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Last three “elite cosmopolitan liberal” presidents:
-From Georgia, *actual* peanut farmer
-Raised in Arkansas, poor, by an abusive stepfather
-Raised by single mom and grandparents in Kansas/Hawaii

Last four “everyman, white-working-class conservative” presidents:
-Hollywood actor from IL
-Son of borderline-royal Massachusetts family with banker/politician patriarch
-Literally the previous guy’s son
-NY millionaire at birth and later reality show star who probably owns a bunch of ponies but won’t talk about it or tell us their names

“Cringe” culture as a whole specifically targets and is most directly damaging to neurodivergent kids and teenagers and I honestly think its disgusting.

Like the basic concept of making fun of something because of what they like is gross af. But when you factor in that youre mocking something that has either been arbitrarily decided to be quote unquote bad or is just popular enough to be known and seen as quirky without being mainstream, then you have something that primarily targets autistic children who have developed a special interest in something outside the norm and have no way of knowing or understanding why they arent supposed to like it. To say nothing of the stifiling of creativity by telling some 13 year old that their Sonic/Undertale/FNAF OC is terrible and they should give up art

And honestly this shit is intertwined with adults appropriating childrens media as their own. Just think about it. My Little Pony is “cringy” because a bunch of creepy, overzelous adult men claimed it and made it essentially unreachable for its intended audience, because some poor kid has to wade thrlugh their porn just to google their favourite character. So the reaction is, that media is now bad.

The connection here is most obvious with Mimecraft imo, because its popularity amongst young people has led to a youtube monopoly. Meaning it is now “cringe” because a mass of people have taken a genuinely enjoyable game which resonates highly with autistic people and mass produced it for their own gain.

Cringyness as a concept is essentially us recognising that capitalism has fucked something we love in the ass but instead of turning our ire at the system that drives that, we’re shitting on innocent kids who just want to consume media they genuinely enjoy.

tl;dr if you ever knowingly and intentionally make fun of someone for their interests, fuck you , and if you ever describe something highly popular amongst young people as cringy i will personally slap you


for the final day of februpony i wanted to do something a little different 

AU where the mane 6 are a bunch of MLP G1 fans who all meet online and create pony-sonas to RP with

i wanted to draw their “IRL” counterparts but with my wrist not fully healed it’ll have to wait, until then i rly wanted to post this haha

thank you to @horse-stamp-hooligans (rainbowdash) and @generalbubbyphotography (applejack) for letting me use your photos for some of these!
(pls check out their blogs they are both amazing!) 

and for bonus fun @equestriarp is a real place c;
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Things The Riverdale Characters Remind Me Of
  • Jughead: Black coffee, the feeling you get when you're awake at 4 am and no one else is, walking alone in the rain, knitted sweaters, bookshelves that are so full some are piled on the floor, the shivers you get when there's a breeze, thunderstorms and raining nights, gentle music that makes you feel like the world is slowing down, breaking into people's yards to get a perfect photo, passing notes in class, conspiracy theory videos, foreign films, silent movies, anything on vinyl, fresh water rivers
  • Archie: the smell of freshly cut grass, laughing so hard your ribs start to hurt, running your hands through your hair after it's just been washed, that thing where you wake up suddenly because you thought you we're falling, swimming in the summer time, running until you can't breathe, walking in the dark because you can't sleep, the colour yellow, messy hand writing, defending your friends, acoustic versions of 80s rock songs, cold showers on hot days, tight shirts, getting all of your anger out, pushing yourself as hard as you can
  • Betty: pastel colours, high pony tails, sunshine, picnics in a park, bunches of fresh flowers that we're hand picked, lace trimmings on white socks, persistence, the feeling of standing up for yourself, wanting answers, loyalty, forgiveness, writing in your journal after a bad day, the smoothness of ink out of a new pen, messy sketches in the margins of work books, neatly spaced stationary on a clean desk, stretching when you first wake up, gentle light music that you can cry to, early 2000s pop hits that you can't help but dance to, singing into a hairbrush, trying with all you have to help other people, kindness, spinning around in a flowy dress
  • Veronica: the cool feeling you get when you breathe in after chewing peppermint gum, tight dresses, dancing on tables, champagne and strawberries, deep burgundy lipstick, expensive apartments, wet hair, black swimsuits, diamond earrings, red velvet cupcakes, cute nicknames, realising you're not perfect, building from your past, pushing your friends to realise their potential, never giving up, confidence, quick comebacks, heartfelt apologies, believing in fate, finding your destiny, forgetting how to live without someone, looking out for your family, being the new kid, absolute fearlessness, knowing when to pull back and when to fight harder, getting caught in the rain and starting to dance
  • Cheryl: Red neon lights, dripping clothes and frozen fingers, the sinking feeling in your stomach when you know something bad's about to happen, hiding yourself, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling before you fall asleep, full orchestras playing in an otherwise empty hall, fresh manicures, snarky comments, masquerade balls, wedding gowns, being brave, being vulnerable, the feeling of being broken and having no where to go, overgrown ivy and hanging vines, high heels on tiled floors, red lipstick, cherry stained lips, alter candles half burnt, silk sheets, Shakespeare sonnets, silent judgement, jealousy
  • Grundy: a literal bag of shit
Why of course, I know absolutely everything about //looks at smudged writing on hand// fire and shit.
—  Every reformed villain on the show

(no source because it’s mine, submitted one before but maybe eaten??)

SO HEY, remember that pony oc Numberone who was lit just a bunch of mangled ponies sewn together (+plus a robot leg for some reason??)? yeah she may be a trash oc but DAMN is she good for body horror

This is actually really cool! Mangled parts sewn together always makes a pretty cool horror concept.



Three surprise designs for the sale I’m hosting today! I’m really enjoying this, designing nextgens. I think I’ll try to host a sale of them at least once a month, but we’ll see how this one goes first. In the meantime, these designs were a bunch of fun to do! They were among the more unusual, specifically the Spike x CMC omniship one, but each proved to be an enjoyable challenge. :3 In order, the nextgens are:

-Pinkie Pie x Discord

-Rarity x Steven Magnet (he’s the sea serpent with fabulous hair)

-Spike x Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo)

As always, suggestions for future nextgen designs are welcome. :3 Which is your favorite of this bunch?

Punishment/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Could you please write an imagine about a Pan catching you kissing Felix and is beyond pissed. So he decides to punish you. Smut please. Thanks

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