a bundle of blues

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“Why are you giving your attention to that?” Dust sat down beside Blue, crossing his arms and glaring at the little bundle of fur in Blues lap.

"Why wouldn’t I? He’s adorable!” Blue lifted the kitten up to his face, kissing its fluffy cheeks. He went to set it back in his lap, making a taken aback sound as it was ripped out of his grasp by Dust, and less than gently put on the floor before being replaced with a skeleton that was a little too big to sit in anyone’s lap.

“Hey! I was just giving him some love! Why are you in my lap-”

“Kiss me.”

Blue blushed and tried to back up, only to be stopped by the cushions of the couch, “W-why do you want me to do that, we aren’t even dating!” Dust huffed and pinned Blue with his hands, moving forward until he was less than an inch away from Blues face, “Kiss me.”

Blue closed his eyes tightly, leaning up until he felt his perma-smile meet with Dusts. He was surprised when he felt Dust flinch away like he had been hit and quickly climb off of him, almost falling flat on his face when he finally got his feet on the ground.

"Are you ok?” Blue reached out to touch Dust’s arm and move it away from his face; he had covered his mouth with his hand after Blue kissed him.

“I’m fine- I’m fine, don’t worry.”

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Percefiney: Thank you to the greatest person in the world, Mod R!

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When Mikasa first starts living with the Jaegers she would get bouts of the blues. She would bundle up with her scarf and coats and blankets by the window and just sit there staring blankly. Eren would watch her quietly wondering what he should do, Carla would wrap her arms around her and whisper encouragements in her ear making her crack a small smile. Eren told Armin about this and Armin suggested Eren do the same. So Eren, while blushing, comforts her until she comes out of her cocoon.

I love this bc it’s really sweet and bc I do think Eren was a bit more affectionate and a bit more physical with ppl before the wall breach! especially when it came to his friends <3 Smol Eren being attentive towards smol Mikasa = good headcanon
I think he might have been a bit tsundere tho like maybe not hugging her but maybe sitting by her side and hitting her shoulder with his when she didn’t answer to his talking and also being a bit pushy when it came to their first times going out to fool around town together with Armin ;u;


This song is so Sheith.

Sakura Nagashi english cover by Mitchel Matuszak

“If you could see me now
Could you find any words
What would you even say
Finding me living without you.

Everybody finds love…
In The End.

Misunderstood blues of the bundle gifted to mere mortals
So healthy and strong echoing through the empty halls of
That house in that town
You used to watch over
I know I’d make you proud
I follow your footsteps after all”

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Mckirk: Totally need a deaged Bones being the cutest thing this side of the galaxy. Need it. I need it bad. and like DADDY JIM. Serious cuteness.

Jim blinks at the bundle of science blues in Chapel’s arms, confused as hell and not wanting to admit it.

“This is Bones,” he says aloud. “Our Bones.”

"Looks like it.”

“What happened to him?” Jim stares in bewilderment as a small, tousled head pokes out of the top of the shirt, peering around with round hazel eyes that hold a touch more green in them than the Bones he knows. “Do I even want to know?”

"Probably not,” Chapel says evasively. “Here.” She promptly dumps the kid in Jim’s arms, and Jim gives her a look.

“You’re his best friend,” she points out, and Jim looks down at the kid helplessly. The kid looks back, blinking apprehensively, and Jim notices with an odd fuzziness in his stomach that Bones has freckles.

“What’s your name, kid?” he asks, shifting his hold to settle the kid more comfortably against his hip.

“Len,” the kid says, sounding terrifyingly close to tears. “I’m four.” He does start crying then, a little bit, tiny hiccups accompanied by intense face-scrunching in an effort to not drop any tears, and Jim bounces him desperately.

“Hey, hey, none of that,” he says, trying to inject a bit of cheer into his tone. “Len, right? Okay, Len,” he continues, valiantly ignoring Chapel’s amused look. “Let’s do this together, huh?”

He decides to keep Len in his quarters until this, whatever this is, wears off. After all, it’s where his Bones stays most nights now, and for some reason, he doesn’t want anyone else seeing Bones like this. Seeing Len.

If Bones was here, he’d sock Jim in the shoulder and call him an idiot, but Jim knows he’ll also kiss him afterwards and flush in that fascinating way, across the top of his ears and the back of his neck and, Jesus, Jim just wants him back.

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Cotton Club dancers Florence Hill and Bessie Dudley dance with the accompaniment of the Duke Ellington Orchestra in a musical short titled A Bundle of Blues (1933).