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Once a Week Bullet Journal Challenge for 2017!

I really wanted to spend more effort on both my bullet journal and my studyblr especially since I’m in my final year of high school and will be going to university soon! Feel free to join in. Just upload a photo of your bullet journal with these prompts once a week! I will be tracking #studyinpeace!

1. New years resolutions/ goals

2. Places you want to go to

3. Books to read

4. Habits to break, habits to make

5. How are you feeling today?

6. Favourite quote

7. Playlist of favourite songs/ playlist for

8. Things you are grateful for

9. Plan your outfit for tomorrow

10. Movies to watch

11. List of stationery you want to buy (you can use these as rewards!)

12. Things that annoy you

13. Draw a cute animal or a pet

14. Favourite fictional characters, reasons why you like them

15. Write a letter to your future self

16. Self care routine

17. Favourite recipe

18. Positive words for yourself

19. Scrapbook with pictures of whatever

20. Research a topic you’re interested in and write a summary

21. Your handwriting/ tumblr handwriting tag

22. Your favourite poem

23. Draw the first thing you see

24. Tv Shows to binge watch

25. STICKERS (No seriously just put a bunch of your fav stickers)

26. Pictures of cute animals

27. Review a book

28. Favourite jokes/ puns

29. Self Reflection

30. Pen test! write something with all of your pens!

31. Quote of the day #2

32. Review a movie

33. Things you love about yourself

34. Favourite resteraunts + favourite thing off the menu

35. Create an imaginary animal/ creature

36. Favourite lyrics

37. Write or draw something you are passionate about

38. Recipe for an easy to make healthy snack

39. Timeline of your life so far

40. Reasons to smile

41. Favourite beauty products/ self care products

42. Favourite colours swatch

43. Favourite Youtube videos to make you smile

44. Quick 10 minutes workout routine

45. Review an episode of a tv show

46. Draw your favourite cartoon character or print a picture and describe them

47. About me page

48. Things to do on a rainy day

49. The Alphabet in your favourite font

50. Character study: analyze your favourite character

51. Things you’ve accompllished in 2017

52. Things you want to accomplish in 2018

Pearl is adorkable

eefahsims  asked:

i love your cc so much!! it can be super hard to find nice male cc and your stuff is really good!

awwwww omg omg thank you sooo much!! it really makes me happy to know that people like my cc hahaha… and also omg i love your legacy too!!! it’s really cute and light and i’m loving every single bit of it! (and not to mention those cute little animations on your legacy! i’m really in love with it!!!)

                   ———– hey there lovelies ♥ !

would you give this a reblog / like if you’d consider roleplaying with a deity oc? he’s a god of the fears humans had during his time ( war, death, darkness ) but despite that he’s a rather gentle soul who would love to spend all day cuddled up against a bunch of cute animals . he’s been raised by gods who are usually associated with light & only recently found out that he has a twin sibling with whom he was exchanged between darkness & light & now he’s traveling around looking for his sibling while also just ?? trying to find his place in the world . also he’s extremely clumsy so don’t let him near your porcelain !

       ———- with love, yona ♥ 


The world sucks ass right now and my city, Toronto, has made me so depressed I decided to combat my terrible mood the only way I could figure out. By posting a bunch of pictures of actors I like with cute little animals Hooray for a random assortment of puppies and kittens holding cats adn dogs! <3

From top to bottom:

Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Nick Robinson
Austin Butler
Colin Ford
Chandler Riggs
Ezra Miller
Daniel Sharman (cheating with the plush but close enough)

anonymous asked:

Not really a request but I love your writing and I just saw a bunch of cute animals and was wondering if you could put a pet into one of your requests that you're working on? I love the way you write and I love animals so idk I thought it would be a nice combo and I'm rambling so I'm just gonna go.... *runs away and hides in my dark, wifi connected hole*

Okay I’m gonna be 100% honest with you guys, I love animals but I am really bad at including them in my writing. I have an original story that’s like novel length it’s huge, and the main character has a dog but while I was writing I just kept forgetting about the poor dog and there were so many times that I hadn’t mentioned the dog in ages so I had to go back through it and add references to the dog. 

So basically I can try but do not be surprised if I mention a pet once and then completely forget about it 

anonymous asked:

omg can you do headcanons for your first kiss with Warren (I want the emo birb to be happy and fluffy:))))))

of course!

  • It’s 100% after your first date. He probably took you out to the local carnival because it’s not too fancy and not too date-y.
    • (he did that thing where he wings you a bunch of stuffed animals and you take cute photo booth photos)
  • He drove you home, and you both kind of sat in his car for a moment or two when he pulled into your driveway.
    • “C-Can I walk you to your door?”
      • (You replied “yes” a little too quickly – causing Warren to blush)
  • Warren probably quickly gets out and opens your door for you, and holds your hand while you hold on to the huge stuffed bear tucked into your arm.
  • You’re standing in front of your door when he smiles softly down at you and said he had a great time.
    • You laugh and thank him for taking you out, and you probably stand on your tippy toes to wrap your free arm around his neck, and you turn your face to press a kiss to his cheek.
    • You don’t pull completely back, you pull back to see him blushing and swiping his tongue across his lower lip.
    • You both stare at each other for a couple seconds, before Warren tentatively rests his hands on your hips.
  • Your gaze flickers from his eyes to his lips, and that’s all it takes for Warren to duck down and softly press his lips to yours, both of your eyes fluttering shut.
    • It’s short and sweet and overall a good first kiss.
    • When you pull back, the tip of your nose rubs against his and he absolutely melts.
  • “Same time next week?” “Definitely.”
first & current impressions of the adventure zone from someone who’s only heard of it from tumblr

first impression: it’s like animated stranger things, right? a bunch of cute, kinda weird looking kids with bright color schemes are wandering around in a haunted woods of some sort. (disclaimer: I also have not seen stranger things.) for some reason I only see fanart of this show, never actual screenshots, and only posted by a couple people from ex-fandoms we’ve both moved on from

current impression: it’s a podcast. about d&d. sounds boring (no offense). it’s by some people called the mcelroy brothers who are supposed to be famous, but after I realized none of them played the kid in home alone, I have no idea what they’re famous for. is this the only thing they’re famous for? it’s everywhere. gone are the kids with bright color schemes. now the fan favorite is a blond pointy-nosed witch named taako and whoever he’s shipped with. shit is going down. art is tagged as spoilers and looks pretty dramatic.

(disclaimer: if I got anything majorly wrong, please don’t get offended. this post is deliberately not researched. I’m writing out my half-baked thoughts on this fandom from stuff I happen to see on my dash. also, don’t give me hate for not being interested in it. the intent is for you to laugh at how wrong I get stuff)