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Where do we go from here?

As most of you probably have figured out by now, yesterday’s “reveal” was not a shock to me.  I have felt it in my gut about MM for months….which became a conk on the head once Sam defended her on her SM.  I knew then it was serious….though, for the life of me I can not figure out how it has gotten this far so fast.  When did he freaking have time to foster this relationship?  But that is not for me to say and not for me to judge what it is that makes a particular person special to you.  

We have “heard” and “read” the denials for months, but we kept being “shown” an entirely different story.  But clearly, it has been a story all along.  I’m not mad, but it would be ridiculous to say that even I–a wishful shipper–were not really disappointed in everyone involved.  I wanted the fairytale just as much as all of you diehard shippers.  But life isn’t a fairytale and it is hard to live up to those expectations–just look at Princess Di.  Anyhoo–because I have stayed here with you wonderful, intelligent, caring, generous ladies for a year as a non-believer, it is probably easier for me to continue doing so.  But I can totally appreciate the need for people to feel like they need to go….it is painful when it finally sinks in that this was all a fairytale.  It is hard not to feel foolish–but do not do that to yourself.  This was no accident; we were presented with this fairytale…they wanted us to believe it up until the IFH, and even beyond. I’m not going to pass judgement as to the reason why because we could debate that all day–but I’m convinced there was a reason why Sam especially wanted us to believe in SC.  

But we all came here for our love of Outlander and Sam & Cait.  That does not have to change if we don’t want it to.  The choice we have now is to learn to love them as individuals and not a unit.  Cait said so herself:  they are very different in their private lives…and if we look closely, we can see it is true.  I am hoping that most of you will stay because we have grown very close to each other here and I know most of us will miss this.  Lots of people have been saying “I was here just for SC”…but that is not true for me.  I will still be here.  I love this place; it has become part of my every day routine and that is the thing I would miss.  

So I can understand why people feel like this today:

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But I am hoping we can get past the hurt, confusion and disillusionment that is felt by most of you and we can become this very soon:

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just a bunch of friends sitting around enjoying each other’s company….with alcohol.  

In the meantime, I’m here for this, if anybody needs it:

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Peace and love ladies…

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please talk about why you're so sure that dnp are dating? i've been having some serious doubts lately. if you don't want to it's okay too dw also i have to say you're like my fav person in this fandom and i hope you're having a great day/night/week/month ily

eep! You’re so very nice. I hope you’re having a fantastic day/night/week/month/fuck’n decade as well. (even if recent events are making it harder) (take care of yourself you will make it through this)

Alright let’s approach this from the angle I like to call common sense, even though it can be super hard, I know, when we live in a culture that’s filled with heteronormativity and ~gay for pay~, and your gay otps are laughed off by the media, and queer people are forced to closet themselves to keep safe, and therefore a form of emotional manipulation happens where you’re forced to question even the things you can see before your very eyes, because you’re afraid people might ridicule you, write you off as delusional or naive:

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Requested: Can u do one where Shawn gets really jealous?  :))


You’ve been with Shawn on tour all summer. It’s been a blast. You’ve loved getting to spend a lot of time with your boyfriend, and you’ve also been able to see a lot of different cites as well. Sometimes Shawn is really busy, and you barely see him, but during the times that you do get to spend with him, you realize that this whole crazy life is completely worth it if you get to do it with Shawn.

Your best friend from college is coming out to visit you on the tour. Shawn has never really liked him, and you’re not sure why. You spend a lot of time with him at school, and he always looks out for you, which is nice because at college there isn’t really anyone else to do that for you. A lot of people have their boyfriends or girlfriends to make their own little families, but since Shawn is always traveling, he can’t be there for you like other girls boyfriends can. So at least you have your best friend.

“(Y/f/n)!” You shout and jump into his arms, hugging him tightly. You’re used to seeing him everyday at school, and you haven’t seen him all summer.

“(Y/n),” He says, “I missed you.”

He finally lets go of you and shakes Shawn’s hand. Shawn greets him, but not too warmly. You just roll your eyes at your boyfriend and start telling your best friend everything that happened on the tour so far. You have a lot to tell him. Shawn has to go do his soundcheck so that gives you two time alone to catch up.

Later on that evening, you both watch Shawn’s show from backstage. “You did good, (Y/n),” Your best friend says while watching Shawn perform. “He’s hella attractive.”

“I know. And he’s mine, so back off.” You reply.

“Don’t worry. He’s not my type.”

“Right…” You say warily. Yeah, your best friend is gay. He’s not out yet, though. He’s not comfortable telling everyone, and just looking at him you would never guess that he is gay. You respect his wishes to keep it a secret, so you’ve never told anyone either. You feel like it’s not your place.

After the show, you two return to the bus. You show your friend which bunk he can stay in since he’ll be with you guys for a couple of days. After you show him his bunk, you two return to the front of the bus. You’re just sitting next to each other enjoying the company. He shows you a funny picture and you laugh, leaning your head against his shoulder. At this moment, Shawn walks onto the bus. He gives you a strange look, and then says, “Hey (Y/n), hey (y/f/n).”

“Hey babe, your show was amazing!” You say standing up to hug him. He kisses you on the lips, even though a bunch of his crewmembers have followed him on the bus. He’s not usually one for PDA so it catches you off guard since there are so many people around. As soon as he pulls away, he glances at (y/f/n) then says, “I’m gonna go shower.” And he heads to the back of the bus.

As soon as he leaves, you sit down again and say to (y/f/n), “Did that seem weird to you too?”

“He’s marking his territory.” He replies.


“He thinks I want to steal you from him.” He states.

You laugh at this. “That’s ridiculous.” You reply.

“I’m just calling it like I see it.” He says, by now all of Shawn’s crewmembers that followed him onto the bus have made their way towards the back so it’s just the two of you in the front again. “You never told him I was gay, huh?” He asks.

“No, I didn’t think it was important, and I didn’t think it was my place to say anything.”

“You might want to tell him.” He replies.

“You sure?” You ask, hesitantly.

“For the sake of your relationship, and hopefully so he stops hating me, I’m sure.”

“If it comes up, I’ll tell him.” You respond.

The next morning, you decide to go out for breakfast. “Shawn, (y/f/n) and I are going to breakfast, do you want to come?”

“I can’t, babe, I have a radio interview.”

“Oh,” you reply, “I’ll see you after?”

“Yeah, sure.” Is all he replies.  

Once you get back from breakfast, Shawn is finished with his interview. This is the first time he actually has time to hang out with you and (y/f/n) since he got here. You three decide to go out for ice cream, even though its only 11 am. It just seemed like a good idea. You and (y/f/n) are just acting like your usual selves, joking and laughing together. For some reason, Shawn doesn’t seem to be in the best mood, but you just decide its because he’s been working a lot lately and he’s probably tired.

By the time you get back to the busses, you can tell Shawn’s practically fuming, and it’s not just because he’s tired. He hasn’t even said a single word since you left the ice cream place, and that’s so unlike him. When you get out of the car, (y/f/n) just gives you a look and enters the bus, leaving you and Shawn alone outside. “What’s wrong?” You ask him.

“Don’t act like you don’t know.” He says, anger filling his tone.

“I don’t,” You defend.

“Seriously, (y/n)? (Y/f/n) keeps flirting with you right in front of my face. And you’re not doing anything about it!” He’s really angry now. And you don’t mean to, but you actually laugh out loud. This only makes him angrier. “What the fuck?” He says.

“I’m sorry it’s just funny.” You reply between laughs.

“How the fuck is this funny?” He’s really, really pissed now.

“(Y/f/n) is gay, Shawn. He’s really gay. He also thinks you’re attractive. So if anyone should be worried right now, it should be me about you and him.”

The look of surprise on his face makes you laugh even more. He doesn’t know what to say. After a few seconds of silence, he finally just shakes his head in disbelief. “You’re sure he’s gay?”

“Shawn, I’m sure.”

“I was so jealous of him (y/n).” He says, and then asks, “If he’s gay, why is he always flirting with you?”

“He’s not flirting with me, that’s just how he is.” You say, and it’s true. He’s like that with all of your friends too, not just you.

“He said I was attractive?” Shawn asks now.

You laugh, “Yeah, but don’t let it get to your head.”

He pulls you into a hug, and then says, “Is it bad that I’m really happy that he’s gay.”

“No,” you reply, “I just can’t believe you were that jealous though.”

“Of course I was. I really didn’t want to mention it because he’s your best friend and I didn’t want to accuse you of cheating or anything, but it was getting really bad. And I’ve been holding it in for like two days.” He admits.

You laugh again at him, “I think this is so funny.”

“I know you do. Why didn’t you just tell me he was gay and save me the trouble of being jealous?”

“I think it’s cute that you were so jealous. But mostly because he’s not really out yet, so I just didn’t think it was my place to say. And you can’t say anything to anyone either.”

“I won’t tell anyone. But I’m glad I don’t have to worry about you anymore.”

“You were worried?” You ask, raising your eyebrows at him in question.

“Well, you’re always with him at school, and seeing you two together here made me a little worried. Not that you cheated or that you would, I trust you. I guess I was just scared that you’d like him more than me and you’d break up with me to be with him.” He admits.

You kiss him on the lips instead of responding. Once you pull away, you reply. “I would never. You’re the only one for me, Shawn Mendes. I thought you knew that by now.”

“I do,” he replies, kissing you again.

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alright alright alright .. you're bored? we cant have that!! how about we expand on what we talked about a few days ago? magnus taking alec out for a date/dancing at pandemonium? how would the first time they're there go? and all the times after that? what would they wear (it doesn't matter tbh b/c they'd be better looking than anyone else lbr) how would the people react seeing them there together? how would magnus get alec to dance? please just give me all the malec at pandemonium headcanons :D

you will be the death of me I swear to god! ;)

- it’s their 4th date and Magnus has convinced Alec to go to pandemonium with him. “It’ll be fun Alexander, I promise”

- so Alec decides to go to Izzy to get help with what to wear. He ends up in black skin tight jeans, a tight button up shirt rolled up to the elbow and a leather jacket. Izzy even managed to put a bit of eyeliner on Alec before he had the chance to protest.

- Magnus is already at the club, sitting in the vip section when he sees Alec. and let’s just say Magnus could not take his eyes off him and the jealousy rose up in him when he saw all the other downworlders checking his boyfriend out.

- Magnus storms right up to Alec, arms immediately snaking around his waist, and pulls him into a fierce kiss. he can’t have these other club goers thinking they had a chance with his shadowhunter.

- after a few cocktails (let’s be honest, Alec is a lightweight) Alec finally decides to dance with Magnus and it certainly turns a few heads because damn,they’re hot! Magnus with his leather pants and open shirt that shows off his chest every time he moves and Alec with his broad shoulders that his shirt is straining across and messy hair. they’re the hottest people in the club.

- Alec finds that he actually enjoys going to pandemonium with Magnus! It’s different than when he goes with his siblings, he isn’t constantly watching out for them or waiting for one of them to start a fight. With Magnus, he can just have fun there and enjoy himself. None of the other downworlders bother him either because he’s with the high warlock of Brooklyn and none of them are stupid enough to cross Magnus and one of the best shadowhunters of his age.

- they totally tease each other sometimes. They play little games, trying to see who would crack first. Magnus would try to seduce Alec by dancing smirking when Alec gets up to join him, knowing Alec doesn’t like that seelie who’s getting a bit to close to Magnus. Alec tries to get Magnus to crack by peppering hot kisses along his boyfriends neck, wrapping his arms around Magnus from behind, maybe a little grinding.

- it doesn’t take long for either of them to pull the other one into a kiss, not being able to take the teasing any longer, desperately grabbing at each other wherever they can in an attempt to get closer. they don’t even stop when Magnus opens up a portal and pulls them through it, arriving in magnus’ loft where things get a little more heated…

- other nights they simply like to just sit down next to each other, watching other people. they’d be in the vip section, Magnus has a leg thrown across Alec’s, Alec has his arm thrown casually along the back of Magnus’ chair. Just enjoying each other’s company.

- there’s been a few times where both of them have got so drunk that they can’t even get themselves home. they’re the worst drunk-texters. Clary receives a bunch of texts from Alec “y r u so short?” “i wud sell u for 1 corn chip” “I wudnt really sell u clairy”. Magnus would send Jace a photo of him sucking on Alec’s neck which gets a reply “please don’t send me pictures of what you and Alec get up to in the bedroom”.

- izzy receives a video of them walking home “I really love you Izzy, you’re the best sister in the universe! Isn’t she the best universe..wait no I mean isn’t she the best sister, Magnus?” “She’s the BEST, and I’ve met a lot of sisters…wait Alec where are you going?” “look at the puppy magnus! look at it. Magnus why are you crying? omg what did I do, Izzy what did I do” “it’s just *sniffles* so cute, look at its fluffyness. i can’t *starts crying again*”.

- Magnus and Alec do not find the video as funny in the morning when Izzy comes over at 6am, shouting at them to wake up so she can show them the video which she finds hilarious until she finally takes pity on them and just gives them both a hug and whispers “I love you both too”

- they both swear they are not going back to pandemonium anytime soon. that lasts about a week seeing as the following Friday they’re both grinding on the dance floor as everyone watches in awe but they’re too lost in each other to notice