand, maybe
word of gratitude; “thank you”

苦しい気持ち秘め 歩けなかった日も
Days of hiding our pain, days of not able walking forward

忘れずにいよう ここに集まって 戦った過去(こと)を
Because the future we’ve always imagine is getting closer
even if we’re to walk different path one day
Let’s not forget the gathered memories of fight we have been through together
ぶつかりあった日も 共に見ていた目標(ゴール)
偶然だと言える 出会いじゃないさ
世界中で一番の最高の分身(エース バンガード)
The days when we’re against each other, the goal we saw together
Our meeting is not something we can call 'coincidence’
my best avatar (ace vanguard) in the whole world

Translated by: Tuki
Original lyrics from: Kashi Time
*呆れるほどに: 「呆れる」itself has many meanings; 1)to be amazed, 2)to be shocked, 3)to get sick/tired. I think, speaking from Kai’s POV (since this more likely Kai’s thought), he gets both tired and surprised of Miwa being constantly there (despite the jerk he is), so I decided to go with “I can’t get it” because it can represent both feelings.

1. I have not listen to this song at all so I cannot tell who sings which (though I can guess from the lyrics but I’m still not sure) UPDATED with who sings what! Thanks to shikiskhakis for uploading the song!

2. 「オーバーロード」is overload in katakana BUT, you know, there’s thismajesticdragonthatis Dragonic Overlord and overlord is also 「オーバーロード」in katakana, so…I just go with both.