a bunny from my oven


“Lucky.” Seriously, Emma? LUCKY?

My God, is this girl shady or what? What did she mean?! Did she mean she tied him up so “well” this time that he wouldn’t escape? He’s a pirate, so no cuffs get in the way or knots with a rope, for that matter… Did she mean, lucky for him he got away? Lucky for me? Because I don’t have to freaking worry about him anymore? Lucky for me again? Because I was feeling guilty for leaving him there?

I think it’s this: “Lucky” because that man has more lives than a buddhist cat. REALLY, he does. He keeps staring death in da face and he keeps getting spared!

I had to make these.. feel free to use! XD Had a blast doing them… especially the Lucky Charm one, you know, with Colin being Irish and all… :3

UPDATE: Britt’s right, maybe She meant “Lucky Tamara” because thank The Lord Hook wasn’t there when she went to the basement. But then how would Neal find out Hook wasn’t there? Haha “Oh, baby, did you happen to see a stab-happy pirate in there tied up to a radiator?” “Everything okay? Your things are pirate-free?” LOL

Now I’m getting CS FF plot bunnies…