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Archives: some fics on fanfiction.net | Most on Ao3 | masterlists on Tumblr Hardy x Hannah Mercier x Betty  Doctor Who & misc


  • Alec Hardy x Hannah Baxter
  • Jean-François Mercier x Betty (Spies of Warsaw / A passionate woman)
  • Nine x Rose, Ten x Rose
  • Jenny (the Doctor’s daughter) x Clara Oswald
  • (and a bunch of other crossover pairings just for kicks)

Rating: All ages to explicit. Unless it’s PWP, I include smut when I feel it’s important to the story.

Canon or AU: Both. Oddly enough when I write crossovers I tend to stick as close as possible to canon.

 Genres: Romance, Historical AUs, occasionally murder mysteries, idk people feeling lost and longing for something meaningful?


  • Friends to lovers
  • Mutual pining (in which they lie to themselves about their own feelings)
  • Broken people afraid of being hurt again (that’s a trope, right?)
  • Bed sharing
  • Angst
  • Hurt/comfort


  • Accidental pregnancy.
  • Not a nope exactly, but I’m personally not into telepathy/bonding/soulmates tropes
  • Romanticized abusive behaviour

Babyfic: Not really, if the characters have kids in canon I will usually include them but that’s about it.

Head canons that influence my writing: for Hardy x Hannah, unless the fic is about how they meet, it’s usually based on my headcanon that they have been friends for many years.

Thoughts on other companions: I love them all but I don’t necessarily feel comfortable writing them, so they mostly have cameos in my fics

Other things of note: I’m a feminist, I read a lot about representation in the media, I strive to give my female characters agency and strong friendships with other girls. I also try to add diversity amongst my OCs (I still need to improve on that)

I prefer imperfect happy endings, when some things still need fixing but the characters are hopeful and believe in a brighter future together. 

Open for prompts? Sure. 


LOL, speaking of centuries of self-delusion.

I was only thirteen when King Arthur just came out and I knew very few actors back then (in that movie in particular - probably just Keira Knightley and only thanks to Bend it like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean). And just the other day I stumbled across a bunch of King Arthur/Hannibal crossover fics - it was such a hilarious discovery. Especially considering I’ve seen the movie several times, but never paid much attention to either Galahad or Tristan. So I purposefully went and watched it again. And guess what?!


Roxas in a J&D-esque design to match the Sora I drew earlier! Got a bit carried away but long ears are too cute okay