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Request: Hi, can I request a college/professor kylo au? One where youre his student and he really likes you but cant really do anything about it so hes stuck trying to figure out what to do?

A/N: tbh I’m so glad I finally got to write this thing bc I’ve been thinking about it for a while now (all thanks to fuckin midnight special) and I’ve decided to make it a two parter bc I had a bunch of ideas for it. Also, can we talk about how fucking cute Adam was as Sevier? I’m dead……..anyways, enjoy! [requests are open!]

Warning: None…?

Word Count: 3.7K+

Throughout the few semesters you had been in college, never had you seen a professor under the age of fifty, let alone, forty. It was a rarity to see young professors in your college, almost as if the university didn’t want candidates that weren’t young because they possibly weren’t qualified enough for the spot. As much as you understood as to why they’d do such thing, you had wished they would’ve dropped it.

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Trapped (Chanyeol EXO Next Door Smut) -You will be playing the role of Ji Yeon Hee-

You began to shake from the cold air surrounding the room you were now stuck in, thanks to your stupidity. You sighed, wrapping your arms around yourself. You stared at the floor, angry with yourself for being so foolish. You feel a light touch on your shoulder. Chanyeol looks at you and throws a cover over the both of you.

You still don’t move, despite his attempts to move closer to you. “Don’t be silly Incheon Gal,” he complained, offering for you to come closer. You frowned. “Please don’t call me that,” you whispered. His face softened a bit. He put his arm around you and pulled you to his side. You leaned against his side, resting your head on his shoulders. You close your eyes and try to focus on this moment, since you might not get another one like this.You escaped into your own thoughts and slowly drifted off to sleep. 

You woke up to a tingling sensation. You opened your eyes, still in a dazed state. Your eyes widened as you realized that Chanyeol was laying next to you, his lips right next to your neck, sending small sparks through you. You screamed on the inside. What should you do? You laid there straight as a board, heart pounding as if it would bust out and run away. Before you could think of a solution Chanyeol’s eyes opened and stared into yours. He half smiled. “Hello Incheon-,” he stopped himself and cleared his throat. “I mean Yeon Hee,” he corrected. He realized how close he was and pulled back a bit. 

You were about to sit up when he grabbed you. He stared at you intensely. “You really don’t remember me,” he asked, sounding disappointed. You look at him closely. His face was handsome and slightly familiar but you couldn’t really figure out just how you knew him. You shook your head and sighed, frustrated. He looked away seeming hurt. You get up and walk over to the desk behind you. You sit down in the chair, upset.

You stare at a picture on the desk, remembering the good memories you and Chan shared. His chubby cheeks always bunching up as he smiled at you, his cute floppy ears that were always sticking out behind his hair, and most of all his big beautiful eyes than slightly squinted when he laughed too hard. You looked over at Chanyeol and then gasped in surprise. “CHAN,” you screamed as you flew from the chair and flung yourself at him. He made a small yelp as you tackled him. “Finally,” he sighed in relief. He hugged you tightly and smiled for the first time since you had “met”.

“I’ve missed you,” he confessed, pushing a strand of hair back that was hanging in front of your face as you lingered on top of him still. He seemed more open suddenly. He stretched his neck and kissed you, passion flowing through him. Your cheeks were flaming, but you didn’t care. All you wanted in this moment was Chanyeol. He kissed you sensually and gripped your waist, pulling you down towards him. Pretty soon you were both gasping for air from all the kissing. You looked at him intently, a flood of memories coming back now that you had finally figured out who he was. 

He didn’t hesitate to pull your shirt off and toss it to the side. He caressed your skin and didn’t miss an inch of you. He pulled your bra off with ease and began softly kissing your breasts. You let out a timid moan that you couldn’t help. He pulled you off of him and laid you down in his place. He began kissing your stomach and lingered at your hips. He traced circles with his tongue on your inner thighs. You could feel yourself melting bit by bit. You had never experienced this in your life. He was now hovering between your legs. Your heart was racing and your cheeks burning. Your palms were sweaty and you were nervous as hell. You sat up unexpectedly. “Wait Chanyeol, this is my first time, I’m scared,” you honestly admitted.

He eased you back down on your back and kissed you once again. “I promise I will not do anything to hurt you,” he huskily assured you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, holding it before exhaling. He dove between your legs and for the first time you felt like you were high. The feeling he was providing you was unreal. He used one finger to stimulate you inside while his mouth did work on the surface. You began to whimper and wiggle around. You felt a strong pressure build up and then all of a sudden you yelled in sheer pleasure. You climaxed. 

You were trembling and you looked up to see Chanyeol smiling and licking his lips. You could see the buldge pressing against his pants aggressively. He looked down and even then his cheeks turned slightly pink. You helped him take off his pants and slid his boxers off. You stared at him for a moment. He had a lot to work with, and you were not exactly sure what to do. “Let me do this,” he eased your mind. He got between your legs and lifted them. He put himself in, inch by inch, trying not to hurt you. You were surprised that you didn’t really feel any pain, just a new sensation. He was all the way in and you enveloped him tightly. His eyes closed and he hummed with content. He began slowly sliding in and out. Your hands gripped onto him. He made sure to keep his strokes slow and steady.

He held you sweetly and began placing sweet kisses against your collarbone. The feeling was amazing and you couldn’t do anything but let out low moans repeatedly. He was making small groans of pleasure into your ear making you admire him even more. He looked into your eyes, taking in your beauty. “Hold on, okay,” he instructed. You gave a slight nod and he quickened his pace. He began pumping faster and your moans got louder. You felt that pressure start to build again and you are ready for the sweet release. Chanyeol bites his lip fiercly. “Baby,” he gasps and pulls out quickly. He lets out a deep and sexy moan as he spills onto your stomach. He slides back in once more and pumps repeatedly sending you over the edge and you wail as the pressure explodes through your body. You pant as he slumps beside you, breathing heavily. 

You roll over to look at him. You are trembling now, but you manage to clear your thoughts. “I love you Chan, I always have,” you pour your heart into the words. He doesn’t get a chance to respond because he is startled by someone in the doorway. You look over, only to realize it is D.O. standing in tears. 


Dave Lizewski Imagine: Wait… You wanna sit with us?

You were y/n y/l/n, the most popular girl in school, yet you hated it. All of your friends would bitch and snap at each other daily, all you ever do is sit there and listen to guys shamelessly flirt with you and girls constantly undermine you.

Sitting at lunch table picking at your ripped, black skinny jeans you pretended to listen to your best friend Laura complain about some girl. Looking up from your jeans you saw Dave Lizewski sat with his friends Todd and Marty; you had always had a strange crush on Dave and you couldn’t explain it. For a second you made eye contact and Dave blushed madly before waving quickly, smiling a little at him you waved back subtly trying to not catch your friends attention but she had clearly already noticed.

“Are you seriously waving at him, he’s the world’s biggest nerd?” she mocked, acting as if she was 100 levels above him. “Do you know what I’m done, I would rather sit with nerds than a bunch of dicks” you exclaimed grabbing your water, bag and red plaid shirt before walking off.

Taking a deep breath you walked over to Dave, Marty and Todd before smiling. “You guys don’t mind if I sit here right?” you questioned looking at Todd who was staring at your chest. Dave spoke up breaking the silence and kicking Todd under the table. “Sure sit” he smiled as you sat opposite Dave and next to Marty, throwing on your plaid red shirt, now wishing you hadn’t work a grey cropped top that showed off your cleavage.

There was almost a minute of silence whilst Todd continued to look at your chest. “You might wanna make it a bit less obvious” you chuckled pulling up the front of your grey top, you didn’t mind that much, you were used to it by now. Dave hit Todd over the back of his head much harder than he had previously kicked him Todd blushing madly.

“I am so sorry about him” Dave spoke up smiling sweetly at you. “Don’t worry about it” you replied. “You’re in my Algebra class right?” you questioned looking at Dave trying to act as if you didn’t know’ how awkward would it be if he knew you had a crush on him.  

“Yeah I am, I was just about to head over actually, and you can come with me if you want” he offered standing up as you agreed, grabbing your water and throwing it into your bag before following him. “So why is the school’s most popular girl hanging with a bunch of nerds?” Dave spoke shyly pushing his glasses up his nose, which you found really cute.

“Have you met the populars? There a bunch of dickheads who act better than everyone else, I’m not like them. Plus you guys seemed nice.” You answered honestly as Dave watched you intently.

Walking into Algebra you realised that Laura sat right next to you. Damn. “Hey Dave, you don’t mind if I sit near you this period?” you pleaded looking into his eyes which lit up and he nodded. “Sure there is an empty seat right next to me.” He spoke smiling as you took a seat next to him.

It wasn’t long into the lesson until you realised how badly you actually were at Algebra. “Do you want a hand?” Dave offered moving his desk right next to yours. You had a sub so he didn’t really care, as long as you finished the sheet he couldn’t give a damn.

“I’m sorry I am unbelievably bad at Math” you groaned, as he took the pencil and began to help you. “Listen I’m free next period and If you are too, me Todd and Marty know a way out the back of the school without getting caught and we were planning on going back to mine, you can come with if you’re not busy and I can help you with this?” he said as he finished the question that you had been stuck on easily. “Really sure!” you exclaimed, in reality you just wanted to get to know him more, he was really cute after all.

It wasn’t long until the lesson was over and Dave pulled you down the corridor in the direction of a n old fire door. Opening the door you both began to run but due to your boots you found it very difficult. “Come on” he laughed grabbing your hand without thinking and pulling you across the school track and down into the small grey buildings at the bottom.

Eventually you stopped and saw Marty and Todd running over towards you. As they themselves stopped they both raised an eye at the two of you holding hands, looking down you both let go immediately before Dave spoke.  “It’s just down here y/n, follow me” walking down through the path your eventually found yourself at Dave’s house.

“Won’t your dad be home?” you worried walking through the door, you didn’t know Dave well but everyone knew what happened to his mum. “Nah he’s away for the week” Dave replied running up the stairs, you following quickly as he opened his door and let you all in. Dumping your bag onto his bed you began to look at the posters, all superheroes.

“Didn’t know you liked superman” you laughed examining the rest of the pictures on his wall. “I gotta admit I prefer Spiderman” you joked, your eyes landing on a picture of Spiderman that had been stuck on the wall with mounds of tape. “Wow didn’t think you liked superheroes y/n” Marty blurted out, making you spin around to see him looking at the comics lying on the top in your bag. “Oh yeah I love them” you giggled as Todd and Dave came in with four beers. “Here y/n I thought this might take the edge off of Algebra” Dave said handing you the beer as he reached for his notepad. “You guys don’t mind if I help y/n do you?” Dave asked as Todd and Marty shook their heads, Todd muttering a go for it.

Almost two hours later and you both had given up on algebra completely and now were just watching The Dark knight rises, both Todd and Marty had gone back to Marty’s as they really didn’t wanna watch that film again. “Here I have an idea” you spoke up crawling across the floor and reaching for your bag and pulling out an old, small tin. Opening it Dave eyes widened as he saw to rolled up joints. “These are my last two do you want one?” you offered handing him it which he gladly accepted, Dave had never gotten high before but he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

Lighting up them both you handed Dave a joint and watched as he took a long drag before coughing madly. “Yeah you’ll get used to it” you giggled before taking a drag of your own. It wasn’t long until everything just felt slightly calmer. Soon enough the joint was almost gone and you pinched the ends before chucking them out of the window, smiling to yourself slightly as you walked back over to Dave who had barely had any but was more relaxed than you. There was no way you were out of it you were just calm.

“Dave” you whispered sitting in front of him, confidence taking over you. “I need to tell you this now” you spoke leaning in so your lips were nearly on his. “Dave I really like you” you mumbled before pressing your lips onto his gently before pulling off and looking into his extremely attractive eyes. “Is this really happening?” Dave blushed as you straddled him. “Y/n, I really like you, Oh my god this is happening” he beamed before letting you place your lips onto his.

“Guys, I think I left my phone- what the?!” Todd exclaimed opening the door to find you and Dave making out on the floor, the room smelling strongly of weed. “Sorry just grabbing my phone” Todd chuckled grabbing his phone off of the desk. “Get in there Dave!” he yelled as he shut the door, you both giggling before reattaching his lips onto yours.

“Wait, are we gonna?” he quietly asked, feeling as if all his dreams had already came true.

“Yeah, yeah we are” You smirked as his eyes widened and you began to kiss him once again.


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