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Yes yes I saw the finale…
and I still got some more Samurai Dad to draw. Hell, there’s a whole bunch of other Samurai Jack crossover doodles I wanna do.
This is a scene where Jack takes the girls on a supply run at a city. Unfortunately, bounty hunting wolf bandits are afoot.
This was a scene that popped up in my head after thinking of how dangerous Jack and the girls’ live would be.
Those girls would be perfect blackmail/ hostage material for poor Jack.
Now I can’t decide if he ended up killing the bandits, or cutting off a few limbs to leave a good reminder.
But “Mad Jack” would shove the fact that Jack is a horrible person and unfit to be a father, if he failed to protect the girls and had his hands bloodied.
Phew, haha my head is spinning and I’m still recovering from the cold, and I’m emotionally drained from the finale. Goodnight.

Okay so I had a Portal-related dream last night and it was really cool? Gonna copy-paste what I wrote on Discord:

okay let me see what I can remember

So in my dream there was some new kinda-dark (but not DARRrkRKRKRKKkKKkK ANandDD GRITTytyTY) sci-fi TV show that was like, a crossover of a bunch of other sci-fi things, but like, not hugely popular ones like star wars, star trek, etc. I was not familiar with most of the sci-fi things (like in the dream I remembered I knew the name of a few but knew zero about them beyond that–no idea what they were now), but Portal was one of them.

The thing was, this wasn’t a crossover show that just like, took the characters as-is and put them into the story–like, instead the show took one or two characters from each story and put them in a totally different setting, different role. Like, the characters were unchanged personality-wise but their backstory was totally different.

So Chell, instead of being a test subject, was like, a general for some army (there was some kind of war going on)–wasn’t the US army, it was for another country, and she was like, really awesome, great general, also kickbutt fighter and would do ridiculous things that a lot of folks would be terrified to do (I remember her jumping out of a plane at one point). She wore fatigues and looked really cool in them. But like, she was betrayed or something, and wound up having to go into hiding in this dark bunker where all the other sci-fi characters were.

Wheatley was there–still a core, and he wound up sticking with Chell though I don’t remember much of what he did, other than she carried him around and he was a bit more chill than usual.

Oh I should mention, in my dream this was all live-action, though Wheatley was like… I can’t remember if he was a practical effect or CG. He looked great either way.

The only scene I remember of the “main” show (non-flashbacks) with some amount of clarity was Chell sitting with these other characters, Wheatley in her lap (they were using him as a light source), and the other characters all talking about some plan, like, they were going to explore some dangerous part of the building since they hadn’t explored everything yet, and Chell was listening very intently whilst trying to keep Wheatley quiet (nudging him every time he tried to speak up). Oh yeah and Chell never talked–I think she COULD talk but it was rare, and she was like, one of those characters where whenever she does open her mouth everyone immediately drops everything to listen

Unfortunately that is all I remember and I am very disappointed because I wish this was a real show.


Roxas in a J&D-esque design to match the Sora I drew earlier! Got a bit carried away but long ears are too cute okay

Some Great Comet Modern AU Headcanons

- They’re… uh… in New York for REASONS (mostly cause I don’t want to write the homophobia in Russia and also I’m lazy…//shot)

- Also overdone college AU because OVERDONE COLLEGE AU

- Natasha and Sonya are freshmen in college, and Anatole, Hélène and Dolohov are seniors. Pierre and Mary are juniors. And, as per usual, Andrey is not here. (But this is important to the plot! Of one story.) Marya is, like, an adult.

- Oh, yeah, this AU is the starting point for a whole bunch of other AUs, most importantly the crossover AU and the ghost!Anatole AU. 

- Natasha and Sonya moved in with Marya into the back room of her apartment to save money. It lends to some interesting things.

- Hélène and Anatole also share an apartment. They’re the two people on the lease, but Dolokhov stays over enough that he practically lives there too.

- Pets! Marya owns a dog, a German Shepard rescue. The dog’s name is Detka (it means baby according to Google Translate) and he looks like he could kill you but really couldn’t unless his people were in serious danger. A lot like his owner. (The apartment allows pets, luckily for everyone.) 

- Natasha loves animals in general. So she has naturally taken over walking Detka, and feeding him, and taking care of him, and it’s really cute.

- Sonya likes Detka but prefers cats. She likes Russian blues (for no reason other than I do)

- As a dare, Anatole and Hélène have a bird. A cockatoo. As a joke, because  Hélène made some sort of comments about the bird’s feathers, the bird’s name is Anatole Kurackatoo.

- The bird hates Anatole. 

- Their apartment doesn’t allow cats or dogs, but Anatole is dead set on smuggling a cat in to eat the bird. It has not worked to date.

- Pierre has a fish. Pierre and his fish are vERY HAPPY THANKS FOR ASKING.

- Cat people: Sonya, Anatole, Mary. Dog people: Marya, Hélène, Dolokhov. Animal people: Natasha, Pierre. Andrey is allergic to both cats and dogs. Poor Andrey.

- I could put more but I really don’t want to rn, it’s storming and I might lose power, soo… 

- Also the ships in my AU are Hélène x Natasha, Danatole, and Sonya x Mary

- I’ll post more for each character later.


LOL, speaking of centuries of self-delusion.

I was only thirteen when King Arthur just came out and I knew very few actors back then (in that movie in particular - probably just Keira Knightley and only thanks to Bend it like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean). And just the other day I stumbled across a bunch of King Arthur/Hannibal crossover fics - it was such a hilarious discovery. Especially considering I’ve seen the movie several times, but never paid much attention to either Galahad or Tristan. So I purposefully went and watched it again. And guess what?!

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The name of the artist that did all those Disney mermaid edits is @thenamelessdoll. They've got a few more like those and a bunch of other cool Disney/Non-Disney edits and crossovers too 😊

OooH yeah the nameless doll is wonderful!! ((How long was this ask here oh god))